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This is Doug Monroe cookers. Texas embedded correspondent. You're listening to the barbecue. Central ships the board here for the really big barbecue show Boeing we cook because we have to and we grill because we we want to get me a great show. A Big Fan Boeing. What what's the problem here is dead in the crackle? Oh what a laborious Dog Ship each working on right now and it just like that. We are in the second hour that's right barbecue central show and talk about barbecue and grilling Shenanigans And rarely do we do it but we do it for this guy whenever he wants. We blast off the second hour with guests regular first Tuesday. The Bunch Guest Sam the cooking guy. Hi Sam Greg how are you. I'm fine how are you Excellent how's your muscular. Choose you know what I don't have any musculature did trust me. I wanted to ask issue because I we were talking a couple weeks ago about like when the first time we started communicating was and As I always have everybody each and every week it always seems like it's two to three three years for me but it's really been like ten or eleven years. Since the first time I saw my first same live cast and then felt like I had enough balls to reach out and ask a question and and that's kind of where it ended up coming from however you know there was a point when you had add more weight on your frame and it seems over the last handful of years you've really been able to find a workable. Wait that looks healthy. You look good you you look a little muscular. Chew and I'm wondering I'm wondering like what what you do. What did you get into you know what I don't really think I'm trying to be careful what I eat? It's funny you know what so. So the most recent episode we put up with the The cheeseburger TACO. And we shoot. And then Max ax goes away and he edits in any sense to me and then I make comments. Hey can you short ned t. I think we miss this part. They're made this comment and as I was watching it yesterday yesterday I Yell Kelly. She goes what she comes running like. Something's wrong I go. I actually don't look fat in this Video and she just roles horizon walks away so I feel like I'm not doing anything other than maybe being a little careful and possibly Trading alcohol calories for food calories. I'm not sure if that's doing it but you're not you're not Doing any cardio Humani kind or and you know and I really need to be. I'm definitely advancing in years and I just don't want all this this shit just a fall apart. One day like those like those western towns in the movies. They look great from the front but they're only a couple interesting and then there's boards holding the facade. I want that to be me in years. Yeah all right just from a visual standpoint. The way you ever decide. Do you ever decide to leave your wife. I'll be ready for you all right here. We go I supported all my fellow supported now. Is it just me Sam or one of US perhaps developing yet a new restaurant in little Italy at the little Italy eatery district out there Well since I'm in San Diego Cleveland title. Yes there is a chance both of us were definitely one of us. And it's definitely you definitely me definitely but I'll try and trick you but you caught right onto it. So what's going on with this. I just saw it so I had to ask you so you On currently you haven't seen it but I mean apart from what we saw in you know in in some of the youtube videos. I'm currently one of six little Food stations in the little Italy food all right and We're doing well. We're really happy. Really happy looking for other other not not Taco locations by lights. But we're kind of Really good first. Location and second locations gotta be grades. Razer were being very cautious. That being said there is a space that has been available. Because it's brand new literally thirty defeat Maybe forty feet across the plaza from where we are just on the other side of the fountain. It's small words only sixteen six hundred square feet and so my partners Came and they said we think we do something we had all kinds of ideas including it being little markets markets That you could get a bottle of wine you know baguette. Some bread Some cheese and this and that and after a few months of scratching in thinking we came to the conclusion that we're going to do a bar and small eatery essay small eatery. I mean a kitchen. That's probably four hundred square feet not even a stove a proper stove. So we'll be salads and warm and cold sandwiches during during the day and then nighttime four o'clock we'll switch to more bar snacky kind of food Charcuterie meat boards and cheese boards and combinations and flat breads and stuff like that Just to throw it out there because I'm not one to tell you how to do your business. This guy. The cooking Sam in the chat room says maybe not not Baba Ganouch about that Shit. What why did idea ever Robert Deniro Stan? Well he he must know he's almost your name. He's guide the cooking and you're the cooking got it only makes sense. That Baba Canoe would be on both of your minds while we constantly evolving produced fan. I mean of course. Do you have A. It's no surprise that I have no idea what Bob good news. It's roasted eggplant Who Tell us skin really black because in the oven? Then you take it on you scrape the pulp and garlic and and you know stuff like that. It's really good. That sounds really lives right right in that same get love world as as Hamas all right. Well I I mean I love. Is that a swarm thing to like what I find that is swarm restaurant or no I guess potentially. It's not something you would put you would put Potentially Hamas in your swamp you. It'd be unlikely you would put Above it would be a dish that would serve. You know pita chips and stuff like all right so I mean this is GonNa work potentially in hand in hand with if not tacos or