GSMC Baseball Podcast Episode 264: Under the Radar Players and Stories to Watch


The. Golden State concepts, baseball podcasts we cover everything majorly from spring trees to the world series. Got Your Favorite Club cover from New York to Boston to La. This is the golden state media concepts, baseball podcast. Welcome back to G. S. C. Baseball podcast you're on the GS MC podcast network. I am your host Colin Manley bringing you another episode we got those Sundays and Wednesday baseball episodes coming your way got a lot of things to talk about I'm looking forward to this. I. Actually had the day to watch a great deal of baseball if feels like I'm catching a lot of games but never really get to just sit down and watch as we head into Labor? Day, weekend. I had that privilege and it was a great thing to have which led to US having a lot of time to think about the stuff that we wanted to talk about today on the baseball podcast and you know it's a long list I mean we gotta do our news noise. We have to cover that stuff like we do every time because there's so much injury news especially in our crazy crazy sixty games season these injuries become so much more important. So we gotta start with talking with a little bit of that. We also want to take a look at the. Newest starting pitching. Power rankings that were released from. MLB. Dot Com this was fun to look at. We have quite a bit of movement. This week, which was exciting. Some guys that are coming on this list that weren't in in previous weeks. Definitely. Deserving something we have to look at, we also want to talk about. Things that we're looking forward to for the rest of the season I have some storylines. Some things on my mind that definitely need to be discussed what I'm GonNa be watching until we reach game sixty for all our teams, and then lastly, we have to talk about some players that just are not getting enough love. This season everything has been jam-packed in. So that means some guys are. Going to be missed with all the great baseball they're giving us or maybe just potentially we know who they are were hearing about them a little bit. But we gotta get the shout out and give them a little bit more love because it just hasn't been enough seems like a good list lot of stuff to talk about four. Sure. But we're going to be starting off with that employs. Around. The League around the MLB getting you up to date on all thirty teams in Major League Baseball, and we're going to start off with a contract extension for General Manager Mike Rizzo for the Washington nationals he gets a three year contract extension seems very earned considering the Pequot. He just won a world series. He's done a great job that team together now obviously, it's a down year for the nationals injuries playing a big part they have just not had their full healthy team together. And they're they're working on house money. When you win a world series title really in any industry obviously, you don't want to go into a rebuild right after. We were realistic. It's hard to repeat. It's hard to do these things over again very quickly. So once you get that one title, you have a little bit of leeway I feel like for the next couple of years and when you get that title and you did such a great job building a roster like Rizzo did you're definitely going to get some extended time and? Power to the nationals for giving him a three year contract extension that was announced on Saturday. When it comes to some injury news holy man, we have a lot of stuff going on Jose L. to for the Astros. He has been struggling this season to put it very lightly while he was placed on the ten day I L on Saturday. As the club dealt with the reality that his right knee sprain will need more than a day or two to heal. He's eligible to return September fourteenth. To injure the need during a slide into third base on Thursday also concern is that the same as limited limited him over the last two months of the two thousand eighteen season and required some off season surgery. So they're hoping that it's not some sort of lingering affect coming back with this. You can just tell something's up with L. Doobie I. It's it's not a great season. I know a lot of people like to make jokes about why doesn't have the trash can help this year there's stuff going on there But he's been so great for so long former MVP, you don't like to see these guys struggle as much. They are even if you're against the Astros and wanting to see them be a little down this year hoping to see Al to big things going again hopefully later in the season. Coming back to those Washington nationals while they scratch want Soto from the lineup of game one of double header against the braves on. Friday because of left elbow soreness, he also missed too. But an MR came back clean according to their manager Dave Martinez. He was quoted saying we're going to give him a couple days. He's pretty tender it's throwing elbow. So we're going to see how it feels tomorrow and then go from there. I'm assuming he's going to need a couple of days off. With the nationals being kind of behind in the National League. He's not looking like they're going to be a playoff team this year no reason to definitely have any. We don't need to push one Soto period this season, you don't need to rush anything, get him back. He is a future player. So, incredibly young don't do anything stupid when it comes to Juan Soto Josh Harrison was also added to the starting lineup in sodas place but had exit the first game of Friday's doubleheader after being hit by a pitch that caused a left forearm contusion Soto in Harrison both remain out of the lineup Saturday for the Atlanta Braves some pitch news finally that I'm sure they're looking forward to hearing about Cole. Hamels is GonNa Throw Live Brett batting practice on Sunday afternoon a great step forward as the veteran left-hander who missed all of spring training with a shoulder problem, and then some left triceps tendinitis a week into their summer camp. Has Been on the shelf for way too long. The brains as a team we talked about that didn't make really big push for pitching at the trade deadline. With free pitching. So well, calling up in Anderson, he's been doing well for them in the short stint. They're probably hoping that this is kind of like a midseason acquisition hamels coming back to help out the team as the Elba's will take batting practice for a third straight day on Sunday, and then possibly could begin playing simulated games at the braves alternate training site. He has been sidelined since August fifth were they rice right? Wrist bone contusion toughness either if all goes well over the next few days, the second basement could be activated from the I l. on Wednesday or Thursday. So even more news and I'm sure the braves eleven to hear beef up that lineup get things going in the right direction as we end the season or at least getting towards the end of the season. Those New York Yankees still dealing with A. Amount of injuries while they continue Friday as the club place both Gio your shallow and Jonathan Lazaga on the ten day L. List or show is dealing with a bone spur in his right. While Zia is silent by unspecified non covert medical condition. Definitely going to be waiting for more news to becoming there some good news though for the Yankees Gleyber Torres who had been dealing with a left hamstring and quadriceps strain was back in the lineup