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Support for this podcast and the following message come from Google from Connecticut to California from Mississippi to Minnesota. Millions of businesses are using Google tools to grow online learn. How Google is supporting businesses in your state at Google dot com mm slash economic impact live from N._p._R.? News in Washington on Joel Snyder thousands of protesters are defying Hong Kong police today. This is the eighth consecutive weekend of mass protests in Hong Kong this one focusing on a district where protesters were assaulted last Sunday at a commuter rail station by assailants wearing white and opposition to the protest movements trademark black clothing police. Citing safety concerns had attempted to ban today's margin of used tear gas on protesters in an attempt to disperse them. President trump is promising to take action against France N._p._R.'s Franko Donas reports that the president's response to France's decision the Tax American tech companies French President Emmanuel Macron signed a three percent digital service tax on large technology companies. The tax would affect many companies including some based in the United States like apple facebook and Google alphabet president trump tweeted that the United States will take quote substantial reciprocal action on Macron's foolishness. He took another Personal Jab as well. He said American wine is better than French wine. The White House says the president is not just blowing off steam. Gene White House Deputy Press Secretary Judd Dear said the U._S. Trade Representative has already launched an investigation of the tax he said the administration is looking at other tools as well Franko or Donas N._p._R.. News the Whitehouse a group of servicemembers members being held in connection with a human smuggling case involving marines at Camp Pendleton in California Steve Wealth with a member station K. P. B. S. says a total of nineteen troops are now in military custody is part of the investigation Thursday Sixteen Marines were pulled from their formation arrested at Camp Pendleton north of San Diego. NAVI investigators confirmed Friday that another two marines from the same unit and a sailor attached to the base have also been arrested. All of the arrest stemmed from two other marines. Charged with human trafficking in federal court they were picked up by border patrol agents July third near to county California with three undocumented migrants. The federal complaint says the Marines had transported migrants on other occasions and that the migrants had paid eight up to eight thousand dollars to smugglers to be brought into the United States the two Marines charged in federal court lance-corporals Byron Law the second and David Salazar Quintero were released from federal custody. They are now being held in the Brig Miramar for N._P._R.. News I'm Steve Walsh officials in the northern Philippine say at least eight people are dead. Some sixty others injured after at least two earthquake struck today. The quake said a group of islands in the Luzon Strait within hours of each other and seismologist. This Jennifer warnes at aftershocks could go on for several days always likelihood <hes> that you're going to have the same size or larger event within the next week video from the region shows people searching through the rubble of collapsed homes. This is N._p._R.. News Supreme Court has cleared the way at least for now for the trump administration to redirect money congress earmarked for the Pentagon to pay for sections of a border wall. The Supreme Court has lifted an injunction junction allowing the administration to tap two and a half billion dollars Pentagon funds while a lower court decides. If the president's move is constitutional a new study by the World Health Organization finds progresses being made in fighting tobacco related illnesses. Mrs But not Enough Lisa Shlein engine Neva reports of the W._H._o.. Is Urging countries to implement a series of measures could help people quit smoking the World Health Organization reports only thirty six countries have introduced measure style weaned their populations off tobacco W._H._o.. Expert Vinny are processed accuses the tobacco industry of finding new ways of preventing people from kicking this deadly habit so that's one of the reasons than many countries are finding it difficult to make progress because the industry's gone into creating new novel products and pushing the governments to have less regulatory compliances whol reports more than eight million people die.

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