Dan Patrick Show - Hour 1 - Chris Mannix (04-12-19)


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I went to top shop, which is the hip search stored at I got this sort of camouflage sweatshirt thing and someone put a purple scarf on me. And it's on. Well, I wanna know fritzy. And paulie didn't get the memo apparently that it's hipster Friday. I have a few things I need a minute because I don't know how to do this. What does that mean? Okay. So you have a scarf. Seton by the way is the track outfit on the guys in Brooklyn wear. The scarves that were there. It's almost up to their eyeballs. Yeah. I can't figure out time the proper way in fritzy would've value sweats on I don't know if they're hipsters switz-, but. Okay. Okay. The combination of the button-down shirt and loose sweatpants is it's like a standard. What he quit his job. All business up top party down below. If you got rid of the shirt, that's what he wore all the yesterday at the hotel, this this is the gave up. All right. Welcome to the program already in progress. Here the hipster Friday, and yes, your comments are welcome. We we're going to put a picture up on the website. It's absolutely nothing hip going on in this room. There's no somehow we try to be hip, and we became unhip phone. I'll tell you though, Seaton's got it at that tracks who costs four hundred dollars. He nailed it with a slip ons. And mclovin looks like every single dude you see over there in Brooklyn when you walk around. There's no way TSA would let you through airport security, mclovin. Look like that. No way. I look I this new mclovin mysterious like what's this guy got cooking those shades on? No, you look like you're up to no good, man. All right. Let's see if you'd like get in touch with the program, by the way, the gymnast sound alike. Contest is in full bloom. We have some sound alikes coming up a little bit later on throughout the three hour show. We'll sprinkle those in. We may hear from Jim Nance Jim who finished runner up a couple years ago in the Jim Nance sounded like content. We're not sure what the weather's going to be like at Augusta keeping an eye on that. There's rain in the forecast for Friday Saturday and Sunday and Jim's not sure with his broadcasting schedule is, but he will try to join us a little bit later on. We say good morning to our TV partners. Of course, be our live dot com. You can stream that for free and also audience network. That's on channel two thirty nine direct TV in our three hundred sixty radio Phillies around the country. We'll talk some playoff basketball, the Laker mess with Chris Mannix. He'll join us coming up a little bit Peter Schrager NFL network NFL network insider will join us a little bit later on as we'll Reggie Miller as well. Mclovin will have a poll question for you the end of the NBA regular seasons? Never pretty we haven't had a whole lot of meaningful basketball games. Now, you had some jockeying for position here in the last couple of days, you know, the seatings, but it's amazing. How quickly the energy changes compla- off time in the warriors are playoff favorites once again, but there is reasonably that they actually will face real challenges. I certainly. Think so they didn't look dominant during the regular season, they look bored. Steph Curry's dealing with an ankle injury. The team says it's not serious the pending off season appears to be causing some friction. We'll see if another team in the west the rockets are nuggets, maybe Oklahoma City can take them down the east is as exciting as it's been in years because there's no LeBron you got the bucks, raptor, six or Celtics. They feel like they're all equal. They can reach the finals and compete with the warriors. So if you found the NBA boring in the last couple of weeks, don't worry, no more resting no more tanking, and you don't hear the words load management anymore. The play offs are here. The intensities back in a big way. I saw a couple of articles pro basketball talk listed the five teams that can knock out the Golden State Warriors number one on the list, Toronto Raptors number two, the Milwaukee Bucks. Now if Malcolm brogden gets back, and that's probably second round. Then I mean, you have. To have him. If you make it to the finals, I need to have brogden back to guard. Klay Thompson number three. They have the Houston Rockets. Number four, the Boston Celtics and number five with the Philadelphia. Seventy sixers. So you have one team in the west everybody else in the. Yes, mclovin. So Toronto every year wins fifty games. And then bows Abbas, Kyle Lowry goes calling the plans, but this year is different. He's glazer. Is that what they're saying? Well, the article says don't get stuck in the raptors are not a playoff team. That's designed you know to actually win the playoffs. Go far in the playoffs though. They're talking about Kawhi Leonard. Can he slowdown? Kevin durant? And they got they got all the ups here. They're good offensive team. They can play defense. But you know, the warriors are going to be favored over everybody. I'm just you know, you start to look at all of this with DeMarcus cousins how much is he going to be used in the plants. They're better when they don't have him on the floor. Is he going to take that as a good soldier Steph