212: Challenges Players Will Face Upon Returning & How Many Current Bruins Will Make The Hall of Fame w/ Matt Kalman


This is June thirtieth and this is the Bruins beat on Social Media And welcome back to the Bruins beat on US media. My Name Is Marinov Ski and we are one day away from July, which is absolutely wild, which means we're also that much closer to playoff hockey which we don't ever say. Except in this year. This is the year that we can say that. July brings US closer to playoff hockey. On this episode, I had Matt Calman formerly of W. E. DOT com. Unfortunately. One of the people who was let go due to covid nineteen. Hopefully, he'll be back somewhere soon. He's at Forbes writing things right now. But he he came on the show, but I haven't talked to him. In a while also has fun catching up with him. I was next to him for most of the playoffs last year asked specifically through the entire cup run so. It was nice to get job. Have some new conversation. We talked about sort of what if a player decides, they just don't Wanna come back for health reasons or other reasons, potential hub cities which are supposed to drop this week if they have not already recording on Monday, so maybe drops Monday night, I don't know. And then we get into a fun conversation on. Who on the bruins currently would be in of fame? and. It's a lot less than people think. Before we're going to the conversation when most people try to lose weight, they think exercise whether they actually start exercising or not. Results are normally the same either way I stay the same because losing weight is all about wait for it. Nutrition nutrition. That's what it call comes down to with awakened one eighty weight loss, you'll receive a customized utrition plan weekly coaching, and the option received eighty percent of your daily foods to help you lose weight your first week each week after until you're down to your ideal weight. 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Matt Calman Matt. What's up? How's it going? You didn't know how to. Find Me Free agents or I don't usually identify in okay I usually identify in the intro that I do but Yeah, how have you been? Or mostly. Long walks and. Follow twitter. Sealed. The nonsense is everywhere, but the long walks kinda everybody right now I feel like the first month or quarantine. That was all I did was walks. Walk through the woods and I got bored of IT I can do this trail. Board but if It was like a way to replace driving to listen to podcasts and keep up on that, but then even that got boring so. Yeah. It's funny I do now. Led to Amherst a few times. I listen to podcasts driving up there, but. A lot of my podcasting listening comes when I play Xbox. A place of NHL. Put headphones in just I'm I'm listening to podcast three hours So you walk in, listen to podcasts. You're not listen to anything at all now now. Yeah, listen to podcasts, maybe a little music in You know a couple of errands every week. Maybe go to the grocery store once every other week and take out. Starting a bad thing. What podcast you listen to? Mostly Marc, Maron Gilbert Godfrey a baseball tonight hockey central. Thirty one awesome course of like that. Yeah I've I've been less and less on the sports end of it lately. I'm actually a I listen to Joe. Rogan I'll course. I like I think it's interesting lot to different perspectives on now listen to sports, ones you catch up on stuff, but yeah, so where can people find your work right now, or are you completely free agent? Free agent except for a little bit work I do for Forbes Dot Com. You know obviously tweet that stuff out, but right now. What happens, too? Is that my I can only write a certain. Number of stories a month for them so after be judicious in what I decided. I'm going to write about what can write about and then it's always a panic toward the end of the month. It's like often writes up now and something happens in the last three days of the month. Will I be screwed or A lot more stresses should be for something. That doesn't pay that much in the. is so relaxed, but. At least every once in a while, it's it's hard to I. Don't know about you. Sit down the right now when you're right once every ten days. It's a lot harder to which your thoughts together in. Keeping organizers so. It is and I think that's a big thing with with there being no. Real like big news at least in the bruins world, which is the one thing I write about? There's no, we're not at Games. There's no right now. Usually it's chew. We're records on June twenty-ninth. Diving into free agency and you know where's Tori crew assigned? And that's not even happening now you know. Little tidbits on Kovin, who who doesn't and there's not there's not a lot to opine about. It's funny though the Patriots. They got Cam Newton. We were. Patriots beat writers. We'd have a gold mine of things to talk about to write about ruins I mean patriots writers have had a lot to write about most of the the Patriots capita. Everybody going right, so it's true they have so we'll get into a little bit brew and stuff. So, it's funny Bruce Cassidy talked. Monday morning so recorded on Monday for the listeners. We won't say today because you'll be confused. We'll say Monday morning and he was asked about. If players have shown any hesitations in doing in jumping right back into playing right and he said nobody is of yet hopefully nobody going forward. I think the players WanNa. Get back training camp and see what it's GonNa. Look like so far so good on our end with everyone in the organization on that, and then someone asked about what if a player was what, if a player kingdom, and said he didn't WanNa play. Interesting answering said we try to get to the root. Is