The Sedano Show (HR 2): John Johnson III, Rams Safety joins Sedano


Saddam with a here on ESPN presented by progressive. Insurance guests appear via the Shell Pennzoil performance. Line John Johnson. The third of the rams will join us here in a moment. Koran Butler has been rescheduled to eleven thirty makes you tune into the ESPN daily. Podcast with our friend. Munich is bringing a deep dive into a single-story from one of ESPN's hundreds of reporters presented by Adt download subscribing review the ESPN daily. Wherever you enjoy your podcasts so greg we were just talking before we get to John Johnson. The third I don't know if he's there or not but we were just talking about the the sixers ownership Laura. I didn't hear you there okay. Great thanks just so we were talking about the sixers ownership. If you didn't hear the last segment sixers owner. Josh Harris was the principal owner was going to cut salaries of full time employees including coaches. But anyone that starts it over fifty thousand dollars which I thought was crazy because if you make fifty thousand dollars and you have to give away. Give back ten thousand. That's a huge chunk of change. So that was his plan so he wanted to. Because of the pandemic he wanted to cut salaries of all full time employees making fifty thousand or more by twenty percent and woge put out a tweet as I mentioned earlier saying that other teams who may be considering what the sixers are doing are looking at the pr of it and going. Oh that might not be worth it. We don't want our net worth being out there at this point like that. That's just not good business. That's we went to break. We read that tweet right. Wards has just tweeted one minute ago seventy sixers ownership is planning to change course pulling back on salary reductions for Staff League sources tell. Espn shamed shamed them into doing it. Nicely done good good job loge and the Internet because the Internet did it do like it was just like come on man like what are you doing? You know they say. The Internet is undefeated for a reason. Because that's why the power of social media the power of it. It's just it's how the world works now and if you look bad on twitter you look bad. Yeah man like for real won't because what ends up happening is look I told you I don't think twitter is the end all be all only thirty percent of the country's on it over goofy stuff but this is the type of stuff that a news organization was going to pick up. You know what I'm saying like this is going to become news. And that's when twitter is a powerful thing when it becomes mainstream news. Not just something that happens in the silo of the thirteen percent of America. That's on twitter right. Yeah but the fact that is a matter is it worked this time for sure. The other owners had to have gone to them. Maybe it wasn't all on twitter. Maybe it was somebody actually calling them and they said you know what? This is a bad call. Yeah well here's the other tweet by woge and we'll talk to John Johnson. The third here in just a second of the Rams sixers ownership statement to ESPN after listening to our staff and players. It's clear it was the wrong decision we reversed and we'll be paying these employees their full salary. Of course you should. You're the Philadelphia Seventy sixers. You're worth your owners worth four billion dollars. You can't be cutting people's salaries by twenty percent when they for the people that make fifty grand in your on your staff and that we're building that's crazy so I'm glad that the whatever happened on twitter or them listening to their employees worked so good for them good for the people who who told them that they should stop doing such silliness. That people need to get paid right now. You know it's unprecedented times. Let's talk speaking of unprecedented times We were GonNA talk to John. Johnson the third. The rams got a new logo. We're dealing with unprecedented times. The NFL calendar is is been altered. A little bit. We'll talk to John about a number of things but John First of all thank you for joining us. Mit How you doing during all of this how you feel it. Thanks for having me all honestly. I don't even know I'm putting on. I don't know that's a good thing. I'm just trying to stay indoors. Eat healthy workout and just keep my mind on the right path like it's not happening but we have to be aware that you know stuff happening in the future being known as a little to me how Ya doing. We're doing okay man. Same as you were all trying to get through this and get through it together. You know what I mean. It's obviously a little strange but this is the way I look at it. John People who are our grandparents or older age you know they were going to war to sacrifice for the world in the country and the betterment of the country. We're asked to be to stay home and occasionally we can go out for a jog. You know what I mean if you put it in that perspective. I think we'll be okay. You know absolutely man. That's a good way to put it now that I think about it. Let's stick together like you said and then you know you can get through this time so like you say. Let's just all listen and do the right thing and we'll get through like you listened to the medical experts would let them kind of deal with it and we follow their lead. Now let me ask you this. You say you've been putting on weight now. I know you're trying to eat healthy is there? Is there a way to keep your workout going at home like? Are you trying to figure that out still now? I'm pretty much so I'm coming up with a shoulder injury. So okay actually allowed. You know. I'm actually allowed to get my rehab so I'm one of the lucky ones but I do have teammates that are in their garage trying to get it in or running so