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Hey, I'm Brad milkey from ABC news. And if you like world news tonight, I wanna let you know about another podcast that I host called start here. Every morning in twenty minutes. We'll give you a whip around the biggest stories driving the day with context from the people who are covering them up close that includes David Muir, Tom yomas, the whole world news tonight team so start smart and subscribe to start here brought to you by indeed used by over three million businesses for hiring where business owners and HR professionals can post job openings with screener questions, then soared review and communicate with candidates from an online dashboard. Learn more at indeed dot com slash tonight. The ABC news exclusive in the air and on the ground thirty hours with President Trump. Plus news from the Trump campaign, why they're cutting ties with a group of pollsters, and more. From the twenty twenty race. The high profile democrat warning the party, they can only beat President Trump, if they nominate a transformational candidate is this, a message about Joe Biden break right now tornado outbreak moving a dozen reported tearing across the midwest and the torrential rain triggering flash floods millions in the streets. The stunning scene in Hong Kong. Protesters sending a message to China. The big city mayor slamming her own police department. Get out a tense confrontation with the family and Phoenix police threatening to shoot up pregnant mother holding her two children. Also tonight, the tracking app miracle the mother desperate to find her missing daughter turning to an online app that showed her. Child, who's in need of help daughter. Then that's it. That's it. Then remain the simple technology that helps save her life and first bothers day, can you guess who's the dad of this little boy, celebrating Father's Day for the first time? Fully eating seen. This is ABC news tonight, and good evening. Thanks for joining us on this Sunday. I'm Tom yomas, and we begin with new developments after that exclusive interview with President Trump tonight. The Trump campaign has cut ties with some of its pollsters after data was leaked ABC's George Stephanopoulos one on one with the president asking him about the poll showing he is trailing. Joe Biden in key battleground states. The president vehemently denied that claim saying the truth is the exact opposite, that he is leading everywhere tonight, though, the campaign is taking action after an apparent leak ABC's Rachel Scott starts us off at the White House. The president insists polls that show him behind the Democrats are phony and fake. Why does it bother you so much because it's untrue? I like the truth, and I'm actually very honest guy if I thought they were correct, I wouldn't be complaining at all, but a leaked internal poll men for Trump campaign is only painted a grim. Pitcher of a potential twenty twenty matchup between President Trump and Joe Biden, and now the campaign is cutting ties with some of its pollsters, the March data, I obtained by ABC news showed the president trailing by wide margins in three key, battleground states, Biden held a double digit lead in Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. And in Florida where the president is scheduled to officially launch his reelection campaign. He was behind seven points. Campaign manager Brad scale dismissing those numbers as ancient saying, quote since then we have seen huge swings in the president's favor, the president telling Georgia in his exclusive interview, the polls, you've seen our good, even your own polls show, your behind right now. Don't they know poll show that I'm winning everywhere? No one showed you those polls because. Those polls don't exist as a presidential candidate Trump was known to tout favorable polling numbers. We're doing very well in the polls that's important. Okay. I'm winning all of these polls. How many were there seven or eight or nine you know, my poll numbers are going through the roof now saying he doesn't even believe in pollsters site just was given a meeting with my pollster, finally, don't even believe in pollsters of you want to just run a campaign. And whatever it is it is. But I just had a meeting with somebody that's upholster, and I'm winning everywhere. All right. Let's get right to Rachel Scott at the White House tonight for us. The president clearly having plenty to say about polls right there and there's more news from the campaign trail freshman Representative Alexandria, Cossio, Cortez AO, some caller with a warning for Democrats about who they nominate to take on the president twenty twenty. I think that we have a very real risk of losing the presidency to Donald Trump. If we do not have a presidential candidate that is fighting for true transformational change in the lives of working people in the United States ritual, 'cause you're Cortez has been very vocal about the party, not chronic Joe Biden with nomination, but there is a new poll out tonight, showing Biden and other Democrats out ahead against the president, Tom. President Trump likely won't be happy about this latest Fox News poll. It shows