it a health issue or something deeper in there If that's the way they felt I don't know how we stop them. It's that simple I. think it's the players right to work in a safe environment. And I think that's true. Someone comes to him and says look. I don't WanNA play. Because of health resent welcome to play because I want see my family for three months right I mean. What can you say to that Do you think this will ever pop up with this team. Well, I mean I think two things have happened today that on Monday like you said that kind of just reading about before we got on his call at four o'clock on Monday is first of MLB. You have three players. That are opting out already. Just like you're talking about, they just decided. They're not gonNA play. There's no. Serious reason for them. They're not sick. They're not. compromised, but they just don't see the risk being worthy Ryan Zimmerman and Joe Ross from Washington, and likely from Arizona so that's just the start of the mammal be players. We don't know who else is gonNA. Come out in the next couple of days in the second thing was anti. Joe Put out that report that of the people that are reported phrase to. Face to face three whichever one it is now, yeah. They. What six percent of tested positive so far? kind of high I mean. I guess you're always for two percent. Infection rate in success kind of highest seems and. I think when it comes to it. We know the hockey players. They've been taught forever to play regardless of what's happening whether it's Patrice Bergeron in his class longer. Chara is demolished. Face in. You know you talk about all these things, but then you see some of these guys here. Kevin. Be Exa the former defenceman. He's on several podcasts and shows and talked about players. He's talked to that say. They are kind of Leery of flame as opposed to when they would, they would play or whatever injury. This is a little different for them so. it's tough to you can't say now. What's it going to be in three weeks? And that's why they've waited so long. Right to the name. These subsidies cities is that they don't. Everything's changing on the ground every day, and plus you have to get the facts as opposed to the lies that are coming out of certain places that are trying to downplay everything to benefit them politically, so it's GonNa be a hard thing in Any player would be within his rights. When are you preparing? Brings up escrow. Eight nine miss. Wait a missed the point dude. but an opposite it also to show that he doesn't understand what escrow is, but nonetheless. you know the financial ramifications are one thing the health reasons or another, and you couldn't really blame anyone especially guys. That have young children that I babies, and of course the most important. What is the wives? And it's funny. You hit on a really important point. Is that hockey players don't? They they fight through these things typically factory injuries, not usually if you have to face up pandemic, but in this case all signs point to they do fight through it. And that's why I feel like. If there's any league that does make this return, it's the NHL and it's these players. There's like no I don't feel like there's not I feel like there's not going to be a lot of players who do say I. Don't WanNa play. Because of health reasons, there wasn't interesting. The NBA and JR reported on this on June twenty second. Was that the Troll Blazers Trevor Reza was opting out of the NBA restart because of a visitation things with his son. He had a one month visitation window with his young son to with him. It was something over. A says tr- ARESO starters involved in a custody case over his twelve year old son in the mother's decision to grant court ordered one month visitation period during the League's quarantine of teams in Orlando. Florida letter reasons that uses parenting responsibilities over competing with the blazers now. I don't know if that's going to happen in the NHL, but there's also why. Saying these you know Y, Y you leaving the family for four months or family members saying. Somebody talking about what if my kids get sick while I'm out with you. Know I'm worried. What does your wife gets sick while you're out and no one's there to take care of the kids so exactly. That's the other part of it in just You know it's going to. Keep talking about all I'm sure the legal. Keep US safe in. All these things, but when you think about how. In the first place it took the NBA so long to shut down in the first place in the NHL basically reacted to that. right. Up until. The night before there were games right, they were thinking too much about protecting anybody so and the fact is you try to protect everyone, but it's not a it's not. It's never going to be perfect, and especially I mean I i. don't even understand how these guys are going to stay in this bubble, any of the sports, but you know. Of course we're talking about hockey right now and where you don't have any of that, you know. Get away from the rink kind of life. Not even just not even for bonding, but just for your own mental capacity. You're just going to go in and play. You're going to sit in a hotel room or in our hotel restaurant in these safe places and. It's it's kind of daunting I think the guy's really quite understand what it's GonNa. Be especially. You're not GonNa have the stories much of the training staff there the? The things to all these different machines, they have all the type of treatments they get it. It's going to be. And two for two months. At least you know if you're if you're going to be I don't even say the two teams that are going to the file. The teams that are going to Rowan's. That might be a harder thing than just then getting. If