luckily I got a place to work out. But you know it's tough out here for all players across the league. Yeah no doubt and of course you guys. The Rams are doing a great thing. You're teaming up with ABC seven and US here at ESPN at seven. Ten with the virtual telethon and again guys. It's going on so six thirty today. The event benefits the United Way of Greater Los Angeles as Pandemic Relief Fund and of course the La Regional Food Bank. Look any donation helps. These are unimaginable times man. So if you want to donate and you can and again really anything helps call eight. Eight eight five four nine hundred ninety one or online you can go to united for La Dot org slash pandemic relief. You can even taxed as well united for La to this number eight four four seven zero one. Five one eight one. How much how? I know a lot of the guys in the locker room obviously are involved with this John. I would imagine it was something you wanted to. You said Yes to very quickly I would imagine. Oh absolutely you know this community You know when the fires happen You know the shooting in the borderline bar and grill and thousand oaks. We gotta stay together all community. We never shy away from those fraternities. Like you said You pretty much took my host bill calling. Anything helps donate Anybody immediately really immediate release to low income working families know. That probably can't work right now. anybody in risk of homelessness. You know our team kindness. Jared Goff Andrew. What were they both donated two hundred fifty thousand dollars to start off telethon We're going to get two million dollars for males. Two million meals for Angelenos. And he was just US sticking together coming together like we always do this. Community nowhere rebranding. It's a IT'S A. It's a new buzz around the rams and we want to kick off the right way so I mean I hate to be a worldwide pandemic. But Hey that's what we do we're gonNA come together and leave no doubt about it and we thank you guys for doing that. John Johnson third joining us. Here safety for your Los Angeles. Rams you told me about the rebranding what do you think of? It grew on me. You know when you first see I. I feel like a lot of fans and a lot of people who don't understand what's behind the logo have a lot to say about it but I mean I like it It's bright. You WanNa start this thing off the right way We'RE FIGHTING FOR LA. So that's in the logo. I like it honestly. Everybody has different tastes. You know everyone has their own opinion but I think is is good. It's a good start and I think the uniform follower never going to be pretty dope too so just stay tuned if you if you got First opinions about just stay to okay so I'm curious about the uniform. Here's my deal. I don't love the just the one that has the L. A. With the RAM horned coming out. I do love the actual ram like the Animal Logo. That thing is bad ass all I all I would like is and I saw the. Nfl memes twitter account. Combine the two. And I'm like Yo now that's tight. You know what I'm saying so I'm kind of hoping that maybe our friend Kevin them off in the rams. Maybe there is a day that we can kind of combine both and maybe make it work because it does look tighter with that. I'm not up in arms about it. I don't love it but I mean I like the colors and I liked. I liked the Ram logo. I just wish we could have a combination of the two. You know what I mean. Yeah Absolutely I. I know exactly what you're talking about the NFL. I saw it it. Dan Look Pretty Dope. 'cause has lan the rams. And I I think when you think logos you think of the ramp or an eagle you know the mascot itself so you know i. It's it's a little tricky but hey maybe one day we can and I also wanted to win and those who call in and donate have a chance to win the new branded rams hat so call in like I said it could be any amount help but like maybe one day we can get there but hey I'm all in I'm Ram. I'm going whatever. The team does whatever demos vision was everyone. I love it. I'm into it and that's the type of guy so hey pitch idea and maybe we can get a change. I don't know Judge Johnson the third of the rams with this year. You can get a free rams hat the new one of the new hats if you donate call eight eight eight five zero four ninety four ninety one or go online united for La Dot org slash pandemic relief or you can text united for la two eight four four seven zero one five one eight one all right so let's talk football here for a little bit. Joe. There's a lot of guys not in your locker room anymore. You how do you? How do you feel about some of these things that are going on in your locker room? Yeah it's a it's a business and most of the guys on different too but It's a business. You know. Those guys wish him. Well you know. They're all land on their feet. They all have opportunity to go somewhere. Play and you know help their family so you can't be upset if it's bittersweet but You know you gotta understand. It's a business and you got to move forward. The show goes on. Have you talked to Sean or anyone about just kind of what to expect moving forward? I know that football is obviously secondary at the moment but I you know the League is obviously still moving forward free agency and the draft. It'll be different. But they're still moving forward with that. Have you had any conversations with Sean or or or anyone in the organization about what to expect? I guess coming in as far as the defense is concerned. Not really not with those who guys. I haven't been talking with our new defensive coordinator Brandon Staley. I love the deaf already okay. He's he's a he's a straight goon like we'll get a lot of things done a defense but as a personnel. I haven't really talked to those guys about that. I mean I