Wrestling With Altitude! - Episode 11 - Tough Guy Inc.


Here comes again. Lunch will be the same old same old or you ready to take a vacation from the ordinary with a new Jamaican jerk Turkey sub at firehouse subs freshly sliced smoked Turkey breast crave ably sweet mustard sauce and a hint of Caribbean seasoning just five fifty five remedium save time order the new Jamaican jerk Turkey sub on the firehouse subs APP firehouse subs enjoy more subs save more lives participating locations limited time only plus tax prices may vary delivery off welcome back to the wrestling with altitude podcast. I am your host Mr Fourth row and I'm very excited because I have two of my most favorite people in the world and that is brutal Bob Evans and tough timmy us. They are Tough Guy Inc gentlemen. How are you doing? It's great to be here Mr Fourth row. I'm excited. I'm excited to be here on the podcast that I'm excited. It's we've been we've been trying to connect for awhile and finally we finally lined it. All up MC cited to be here and I'm excited to be in Colorado and see you next week so can be big time. Yeah we <hes> we've already talked to miss the first row Mr Sector. Oh Mr third row so it's about time you talk to this before. Throw just on list on the list all right so let's <hes> Kinda start off at the beginning <hes>. How did you guys get interested in <hes> professional wrestling? Did you watch it as a youngster <hes> well I I started. I started watching it. When I was with fourteen years old? I watched <hes> I watched wrestlemania twenty two at my friend's house in Mick Foley went got spirit through the flaming table number since then I was I was I was hooked to it. So that's an got I got in the I got into the local entity scene and became a fan of ring of honor and was just I ever since then. I just wanted to be a wrestler well. That was tim by the way Bob case doesn't know who we are. I'm Tim yes so oh yeah tim stories allow different from <hes> mind but <hes> I started watching it when I was <hes> because I'm quite a bit older than Tim so I started watching it <hes> in nineteen eighty-four right when Hogan pipe we're getting big war to settle the score roar and all that actually just showed him <hes> the whole special awhile ago <hes> just to show him kind of like what how was like back down so yeah it was cool so nice to go back and visit but that's that's pretty much what got me into it and <hes> started in nineteen ninety two and a little group into Bedford Massachusetts and <hes> been going ever since so and started in ring of honor about nine years ago and and still make appearances there with Tim sometimes but we've got a branched out and become our own thing our own brand <hes> so now we're not necessarily in any other but any other business except for the tough guy business so <hes> cool all right <hes> so how did <hes> Bob. When did you have like your your first match it was it was in one thousand nine hundred? Did you say yeah I mentioned in April Nineteen ninety-two against the guy named <hes> Bobby Moran Dan whose unfortunately in along with us but <hes> yeah it was <hes> in in that same little mill building in new Bedford Massachusetts and <hes> diesel crowd. They're probably hundred fifty two hundred people at the time and there really wasn't much of an underground scene back then so it was it's kind of like what's happening now. <hes> with they kind of really the only place to go was Kowalski's in Boston and New Bedford was about an hour away from Boston and there were guys wanted to wrestle so a couple of Ju- journeyman guys Kinda said well. If you get a class together we'll train you and the kind of started their own thing in new Bedford and it's actually still going today. It's called top opera promotions and they still run <hes> two or three events a month so it's kind of but that they're Kinda. They were kind of doing the same thing back them is. Just instead of four or five groups popping up there was one but it offered a lot out of opportunities to me and several other people so yeah nineteen ninety-two longtime and Tim of how did you get started. How was your first match? Was it like a started in a started in August two thousand yeah that was my first match rest of the guy named will Wyeth who <hes> he was. He was a journeyman in my area at the time in in New Jersey and it was he was very helpful to me in the beginning getting so I started at a place called ace professional wrestling which is still around that still accompany the they still run monthly shows here in New Jersey and <hes> yeah so so I I got to take I got to learn from from quite a few different like really talented. Local guys got named Danny Moth from Azriel and a guy named E. C. Negro who's who's always been and they're always in and they really they really helped me out in in the beginning before I I I started before I trained at the monster factory and the are wage. Joe Joe is well right and <hes> do you guys every chance to go back and <hes> in Russell for those for those promotions and if so what was what's I like <hes> I'll speak I <hes> the we've gotten to haven't gotten to wrestle for that promotion in quite some time but but I've gotten to wrestle for promotions in the surrounding area with a lot of similar guys and they're always everybody's