Joe Biden with a significant edge on the president, and he's not the only one Senator Bernie Sanders. Also ahead Tom Rachel, Scott with the news from the campaign trail tonight, Rachel, thank you. And President Trump also making news about the possibility of firing special counsel Robert Muller saying he had the right to fire him. But for the first time saying he held back because what he witnessed with president Nixon, I would constantly, tell anybody, that would listen, including you and looting the media that Robert Mueller was. Conflicted, Robert Muller had a total capacity. I, I never I didn't say that. If I look article, too, I would be allowed to fire Robert Muller. There was assuming assuming I did all of the things I said I wanna fire him number one. I didn't he wasn't fired. Okay. Number one, very importantly, but more importantly, article two allows me to do whatever I want article two would have allowed me to fire him. So I wasn't going to fire, you know why, because I watched Richard Nixon go around firing everybody and that didn't work out too. Well, so very simply article two would allow me to do. George will have much more of his one on one with the president his special run tonight, President Trump thirty hours coming up short time from now at eight PM eastern right here on ABC. Also tonight, President Trump is accusing the New York Times of treason for reporting that the US is waging, a cyber invasion into Russia's power grid. The times, also reporting that some of the administration may even want the information to go public, but the president disagrees calling the times, the enemy of the people. Here's ABC's Lana Zak tonight, President Trump is accusing the New York Times of virtual act of treason for this article describing a US strategy to attack Russia's power grid. According to the times, the US's planting code inside key Russian targets operations that do not require presidential approval. The report cites administration officials who say they do not believe President Trump has been fully briefed on these efforts, adding quote Pentagon and intelligence officials described broad hesitation to go into detail with Mr. Trump about operations against Russia for. Sern over his reaction. And the possibility that he might countermanded or discuss it with foreign officials. The president calling the article not true and calling the press the enemy of the people. The New York Times pushing back tweeting accusing the press of treason is dangerous. We describe the article to the government before publication as our story notes. President Trump's own national security officials said there were no concerns Democrats pouncing security officials with the administration felt that couldn't tell us the president because he might compromise. That information secretary of state Mike Pompeo ounce to clarify was the report false or was it treasonous? And true. So, which is it never comment on intelligence matters, Tom? No comment from the defense department tonight, but we do know from US intelligence that Russia has tried to hack into Kate American targets, and according to the times, so many administration want Russia to be on notice. Tom llamas. Zach for us tonight on of thank you. We move on out of the severe weather threat stretching. From Texas to the northeast forty million Americans in the storm zone. At least seventeen reported tornadoes, and damaging straight line winds in the past twenty four hours, one of them destroying this church right here in Bentonville, Indiana, torrential rain and flash flooding as well. ABC's Diane Macedo with the images tonight. Tonight. Dangerous weather is slamming Texas to the mid Atlantic with at least seventeen reported tornadoes in the past twenty four hours is seen a tornado start forming and in a roof started flew, flew Flynn, the house. That's four of those twisters were confirmed in central Indiana. The storms knocked over semi trailers as an F one tore through with winds of up to one hundred miles an hour drone video shows these warehouses torn apart this group, even resorted to seeking shelter in the freezer of a restaurant. North west of Oklahoma City you can see this massive tornado illuminated by lightning, and in Kansas. Torrential rains flooded. Roads stranding cars. Now, parts of Texas are getting slammed for the second time in a week. With a tornado warning triggering sirens in Dallas. And our weather team tells us dangerous storms could hit from Texas to DC and Philly in the next few hours, Tom or a Diane. Thank you overseas. Now to the massive protests in Hong Kong, and estimated two million people taking to the streets, sending a message to China and demanding the local leader step down the historic turnout over a proposed law that would send people that China to be prosecuted. Tonight action on that law has been suspended, but protesters say they will not back down. ABC's Bob Woodruff is in Hong Kong. Today. Hongkongers protested in record. Breaking numbers a sea of humanity. Organizers say nearly two million marching across the city to voice their anger at their Beijing backed leader, Carrie Lam, and her controversial Bill, that would allow suspected criminals