is just going to be something that you and your partners are going to create entirely separately. You'll just be relatively close to both locations About sure what hand in hand me. I guess the question is these will just be two completely separate entities except for ownership in the fact that you'll be able to see one in the other depending on where you're standing Yes we're sort of calling it an an extension of the little Italy food whole those well. There will be another bar in there. Yeah it's GONNA be part bar the bar you can sit at outside seating and then the the small kitchen behind glass Because the windows windows were roll up all the way and the you know the regulations they roll up. You've got a completely enclosed the kitchen But then the the seating area will be not like less tables US and more SORTA couches low seating furniture coffee tables. We're trying to make it sort of family room deal very comfortable. You know so if you have a different fuel at night lower level lighting that kind of stuff the food hall is Brighton. Noisy all the time and this'll be this'll be very different and we're excited you can't. It's hard to go within a stones throw of the Food Hall right now and get sort of a casual sandwich. Did you don't have to sit down for you'll be it to come in and get one and take away easily or outside or you all feel to come in and buy a bottle of wine or some beer and take it away or enjoy right there right. That kind of thing when is is is there any kind of date for this or I mean just still very beginnings Now we're where well under construction now And very likely will be the We're looking at The end of September. Sorry the end of January right now. Oh Wow all right. So we're literally weeks away. Where weeks away a couple the way? Yeah yeah all right saying the cooking guide joining me here on the show You just did You had mentioned the cheeseburger Taco but I wanted to bring up This other one that you just recently Ali released video wise the beyond meat. Big Mac I'm not too interested in the big Mac portion of it but I do want to pick your brain about beyond meat and and plant based protein in the video. You're you weren't poo. pooing plant B.'s Plant based protein. But you were kind of trying to figure out. How can you say protein and plant based based on the same sentence? I mean I get all of the the weird verbiage that goes on. I didn't I prefer plant based protein than plant based meat because I think that that is really weird plant based protein. I can kind of get behind because I understand. There's a distinction to some degree. So let me ask just just from a grand scheme because we we have seen in two thousand nineteen we have there have been you know the crappy being burgers and all of a sudden. They've been out forever. But Twenty one thousand nine hundred specifically start a little bit twenty eighteen thousand nineteen specifically has seen an onslaught of plant based proteins. A lot of them beyond an impossible really really hitting the Burger market to a firm To a fevered pitch type of degree. What is your take on plant based protein in general and then we can Kinda dig down drill down into the beyond meat burglary look. I'm not opposed to it at all. Oh I do see how there's a real audience for it I know I know personally. quite a large handful of people. Oh that some choose never to eat meat products but some like the change it up and and when they found out there was a viable option. They were very happy and I'm happy for them so they've got something different to go to and I have I- somewhere in one videos. We did A. Would I call what we call the vegetable Burger and it was vegetables. It was grilled peppers onions and carrots. And and you know mushrooms and Shit like that and I joked that it wasn't like people people would call a veggie Burger and it would be full of frigging nuts and twigs and that kinda junk so now that something comes along that they say not just looks like it. But here's like it's Bleeds like it. I mean they were saying that in the beginning. I don't know if they say that anymore. Because you you can see a lot my turn off like full vegetarian. Yeah but also saying that anything. Any meat bleeds is completely preposterous. It's it's not blood it's hemoglobin of. It's not blood but it's a it's an easy thing. It was an easy Visual Rarer Asian. Ah to point out verbally. Give people an idea immediately. What was going on so i? I think it's okay you know I was skeptical going into it first time I'd had it And I also you as you saw also bought sausages ultimately. I thought you could fool somebody with assault with one of the sausages before you could with the me but you saw me if you watch the video it sears. Like a steak like like a hamburger burger. It gets a crust on it like a hamburger. It doesn't smell right. It doesn't smell like a hamburger when you smell it raw at at all in fact the thing that confused me as I said it says cook it to an internal temperature like one hundred and whatever it was one hundred sixty five ever whatever. The number was right. Wait a minute it should just be able to do this shit right now. It's plant based so what is GONNA go wrong. Like if I eat it without cooking it I still don't understand that you know I'm the lazy son of a bitch and haven't done any research to find that out I should. I should probably go look that up but but I was curious about that So it doesn't smell like it looks like it. The taste though is kind of close The texture I don't think close and when I cut it open and they showed the inside of it. You know you looking at a burger. Yeah like a regular You Know Vif Burger because it has has a strange texture sports you tight. You'RE GONNA The saints more like packed and not nearly as loose. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. It's way more packed up. So that was the Burger I don't WanNa give anything away but extent use it again And you'll you know it was interesting is an interesting experiment you can watch that one coming up But the Sausage Austin that I cooked it was it tasted like it like a season sausage like some version of a bratwurst. Got Worse Greg. It was rather surprising and it looked quite like one when it was cut inside replicated sausage much more than the their burger order. Replicated the inside of a Burger but it was funny because it did not take charge did not get grill stripes like a regular sausage what uh-huh so look The fact that they are as far ahead as they are amazing and yet. I'm one one of these guys. I'm still amazed you're GONNA make a telephone call now. They're now they're taking things that are not burger or pork or beef life and making them very much like those things pretty impressive. Yeah for sure now. Are you so impressed that you guys were sourcing for an N.. T. We are not so fast but we just started the conversation you know after after the the cheeseburger Taco we finished shooting and the camera goes down down. And we're packing up and stuff Jelly Max's wife. Who runs audio said you know? Why do you not have a Option for this down not I you know. I don't know that many people are asking for it yet. We have Eh. We have a A protein style option. So you don't have the one of flour tortillas made with Lard it's the least and it doesn't. It doesn't get a whole lot of attention which is fine. I'm not saying that it would be any different with the with the meat thing but this is one of those things from a business perspective. Were you and the partners would have to decide. We're going to buy X. AMOUNT WE'RE GONNA put it on the menu for X.. Time will promote it to a certain degree and see see if it takes off and if it doesn't then you know forget about and do it as you would do it as a ground beef product. Not as any type of patio or Burger look alike. That's correct yeah. I don't have a burger look like like our our cheeseburger Taco is Brown to be. That's you know chopped up on the flattop When we opened we opened with two vegetarian options was a Tofu Veggie Taco? Oh all done in a wok with the like pesto vegetables and stuff and the other one was a big salad and the current Salad Salad got very little love. Even though it was honest it was my favorite Probably always will be. But I think people came in and they went lovers Korean short workmanship and smokey pork and Mac and and cheeseburger and MEATLOAF. Whatever all that I can make egg salad at home? So why have a deer trail it was it was it was creating so and then when it went in one of our you know amazing soured for tears with tomato. Don't let us and whatever it was really even better by. So that was the low man on the Totem Pole. We cut that off the bottom line Caspian ever since. It's so hard to say. Will there be bigger command or demand for curve beyond Burger Product. We'll find out I don't know I think it's likely we'll run an experiment at some point for sure Sam a a couple of minutes left here with you and I appreciate the time this evening from a gift giving because we are now in the teeth of the holidays when people are asking you what should I buy my husband my wife. If they're in the live fire cooking in general whether the top two or three things that you're recommending in twenty nineteen I I always go to A good digital instant read thermometer. I think almost everybody in the barbecue world seems to own one Being said you're GONNA have listeners new to this new gain and it is your best friend. There is no need any more. Whether you're steak is done to where you want it and I understand that the the maybe the pros that push it on on the palm of their hand bullshit. But I've asked a bunch of meat not gauging the fitness of my thumb pad versus assist. I was trying to cook and you know Rubai Cooks different than in New York did attend versus then attended. So if you knew Leonard Thirty five is medium meeting rare for you. Buy One of these things makes Makes a great one but they are a little expensive and there are other options that are way less expensive the work maybe not in three and a half seconds but maybe five and that's okay but the old school loves to take off seconds. It's just a pain in the answer. Not that good good for cooking a Turkey and you're going up the oven four and it takes an extra ten seconds. You're losing all the heat. It takes a lot of recovery time so get a digital thermometer monitor get a cast pan. Yes because you've gotTa have one you can buy them season now and even though their season they don't take a little breaking in As you have a cast iron pan and you live in a horrible weather country and you WANNA grill but you don't WanNa Grill outside in the rain or sleet or snow. You've got I get. I cast iron grill pen flat on one side rich on the other one of the greatest things I O. I always tell people about those. No one's ever been disappointed and I think you were picture of thing that I bought for a friend and then bought myself. I bought myself. Stick a stake branding iron you you did it was it was motive you about ten fifteen minutes ago. I sent you a picture of my logo branded into a steak. Looks like a Burger. But it's a it was a A rabbi that sort of puffed up cooking showing it on the camera right. Now that's UNBELIEV. It's a IT'S A it's A. It's two two and a half inches. You can't go bigger than that because if you WANNA do a little steak and you WANNA use that it's not electric heated up on open. Fire it was. I think I think it was about one hundred twenty bucks or or maybe one hundred fifty. I bought one for a friend. Who's WHO's a huge grilling fan huge grilling fan? And he's a guy that has almost anything when it comes to roll and I we knew he wouldn't have one of these with his logo on it so I bought him one of those and as I was ordering it. How do I get get one for myself? Now you have now. I have a nice all right last question. What what do you want for the the holiday season if money was no object? What would you want I? I don't even I know Wow I haven't thought about that. I don't I really bad person two by four. 