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It's Ellen Degeneres welcome to my podcast we're GONNA listen to some of the best moments from the show and it's GonNa be hosted by four executive producers that I love Hi Hiney ten you heard US Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake go clubbing in Paris three-year-old viral sensation ion diop motivates us awful romantic but I was very yeah it was I was surprised I mean even if you kind of imagine what that moment's GonNa be like it's still unlike smart and funny just yeah just all of it and she's lovely every time she's on our show but I found her to be particularly hello everyone happy Thursday I'm going to thank you not to touch my feet so happy Thursday everyone today we get to see your haunted house very excited if I choose to allow it to I'm sorry what you do not have approval sweet that you think you have that kind of power no I don't think so I I guess I I mean it seemed like something that I thought would be I mean we talked about Right Collin did a great job you look Fabulous Hill congratulations I you got engaged since the last time I saw I did yeah Dan I know one you can tell us if you want but you don't have to it's a very personal thing and it was very personal it was happy on this appearance because she got to tell the story of her engagement to Colin Jost it seemed like she wanted to tell it and yet sort of didn't want to give away too many can you talk about Scarlett Johansson because she had a wonderful appearance first of all just objectively speaking she's one of the most beautiful people on the earth yeah she has just beautiful average Andy surprise his a b kind box scrubber Kevin Plays Holy Roller with a fellow Disney fan let me read that again the single nerdiness sentence you'll ever on the go I'm your host Andy Lassiter High Andy Andy joining me is our our I'm Mary Connolly I'm currently in the second and Glavin it started rolling with fellow Disney Fan and Ellen give some tips on how to slow down in life welcome to eh a little weekend trip to new hope Pennsylvania which is a fun little rt community outside of Philadelphia on the Delaware water gap there and she found did he do it in a romantic way you don't have to say exactly what he did he killed it yeah he did like a whole James Bond situation is he was very yeah I know he's when will the wedding be so I can clear my schedule I need to know I had to clear my schedule for US Yeah Yeah you're pretty busy you are expecting that to John Thank you locked in central cute guy he is a cute on this sort of stained glass jewelry box Debussy Debbie that really that she really fancied and I told that I thought it was too expensive for for for her to buy it but she could a special moment and I think more than anything when someone tells you they want to share the rest of their life with you and and just as a it's a lovely special we finished our weekend trip in new hope and the next weekend she had plans and I drove back to new hope from to buy jewelry box not this way when I bought her engagement ring I had to get my credit limit increase on my credit cards engagement ring but I got the engagement ring in the fall with the help of a friend of ours named Alexandra Jewett he uses surprising yeah he's got a lot behind that newsdesk hiding no he's now he seems like he does he's charming and very charming and very it was like nineteen ninety got married in nineteen ninety two and it was right around Christmas break and in the fall we had gone we worked in New York we had taken man partial our engaged I really down that path now right no no were you really expecting it and thinking when is this finally going to happen tails cushy private what she ended up not giving a lot of detail but conveying how meaningful it was to her absolutely and how beautiful it was and how with balloons just one with just one single balloon a hot air balloon no there was no hot melt wasn't really that great that she wanted but it was a lot of money and she didn't and then we went to another place and she was shopping around and I ran back to that place and I said hold onto that reduction me I'm going to buy it and they put it aside Puzzle Story Kevin No did you propose I did did he propose I propose that's right I wouldn't say it was a good start with just the two of US sweet romantic a stereo and I said all right let's each one gift before we go away because we're going away for a weekend and she gave me a gift which was a book on how to play the harmonica buying up roses from data's all around all around the area so you had a lot debbie thought I was surprising here with a Christmas tree when she came home the place was buried in roses and I hid the ring in the jewelry box so we finished our last taping donohue now she's now at this point yes okay and so now we're both leaving thousands of five star reviews on trust pilot go check them out they take care of everything they design measure and install making the whole process super super simple they provide great 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shutters drapes to choose from and it's all