curry healthy? You got the Draymond green. Drama all the time. And of course, Kevin Durant may be just passing through with his last run with the Golden State Warriors Dan Patrick show brought to you by truecar you need to make good choices. In truecar. You get a star on your Auster when you're ready to sell or trade in your car. Check out truecar through cash offer not available in all areas. Poll question today. Mclovin. So you haven't committed or none of us have committed who's coming out of the east. We mentioned it yesterday. If we put up the poll bucks, raptor, Sixers or Celtics give it idea of who you think people would vote for. I do not. I think it'd be close between the bucks and the Celtics. Well, I don't know about Joel embiid's health that team is talented. But it doesn't feel like a team Boston doesn't feel like it's cohesive. Like they were last year. Toronto has just been quiet. If Malcolm brogden comes back with Milwaukee, and he's healthy than I would lean towards Milwaukee. If not I would have Toronto. But what about the Celtics? I. I just don't know what I can expect from them. I get the feeling kyri is sort of half in and half out. It hasn't been. They were better last year than this year. That's the amazing part. Is you got to all-stars back and they're not as good as they were last year. So do you get it together? Do they figure it out? It's hard to figure it out in the playoffs in a where you all of a sudden go we kind of figured it out. You know, the rockets needed the second half of the season to figure it out seems need a little while to figure it out. Golden State is still trying to figure out how to use boogie cousins in there and some teams don't figure it out at all Philadelphia. A lot of talent may have the most talent in the east. I just don't know. I can't I don't think they're consistent. So I would say Toronto right now. Because I think there hasn't been any drama, nobody talks about Toronto. And then all of a sudden, you're gonna watch Leonard playing go on its right? He is pretty good. Yeah. It really is fascinating. I like to think back of what we thought at the end of last season when the Celtics push pretty hard last year with her Terry Rozier, and all those guys I can remember when the playoffs finished you and everybody everybody said the Celtics are so the favourite and. The east because they're they're good. They got their young players from Ron Jalen Brown. And those guys they're adding kyri back healthy after his injury. And then Hayward back healthy it was short thing. And now, we're not even considering them as a threat, but you also got these young guys to get more minutes and more shots. And all of a sudden you go. Hey, I'm I can you know, Jason Tatum can take shots whenever he wants to Jalen Brown, and I can take shots whenever I want to. And all of a sudden kyri comes back. Gordon? Hayward comes back, and you're like, wait a minute where my touches here. Wait, what happened here? Yeah. Mclovin. Do you consider when you think about the MVP race between yards and heart? And does it matter to you how they do in the playoffs like Janas flames out in the playoffs and win the MVP that mean that people voted wrong. No, it's a regular season award. It's about matchups because you can get in a series where somebody just has your number. They have a better matchup against you. Then somebody else, but you know, I never Dirk won the MVP and bowed out the first round, it it happens. But I feel. That means that the MVP was a mistake. They didn't really take the most valuable player because how can the most valuable player go out in the first round. But it's about doing something for six months not for one week or ten days. So should I base the MVP off what you do in one series? Or what you do over eighty two games? It seems like eighty two games, you know, as a better designation of value than you've out in a seven game series. But it's like regular season value. Like, you know, like like, I hate to say it like Nashes to MVP's when he won't Dan, Tony just like hardens might win to dantonio. They I don't know that that's the right MVP because they didn't win it. All there were better players like, you know, but they have a playoff MVP finals MVP. Yeah. But how valuable are you when you know? Can you get to the finals and be the VP, then, you know, would you rather have a regular season MVP or finals MVP you'd rather have a finals MVP because that meant you won the championship? Yeah. But nobody remembers Andrea Gonzala or central Corcoran max. As well. As a great all-time player being they won finals every piece. Yeah. Yeah. So I. I'm saying you're valuing something that is over at smaller. It's a smaller sample size gets back to like you. You would vote for Jordan. But other people wouldn't just a mix it up and go with the regular, even though Jordan was gonna win the files. So he should have been MVP all six of those years. And that's who I voted for. But not everyone did I know. But I voted for him knowing the value. He was the most valuable player in in the NBA big because what he did on the floor crowds on the road. You know? So he was a great player, but he was so valuable to the league. And then I figured they're going to win the championship. I had no problem. I remember