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Declaring is a show about crime and the trauma that can result from crime may not be suitable for all audiences. You were talking about eating how my dad just when he grasped the hold of a lie how he just would not tell the truth. You're talking about. Kentucky Fried Chicken the story I told this is the clearing. I'm Josh team episode to Creepy John Wayne. I don't know how long ago this was. My kids were really young and we were going to my parents house for dinner and as we walked into the kitchen we saw the Kentucky fried chicken containers in the garbage. Not a big deal. We Love Kentucky Fried Chicken. My Kids Love Kentucky Fried Chicken so we go in and in the meal is on the table and it's all in different containers now according wear and things like that little homemade meal chicken and you could tell don't we would you sit down. Someone's home you know unless they got the secret recipe. There's a difference that's Michael April's husband. They've been together for twenty nine years since he spotted her across the Church one day in January nineteen ninety someone made a comment about well great. We're having Kentucky Fried Chicken and my a father like there's no Kentucky Fried Chicken. I made this chicken and I remember just kind of looking at him and then picking okay. I'm not going here. I'm GonNa just totally ignore this. We're just we're going to have a nice family dinner. I'm not addressing this and you know I give the kids. The sign of Sh- just eats and unfortunately my husband couldn't let it go because he was going on about how great he is making chicken mashed potatoes and Coleslaw that are just like Kentucky Fried Chicken. They kept asking them on so you know he makes comments throughout the whole dinner. Oh this is good Kentucky Fried Chicken. Oh these biscuits are just like Kentucky Fried Chicken and I'm kicking my husband on the table. Just would you just shut up. Just let it go who cares ars just eat. It's good then after dropping hints. I'll just come right out and save in your an idiot. I see the stuff right there in the kitchen. Even in that situation he would continue to absolutely one hundred percent made the dinner it just for no reason why such a crazy thing the lie about like we all saw walking through the kitchen so silly to sell finally my dad just in uproar and temper gets up from the table. I told you it was kicking. I Made I'm good cook and I don't remember everything but he never never never admitted that. It was Kentucky Fried Chicken very often. When I tell people about April story they asked the same question? How does she not know that her dad was a killer? How did he keep that secret from her on the family for decades and it's a fair question? I've asked it myself these answers that Edward Wayne Edwards was a compulsive sociopathic liar but it's more psychologically twisted in that because this guy who was willing to die on a hill of Kentucky Fried Chicken was also a compulsive recorder of pretty much everything in his life you'd think he want to race all traces of themselves but instead. Here's some brief information more or less. Give you an idea how this all started remember those tapes. The detective Chad Garcia found the trailer in Louisville. Their existence became kind animal white whale for me. As soon as I heard they were out there. I was obsessed with finding them. Garcia didn't have them anymore. He said he turned all tapes and evidence from the trailer over to Ohio as in law enforcement Ohio we'll get to why did that later for now though the tapes were in Ohio but that was a while ago. Maybe they'd been destroyed. Oh they are level legal. Exactly how Edward labeled them incredibly. They were not destroyed those his tapes ended up at a small sheriff's office in Ohio. Not far from April's place and Geogra- county a new Geogra- county had several boxes of evidence from the Edwards case but I had no idea what was in the judge told me I'd have to hire a lawyer to get access to them but then April called and the door opened turns out. It's very helpful to have the daughter of the murderer on your boarding team. Thank staples new friend a very helpful clerk named Sharon last fall. We've found ourselves in a conference room looking down at what if you're making an audio story is basically the equivalent uh-huh bagful of gold and cassettes. Are we looking at so meadlist of what I copied don't have. I don't have the count on here but it's about sixty. I believe Edwards tapes a lot phone. Calls conversations with grandkids visits from cops entire Jerry Lewis telephones. He dictated letters back feedback feedback. I'm going to Mrs Frank last night. He was even rolling taped the day April is born March thirty first nineteen sixty nine on the only one in can you by myself now for about two hours and I wanted to talk to but I'm having fun with my tape recorder and always be able to keep this. I guess he's tapes last that long. I don't think they would dissolve. Indicate mission impossible the sheriff's clerk Sharon. She handed us all these tapes neatly packed in three white boxes which I heard from April a few months before our visit the journal Super Curious to know what was on those tapes I listened to probably the first few minutes of each tape but he just sounds like a creepy John Wayne to me the tone of voice the accent of it dad