Saturday after being activated from the Injured List Jim Carlos Stanton would been dealing with a left hamstring. Strand is running about seventy five to eighty percent according to manager moon but there is still no set date for his return to the. With the Yankees recently losing Aaron Judge a big Bat a lot of pop in their lineup. The return of Stanton would be huge. He is most likely to be playing that position. So they're going to be working him up to where he can hit and run some bases not really worrying about much feeling I imagine he may be back sooner than later, which would be a big help to. The Yankees the Toronto Blue Jays prior to Friday's doubleheader against the red. SOx At fenway park manager. Charlie mental shared some positive news about boobs shed was been out with a sprained right knee. But ramped up his rehab recently, he was quoted saying he's doing a lot better than we thought he was going to be at this time US running basis yesterday hit batting practice than tomorrow we're going to. Have a simulated game for him. Let's stipulate a game on Saturday will include Ken Giles Facing Bichette at Fenway Park. This will be Giles second session facing alive hitter and while the Blue Jays are hesitant to put anytime timeline on them for his return it's possible that the club is gonNA consider activating him if he comes out feeling strong, which would be big news considering how hop the Blue Jays have been as of recent, moving up the alias and trying to cement themselves into a playoff spot into the American league. So two big parts for them moving forward will see when they get to come back and get on the bill for the Tampa Bay Rays Ryan Rar, Bra who has been out since August twenty eighth with some left growing tightness. Will he threw a bullpen session on? Friday. Raise manager Kevin cash so that there were no setbacks. Next time that the left-hander throws could be in a game actually. Also for the raise Oliver. Drake progressing well but manager Kevin Cash indicated that he is still likely about a week away from returning. So just a little more time for him but any pitching to come back to the raises great for them as well as they're making that push as one of the best teams in baseball going towards the postseason. But I'm sure they would love to try their hardest to hold onto that number one spot going into it for the Detroit Tigers Nico Good Room on the ten day I feel as of Saturday retroactive to Wednesday which means. He could be eligible to return September twelve against the white sox but with the oblique bothering him. On his left handed swing unpredictable nature of oblique injuries. These ones are really hard to predict will the Castro could get the bulk of the playing time going forward if good returns he might be limited in swinging just right handed an interesting thing when it comes to switch hitters being limited what you can actually do but that also when we start looking at lineups. He might not be thrown in there to start against the lefty potentially based on what matchups the team is trying to play the Miami. Marlins. Eliezer Hernandez has been transferred to the sixty day I, L. Ending his season, you hate to see these longer l stints. You just don't have any time to come back. So Losing Hernandez. who was having a great season is a pretty big blow to the marlins. One thing that they thought was a strength was their starting rotation. Six starts. Twenty five year. Old Right. Andrew was one at. Three point, one, sixty, a thirty, four strikeouts. I've walks in twenty five and two thirds, innings, the Marlins, another team that's Kinda just believing that they can make a run to this postseason when it comes to the National League the National League is wide open, very wide open. So we're GONNA talk about this a little bit more later. So you just don't WanNa see any hits coming for a team in this season Arizona cardinals, place Kwong Hailing Kim on the tenth day, I? L on Saturday. On Friday morning Kim experience some abdominal pain on his right side was sent immediately to emergency room at a Chicago hospital diagnosed with a kidney ailment and remain in the hospital until Saturday afternoon as the pain had gone away. In another move for the cardinals they had activated Andrew Miller has some left shoulder soreness from the ten day I l. so sending a little bit of bullpen help. Back for Saint Louis Love to see that answer Miller when he is on, he is one of the best at the back end of a bullpen a very powerful good arm. So that's positive news for Saint Louis Cardinals fans out there for sure. Moving over to the Minnesota twins, Max Kepler is landed on the I l. on Friday with a left abductor strain. An issue that Rocco bellies described as very mild should only keep the rightfielder sideline for that minimum tim days. Hopefully, they don't think it's going to have to go much past that the twins didn't make a move also to place Louise Arias on the I l. after the second basement exit Wednesday with a left patellar soreness although he said, it's a reoccurrence of the persistent knee issues that have bothered are as throughout the season but the twins feel he can manage the injury without the need for any type of extended stint off the field on the I l. they think he's going to be able. To come back and be ago most of the time in manage this something, he's going to be able to overcome throughout season and then lastly, news that is just devastating in. Sad even at Baltimore was falling out of things a little bit. The Orioles have placed Anthony Santander on the I l. Saturday with a right oblique strain that is expected to sideline him for at least several weeks according to manager brand hide with about three weeks of games remaining. It's looking like a possibility that Santander won't play again this season he was having just a great great year when it comes to the Baltimore Orioles. Their offense had been huge for them for a lot of the season and Santana being a big reason why thirty seven games played honored fifty three bats, twenty four runs, forty hits he was batting two, sixty one but eleven home runs thirty, two RBI's top ten in the league with those numbers. You just don't want to lose any offensive production as you're going on the season like I said fallen off a little bit knee alias in the Al period and when you lose a big bat like that, it's only GonNa hurt you even more. So that's GonNa be at for news and noise around the League get you caught up on all thirty teams. In the MLB we have a great deal of things that we WANNA talk about the next thing that I want to dive into. I WanNa talk about the newest starting pitcher power rankings that came out on MLB DOT COM. This is one of the coolest things I. Think they do. We've made a dive into other positions as well. We WanNa talk about the top ten. We WanNa talk about some guys that are just on the outside. How do we feel about this? We're GONNA take a dive into that here coming up on the GMC baseball podcast on the G. S. M. C. podcast network. This is your ultimate staffer everything sports, the golden state media concepts or podcast. Should I say more from the NFL, Mel beat the NBA immense. It's all in here the golden state media concepts, sports podcast listen. Now. Well it has to be said one of the things that has been the most fun to watch this season would have to be all of the great starting pitching. Now, we knew coming into this year that there's