'cause I never really want anything Holy Shit Man Need Nice. Oh Yeah you put knives on the list. People always need a good night one night. Just get one good nice and don't make it like twelve inches long for God's sakes nobody can use that. Did one seven eighths chef's knife you'll be fine honestly great I have no I More hair Saturday. Is that appropriate. I hear that bring. That may hair Santa Claus has come to both of us than Oh my goodness all right there you can check him out at the cooking. Guy Dot Com. Get all the recipes him but not not tacos dot com as well and then we will check in next month for the update on the new place. Sam have a great holiday season. Happy New Year to you until then and we will do it again next year. Right Pal I do. I do hope to do. Just talk to you before but thank you anyway. All right. We'll talk to you okay. Cooking going to a meeting got to go to a meeting. I'm feverishly looking at this picture that he gave me so. The website is called old. BRANDING IRONS DOT COM. Let's go ahead and check out what they have Wood leather food food. Yeah that's what we want all right. So we'll click on food. Branding irons single ladders. Two to three letters burs single letter A. Through Z.. Western style Blah Blah Blah Looking for a logo custom steak branding iron custom stainless steel food. Branding Iron I kind of Fire heated. What does that mean that one looks electric and it's very expensive? Holy Moly two point. Seven five inches was two point seven five inches looking for something a little smaller. I think two and a quarter two and a quarter inches for a custom food brandon fire heated three hundred ninety four dollars. WHOA that right? That'd happy right. I'm looking at the other one but it doesn't have a price on it. That one's a that was round but it says custom and then there is a custom steak branding iron. But I don't know if you can do logo with that that's a little. Uh I mean that's still expensive for branding one hundred sixty bucks but it's custom I guess and they probably have to do setup. Probably I don't know I I don't I don't know if if branding irons or the way to go you know are you gonNA break. He sent me a picture of a Burger with his logo burned into it. But don't we all know that no matter what Burger you put on A. It's going to get covered by a bond and before the ban on is gonna get covered by a piece of cheese. Diane me weighs in on the instantchat. I don't think I'd get a branding iron if I had children. Look I think there's a lesson to be learned there. If the kid is going to touch the branding iron how many times touch it once going to touch it once. That's it. That's the biggest question that I get when I break out the art flame is. Isn't that a hazard. Because you know you're burning alive fire in the middle of it whether you're doing charcoal or cooler would it's a huge steel cooking implement it stays hot forever and ever and ever and could a kid walk around and stick their hand up there he absolutely would. They get burned absolutely they would get burned but it would happen on any grill. You can walk up to any grill. That's on put your hand on it if your kid and burn the shit out of your hands just like you would on a branding iron. Probably it's probably less. There's less potential than burning their hand on a branding branding iron depending on. If you're just leaving it on the floor hot then they would going up to a grill and touching it and potentially burning so always be cognizant of your children. If you're going to be irresponsible parent. You shouldn't be in live fire. Your you're banned from live fire what I'm doing today. If you're an irresponsible parent do us all a favor. And you are not allowed how to be alive. Fire Cook now. Please write that Sam the cooking guy and a now. I got to figure out how I'm going to catch up here or reload as it were because my format is totally really blown. Talk to you quickly about Green Mountain grills makers of some of the best pellet cookers out there on the market today couple couple different lines to choose from the original line which I have to of. There's also the prime line crimeline is built a little bit more heartily has a little bit more tack on it. You got to instant. I'm sorry to internal meet probes instead of the one that you would find on the original line. Jim Bowie Daniel Boone Davy Crockett Doc. It all three the same across no matter what they be. Crockett is your portable option. So if you are really in the midst of Oncoming College Football Playoffs football playoffs and end of the regular season. You want something to take with you as you love pellet woodfire goodness Davy. Crockett is what do you WANNA use. If you don't have access to a traditional power outlet don't worry about that they have a twelve volt adapter. You can plug it right into the twelve outlet in your car and is powered running running. You're not sacrificing a great amount of quantity for portability. You can stick a bunch of food and they're gonNA taste great you you just stick it in your trunk or the back of your truck or van or Suv and away. You go back home easy to transport to again twelve technology. Great stuff Daniel Boone. Jim Bowie bigger ones. Go on your Patios or maybe a big ASS truck rolling right up whatever. The Prime Line has twelve technology on both of those classic line. You'RE GONNA need a three pronged outlet in order to fire up. Prime Line has looking windows on the main cooking chamber and the Pellet L. at hopper both of them have the opportunity to be outfitted with pizza