Charlotte Recap: Tough Night For Coaches' Sons


This episode of the all in Clemson Tigers podcast is brought to you by anchor the easiest way to make a podcast. Let me explain anchor to you. First of all, it's free. There are creation tools that allow you to record and edit your podcast right from your phone or computer anchor will even distribute your podcast for you. So it can be heard on spotify apple podcasts and many other podcasts platforms. You can make money from your podcast with no minimum listenership. It's everything you need to make a podcast in one place, download the free anchor APP now or go to Anchor Dot FM to get started. This. Is the all in Clemson Tigers podcast. The official unofficial podcast of the Clemson Tigers can do. Welcome everyone to a new episode of the all in Clemson Tigers podcasts are first ever. Game. Recap. I'm Briley. Joined by Carter. Just. finished. Toast. You want to say something. As everybody. Thank you but. We just finished watching the CLEMSON game. And what a game it was. Edge of my seat all game. Yeah we decided that this week would be a great week to start doing game recaps thinking. Oh, it'll be. EASY TO DO RECAP NOT A, big game we'll get some practice in before they get a real game jokes, us? Clinton. Will have real game this season. And this game is tough because there aren't a ton of takeaways. I would say not many. Shot but in the future will spice up a little bit we'll do I say more takeaways will do. Winners and losers will do other things anything. We'll do something right now. We're finding out on the way as well. But yeah, in the future, we will definitely a few more features to this episode to the game recaps but we will be doing this every week in addition to our normal episodes which come out. Either late Thursday night or Friday morning pending on how quickly get them out. So, be sure to stick around for that this Thursday because we will preview the UNC game and we will do some of the things that we do on the all in Clemson Tigers podcasts. But in the meantime, let's go out and talk about. The game that just wrapped up this weekend clemson versus Charlotte Course Clemson one, fifty, two, ten. Shocking News you're breaking news you're finding out on this week. I dominated Charlotte. Clemson and only gave up two hundred sixteen yards. They had a pretty clean game. They did have a couple of turnovers but. That was because her backups on backups and you want to, and it was like the backups backups because. This is the most amazing stat. You will ever hear I this is insane closer play school record one hundred and eleven players I can charlotte. The previous record was ninety four. So, they beat it by some team players. And included in all of those were Dallas me son and then. Defensive Coordinator. Venables. Yeah. His son. Kurt herbstreet sons played as well. You got everybody there bunch of famous sons. And of course, the starters played for about a quarter and a half. So yeah, we we talked on Thursday Irv when we last had our last episode, which if you listened to it, it was probably Friday. We thought that one of the one of the big things that I wanted to see was i. didn't see the starters in the second half because I didn't want to see anybody get hurt you barely in the second quarter wish granted because they didn't play much beyond the first quarter in fact, Trevor Lawrence only through one pass in the second. Quarter and it was a touchdown. That much to say about that. Yeah. So I guess one of the takeaways is that close. It was pretty deep and data sweeney is an excellent coach for getting a hundred and eleven players in this game to play. That's really special. Pretty cool. But beyond that Clemson extended their school record winning streak to nineteen games. From Eighteen Games, what are you? And this was also Dab One Hundred Fiftieth Game Coaching and because he won his record is now one, hundred, twenty and thirty. Not Too. Shabby it's. Not, bad at all. Now, one thing that the broadcasters brought of that I thought was important was they mentioned that Charlotte Played Tennessee last year At Tennessee. To sort of get ready for this game. Death Valley. got paid to play them. Yeah. That's true. Now they lost of course but. I was thinking that maybe Charlotte should've played Georgia state instead. Clemson because. Well, I don't know if you know if State beat Tennessee issue. At newlyn stadium. So Better. Luck next time Charlotte. You should scheduled George statements instead of. The cupcake Tennessee. That's right I mean they got paid what I think. I saw it was a million dollars the play Clemson so they're I think they're all happy with it. I think they had a fun time. We'll seems like an interesting coach and actually they showed it kind of a cool. Little scene before the game we're Dabo was talking to will healy and his wife and his son, his four year old son, and we talked about this on the last episode hell Dabbagh was texting will and. I'm watching closely to make sure that you're not doing this anymore. Nor texting opposing coaches during the week but it was cool to see the sun seemed really excited to see Dabo and. The family anyways will heal. It just seems like a fun coach and there've been a couple of stories that have come out. About how he looks up to Daboh and that's why they were texting because he he he's kind of like a young DAB wannabe and that's not a knock on. This is his first year coaching, but he's really trying to. Coach, Dabo Sweeney does which is, which is good I? Mean Dabo when he's doing. Yeah. Exactly. I don't think you'll build a program like Clinton in Charlotte, but you never know All right. So let's zero on the defense side of the ball. The defense didn't give up a first half touchdown. So that makes us again four straight games where they haven't been a defensive touchdown and you brought an interesting up to me like to know the stat first of all in how you heard this that yeah I was watching