always gonNA be a couple of guys that have hot stretches that are gonNA look great in a sixty game sample. I. Didn't expect this many and that's for sure talking about the fact that I was kind of expecting a great deal of offensive numbers to be huge. and. I just I love the surprise I am someone that growing up. Loved to pitch love to be on the mound. It's somewhere where if you're on your game, it's one of the most dominant positions you can have. We talk about other sports about how great quarterbacks can beat when you look at hockey how great goalie can be to change things basketball I mean that's just superstars all around but baseball when you have a top notch dominant pitcher. These guys can change games changed series. Do some great things. So we gotta take a look at the MLB dot com power rankings for pitchers voted by a bunch of writers for MLB dot. com and it's just a fun discussion and we have to start things off with the other pitchers receiving boats are honorable. Mention guys 'cause just even looking at this list. This is some incredible names some very incredible names considering what they have done this season those sitting just outside. Looking in six Sanchez for the Marlins marlins starting pitching has been pretty good. Sanchez has been having a strong season for them. He is just on the outside looking in Max Scherzer. WHO's been around with some injury issues he hasn't been. Living Up to the full potential that he usually is, but he's sitting on the outside looking in Garrett Cole who was riding a very long regular season winning streak in when he took them out on the outside looking in tyler glass. Now, for the raise can semi ADA for the twins who under the radar key had been having a great season. Numbers have come up a little bit as of recent but he's still been good high engine review for the Blue Jays that move for them to go get a top starter taking him away from the dodgers. Signing him up at frequencies looking better and better, and then sunny great who has been just. Outstanding. For the Cincinnati. Reds this season. Now he was. Obviously very dominant early that year as ballooned up a little bit to three point nine but a three point one, nine year is still pretty stinking good. That's just seven names. Of great players on the outside looking at. So that's what really Kinda puts a lot of. A lot of validity into this list. which we're GONNA. Keep. Count. Iger down. Number ten. Clayton Kershaw for the dodgers him coming back healthy has been awesome leading the first place Dallas dodgers pitching with a one point five era since he debuted on August, Second He hasn't allowed more than run in five of the six Darts and eleven strikeout game against the mariners also became the third youngest pitcher to reach two, thousand, five, hundred strikeouts in a victory over diamondbacks. He has been great reaching major milestone and with everything that the dodgers have going for them offensively. Getting, great pitching from the veteran lefty Kershaw. Only helps them more moving forward. He's sitting at number ten and I imagine as this goes on if he continues to pitch obviously. He's GonNa Climb up this list he hadn't been ranked previously. So a nice climb for Kershaw, at the moment number nine on this list Zach Gallant for the diamondbacks is a guy I wanna talk about later as well. They have it's Britain. So long hair flying under the radar compared to other names. But he has been great for a diamondback team that we were worried about their pitching. He has stepped up to the plate and been great one point eight zero. Seven shutout innings of one Ed ball against the dodgers in his first start of September. I mean young pitcher twenty, five years old leads the national league in innings pitched as an allowed more than one run in his last four starts. There's not much. You can save on Zach. Gallon. That is amazing. He's given seven quality starts. Is Only one in. season. Hitches. It's kind of heartbreaking look how is numbers are, and then how sad some of it is at the same time. So Zach Gallon sitting at night and number eight Lucas Lido for the white sox he wasn't ranked either. So ten, nine, eight. Kershaw. Gallon Alito all not ranked coming into this week previously. And it when it comes down to it throwing a header, you're going to get people's attention and that's what he did. Je Lido has just been a strong strong answer for what the white sox needed. Pitching. Three point one, four year Ra. That's good. That's good enough. You're going to be doing great things with that. He's got offense behind him and if he can continue to put guys down, keep the runs down, he's going to help a white sox team that has aspirations to go onto a world series. And with everything that he has helped wise behind him, you Kinda got believe that they have a chance that's for sure. So Jr Alito coming in at eight number seven, a small slide, a small slide down. For Lance. Land. Of the Rangers you previously was ranked at number four now seven. Lynn was slotted here. Allowing six runs against the Astros is the IRA went up two point six seven after that start sliding in the AL era race. But he still has a resume for this season that has been quite quite good at a two point six, seven era like we said. Foreign two on the season fifty, seven innings pitch averaging almost ten strike as a game. One Point, eight war that whip is still under one as well. He's on a team where he just doesn't have a lot of help. The offensive production is not there for the Texas Rangers. But he continues to give quality starting to quality start in his nine game started seven of them were quality starts. If he was just on a better team, who knows how we'd be talking about this last year two, hundred, forty, six strikeouts great season this year three through fifty, seven and one third. So continuing to give people out via strikeouts. Great to see Lance Lynn. I wish he was on another team. I really do. This is the discussion. I'm still kind of upset and bothered that the Rangers didn't move him when his stock was so high. Disappointing. Who knows what his season could look like the rest of the way number six Trevor Bauer for the reds Last week at seven. Lost a couple of games since the link the rankings were released last. Something they pointed out to but his era still at two point one three. He's on pace to have a great great season with that. Also. Lower than half of his era from last you. Four point four, eight era last season he has been that good. Some of his best strikeout numbers, he's got fifty four strikeouts so far on the season. That's a great thing. He continues to be a bright spot. For since natty seven games started five quality starts. He's another dude that I wondered about being moved. It's GonNa. Be a free agent is whip is low his wars good. Almost Thirteenth Strike Game He's got great numbers. He's just set himself authorized payday, and he's he's an interesting guy when comes to this off season as well because. He talked about how he's going to be signing a bunch of one year contracts. Trying to continue to get the most value he can I find it an interesting move considering that next year money isn't necessarily guaranteed is in question, but we'll see where this ends up going. There's definitely a lot of things to be talking about number five. Aaron. Nola for the phillies previously was at eight. A guy that was in on conversations not too long