184: Mindset of Champions with Dr. Jeff Spencer


Hi this is Jim Quick and I have a quick update for you on proud to announce my very first book limitless upgrade. Your brain learned anything faster in unlock. Your exceptional life Miss Book is not only based on the latest neuro science in his field tested for over twenty years of working with some of the most amazing minds on our planet. Just go to limitless book Dot Com and enjoy this book. Welcome the quick brain. bite-size brain hacks busy people who wanNA learn faster and achieve more I'm your coach Jim Quick? Three. Lissa Magin if we could access one hundred percent about brains capacity. I wasn't high wasn't wired. Just clear I knew what I needed to do and how to do it. I know come. Show. Now I'm going to invite you to one of my coaches. Dear friend. His name is Dr. Jeff Spencer. Jeff. Could you please join us, please? Are you doing my friend. Just anytime you get a chance to talk to you. It just makes a better day for me. So thanks a million Jim. I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to be here with us. Jeff is an author. He is in Olympia N-. He is corner man for Olympia ends up going on for for decades creeping up on five. And he's also been. He's an incredible mindset coach for me and the first hem. We're GONNA. Talk about his mindset and no better person than yourself you've you've worked with everyone from a tiger woods to you to to these gold, medalists and I wanNA talk about the champions mindset right now and I. Mean Right. Now of people are facing some some challenges right Henderson you have you have a blueprint for this and over the next twenty minutes just wanted to deconstruct. The distinctions you have about people's mindset and so Let's Let's let's US began. Where where do we start great well? Thank Jim I think the first place has started a mindset as you wiser mindset necessary. And the reason why? The right mindset is critical is because it gives us courage. and. How we define courage, at least in this context is the ability to take action despite our fear based survival impulses. and. There's never a moment in history that this could be more applicable to because there's a lot of fear running rampant. And for us to be able to constructively move forward towards are bigger future, and in limit the downside of this we have to have a mindset that keeps us in the game, making really solid decisions that we can count on that show leadership to others and moving through this out the other side, and that's why mindsets so critical everybody listen up for this next one. Because this is probably repeal, take them selves out of the game the most. I was called into work with an Olympic athlete and this guy was favorite to win the gold medal. And he was. A member of the host nation's Olympic team. And just imagine having the hopes of a nation on your shoulders. And he was starting to mentally meltdown with two and a half weeks ago before the Olympic final. So I got a call. From the staff. Saying. We have an athlete here. Who has the best coach? He has the best doctor, yes, the best equipment. He's got the best of everything, but he's starting to mentally meltdown. We don't know what to do. So. Can you help? and. I said Yeah of course you know I'm in Olympia. I'd love to help a fellow Olympian out. I talk with them and he told me what the situation was. And I said to him well. Here's the deal. Is that you and your team all think that the put in the necessary to win the gold medal. You have to be perfect. You have to make a contingency for everything that could happen. To make sure that that single thing doesn't happen. That would prevent you from winning a gold medal. And I said that's Kinda trick and it's a deadly trout that you're now caught in. Because your fear, based human nature and your survival instincts are controlling your conversation. That's the why you're living in Terre every moment right now because you feel trapped. And should feel that way because you're not gonNA. Win a gold medal like that. I said. You may think it's about perfection. But it's really not about perfection. It's about the one or two things that have to go right. And as long as you guys think it's about the next detail in. You're spending all your time looking for the detail. Your brain is GonNa. Make up a detailed. It doesn't exist. That you're gonNA. Put All your confidence. You can't win like that. It's not possible. So I said there are two things you need to do. Instant gold medal. said the first thing is. Don't change your warm up. Don't deviate from what's traditionally worked in the past. Because your body knows what to do is start changing this. Your body gets scared runs in the cave and doesn't come out and play, but it wants to please. You're really wants you to win that gold medal it. What's do that for you? I said the second thing that you do. Is that. You Masur your first. You get your first four steps to the run-up correct. So. Your foot hits the Board to get the lift. To win the gold medal. Two things in your win. In why this is significant for us right now is because there's a lot of reason to be scared in this situation because of what we're hearing. But I can tell you what the champions do. They know that it's not about covering all the bases and being perfect. Doing the one or two things have to go right each moment. In that's what they dedicate themselves to. And as they dedicate themselves to that in what happens, is that the overarching umbrella fear? Subsides into the background, and they start to feel mastery over self. There to getting confidence in that people that are observing them or learning lesson on how they can get through this, so just be mindful is that? When you demonstrate these champions displays of action when we're going against our human nature tendency. To Cave to our fear, you're serving a living breathing. Example of what's possible others. At this time of humanity, in my opinion, there's never been a greater urgency to have people that are beacons of hope, courage and sanity that have shown us a way forward to maintain our dignity. To get ourselves to the other side of this. In so you did those two things. He did those two things. For the next two weeks in what I did, tell him I said. Who Your friends? He said well. It's this and this. I said those are your friends for the next two weeks. Don't get around to your friends. Don't get around your family. Don't get anybody. It's nervous about you because they're going to start to obsess about the details don't matter. It's one or two things consistently as long as you keep your eye on that gold medal, and so he did that for two weeks. Everybody thought he was crazy and then what happened? WanNa go medal. Should we be surprised by that? No. because. We took a lesson from the champion. Stu in the outcome was predictable, but just remember how hard that was. It took. Every ounce occurs. He had. To go against the grain of what is fear based instincts were telling him. You know what that tariff feels like right? Well despite that he did what had to go right to win. It's exactly the same thing for us in