oven. Come on you gotta get. I'm telling you right now. It should be law law. But if you get a Daniel Boone or a gym buoy that you have to get the pizza oven and now maybe you're allergic to gluten. Maybe you hate pizza with a passion. I'm not talking to you. People for the rest of us. Don't have those afflictions or terrible pallets. You gotTA gotTa get the Pizza Oven. It's so fun you simply pull the guts out of the cooker you slam the pizza oven down on top of it in a way you go set the temperature wherever you want it three hundred. I'm fifty degrees. We'll get you about seven hundred degrees on the stone. That's where I kind of liked to live at maybe a little less than that. Three Twenty three twenty five. But if you want to take it up to a five hundred on the cooker you're hovering right into the thousand degree mark in that pizza up for me too risky but starts to get loose when it starts start to turn. There's no coming back. It's a very very tight window now. If you're a mad frampton you can probably run hotter than that. But he is a pizza expert expert of the war. I make pizza expert from time to time uncertain weekends and if a less use has my pizza dough balls is ready to go. I don't make my own dough. Forget it but I can make any kind of want. They're all done two to three minutes. Let's go cauliflower. Trust on Diane. I like like that. GotTa try that next time out all right we will be right back as we venture into the last part of the show. You WanNa take part you jump into one six two two zero zero nine six six you can also email the show greg at the BBQ central show dot com and the website to get those grills. I was talking about Green Mountain. Grills Green Mountain grills dot com sauces rubs accessories. All that other stuff CARAMBA right back And continuing continuing to produce incredibly mediocre content in an exceptionally professional way. You're listening and watching the barbecues central show once again. Here's your host Greg Ramp All right welcome back. This portion of the show brought to by fire board monitor up to six different from temperatures simultaneously connect to Wi fi for cloud based monitoring or connect via Bluetooth. And if you have Alexa or the Google assistant in your house us. You're in luck because fire board is fully integrated with both. You can find out more by visiting fire. Board DOT COM or call eight one six nine four five two two three two eight one six nine four five two to three to today and that is going going to be. I know there's sponsor but that is going to be Item that I am in full agreeance with people recommending. If you're looking for something that is going to give you some remote temperature. Access a great and easy to use interface. Super Simple set up upright out of the box connected. Quickly your local area network get the APP on your own. You can also sign up with the account on your computer. You can see all the graphing you can save everything you can make notes. It's not an automatic temperature control device although there is a port and they do sell a ancillary fan so it can kinda be like one although I I mean I would humbly suggest that if you're going to look for a straight up automatic pathetic control device that you would look over at the barbecue but if you have a fire board you WanNa mess around with the fan a certainly. It's your prerogative your discretion to do that but it's so easy to use. I feel like such a supreme crap for not using it right off the bat when they sent it to me but now I'm in love with it. I loved six exports. So you can have a veritable Cornucopia of temperature probes and internal temperature probes. Whatever makes you like set? Alarms get notified all that. If you're at the grocery store you can easily check in through the APP on where your meat or protein is at and the internal temperature side. It's great I love firebird. Okay still to come on the show. Oh It's me and you together one. Is We talked Sam the cooking Guy Right at the top of the hour until about five or six minutes ago then he had business to attend to so if you want to jump in on the show. Here's how you know what you can get in touch with the show calling to one six to two zero zero nine six six email greg at the BB Jews central show dot com on the twitter instagram said. BBQ Central Show. You can also follow me socially as he just said at BBQ central show on instagram and twitter slash BBQ central show on facebook book. Coming up this Friday and at coming up this Friday on the best moments the barbeque central show in ten minutes. Or less we have episode one hundred and one back in September of of twenty sixteen. If you can believe it almost four years ago rod gray the pit Massar of envy stopped by the show and we did not one one but two segment dissertation on sponsorships for Barbecue teams because everybody back in two thousand sixteen was is all like. How can I get a sponsorship? I should be sponsor. I'm really good. Pay Me Money. Well how are you going to do that. How are you going to go about approaching? What's the ask? Should you be a straight cash taker or are you looking for product that held held a sponsorship even mean anymore well in two thousand sixteen we did our best to cover it in two segments. Rod Did the lion's sheriff. The talking I know but I would say by and large the majority of the content of both in the program that John Put together is evergreen. But if you go back and listen as you if you are just new to the show and you don't know about the best moments the best moments show is a true podcast in every sense of the word where it is dropped into a time to feed once a week. Fridays Ace and you get a shell that has two segments and each of those segments are portions of a Pash show that our ten minutes or less hence the name of the show now some people go. We'll typically dude. It's twenty minutes so I don't