look John Yes so he kind of like I can see how people could be manipulated by him. I'm one of the Cassettes Edwards appears to be dictating his bio born notebook fourteen eighteen thirty three that hitch the tape the interjection of Notebook. It's not an edit we made it was on the recording was always used new tape. He was often recording new thing hang over an old thing and sometimes the old tape bleed through this is how that tape you just heard actually begins with the sound of the tape recorder clicking on and then a mysterious gas doc anyways. There's no way to know that woman was believe me. We listened to every second of that tape to see if it ever made sense or what made her sound so scared. It's like a lot of the mysteries in the Edward Story it might be in various or it might be nothing. Edwards is dead by the time I met April. I never got to talk to him. I listened to dozens of hours of him speaking into a tape recorder though it's a very strange experience for all the lies he told Edwards left so many pieces of himself behind written about criminals before unusually. It's really hard to read about a psychopath because even if they want attention they don't want you know who they really are Edwards though he basically left me an archive he wrote the book about his life. He was according himself all the time. There's even a point in his life who is making media appearances and we'll be looking at all that today trying to understand just who the hell at Edwards was Tom. Edwards was born Charles Murray. Things were hard from the start. He never knows dad his mother William Myers she disappeared pretty quickly to she clean houses in nineteen thirty four when the lead said sorry Charles was year old his mom's to one hundred dollars from a woman she worked for she gets sent to a women's reformatory seventeen months later she gets paroled but she's a no shape to take her son back yet. In eighteen thirty my mother committed suicide by Gunshot Lillian initially survived a gunshot died of septicemia few days later Lillian sister and her husband Marian Fred Edwards adoptive Oy and the changes named Edward Wayne Edwards Marietto is a good mom to him and he really loves Ed. He loves her but thanks go sour there too. When he's four years old she gets too sick to care for him and her husband drinks heavily cleanly? I was put in an orphanage in eighteen thirty nine for three years. Period at Edwards is seven years old. The orphanage is a terrible place. Edwards is a bed wetter in the nuns shame for it. They beat him which backfires he writes in his book that when the head non asked him what he was going to do with his life he snapped back sister. I'm going to be a crook and I'm going to be a good one. He gets kicked out and sent to live with his grandmother begins to steal and fight and pull fire alarms. I love to watch the fire trucks. He later wrote. They were beautiful white China impressive. I love to hear the sirens but most of all I enjoyed seeing the confusion in the crowd because it meant that indirectly I was being noticed since it was I who had caused all the Hubbub Soon Edwards is in a series of juvenile homes was turned out to be great for teaching teaching young sociopaths. That'd be good at crime. It's at one he later said we learned how to handle guns at Seventeen Edwards and listen the marines because he wants to go to Korea and shoot people but he goes awol when he finds out he's too young for combat from then on he's on the run for a decade wiling around America chasing women in invading the law mostly he doesn't time for car theft and then again for robin gas stations at gunpoint. Some kids dream of being astronauts are playing pro baseball Edwards wants to be on the F._B._I.'s ten most wanted list in nineteen sixty one that dream come true the F._B._I.. Called Edwards a quote far roving escaped convict with an incredible criminal career in an ego to match January seventeenth nineteen sixty two periods quietly reading news stories about his crimes for some reason trace Arlington Bank bandit threes with Blonde. Seven thousand seven hundred seventy gunman walked into the paint. I hate to twenty P._M.. Tuesday ten minutes before closing time the terrifying Mrs Sweeney said to me and told her I'm wanted all over the country so I s to kill you as not this search for Edwards and a blonde plenty to be his life Marlene continue to center in Cleveland F._B._I.. And Labeling Edwards and near he news also said he is known for suicidal tendencies and is extremely dangerous when he's finally caught after the string of robberies Edwards gets his hardest this time yet at the Federal Prison Leavenworth Kansas. They're finally and Edward Sees the light hello listeners. It is what pleasure that I come into your home today. That's from a self published motivational. innovational record numbers put out after gotTa Leavenworth on the record. He Credits is redemption to a benevolent guard pa-past onto him this bit of wisdom. It seems that you were telling these lies because this is what you really wanted out of life. Do you have an education into criminologist. If this is the case why not take advantage of your time here at Leavenworth let time serve you instead of you. Serving Time Edwards heaves that advice I and throughout the nineteen seventy s he traveled America visiting Radio Stations Rotary Club School Groups Church congregations