How To Slice A Sicilian


When filmmaker Michael Cimino passed away in two thousand sixteen at the age of seventy seven there were basically two stories that people focused on it's the two stories that everyone tells about Jimmy no I there is the high of his nineteen seventy eight picture the deer hunter an epic about three guys from Pittsburgh before stayed away Heaven's gate would end up grossing three point five Million Dollars Transamerica the parent company for United Artists who produced Heaven's gate he'd hated all the negative press they received from the film this would end up being a major reason why they would sell the studio to MGM which ended the long run to prefer telling this is about the movie he made right after the deer Hunter Heaven's Gate Heaven's Gate was another epic this time about the old West State's national film registry by the Library of Congress as being culturally historically or aesthetically significant in two thousand seventeen having had such a big hit previously Jamuna was given carte blanche and could do whatever he wanted and so he did conceived of the idea of what would become the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington DC Yes that memorial with a memorial opened in nineteen eighty it was a very big deal then there's the other story that people like to tell about Michael Cimino and if you ask me it's the story of people seen American Film Institute named it the Fifty Third Best American film of all time after seeing the deer Hunter Jan scruggs a Vietnam War veteran I hours quickly became twenty which quickly became thirty and would end up being forty four million dollars after filming Cimino locked himself in an editing room and it would play for only one week and then get pulled after the reception to the film was less than positive third cut would get wide release five months later these shorter but still very long time of two hundred nineteen minutes that's over three and a half hours this is the version that would be initially released into the industry losing forty million dollars in being blamed for one five best picture best sound best film editing best supporting actor for Christopher Walken and best director Michael Cimino those are the two stories of my best director worst director but there's another story a third story if you will and I think it's and he had a torn down and built again he spent an entire day filming one shot over and over again he would end up shooting one point three million alien feet of film which is roughly two hundred twenty hours of footage for Heaven's Gate the budget balloon production went out of control eleven point six million wouldn't let anyone in until he was finished when he emerged as I cut of Heaven's gate was over five and a half hours long a second was made came in the United Artists as a major standalone studio and Michael Cimino would end up winning the nineteen eighty-one Razzie award or worst director in the production of Heaven's gate is much more well known than the film itself was given initially a budget of eleven point six million dollars by united artists and don't left alone Jamuna was meticulous filmmaker and when the slightest detail wasn't right he headed done again when a street wasn't built to his exact specifications it was the first time streep would be nominated for an Oscar the first of many in nineteen ninety six it was selected for preservation in the united do was on hand having been invited by scrubs the deer hunter was to me no second film after the modestly successful thunderbolt and lightfoot and would get so contentious it had to be settled in court in a story we're calling how to slice a Sicilian welcome to the a change someone being photographed reciting some lines the idea is to smash that wall it was a picture about a couple of low level gangsters he didn't like the screenplay and when his rewrites were going to take too long for mgm he left the picture next shots who also sometimes didn't know when to say when here's Jamir talking about his philosophy on filmmaking I don't believe in storyboarding he did direct the deer hunter and there was always a chance he could recreate that magic right he was attached to the nineteen eighty-four drama the Pope of Greenwich Village for a while copying two dimensional drawing piece of paper I want to be free in at three hundred sixty degree space I call it demolishing us that never existed when you think about it it's really no wonder that studios were still interested in you know even after Heaven's gate after all ending United Artists as an independent studio did not end Michael Cimino career Cimino was an interesting character sometimes brilliant filmmaker Keanae for the wall the average movie consists of about three hundred fifty setups three hundred fifty separate shots which have to be made most Camino was footloose the now iconic eighties movie about the small town that forbade dancing paramount wanted her roster direct but when Ross did those three hundred fifty shots will be close ups of faces talking heads and you're painfully aware that you almost as interesting my name is Dan Delgado within this episode we're going to take a look at Michael Cimino in the production of bid nineteen eighties mafia movie that around otherwise supersede him you want get to the real world after all you want to take over the third time would be the charm though for Tamino is next project would get finished he was hired by Dino de la Renta's too right and already check it out I hear it's pretty good the production of Year of the dragon was impressively problem-free Jimmy no proved to be very efficient by finishing the this brings us to the Sicilian the Sicilian began life as a novel by Mario Puzo set in the world of another Puzo novel the Godfather we'll be on time and on budget you care too much stanley everybody's rife chasing something that doesn't exist this is not the he comes back to New York and loses his soul Don Cornelio his father tells Michael He needs to find Salvatore Giuliano these kind of kills him the story then shifts Giuliano running around Sicily and getting in and out of trouble with the mafia even though the corleones are in the novel the Iran's Brooklyn New York Chinatown can be very easy like Candy S. making only about eighteen million dollars versus it's twenty four million dollar budget but it was a win for Cimino and that had helped to repair his reputation story is really about the Giuliano character a mafia novel by Mario Puzo the man who wrote the Godfather is too enticing for movie studios to resist Robin Hood who steals from the Mafia and gives to the poor something like that Michael needs to find Giuliano and bring them to New York before the local mafia finds him first and her in the Book and the Movie The Godfather you probably remember the part where Michael Corleone is hiding out in Sicily this book takes place just before Michael Academy award winning director of the deer vision paramount so it differently seeing the movie become more and more extravagant Vega a bit nervous and fired him you know then they went and paid her broth whatever Areso something essentially magical about them the words of my friend Bernardo Bertolucci you creating a nostalgia for the movie rights to the Sicilian sold for one million dollars to gladden entertainment paramount pictures owned the Godfather and the rights to all of those characters in April of one thousand nine hundred forty that cut would be a mere two hours twenty nine minutes and that was a disaster critics hated it and audiences dollars over a ten year period for this he would spend almost five years in jail but all that comes later for Bruce the other head of gladden entertainment with none of them would appear in the Sicilian but that was okay with gladden gladden had started as a production company in nineteen eighty four and was headed by Bruce Bicknell a colorful hundred comes a powerful and provocative New Year of the Dragon? The movie wasn't a box office success correct year of the Dragon a gangster picture starring Mickey Rourke Dealer Rentis you may remember for our episode the dealer Rentis Million Dollar giveaway if you haven't scandal when actor Cliff Robertson blew the whistle on Beagle men's embezzling while running Columbia Pictures we went over that story in the season one episode of the industry small roles were created or they were used as background extras but one way or another the local mafia was accommodated aside from that the production of the onto argonauts and a few resources in nineteen ninety-three he pled guilty to various fraud charges and admitted to bilking banks out of two hundred and thirty six million having it according to McConnell's autobiography he and Bingaman went to Sicily and met with them the issue wasn't money or respect or even test of negative Sicilian stereotypes nope their issue was that they wanted in they all wanted to be in the movie and they got what they wanted. insisted that Christopher Lambert be cast as the lead after all the movie is called the Sicilian and Christopher Lambert is French big lemon and entrepreneur who had made his money dealing rare and antique coins in addition to coins but now has also owned the NHL team the Los Angeles kings the CFL team the David Beagle men big amount spent his career in show business as an agent and running studios like Columbia and mgm in the Seventies Beagle men was caught up in moved to difficult to sign they turn to me now for four months to meet a worked on footloose he's still at Moore's a standard musical and began making changes too soon Cillian went off without a hitch the problem came wants to me a went into the editing room

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