ago. Last year was not a great year for him. He's bringing it back fifty seven strikeouts for four innings. Two point four, five era. Five quality starts foreign to record. You know you can't always take records for what it is. Eleven point seven strikeouts per nine innings that whip point eight, six, doing a lot of great things for affiliate team that starting to surge in the right direction as well as they're trying to make the push towards the postseason I'm sure that they are over the moon. Glad to be have nola throwing as well as he is for sure Max freed for the braves all the way up to number four expert is continued to be one of my favorite guys talk about was ranked on the. List. But he has been so good to move up into a top five position and this is something that I. Don't think many people can argue just going off whatever it'll be. Dot Com has twenty six year olds having the breakout season for the braves. They lost Mike Saroka to injury. was considered to be their ace coming into the season. Free ranked second in the National League era at one point, six release that was at the time of the writing this. Now, he's currently at one point nine eight. In those nine starts still sitting at six own record, fifty innings pitched he has given up what we got here. Only eleven runs on the season. strikeouts aren't necessarily as thing is he's averaging abe point five per nine innings still almost one in inning that whip is just a little bit over one at one point zero six but a two point seven war being a very strong showing from a starting pitcher. The only interesting stat that I would say on him nine Games started that six zero record. Only considered to have four quality starts on the year. Maybe a little bit concerning, but freed has been great regardless. So you can't really knock him too much for that. Probably, pretty deserving to be this high up in those power rankings. And then let's get to these three because these three are kind of really good right now Yu Darvish. We need to be talking about him more. ONE POINT FOUR FOUR ERA Superb eight-game started seven one record. Fifty innings pitched. Sixty three strikeouts eleven point three strikeouts per nine innings. He has been throwing. A great deal of cutters this season. And then following it up with a chain or a curveball. That has been incredibly slow but effective, and then he's able to come back with a fastball tops out almost ninety eight miles per hour. His mix between speeds and pitches is getting people off balance. And he has just been very effective throughout the season. It's been one of US best career seasons. is starting to figure things out for the cubs in a way that we have not seen from him, and it's been exciting to watch only eight earned runs on the season only three home runs. Bent Superb Point Eight eight whip two point four war. That's what you need from ace and he's given it to him. It's funny to say at spot three. The numbers he has are better than just being the third best guy. But these other two have been kind of that great Jacob Graham for the mets your a a little bit higher as he sits to than you darvish at one point seven six he's only to win on the season and it's getting to be a pattern for degrom. Hispan-. been so good. But for some reason when he is out on the mound. The mets just don't win enough games. His record is never great. But it's not him. It's never him point nine whip twelve point seven strikeouts game one, point four, four, seven, seven, stars, five quality starts to one fifty, eight strikeouts in forty one innings pitched. Fourteen Games. Extravagance the MARLINS. A career high. He has. The ability to just make people miss. The FUN staff for him. Thirty swing and misses through six innings of a game he had. A. That is just unbelievable. You don't get guys to with that much. You don't see that happening. Yes. You might have your strikeouts but many whiffs is. UNHEARD OF. He is fighting to get another cy young and he's going be in the conversation once again because his stuff is that good he is that good Jacob degrom. Cementing a dominant dominant legacy and then number one no surprise. You could have predicted this from the start just because he has been the best this season. Shane Bieber for the Indians One point. Two best in the bigs. strikeouts eighty four. Best in the bigs. Fifty two and two thirds innings pitched. Averaging, fourteen point four strikeouts per game. Two, point six war. He's only given up thirteen walks to go along with those eighty four strikeouts. It gives started equality starts six on the season. BIEBER IS GONNA be in the conversation for the MVP. Any should be. Very will should be is not crazy to see that or have that conversation anymore. But. This is just flat out dominant pitching and a big reason why the Indians are playing ball as they are. What one guy take them out to keeps you in the game regardless. It's it's worth bringing up. It's no worthy Shane beaver being the best. So that's the list that it'll be dot com put out there. I can't really even disagree with much. Maybe. We can move around these guys in the top ten a little bit. But these dead names are great guys chain beaver being one to Jacob degrom three you darvish for Max freed five Aaron Nola, six trevor. Our. Seven Lance Lynn Eight Lucas Toledo nine Zach Gallon and then ten Clayton Kershaw. Starting pitching starting pitching is good. Maybe we can talk a little bit about Zack Wheeler being out of there. He's been all right doing well for the phillies. Maybe. Zach Davies a little bit. He sees not getting all the love he probably deserves. But I'm not going to argue too much of this top ten list. I it's a salad salad list and I think it's something we can go with and I'm to see how it changes for sure going into next season. So next week I should say not next season, but we're gonNA take a quick break. And, then we're going to dive into. Some players. Just. Are Not getting enough love this season. You may even have in mind yourself here on the GMC baseball podcasts and the SMC. Guest. Network. Tired of searching the vast jungle of podcasts now listen closed and here this out. There's a podcast network that covers just about everything that you've been searching. The Golden State media concept's podcast network is here nothing less than podcast bliss with endless hours of podcast covered. From News Sports Music Fashion Entertainment Fantasy football and so much more. So stop alerted around and go straight out to the golden state media concepts podcast network guaranteed to fulfill that podcast is. Whatever it may be a visit us at www dot gs, MC podcast, Dot com follow us on facebook and twitter, and download on itunes soundcloud and Google play. To say, this happens every single season and I think it's very safe to say. There are just some guys that fall under the radar. You don't have them up they're getting enough love that they deserve. This goes across all sports. This is nothing new here comes to looking to MLB NBA NFL what have you there's guys that don't get the love they deserve. So we need to take a moment. And we need to start talking about some of these guys. because. I love dishing out the love I love giving it where it is needed. Just you know I love to bring up all these players. So we're going to start doing that I have a list written down here. Let's see one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine names. Nine names see if we can get through all nine in this segment because they deserve a little bit of love for this season starting off with one of my favorite players to watch. Mr Trae Turner. Now The Washington nationals are sitting at fourteen and twenty four on the season coming off a world series. And it seems like it's a team that we don't talk about it. The quietest quietness champion. And injuries were been playing a big part in this. This is why this team is not getting the spotlight the love it should. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't be talking about trae Turner and the season he's having because the shortstop in his thirty eight games hitting three, sixty eight we had been talking about. Black men at the top of the batting average for most of this season and just I dunno where sneakily. All of a sudden trade turner is sitting on top of the League. Not always eating for that three, sixty, eight, average nine home runs twenty two rb is on base percentage of four, twenty one. Thirteen walks to twenty five strikeouts. He protects pretty well s one point, five, three slugging of six, thirty two. Just been steady and if he was on any contending team right now, we would be talking about him in MVP conversations. Problem is the nationals are out of it and it's even harder to talk about him considering how many teams in the National League are still in the playoff discussion. They have a three point, eight percent chance of making the playoffs nationals right now. have put up one, hundred, eighty one runs but they're negative sixteen they just. Are Out of it they're not getting a lot of coverage it feels like. Betrayed Turner needs to be getting some love because what he's doing is pretty, pretty phenomenal. The next guy that. He's up there in such. Statistics Scar Hernandez. The. Blue Jays are real right now. Incredibly real they are tied with the Yankees for second in the Al East the Yankees, the team that we thought was going to be so good was gonna run away with this thing potentially the best team in baseball while not only his Tampa Bay win a division pretty easily. Toronto is now right there. What are the teams we talked about who can be exciting now? The Yankees. Are obviously having some injuries, but that doesn't take away from what Hernandez doing for this team, the twenty-seven-year-old banning three Oh eight pretty darn good average considering where we've seen players all over the place this season fourteen home runs tied for third showing off his power twenty seven rb is then a promising promising player I'm sure fantasy people artists loving the production they're getting on a Hernandez. He. Doesn't get you a Lotta walks but that's what happens when he on a slugger is all PS isn't as great at. Point nine five compared to a lot of other people that were to talk about. But that's slugging at six thirty seven is still pretty good. On base percentage isn't that much higher than his batting average batting average three, await on base three, fifty eight we talked about it more strikeouts than walks but that doesn't stop him from being a big time slugger putting balls in play doing great things for Toronto. We talk a lot about these young guys. TORONTO, that have been great. The second generation starter exciting. The Hernandez kind sits on the outside looking in. But he's still producing at such a high cliff that it doesn't even bother him at all. That's for sure. The next guy that we WANNA talk about. When it comes to offense of production. The Chicago cubs have a guy in Ian happ. WHO HAS BEEN LIGHTS OUT Lights out twenty six years old. There's a lot of names in Chicago we know above Brian We know about Rizzo we know about bias. ESPN. APP is their team. MVP this year batting three ten. Six seventy four slugging one point nine, three zero P S. Four. Eighteen on base percentage twelve home runs twenty four rbis is a big source of offense for this cubs team as they are winning in the national league central up two and a half Ganz that cardinals team is sneakily right. They're not that far behind. But it looks like the cubs are going to be holding on at least for the time being and Ian have just needs to be talked about more considering what he has been doing. I mean I was a little bit surprised. I, haven't been watching the cubs as heavy as I should just keep winning they're doing fine. The one thing that I know about the cubs is the excitement in their dugout is third team that's doing a better job just loving playing baseball this year than the cubs I don't know if there is. An just continues to produce and do great things, and we'll see if that continues on moving forward will definitely be watching this team in the postseason as well. The next guy, we WANNA talk about. You know Houston's making a climb. Houston is sneaking up on Oakland. Three Games back that far. They can catch them. And Houston's loaded with tons and tons of names. Of guys you most likely new. But the guy that's putting together some production especially when it comes to baton in some runs. Is Kyle Tucker. Kyle soccer not a guy that I'm sure many people were expecting to be a big force of offense. I. Mean you might have expected to have a good season for the astros but to be one of their lead guys. Little Bit surprising twenty, three years old. Lot of baseball head of them sitting right now fourth in the MLB with thirty. Seven home runs to eighty one batting average. That'll be fine. Slugging at five, eighty five. So little bit below overseeing. So there might be a little bit. Of leukaemias with all the RBI's and having just great situations on base percentage of three, thirty three. But when it comes to it when you got guys on base. It takes sometimes especial hitter to just get those guys running around if there's something that frustrates me more in baseball, it has to do with running position scoring guys in scoring position. Less than two outs. And strikeouts people getting strikeouts all the time. Kyle, Tucker's doing a great job getting those runs around. And it needs to be mentioned. It needs to be brought up thirty five. RB is only five behind our leader and Jose Abreu on the season who's been absolutely mashing as of recent that Kinda just puts a little bit more in perspective out Great Kyle Tucker's bent for the Astros. So giving a little love their their for Kyle Tucker. That's four hitters that I have. I. Have Four pitchers I want to talk about and I knew I brought up nine names. So I'm hoping I can get to this last name too. But we talked a little bit about two of these guys that are starters. Zach Gallon. For what Arizona has gone on. The, it they seem like they're gonna be on the outside looking in I'm really surprised. They're the team in last place in the AOL analyst. Didn't think we'd see that one coming. We thought the offensive production was going to be there. We worried about their pitching. We were pretty right that a lot of their pitching is trouble. But Zach gallons great at one point eight. Yari only one win on the season seventy quality. Sorry seventy seven quality starts. Only one no. We WanNA know. You're giving to your team, but your team's just not giving back fifty innings pitched. Only given up thirty two hits on year. Almost ten strikeouts a game. It's it's in that category. Most of that Jacob Degrom, I'm giving you quality innings quality starts what you need for me. And we're just getting the winds on my