to be extradited from Hong Kong to mainland China, people fear Beijing would use this to target its critics like politicians dissidents and journalists against see the angle of the people Hong Kong. We want to withdraw the Bill lamb yesterday suspended work on the Bill, but refused to apologize for the violence earlier in the week when police came in with helmets and shields pepper spray, and rubber bullets at least eighty two injured today's protests, the third major demonstration and just a week. Capping a period of intense soul searching for so many in this global financial center about their ability to have some type of Tommy from China. Many also galvanized by a protester yesterday. Who fell off a roof and died images and tributes to him all along the way into the night opposition, lawmakers making a plea to the crowds to stay calm now Hong Kong's leader carried lamb finally, apologized late in a statement, but the people here want this Bill that would allow extradition of mainland China to be withdrawn, and they want her to step down. Tom Bob Woodruff reporting from the streets of Hong Kong. Tonight Bob, thank you, and in the Middle East tensions ramping up between the US and Iran tonight, US military officials say that Iran attempted to shoot down an American drone that was watching the attack on the tankers in the Gulf of Oman. The Trump administration says they do not want war, but they will take any action that is necessary to secure those vital shipping lanes. Here's ABC's Julia McFarland tonight as the full outta the histories and the Gulf continues, US central command now revealing the Iranians attempted to shoot down American drone monitoring one of the time because on fire. The m q nine similar to this one was allegedly targeted by Iranian surface to missile missing it by less than a mile. This comes as the Trump administration tries to build on international consensus behind this video, which the Pentagon said shows a rain, revolutionary God patrol removing an unexploded mind from one of the time because hose today secretary Mike Pompeo unequivocal American camera. This is the stop. This is the real data. Yes. We've shared it with allies already the world needs to unite against this threat from this lawman Republican Ron, but some allies still need to be convinced Germany's foreign minister says this doesn't prove Iran carried out the attacks, the u k own the announcing their own assessments, pointing to Iran with no mention of the US footage. Well, Meanwhile, Iran continues to deny any involvement global powers increasingly concerned about security in the Gulf at stake access to a fifth. The global oil supply, Tom. Juliette? Thank you back, here at home to developments after that tense confrontation between Phoenix police and a young family officers with guns drawn ordering the couple and two small children out of the car over suspicion of shoplifting tonight, the Phoenix mayor and the police chief are apologizing for the officers actions. Here's ABC's Acura quiche tonight, Phoenix. Police on the defensive this city's mayor lashing out after this chilling video. Cops are threatening to shoot a pregnant woman with two young children inner arm. The alleged crime that brought police to the scene there, four-year-old allegedly stealing doll from dollar store. Appearing on KNX v today, the police chief saying sorry, and that the incident is under investigation. I apologize the family. I apologize to to the community. But at the end of the day, there's more to the story police claim that Twenty-four-year-old you Harper. Enter twenty two year old fiancee driven aim stole other items refuse police commands, and that officers feared they were armed. But at one point in officer is filmed kicking aims Harper accuses police of trying to grab her child claiming the toddlers arm was injured before she briefly was forced to give her baby to a total stranger. The videos captured by witnesses who don't want to be identified. Situation. I never thought China ties in for me. And my the couple was not charged with any crime. The Phoenix mayor slamming police saying there is no situation in which this is ever close to acceptable, as a mother myself seeing these children, put in such a terrifying position is beyond upsetting the couple has filed a notice of intent to sue the city of Phoenix for ten million dollars. The officer involved have been assigned desk, duty pending the investigation come Zachary quiche I tonight tackling, thank you and much more head on world news. Tonight this Sunday, the wild hit and run a rider launched from his motorcycle, how he's doing tonight and we'll police are sane plus the app that combined with a mom's intuition, may have saved the life of her seventeen year old daughter, and the major admission from Boeing, what their CEO is saying tonight about a communication mistake regarding the cockpit warning system on the seven thirty seven max jets stay with us. When you're hiring, you don't wanna waste time sorting through dozens of irrelevant resumes. 