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02 West End Tap and Kitchen


Ding Ding or is up. Thanks for joining US cruise in kitchens and this is our second episode of the podcast. I'm Andrea and and this is mel and we're friends who like to cruise into the kitchens of Santa Cruz. Actually we don't go into the kitchens we go to the dining rooms. We good point. We begin to the kitchens enjoy good food and share out experiences with you and just to let you know we are amateur. Reviewers as you'll find out we are amateur podcasters too so easy on us. Here we win. We generally make a reservation and we make an anonymous reservation. We paint cash rush and so no one knows that we have a we addict names. You'll get fake names. We are anonymous. We don't need mosques but we are on those so no one's GonNa. I know who we are so out. Only agenda is to eat food and talk about eating food and we find that we actually talk about food women even eating food and we talked about other food took yeah food fast food. Yes this reminds me of so and we are recording this podcast purely relief fund. We decided since we talk about food any way when we get together we might as well just talk to you about food as well so enjoy. So where do we go. Oh this week. This week we went to the West End Tavern Kitchen That's on the west side of Santa Cruz over on Angle Street and we went our Wednesday right we sending ending was easy right. That seems to be on em emo go Wednesday so you chose this restaurant again. I just go for the food So why this restaurant because because we have been to eastern taproom in the pre podcast days exits east in guest repub because I drove by the gas pump over in By the Cinnamon Forty First Avenue in the food was so good there. We went back a second time sat in a different place. We realized it was a totally different experience sitting in a different place and once we realized realized we'd been to east end twice figured it all out. We thought we'd try west end shots so I think we have a completely different experience soliciting. Oh they're totally different restaurants. There is not much it was the same about them. I don't think I don't think so either. So it's the restaurant itself is split into three sections so as you walk in on the fire. Right is an outdoor patio. And then as you sort of walk in. It's the by with a little more sort of casual. Dining feeling colluding high churches and to the lifts around the corner has wave concrete. Wave Wall Wall. There is sort of ordinary preceding. And then it's the kitchen you can see the kitchen when they're serving things so Concrete floor and it's all concrete for yes we won't talk about the concrete floor 'cause they does come into a dining experience so when we walked in and we said we had a reservation and again it was early it was around five. Thirty or six and place wasn't so busy so the The what do they call the host. The host tried to serve to sit us in the bar. Now I'm very short and she wanted us at the highest tables which doesn't work for me dangling legs. No no no I feel like I'm five is eat a what was the name anyway So then she so then she walked Over to the sort of the ristorante portion and she said I said you WanNa talk about what she for Santa so she's had a tube top table. I guess they call it right directly directly next to the bussing station. I felt like I was going to have to bust my table at the end and sit there and listen everybody bussing stuff behind me. It was is just super uncomfortable and it was sort of in the the walkway into the dining room. So it didn't even feel like it was part of the dining room so I immediately asked for a different table so so we were moved into the dining room more along the little concrete wave wall so we had another seat there which was much better than sitting directly connected to the bussing station Asian. I agreed it wasn't it wasn't that the restaurant was full because it definitely was not full. So let's food okay. So what do we have so again again. This this is This is sort of like it. Felt like a goto place for families. Yes it did in that section where we're sitting so we were sitting so go to place families it's quite casual. It has salads and Panini and then it had flat breads which may be called pizza in another restaurant. I assume that just a different shape and then they had the entrees and on the appetizer had made desserts although the thinks on a separate menu certainly seeing any so we we had with an appetizer to share. Yeah we got the popcorn because you in heard and you'd had it before and I'd heard from somewhere else at the popcorn was a good appetizer. We got the popcorn with duck sat on that. Doug thing again see podcasts. Yeah it'll be a theme of it was read when was piping hot but as time went on we ate the duck fed has it got a little cooler made the popcorn a little soggy year and it was very salt. It was salty for salty. I think that if we'd been drinking beer and popcorn was more than two of us like it was a big sieving so so I think it would have