different game night. What game was that I was watching the Oregon Stanford game and they mentioned that organ why were you watching because I'm an organ fan as well Okay Okay Moving But organs also actually one of the only four teams in the country having been up a first half touchdown as well. Guess we should look at the other two teams are. Clemson are at least you brought that to my attention right after I press record on my little device here. So we didn't have time to look that up. And those of you home go ahead and do your homework. But giving you half the stat. Arcade do all the work for you guys. That's right. Nonetheless, Clemson is one of the fourteen and then country who has yet to give the first half touchdown, which is mighty impressive considering the teams that they played besides. Charlotte. They have played three power, five teams. My I mean not to like from it, but actually is quite impressive i. mean you just have one drive or give up one big play without paying attention or something like they go touchdown I mean pretty impressive again, and let's not forget that we've been harping this over and over but the defense was the question coming into the season. It seemed like it was going to be the question at least they've answered all questions in more. Yeah and may already be the tough part of the quote unquote the tough part of their schedule. So maybe the defense will vote touchdown in the first half all season. Well, we always go. That'd be pretty cool actually. We'll see we'll see. The line on this game was fifty one and a half. Points move and Clemson just covered actually. So you will not see Charlotte Clemson on bad beats on s VP. Anytime soon, because Clemson did cover just barely but they did. The defense only allowed sixty three passing yards as well, which this is an interesting set. It marks the tenth time since two thousand, seventeen that they've held an opponent under one hundred passing yards. Just let that sink in verse, Ten Times in three or two and a half seasons while two and a quarter seasons that they've held an opponent under a hundred passing yards and the modern day college football. That's incredible. Quite tied for that stat though. With none other than the Michigan Wolverines who are on the decline. So I would say that Clemson probably has shot of. Staying ahead of Michigan from here, that's actually quite impressive stat this looking like you said, like watching all the college football and all the quarterbacks throwing this watched highlights the UCLA game against Washington state. And guys term and nine touchdowns in a game. Like to do that, that's pretty impressive and especially against the Charlotte team that's put up. I forget what they've average, but it's been I. think it's like forty five points a game so far this year. Granted they played umass one of those games. That's her. But still points team that. had been put up points. It doesn't matter who you're playing. If you put up forty five points a game. Yeah you're doing something right. But the defense held the passing game and check the one area that they didn't do as great of a job at stopping was the run game. Gave One, hundred, fifty, three rushing yards, which again isn't a ton necessarily and they only they ran the ball Charlotte thirty nine times the average three point, nine yards. So nothing great there, but they did see A. Remembering College football that sacks count is rushing urges willing to sacks that played into it but Charlotte did break some. Good runs throughout the game fairly consistent consistently. So are you concerned after this disappointing performance from the defense against run you now not concerned because they ran the ball thirty nine times only three yards per carry. Not Amazing, but it's still pretty good. But I'm obviously kidding, I, know you are by gotTa take this serious Oh thank you. Thank you can't overlook every game. That's right. Sweeney. Yeah. We gotta remember he was describing the Charlotte Forty niners San Francisco for. They just crushed. Whatever forty niners? Yeah. But the defense played well, they had they had a pick six which is great to see and again the defenses in a question. All the questions that we had an offense however will not be none of the none of the questions that we had have been answered. Simply because the starters didn't play much of the game. The did score in every possession in the first half which was. I mean you can't do much of that. One of those was a field goal so I could do a little better than that. If we're going to be picky about this. Et N. at scored for the first time since our rushing touchdown since the first game this season. So it was great to see him get back in the end zone and highlighted the game was lend j Dixon his flipping touchdown. And I mean that and every since the world word flipping touchdown. At, though one twenty four mark in the first half to extend the scored thirty eight to three, which is crazy because the plate before that, he had a pretty amazing reach for the N. Zone which I wanted to see it again. But the before I know it he just jumps the end zone over I was like well, never mind that's even cooler than reaching for the end zone. So commenting on wow, that was that was one of the best stretches I've ever seen, and then all of a sudden here's. Jay Dixon flipping over literally over the offensive and defensive line like didn't land at though. So he can work out a little bit but up and over the offense is impressive we'll given let's give them a six out of ten for. Six. Sure. How about that? But Yeah I'd say that was probably my highlight of the game and he had a pretty good game as well. He had fifty eight yards on eight carries congratulations eighteen by the way sixty one. Yard I didn't mean that to be. And had sixty one yards and actually what I like to see most is that trump Lawrenson have any rushing yards. Which means he wasn't running the ball. Thank you for not running. Trevor