Moment of the Day (11/06/19)


The choices quite frankly a lot with the Steven Jackson stuff. But I figure you'll post that online so I like this a lot being written talked about with the black cat from the meadowlands the other night for metlife stadium. One story said hundreds of cats are now existing there and if that's true we don't know that it is but if it's true right Alad Greg wondered how those that work there get anything done like say maybe a ticket. Sales Rep this is. This is jared from season ticket office over the The jets I was just checking seaview under renew your renew your plan. Hello can you hear me. Ah I just WanNa see you last forever. You bought a half season plan last year. We want to see thank. You OUGHTA. Do you prefer the email address. Email easier in sales every cash right moment of the day he could jerry the UN's yes you to add ringsend Nice AIDS Times. We're perfectly time like screaming. meow attacking one another. So where does that even come like. Someone had to get that sound from some everything about that like somebody just stand there with

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