custom people three day blinds is the leading manufacture that's a good thing in the podcast now that was enough but anyway Scarlett Johansson was here promoting Joe Joe Rabbits to those people who have seen it are saying it's amazing he show this night and we now have three or four days off and I said I talked to runs marines and I'll meet you at the apartment which was in little Italy at the time and I took the subway down to literally and then ran around little Italy jury box that she didn't open it so then she turned to me and saw I guess all the blood left my head man five four three nine that's one eight seven seven nine one four five four three nine speaking of I I must have had fifteen dozen roses and I picked the song that I thought would be our wedding song which was by Marco called true companion and I put that on service great value and they work within your budget you just set up an appointment and they'll get you a quote that 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I'll tell you what I did yeah I'll tell you here's what I did I didn't fly in the family we were working at the Phil Donahue show adage she didn't tell the story we thought she was going to tell instead she told that she had gone camping with Liam Neeson take a listen I'm hearing really good things sort of risky topic to you know yeah set against the backdrop of Nazi Germany Yeah exactly and yet has some comedy and people seem got it because I did at the time guitar and I love the Harmonica and I wanted to be frustrated musician with a mullet and now you open yours and it was the jewelry box and she was so floored by the e day podcast Dot Com and use Promo Code Ellen or if you prefer your old fashioned light and you can call them at one eight seven seven nine one four Helen Mirren Yup bad s bad ass yeah I'm pretty sure she's never camping and being in a yurt right and we Sean Hayes asked the Question Sean the guest host asked the question she started talking about incredible in everything she does Dame Helen Mirren Utah Game when you see her you're on the stage and you see her on stage what do you call it Mademoiselle then I got a friend of hers to help me woman was it twelve dollars how much would be two hundred dollars for the jury box office in nineteen eighty nine that's like seventeen thousand today the very outdoorsy Helen Mirren outdoorsy. That's a yet a you're you're you're in easy so she opened it and then the ring was inside it and then I got on my God that's a that's a real that was real yeah had a bad talk show appearance nor a bad film right she is just that good she she we learned something we didn't know and what was that I'm anthony more permanent than attend more permanent and attempt yes yeah set less insulated maybe then a cabin when you do that ridiculous number three I got pulled over for driving on the wrong side of the road not while drunk the truth is and then we we we can't in this tiny little tent that and it rained all day every day we become in Cornwall and then we yeah I know we lived we lived together for four years we did yes yes when you're looking at your instagram a big fan of your instagram it's hilarious like these half photos you take and everything but also you like camping right there's another photo of you camping and INSTAGRAM AW is watching Jersey shore with Akilah on ice number two I gotta to when I was really drunk there's a thing going on here truth is that what we did yep take a listen let me listen to the clip all right we're GONNA take turns three facts about us that she had lived with Liam Niessen for four years wow one and she was supposed to be telling a story about going Turkey Sandwich I sprained my ankle doing the electric slide at a wedding oh I wanNA owned blue it's almost like a t it's almost sleepy it's more like a teepee it's supposed to be sort of better than tent not as good as a cabin right okay more actually ideally with the minibar also very good at lying turns out yes here she is playing to truth and a lie I believe it's to me the latest movie style is now and we went camping in this tiny little tent there was about the size of this table and we drove there in this tiny little card vay drop okay great okay now turn yes he'll turn okay so one of these is the truth okay number one I once went camping in Los Angeles you have a choice of either paying for cabin which is like furnished with the bathroom or something a little less which is called a Yurt and these are gorgeous no you didn't get that noise when you got it wrong because I'm the host near the guests a lot you like the outdoors you like it I've always loved camping I once went camping with Liam Neeson's because Leeann I used to date really yes we have here in Los Angeles called Glam Ping Yeah which is really embarrassing even say which is sort of a camping for the less heart for people hop in the screen two of them are lies and one will be real we have to guess which one is true about the other are you ready are you ready yeah my guilty pleasure Liam Neeson and a tiny town okay number one I have a piece of Arianna grandes hair I was arrested for stealing I need to educate you anyway look it up but those those really smart Car Liam is six foot four so he's head with some touchy topics he was driving it like this ah I didn't get that but no go jersey shore tattoo when I was really drunk pulled over for driving wrong side of the road the third one wrong which one in Santa Barbara your tend to be circular they tend to rally well if I had to choose between ten and a year I'd probably pick a four seasons bladed you'll honestly get excited about receiving box each week with recipes that satisfy each specific dietary need an are continuously delicious and you get open and you have to try played it it's the perfect meal kit that fits your Diet and schedule with over twenty recipes to choose from with plated. 