Lawrence in this game the ball he took two or three steps in the pocket and threw it. There's no pressure or anything at all. So yes, he did the most of his time in the game he was summit of nine for ninety four yards and two touchdowns had a Qbr of ninety six point four. Not Bad not bad. And of course. As Tim Hasselbeck SEC network commentator for the game to me mentioned trace Bryce I, think, corrected later in the game, of course, it's chase. Bryce. Trace. Begin with. Had A pretty good game. I didn't even catch that well. Because you weren't watching the game because it was. Pretty Boring. Trace brise went five of seven for eighty five yards and a touchdown. And even got the third string quarterback in. And we suck at this because I don't know how to pronounce his name either. Back. Keep making fun of people and they're not to pronounce names ourselves so. Mechanic. He did throw a pick on fortunately. A spicer third string quarterback but I do know the coaches are high on him. As I've heard I just don't know how to pronounce his name. We'll get better at that. We'll find out when our golden boy Trevor Lawrence leaves for the NFL. Joan gotTA had a great game three catches sixty two yards and a touchdown. I believe that's his first session in his college career I'm usually I might be wrong on that as well. T Higgins had one catch for fifty eight yards metal. Do Wonders for your average. Touchdown. Yeah. So the offense came out well, the one thing that again, I'm not concerned about it but. This has been a consistent concern. So maybe it is a long term concern. The defend earth excuse me offensive line was still inconsistent in the running game. I didn't feel like they would break couple holes open which you would expect in Charlotte. But then they would get stuffed on third and short or on the goal line a couple of times that happened. So I do want to see some better more consistent run blocking from the offensive line, which there shouldn't have been the reason for that. No Lawrence came out early in the game, but they kept most of their starters in with the linemen. running-backs obviously taking lauren sal takes away some of the past but. Had All the starters in? So they should have done a little better with that. It doesn't matter. They could have been playing their third string and they would have had as much talent on the field as Charlotte at that time. So you would expect the starters to dominate again they've been really good in pass protection but. Again, we're getting picky about things that don't worry about it. It's game that really didn't matter, but it is something you can improve on. So I. Hope in the future we see some more improvement. So those were kind of the main takeaways. I'd say we have buried the lead on this. We have a few extra takeaways. If you were watching the game. The commentators were also reaching for things to talk about because the game was obviously out of hand within ten minutes or five minutes really of the of the game starting and probably the biggest news. Headline from this game was the fact that a movie was being filmed. On. Location at Memorial Stadium. And it's all the commentators could talk about. For, the second quarter it was pretty cool to see though. So if you didn't know. A new movie coming out called safety and it's about Ray Ray. McCarthy, who played at Clemson between two thousand and six in two, thousand nine. And it's a very interesting story. It's a sad story but also a really cool story of how to see the resilience and the love of a brother for a brother. But also clemson plays a part of this because. I'll just tell you real quick. Ray Ray had a brother who was going to be heading into foster care because his father wasn't in the picture and his mother was heading into drug Rehab. and. So Ray Ray decided that he wanted to become the legal guardian of his younger brother. Instead of having him go into foster care, which is an amazing story but Ray Ray was playing college football for Clemson news enrolled at Clemson. So the program helped. Ray. Through, this time as he played on the team and as he was a student, they helped him kind of raises brother and it was really cool story and I. You know I'm not overly familiar with all the details. It was a little bit before my time but it is a very cool story and there are some. NEAT. Pieces out there about this sort of have more details. So you should go look at those but all that to say that Disney is filming a movie about the story. And they're focusing on the time that he was at Clemson and the movie's GonNa is called safety. It's going to be coming out next November and it's only GonNa be found on Disney plus. You plug into Disney plus now. If they would like to sponsor our show I would be happy. Although I am plugging them right now and the sponsors ever shows so. But. anyways. So all that to say, they were filming on location during halftime they ran down the hill. So the fans instead of paying to see one. Hill run they saw. Instead, it was really cool because nobody left at halftime everybody cheered for the team that and what was also cool is that they were in the attire of the Clemson Tigers of. Two thousand, six Erin. And they did a really good job with all the details there and actually ran a couple of plays. During halftime now, I must say my only complaint with the network. This game is that they didn't give us full out coverage. Of the opponent. First of all, I don't know who they were playing. And I don't know the plays that they were running during halftime. I wish I had seen those but that was probably the most exciting part of the game I'd say. Yeah they I think. Really showed more highlights from them preparing to film the action that seen in the last five minutes of the game than the actual game I don't blame them for that but. I think the coolest thing about that is when you were saying the guy's name, Ray Ray has try to give him a nickname. He doesn't need a nickname