and police academies to share the story of how he turned his life around and that is how we ended up here Nisa Gentlemen on a New York City sound stage selling store to the whole country on the game show to tell the truth and here's the extraordinary story of Edwards. I think you'll find it profitable. It says I Edwards was there's one on the F._B._I.'s list of the ten most wanted criminals in America now. I am a respected citizen in my community. Here's the story of my dramatic turnabout. There's a tremendous need for communication between parents and their children. I stressed this point in my book which is titled Metamorphosis of a Criminal Sign Ed Edwards the idea of to tell the truth in case you not as old as me is that a panel celebrities tries to guess who among three contestants is telling the truth in this case. There's supposed to pick the one guy standing before them who used to be an editorial criminal number one. What is your name please? Nine is Edwards Edwards number two. My name is Edwards number three. My name is Edwards spoiler alert number. Three's the real ED number three. What was your first term yes? That's all the prison term. How long would you sent me? My first sentence was in a reformatory for two years I see and you and your second sentence was also wanNA reformatory Tori for two years. How old were you when you got visit? The last time I was released. It was about thirty to the last time dozens wanted to our dark suits and look a little like mobsters number. Three again is the real ed he's in Rust colored pants yellow shirt and the Kinda loud zigzagged pattern blazer that people were without irony in the nineteen seventies. He's also the only one of the three who stare straight at the camera number three. Do we infer that you did not have a good relationship with your parents. <hes> this is true in what way <hes> number three in communications as you indicate the <hes> I was born in illegitimate child so I never had WTA real mother to speak up number two. It's impossible to watch this not think it was intentional that have all the camping nineteen seventies game shows Edwards chose to go on the one where people have to guess which of the three smooth-talking strangers is not a liar which my God Glenn Relate parsing outrageous stories than asking the real Edwards to please stand up as well be my job description at this point as a show continues actress. Kitty Carlisle asked one of the tickets anonymity. Why were you on the ten most wanted list then? I guess a lot of the F._B._i.. Men Sat around took a boat and I won three. Thank you <hes> how many how old were you when I went to the number one and then finally and that means no more questions it's time for the celebrity panels to make their guesses COMEDIAN PEGGY CASS fines number two too obvious pick and goes with three. He's the guy she says you trust with your life variety of logics we have arrived at the following inclusion a pair of shoes on each end the votes role in will the Real Edwards. Please stand up numbers wanted to both fake like they're about to rise and then actually Edward stands with the white smile of a man just conned everyone into to believings actually reformed before the real man speaks Gary Moore gives the fake it the chance to talk about number one. What is your real name these in what you my name is Mervyn spreads? I am the President of the Maryland Alan Council of the Jewish National Fund number. Two recline is a self defense teacher who also stunt work one important point. You and I were chatting backstage. I asked you what was your reaction in your neighborhood neighborhood. When you came out of the reformatory the first time where you were you put down by your by your fellow citizens or do they look up to you know and I was released from reformatory <hes> they looked up to me and this <hes> <hes> motivated me to go onto bigger things because this is why I was out there committing the crime was for the recognition <hes> and there's a lot of people think it's a big shot thing to do? Yes this is the <hes> they the more trouble you get into the EH bigger you are in there is well. I'll tell you look like a pretty big man from over here. Thank you very much for being with him. Mr Edwards and thank you gentlemen also the one of the things I can't prove but of wondered about was Edwards out committing crimes the whole time he was touring redemption story. Did he commit other murders. Whatever the truth is redemption was the story was selling at home too? That's the father April knew when he wasn't now touring he was home in Ohio with this growing family getting by a handyman talked April better childhood so many times it's been hard to understand exactly what this period back in the seventies looked like for her and we weren't able to speak with her siblings for the show so many things about April or objectively off the charts unreal but she has a way of underselling at all not on purpose. She'll talk about pretty traumatic stuff. She describes everything the same way matter of fact we I guess so it's hard to get a handle on how bad things actually were but then I saw this facebook message that someone from April Pass Center and it was completely revealing it came from from this woman named iron slaughter. She lives in Texas now but back in the seventies she babysat April on her siblings. April is eight then they lived