leave it up to them. I trust them. I have one hundred percent trust. They'll get the job. Done input guys on the field. I WANNA help us play at a high level so I mean I just let them work their magic fair enough. Let's let's have some fun. Always liked to play story time when we have a guy on. So give me your best. You've been in the League now. Two seasons is going to be your three. Give me your best welcome to the NFL MOMENT. You had as a rookie. Oh okay okay. Okay were there are few. Actually there are a few. I think they could be on the field. Whatever you want I so we forgot what week it was the plan the Jaguars on the road. And I don't know if you guys know a fellow Neymar Sadie Louis C. The big humongous Titan. You don't see too often in college so he's coming across the middle. I'm planning to post. He runs like deep over. The play. Action Pass Blake Bortles. He hits them and I don't. I'm not a dilemma. I don't have anything to do other than hits him. I can't go for the ball so listen I think I was probably about two hundred pounds. I do all my whole two hundred pounds. I do. And he bear like he Stumbled and said he didn't even follow for like barely stumbled. My shoulder numb from from our shoulder. Fingertip is completely numb. I what just happened I just had a brick wall wasn't to the NFL son. That was one of them Let me see let me see. I had another one. That problem is my the size and speed. And he's do you you. You can't match it in college on me a lesson plan the FCC play agencies. I mean it's a little different but just the size of these people was my was my welcome to the NFL. That's crazy and so how different was last year for you. I know you got a little dinged up but I'm saying like like just having gone through one season. Like how much better were you in your mind going through it last season. Oh my well. I'm going to New Year for my second. I'm sorry for my bad. Oh no no I bought. I mean well I thought I did. I had a great second year coming into my third year. You know the game slows down. I. It's true what they say You prepare like a like a true pro and you get your body to produce game is going to slow down and you're going to make plays being out there repetitions. We'll get you to where you need to go so game. Definitely slow down tremendously like you said I had a little hiccup got hurt last year but this year coming up. It's Kinda like A. I got a vengeful taste in my mouth. No one did anything to me but I kinda got like a vengeful taste in my mouth. I didn't WANNA I can't wait to get out there yet. I mean you only played six games last year. So right you gotta You. GotTa Lot of pent-up frustration. You gotta you gotTa hit some guys like you will not like you did. Mercedes Lewis but you may have to you have to knock some of those dudes out because they still coming over the middle and you're going to take care of business now. You just told us the Mercedes Louis Story. Is there a story where you knew? A dude was coming over the middle. And you're like Oh this dude wants none of me. Oh I mean having all the time I ain't gonNA namedrop but Happens all the time. Most of most of the team is. Are you know to like in the quarterback? Help out to they put the ball you know. And they're back shoulder like behind a little bit so they don't get their head myself but plenty of times. I'M NOT GONNA name job anybody but it once a game all the time they just dropped to the ground. You wish you could just want. Give them a little namedrop. If you'd like I mean it's okay you know. Just we're just family here in the division we got twice a year. I'll let the ball material. That's true James. John Johnson. The third joining us here. Ram Safety on the Sodano show on seven ten. Espn so Gimme me a couple of things within the locker room here. We go you ready for this. Who's the dude in the locker room? Who's got the best style style? Well last year was Marquis Christian. He's a safety He got signed with the jets but he's probably hands down like he looks like he's fresh off a Paris fashion week everyday cook okay. Who's the dude that you don't WanNa get into an eating contest with last year? Aaron DONALD FOR AARON DONALD EAT CLEAN. But he eats with short he posted on instagram. New Tuna Man. Yeah he's a big dude. He's a scary dude. I mean Nice as Hell but scary dude. If you didn't know he was that Nice on an on. The field is scary. You don't want to get close to them. Okay take show outside of Donald. Who'S THE NEXT GUY? You wouldn't WanNa get into a fight with in that locker. I'll probably say Joe Note. Boom all of line. Listen live check it out. The guy doesn't say a word but listen you don't WanNa oh it's okay. It's a family show we got you. It's okay you don't WanNa mess with him. You don't want to you man that's crazy. It's okay luckily on radio we got a seven second delay so only you and I heard that and the people listening online. The people listening on the airwaves didn't catch it and the people on the podcast. We'll get a bleeped version of that but but you go. But that that's what you know that those quiet ones man Joe no-boom you gotta be careful. Be careful telling I John Johnson the third again the rams doing the virtual telethon with ABC seven goes on through six thirty tonight again call toll-free donate whatever you can man. It's going to the United way of Greater Los Angeles Pandemic Relief Fund and the La Regional Food Bank any donation. Gets you a rams hat with the new logo? Call them at eight five zero four ninety four ninety one go online united for La Dot org slash pandemic relief or you can text united for la two eight four four seven zero one five one eight one and if you need more info it's on our Espn Los Angeles twitter page and you can re