Uh-huh. Jim. Need man. We can. Listening. No. What a world. It's only that I've. Say man that make a real award, man. The critically acclaimed revolutionary war van. That's right. As one man Ryan, man. Mc. The product of the pocket. Cockbain one hundred percent hip. Some one that goal. Some y'all weren't that green. We got some nails beyond. Stay. Oh. See? Okay. Bye. Buddy. People. Wasn't him. What? Hold on. He can take you. I'm gonna give up in the elevator. So we can get in. I'm. The weapon. He'll know what in the Trump. The clock on the cop now because the block. Who? Nick. Civility. We get the twenty seven. About my head. To help sting. Sod? Debbie. Still. Everybody. Kevin. Urgency workers used boats and helicopters to rescue people from flooded parts of northern Australia where forecast call for more heavy rainfall more than eleven hundred people have been rescued from their homes and evacuation efforts are continuing more rain in Townsville and the surrounding areas over the next two days could cause flash flooding the floodgates of the city's dam were opened earlier to prevent the Ross river from breaking its banks. Floor. All. Let me see you. Tonight. Not pay. Excuse me. Three. Me. Crossed in. Kid. Mind. We can. Libra? Can't. Charles. Larry. Robin. Love listening to live. Thank you. For keeping. Two. Two. How we? Composed by. Just. Car. Cook. Let's go. Rendu flavor. Chatty dangerous. Kelly. What? Claire when when you? Hello out on the street. Somebody explain what? The point. Sleeping the cats. But six. Evil case. What else? People smoke. Killer. Make sure smoke class. That's. We go. Fobs? What a pussy. Where? He trucks. Twenty. Really? Floor. All. See you. And goes like. Not pay. Excuse me. Three. Me. Crossed in. Jim. We can. You are listening. With Robin Levin Levin. The streets. Oakland. Like smoking. A big. Selling? Out. To tell back. Never been cool. Then. Failing. Trip. Black. The only street seven. A fun thing. Still. Barely. Get your life. Right. You wanna live in the first which are white. And. Just choice. Poisoned number. No you. Police. Notice. Morning. Phyllis. Peered? Snow where last pin here. We don't care come around. Trying to. Right. He's a little my shoot. Young fools like. Last. Products. Talking. Painting. Has been trying to. This time. Pitches in the the puck and. When it comes to get Richardson, the blood that down, and you know, my rolly that Wando pitchers. Looking rap. It'd be like. Lips? And I've got a thing. Just saying I'm thinking of fuck it all I needed. Domino Kuta Kuta down down down down. Kuta dommage down on Gekas. Somebody is a Netflix fix coming. Check. Bottom Malek writers like Cobb six. Everyone's head. Brandin while I keep your party in the back of Marlene for Donald Trump's shit punk Cazzola need. Down down down down down Kuta. Dominic. What she knew had been because you pay like. Crummy. You ain't got casing comments. Maybe maybe make them push. Them hated they'd be gullible mcclinton a hungry loss. Got come. The needs damage. Down down down down down down. Kuta examined the coolest Sam Domin. Impact token, not holding the blow with all cloud. Cook damn him have came to the call of the dental. I got. The Beck bidding down from. Put all my dumb. Domico Kula down the dam down down down down down down down Kuta. Sam dumb dumb dumb dumb. Dominic. Floor two. All. In Augusta team like. It's not. Excuse me cross. Three. That's me. Crossed in. Jim. Need? We can. Remake. Hostage. No. Got to scream. Norio? Let's. Comes. After. Excuse. Will you? Maybe. Can. Possible in Norio. Enough. Hers say. Jeez. He. His. You're good. The battle. Jeez. Spat? She. Johny shoes. Attention is. These. Baby girl own. This. Shoot. Happy. Shoes. Standing hard in my hand. That. Claire wouldn't laugh. Laxly? About you. I would never pay fluid woman. Make. A what? Question. Pan. Would be. Hack. I'm thinking. Potties. Could you? Two two. Becker beckham. Compute? Lame and insane is cheaper. Seddon? God is. Care. I am woman. God is. Thank you. Nobody. People. Two. Seddon? God is. Cup. And I will strike down upon the with great vengeance. And. Anger, those attempt to poison and destroy my sisters, and you will know name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance. Upon you. Women. Floor two. All. Tonight in Augusta. Not pay. Excuse me. Three top skeets. Across in. Jim. We can. You're listening. With Robin Lebanon, Lebanon, Lebanon. All right. All right, everyone. You got Robin land keeping the vibes live with the Nate Dogg. Tributary