across the street in Doylestown Ohio near Akron when diner family moved to the block. The Edwards family was already living there in House ed built himself. They're still impacting when ED showed up hall smiles at their door here's Diane you know he said Hey you know I'm your new neighbor across the street and then he presented you know my parents us with the book that he had written and he did you know disclose that he was formerly a criminal and he you know really was changing for the better and <hes> my mom made the comment that Ed hey. Everybody deserves the second chance so she took the book and I'm sorry that kind of seems like a lot of information to get from your new neighbor all at once yes. This friendly neighbor who full disclosure used to be a criminal told the new neighbors that he and his wife could use a babysitters if Diana her sister were interested they were and their mom was okay with the idea to the first you wanted to meet the rest of the Edwards family to make sure things croquet across the lane add welcomed her with open arms. I mean he just opened the door. Lake just come on and hang and he said let me give you a tour. He showed Diane's mom around upstairs. Bedrooms one frozen and then the other rooms were smaller and smaller rooms had like pair bones. You know just the basics like no window coverings. No furnishings toys accessories nothing you would expect to see in a kiss room. It was basically then mattress on the floor and a thin blanket on each bed. That's it no pillows sheets nothing. I don't think there was any in the house. This is Diane's Mom Lynn Michael's. She just got now the hospital when I called her at home. The tour continue down the basement which was mostly unfinished. It's just a dirt floor. Berlin noticed a couple things. The first is that there was a spring as in burgling groundwater that seemed to be the families water source that seemed a little pioneer days for nineteen seventies house worse the boiler the houses the heat source wasn't actually hooked up. They may have burn pallets for heat and when you say there's no heat you mean literally. It's not just that like the heat was off. You feel like there was literally no heating system well he no he told me nervous melk built April still plenty of stories about it as dark side he could be violent and abusive. This is something I hadn't thought of before they were just basic needs that she didn't get growing up. Dr Diane said the older kids seemed a little protective of younger ones that they could all be skittish at times around their dad but that was all smiles. She said until he wasn't there was a time NEOM. My older sister had went down to the Edwards and and <hes> I think there was only some of the kids outside. Now's like you know we'll like worship rathers. You know where's everybody else out and <hes> as like they're of being punished as like oh I suppo- are they in the house and he's like nope there. In the garage. Edwards invited Diana her sister to come take a look so they walk around the garage which is open along the wall all inside their hooks storing tools and the two boys he hung them on the hook through the belt loops so that they were just hanging off that Hook Hook off the ground and I was like why are they up there. He says they're being punished and I was like thinking to myself all my gosh and they were not allowed to have food water or used the restroom for how long I don't know but I mean we're talking about along. We're not talking about five minutes. Oh no no no no no no those voice hung there for a while and then after certain period of time we were all told Y'all get out of here. Now both Diana her mom remembered seeing bad bruises and marks on the kids. Evidently the family wasn't good at hiding them K. add them to Lynn worried about her. She went over a few times when she knew it was out somewhere to have tea and she described April's rose momemtum either way many others have as shell of a person like whatever light was inside of turned off Diane saw two there were very few times she would come out when we'd all be playing outside but there was one time I specifically. Specifically remember where everybody was helping a good time you could I mean she was you could tell she loved those kids. You know the kids running around and some of them were like holding onto her way sidestep and you it was one of the few times Ebersol case smile like a genuine. She was just having a great time with the kids yet that was like one of the only time so ever remember her smiling ruling Dantonio of crazy stories one really stands out. We're playing in <hes> editorials. Hey Hey are you guys gather around you know oh I got some show yeah bed crowd the kids all around in the back of the house where the yard blurred and woods told them all to walk out into the woods and look around like they're on a Scavenger Hunt and so he tells us go keep going you guys keep going you guys. Will we get to the edge of the Woodson. Were thinking we don't see it. He's like keep looking keep looking and so then he tells us a hall spread out just a little. You're gonNA find it better. You know so you know we kind of spread out maybe five feet from each other and he goes a little bit more. Keep going and as soon as they finish that sentence it was all of a sudden bang and all of us just froze I quit turned around and he had a black handgun in