if there's a rash of infection, just living your life like that is going to be. A heck of a thing will now for these teams that are in the play in rounds. There's two reasons to lose number one is. is to. Not Be there anymore and number two is potential. Get the first overall pick in the draft. I mean. That was the whole crazy thing. We really can't discuss with Bruins, because the Bruins have no chance getting the first overall pick. It probably traded within a few years. anyways, but you know when you think about that aspect of get a you know like we like mass. We need to get away from doing already. Jacques doing other things and engine walks, and I'm younger granted I, have xbox which is amazing, but that is not going to all of my time. It gets boring after also I. Mean they're going to have this extra group of players with them, right? I mean I'm not sure what the king that? What do they ever put out the final number how many extras they're going to have? Cassidy set about twenty to twenty thirty skaters today. Believe that's what he said. Right so that's only like. Eight or nine extra in at least two of them are going to be goalies right so. Think about the Bruins played Ottawa. Lost Five defenseman. Right off the top, so yeah, that happens to you like. Where are you getting players from? That's that's on Michael. LYLES and Stepney Akron speed dial. Exactly I mean you know from day one when they talked about resuming and this is especially true for baseball. And Hockey as well, but I think baseball was at the forefront of the beginning. 'cause everyone expected baseball. The first back is how many how many players is enough to have. When a you have. Players at are going to get. You'RE GONNA have probably more injuries than normally right just polls in strains from guys being out so long and then going into playoff, instead of having a real training camp I mean no matter what you say you can really be. It's not you're not gonNA. Have that five months of playing before you play the play. So, that's GonNa cost, and then just. Are you not going to be able to replace players that stink? Because you're going to have to think twice about like okay. This guy might be. Terrible, but he's better than the guy who hasn't played in. Three extra weeks. That has played a game. What happens with the perfection line dries up. Has they turn it up performance like they did in the Stanley Cup I mean. Maybe you're counting on the nickel to be young guy, just jumping there with all his youthful enthusiasm against. y'All that enthusiasm. It'll be interesting to see what what shaped. Some of these guys are in I. Mean we all I think the first thing we all thought of when they went out with all G.. What's GonNa? Look like when he comes back alright so. Or nicorette Jimmy her neck. Yeah, whichever achievement of you know whatever? Yeah, well. There have quarantining together in their their family's farm. I believe. So there, you know. We talked to them. A month a month ago, he looked fine. Release his face so. You know. Who knows. His face is fine. Not to pick on him, but I mean the fact. Is that the guys? Did it have the right? It's not even a thing where you're going to pick up somebody for being lazy or anything. The guys I mean we heard so many guys. They didn't have the equipment at home and it was sold out when they tried to order. Because everyone was doing the same thing right see. What's funny? Though is I mean I'm not a hockey player, but I'll put myself down as someone who's gotten in better shape since quarantine started I tell consistently in Berkeley and. Gone Down to the basement done a bunch of. Prison push-up workouts. No. But I've lost you a little bit of the beer belly and Kinda shed some some extra weight. Even really have much to begin with, but hey I'm a better shape. Why the hell can't these guys be now? But I mean it is true. They don't have the equipment and they usually do have all this equipment. They have people working with them so. We're giving the after the doubt there. You mentioned hub cities very important. A lot of people thought it would be Vancouver and somebody in couvert dropped out last week and we do not want that here so now. It feels like there's there's five that they're talking about. Chicago L. A.. Toronto Vegas and Edmonton the lead. The latest report basically says Toronto in Vegas or are done deals, but so so that's what I think I think Toronto in Vegas should be if not if not vegas than Edmonton. Toronto basically seem like the most equipped to handle it I still don't know how they're not gonNa like if you're coaching in Vegas. How do you not want to go? Down the streets to the casinos order the nightclubs well. The nightclubs are open, but the or maybe they are in Vegas I don't know but. Like? Are these are these tier or these areas able to actually. Keep these guys contained like how do because the NBA's talked about having video games there and movie screenings because all Disney stuff. Nhl GonNa do have like country. Singers perform I mean I i. don't know what they're GONNA do. What they're GONNA do to. Amuse. Them, I, guess. At. The very least that I'm thinking about this, allow just when you're talking about is like with Vegas at least I mean y. you can't go out necessarily to the restaurants there's. So many amazing restaurants that they could get takeout from so that might be a boost to the business, and it's also be some varieties, Louis that aspect of it I guess I mean. How much these guys eat, you know non obviously. Charles. They're going to have wheat, germ or whatever but. Some of the guys are like the real food. So. That might be one benefit. Then I. Guess you know beyond that. If they're in the