getting criticized in Salt Lake City and in Phoenix because I didn't vote for Barkley one year. And I didn't vote for Karl Malone and my logic. Was there not a better player than Michael Jordan? They may have had better stats than Jordan. But he's the most valuable player to the league. And he's going to win a championship. And every year he won those championships. So I I didn't feel bad when I would get somebody from the desert news. Who would call and say, how did you? Why are you voting for Michael Jordan, I go? Well, here's my logic. Yep. On I kind of feel that way about Steph curry, I think Steph curry is the best most important most valuable player in the NBA. But he's not the new story. Like if I had to take away new story. I think steps the most valuable even though he's on an unsolvable. I take strip it down kind of. I think I think LeBron is still the most valuable player to the league because everything is about him. So to the league is different Steph curry in an amazing how quickly we move on Steph. Curry is still fascinating to watch. He still unbelievable. The fact that he put a piece numbers and he didn't have the right prescription with his contacts. So, you know, Kevin Durant. Kevin Durant is still trying to hold onto best player in the game. It didn't last long and it won't last long because already moving onto the Greek freak. But with Steph curry, we moved on from Steph curry a little quicker than I thought we would. Yeah. Fritzy, you become a victim of. Your own success? You get desensitized you've seen all these amazing shots. You can't really do much more than we've already seen him do at the best. He can do similar things that we've already seen. Yeah. Yes. You, and I think that there's this sort of optical illusion that happens where if you're a player like Steph who's on that team like, yeah. But they have all these other guys that team's going to be fine. If you took Steph off of the warriors, whereas with Jaanus, and they're gonna fall apart. If he's not there, you know, what I mean, you get that impression. So if the one player seems to be the entire team, they seem more valuable, well if I took hard and away from the rockets this year do they make the playoffs with all those injuries. I wonder and they probably don't in hardened carry that team for you know, it felt like months, but we get so desensitized as fritzy said like James harden, put up fifty and fifteen in games, and we went all right? We say, it's pretty cool. Like what else are you gonna? Hey, you better went into playoff. No matter what he did during the regular season. It's the same with the Greek freak. We're going to say. The same thing. And he's gonna feel that spotlight in it's going to be pretty warm. Hey, better reach the Eastern Conference finals man because I do think he's going to be your own VP. What's a yes? We have a lot of people just tuning in over like, what were you guys wearing is it cold in their eight with all the scarves? It's called hipster Friday. You better recognize hipster Friday. I'm killing it today. You're pastels is a one seed in the shirt game. Yes. Nice. Yeah. You know? And I have shoes that accompany my my shirt. Yes. It kind of looks like a slide of cells stand. Sandra a microscope all the little pink circle. I never went to class. So I don't even what the impair Macy of and things like that going. I don't know if I have these are apples are they peaches. I don't even know what they are. But I know that they're hot. Yes. I take the scarf off. I'm getting my neck, and my I don't know how these history dudes do it with these piles of scarves on their heads. We don't a pass out. Just terrible. I have seen. Hey, you can't. Last tough being a hipster. Yes. I mean, it's a fulltime job here. But mclovin, I think mclovin is the big winner today is the hipster. Yes. So I don't think hipster is like Brooklyn is not what we think hipster ten year skinny jeans and all that. Now, it's become more like bright colors pastels like Modell Beckham dresses, like a like a Bakke shinning couple out of Cleveland. You know with these bright place L windbreakers, you know, and hats, it's totally different. I it's not scarves anymore, those owed L Beckham live in Brooklyn. He I think he lives in New York. Oh, yeah. But I'm not sure or maybe jersey, I'm not I don't know. Somewhere in the Tri state area guessing. Yeah, I went into a store yesterday. And I was like holy hell, I could people wear this. This is what people are they walk into the store and choose to purchase these things. I had my wife this morning. I woke her up, and I said, hey, it's hipster Friday. She said and. I said I need some help. Can you help me pick out a hipster Friday outfit? So I'm actually there at six thirty in the morning going can I wear cord quarter rice with that? And then she'll go. No, no, you can't no you have to have a hoodie. So we're discussing this like, you know, I'm going into battle that I've gotta have my armor on as I come in. So I'm picking things out. And she goes you've got to have fun tennis shoes on gotta get the color tennis shoes on. I. Okay. You gotta get the tight, you know, pants there. I said all right. Yeah. Yeah. Paul what was the hip thing? You wore when you're in college. Or after that, you look back said because