tweet. Data makes you post it to your friends to get everyone involved to help the community. John John is the third. This was a trip man. Let's do this again soon. Thank you so much. Stay healthy and we'll talk soon appreciate day anytime thank you. Yes Sir Thank you man. He was great. That was fun. That was awesome and by the way the Mercedes Lewis. Ucla dropped. That's that's a if you know if you know. Ucla a beast. He is still still right. So Koran Butler eleven thirty coming up next if you didn't hear earlier we were talking about Mark Cuban kind of given a silver lining to the NBA. We'll have that for you coming up next Cuban with some strong words. We'll get to that. We're back in four and a half minutes sedan with here on seven ten. Espn thanks to John Johnson. The third he was fantastic. Bergman I'll give you credit you I ask you. You told me Johnson third is coming on. I said is he any good on the air and you said he's great and he was great. Yeah he's really really good. He has one of the best personalities on the on all the rams he was on he's on NFL network a decent amount. They do stuff with this stuff with the station. He's got a great personality. He was comfortable with you. I always feel like when a guy curses not at you but in just in just a regular part of the conversation. I always feel like that's a tip the cap to the talk show host because you've got them so comfortable that they just dropped an F bomb just and we're like oops sorry my bad right because they feel like they're just on the phone with you just having a regular conversation. Hey who's who's the guy that's going to want to stay away from. It goes Joe Note. Boom that's the name I did not expect. He's like he's like he's real quiet but you don't WanNa believe him whoops off at that point. I was cracking up. But it is true. You gotta be careful the quiet ones. Yeah it's always what they say. Well that would be good for the rams because you need a nasty dude up front and if no boom is that then then they're in good shape so but anyway the rams as we mentioned. Abc Seven we're all teaming up to host the virtual telethon. It's on till six thirty tonight. Benefits the United Way of Greater Los Angeles Has Pandemic Relief Fund and the La Regional Food Bank to donate. Anything helps man. And if you donate your your John Johnson. Say that they'll give rams hat with the new logo call eight five four nine hundred ninety one. That's eight five. Four ninety four ninety one or go online united for La Slash pandemic relief or you can text united for la two eight four four seven zero one five one eight one eight four four seven zero one. Five one eight one man. I just got really hungry all of a sudden. Today's Today's is the great American takeout. Today is the great American takeout My Buddy Evan Cohen was on the show last week tweeted about that so I re tweeted it so basically what you need to do today is in honor of the great American takeout. You should if you're on twitter you should tweet it someone and what is your take out. And then they can do the same for someone else. Keep it going so you should buy takeout today. Support your local business There's a great place right down the street that I'm going to be ordering from so that is today. Don't Cook Today. Laura means you don't Cook today order from your local businesses support. Him they need it. It's a great day to do that. Do you have Laura the the sound of the jeopardy guy who screwed up the Joel. Embiid thing I do I do. I will get it for you. Find it for me because I think it's Kinda funny in the interim before you do that. Mark Cuban was on wfan television and he mentioned that he was asked about the start of the NBA season. He wanted to know or they asked. What do you think like? Is it possible that we're GONNA GET Games back? Like how soon do you think it's going to happen? Here's what Mark Cuban owner of the Dallas Mavericks told Wfan Television in Dallas. I'm proud of Adam. Silver I'm proud of the NBA way. We've reacted we've led the way and hopefully will lead the way out of this. I mean no one has perfect information right now so all decisions are tough. But you know if I had to guess based off the people I've talked to on at the CDC and other places. I would say that you know the over under would be June first and I'm taking the under that hopefully by middle of May were starting to get back to normal in the NBA. Ache is playing games. Maybe not with fans what. We're playing games because sports play such an important role you know. People want something to cheer for people want something to rally route. People want somethin' to to be excited about. I mean he's right about that. There's no question that it would give people a sense of escape kind of what we're trying to do here on a daily basis So but I feel like he's being a bit optimistic but he has better information than we do. You know what I mean like. As far as the way the League is thinking and he's talked about how in that interview he mentioned about how he's been in close contact with the CDC So maybe he you know he's gotTa know more than we know. And maybe we do get games back sooner rather than later. That's still a long ways away over under a June first but it would be kind of light at the end of the tunnel right for sure. Yeah I mean he's extremely well connected and he definitely knows more people than we do and absolutely I would hope I would love for basketball to be back in in. May I just feel like it's a little bit false? Hope for me that I would be possibly be seeing Lebron. Anthony Davis playing again in in in in May or June. That'd be fantastic. Just doesn't seem like everything that we've seen around the world seem like it helps though I mean. Look it's still what. March