oil. What's that you might ask? Well, it's a combination tribute and a memorial. Yes. Our March fifteen twenty eleven Nathaniel Dwayne HALE who we better know as dog passed away from complications after having a couple of strokes. He left behind a body of work. That includes the best hooks that rap has ever seen. We're gonna go right into some music by Nate Dogg in then we'll come back in talk some more about him. Case. Like. Music. Speaker. Wow. Me cruelly. Dude. All right, Nate Dogg. He was born on August nineteenth nineteen sixty nine and you might know him from the g funk classic regulate or from ludicrous single area codes are maybe from his role in fabulous can't deny it. Or from the infamous. Smoke weed every day on Dr Ray's, chronic two thousand one album, Nate Dogg helped to make these tunes and more popular hits of the time. So and in order to measure the impact of Nate dogs hooks. We must first define what a hook is. Okay, hook. It's a musical idea short rift or passage or phrase that is used in popular music to make a song appealing and to catch. The ear of the listener. Nate Dogg is the undisputed king of hook. Let's go into a couple of more songs and take it from me. Kush. Was. Petrous? Probably. Spout. Canot? That has. Still tied it in the. Next wishes as got some. Needed from hosting. You could tell them. This thing. Seeds. Pretty smoking. She pushed to what you think. Compile coronated. Slow. Well, well, y'all hurt snoop on next up. Joe stack trae twice right? Thank god. It's Friday now. Jack. Mix Chuck on the plane. Plus, stay compliant. Pick. Wheel. Triple click. Flecha play. The whole. Become. Tech. Lexi. Fitness. Fritz. Mobile tickets. Experts play. Strong. Just like. Take a hike flip. The. Titian fish in the sea. We. We haven't stuff. Question. Check. Confirm it. Just the plot. The puck and THEO. You're listening to. With Robin Levin. Leeann leeann king, that's me. And we are right. Smack dab in the middle of Nate Dogg. Tributary Nate Dogg died on March fifteenth two thousand eleven after having a couple of strokes. Yeah. That was a pretty tough fella right there. Now Nate dogs career started. When. Warren, g snoop Dogg and himself formed the group to thirteen now they wouldn't release fall project until two thousand four. But the three of them can be heard on chronic or doggy style and to thirteen was one of the early adapters of the g funk style that's a mix of eighties, clunk and hip, hop and nates voice. He's got that. So full voice, man. He's really smooth. It's perfect over those kind of beets. And there's no Dell then he had a huge role in the sub genres impact early on his debut was on the chronic which just shows goes to show, you how bad of a legend. He was man. He's tough man now that same album that launched the careers. That's the same album excuse me that launched the careers of snoop dot corrupt das- Dillinger and Warren g and also. It also launched Nate Dogg as well. Yes. So let's go in and listen to interview with Nate Dogg and snoop. Have no image. I'm just giving people me who I. Does after we went through the past years. Kind of like it was kinda time somebody to say is we family dog. I love. Know how wrapping is all about balance. You can do all that still gotta have some point where you can be got love for people. You know, we to go. We can go forward, and we can do our music. We can do this. We can even battling can shop head off. Or what you know? After the end of the day. We can still laugh. I got love for hip hop in general people out there, hustling trying to make trying to kids trying to live off of our music. That's come. You. See me from on the east coast. You know, doing songs ludicrous DAL sound JD and all the way back to where I live on the west. Putting people categorize music and sing what I feel my shock. You one day and do a country. Me musical my musical plane who I am people. It's like a releasing without my music will be. I get mad mecca song. The man on tape. Said I'll go make or happy wanna dance wanna do whatever I can make about it. Just keeps me from doing. I kinda wanted to come fresh because this was a new beginning. I knew star like always I got my word booze on hand. The people what they want. I'm just really excited to see what I. All right now. Now, Nate Dogg wouldn't emerge as clinch solo artists until nineteen ninety eight when he released the double album, g funk classics volume one. Volume one about. Go volume one and two with his debut. You get exactly that g funk classics a har-, his smooth delivery was soft enough for the ladies but hard enough for the fellas at the same time. The mix of hip pop tendencies with classic are MB and sold delivery fill along side this funky new sound and when paired up with an MC, you bet it was a force to be reckon with. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I got to say Amen on that. All right. So let's go into a couple more song said be right back. Latin ala? Twenty. Prodding. Leaving. Which is. To the window. Vesicles? We talk to safely. The acid rock in the special crossing. Cranky when he would. Behave. With the polish on they say. All the lady. Are twenty. Bumming. The book. If this stuff. Like. Output. Fame the game. Ready? Warning. The morning. Ooh. Now, although he never saw the type of solo success that snoop Dogg. Or Dr dre achieved it would be in the early two thousand where Nate Dogg became a household name across pop culture, not just west coast, rap a hard. The next episode kicked off a string of singles over the next few years that make the case that Nate Dogg was the most important singer in rap music at that time. Uh-huh. Nate Dogg was everywhere for a little while after that he was on lay low with dog masterpiece, and then can't deny with fabulous. And then area code with ludicrous. Any really man he hit hit the home run on twenty one questions with fifty cent. Most singers are lucky to have a feature on one song that big but Nate Dogg strung together incredible hooks on smash singles like nobody had ever done before. Yeah. That man he was hot. Let's listen to Nate Dogg. As he talked with Eric Blair about rap. They are pleased resent a classic interviews with legendary rapper. Leering out of their players show, sir. How you doing? I'm doing Cray. Now. Tell me a lot of people in route. I came out said rap went last, why do you feel it has such strength in the entertainment industry? And what is the secret of the longevity of music? I think we wouldn't be wouldn't have long if people weren't buying it. So somebody out there is related to what's going on what we say. So as long as we make music people can't relate to it'd be around say rock and roll would die to it. Ain't did Jedi. Some the r&b and rappers like always a top five records in the country. You right. I I'm not mad at him. But I like what we tell me about about. What's that? Tell me what you got going on. We want to one three hour. We just finished it actually snoop myself warranty and it's coming August fifteenth. So that's a supergroup. Yeah. We'll you know, we started out as a group way back in the days, and we ended up pursuing solo careers. I and now we come together and doing this group thing are you guys producing your cells or somebody else produce we have all upper has do we got here west? We've got a lot of new producers kinda west guy really love his album right now is album is incredible. It's something totally fresh. He's doing something. He's what is so feels an fresh music. Nobody's hurt at certain house that he did people scared to even do. So I like what he did. And obviously the public likes. It's is great now. Are you guys hanging with Dr dre at all actually dre his doing my next island sweet as during the whole album. So yeah, make sure we coming out swinging. Issue. God bless you brother, much excess your career. Thank you blaring out show. Wow. That's that is hot. Yes. So let's look at his impact. Okay. And why why he was so important caves around that time around this time that rap music was really making its case as the dominant form of pop music. It was no longer just something on the streets. But it was on video countdowns all over cable television. And there were lots of rappers breaking out of clubs to performance stadiums and arenas across the country. Jay, Z, M, M ludicrous. Missy Elliott and more hip hoppers were making rap music accessible for everybody. They were making it pop music listen to a couple more tracks. And then we'll come back with some more. Chat. If. Walks out. Won't you? Love. Do. Clone. Don't tell. Like what? Clone. Lows. Nights. Me. No. Dope. Back. You can. Music today, man. Nato? Take back. The paul. Yeah. Pig. Yes. Like. Thanks pistol. Attention. Jank the world breast bus. Be done. Tank only gang. Be the crypts learning. How funding do with nightly? Fakes. No. Like. This. In the Clayton. You. Ladies putting pitch name. No shit out. Hit atlanta. Get a cough. Got it show you out of west coast. Like. Great. President. With. Dolphin. Mm. So cool. No. Life. We. You're