his hand and he still had his arm raised in our direction. Mikey never lowered the gun <music>. He started just laughing laughing. We didn't know what to do. We were all like scared scared to death and he goes Oh. It's okay come on. Come on come on. Let's go now and I might be could not move fast nup. I went from the side of the house hit the driveway way. I was too afraid to even look back. I mean we're we're sort of sitting here in silence trying to process that story <hes> so he fired a handgun either over your heads or between you guys for fun yeah I need he would probably a been Akash at most ten to twelve feet and you know you figured there Scott to be five six seven. Maybe seven or eight of US kids now mind you. This is his kids. Also Diana manner told her mom that story. She's not sure why it didn't matter. Linden need anymore evidence to make aware of this new neighbor one day ED showed up at her door again looking to borrow something it wasn't butter. He asks Olympic Borrower Shotgun. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. I don't know now my gun. She said Okay what about your husband. You can ask him yourself when said to great surprise her husband Rod actually did loan Edwards a shotgun a single barrel twelve gauge that he had since he was a kid so then not long after that Lynn standing on her kitchen looking out the window. She's noticed when day a car come bear went down the dry. They went flying up Kevin Drive. Why why am growl was flying? She was like boy they're going awfully fast and they pull in Edward Stripe Way and this she she states. There's a flurry of activity. There's a lot of stuff going on and she notices they're loading up Ed's El Camino and then the second nail all of a sudden all the kids in K into his car and they just sped off like the guys fed in known no known as no high by nothing just they were down and you never saw them again. Never saw them again. I saw those vehicles go and it's like they're went rod shotgun about a week later this <hes> black car pulls up to my front door and had sheriff on the side and was in uniform and coming the knock on the door semi mommy answers the door this guy and a black cat and a Sheriff Dad John and and sunglasses a thickness dash you know and he said he was you know canvassing the area <hes> and he was trying to get information on a man named Edwards and so he asked my mom. Did she know anything about Edward's. You know kind of open ended questions and she replied Tomino not a lot in the share proceeds say will can you remember anything suspicious about him. The family anything mom said you know will his wife and his children appeared to be you know withdrawn and something didn't seem quite right with the family I told him about the shotgun and <hes> I can't even remember what I'll I did. Tell him but the general idea was you're you're telling him that you thought he was a bad guy. Era Suspicious guy or yeah and you know the share just had a blank look on his space and he's like well anything else and she goes. I know not really that I can think of couple days days later my mom it hits her out shit. That was an words just to be clear the couple of the mustache that was Edwards trying to picture I mean because he had sunglasses in hat. He had disguised himself pretty well. It was much stash. It was a bad fake moustache. I can't believe I felt for that coming up. Our investigation of Edwards continues this time Edwards himself is doing the investigating burn this city teach you one time for so you always need hustle. Welcome to crime town produced in partnership with Gimblett Media End spotify for season two. We're headed to Detroit motorcity cities. I don't be and hustlers at least corruption change futures now graphic sex comeback VINDICATION DETROIT DETROIT A a new episode of Crime Town Season Two drops every Thursday. Wherever you get your podcasts or bench the whole thing now for free on spotify MON MON MON so when we left off at Edwards just piled the family into his El Camino in left yet another town? Do you remember wh- What Your Dad would tell you. When you like okay? We're leaving again last summer April. Jonathan and I were driving around northeastern Ohio revisiting that period of April's life story most of the time the the bad people oh had found us bad people supposedly the people that were after my dad for my dad turning them into the police so he was like basically telling you guys that you were constantly on the run from bad people who want to get him because he was a good person can take a moment to point out how crazy this lie is. I mean of course Edwards wasn't going to say they're leaving town in a rush because he just committed the murder but there are million less absurd heard lies it could have gone with he got a job. He owes some dude money but he went with. I'm a good guy fleeing bad guys well here in Ohio to fact check April's People's memories. Basically it was her idea stories like the one Diana Lynn were telling that was able to day to day not trauma expert but I think it's fair to say that this is your life as a child. You have to manage it. He's forget some things you blend others together. Especially you normalize but a forty years later you decide. You need to go back into that memory back to find some answers. It's a mess April. Remember something share it with me. Then immediately questioned the integrity