everybody's super supportive of May. It's it's really it's really cool. It's really cool thing. <hes> everybody like super proud of what I'm doing getting to travel all over the country again to learn this great eight business with with Bob. It's it's it's just been an incredible journey so so as far as when when I'm back in in the New Jersey area wrestling or New York New Jersey area everybody is very super supportive in very happy that that that I've gotten to branch out and see the world in Yeah I've <hes> I still go back to top row. Promotions probably not as much as I'd like to because we're booked in other places but <hes> you know I'd say several times a year three or four times maybe more <hes> that they have a very good <hes> base there and they're really turning out a lot of good talent. That's where <hes> T._K._O.. So Ryan Vinnie Marcel <hes> that's where those guys have come from and this is a gentleman <hes> e._e._G.. Anthony Green who's making a lot of waves. He got his break there <hes> so you know it's it's nice to see the next general actually it's two generations now <hes> doing a lot of that were <hes>. I've actually made it. A gold first. Half of the year have reached back to some of the quote Unquote Lesser Leagues. Tim's helped me with this <hes> in New England <hes> because that's really what kind of benefited me back in two thousand nine when I decided to close my school and Kinda just become a roving instructor I I tried to go where I was needed. The most and the top promotions in New England really are some of the elite promotions in the country so they're they're pretty set <hes> not that I wouldn't not that they wouldn't welcome my visit but I think I can be a little bit more helpful in the in the lower groups kind of like a ball you know kind and instead of AAA ball so <hes> just going to visit with them and I'm actually working for a couple of groups and Tim Abi helped me on that in the next few months. Excuse me but yeah I I try to get. I've I've have really this is probably the most I've done in New England in several years so it's it's nice to take a break in Kinda. You know this impersonal stuff going on. Don't worry everybody I'm fine but you know this personal stuff going on that makes it easier for me to be a little closer to home and I'm enjoying it because after it in the road hard for thirty six straight months it was nice to Kinda just relaxed and have a few moments where you could not have to drive a thousand miles on weekend Gotcha all right and so. How did you guys meet? Tell us about that. Well I yeah I met <hes> I met Bob at at the monster factory when I was when I was a student there <hes> and I actually took his seminar so which is which is quite fitting <hes> yeah so I I I got to learn from him that day. I he agreed retirement sixty minute Max with me that still hasn't happened that will happen. One day and Monday will happen and <hes> but but yeah it was <hes> I got to got to learned from him and then and then through that <hes> through the are wage seminars in through other seminars and stuff like that I really got to get to work with him in and get to know him in we quick as a team and end. That's IT Kinda. Kinda moved forward from there so an Imbaba you have anything to add from the instructor site. No it was <hes> I felt like <hes> <hes> is a nice kid. I met along the way and <hes> I felt like he was getting Kinda. Short shrift that day Danny cages dear friend of mine and he certainly wasn't trying to this is a lot of people that day which is good you know as blessed have a lot of people there <hes> but I felt like Tim wasn't getting the individual attention you needed and I kinda just liking to him because you know Tim's Kinda Awkward Goofy Nicanor reminded me a little bit of myself back in the day so it's kind of charming and I you know he he <hes> you you know I kinda liked him right away so and could tell he was maybe a little bit behind athletically with some of the other guys but I felt like he you know he never gave up and he always wanted to learn and at good questions and things like that and then i Said said let me Russell Russell Tim for an hour and Danny's Oh we don't have time for that. I said I'll wrestle on the floor and I think we got what we get to have about. Seventeen minutes in seventeen minutes in house like wrestling wrestling on the amateur Matt's for an hour I don't care and we got about seventeen in and just kinda and I think we bonded on that moment and <hes> I think Tim was happy. Just have someone who was you know not not willing to give up on them and you know because Danny was doing a good job with them but there's always that you know that sometimes sometimes time to take some extra person to command and kind of confirm all the things that <hes> Danny cage had to say and so and then you know we tim had been still been struggling. I think Tim will be be able to talk to this little bit more but <hes> went to the ring of Honor Seminar and I think he was looking for something and found it because they you know people people say we resemble each other kind of only in our Anderson do where he kind of looks like my son or my nephew or my little it'll brother or whatever so kinda picked on us about it and you know Tim was just with the flow. I kinda fought it for about half