I think I remember wearing a lot of cuffs Jean shorts with rope belts in college. Because everyone did it and I'm not really embarrassed by it because that's what everybody was doing it. I never had anything that. I thought was hip. I remember those platform to keep up with the crowd. If you know what I mean? Well, no, I couldn't I it was so bad. I I remember going to a dance. It was the Sadie hawk. Skains dance where the girl asked the guy, and I remember showing up Jenny Batchis house. I had my brother my brother was two years older, but he was five nine and I'm six three I was wearing his pants and a shirt because he had actually had a little bit of money and I walked in. And I swear to God the pants were up to my calves. They would look good now. Like, Capri pants. Yes. Yeah. That would actually work now. So they're really tight, and you could see I was smuggling grapes out of the country, and my pants, and I'm going oh my God. When I look back on that picture. I don't know how her parents let me in the in the living room. Visit was not good. When you look back at that picture that means you have that picture. Oh. Homemade me sick. The I team on it. I'll have a swat team. Enter your manic set to join us Jim Nance sound contests. Yes. Mclovin. You know, when you're not hip when your wife says you have to find some fun tennis shoes. That's immediately. You're not a fun, tennis, shoes and hip. My wife does thing when I hear ready to go out at night ashamed looks and goes you're wearing that. Oh, I know. Yes. Because I got dressed for the night. Yes. I'm wearing that. If it weren't for Johnny. Oh, I would have no wardrobe whatsoever. So I based this on Johnny. Oh, sending me stuff. So I actually looked like I know what the hell I'm doing this. All johnny. Oh, I'm Johnny. Oh doubt. This does this four will print is his Johnny. Oh, killing it. Yeah. I'm feeling pretty good to dish irt? Yeah. Thank you. Todd. Thank you. All right. We'll come up with a poll question Mannix will join us. We'll get the phone calls here. Eight seven seven three DP show, Email address DP, Dan, Patrick dot com. Twitter handle DP show, Peter Schrager will stop by man there. I kinda Murray is visiting with the giants. And some of these other teams the raiders had some interesting comments about Derek Carr who I don't think is going to be their quarterback too much longer. But I've been saying that all you know, since these season ended, I think I think Mike mayo Jon Gruden pretty much validated. That and then Reggie Miller. Will join us a little bit later on. We'll talk about the mess. That is the. LA lakers. The masters will keep an eye on that. Whether it's going to be an issue the cabs fire. Larry, drew, isn't that mean spirited can't put up with a terrible year with the Cavs. They make Zion Williamson, and then they fire. Larry drew Cam reddish of Duke, going pro so few things to get to your phone calls or welcome. And we'll take a break here. Twenty after the hour. This is the Dan Patrick show shack now that the NBA also we're going over time for the second half of the season to get underway. 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This is a way to do it. It just may be the most rewarding thing on your to do list today. That's Geico dot com. It's a tradition. Unlike any other we've done it for over ten years. It's the gymnast sound alike. Contest at the masters and we had some entries yesterday. We have a few today this morning, so get a couple of those. We'll talk to Chris Mannix covers the NBA Bill in Illinois leads us off. Hey, bill. How are you today? Good. How are you? Good. You ready? I'm ready. All right. Hit the music. Mario. Failures playfully with being in the warm. Bring law the patrons are popular throughout payment corner. As federal breeze with burst through the time. Eighty seven of the world's back. They're approached on the Makassar bec- nag me lane. And then short one we'll try to receive story rejected and takes his place among Billick, Nickless, Almer woods. Hello friend on demand. Welcome to the masters that you're thinking. All right. Well, thank you Bill. You know, they're the quality of the call. Not great. So I'm going to have to, you know, take some points on there. Let's see rooch in Knoxville. Hopefully, I got that. Right. Rooch. All right. Are you ready? Ready? All right, hit it Morio. Hello friends. This is your CBS sports update. Live from the masters here. Diseases are in full bloom. Unlike the Lakers, the array of colors, no less breathtaking. The Magic Johnson sudden departure as you look up to the sky you see the silhouettes of birds cardinals among them. And if you listen closely, you can hear them chirping about Cuyler Murray below the intermittent wars of a ten dis travel through the wind as smoothly as leaves of Toronto to the Boston Bruins yesterday evening. But of course, all eyes are on the Gulf shores as they strive for jacket greener than the fanatic of Andrew Pearl. Offs beloved Phillies who play the Marlins today. Now back to the action at Amen Corner. All right. Thank you. Thank you. Rooch got a lot of sports in there. But you don't start out with Hello friends. Jim Nance says Hello friends when he comes on camera. Yes. See, and it seems like everybody's falling into the same