even know like what that Shit title means the best moments at ten minutes or less but it's like treading totally understandable. My mission is to make sure that I can infuse you as quickly and as easily as possible mission accomplished thank you again. The concept is this two segments of really great past interviews to tickle you with feather if you will because underneath that you have a link to the entire show so my goal by hope. I'm sure John's hope as well. I'm not trying to talk for John. That if you listen to the best moments that it might inspire hire you to click on the link and go back and listen to the whole show because remember and a lot of cases there might have been two potentially three other guests on that show. That didn't even make the cut out for best of it. Might have been one of your favorite shows ever. You just forgot about it because it was seven years old or ten years old or whatever. So that's what's happening this Friday. Now I do WanNa go back because while I was set to do a love fest all over John Solberg the last week my daughter was in top of the second hour. Now wait a second. Look at me being a hypocrite. Nobody's decided to call me out on it which I certainly appreciate actually the past two weeks which has never been seen before there have been top of the second our guest. That's right last week. Top of the second hour. The freshman from wickliffe bobby ramp courtesy of Villa Angeles. Joseph High School by way of Seton Hill University was back for Thanksgiving vacation and she sat in the top of the second hour and and we went over the freshman season. Don't forget if you're going to be over in that wheeling Jesuit University or whatever the hell they're calling it now because the jesuits it's pulled out I think they just call it wheeling university now if you're going to be over in Wheeling University area Thursday around two thirty the Seton Hill University. Griffin's women's volleyball team will start the run to a national championship as they take on Gannan University. A photo of the peace ac they handily wiped the court with our collective active faces earlier in the year but Seton Hill at a different looking team due to injury at that point and as my daughter stupidly pointed out last week at the top of the second in our they had the best statistical game they had ever had up until that point so so there's a legitimate shopping. You play the Games why to see WHO's going to win we just don't look at it on paper and decide winner loser so there's a legitimate shot bad. It's it's going to be a win. And if they win on Thursday at two thirty they play again Friday at five and if they they win they Play for the chance to advance into the elite eight at five pm on Saturday so there could be potential of winning soft win softball. Awful winning volleyball happening starting Thursday so again if you are in that area and you Perhaps are unemployed because you would be free at two thirty or you WANNA take a vaca- day email me Greg. Add the BBQ central show dot com will probably be hitting up the gymnasium around two PM ebb signing autographs and taking pictures with all the central lights as they start to fill in to support the FAM- as again we start to make the run for a national championship bid. That's wheeling Wheeling University. I think that's what they name it now. Great stuff now as I sidetrack myself. Allow me to say this the Last two week saw the one hundredth episode of the Barbecue Central Show in ten minutes or less and I did want to recognize that just for a few minutes. You know. This was a project that I had thought about doing for some time. The original concept it came from the Howard Stern show. There was a small portion in time. You know that show is ever-evolving there so much archive they're absurd. God make no no mistake. I'm not about to compare my archive of work to Howard's of fifty years or whatever he has but there was a thing called the something nothing about ten minutes or something along these lines so I adopted then made it my own into the best moments of the barbecue central shown ten minutes or less and Howard was playing ten great minutes of a full length episode or interview that he had with somebody and I thought man what a great idea go back pull ten minute clips of a great interview and inspire people to say. Hey I remember that and you know that was a great run back down memory lane or is there any way for me to get that show and go back and listen to the whole thing live which is again but the goal that John and I have is certainly John Wants to put together show. That is entertaining. You and making your mind race a little bit or make you think about certain things. But ultimately we want to continue to bubble up the old episodes episodes and that's why that whole show link is existing underneath and show one was really good but show one hunt. Let me rephrase how show one sounded was good. How show one hundred sounded holding Holding the interview inside. But I'm just talking about you. Know the progression of you know one and Tan and forty and fifty one hundred. We're getting ready to start at at the turn of the year in two thousand twenty year three of the best moments of the Barbecue Central Show in ten minutes or less one hundred episodes one hundred hundred one technically at this point so we have to be now one of the one additional aside from this show. which I believe is the longest running Barbecue podcast it's a show I but it's also a pocket. The best moment show has to be right up there with one of the longest recurring barbecue. Style podcast out there. You have my show you have man and his barbecue with Mickey. He's probably second. He's got a long running show third. I don't know there's a lot of shows. Does that have popped up but there may be just this year. We're starting our third year. The only other show that I