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Hey. Out to the ballgame. Out with a crowd. Buy Me some peanuts and crack her jack. I don't care if I never get back. Let me root root for the home team if they don't pay. It's a shame because it's one. Out on the. And joining us now great to talk some baseball you. We're GONNA. Talk about a great new book about baseball as the season will start, actually we, as we talk a tomorrow or going to be talking about a book called who got game baseball amazing, but true stories between today by Derek Barnes on the telephone book kind of going through some of the history of the game and great illustrations as well and Derek joined us today. I believe from Charlotte. North Carolina and Derek Talk how you pretty good sunny. CHARLOTTE, North Carolina and doing good. I know he was forced to do this back in March, but we all get interrupted for some reason, I don't know why. Yeah Man, this is wind up crazy world man trying to get used to everything and this. Is China away. We have four boys trying to keep them all busy, but you know we getting. We didn't hang quarantine mass You know social distancing in life man. So what can you do? Together we down here in Sarasota, we were covering the the orioles. Is the Orioles train down here and we've got to see a lot of teams. Thank. He's come, and we're all set to go and then boom. That's it, but anyway we're. We're to have a shortened season. Great that Yearbook even though supposed to come out in March just came out this week. In kind of really gives the history of of the game I guess it's Kinda geared toward the young fans right for children, necessarily young fans. It's for. Middle school students so. Between Ages of nine and thirteen who who may or may not be baseball fans I'm I'm more of a football fan? We actually approaches publishing company with. With a a historical fiction series, they didn't. They didn't like the series, but they like the way. Are you a like my writing style, so they asked me if I was interested in doing a non fiction series. I'd never done or not fix. All my word is fishing of so I took own challenge and I'm a big I'm a big history buff, so you know if I understand histories is not about learning about pass, but understanding history dictates everything that we're doing right now, so I just use my love of sports and I love history, and it's just been a lot of fun. I collect hot his inflammation. Audience you've written so many books got awards to for books geared toward children so that this is a little bit of departure at least as far as sports goes right sportsbook. On some of these things that happened in baseball that must've been fun for you all year. Truly Fun I I. I ended up Brighton like seventy five essays pretty much, and then we will it down to the forty five actually made it into the book and I divided up into four chapters the first one is given to players kind of highlight, these unknown pillars of the sport. The kids may may not know that in the second chapter There's. Just a lot of funny and just very exciting story they really. Feed into also the issue of the sports central three. Radical records. Baseball's nothing else is about numbers is about stats, and and the final chapter is is Gelao, comebacks goes up. Everybody loves a great comeback story whether it's individuals Battle with you know injuries. The team to win down for like three or four in this came on back, so yeah, just trying to squeeze it all in and I think we came up with a nice combination. One of those in the pivotal players section a picture that really almost mythological sexual page trade I remember seeing him as a kid, I think he was still doing some old timers dame's. Sixties or seventies van. Company Yankee, stadium, on TV, but boy he must have been something in his prime the almost a mythological hero right, wasn't he? He's played for the Kansas, city monarch and the old. Negro Leagues and and many historians Colin Positive Greatest Perjury of all times, yeah. He. He was a Negro League legend, but he didn't get a chance to play in the She didn't get a chance to play in the mail until he was. Forty plenty playing for the Cleveland Cleveland Indian, and actually was on that team that they Do you want to the world series plant almost fifty years old, and he's uh, amazing player that all those crazy names for the different types of pictures that he had but The I forget what he called him, but he had. Some wild names in an event is forties. Here's difficult to from what I hear it so great guy and And the other chapter you talk about the the legends of the game. sensationalist stories One guy who's a hall of Famer, but it doesn't get quite as talked about as others I think Roberto, Clementi I saw a little bit of him into the end of his career. You got a nice chapter on him, but man at three thousand hit sadly. Sadly died the following year actually doing some charity work, but three thousand hip guy, but nobody really talks about him much lamenting. Yeah, and he he he died thirty eight. Actually now you know. He never found his body, but he was I. think the you know the coolest thing I've picked up a Baden research on him, so he was. He was such a philanthropist author feel I land player inducted into the baseball hall of fame and. And Yeah he was, he was delivering goods to You know earthquake victims down in the Nicaraguan the, but he was he was, he was a great guy on and off the field, and just a model for baseball players. On the online about a hidden. Again I hate everybody standard. Far Back now. When we Paul Player, and of course, the talk about the Great Willie. mays. You got a nice chapter on their. The the he made so many great catches, but I guess in the one people historians remembers the want he made in the world series against the giants right talk about. William. About him, but just writing that catch alone. You didn't is essay on it. Willie mays. down. He's fine Five tool player of all time play. That can do everything. That catch was talk comic. flown multiple reasons one of them. Is Houston shy of this field? They were at the Polo grounds. And that still was not as wasn't made for baseball. It was made for multiple other activities, but this is from the home plate to our field is four hundred eighty three seats. In comparison Yankee Stadium Outfield. Eight the joke, the fact that he had to say this ball down contorted, his body, and catching 'em. Most of the most fascinating mother play was not even A. It was a throwback infield. To say you. Around those guys out in that late show people to that series. I think that will be there. Series. WHO. Okay! Yeah, I've seen films of you can sit on Youtube, and I remember I grew up in New York and he came to the mets end of his career, so I got a little bit I am in New York Tell in, but boy, what a what a great player Willy Willey was still doing pretty well I. Understand, believe just turned eighty, nine or ninety recently awful and and the book that I. Had more time in the book is filled with great stories like that somebody. Unknown are a little known stories. You got about thirty three inning game. You got about the Spitball, so You're really go the gamut. Derek looks him the title once again. Who Got Game Baseball? Amazing, but true stories and Derek Barnes has been our guest. The website you direct people to my website is garrick. D. Barnes Dot Com and my instagram is. Author Dared D Barnes and Iowa. Twitter counter author underscore DVD He's GonNa get the books from every major of book store Barnes and Noble Amazon but I'll I always try to get people to their local independent bookstores. You know the community, so yeah, you can pick anywhere books. Curry will also put a link on Web site as well. There I wish we had more time. Hopefully we can chat again down the road, but great great idea for a book. Good luck with it, and we will talk to you soon. Caribbean with us. Thank you, thank you. Wild. Yes yes, Jaggi hit that ball. The crowd went. Off that Bob Holiday mind. Yes. Yes, Jackie hit that ball. Is mellows captured A. New! Job Into. The Najib bag when Jackie comes to bad. The teams through. Around. How. Oh. Oh. Yes. Off. His yes JAG Israel gone. I'm stanbrook so two years ago, I formed remote area medical to help people overseas, but then we found generations of families in America isolated by policy from the healthcare they need. Together we can take dental vision and medical help to a million adults and their kids. Right here at home in the United States of America.

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