pattern of the most of the calls. Now are starting with the Elliot's in full bloom like the exact same line that everybody's using it. Remember the guy who last year he won because it was funny. It was awesome. And he completely changed the whole script. Okay. I'm gonna totally original. I'm gonna play that again, then we'll get to Chris Mannix. Mario can you play last year's winner? Just to let you know how creative he was. And this is how Jim Nance he thinks would be warming up before the masters broadcast. This is how it sound absolutely Gary McCord drives the maroon Studebaker dying pepper you bake witness nineteen Gail camera there. Thank you, forty five seconds. Fred Couples has a supple spine. Juniper juniper juniper, Nick, Faldo's trousers. Ian, Baker-Finch effervescence is the nation's Gurvich you're just moments ago. Thank you, thirty seconds. The patriot is a person Clint Eastwood Hines the dog would is that agenda ping win. The green jacket is not yellow. Then. Reema too. Offred's? That's good stuff. So curious to know if he planned those lines out or if he just sort of. I'm gonna guess he planned to mount Banglar dead. Dottie Pepper Nightingale undulation Clint Eastwood, climbing Dogwood, I more those coming up, and Jim Nance is going to try to call in if not then he will call the winner. And also we hand out a case of his wine, the calling Chris Mannix, Sports Illustrated, senior NBA and boxing writer. He joins us on the program from Mexico. What are you doing in Mexico? Part of the dissolved broadcast team on Saturday in for the fight that got down there that I'm back to Boston star the playoff. In which the fight. What's the the the big fight? The fight this weekend is is time in Makita and better token, but the big fight coming up to Connecticut Alvarez back in the ring and Danny Jacobs. That's that's on may fourth on Zola boxes of couple of months. Okay. Lohman shaneco this weekend as well. Right. Yeah. He he's fighting tonight. And I it's not a great fight. Because the guys facing Anthony Kroll is just you know, the kind of guy. Yes to fight as mandatory to defend his title. But anytime what would think apply to me the guy is number one pound for pound in the world. While the great fighters of all time. He's just he's running into the problem that a lot of boxers have in in. What is always a fractured sport? And that is opponents there are guys out there and could fight, but the politics of boxing, make it difficult, but make those ever been ringside and got blood on you. All the time. I in my capacity now working with his own like a sitting right there that literal ringside position. I could text you pictures by notebooks with with blood spots on them from the last couple of shows. But it happens pretty frequently. What do you do when you get blood on yourself? It's kinda like a badge of honor. No, like, you know, you're kind of in the trenches like I through. I think I do take pictures of a notebook paper. And you know, I don't know we play. It's almost like I was in the fight. But I really wanted him to fight. So it kind of adds to the atmosphere. I think you've ever been knocked over an NBA game like courtside. I don't know where you where you sit during an NBA game. Back in the day before teams kinda realized that selling the seats that media sat in was a better way of doing it. I I've had guys kind of jump into the press section in as first couple of roads. Remember, even Madison Square Garden used to be great. They put the press right there along the badge. But you know, that all of a sudden they realized that they could make you know, tens of thousands of dollars selling those seats, and they kick the media upstairs into the the the halo section there of the guard. And that's kind of the case across the league. There is still something especially the smaller markets to put the media new at or near courtside. But more and more. You're seeing the media moved forward further and further off the floor. I'll get into the Lakers here in a moment. Give me the two teams that you think can beat the Golden State Warriors this year. I don't think anybody can honestly. And the, you know, I was thinking about this as I was kinda working on some final stuff, you know, life. You're Dan would we're talking about we were talking about stepping Curry's injury. And how that might affect the team in the playoffs. And we were talking about kind of that regular season Malays that they went through as potentially being a precursor for something bad happening to that team in the plan that they make a lot of. Yeah, they struggled a little bit with with Houston a lot really what to seven games, but I meant role for Cleveland in the NBA finals this year. It kind of feels like deja vu. I mean, we're we're talking about Kevin Durant free agency and the markets causes how he's gonna fit. I mean, these are minor minor things on the back of a juggernaut. I so I think they could get scare or before to go deep into at least one series, but it's impossible to think that anybody's gonna take them in for seven. I think they'll get out to this. I think they'll get a much tougher challenge in the finals this year, regardless who comes out of the. Then they wouldn't make did last year against Cleveland, you know, but they could have