record. It's sad sad. Sad to see. The next Guy Lucas Gelo. No hitters. Get your attention out there. So we definitely talked about because of that. But he's got a lot more going for them beyond that three point two, nine, hundred. Pretty good. That'll that'll be good enough when you got the offense behind him that he does. On the season he's getting strikeouts. With that era being three point two, nine thing that I like to see next to it is whip underneath one. Not Giving up walks hits every inning. Almost striking out little twelve point three per nine innings. Getting guys out in that way six quality starts on the season. The white sox got something that they probably didn't think was going to be a strong to begin the year they went out and got bales Kaikal. They were probably hoping that Kopech was going to be there. Getting another starter to be doing quality stuff for them is going to be big and it's going to help them even more going into the playoffs. He has been great for them. Zach Davies getting traded from Milwaukee getting out of Miller Park. Might. Be One of the best things that's ever happened to him. Is Pitching San Diego. He has eight game started only considered three quality starts, but he's four and all and two point. Two three sorry six to two point two three. E. R. A. Only three quality starts. Now he's not a big strike out guy never going to be never was seven point eight per nine innings. Point Nine, three, whip a war at one point four. San Diego going out to get clemenger. Having. Some other pitching available to them. Paddock is there who's been all right clovinger and now Davies it's what's holding back Mackenzie Gore from getting called up. It it really is. And? I just don't think he was a guy that was a part of this trade. I'm sure that the positives were glad to be getting back a starter. In Davies. When they traded away serious for Grisham and Davies but I didn't know. That they were GONNA to starters Grisham holding his own in the outfield and then Davies being such a strong starter. Early results looking like they're winning that trade. Obviously, there's going to be a lot more coming into it since curious is young for the brewers so that one's GonNa take some time. Talk about a win talk about a win of a trade. When. It comes to. What is happening with Zach Davis in San Diego. The knacks guy that we need to talk about. Might potentially be. The Best Relief Pitcher in baseball this year. MLB DOT COM be network. A lot of these guys are talking about him right now. He's getting a Lotta love recently. So. Maybe it's not one hundred percent fair to be putting him on here. But Devon Williams. For the Milwaukee brewers. Is. been. Outstanding. Josh ater. Is The guy at the end of that bullpen we all know Josh Hater we all know unhittable. He is. We know how great he is. And then you've got a guy in Devon Williams and other draft pick for the brewers made developed Ron Long. WHO has. been. Amazing for them. Fifteen games already this season that's thirteen last year. Point five three are A. Point five nine whip. Thirty five strikeouts in seventeen innings. Say. That again. The hertie five strikeouts. In, seventeen innings. He is just getting people to miss. At a high rate. And when you go out and you watch him. He has one of the best changeups in baseball. That thing is filthy and he can just paint corners with it. I don't remember a time that I saw reliever that great with a change like I'm seeing Devon Williams this year, and luckily being a guy in Wisconsin getting to see him a lot. The brewers don't play with a lot elite. It feels like at least close game leads. In some games but Devon Williams then is just been superb. When it comes to holding games and making hitters look silly. Silly, out there. That's for sure. So those are eight guys that are having great. Great Great Seasons under the radar not getting enough love but I do have one more I want to talk about just in the sense that we do love this player. He is definitely hyped up when you think of his team, he's a top notch guy but I wanted to throw it out there because I don't know if we're appreciating how good he is this season. Even though we appreciate how good of a player he is it all round. But once Soto has been kind of. Absurdly Great. Absurdly, great. Let's let's talk about his offensive numbers. Okay. He's sitting at eleven home runs. Eleven home runs in twenty seven games. All of the other people ahead of him. F played at least at least. Nine more games than him. Lake trout being at nine ahead for more home runs. So that's a start. He has the highest ogsm in baseball at one point two one the next closest is in Hab at one point zero nights three. That's a pretty incredible gap. Slugging is leading the League at seven, Fifty Eight. The next closest inhabits six, seventy four. At three fifty, four batting average yet, and that on base percentage is also 453 another hundred points Ed. He has been on standing. Seventeen walks only struck out sixteen times more walks than strikeouts. Want Soto has been. Potentially as well the best player in baseball this year. We talked about how Great Trade Turner would be another team. It'd be getting MVP conversations. This is something else that hurts him. There's another guy in his team who's just been absurdly better. And I don't know if we're talking enough about how great is season has been coming at late only twenty seven games. And he's putting up crazy numbers. Crazy numbers not just his averages. Production as well being behind. So many of these other players. Is, fun is young. He's only GonNa get better I just hope he's healthy I know that he's got some questions with the asteroid the nationals right now stay healthy. Be Good. On. Soto you're absurd man. So that's my list of players just not getting enough love this season. There's a lot of a lot of guys out there have been doubt I had some even some other names that I've thought about talking about if only we had enough time to get everybody but that's what we have. We're GONNA take a quick break and we're gonNA come back because we need to talk about storylines for the rest of the season. That I have my eye on I, think you should to it's GonNa be fun to watch fun to monitor here on the GMC baseball podcast. Want to know the latest than soccer that listen to the golden state media concepts, soccer podcast. LS Is the world of the Premier League we got you covered the latest update the hottest matches news on the League's top players. It's the golden state media concept soccer podcast. Listen. Business. Will. Stretch of the season where we need to start thinking playoffs in anything crazy. That could possibly happen. Well, it's approaching. It's approaching. We got teams that are hitting forty games now. Two thirds of the way through the season and with those forty games being down. There storylines that we need to start discussing I know that I have a lot of things that I've been interested in in looking at. Because there's a lot of unknowns lot of questions going in. To the end of the season. And I wanted to take the time to sit back, sit down and discuss with you what some of those things are. So we're GONNA start things off with one thing that I think that is going to be the most interesting at least in my eyes is how in the world is this National League playoffs? Going to fall? There is really only one thing in this National League that I am pretty certain