I. Mean Ray Ray and I was saying that because his last name is a mouthful mcilwraith be. I listened to the pronunciation and I believe that's correctly again that was a little bit before my time but and it. All to say, look it up I. Think it'll be a cool Disney's doing it. So it's bound to be. Interesting at least. Depending on how you feel about the new star wars movies than. You'll find out why are we talking about the down? All right. The next thing. The next extra take that we have for you real quick is that we have some PA announcer controversy. and. That's because one of the constant players is taped off today because he announcer mispronounces nape name after he had to tackle. Obviously, over blowing this a little bit but. Jake Venables. The son of the well respected Brent Venables. How to tackle during the game in the PA announcer. Dan Gilbert accidentally said Brent Venables tackle. What a joke do your job I'm kidding obviously. But and I'm sure jake is killing as well. But I'll read you a quick quote after the Game Brent was asked about it and he said, I heard about it after Jake did not think it was very funny are sending their when the player when the player said that and he was not happy. So he did not find the humor in it, but he'll be fine well. Think of it. This way you could be like dabbled son who muffed a punt. Would rather be that not a great game for coaches sentence. I think it should be content for where he is I'd say, yeah, I mean it's fine. It'll be okay I'm sure. But we we're we're here breaking that story for you. We didn't break the story somebody else wrote about it and we're stealing it. About it so we Won't tell you where I founded the. And finally actually there was a funny I forget what it was. We were laughing at it. It was when did this happen? It was it must've been the first half when. Clinton actually drew Charlotte are not offsides, but the false start remember the first they were like freeing was confused and I was I was up get doing something and I looked over and I was like what the heck is going over there and I thought they were doing it on purpose constant swarming around like a bunch of crazy people who you might say like Brent Venables did I said if there's a play that Ever proved the point that a defense takes on the persona of a defensive coordinator. It was that was because if you see Brent Venables on the sidelines during games, he's going crazy and this defense I couldn't believe it. It was so funny couldn't tell if they were confused or what they were actually doing. Yeah. I think we decided on they were confused. So it worked out well because Charlotte actually had a false start because. They had no idea what was going on. It was very funny. All I finally, our final extra for each today was. A rough. You laugh at. I'm sorry actually I should look I don't know if I could find out actually doing okay today and he had to go down but. Boy. Did he get pancaked and he was walking after the game. so He seems to be doing fine but and he was a tough raff he came back and he was rapping after continued the game but hey. It was. We were reaching for things this game remember the. First Time doing this to recap a game just for an episode so that's what you get like I said we'll. We'll add some we'll spice it up in the future episodes I. Think we'll probably do winners and losers because that's what everybody does spice up a little bit for us to spice anything up. That's right. Well speaking of next games. We. ARE NOT CHARLOTTE UNC is not coming to town because Clemson is going to Chapel Hill. I finally got around to that. Go roundabout way. Has a ninety four point four percent chance of winning. Is that good or bad or excuse me is that Correct or incorrect should it be higher or lower? Is what I'm asking I. Don't know I. Mean North Carolina Lost Appalachian State earlier this year. So I think it's probably about right yeah, it'd be. And just beat a team that also lost to Appalachian State earlier in the year because I did that state. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. In Charlotte Lhasa. Appalachian State. As. Well. But the North Carolina South Carolina. So they go clugston fan we have a conundrum. Yes. So that's coming up next week. And we will actually give you a little preview not a little. We're GONNA give you an in depth preview, this Thursday or Friday. Again and comes out this week. As I should say, we will give you a preview of the UNC game. And that game is going to be this Saturday obviously at three thirty, it's GONNA be on ABC too so very set your calendars and your schedules set your calendars. Counters set. Mine's not I've added it to my do people actually add games to their counter. Now I think they keep in their mind all week and they know when it is probably if you're doing anything on a Saturday but watching. Football you're doing something wrong. We're not here to judge, but that's our job. Going to say that all right. Well I think that's a good recap as we can provide at this point. Again, we will add new and exciting things future episodes. But thanks for listening to the first ever recap. We'll be back again later this week with a little preview and our normal episode minus or recap obviously the Charlotte game. We're looking forward to it again, you can find us on apple podcast spotify or every get your podcast, and if you didn't know this, you can find us on facebook and twitter at. Clemson podcast. All right folks. Thanks going Carter. See you later in the week later. Be All in on the best. Clemson podcast around by subscribing on Apple podcast spotify or wherever you get your podcast. Now while you're there, it'd be cool to be left us a positive review. FACEBOOK twitter instagram join our community of all in Clemson. Tigers fans just search for Clemson podcast. This was the all in Clemson Tigers podcast the official unofficial podcast of the Clemson Tigers.

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