easily lost last year. Chris. I mean, if if Houston acts like Houston in the seventh game and Chris Paul acts like Chris Paul and done get hurt. They're winning and they're going to the NBA finals and probably winning the championship here. So I don't think you can look at it and go, hey, you know, they had a little bit of a scare they should've lost. I mean, they could've lost. I think I mean the Chris Paul injury yielded for Houston. But you know, you you can't look at the rockets and say, well, if only they had missed like thirty seven threes in that game seven they would've won what part of like, the Knicks Assad, and you can go one or with a lot of things. So yeah, I mean, I think Iraq it'll still be tough. I don't think they're quite as strong as they were last year with Trevor reasons in that makes but I still I'm not buying anybody beating going four to seven if it's the golden papers the field debate on putting all my money on state, preventing Sports Illustrated senior NBA in boxing writer, also has a new show on Sports Illustrated into pain just launched and can be seen every Tuesday. His first guest is the Commissioner, Adam silver. All right. The Lakers miss here. What the hell happened the other day? And what happens moving forward with this franchise. Well, it's it's still, you know, the more people you talk to in around the Lakers organization, the more you get the sense that what it was is what it is. And what I mean by that is Magic Johnson wasn't holding anything back when he articulated why he was walking away from that team. And if you're familiar with the history of Magic Johnson, I know you are you you covered him extensively as a player in in the nineties, you know, nineteen ninety four he quit coaching because he kind of didn't feel like doing it anymore. Didn't like the challenge of it nineteen ninety eight that, you know, terrible TV show. He did, you know, you quit that and the aftermath. All you heard about was how you know he wasn't committed to it. And the show was a disaster start to finish. It's a lot of work to be an NBA executive top level MBA executive. It's not just kind of thing. Back watching games making picks and waiting for free agents to wanna flock to you. You gotta hop. On planes and go south the next Janas in Greece. You've got to go to low level college games to find the next Kyle coups. The next great second round pick that that flesh out your roster. I don't think and this is based on a few conversations I've had I just don't think magic at the Hartford and has a desire to do it in a daily basis, and you know, we can have a different conversation about the lunacy of going out there and quitting without telling your boss or anybody in New York ization, the insanity of sitting in a three hour meeting the day before and not articulating at all that you might not be part of the scene going forward. That's a separate conversation. But why he quit? I didn't wanna do it anymore. They decided it's more fun. Just being Magic Johnson. There's something else to this story. Chris there has to be you don't have it three hour meeting. And then all of a sudden go down the elevator and go, you know, I think I'm going to quit, you know, that just doesn't happen. There has to be. Something else going. I don't know. I mean, you heard the speculation. I haven't been able to figure out exactly what is true. And what's not true with this report about some kind of ESPN story about something going on behind the scenes out there? Maybe there's something to it. But even if there there was doing that. And that might explain the abruptness of the decision to quit because nobody was clamoring for Magic Johnson job. I mean, he hadn't been great at that job. But he wasn't, you know, leave us leave the Lakers in disrepair here. But ultimately, whether it was the way quick or when he quit, I think he did quit because he didn't wanna do anymore. And that's just that's based a lot on his history. And what we know about magic, John. Right moving forward. It is Luke Walton to keep his job. I think it all depends on who the next, you know, basketball operations is there right now rob Pelinka taking on a bigger role. But I've been told there's nothing decided yet as far as who was going to be running the Lakers long-term. I mean, everybody around the league that has an opinion on this since the Lakers need to go outside the organization to find somebody not within the Laker family. I mean, this is a team in with infinite resources. I mean, they can afford to pay like twenty million dollars for an executive. They wanna do that. If it means giving up a first round pick for an executive. They can do that. I mean, they are well equipped to go out to the top guy. Look, I would make every phone call you have to make I would try to get Sam presi out of Oklahoma City San price built something there. He wouldn't be leaving Oklahoma City in a bad place because Paul George Russell Westbrook or kaikal long term contracts. I would try Bob Myers got the UCLA can. Action. This might be a good time for Bob monitors to move on with Kevin Durant, potentially. Maybe having to overhaul that roster a little bit. I wouldn't even call RC. Buford. In San Antonio, everybody else. They're kind of that RC. Buford. Is this San Antonio Spurs