that memory so she wanted to come here to a physical the past two former homes like Doylestown Ohio and see if she could jar some things loose lives up on a hill to I would love to see this is where it just drives me crazy. I WanNa know how accurate are my memories. There's this one memories you described to me a bunch of times. It's a weird one simultaneously filled with meaning but also incredibly vague it comes across more like a dream than an actual event in her life. I've often wondered assumed even there's just something her mind concocted at some point some little glitch sift through past April said in Ohio but she thought it happened around here in a park not far from that house across the street from one in Diane Parking area on the weeds and trees were behind us the story's never exactly the same but always some version of this her dad piles them in the car and drives them to a state park. They never go hiking but they do on this day. Start walking kind of fast and then at some point he leaves them all off a perfectly good trail into the brush like he's looking for something so here we were in the parking lot of the state park near Doylestown April remembered there being a little pond nearby we looked around there was no pond but there were a bunch of weeds wildflowers flowers and saw grass and cattails which she promptly let us into the whole time I was thinking this is nuts. We're literally waiting through weeds. In search of what exactly trees are far distance truly like that distance shrinking down. I'm making myself shorter squatting the ground approximating the height of an eight year old. Yeah I mean I think at eight year old would be the height of those. We remember going like this with the weeds moving your arm cut windy so Jonathan went to the car to change Mike's but suddenly April started yelling April. Wait wait can then there. It was okay so there's a pond I was talking about so you had to come up on this Little Hill. I think there used to be Dir pile here a like maybe they were digging something or building something. We were standing up on this little rise our backs to the parking lot looking into a muddy pond around April is still processing the scene things weren't exactly as she recalled them but still initials right she'd been here before she was a kid like a second grader. She remembers how urgent it seemed her dad pulling ahead with her mom. Ooh and then she caught up and looked in their cops and firemen and police tape he'd lead them straight to a crime scene The strange memory of her dad bringing her to a crime scene in Ohio. It was true you can see the relief on her face. I'm not crazy. It also made me realize she wasn't crazy. All these half memories that keeps surfacing and need to take the more seriously the archives during here buried in the corner it later this afternoon we were back at April's house inter bedroom. It also has pledged carpet and a lounging area with a couch plus a balcony. There's lots of space in Ohio. She pulled out three carry on Rowley bags from closet UNZIP them late everything open on the floor so we can pick through these archives type. She's talking about their newspaper. Clippings transcripts of conversations typed on an old typewriter pages torn on a telephone books pitchers birth certificate. Here's my dad his new cute little oh boy all the stuff was taken from Edwards trailer. When Detective Garcia arrested him? We started taking stuff out of the bags and sifting through it's a lot like Parson conversations about April's past. There's a lot of stuff in there but it's kind of a mass snakeskin first time we went through it all. I didn't even know what to look for April just pulling things out talking about her dad. I have pitcher after here's one of them. You wonder how taking pictures of gray sites of his family so I don't know if he was researching no family history. I have no idea I it turned out. What Edwards was doing trying to piece together his own life story he just found out as an adult that he'd been adopted? That's why he was doing all this research forty six and Edwards of course kept an audio record of this work he recorded himself visiting graveyards and digging through files funeral homes and in Ohio courthouses Korda's summit county appointed Miss Annabel Myers Guardian Thurston and his State of Edward Edwards new start guardianship of which talking from Oakwood cemetery and ten six thirty remove Shirley Myers from Subaru cars of deaths per ammonia linked to illness three weeks name of bother Ross are s s massive docket number five nine in bastard. That's him reading illegal documented. Come across one stating that he's about to be born a bastard child. It's from a civil suit as mother filed against the Father He never knew for child support Liam Myers resident within said county and make complaint under oath that she is unmarried woman that she is now pregnant with a child which if born ally will be a bastard and that Charles Murray Harry Potter Child took some the files over to staples to make copies and I started going through my rental car in the parking lot I came across this transcript of a phone. Call Edwards made to a woman who drastically altered the course of his life. Her name was esther. She's the one is mom. William Myers stole a hundred dollars in one dollar bills from she goes to prison at has turned over to relatives. He doesn't