listening. Five. With Robin Levin. Levin levin. Leeann, hey, that's me. And we are doing vibes live exclusive Nate Dogg tribute oriental. Yeah. It combination tribute memorial to Nate Dogg. He died a March fifteen twenty eight eleven he was very instrumental in making hip hop. Become pop music now, how does music become pop music. Well, it becomes popular. And in order for it to become popular. It has to be acceptable for music as just -bility comes in the form of radio. Yes. But it also comes in your own mind. You know, when you walk around, you you got that song stuck in your hair, and your singing course, and you sing that hook that artist has. Made the song various specials for you. Nate dogg. Did this on a bunch of tracks making his features maximize the exposure of the album's. Yeah. That's a great talent in pop music. A big portion of the songwriting is focused on the hook. And Nate Dogg seemed to do this effortlessly. Yeah. He laid some of the best music, and you can you can almost hear hear in his voice when he sing in her. Now, those little vocal Davies day would stick in your heads like boots in the mud and you couldn't help. But to attach yourself to Nate dogs baritone hook whenever the song came on K where rap is dominated by fast paced and sometimes hype pitched versus Nate Dogg super-low super deep vocal style was always the nicest form of believe he Asian his hooks were like a dessert after the rapper gave you food for thought. And let's go into some more songs, and then we're gonna come back with snoop dunk himself remembers Nate Dogg. Okay. You're listening to live radio ring with Robin. Leeann leeann leeann leeann. Pavley beautiful with the kings. Apply and you wave. You catch? Hey, Chris you playing. How to crack that? Thanks. Damn day still claiming pig. Oh, come okay. Don't go. Tanks. Glenn? From the Catherine. With the length of. And you. You catch phase? I could you paying crates? Crack that claim that be kill you pray. Thanks. Bye. Pale played you. The play that. Tag. Clay, three two banks. Hang think. Implore jay. Got me. Thanks bag. From the race. With the kidding. And you. Cafes. That I could crack that kill. You pray. Cracks play every day. Robin. Robin. Keep keep hollerin. Robin. People. Good. Radio. Floor. All. See you. Tonight in Augusta. Chris to make from head. Not pay. Excuse me cross. Kitts work. Skeets past me. Across in. Eric. Have. Them. Have. Kim. Will mind. Need man. We can. Thanks. God. Sure. Stowed in studio. Bob's loud theme song fail me what last ri- high got my band sway 'em hat. Tara Nonni, Bob. Sheila we bring you win you'll live with the. Two seven three record sink clipper rating, your boss, Jim make you know, we made Gallus PK, Robin. Lease sponsor video with pastor. Troy west six Shelly care risky at the Bobby Willie Brown skinned Bobby Brown. Judge show branchy y wall bomb baby radio Nuff Sav radio Twitter. She'll look we. Wiz you'll live with the PEX. Sports are three sixty five meets cliff Bortis, a simple woman. Cima savvy pro pro trees, Jack, see mass media. Robin may worldwide distribution corporation that girl. The bad. Brad Berkowitz down case for dark star records real slick. On with tech girl me grab. Sisters motion turned own Bob. Rob. Bring you win you'll live with thanks. Turn. Sheila we stopped. Bring you win you'll live with thanks. What I'm Tom out right near you. We don't need. Clinker man. Hey, Josh store. You. What was your rabble? You can't be talking about me. Like, here's my. I've talked to you later. Co fixture. He will. I think because there's a rain own your thing. You need try. Today. Otheir girls feel men will always be. A with your hair still occur. May not see hair. He's. Aware something. So then you wear. City. All the lights for the aced the lease tower. Very. Time to get ready. The lights, although we start the music time to give people. To bid. Two. Can't. Kathy day. I think you're. I cannot I will. I like to say that my kid fav- my life. If I wouldn't have chains turned around in. I was going down streets. The Masa made me remember that you know, a man walks through it. Lathered up real what I really decided to try to turn into. Well for him is my last time in prison a little bit before I got released. He sent me a letter. You're always telling me to be you're always telling me to do. Right. Go to school. He was like what I know what you're actually out there doing your prison right now and broken. Something we've gotta grow up way one day. We gotta go up. Reality that I had