lifer. Has anybody asked ask him to try to if you wanted to run his own operation and try something new somewhere else with all the resources of the Lakers. I would go big game hunting if I was Jeanie bus and not let money or draft consideration stopped me from getting my guy. Best first round matchup in the playoffs is. Oh, I most meaningful. I think the spin a different way because I don't know how many great first round matchups. There are most meaningful Portland Oklahoma City of Portland team. Everybody wanted to play because the nurture injury and the week. And how the weakens them if Oklahoma City can't get out of the first round against a Portland team. That is down a significant player. They've got some real long-term problems. I mean last you, you kinda gave them a mulligan because the Carmelo stuff Paul Georgia's first year this year though for most of the season, they look like a contender the last month or two of the year the shooting percentage cliff they didn't look like the same team. This is a team with a top tennis level defense to superstars you've gotta gotta the first round. So that's the one I think watching closely because it may have the most long term impact MVP this year will be. I'm boating for Janas. It's it's not really that close to my mind. I mean, James harden awesome. Paul George greats. You know, go down the list but Yoenis from start to finish in. I don't know. How y'all just also got my Beaufort defensive player of the year. So that's that's a factor as well. Jaanus is not just a ridiculous offense a player with what he did this year. But I think he's the best defensive player in the league. And for those Riems getting my vote. Yeah. And this is what I said to Adrian Wootton rows getting said if the Greek freak and won the MVP last year who would be your MVP this year. Would he go back to back? Probably probably one thing that weighs on me in as I make this decision is, you know, I know the Chris Paul missed a bunch of games this year, but he played fifty eight games. And he was around for for, you know, most of the season the difference between Janas and the second best player on the walkie is is the the gap is bigger than other MVP candidates and their second best player. I'm talking about hardening and Paul Paul, George and Westbrook, collide, Leonard. And and Kyle Lowry go down the list. There's just, you know, Kevin Durant and Steph curry, you know, Christmas good player, and he was all store. He was an Ulster. Okay. But would that books team make the playoffs without Yannis? Would the rockets make the playoffs without harden? With Chris Paul. Yes. I think they make the playoffs. Yeah. But you had been comp Capella who was injured. I don't think that gone. Yeah. Maybe. Yeah. I think you on this is going to win it. But I disagree. If you honestly one at last year, then people would have given it to James harden this year, you guys are predictable. You voters are predictable. You are. Slovan, but sometimes. Ability is the right thing to do. I mean, I like even pass the plan oldness right fan. I mean, you guys they great defensive player who you know, the team. I think finished number one in defensive rating and Janas plays like thirty five forty minutes every single mice, and he can defend every position how many guys in this league. I mean really there is a suffer in the middle in Utah. How many guys in this league can defend fives? And one in the way that you can do it. I I don't know of anybody. Thank you, Chris always great to talk to you. You gotta dead. That's Christmas Sports Illustrated NBA foxy letter. I think he's he's offended that I ended the conversation there instead of going. Hey, well, put their you know, what defense matters when we wanted to matter. I remember when Frank Thomas was winning the MVP, and he's not a good defender. He didn't he wasn't good first baseman. So it didn't factor in. But then if somebody says, hey, this guy a great two way player. So when you want it to factor in it factors in and then when you don't then you don't bring it up GNC. Let's like looking at any NBA prospect like, yeah, the guy's a great shooter. But who's he gonna guard? My drives me crazy Steve Nash jozy gonna guard who's guarding him. You missed any of the interviews this week from the Mercedes AM G man cave. Go to the Dan Patrick show app when you can watch and listen from inside the Mercedes AMC man cave whenever you want Reseda AM driving performance. We'll come back play the day and an etiquette question on game of thrones. Have that for you coming up? 