hotels. Maybe they can close the pools the pull off. Just I haven't for the players. They can slam a little bit. It's going to be a hundred and twenty degrees, but. You know they have. Air conditioned bungalows and stuff, so they can do that. I mean I. Guess There's enough. Waste entertain guys in the casinos in keeping the public out. You can even even have the some of the tables be open for the guys to Campbell, a little bit down. Who has the biggest cannonball? The cool exactly I know Gary Batman's opinion would be to have gambling, but he's the one who put a team in. VEGAS IS GONNA. Let them have GIG as a hub city Toronto on the other hand. I mean I guess it's of the restaurants, so the same but. It's maybe not as A. Exciting, just the hotels are maybe more than not resorts like the ones in Vegas. Let's a little different than. I guess guys can go get private tour of the hall of fame. TORONTO'S GONNA? Give up the Bruins the. Room Motel six on. Let them exactly what. Everyone's GonNa. Know where they're staying. They're going to be getting nonstop. Emergency calls fire alarms. Everyone's going to torture the Bruins. Yeah, because they're going to finally Toronto's playing a little bit into the summer. It's the first for them. But that is good point and you wonder if they're gonNA release where these guys at people find out. If they call, there's only gonNA. Go along with that. They can use so. It'll be easy to our down, yeah. I wonder what they do with the maple leafs. Like, they're just going to be in their own homes. They're gonNA. You're saying now that originally. They said that maybe they were going to have the team not played. It's an it's hub. Think maybe more when they were doing for with the to hogs and the fact, the way things are going to hell in some places. They're just letting them. Take stay in their home. It doesn't. It's not like damage of advantage I mean. There's fans so. The only benefit is if they actually did say something and let let them use their locker room. which is stupid that is. Also that! Hey, you know what benefit if Toronto loses you. How great the jokes be that! They lost with the playoffs in their own city. That would be yeah tremendous. We don't know where they're going to play the final, so maybe they'll play the final there in the in Toronto finally. Get to see the Stanley Cup, except when it comes to visit Damien out so it could for them outright could for them, so you mentioned the hall of fame, and I want to get into this. Okay, because obviously, the hall of fame is come up marrying hosts. McGill former Bruin for a year almost a year and a half, but he chose the wrong place. Shrum. Kim Got in. Begs the question that we ask all the time. Who are the current hall of famers on this Bruins team and to me, Matt Calvin. Yeah, there's two maybe three and potentially for so the definite subversion Chara. Everybody's everyone agrees on that, but then here's the. Maybe here's a potentially. Maybe rask right. They are weird about goalies. and. You have to ask the question with Brad Marshawn, is he? You know if he continues on this pace. He's controversial, but. Definitely, you know with the numbers. He put up this year last year. Does that for you know a few right out more years? I think he's guy gets in guy who does not get into David Krejci Dave. Creatures Not Hall of Famer the stuff by David Krejci being a hall of fame nonsense. But, who would you pick who your guys yeah? I mean it's way early, but obviously posture knocks on the track I mean if that's your way, he scores. Any if he if he stays healthy, can have in veteran S. career is not going to challenge these record. The way of education is but. These up there like you said Birger on definitely is, there is first ballot is very hoses first ballots in Bertram by far is US Donald Trump clearly is a first ballot I mean. The guy is just He's a groundbreaking player that you'll never see the type of player baby again in our lifetimes to have to be that size, and have that agility in all the strength and everything that he's accomplished and the Martian thing. You're right I mean you see some of these goalscorers. If if he can rack up a few more forty years, or you know I guess now that he's more of a playmaker, maybe some. Sixty seven the assist years If especially if they win the compass second time, he'll be a factor but There are some things holding back because he didn't really start hitting stride goals going wise until he's older you look at guys like John Leclair, keep chuck. Ngoni the guy whoever wants to keep bringing up I. Don't know I think the only people that don't think. Alexander will gillies a hall of Famer or people that are on the hall of Fame Committee. I don't know I haven't read enough. I haven't read any arguments against him so. You know it's. It's clearly hard for wings and is hard like you said for goalies to harass clearly. Are Legal tender for more than a decade is an original six franchise. You know the they're all time. Leading Games played wins. He was he's. is He still the all time? Leader in Saint Percentage Check. He's up there in the top three or five. Two trips to the finals already. But You know so maybe if you look at it right now. The the hall of fame goalies right now. Probably Ham in price I don't know maybe put Crawford and quick in there as well. quick was a little too short and Crawford's I felt like has. Too Short of a prime. He wants to cops though and I don't know what they judge always on because to me. Why is it Curtis Joseph in the Hall of fame? Why isn't Tommaso Hall of fame? The goal is really get short shrift there I. IT doesn't make a lot of sense since they never have any transparency. Never explain themselves. We