twenty two twenty four. Yes so that's a long ways away your enemy and I hope two months. Yeah like I think that we're not gonNA see the peak of this for another eight to ten weeks. Which means it would. He's thinking of is by then by June. First he believes according I mean this is what I'm interpreting since he's talked to the CDC so much that will have already seen the peak by then and that things will. If we do this right will be again. They'll be light at the end of the tunnel. We'll be seeing the downside of this hopefully at that particular point so I that's my interpretation of what he said all right so I asked you for the jeopardy clip because we'd said earlier and we're supposed to have Koran Butler next But we said earlier about how the sixers we're going to slash their fulltime employees salaries with anyone that makes over fifty dollars by twenty percent. Basically the internet shame them and told them. What are you doing like what? Yeah Shame. Shame they the Internet. Shame them rightfully so. I'm not into shaming on the Internet. But at this point it's like you got you can't be that tone-deaf dude like come on seriously. People are in a really weird spot. We're all in this together. Being in it together means that you're everyone's going to make sacrifices and the people at the top are going to have to probably make the most sacrifices because they have ways of getting of making good on those sacrifices right because that's what happens when you've got a lot of money so. Whoa tweeted out. That other owners were seeing what the sixers were doing and were weary of the PR backlash basically and then within minutes the sixers reverse course like after talking to everybody. We're not gonNA slash anyone salary. We're going to go business as usual. We're paying everybody so the JEOPARDY CLIP. I think is apropos because remember the Guy Got Joel. Embiid's nickname wrong. But here's what he said if you remember Joel Embiid in two thousand. Nineteen won the trademark for this nickname of his that also describes the seventy sixers strategy of improving the team. Paul what is due at one? Eighty no fiber Mike. What is the process? Well they certainly did at one eighty now so that could be their new slogan moving forward and we're thankful that they did shadow the Pablo Tori. Who's joke I stole but did I delivered it way better than he did anyway. Caramba will join us at four minutes. Stick around Sodano seventeen. Espn Sodano with you here on seven ten ESPN. So what is happening with? Koran Butler Greg. Would you text them? He just says to call and then when we basically he said like yeah just give me a shout my man all right. I appreciate. I'll call you tomorrow at ten forty. This was yesterday and he goes call so I said cool and we called it ten forty and he didn't answer then I said calling now thanks predate it and he gave me the thumbs up. Like you know how you click on the actual text. Put the little thumbs up there. Yeah Yeah Yeah. And He's put the thumbs up. Tried calling again nothing so I said. Hey we're GONNA call you from this number still no answer so I mean. Hopefully he comes on. I mean listen I can't control it. It's okay if he doesn't come on today we'll get him on. It's no it's no big deal but yeah I would just keep trying and we've got thirty minutes left in the show. I'd love to talk to him because I always love talking to him. But if not we'll do it tomorrow or the next day or whatever he's not busy you know it's fine. There's a lot of people trying to do a lot of things right now. Maybe he's trying to go to the grocery store. Maybe who knows? There's a lot of stuff going on but it is national takeout right National takeout day. Greg get great American takeout Hashtag Rate American takeout today. What do you like I mean do you? Is there a good Cuban place by you that you can have since you not really but Angelenos from yesterday said that they would send stuff? I don't want him to have to deliver all the way out here. Like that's fine. Trust me I will go out to Angelina is in Norwalk. When things settle down like Peter? Don't worry I will stop by. Asked the guy at any different place that I've said I will stop by therapy gone on Downing. I go there. I go there all the time. There are plenty of places I go to so I'm not I'm not really worried about. Don't worry about me if I say eventually. We'll stop by to your spot. I will stop by your spot but yeah I'm thinking something a little closer you know so. I don't know maybe Sushi. I'm kind of in the mood. Laura mentioned Sushi and I think she got me in the mood for Sushi. Sushi is one of those things that I can have. Any meal of two can eat a first thing in the morning last thing at night. It doesn't Sushi in the morning. Absolutely I love it. I love it I love it is the best get. It doesn't matter anytime anytime I will not. I can't get sick of. It doesn't matter to me. I will eat Sushi the very first thing in the morning if I have to. What's wrong with that? What's wrong with it? I don't hold on let Laura Shadow the restaurant first and then go ahead. So it's Combo Sushi. It's in Silver Lake area on Sunset Boulevard. Their stuff is amazing. It's kind of fusion. But they deliver and they do. Take out so Kombucha K. O. M. B. U. Sushi on Sunday. It's amazing okay. Fair enough show Greg Shushi in the morning just feels weird. Why it's raw fish so still good. I just don't think of like I'm not even like a bagels and lox person in the morning. You know what I'm saying like. It just feels weird. You know what I'm saying like have salmon in the morning like first thing. It just feels weird to me. Yeah I mean I'm not I'm not the biggest locks fan. I'm not a big fan of that. But you know weird right but Either way it's