a day and then I said you know what maybe this is a way to refresh myself after the cheeseburger feud was over <hes> that's cheeseburger bring Amman I wasn't fighting sandwiches food fight and then yeah so then it was <hes> and it was just a way to Kinda. Get another hook. You know like Tony Sherwani says his podcast jess you need a hook and and this was a way to get hook and get another young guy and help another young guy along which I love to do and kind of make myself <hes> current again so and <hes> I feel like we never really really achieved the potential <hes> due to a bunch of different circumstances. I'm not bitter complaining about it. It's just these things happen and <hes> but we there was a time when we really wanted to start teaming mean regularly and ring of honor was an offering those chances and we love ring of honor and we have nothing bad say about him but it was time to kind of you know look you know a referring amount of running fifty dates a year that leaves three hundred and fifty days on the schedules so let's try to fill some of those days and we just made a kept our weekends full and both made a serious commitment to this team and I've never had someone so committed and serious to me aside from maybe my family and my wife so <hes> so it. He's he's not a great job. <hes> you know we that's team formed you know three three and a half years ago and then we got super serious about it in September Twenty Fifteen Tim Twenty sixteen twenty sixty so it was and then we so you know here we are two two and a half years later. I mean yeah hundreds of matches as a team now and it's really been a quite a ride quite a ride and it's been it's fun. We've been in gun to wrestling thirty. Seven states did seminars all over the country three provinces of Canada together so it's just thousands upon thousands upon thousands of miles on a car in a in a Boston cling in a boat yup in a boat Yup so it's just been it's been a good. It's been a some it's been some of the best years of my life it at has been the best years of my life not some the best in my life this past these past specifically two years have been the best years of my life so and okay so you're just were mentioning about all these modes of transportation. Did I remember seeing something out out there that you guys are still looking for different ways to travel to events when it comes to transportation trying to get them all often the checklist oh yeah yeah. We're we last year last year. No we did. We did about a train a box a plane yet so I mean if somebody wants to lend us out there copter jetpack or <hes> or hovercraft <hes>. We'd we'd we'd like to borrow them because we need. We need to get their manny. We need to get wrestling as many ways as possible to show people how possible it is just whatever whatever whatever your means you gotta just get to you. GotTa get to wrestling no matter what we gotta do the draw do a flight overrides train. Whatever yeah wherever wherever wherever will take through with most ago go we'd love to use it so cool all right so kind of one of the main reasons? Why I got you guys on is because we are talking about seminars so that's actually talk about <hes> Bob? How did you <hes> start with this idea of the <hes> doing these seminars that hangs with bombs some ours I mean what was that like well? It started doing seminars <hes> anyway just because I was I I was feeling pretty confident about it. Once ring of honor started using me for their seminars and it really helped me and I also was part of a team that included delirious Sir my goodness Jerry Lynn Christopher Daniels Briscoes Adam Cole Jay Lethal Kevin Kelly Rabbani. I mean just just tons and top sinclair tons and tons of great wrestling minds that could the pass along their knowledge and I learned a whole bunch of teaching styles <hes> and I realized kind of that. I knew what I was talking about. which was really very I mean I'd run for ten years and everybody was pretty decent so I knew I knew something but it's nice to have that national confirmation so I just started branching out and saying hey if people want people want to use me seminars go ahead and you know I started doing some small seminars? Just want to get a bunch guys to work out everybody throwing twenty bucks and you know doesn't have to be fancy but if you just WanNa work out in and so I did that for a couple of years and just very informal and then thanks Bob Concept was formed when I was sitting on my porch and I I just had noticed that a took pictures of the bunch of people and they and they were all kind of doing well for themselves and they were all head getting major deal so I basically tongue-in-cheek jokingly took credit for it you know hangs with Bob goes to annexed the exit. Bob Goes to Japan hangs with Bob goes to W W you know that type of thing so it kind of just and then I said well hey that's kind of a it's kind of a neat name for a seminar anyway because I always hated the name. I use it all the time but I don't really like that because I don't think it really big seminars can be kinda cold and calculated and <hes> I really one thing I learned earned was what to do. Another thing I've learned is what not to do by some of these trainers who are not gonNA mention but I felt like there was there was a negative a