can sit here and tell you with a shirt and it's not for public consumption. It's an exclusive contract at podcast. Oh by the way I do it for me. Head at his pitmasters this club. I think I just put episode one hundred eighty five or one hundred eighty six and the canned for him that has to be the third longest running podcast asked so I have to have two of the three if not two of a three of the five or six longest running podcasts. That are currently out there right now or at least uses me in some form or fashion. Technically it's Johnson. It's my show but it's John's Pie. He's the ones putting it all the semantics. It's a team team effort and by team. I mean John Does all the work day. All I'll take credit for it when I cut so if you are a fan of it or you don't know about it you know. Give it another. Try if you didn't like it for whatever reason make sure that your sign up for the podcast. That would always shows goes up Friday morning and sometimes I forget but the progression that he is made in the way that the show sounds and the way he has honed his craft and hosting the best moments of the show has been so exciting to watch he does such a great job you so professional title is great and the cutting of audio. It's just an absolute pleasure to listen to. I listen back to my shows to hear how much of a dope I sound like to try to not sound so dopey the next week but to hear how he goes about putting together. The shows is an absolute loot joy for me to listen to and I. I don't remember a lot of stuff just because there's a such an archive of information back there. I I can't possibly remember all the interviews I've done or this particular thing or that particularly your favorite moment might be different from this guy's favorite moment or this. Gal's Fairmont Erma. This is what I'm saying. John has done such a great job I would. I can't fathom anybody else that I would trust to carry on the best best moments show. Should John Decide that he's had enough or that. A bus hits him or whatever. The case may be The show leaves leaves with John However John Might Leaf so John. No pressure But you're not allowed to leave because I really like doing or having the best moments of the show done every Friday. It's a nice value add. It's a good change of pace and you are terrific partner to work with and I you really value the time that you put in. I mean think about. He's not just randomly picking date out of the archive and then just picking out ten minutes. He's listening to whole shows. I have to. I can't even begin to imagine the hours of shows that he listened to that. He said trash unusable not going to bat gun there. It's a lot of time you know. This show is two hours at a clip so oh just on raw hours alone. The investment that he's putting in huge. It is completely appreciated by me. And I certainly don't want to speak for everybody. What else that are fans of the best moment show but we appreciate that work? We love that so John I bid you a huge thanks. My appreciation is a one that you will never fully come to grasp because by ability to communicate feelings as poor but No that I appreciate it. And you are a valued member of this inner circle team that few are led into. And here's two hundred more or two hundred more three hundred more. Let's get it to be the longest running live fire show. Why not? Let's do it songs. I'm a part of it. We can do this John. Thank you so much we celebrate. You let celebrate John. Cryan luck that Boston force it when we come back everybody has to get to a video monitor. Because I'm GonNa show you something that is absolutely going to blow your mind. No this that when you see the answer is no they do not have this in America. You know they they do not they are not but you're going to want to see it. Oh you're going to want to see it. Attention folks folks in the business of Barbecue established in eighteen eighty two south side market and barbecue. The oldest Barbecue Joint Texas they've been owned and operated by the same family family for three generations offering premium central Texas barbecue products like briskets and ribs and sausages. You know what I'm talking about. Slow smoked over. Real would shipping shipping distributing manufacturing sausages for companies across the US from food trucks. The multi chain restaurants southside. Sausage can be on your menu to all meats are processed in in the onsite. USDA inspected facility a trusted partner with the focus on quality and authenticity. Wholesale options are available shipping nationwide via Fedex food service distribution VIA CISCO US foods and Martin Foods Co. packaging capable from research and development package completion? They can follow your recipe or help you develop something brand new. They also have private label opportunities. If you WANNA do that. If there's a southside market dot com for more information on all of those items and here's the kicker if you use code. BBQ Central you get ten percent off your entire online order. The first time the tenth time all the time southside market dot com is the website. Pick out all of the stuff that you want and remember for the holiday season you can ship to a bunch of different destinations. You don't get charged extra for that. No visit South side Mark Dot Com as you check out use Promo Code. BBQ Central for ten percent off your online order. Thanks thanks to beginning nick and everybody over at South side. Mark Looking forward to twenty twenty and find a monitor. If you're going to want to see it stick around back hold packers. There's full racks. Legs is in shifting bites. You've never heard this before you might think you found the best triple X.. Show ever her. Let's get back to the most homo erotic host out there today. Great Work and that's me your your homoerotic coast portion of the show being brought to you by Smithfield committed cooks. If