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Trust me, I have used truecar. It is really a huge advantage. No matter what you're doing with your. Car. You gotta check it out. That's truecar true. Cash. Offer not available in all areas. Stay tuned for sixty seconds of Amy news headlines, right after this podcast. Play of the day. Playing and play. This is the play. Chick this out. Seeking for tiger routine. Look at this. Get bitter the second. We'll have an opportunity to make birdie at fourteen. And he would make birdie. So tiger hanging around there at the top of the leaderboard Bryce into Shambo and Brooks KEPCO tied atop at six hundred keep an eye on the masters leaderboard. That's courtesy a siriusxm PGA tour radio play the day. Brought to you by the great, folks. It'd be our live. Livestream live sports and be our live the UA a Champions League. Second leg of the quarterfinal round continues. Next week. Coverage begins at two pm eastern next Tuesday on our live dot com. Couple of phone calls. And also we have an etiquette question when it comes to spoilers for game of thrones. Mclovin. Could you give me the thought process illness this I'm not a game of thrones fan? But I do appreciate those who love it. And you don't want to spoil something the final season. First episode final season game of thrones this weekend. When can you start talking about spoilers? So traditionally. You should wait a day for an HBO show. These a lot of people watch from DVR or the west coast feed is behind east coast feed. But the season finale is so big that if you're a fan you have to watch it live. So therefore, you can tweet in real time about anything that's happening during the show. Paulie reached out to an expert John Hinde from the Howard Stern show. He wrote jump the shark, and he somewhat of an expert in this and the spoiler rules. And you got gotta hold of John Hinde this morning with the Johnson. I presented mclovin. Diesel to John Hein. And he said incorrect spoil route rules are in effect twenty four hours of silence. No discussion on Monday people because it's Sunday night show. Yeah. You have to be sensitive people who have to work that night or something else. They get twenty four hours to watch the show on TV are or stream whatever Tuesday morning is fair game. What he's saying is try not to post spoilers. Try not to talk about it and mixed conversation with people and. Unless unless you've checked to see if everyone has seen it only for Monday. But he said now the difference is this does not apply to the final episode of a show the final final upset this game of thrones. The final episode. Okay. If you don't see it live all bets are off. Okay. Can you would hear to those guidelines adalina? Well, the problem is my Twitter feed is going to be rou- of like just all spoil NFL players love their game of thrones. They're going to be putting it all out there. Everyone's gonna between lie. Even you. You'll you. You're the one who ruined Jon snow for everybody. Yeah. And I didn't even know what? John snow did or was given amazing ability to to throw like, oh, yeah. What Harrison Ford is at the. No, I did that what the sopranos where I didn't even see the episode. I never saw an episode of the sopranos and everybody was like, oh my God. Did you see the ending of the sopranos go tell me about it? Yeah. They fade to black. And I go, oh, they live on we die. So that that was my big discovery. There of what I thought the sopranos was all about I didn't even see the episode. Only knows. Everybody's like hey that song that they play journey. They're a great band. Go been around a long time there. But that was that was all I knew journey there at a diner and they fade to black. Yes. Mclovin. Now, what are the rules on streaming because say a show comes out on Friday. And you like a lot of shows streaming. Are you supposed to wait like how long do you wait now? But I don't tell anybody anything you say, hey, this good show. Yes. Yes. Like like Barrie killing eve, those are two of my favorites. Now killing eve if you haven't started watching that the first season like the villain. She is spectacular the sand rose. Awesome as well. But varies great- Bill Hader. All right coming up next hour your phone calls gymnast sound alike. Contest will open the phones up to eight seven seven three DP show. Final hour. Reggie Miller will join us and the NFL insider Peter Schrager will join us coming up as well. Got a poll question. Your phone calls are welcome. So your tweets one hour the books. Two more to go. Baseball season is a rug with the start of baseball season podcast one sports net has all your bases covered with the Dan Patrick show. You can't even spell strike the rich Eisen show. But it doesn't matter. If you get it moving if nobody's getting on base and baseball in chill. Mike trout will be paid close to half a billion dollars that is more money than you would ever know what to do it. Don't miss, Dan. Patrick rich Eisen or baseball in chill. All summer long on podcast one sports Ned. I'm Rita Foley with an AP news minute. What do you think should Julian Assange be extradited to the US from London? Assange founded WikiLeaks, which published secret military documents and stolen Democratic Party emails during the two thousand sixteen election, though, at the moment is only charged with plotting to hack into military, computer networks, Senator Mark Warner of Virginia says the pack into packed information from the Russians and released in a way to get our campaigns in twenty sixteen right? I don't think that's that's not right. I think that's illegal. I hope Mr Assange possible. Fellow democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut. You should be extradited to face Justice here. They're serious charges involving his role and Russian meddling in our election. Republican Senator John Kennedy Louisiana agrees. And and I'm I'm pushed assume Russia Senator John Kennedy. I'm Rita Foley.

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