been a bit of four then. I will admit I'd eating it until I got to the very bottom. Well let me stop me know coming up and again we didn't we didn't drink. We just had water and I'll have to say the water did keep coming so that was. Yeah that is always good and for your main entree. What did you decide as well so i? I looked at the south. I H I did look at the flap. There was one flight print that sounded really good. which was the mushroom strong enough which was totally confusing to me? Because I've never seen stroganoff on bread before I fully expect expect to be on noodles like they serve in Ohio during my childhood. Yeah so that's I should warn that but instead I ordered a salad so I ordered the chicken salad because it sounded delicious us. It had blue cheese and beats and chicken obviously And hard-boiled egg on lots of Greens means so it just sounds like something I wanted. It just sounded really good. I'm now the thing about the way they serve as a someone takes your order but someone else brings you the order. Yeah we agreed. The service was disconnected and didn't really flow and it was difficult call to get someone's attention I think at one point and right so the service wasn't great now I can see when it's full because it's a pretty big strong when it's full that would make sense so you've got people don't have to wait for the server to bring the you've got someone just bringing the food out and bussing the tables so I can see. It would really well so my chicken salad. I don't like a lot of dressing and this was this was dressed like I like it. So that's good but everything else was a disappointment so as I have said before I like ordering something that I can't make myself so the the service you forgot your rule I forgot my role so they put the chicken fell down in front of me and I said laughing because I could totally if made this at home but that's on May not on them but this is what was disappointing. Everything was called the high boiled egg. You you know it was cut at opening. It was running but it was called. The chicken was cubed and it was called I would expect everything else we called but this salad felt like it. All came out of bags like bags of latest. I expect but it felt like they just opened a bag of cubed chicken and threw it on too bad and they just opened sort of a bag of pre cook beats and chop them up into cubes. hoops I'll maybe even pre cooped and put it on. Felt like only the egg was the thing that was cooked in house and then they cut it open and they made. I don't know when they made it so I've never worked in a restaurant so I don't know if this is true but this is the feeling I got so I ate most of it. I was disappointed. But it's not like it it didn't it's not like it's something you can send back and go. This didn't taste Goto. This wasn't what I expected right because it was what exactly what they said. It was on the menu. It just wasn't for me so that was what was disappointing. So what about you agree Yoki. It was delicious it was It wasn't the kind of nookie I've had before which was kind of heavy or super starchy. It was kind of airy almost like an in. Freiburg didn't have a Fried Tae. So there's a way to air FRY it. Maybe that's what happened and the Marsala Sausa- was in was delicious. I can't really remember. I'm thinking it was on vegetables but I can't. There's nothing spectacular about the vegetables. I wasn't even memorable to me too but nookie was good. Okay so one of the things that I remember is that we had. We talked about the concrete floor. So let's talk about the family next to us so we were definitely in the family area and the table the closest table to us. I don't know did they have eight kids really liking it. They were spilling water and food. And I think one kid was actually throwing things on the floor at one point but I only only feel bad because I'm done that in restaurants before my two children that seemed like eight children but I just don't It was distracting. But you know I do think we the family restaurant section eight in the bar section outside. Maybe that wouldn't have happened and I would love to eat outside. I'd love to eat outside on normal time but I think it was a Wednesday eh. Kinda cool just starting to be wintertime. And we didn't want to sit outside and try and figure out the heater situation or whatever but you know if you sit outside side you might have kids and dogs dogs. Don't throw their food. They eat the food. That's okay got it. I can see how that off the table table on purpose just to see what their parents right they not get. Yeah I know cats allowed so and then we So that was a little. I didn't see them. They were new line of sight. I cook them but you. That's when you go to family restaurant I get the feeling. This is a restaurant. Let's go to place a lot of people who live in the area west sides kind of probably hurting for family kind of restaurants. Yes and they have good food there so and then for dessert so we did share something but it wasn't really a desert. It was one of the appetizers