when it comes to the playoffs. The dodgers are GonNa be the number one seed. They are at thirty wins right now. They could lose the rest of their James, they're gonNA go five, hundred and most likely at that five hundred record they make the playoffs still their playoff percentage. On ESPN right now one hundred percent. One hundred percent gonNA make the playoffs. Okay. But going from there from there. We have a lot to discuss. Other teams that have high probability to make the playoffs we'll the second highest right now is the Atlanta Braves and ninety eight point eight percent chance. Just below them, the San Diego padres ninety eight point seven. That's three teams so far the cubs at ninety six point eight. So That's three of your division winners won second. Place team. Than Eighty nine point, nine percent chance the Philadelphia Phillies, a team that has been surging eight to in their last ten doing some great things they're up. There are only two games behind the braves also, at this point that needs to be brought up that's five of your team's. Cardinals considered. Seventy, six, almost seventy seven percent chance of making it at six of your teams. So, six teams right now in the National League considered a pretty high chance. After that. Forty five point five percent. New York mets surprise me a little bit definitely surprised me a little bit. They're sitting at four right now in the National League East. After that. Thirty five percent chance of Colorado rockies. They've been stumbling stumbling, stumbling stumbling, but there's still some belief they could make the playoffs. Thirty four point three percent chance. OPE sorry we all know. We missed here to fifty five percent chance Milwaukee brewers so that one's above as well. So that was seven teams above fifty percent but that brewers one is a little bit of schedule but a little bit of maybe believing a September on is coming off needs to get going otherwise it's not going to happen. The Cincinnati reds are also that thirty four point three percent chance. them the San Francisco giants at thirty, two point nine. So we're looking at currently. Twelve teams. Realistically. Twelve teams and also were thrown in the Miami Marlins and there even though are there little bit below the thirty percent threshold. Twelve teams. Still have a chance to all make the postseason. The nationals are necessarily out of it but there ten games back in with the diamondbacks. It's hard to imagine the nationals picking up a lot of games. When you have to play an desperate teams, braves are good. Phillies are good. And then the teams over in the AL as they're pretty solid. The analyst having claw some ground for the diamondbacks just it doesn't seem realistic and you feel a little bad for them because it's going to be hard. I don't know how this is GonNa. Break down. And There's so many teams. You WanNa believe in. I, WanNa believe the marlins going to beat it? But it's GonNa. Be a lot of movement shakeups and Just wrong up until game sixty in the national league very different from the American league the like we have a grasp on the teams that are going to make it. At least seven of the eight. The nationally is wide open and over the next week or so. We are GONNA. See maybe a little bit of a clearer picture, but there's some excitement in the sense that this thing could really go down to the wire. Really go down to the wire, and then if it gets to be that case, the tiebreakers. Are Going to be insane. There's not gonNA be enough like opponents or games against each other. How are we going to settle a lot of this stuff? What's GonNa be the reason one team makes it another not and? I don't root for this to happen. Let's say the cardinals can't make up sixty games a team that was kind of a little bit behind. Teams are at forty right now they're currently thirty one. If. They can't make this all up. What are we doing? What are we GONNA do to settle this all. It's definitely worth watching staying in National League. Games are the dodgers GONNA win thirty and. Eleven they were thirty and ten coming in. Lhasa tonight against the rockies. Won't If you would've told me a team was GONNA win forty five games this year at a thought you were nuts. Early. Projections. Had teams flirting flirting with potentially forty a little bit above. This touch team is just so stinking good and they might take their foot off the gas a little bit. Once things are clinched up if they clinched the number one seed and everything for healthwise, we might see that. But. They have the chance to make a push for forty five or higher win games. Nineteen Games left. I WANNA see someone get over that for mark. I really do in a six game stretch that's incredible and this wouldn't even be when the best sixty game stretch for the dodgers in their history they've had hotter in recent years. But I want to see how far can they go? Where are they going to get to? It's exciting I I'm I'm I'm not calling for us to completely ditch the hundred, sixty, two game season. I think that's a little insane. But I do think that a lot of these guys in Baseball higher-ups, owners. Are GonNa have to consider cutting. The. Games. down. At the end of the season I think they're going to have to consider the serious conversation because this sprints of the finish sixty games. Has brought some excitement. I definitely feel like I am more interested in everything going on because each game is that much more valuable. Each stint on the injury list is that much more. Of A drastic turn for a team. I wouldn't be shocked put together. Potential Hundred Games could could they did sixty two games? It's it's GonNa be a conversation I, think happening but I wanna see the dodgers pushed hard. Can they push hard? And get to that forty five potentially wins. Going to be something I want to watch. All right we gotta we gotTa talk about the American League a little bit too. We we just put a lot on the National League. Let's let's jump over to the American league because there is something over there that does excite me as well. And it in particular is the MVP race. Now. When we were talking about guys at the mid season point, we talked about brandon low. For Tampa Bay and it was a hard decision ran low. because. He's not a good player not because not deserving. It's just it feels like the American league MVP is a little wide open. And I think the voting for this is GONNA end up to be very interesting. Not because there's no deserving candidates like we said but because two of the top candidates. Might. Be something that usually doesn't win the award. Now we have a starting pitcher. In Shane Bieber. That is clearly clearly the most dominant pitcher in baseball this year, it's not close it's easily him. Since he has been so great. Are. We going to see more votes go his way. It's not fluky because again it can be done. We've seen pictures when MVP's in. Recent years. But I remember at the start of this I was hoping for. Can we get some crazy award seasons? It's a little crazy to get pitcher. Will potentially be even crazier. If the twins win. The American league central. And we have to start talking about Nelson Cruz getting MVP votes. Offensive. Production is valuable. What he's doing for the twins. Nelson Cruz needs some recognition. Just. The silver slugger doesn't feel enough. Three twenty nine batting average leads the team thirteen home runs leads his team twenty nine rb is leads