lot of negative stuff going on where it was old. Guys is just yelling at you and holding over your head that you didn't have knowledge and really just making it an outlet for their own insecurities and I didn't feel like the right way to do it so I said well. Let's just make it. Hey come hang with me. Come hang out. We'll learn some stuff full. Will it'll be a fairly relaxed environment. It'll be fun be motivational. It'll be uplifting you'll feel good about it. May even shed a tear you laugh a lot at trying to make it fun and and you know but we work real hard to and and I get people thinking and I get people thinking about how they can. You know Kinda. Make a couple of bucks in this business you know so they can justify to a wife on their husband or they're the jerk at work. WHO WHEN YOU'RE GONNA make money at this you know so I just kinda and I figured out kind of kind of answer? The questions that I wanted as a seminar I mean it's all in teach people do tosses and all that stuff and that's all that stuff necessary but the biggest thing you can do is teach these kids how to kind of become a business is on their own so and I met Matt Hayden from Rocky Mount Bro at a bring of honor seminar and he was really impressed because I took the time to you know work with him off to the side and you know just kind of spent extra time with them and he said well. Hey you know we'd love to have you come in for seminar and I thought he was just kind of paying lip-service and then he was really like he pushed it hard. He kept following up. Hey I want to bring you. I don't want to bring you in and I said Okay you know and Matt was one of the first guys who really believed in me. That's why I'm I'm you know I'm proud to call rocky mountain pro one of my homes and this is one of the reasons why wouldn't is here you know Matt was one of the first people to instill confidence in me and I tell tell tell people all the time that I don't know if I would have gotten to where I am today so matt's done a great job not only lifting up his own people but you know he helped me realize my potential too so I'm very grateful. which is you know why we're doing the big camp at his place? You know the biggest one I've ever done and <hes> and Tim so you're now you're helping to now with the <hes> hangs with Bob as well you know and doing some <hes> teaching instructing yeah yeah I mean I feel like I feel like my role is is is kind of the the the generation like connector because I feel like I've not too far removed from from the point when I was like completely clueless on on how to do wrestling on where to go and how to you know how to meet people how to you know how to even sell merchandiser or a even wrestling match. You know it's not a feel like I'm not super far removed from that China. I can relate in a in a way that helps them understand and I think I'd bring I think I'd bring unique perspective to the table as as well and made slightly slightly different one than Bob's even though Bob is the master at what he does is like the best of the best of all at in in my in my personal opinion. He's the best of all time when it comes to doing seminars when it comes to when it comes to doing that but I feel like I add a little flavor feel ah the play by play guy he can. He does all the nuts in both business. He does all that stuff. I feel like I committed in the nerves the colored I and at a little bit of flavor her to to the seminar to help to the the younger guys on the pay a broader picture. I gotcha cool all right so <hes> then there's GonNa ask also to the so <hes> Bob. You're talking about. <hes> you know how you got started so so basically with the name you Kinda feel like you just kind of using that name kind of gave some pizzazz as well title is actually giving a branding yeah. I think the I mean I think you need you need the I mean these days in kind of a brand than people talk about it and I think they over thank you I think they need to they think they need to come up with the next coker. You've Kleenex or McDonald's or you know a big. You know Google. You don't have to come up with something like that. You just have to come up with something that your own and again a hook you know something that the people can go. Oh yeah you know like one of the things one of the things I've been grateful for. People just Kinda go yeah. I've taken a Bob Seminar before and that's pretty much attributed to me so I've managed to Kinda make the Bob thing kind of my own shoe which is great and in fact. I'm the most prolific seminar guy ever cousin hurt because I go into these little small towns and you know Tim and I are driving and we're like I've never heard of this town. Where are we I don't know and then they'll be tour people there? You know I was I was telling Tim about <hes> of an and I said yeah we're going into the show that they they call these guys backyard is on the knock them and to show that knocks him draws one hundred and the show that supposedly has all the quote unquote backyard isn't it has four hundred and they sell out every show so oh I just we we laugh at this because you know one of the things that is good about being a national guy in Timmel Tim Tim this is one attempts. I think favorite parts of it is you just don't get you just don't get buried read into all the