that that's a little bit off for me but I any Sushi. I will absolutely have ice too. I mean come on I lived in live in Hawaii. And in that time you could go anywhere and get fresh Sushi. Oh well yeah I do remember when we should talk about that more about you. Living in Hawaii it was fun. Man It is a pretty amazing time. I remember working with you like fifteen years ago and all of a sudden I left the company to go work somewhere else and I text you and you're like yeah moving to Hawaii. It was. Yeah it was just perfect timing like I got laid off which was maybe not perfect time that but further timing for being laid off no no but if there was a time to move to Hawaii to start over somewhere right exactly start over somewhere and it was fantastic. We were on the west side of the island and a place called copy. And it was right near you. Know the the Disney hotel the outlawed and the Big Island. Yeah no no. It was on the wall. Oh Sorry Yeah. Anwar who and it was. It was gorgeous you. It was like ten minutes to the beach every direction that you went. It was always great weather. People were really nice. You'd walk down the street. I'D BE WALKING. My dogs and people would just walk by and be like how's it. I was just like he was people. Were Nice it was just. It was such a nice change. It wasn't as expensive as people thought really because that's what I felt like. When I went there I went there for a wedding two years ago. And we rented an AIRBNB and because we brought my daughter at the time. My my wife was pregnant with my son. And we went to Maui now. Maui seemed expensive. At least when we went to the grocery store comparatively speaking. So that's the issue right. There right is that he went to the grocery store when you go to a safe way. That's GonNa be expensive because they have to overprice everything if you go to Costco Costco and by loads of stuff and it's just a normal amount. So that's what we did we. I guess we were only there for a few days. It wasn't like we going to Costco Whitfield Being over indulgent at that particular point right. It just gets a bad stigma because so many people go there too because they don't have jobs and they're like I'm just going to be in the service industry or I'm going to be a a bartender like it's just not that easy and it's tough to have a wage that way but if you go there with actual plan it's not it's really not that bad. What I thought was pretty awesome to your point in the service industry not to get too far off the deep end but the that was a pun intended there the was like how cool it was A. You always see this in the movies about Hawaii. About how like the Guy who's the bartenders? The ballet somewhere else like you know what I'm saying like and it really was that I went to a sports bar to watch some games and the guy who was my bartender. When I went to the wedding the wedding was at the Ritz in Maui. He was the valet at the rich. This can't be true like I couldn't believe how real inaccurate portrayals and movies. Yeah there's a lot of it is like that. Was it forgetting Sarah Marshall. What is what's his name where he had all the different jobs. He was like the Surf Instructor and he was Paul. Rudd Paul Rudd. Yeah he did a whole bunch of things. Yeah that's you you can get a lot of jobs that way absolutely. It is pretty pretty crazy. I loved Hawaii like I did. I had fun there. I would go back for sure. I just you know it's tough with two little ones but but yeah I would love to go back. Yeah would you ever consider living there because a lot of people get island fever you know? I would my wife no Janssen Hill. Really good friends lived there. And and that's why we ended up going to the there but yeah. I could do it. I think. Look Dude if you're telling me that I could start watching football games at like six in the morning or whatever and like you know I mean come on. I that was that was the best part was just like here on the West Coast. We're spoiled because games start so early but over there. It's like three hours earlier than that. Like I mean. Come on dude. You have no idea I was done. I was done with all my sports at five o'clock in the evening I it's crazy. It was fantastic. I had unless that does seem a little early though. No no it was right around the right around there because three hour difference so if the last game starts at five a game starts at five thirty to thirty so three hours five miles thirty or right right and then during the NBA season. Because you do get all the channels there. I noticed that because I get dodger games. Laker games and stuff like that when I was there. I the channels. I definitely was watching the dodgers because they had spectrum there and I was. I was just like impressed. Right like watching. I guess because Dodger Games were started for you know and they'd be seven and it's dinner time. Yeah I guess you could make that work. Yeah and like the way that it works to stays light light a decent amount of time. You can go down there you can go. You can go serve for a little while. It was still in between sports. You can still do everything it was. It was magical magic tomorrow medical. Yeah there you go I mean listen you might as well Quarantine there if you want right but no I mean if eventually that is the goal to get back there at some point This segment is brought to you by progressive insurance. They're making things even easier. The help you bundle your home and car insurance together so you can save on both more progressive dot com or one eight hundred progressive again. Espn radio's I mentioned is presented by progressive. Insurance guests appear via the Shell Pennzoil performance line and again. If you missed any interview today like our boy John Johnson. The third from the rams