what we're facing right now. You talk about three PS often right in terms of is not the before perform their best, but it also takes planning preparation to be able to perform your best as a mindset. One hundred percent actually the champions Golden Rule is you do the homework in the test is easy. It's. How you prepare really dictates your performance and. You know if you ask somebody whether it's said artist, or whether it's business person making a decision how they did it. They say well. I, don't really know. It just happened while it happened because they train themselves through a vigorous approach to being prepared for it to be able to come up with the right answer and the right time to hit it out of the part. This is an important conversation to have right now because I feel like a lot of people over the past few months. They didn't anticipate nobody anticipated. What's going on right now? And they're uncertain about tomorrow's future might have lost. A must have lost a job. They might have lost family member they they're in an area. Would that they would? It would label crisis, and they have added pressure to be able to perform for themselves, and also the people that count on them, and and I sometimes the overwhelming for people. It can really challenge our our mindset even if If we know what to do. The methods and were motivated are of the mindset is that you know that confusion or or doubt or that? Fear that people like you mean you're an Olympian right for those just joining us Dr Jeff Spencer Olympia an author. He's a quarter man for some the most amazing performers including gold medalists, and you know when you're under that stress. You're preparing all the time to perform for a matter of minutes. Where where the whole world is watching you literally? It's all about preparation. It's like when you're prepared. You have evidence that you're ready to perform at the level you need to when it really counts. That's the evidence that you need. And when you show up and you have to execute, you just have to trust your preparation. You can't think you way to have the skill that you need when you have to be applying it, so it all goes back. To preparation in when you know you prepared than your anxiety drops when you're anxiety dropped should have more confidence. Time slows down. You can get into flow easier. PRESTO instant gold medal. Whatever that is for you whatever this your spiring to. That's your gold medal. That's how you do it. Yeah and it's Switz- funny when when people are also when they're when they're challenged, and there's change that's going on in the world. Be Able to hold that constantly in your mind, even when there's lots of distractions. in in the world also also well. Well and to your point there Jim. Is that remember our human mindset, our human nature always catastrophes and goes to the worst scenario because that's survival. And, that's where our default is. It has to be overridden. By the application of the champions action so as long as we. Don't look at the US as being that which is telling us to do what we know isn't going to work as it didn't work. In the past, we do the courageous act of. That which has to go right to supersede fear, based survival instinct in it's a tug of war and I. Just WanNa. Make sure please don't mistake. That part that's telling you that you can't do it as you. That's your impostor. The champion side of you is the one that's telling you you can in how we do that is by doing those things that have to go right consistently to move forward. As long as we're focused on that that keeps us other side of us. That leads to failure it bay. It's basically been neutered. We talk about in our book. limitless of those are your focal points. You know those those those cheese fundamentals, and sometimes people they want. They want the next thing the next thing the next thing, but also focusing on the fundamentals that may be fears trigger. Saying that you have to prepare inactivity potentially useful if it's it prompts you per year more. There's a road from Jim. I think it's Jim Rohn that said what you practice and private rewarded for. which you practice Simba, pair for. Your rewarded for big time. Has My, my friend, so how can and I challenge everybody right now to go deeper with Dr Answer, here How can people can connect with with you? I encourage everyone sees marine shot of this and are. I've had the pleasure of interviewing Dr Spencer Our podcast. Get searched both our names on Google, and that episode will will come out. Intellectually Align Champions reprint, which is amazing. It is the most detailed blueprint I've ever seen for personal success, so maybe people can take a screen shot of this tags both posted and. I words, please. Thanks Jim, a couple of things here I actually wrote a PDF. That I'd like everybody to consider getting. It's called. How not the boy just before you win? kind of explains the three traps. We need to avoid to make sure that we convert an opportunity that takes us to a higher better that we crush when it shows up. And then Y you're waiting for that PDF to come. There is also a video that will show you. The champions blueprint in the goal achievement roadmap. The Gym was leading to alluding to. The LINK FOR THAT IS WWW DR JEFF SPENCER DOT com forward slash number one www d. r., J. E. F. F. SP NC art dot com forward slash the number one. Yet Jim, I'd like to finish up by saying. This is as I said earlier. There is only one of every one of us in all of creation. In their seven billion people on this planet, like right now, which uniquely qualifies us to do some extraordinary things in life. And I believe that it's kind of a moral imperative that. We are on our talents by developing them to their fullest, and we achieve at the highest level possible to amass a massive legacy. Not to showcase us for that sake, but to show other people, it's possible because what we really need. Desperately in this world like right now as examples of people that have gone against the grain of mediocrity and have chosen to create a life with the sanction in why this is important, also as kind of were accountable for our time, and our talents in at the end of. Of, the day whatever that legacy is, it's GonNa live on in the human archive in the Internet space for eternity, and it's going to say what we did with their talents in what I want for everybody. I WANNA. Make sure that this is a contribution to humanity that shows people what's possible and if there's every time in human history we need to do this. It's now. Thank you for the privilege. Thank you very much gonNA hand. Let's thank that. Sink Jeff joining us today for sharing Don't get the PDF also as well. Jeff look forward to thank you for the amazing work that you do you or your gold, your platinum you know for so many of us and well. Thanks Jim back at you and I've learned so much from the book. It's been an. Indispensable part of my library. My daughter absolutely loves you for doing this. Thanks again be well everybody. Thank you. Want to double your brain speed and memory power. 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