learn the truth about Israel mother until his thirty six years old one day. When April is a baby ed found esther he took the local phone book and looked up everyone with her name like the Terminator did and he called her baby here babysitting myself to me? He explains that he's the son of the woman she turned in that was no Manila committed suicide in nineteen eighty okay and <hes> of course my major wasn't married after time but I was born here and a half previous because I was illegitimate child and it's just gonNa cut the months ago that I have found out that I little doubted found out anything in so I have been checking all from the past two it was named that when I could well actually <hes> it's giving me a good peace of mind because I still remember and even though she may have done that drive and looking at the mercury change my mole once their past the awkward niceties Edward starts to probe for more details kind of business was it what exactly we happened. Esther told him that she called a service to have a girl come clean the house and his mother ride in an evening gown which I thought was weird because it is weird later when esther got back. She noticed one hundred dollars missing from her bedroom talk about how long take the place to get her Edwards basically interrogated the woman who had his mother arrested reporter or COP. I went to understand. I'm certainly not holding anything stu you did them and thank you very much. That's that conversation at Edwards calls his aunt Lucille his mother sister. She's upset to hear that he's been digging up the past and he's upset that he's never been told about it. People just decided for him that it was better to not know the truth new fold. I would've known about Ainley find out myself. I listen everybody's got skeleton in their quality than I'm not about to go dig them out. I can't see any point. It's trying to find out all DOC. I do emit bombs me. It is part of my knife and it doesn't make me a cycle lucy trying to find out about yourself alf and to tell them anything whose name me. I don't think that is not. I don't think that is in a person wanting to know all talk about me. I panel keeping nothing for let bill or any other children have they will. They have to go out and be told different stories that different they said it by is the truth yeah. I've actually heard this tape before as kind of funny isn't it hypocritical April remembers these tapes well. She was a teenager when she heard them for the first time it would just pull them out and play them occasionally the way another dad might show vacation slides like I had heard the tape. When my mom was in labor with me <hes> he had quite a collection of eight millimeter films I? I wish I knew we're all those films went where films to how am I just hearing about these pickles wheels in reels of eight millimeter film where I don't know April says her dad was always using tape like this to manipulate family members and create drama especially fights he wants took a phone call tape with her and editor words to make it sound like she was undermining your siblings to keep them at each other's throats then he played it for them. She thinks that's what he was up to Lucille. I do remember thinking that he wanted me to be mad. At Lucille. I just remember thinking it was stupid and that it was petty and I think he was going on about the injustice that was done to see him he in other words he wanted me feel sorry for him and I didn't. I actually members thinking that I felt sorry for my my hands <hes> and that my dad was cruel. I mean does any part of you feel bad at all for I mean he did have a rough childhood. I mean it's not it's not the way anybody should be brought into the world and raised no but you have to remember. There's also another side did the story and I my aunt's would talk about my dad and they wouldn't talk cruelly about him. They would just tell stories. My Dad was a horrible child. He was very mean in Nasty <hes> they did. Try Loving him. It's just that he pushed them away. That's what I saw. Every time I mentioned a piece of tape. We've found April asked to listen to it. She says she can hear things her dad's voice that wouldn't be obvious to other people certainly not to me. She might be the one person in the world who understands him best when you say sometimes that you're the child of the five year the most like him you feel like you got the good qualities and not the bad ones. Oh No. I got as many good qualities as well as bad qualities. Believe me <hes> I I. I have a temper like my father. I've lost control of my temper <hes> but there again I choose not ought to go past point. You lose your temporary or not murdering people right that would that'd be a hell of a twist at the end of the show Josh. There's no murderer we're here next week on the clearing the gruesome Laurel and hardy routine that led to an Edwards confession the story of the other murders we know he committed in the clearing the production of Pineapple Street media in association with Gimblett. It's produced by Jonathan Mun heaver and May I'm Josh Dean our associate associate producer. Josh Gwen Dina Kleiner and Elliott Adler editing by Joel level are fact checkers Ben Falen our theme song is Modano Blues by Matthew Dear Music Clearance by Anthony Roman episode was mixed Jonathan.

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