to do something different to change my way of life because I knew I had to to be a positive example for my kids everything in this world else can feel for me. But if I'm great debt. I've accomplished everything I needed to. That I may affiliate could never been. Stay not mine. Sort of. Look into what did you treat someone off? When I love a nigga. Was Debbie don't pay for the data. My older brother from the side that will. Got across where that we ever to having our way how much say the legal all. Okay. Back on the causeway fucking day all fake up on my in. Can't you mad at a nickel if not carrying? I have decision for one mission. Get it away for your call delivered petrol turn off the towel. Maybe I'm having. Okay. Maybe I had a heart him. Let's look in the mirror. Feel great man. Look. I feel great. I used to like a caveman. Trust until I got. Odell Beckham Evan. Call labor light rail total nightmare. Mattie killing me trying to get rid of. Really gotta finish me. Mylan was shouting hidden night. Bree. The lobby. Joel. Upper hole to seal personal in the coffee running like a boss their mouths fair. Fair to the ground. I'm. Open your par. Carver got enough. From the beg ac-. He's done a leaving power. Even. Matured being I have. Turban on feel principally player. With the. Security. Nights trying to celebrate. I'm also medication thinking I rela cigarette was team. I'm on different kids. I'm on a different case. I'm on different case. They like those. Level. Less. So. Same. Now. No. The laugh. Speed. Sees. Believe me. Used a spin one though. Dog longing. Track. Pond wreck. Attained. How many times finding? But in the ranch. That'll stomach with have back pain often. Path. Gotta act. I'm all they've adopted. Called them. All the goal. One play play. Fill them. Bye. These. Deafen? Oatmeal. Good. But I'll I'm was fast track. Calmly. Disappointed. That's Ford ended. Paid for these. But it is. Got. Five crab. Bye. See? Join them sing. Super Bowl ad. Did you like that is AP correspondent Mike heaven reports one marketing expert thinks it's become more of a challenge for adds to stand out during the game become increasingly difficult for anything to for any company to really stick out Emory University. Marketing professor, Michael Lewis doesn't think there were any touchdown someone. This year's ads buddy likes the Bud Light corn syrup pads king. This corn syrup assist live not ours. We don't but like with corn syrup taking a very clear, but kind of humor shot at their competitors. Over the corn syrup fluid says some Super Bowl ads now contain political messages causing advertising executives to consider whether an ad will alienate some of the audience or be universally enjoyed. I'm like. This. Heard more that. Which? Stand. Basilan? Nearly unanimous calls from his own party to resign Virginia. Governor Ralph Northam continues to cling to office AP correspondent, Ben Thomas reports. I think he's been completely dishonest. Sharpe's call came from the chairwoman the Congressional Black caucus Karen pass who told NBC's meet the press needs to resign immediately that pota- Saturday news conference in which nor them tried to walk back his apparent acknowledgement that he was one of the two people in photo one medical school yearbook. Pay is definitely not me. I've the person in Klan garb nor the one in black face. But he went on to say around the same time he did put shoe polish on its face. I don't know if anybody ever tried that. But you cannot get shoe polish off to imitate, Michael Chack dance. Konta rhythm said he would not resign because it would be the easy way out. I'm tom. Keeps you. Good. It's. This. This. No. Chief? Suites. Think about. About all things you've. You can me from. Sane and seeing how could I you. Thank you. The changes through. Keeping me from falling and. Sweet. Seeing. Gene. Thank you. Thinking. No-show? This. Notice you been called? Stone the see things. Lele open, Richard. Boy, you haven't been returning. Even. Notice been a slag. Is we please is questions from one to three. Ladies. Little tad -able. These substance. Tim which show? Ways these things house giving the best. Upi goudie. Tila. Talk about a woman who. Let them know stunned. He never once even. News just win. Please questions from one to three. Ladies helped me. Tired of all these ups and downs. Will those Toby chopping kid? These. Shopping. All of the. All the. The be. Closely. Give. Strip. Still. Please as questions from one to three. No me God. Ladies you gotta ask you'll. Does