was fantastic. Make sure you check out these sodano. Show podcast on Apple podcast. Espn APP brought to you by capital one. Quicksilver earning unlimited one and a half percent cashback on every purchase everywhere. What's in your wallet via segment coming up? Saddam seven ten. Espn Sodano with a year on seven hundred ten ESPN brought to you. By our friends at Shell Pennzoil synthetic motor oils are made from natural gas. Gives you unbeatable engine protection? The proof is in the pennzoil so I guess no Koran today. I guess we'll try again tomorrow. We'll keep calling him like look Koran from now on until you come on the air we're just gonNA call you every single segment I mean. Do you want me to just text him no. He's not the texting part. That's the issue. He actually gets back in text. It's the actual answering the phone guys. No it's fine. We'll figure it out but anyway so we we we have gotten the ESPN Los Angeles twitter page to Talk about the great American takeout and where we should eat today and people are sending suggestions except a gentleman named Sean Meisner. Who I'm sure is is is a good. You know a very loyal listener and I'm sure he has the best intentions but he says eating takeout doesn't make sense be safe. Eat at home. You still can eat at home and order. Take out or delivery for that matter and not come in contact with people very much. You know what I'm saying like it's still very possible. Yes that is what you do. Take out for so that you can eat at home so yes we should do that and I will be going to noodle monster tonight. That's on Magnolia and Laurel Canyon and be getting me some Nice. It's going to be very tasty. I don't know what I'm going to do yet. I can say I want Sushi but at the end of the day I Mrs Sodano has to approve of the Sushi too. So there's that so I I can't just drop the order here. You know what I'm saying. This isn't a totalitarian government here in the Sodano household so it is a democratic process. So I've got to ask but I do love when I do get Sushi here in the South Bay. I actually drive to Mita. And there's a great place called. Oh Connie who may which is fantastic. It is a standalone place. It is really good. They're great so if you are ever in that general region feel free to stop by those are always the best places. Those are the ones that are just little holes in walls type places. Yeah it's actually a big location in the sense of like it's a big restaurant but they've got two sides to it You know there's the one to like dinner holes in the best way to describe it and then there's the Sushi bar but it's great it is fantastic. It is at least one of my favorite spots in the South Bay. And it's not like you know Manhattan. Beach Clubs Yeah. I don't know the area John. Likes to go to the country could have been Manhattan beach. You run into John Ireland somewhere you know. You're boozy play. Chris can you get me some Sushi to the country club delivered here to the Country Club here? The Ireland Ras Al. How far is low? Mita I don't even. I don't know that area down there. Very well meters right off the one ten okay. Ten in age drive the one ten to pch. You get off there and your harbor city. Lameda that all that areas just right in that general region. Yeah so all right so last night. Two nights ago you had a fire alarm issued. Anything crazy happened you last night. No you nothing capping. Last night. I actually asked my wife I said. Did you put the humidifier on for Matteo. And she said yes initially but then she got scared and turn it off like I turned it on for my daughter Aria and she was I put it low and nothing happened and I put the one in our room on low and nothing happened so I just said we just got to be a little more. You know what I'm saying like there's that yet just be a little careful. But all Aria was at off of game of thrones. Oh we weren't even watching. Game of thrones then okay. I didn't start watching. Game of thrones for like two years ago. Oh Oh you came in late also I came in season six. Oh Wow yeah like the end of season six. Everyone was talking about it. I put it on one day and I remember I was still living in Pasadena at the time and I put it on one day. I'm like wow. This is visually like really interesting. And I kinda had an idea what the story was. You know what I mean like you know. I always love game of thrones. People would be like you got to watch every second because if not you'll never get it. If you just jump in your no idea you'll never have an idea. I'm like really not that difficult to figure out. Okay it's basically mob families in like some mythical time right that's that's all. This is what I mean. It's hard to grasp the concept. Yeah at Laura. You've never seen it was wrong with you never. I don't have any interest in watching that show at all show here. Here's my thing like my wife hates like dungeons and dragons and what. She calls nerd stuff right but she got. We got into this because the things we love our. There's some great storylines. There's a lot of betrayal. There's a lot of sex and there's a lot of politics involved If you like any one of those things you should give it a shot. The problem is it. You need to go about nine episodes in the first season before you really feel like. Oh Wow like you have your first big. Oh wow moment and then you'll be hooked if you can get to the ninth episode. Good well can. I don't know it's a Disney show but I'm like you had me at sexes so I might have to watch Disney. Well this show. This show is a Disney only Disney. Espn so I wasn't sure that I'd say sex. Okay I hear you so anyway. So there's that real quick you know did you should NASCAR did not that. I like the Talk Nascar. But did you see? They had an erase the other day. Bergman an