local drama because you just do your thing and move on and we always try to leave places better than how we found him so we're not we're not burning towns to the ground when we leave. We're actually planting seeds for the future but I mean that's that's one of the things things that I one of things. That's helped up becoming a national guy as you're a national guy so you don't get stuck in all the local indie politics and all the this guy said I can't work here and this guy doesn't want anybody in his town and you know this one sleeping with this one and it's just it turns into just a a very difficult situation to be involved in so it's one of the things that helped helped us out a lot. What would the branding and the become a national thing as you can? Just move on be. Everybody's friend kind of move on right okay so <hes> maybe this might be a question about planting those seeds I would guess maybe some of your favorite things that you've seen <hes> outcome from these seminars as and I think I've seen it just in this case for example in Rocky Mountain pro- <hes> we've seen people that have been introduced like your seminars in Maine introductions and people oh have moved across the country to go join other promotions. I mean I mean is that is that the case and I think that's correctly and if so what's that like to see that people now done this and just now flourished while we've we so you know we we we do what we can do to make things better and one of the things again. It's Kinda. The it's kind of another byproduct to be in the whole national thing is sometimes you show these people how silly some of politics are so. We've managed to advantage to heal not heal because that's very strong but we managed to help facilitate a lot of the groups in Quebec Canada get along now in a lot of work together now and they all are very good at promoting shows and they're all good at drawing so now the drawing great even even bigger houses because they're working together and Kansas has Billie Simmons and billy will be part of our seminar Thursday Friday Billie Really Simmons has done a great job of uniting Kansas wrestling and now there's five or six groups that are part of his alliance and it's not collusion or anything is just hey you run this weekend and we'll run into a couple two weeks and these other guys. It's Kinda just the hey. Let's not run a let's not run against each other. Let's use a lot of the same talent. Let's move everybody around and let's get these guys more work. <hes> and I've seen I've seen that a lot. I've seen I've I've seen people go to Matt's <hes> allowed to Matt's even like I sent people. That's all the time can even now even like examples of like guys that have that have moved to Colorado because of the opportunities that are happening there like like that Vlad ballot off. I got that I got that correctly and Chombo those two guys who moved from completely different parts of the country Chicago mode from Seattle labs mode from North Carolina and and really just like made rocky mountain pro their home really embraced the Colorado like the whole state in in the Colorado wrestling seen in really flourished out there. That's a mean I feel I feel often two guys that that the that have attended the seminars in decided they wanted better for them so I really I really doing well right now yeah and that was that was actually to people that were a top of my mind. Because of course I know them very well <hes> being in the same same area and see them every week so yeah sure and then there's been a on top of that. There's been plenty guys that have objected seminars that because because Matt Hayden he was he was a coach at at the first angry Bob Super camps so a lot of guys that attended the first tangle things of Bob Super can't dot to make many many appearances in rocky mountain pro so it's it's just been it's been super in cool to see that aspect of it to like those guys kind of flourishing in like some really cool like places around the country like Ryan key mountain pro or you know it's just that's that's been that's when one of the most rewarding parts about it is seeing seeing those guys really like go after it and you know move move their families and move them. You know up route their lives to to go after to go after what they want what they really want like cool. That's that's awesome to see all right so okay so we've been kind of tiptoeing about around it but let's go and talk about it now so we are having <hes> this coming up here very soon in the Colorado area. We're having enough. I'm not if I'm not mistaken. This is the biggest super camp ever that <hes> as ever been held for you guys so oh yeah I would say so all right. We'll tell US listeners about it. What's what's happening? What's going on in the dates and everything else <hes> March march twenty eighth <hes> thirty the thirty first through Sunday March thirty first and <hes> were invited anybody from around the world to come and it's three hundred dollars and but it's three hundred dollars in my opinion well-spent because <hes> you're going to get used on at least two out of the five events that are that weekend <hes> Rocky Mount Pro S. four events and Hugo's Lucia libra has one and they've <hes> been kind enough to offer a few select openings and we'll be working <hes> that event but <hes> a few select openings to their <hes> group as well and <hes> so you have a shot really at all five shows? I don't think we're not we're not guaranteeing that by any means were guaranteed at least two out of the four so <hes> we've also figured out with Billy Simmons come in with Chris Silvio coming with Matt Hayden. We also have mania lemons and big coming. <hes> How snow from Oh V._W.. And they just announced that they have re renewed their agreement with wrestling <hes> Stevie Richards I mean you can I think before as AL's <unk> <hes> announcement I think we were at two hundred nine possible hundred ninety two bookings so now that's gotta be well over two hundred now because Oh v._w.. Runs every week TV every week on Wednesday and then they run Saturday night special so that sixty shows elites so do you have the potential booked on two hundred and fifty shows now. You're probably not going to get booked on two hundred fifty shows because that's a lot but <hes> but you have a chance to meet <hes> five or six different promoters from five or six different parts of the country and I and in this business once you go to one show and you kind of branch out and meet people and Network and prove that you're good person usually there's two or three promoters that every every event at at the event I was on the event we were on last week. It were two or three different promoters Tim. Would you say I mean there's always to drink promoters yet. Net at shows you know people who either promote shows are workers booker's or whatnot so <hes> so it's going to be four four days of good training <hes> wrestling skill technique <hes> Promo skills interview skills business skills to make money in this business <hes> how to market yourself how to do social media properly tim dozen ice. It's a nice piece on that have had a photograph yourself properly how to put out the proper videos and pictures and <hes> how to frame everything in the best possible light so <hes> so this it's going to be we something that covers quite a bit ground and there's going to be opportunities. Galore and <hes> Matt Hayden Iraqi Mount Pro has as an excellent T._v. product and you'll have a chance to wrestle <hes> on a very well well known <hes> twitch television product and you know they put a lot into it and it's not just thrown together. It's not a public access show. They do a good job and you'll have a chance to really branch out and do more in this business this and I. It's really just a something that'll give you a solid solid foundation <hes> if you're just starting out or if you're kind of in the middle of your journey and it'll give you a good pushing off point to let you know exactly where you need to go next so <hes> and like I said we have <hes> there's the w international opportunities to Chris Silvio our dear friend from Florida. He is the booker of <hes> SASAH AH sewer boys to sell Yano Italian wrestling <hes> I'm sure I butchered that name my apologies to all my Italian friends out there <hes> but Chris is the best s I w yeah and Italy and he also has he's also wrestles quite a bit in the U._k.. And if you can get to Italy you can get around to the U._K.. Flights are very inexpensive and he has he promotes his own shows Florida and has tons of in the southern part of the country Chris has a lot of <hes> connections to and then <hes> Vig and maybe lemons just opened up devotion wrestling and they're doing a show a month and have training school the air and Matt's doing his thing and Al has of course Oh V._W.. W In Louisville Kentucky and we should all wrestle at the Danny Davis arena at least once in our life. I still have not had a chance to do that so I'd love to do that. <hes> and I've I've run shows occasionally and anybody he knows that if you take my seminar you pretty much an open door to come and the guests that my show and I'll do my best to put you on so <hes> you know we really have a ton of opportunities and of course Billy Simmons with the Kansas Wrestling Alliance which is four or five different promotions and can't in the Kansas area <hes> that run quite a few shows so there'll be plenty of opportunity to get yourself books and it'll be a good environment to do it. <hes> you know not a lot of pressure. You won't have to really hand resumes over and do an interview review. You'll have basically at a four day. Try Out to try out for all these companies and see if it's good fit so again there'll be plenty connections plenty of people to wrestle plenty good people to wrestle and a good way to kind of expand your boundaries injuries so right and there's also a trainer is going to be there too. Is that right absolutely of course yes in rocky mount pro premier wrestling organization in in Colorado. I feel like I feel like I feel like it's <hes> <hes> the mercury bring wrestling academy is probably the best best in school within within twelve within twelve hour driving radius <hes>. There's there's no there's no better place than than nursery wrestling academy to get started and no I just WANNA speak from from a perspective for a second two guys that have never gotten the chance for Colorado for still go but he also a key he talked three fifth out loud Macondo those the two guys that the fans are GonNa get super hype about because those guys