as deem on base percentage four sixteen leads the team hits forty six. Leads. The team. Doing this a hall had forty years old. One Point Oh five, nine, opium. Seventeen walks forty one strikeouts. It is what it is. He's a slugger, but he still has a high batting average. We have had times in the past in particular, the name that comes to mind. David Ortiz having great seasons and the discussion of weather A. D. H. can win the MVP. They're not out on the field as much as other guys. The argument than for starting pitcher gets tough. Guy That does control out of the game when he's out there but only pitching playing one every five days. Winning this MVP, almost makes me think that indeed should be getting a little more recognition especially, if they're out there all the time, maybe they're only one part of the game. But now we're at a point where pitchers are just pitching and while it's obviously a bigger thing than taking at Bats Nelson Cruise's production is up there. And he will have to be considered. I'm okay with D.. H. Winning. I really am especially if you are that big of a piece for your offense for your team and that's what he is for the twins. He really is. Minnesota's won five games in a row. They're hot, twenty, five and sixteen. Half game back of owning the Al. Central. Will we see a D. H. finally win the MVP. This might be the season and it excites me because we've talked again beginning of the year. Let's see some flu penis. Let's see some crazy stuff. This year already is crazy. This is the ear will were allowed to get crazier. Go, for it, give it a chance. Try It. Why not? Vote for Nelson Cruz to win an MVP. All right. My next question what I'm watching. I'm curious about this season. How big? Are Injuries going to end up playing. To how this season goes? Inter part of the game every sport. It really is. Man Does. It feel like it's altering things more this season than ever pitching, of course. We have pictures go down leading Tommy, John Surgery, and all that stuff every year. But it feels like it's such a heavier heavier heavier load this year. Team like the New York, Yankees falling down as far as they can because of injuries. It. Makes me wonder for being robbed is such a great team. We have so many seasons were teams go on slumps. But when they can fall back on that one, hundred, sixty, two games they know that can come back around. But are we gonNA have what feels like a little bit of a different. Champion. Just because of how short things were. I hate to have the negative thoughts and think could be. The opposite way when when reality I it, it should be considered tougher. To win in such a more. Compacted season less. Days off. Less. Breaks more got gotta go. But the injuries are definitely weighing on me a little bit hugh can just see a with some players and we we can take this a step further to and talk about it with all these guys that we know are thought at least coming into the season that we're going to be Stud Stud players for their teams. I mean that list is pretty pretty long growing bellinger of the dodgers yellowish with the brewers L. Tubay. When it comes to the Astros, Kris Bryant hasn't been living up these these guys that were MVP's. Their numbers aren't what they want him to be. And not having the full season. To kind of average out. It just it puts a different field I I'm wondering how we're GONNA feel. About. The champion that we crown at the end of the year, the thing that's going to help us the most though and to put this discussion Abed push it away. Is GonNa be the fact that sixteen make the playoffs. Even these guys these teams that struggle that you were like. Oh They haven't looked like there used to or what they should. They're still going to have the fact that a lot of these teams will sneak in regardless. You talked about all these teams in the national. League when it comes the American League you'RE GONNA have Tampa Bay GonNa have New York most likely looking like the blue jays three teams they're white sox Indians twins three good teams are going to have their most likely Oakland Houston. Highly. Unlikely. Another team sneaks in I mean. Outside of those. Looking at playoff chances in the American league for other teams just it doesn't look good. National League. This feels like weaker teams are going to get in, but that's okay. We're GONNA see the better ones like Atlanta braves team. They've been battling injuries all over the place. Battling I'm all over the place. Are we gonNA feel like they got shorted? Because of this short season. is going to be. Definitely interesting to watch. and. The other thing that I'm curious about for sure. Is GonNa be this first round the playoffs How're we GONNA get seated. Some of these teams are going to get a very tough draw first round matchup. Now, this would have happened regardless if we didn't go to sixteen teams. Wildcard playoff game playing game along with the other division winners they were going to be tough series anyways. That's how it goes. But getting a tough series in a three game series or even potentially seeing a team with a couple of good pitchers in three game series could alter things in a massive massive way as much as you want to think offense is taking over in the MLB. We need to bring up the fact that. Well. A great pitcher can still win yet a lot of things when it comes to the postseason. How is that going to be altering some serious when they're very, very short? Coming to postseason time October time. It's IT'S GONNA. Be a fun discussion to have their I. I can't wait the one thing that I'm looking forward to his actually finally seeing. These playoff matchups who they are who you're seated up against trying to break them down. It's GonNa. Be a lot of fun. This season already has been a Lotta Front I. I've just kind of giddy talking about all this stuff putting it out there saying what's on my mind getting it out. Things that I'm looking for. It's exciting. It's exciting time to be watching the MLB even with how we got here the sadness of all Cova talk and everything going on there. It's it's brought us a fun baseball season so far. And continue continuing on. We hope we hope it keeps going. So that's going to be it for me here on the GMC baseball podcasts on the GMC podcast network I WanNa thank you again for listening. It means a great deal. If you could please leave a nice review, comment a question something you want us to cover something you're looking forward to the rest of the season some players you think that aren't getting some love and recognition anything at all about the MLB that you can share in pass on her way would be greatly appreciated. WanNa. Thank you again for tuning into the GS MC. PODCAST. Hope you have a great rest of your day night whenever you're listening signing off your collar manly. The GMC baseball PODCASTS. You've been listening to the Golden State media concepts, baseball podcast part of the golden state media concepts podcast network. You can find this show and others like it at www dot gs MC podcast dot com download our podcast I to stitcher sound clock and Google play just type it. MC, to find all the shows from the golden state media concepts, podcast network from movies to music thrones, sports entertainment, and even Weird News. You can also follow us on twitter and on facebook. Thank you and we hope you have enjoyed. Today's program.

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