don't know what what they're lacking, but They've opened I. Mean I'm not one of these ones against Kevin Low in the hall of fame, I mean people who covered Kevin Lau and saw him on a regular basis. Say That even if he wasn't an elite hall of fame talent that he was, he was such a huge contributor on off the ice to six cup winners. That is no problem with him. Being there, I mean and it's so hard to quantify these defensive defenseman. But they've opened themselves up a little bit different can of worms here where you're not gonna see guys that have won the Cup six times, but they're going to be equal or better at him. Being a state defense spending, they're going to have to determine which ones go in the hall of fame. That's that's the only issue with me with him. Going into me and it's going to it that relates to the goal is to make us out. We don't know how they're judging goalies. And the thing is I. Mean I. Think once if Raskin can get that cup as a starter I think. A guy who gets in if he gets the copies but. Again. You can't really I mean I hate people that based on just on that just a championships I mean? And that's part of the problem part of the prompt to maybe with the Kevin, lowe thing, not nothing personal can symbol. Like how much could should you benefit from being on a team that won the cup. Six. Times five times with the at the with I've been playing with. How many other hall of Famers were on those teams? And the thing is with the hall of fame, like I'm a huge championship guy and judging people off that, but when it comes to hall of fame, like the regular season means almost more in a sense because that was the majority of your your your playing time exactly. But it shouldn't keep a guy out if the rest of his team was. Not too great. And it's the same struggle and got right in The other thing is you mentioned Chara. Was it you last year. Who said that you thought Charles was better now than he was in when his norris trophy. Year. Didn't you say something about the fact that I mean the dental Chari in two thousand. Eight two thousand like thirteen is just. Unbelievable I mean. Is is definitely you know it's amazing to see how he's? How well suited? He is forty three now for the game the way it's played in how much ridiculously? Faster is i. don't even necessarily say it's better It's faster, but not I mean those that Nour's years in other years where he didn't win. The Nour's because they were just writing alleged from every time. You can't compare I. It was just unbelievable the way he was those years in and the copier, but especially. On, he was just unbelievable that year I mean. Look at a defenseman. He had around him on that team just watching. The. Fenway winter. Classic last night in watching. They had a defense pair Derek Morris and Matt Conway Oh my God. It's kind of a cloud. Show out there. That was just in. January of that year by the time they got to the playoffs. You Know Mars has gone. So then you look at the year before that with you know Farris who wasn't really ferris yet because he couldn't stay on the line on his blown up his groins every other day and Aaron Ward was kind of down on his last legs in. The late Steve Door was playing some forward to playing some diesel that that the core was even worse than the ten. The ten one in Erie was carried them to the game seven the second round, he was just phenomenal, but the member remember what an offensive player! He was I mean. He played on the power play, and no one could stop his shot and he. He hardly ever used the slapshot and. Could put up some points so. That was. was, was trying I mean if he quit. Let's say he retired through at forty. He was hall of Fame Automatically Yeah. You know anything now is gravy and then Matt. Hun Wick was also powerplay quarterback back then which I watched for highlights now and I'm like what the Hell is he doing? Also Dennis Wideman was on those. wideman was on P P one. And he was, he was the lead guy now. MPP TO BERGE ON. Mars were the points in the. Will, also I remember Towards. The twenty thirteen years the sword, the middled cloud was using him in front of the net. was using chart in front of the net here digging in corners and stuff. They were begging to do that for years, and then he finally did it in work. You know enough I think actually. In Two thousand eleven. Didn't he do it in two thousand eleven? Call that is remember the twenty thirteen when he's in front of the net screen, diver is wrong that. But. Yeah, no, I, mean he it is incredible, and the office of side of him was also extremely good. It's funny to see the watching those old games even in two thousand ten years ago. How much the NHL game has changed like look at how the game is played, now verse then, and it's just so different. You know it's just so much more skill based more crisp now back then it was more you know. Dump and chase. Speed wasn't as big of a thing so. It is gonNA game has house. It's just not as physical at all. I mean now. It's not some of the things they used to do it like you said even just five ten years ago. It's Kinda crazy that I mean you hope that? It keeps people interest. It's hard. Yeah, no, it's. The Bruins near tough guy type mentality these days, but anyways. Thank you for joining us. So people can read you over Forbes and then I think you get picked up once. Hockey or once things start up again. hopefully and then people can listen to you more on here. 'cause no more. No, more escape pod, so you'll. You'll work your way into one of the recurring. Bruins beat now, but anyways. Thank you for joining in. Me I'm Evan. Baranovsky uber speechless for some great rest of your week.

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