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seemingly wearing couture take a listen to make your box your own this is the only meal kit with Brunch and desert add ons some of the delicious recipes you can enjoy with planet include honey balsamic chicken thighs camping in France as well so yes I do like camping I love I like camping with Leeann niece name to your your is a round we stayed out dancing until literally three am I think we forgot that we were in our late thirties and we thought maybe we were in our early twenties or we sweat I sweat through that at beautiful outfit Yeah it was a beautiful out my gosh it was so beautiful but it I literally was ringing it out by the end of the night and I said this is going to have to be recycled Louis Vuitton shop was I mean it's so glamorous and fun when you never ever do that kind of yeah it's so cool to see that and then we I mean we really went for it are beautiful lovely married to the wonderful Justin timberlake friend of the show friend of the show just in front of the show and she was the little boy who you don't know who I on you don't know I on but you know the little boy you probably have seen him he's a little boy who's walking to school I if you're struggling to find exciting foolproof recipes that fit your diet plus fresh ingredients to make be listening on today's episode Ellen on the Go Scarlett Johansson tells us about Colin Romantic proposal to her Helen Mirren Camps With Liam Nielsen in Bolt and made into some sort of tote bag or something yeah so when you and Justin go to a club and are dancing that that's a good statement when we go to cool doing affirmations himself I love it so much I love that he's the he's the boy who says I am smart I can do anything promoting the show lime town that Ellen loved Yellen loves everything Jessica Biel elements crazy about the center yes she'd Love Jessica Biel Yeah but a show promoting lime town which you should definitely you all were in Paris Justin and that seemed like that was a lot of fun it was a lot of fun you went to all the fashion shows or just just one just one being next Justin Timberlake do they just kind of give up and move away yeah you can you just give up and move away and sort of admire more of you throw out your best moves and see what sticks that must've been so fun though it's so much fun we should talk about ion ion other and then like just brought us together we had it and then we had a delicious dinner right there in our kitchen experience your own meals worth making go to play dot com slash L. to save twenty five percent on your first well it is but it just we never go right ever yeah but you did we did you dance and then what is what does that like for everybody to kind of be dance slow yeah well that's club this club what would you go to we went to the place called maxine it's that not a club was a Dutch oven I didn't know what she does no I didn't know what it is like six you didn't know what to God I will end what I love is his parents like how brilliant of them to teach that boy at a young age what's important and what to be saying yourself so can you just want to be part of that families the kid you just think my life would be better if I was around them more matching wardrobe I always wanted to wet all right so so you've heard ion I was in a conversation with the four of us about what he'd be wearing to do this live shot we talked about a slight costume we do and never said so well and you know I just wanted him to have something positive to say for himself and on that particular day he to the people I know who have gotten it love it and usually people who ordered these boxes subscription boxes are people who order a few subscription boxes are into that whole thing and they consistently say and these are people who are very honest with me because they tell me things they don't like they say that Ellen's subscription boxes amazing and you we did the idea was for me to hand deliver to one of our subscribers of the ellen box who happened to be in Andy Ladner fan exactly to have me show anything with so much purpose in that I keep finally like could understand it right can do anything really big yeah yeah when did you start teaching him to say those affirmations well I started teaching him when he turned to and it's something that we don't

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