erase know what. They had an erase like interactive gaming instead of one of the races and they had nine hundred thousand people. Watch it on television. What nine hundred thousand people eat? That's crazy yeah. I didn't know that nine hundred thousand people still watch NASCAR. I tell you what if if Lebron and Lake Jaanus wanted to play. Nba Two K. Twenty and we put it on. Espn right now. I bet you five hundred thousand people would watch it. All that's low. You're low balling that no. I'm saying at minimum. That's you know you're looking at millions. That thing would go just off. Because you're going to get that all over the world you're not. GonNa get that just in the United States where I can just I would assume that most of NASCAR is just in the United States in the middle of the country. This is going to go all throughout you. Jaanus and Lebron playing to K- mine and just put it on TV. That's what we should do. We should do that. We should you have inside line to Lebron. I'm GonNa just tweet him right now do it? I'm going to be honest at the same time. Get them on there. Yeah I'm GonNa tweet him and I'm going to write. Would you guys want to see you should talk to? I mean I like hearing you talking about what tweeting could you imagine what the what the numbers would look like for that. That would just I think every laker fan people in Greece. It doesn't even matter. I think people would just be excited to watch some sort of basketball and then as long as you have the picture of them you need to actually be on like a twitch stream type deal but it goes on. Espn where they can actually see them getting into it. That would be just out of control. Good yeah a virtual NASCAR Nascar RACE ON TV. Would you guys WANNA see airs play? Nba Two K. On television I mean people do that already in. That's something that happens. A decent amount. Josh Hart was really big into into two K. And I know a lot of other people are as well like Anthony. Davis is on the cover of two K. so That could you can. Even you can pair up with two K. and just do it on their two K-TVHE and see With like Chris Manning and you can have the two of them just going at it People would drop everything to watch that. Yeah I agree I'm not as opposed to twitch I'M GONNA make sure because we it's already on twitch like you know you gotta you gotTa be specific here as opposed to platforms online. This is your longest tweet of all time by the way that no. He's not gonNA write it right. It's trying to write considering nine hundred thousand we will watch the virtual NASCAR race on TV this weekend. Would you guys WanNa see at NBA players play NBA Two K. against each other on TV as opposed to platforms online? You go yes. The answer to that question is yes. Is this a poll? Or he just going right to them. I am going to put it as a poll to do we have. Do you have any response from the last poll? Oh I didn't put it up. I forgot Sir. Oh Ch- man. This is all we have to do. When are you going to start going on? I'm going to try tomorrow. I'm going to try tomorrow I'M GONNA try tomorrow so if you're listening you can. You Can Watch Sodano talk from his office possibly tomorrow. Perhaps here's the thing though. Like how do I then we can get you though? Like people won't be here. You the only be able to hear me. Well they can watch you. And then they can go to the stream and they can listen on the stream still so they can hear both sides I could. I mean I could put myself on but that nobody wants to see that. I've I've done my time online. So here's the tweet. Tell me if you want me to hit send considering nine thousand people watched the virtual NASCAR race on TV this weekend. We you guys. WanNa see NBA players play at NBA Two K. against each other on TV as opposed to online platforms. How about King James Versus at Jaanus? An thirty four Lakers vs bucks. Yes or no ready go send and long dated by tomorrow boom and that's if if it's not one hundred zero there are people are insane. Here's a tweet we got. Thank me later. Lomas del Santiago best in La. Where's this Peruvian? But Mario Peruvian seafood. Now you are tweeting us now sending stuff let me see Wexler Deli. I've been there I've been to exercise. Elliott that's great stuff. That is good stuff Ben. Lyon we did that my Buddy Ryan Garish. Put out there. Ill Trim Ultramarino is a delicious Panini. Place right down the street here in On Ventura in studio city That's that's some great stuff right there. Yeah it would be great stuff for sure. I have to vote on your pole. Yeah vote on the poll. Put it. We put it up already. Poll is forty percents. That knows only fifteen votes them. The answer's Yes. I got one hundred percent in two zero. It looked like I was the only one though. But so you can vote at Sodano. I'm curious to see how many people would actually I would watch it. I'll look in this cliff booth tweets if you answered yes to this. You need a hobby. Nine hundred thousand people watch virtual NASCAR RACE BRO. You know my hobby is when I'm indoors is watching that. Yeah I would do it especially if they could trash talk right and you put them on the headsets and we could hear that. I would do that in a heartbeat. Yeah when they did it for the All Star game when they were just talking about picking teams and that was fantastic because they were talking smack this Saturday even better. I think it would be better for sure. I would do this for sure. We're done here. Thank you guys for tuning in. Thank you guys for listening and tweeting and all that. Thanks to Bergman thanks to Laura thanks to John Johnson the third donate to the rams. 'cause okay everyone donate Gore. Espn Los Angeles twitter for more information talk tomorrow.

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