he? Chead is cream? Got. As mile waves lost OSHA seven being swim. As man, I'm going the most. The most. Need love and. Faces L never. No, no. Found the famous the places and people that know China just think maybe you can. So many people only. Hard fan. Let's face it of flood and the pace a couple of dollars down on trying to chase kids from Oklahoma, man. We don't waste. Pitcher peas the naked them before. Edit the story this people. Switching win. To further real somebody else some saying, no shame passing psych. Psych? Good. This call. Good have. Stove. Oh in studio. Bob's things filming last ri-. Got my bench way, m my hat real. Known. She'll call you. Windchill. Thanks. Seven three record clipper, rated your boss. Still makes you know we like Gallus came Robin lease spots. Beatty. Video with pastor. Troy sick. Shelly care. Keen, the Bobby Brown skinned Bobby Brown, judge show branchy y bomb baby. Sav rain. She'll. You win the PECS. Sports sixty phony. Cliff four she's symbol. Sim- savvy. Patrice check CMS media. Robin Limay may worldwide distribution. Brow corporation that girl. The bad. Brad berkowitz. Case for dark star records real slick. Gummy grab. The motion turn. She'll. Point you win the mex-. Turn. She'll. Win win. Thanks. What I'm Tom now? Right. We. Klinka man. Still you. Worst. You're be talking about me. Like, here's my theme. To you later homes. It's. The. We. The. The. Trade. Cool. Stolen. Cain you refrain the surgery because breaking pay lame. Combing mistakes. That's the type of nickel saints pay. Rain, and they stayed. Respects foreign born the shipping, plus tax. Call score tau like nine eleven you go fight Ginny fishy to Nick. Checking the world think about my girl wind tunnel. Colin. Going. Stolen. I too. Camouflage us it's saying thank like what you wanna to see like my rear. Naked me Hunga had full internet access restored over the weekend. After crews finished repairing damaged international cable, the Pacific nation in virtual darkness for almost two weeks. The director at the operator of tongue undersea internet cable. Now says he can't rule out sabotage is the reason the cable broke Mondays comments came after the director at Tonga cable last week. He thought a large ship had caused the damage dragging an anchor along the seabed, though, he says that remains a working theory says repair crews phone to breaks along the vital fiber optic cable that connects Tonga with the rest of the world and several kilometers away. They found two more breaks and rope and them separate domestic able the connects the main island with some of Tonga's outer islands. He's the crew members specialized repair ship found the rope. Attached to the domestic cable for about one hundred meters. Cable was twisted and damage. The floor. All flat. Tonight. Not pay. Crossed. Free topping. Pass me. Thanks. Crossed in. Eric. Temple. Them. The. Weaken bulla. Thanks. Sleep. Wong tape me. Wall. To how. Wall. The plays. Him this. Fall. Oh. There. Risk. Floor. Pain. After. Q. Leg to me. Amble? My fear. But if you just. Two. If careful. A little hair. Pain. Thanks. Comma. Sam. Cheer miss who's? Do you? Buying battery company Maxwell technologies for about two hundred eighteen million dollars. In stock. The deal. Gives us a boost and battery technology tries to cut costs in mass produce electric cars. Those improvements involve improving battery capacity in cutting down on recharging time Maxwell technologies chief financial officer told analysts last month because of recent technological developments Fangio company expected to form new partnerships within six month. Tesla says it expects to deliver three hundred sixty thousand to four hundred thousand vehicles this year growth rate of forty five percent to sixty five percent. This. Just. Back. Trust them. Out back. Tips. Walk. That's. Back. Welcome. Why? The. Make tape made is six please. The plane. Mine. Cut. Called the nets. No. Got up. No. This. Is that? On the reading. Put. Carol. Alex. Kim. Rules. Pits. Is this? Muscle. That's. Hey. Ahead. I. Now. This. If we only goal to. Feels. Want to cry? You won't pass. Founded? Action. Founded swear. Rounded tell me where you will. Eighteen. Six. Six. Sexy m me all. Once. Pied into. Pass shoulder. Be so sweet. She's. How you will. Gene. Sex sex. I some gonna take Davin tutto water to please their. Girl, it out a Bruma might just weep. You feel feeding make tell some bad. Maybe we can foetal quota. Probably only. We work our way from people go, you know. Two. Got