you are down you WANNA show your Smithfield. Oh Pride get on over to smoking with Smithfield DOT COM or a small fee of like twenty five bucks you get a whole bunch of stuff. Back in return. Last year was towards two hundred dollar retail. I believe but you cool Smithfield swag for the smoking with smithfield dot com that's smokin SM. Okay I n smoke was midfield. Dot Com You can get all of your details there. You can also see if you are a barbecue event promoter you can See if the grant program is still accepting applications now. What let me do that? I should know that committed coach Program Program Grant Program. Let's see all right. Twenty twenty grand program now could lose. He missed out. You missed out however committee cooked programs still open so get on it and we will see how Smithfield Field Fares in twenty twenty promised you this. I assure them on the screen. This guy that made funny banner. Oh that's not it all right. I'll just make a new screen out of A. It's worth it bear with me here. Is I capture. The screen rain screen capture monitor to right here. We go a blow it out now. You can see this right right here with me what you are about to see you know what. I'm not even going to tell you what you're about to see. You're just GonNa Watch it and you're either going to be really scared or you're going to be laughing or both. I gotTa make sure that I'm going pretty high volume because I want to make sure you hear everything. Check this up. ooh Ooh they look now. Can we please start breaking breaking this down immediately. First of all I think this is as as Russian okay so I mean this. This is a slap boxing. Or this is a real thing that happens over there of the guy on the left with the blue. Looks like scrub top. This guy is like tap slapper of Russia if you go to youtube and you put in like a slap fights Russia or something like that. This guy is in every every single one of them. Oh by the way he wins every single one of them. Look at the son of a bitch. Look what's happening here. You got the guy on the left whose easily into three bills. Then you got the guy on the right. WHO has an incredible amount of body modification? Don on his eyeballs are done. He's got tattoos all over the place face tattoos like that's commitment to a tattoo whole nother left. Okay you get tattoos on your face and you are really slimming down the amount of job opportunities that you're GonNa take and here's the rules of this slapping contests you slap the guy in the face and if you don't slap enough shit out of him he gets to slap you and the first one to quit loses and then we move to the next round. That's what happens so at some point the guy on the right smack enough shit out of other people to earn the privilege of of going up against this guy you know my man on the right was feeling pretty strong about himself when he laid this smack on beefcake beefcake Jack Right here look at that the powder flies off his face. It sounds really impressive. and Oh oh no oh my God damn. I'm not done yet. I'm breaking this down as we speak. I'm pretty happy the people this Mac look at that the guy in the blue hardly moves or and boom. He's like Right-back Right-back. He's like okay. Here we go look at the means of look at the meet Paul and this guy guys got tattoo. Meanwhile the guy is about to get smack. Look over look at these tattoos over here. He's got some of it stars unders. There's is butterfly here on the cheek. He's obviously got some eyeball thing going on all. That is not going to help. What is about to happen right here? Hold onto your Hats on Bush. No and that's it for him. I mean look at this guy's face rate where we right here. He's like. Aw Aw ever heard the sound a human makes when he poops himself. That's the sound he makes. His eyes are tattooed. Wow we thought they were like contact lenses. Meanwhile if we could just go right back back to seeing this guy get murdered by the way if we can look here see if you look look down. His right. Hip is tilted back. He's pivoted this face of determination. You can see his left. Hand is cocked up. Like he's about ready to rabbit. Abbott Punch him. But all are levers of motion to lay this smackdown convert look at that. Oh I mean I I I love I love that guy thought. Hey Man I wanna really smack this the guy. He didn't know who he was. He didn't know he was the smack. Box Champ. All right I'll show it to you one more time because you ask. Ah You know if that would have been me. I would have been knocked out literally knocked up anyway youtube but if you want all the way back in the first hour we we talked with Malcolm read first Tuesday of the month regular guest how to barbecue right killer hogs Bq dot com or killer hogs dot com. If you WANNA check out some sauce and packages the Rochelle is put together. Appreciate Malcolm Rolling with me through twenty nineteen and we'll see him in two thousand twenty for sure. We also talk with Emily. detweiler Jeff Stone GRANDPA's Jeff. You're just GONNA have to wait a minute. Can I please get out of my show a proper fash my fault my fault Jeff we talked with KCBS CEO. Emily detweiler taking time out of her vacation. Disneyland talking about the sale of the corporate office. Mother Business Item Wealth Marketing backyard recognition and of the year banquet on January seventeenth and eighteen. And she's like Maybe you could come out. Come on kidding me to the Second Hour Sam. The cooking you guys stopped at the top of the hour until about twenty after and then we showed you slap boxing to end in a Huge show for you next week always meathead will be in. He was out last week. But meathead will be in September eleventh two thousand and one I will never forget till next Tuesday at nine PM Eastern Standard Time. This is your program hosted proud American. Greg revie good night now.

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