we decided we'd be European and we'd have the cheese plate for dessert. Yes finish so we go. We ordered from the from the from the wait staff which is where the confusing service plays again. Yeah so the wait staff they have a the three in a they have a a cheese. Plant has three. She's is on the one had five. She's on so we ordered the five cheese cheese that yes we will five cheese. He's and someone else brought it and there are three of them on there and they know they were yes so the so the personal broader we like the what other as and she's like I don't know oh so. She had to go back and we could see her talking to the kitchen staff. She came back and she said all. This one's abris which was pretty obvious. Actually and she goes and this one's a blue in this one is something something else I go which was not it was not the one she said was blue was something else goes. The blue there was one that was blue slightly blue so we didn't know what we were eating. That doesn't I mean we didn't eat it. Yeah we're still enjoyed it so that that she's planning we've got our utensils again. Oh that's right so taking all the plates when they bust just the plate. They took the knife and folk so when she put down the cheese platter. She didn't do a scam to see if we have any knife or anything with yes. Exactly Clinton didn't scan the plate. She didn't didn't scam fable. She didn't look at the plate and go. Oh well I guess you'll need little plates as well and have to grab one whole block right in front of you. I started eating. You inviting you to fight me for. It also came with two little pots. It came with a little pot of hazelnuts also known as obits which I scoffed because mel does not like phobic care for and came with a little pot of the the waitstaff late stuff said it was like appear reduction or peach reductions. You tried to tell you it was a strawberry on the right. Yes right told me it was a strawberry but it was not pink. It turned out to be peach or APRECU. I couldn't tell you made it though and then it also suv with these nutcrackers but what would you call those little puffy bred things yeah more than just a flat cracker which I would prefer just a boring cracker. Oh I liked as a vehicle to get the cheese to my. I like the little coffee the bridge but as you said could be in the cheese without anything right so the cheese was a good into the meal and five honestly probably would have been too much Chris. I would've tried to walk out with bellyache too. Rose and then. How much money did we spend? So we spent forty dollars a piece so that was eighty dollars with tip and that was without any drinks so that was yes just wore no alcohol alcohol now because they have a full we don't actually. I didn't even look at the alcohol may didn't either I'm sure yeah I'm sure they have lots of Biz because it's way stand right right and it's called within tab and kitchen tapping kitchen. I would have just go to that restaurant on the way stand but yeah so tap and kitchen so assuming it's tap it's going to have a lot of beer and since is it has a full bar. I'm sure you could get the full by as well as the wind. Pretty Swing and we could have gone to the adult portion of the route. We could have the short people in me save. So let's talk about our patented rating system. So one Fox's place. I'm Outta here too sick and helping. I'll be back for more. The three digit up recommend come back with friends. What was his view? I might do a second helping but I would definitely do it on the deck doing it outside okay. Okay where. I didn't have children spilling things all over but I I don't know I'm not a big cured back there like I was after eight at east end I was in a hurry to get back there again and try. I am more of the food. Yeah this one I guess if I was on the west side doing an event or something or I found myself that ended at the end of the day. I would go back something like that but I'm probably not gonNA make a huge effort to get back there so I'd say number two second helping I'll be back for more but on different terms I'd only go back if someone's like hey. They were all meeting with stemmed tapping kitchen. I got the name right. That's the only way I'd go back. I it's not like I would choose and this is sort of like I'd say it's a signal third time. It probably five years of eight so I don't eat a lot until I you. All the time enforced. Eat out an order. This podcast awed cast speaking of which we are. We going next week. Well next week I think we are going to go to monster pot which was originally. Betty's noodle is it in the same spot. No no they have moved around the corner down the blocks okay next to the metro but we'll check out the new place which is a little bigger and we'll give you report it next week and to come right back and we're GONNA do and we're GONNA get to dish out next time on months. Deposits and and. Thank you for joining us at Western Kevin Kitchen at three three four ingalls street on the west side of Santa Cruz.

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