me. Now. Superbowl ad. Did you like best is AP? Correspondent Mike happen reports. One marketing expert thinks it's become more of a challenge for adds to stand out during the big game become increasingly difficult for anything to for any company to really stick out Emory University. Marketing professor Michael Lewis doesn't think there were any touchdowns. Among this year's as buddy likes, the Bud Light corn syrup pads came this corn syrup, just livered hours. We don't prove like with corn syrup taking a very clear, but kinda humor shot at their competitors. Over the corn syrup fluid says some Super Bowl ads now contain political messages causing advertising executives to consider whether an ad will alienate some of the audience or be universally enjoyed. I'm mike. Tim took it. Manatee? And so. No. Scott. Can. Can't ask say through the changing oh show Taff. Taff? Cease. Bill. But. Choose. Take. Math. And if you see Fletcher snow. Coverage. Hello. Lynn. Creator producer of live. We have over two million Joop apple listeners, reaching two hundred countries. Not talk music twenty four just to. Five five dot com. What? Thank. Rabbit? Fans. Bio. Same. Crazy. That means. Now. Hoodlums from the little. Coming festive custom ground in the band like. That. Can that? Gossipy the need to turn from a boost what acting like thousand crapping morale trap. What that means? Got hookah whole cook got don't nigga whole sitting got shook. Come tied him put it peaks. Come full. Got money. Goes right here. What you need. Cool it down. Not a blessed can fair. Black cat feel wrecking bad pitch out his back Li green white pills. Scarface feels like covering Figel business off as big in the money keeps going like heart rate. Middle. Filling. Fitness fucking. I'm saying. A pitch cone keep play plane. Tonight. It's love to the. The ball field has kidney came in never had. On the window. The kin. Flow path forty still to like Gotti. Fees leave with the. Money at a pet three. Dan. Where this level kit a run this sale. Fail to and the play pay Pay's keeping its keep. L E love. Keeping a keep going players playing key. But tonight. It's all about free life. Loves gonna get. You don't wanna see the the night pitching that the plan? Not not the case. Booth. Dog gets a west thing picking best from the west team. Nick. Blue nick. Thinking like Haiti? Gaming when you love respect Lamon name pains, keeping its keep. Love. P a pitch. Playing. But tonight the night. L A law. Season given the money. How do? On the building. Just a west LA, given something derive. Like, no. Special. To. Hi. I knew. Everybody's talking about to good old days. Right. The good old days old days. Well, let's talk about the good old days. Come to think of it as as bad as we think, they are these. Become the good old days fat children. What if I don't we? Try to remember. Kind of September. Life slow. So. Chatham? And if you remember then. All what does it seem that the past is always we look back, and we think the winters warm. The grass was greener skies will Bloor. Smiles? Canopy was so simple. If we had the chance to do it. All okay. Tell me. What? Could. Stewart. Of the way. Scattered pictures. Of this. Swim team. Smells week too. For the way, we. That it was so simple. Then. Has time. Never. Had the chance to do it. All again. What? Maybe. What's too painful to? Stiffly? Fim? Hey. You. The best. Sure. The meaning. Changed? Comey. This. Weed in this. Expe-? Battle. Try to. Relationships. This. Can we? These. Shake. Weed in this. Floor. All. Now. Pay the crust. Kisco? Crossed in. The. Weaken. When you when you when you think your own b b. Those. When you when you can find things to say in Nola can Moore's to you. Let me now. Joe Joe Joe Joe those much is dumb. Fine piece in every story. That's true. No. Did you? Cable. Restoring? True. Did you? Story. Nate you force can. That will come. The. Imagine. She. What she would do. Mr chill. We from Florida. We supposed to shy wanna give shy DJ, rob. Thank you for keeping vibes. Live less goal. Fly. Can't you keeping? Homeboys have. One of some of. Stay down. Does. Call. Things. Time. About. Joe? Kettle. Do you have? Wife. Fin. Thanks. Joe's. Plan. Don't pay. God. Joe? Stove. Oh studio five's things feel what that's ri- high got my pants. Have known you. She'll call you. Green. You wind chill. Seven three records sink. Rated your boss. Make sure you know, we like jealous p k Robin lease spots. Green video with the Troy west six. 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