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FDIC back now with the close call for a mother and daughter from North Carolina. The mother quitting an app with helping to save her seventeen year old daughter's life. Here's ABC's Marci Gonzales tonight, this teenager, recovering from a horrific car crash, someone please, crediting, an iphone app with saving her life, a miracle I get truly miracle seventeen year. Seventeen-year-old Macy's Smith was driving alone in North Carolina. When her car hydroplaned flipping and landing twenty five feet down a ravine her arm pinned under the car for seven hours, once she miscue her worried mother texted and called repeatedly response was out of character for her. So mom, turn to the find my friends app, which allows users to track each other's locations using it to guide her to the crash scene. Explain. Watching bid GPS on my phone. My dot getting close to hers, our daughter. Intervene, maisy now, hoping her survival story encourages other teams to use the app with their families inherits Harper teenagers to give up your privacy VM places that you don't want your parents know that is not worth being trapped under a car percent, hours and tonight Macy is home from the hospital regaining movement in her arm and feeling grateful for that technology. Tom incredible. That mother and daughter had that app radio. Right. Marcy, thank you for index, and what Boeing's calling a mistake. The company, CEO telling reporters in Paris communication, with customers and regulators about a problematic cockpit warning system. In seven thirty seven max jets was inconsistent and unacceptable. Faulty data from sensor may have contributed to crashes overseas, Boeing promising transparency as it tries to get seven thirty seven Max's grounded for months back up and flight and the disturbing moment, caught on camera in South Africa, the motorcycle rider, waiting at a light when a pickup, you see it, there blows through that. Dissection slamming that writer police say the impact smashed the bike to pieces throwing the Ryder thirty feet. The twenty two year old recovering from serious injuries tonight police are on the hunt for the hit and run driver. And the new plans for air force. One are George Stephanopoulos takes us on board. The historic aircraft and into the Oval Office where President Trump details, his plans for a red white and blue redesign, plus a wider wingspan, George asking, if there's a special pod feature like in the movie air force ones. Because I don't think it was. Well, the president, not reveal anything there, the air force. One change is expected to arrive by twenty twenty four and this Father's Day I for Prince Harry, the Duke and duchess of Sussex, releasing this brand new photo of baby. Archie, seventh line to the throne just over six weeks, old today. Happy Father's Day to Harry. And when we come back like father like son, when it comes to college diplomas, and of course, later tonight, the major exclusive are ABC news. Special report, President Trump, thirty hours finally on this Father's Day. Pop and circumstance. The data and Sony graduating together. Misses the Portland state university. Graduation ceremony that happened today. Don Sharon, and that's fifty eight-year-old, Don Sheeran graduating what makes this a really special Father's Day for dawn Jacob Seyran. He's getting to graduate with his twenty three year old son. Jacob both getting engineering degrees. That's right. Father and son went to college together crazy. A I. Middle school, and he decided to do it for twenty two years. The father of three working as a network technician for a Portland communications company. He decided that instead of retiring, he wanted to follow his dream and head back to college. But my job is physical and I realized I wouldn't be able to do this in my seventies. And I always wanted to be an adventure. Yes at fifty eight done wants to be an inventor. So he set out to get it done. This top piece. So that's what sets designed forming even stronger bonds with his son, having a class together, actually alerted me the final was sooner than I thought it was. But that's not to say it hasn't led to some awkward moment, Jacobs, friends, all wondering why with that all so after eight years going part time. That's a long, right? Don learned. He and Jacob would be graduating side-by-side. What a wonderful Father's Day present to actually be able to, to get your degree on the same day that your son's getting his father and son, do knit together. Congratulations on graduating masters. Congratulations on finally getting out of your day at school. And with that happy, Father's Day to all the dads out there and to all the dads, working on this broadcast. Thanks so much for watching. I'm Tom yomas? New York GMA first thing in the morning, David Muir is right, back here tomorrow night, and be sure to stay tuned for the ABC news special. President Trump thirty hours coming up at eight pm eastern. Have a good night. Brought to you by deed used by over three million businesses for hiring, where business owners and HR professionals can post job openings with screener questions, then sort review and communicate with candidates from an online dashboard. Learn more at indeed dot com slash tonight.

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