can go whoever whether they're putting the ring with which it's going to be an awesome match they can wrestle a a kitchen sink that can wrestle a pan or toothbrush and they'd have also match so I wanna see in wrestle toothbrush guests. The business end always always the consent right cool very awesome. Okay Yeah so <hes> is it I go to just on my my. I literally just looked around my apartment and I was naming off things baking Russell well what happens when believes him to by himself in his apartment. Oh Okay yes will flow full is here and she's he's. He's being my adult right now so so she's holding she mutual Owen and Tim at the love of his life in Denver to Iraqi mom. You never know you might find your significant other. They have to with the camp true. That's true you might find another and Bob. Bob will try to hook you up. If he sees a love connection it will try to make it happen so bob so good at everything but I'm good at that actually unspoken as the unspoken part about the hangs with Bob if strike if he if he finds a love connection for you will do everything is power to make it possible. It's true very okay so <hes> not to not to diminish the the super camp but not for the fans people there may be attending these events what you guys have to say about that mean hype up hype up those those events where what's going on there well. This really is really no need to even hide from up the fact that you can see talent from all over the country over the world different people that they've never seen before and some really. I know some of the people that are coming. You know if we have people from North Carolina Collin. We have people from Dallas coming <hes> people from New England coming. I mean Chris. Silvio is a treat to watch while being Congo's retreat to watch <hes> so there's going to be a bunch of different people Tim Tim Victory Dangerous Yup and Timothy I already you know we've already made an open challenge to the tag team champions so we're hoping that'll happen at least once. <hes> you know once that weekend because that's all it will take us to win the titles so you know we're it's Tsk. We've I understand that <hes> Chris Silvio <hes> we've asked him to put the SL W heavyweight championship that the the Italian championship on the line as well so they're gonNA see some different title matches. They're gonNA see some different matchups that they wouldn't see and they're going to get to know some different wrestles from around the country that they're going to become fans of and these some of these guys really are just just need a couple more breaks to to make it and some of them are going to be new guys that are an end girls girls. That are Kinda just getting their start then you know they'll be they'll be while I saw him or her when they first started at this camp and look where they are five years from now so it's going to be a a cool opportunity conaty for fancy new talent and see some of the old town you know the the homegrown talent the Denver town mixed in with people from all over the country and I always think that's kind of neat when you see different it from People Russell different people that they were necessarily wrestle and I think that's that's kind of cool. They developed a good appreciation for each other. You know so right so so then we got so just to spell out so on on Thursday we got the <hes> ignition and charged event at the Jefferson County fairgrounds in Golden <hes> Friday night we have the rocky mountain pro experience and then Saturday we have the event Dan at the Romero's canine club which also happens to be my birthday <hes> right and then and then Sunday is the summit <hes> event and then the also the Hugo's event yeah when I saw you guys a pop up on the Hugo's poster was like a well cool. Is that the first time because you goes yes yes. We're actually doing to at least to lose events <hes> Rachi wrestling for Carlos Galley in Chicago in in on May Fifth Cinco de Mile so were were getting our Lucia fix in. I I've never worked any Lucia. Vada owed their fun Lana Zak though so there and I heard it's blast and Tim and I always looking up our game and Russell different styles and take out different opponents that can make us better so we're just thrilled his hell to make it all work and we're very we're we're very pleased that Hugo made room for us and we're GONNA. We're not gonNA let those fans down and maybe we'll create an awareness of some of the fans that maybe don't attend the Rocky Mountain events and vice versa of what they can. You know what they can Z.. When they check out each other events you know right Tim? Do you have anything to add about that. The vents new weekend any thoughts. The show came five five and on top of on top of the seminar and all that good stuff from I'm super excited. I hope I hope we get to I hope on on Sunday. You goes to Russell a fast paced <hes> Lucia tag team you haven't we haven't got to we haven't got white guy. We've gone to wrestle some fast paced teams but but nothing nothing really of the loose per se like the the Sheer Lucia style and I'd I'd want to. I'd love to have that at the CIA I can't wait. I I can't wait to get my hands on the the rocky mountain pro tacky package <hes>. I'm pretty sure it's like we we're going. We're GONNA make it happen this time. You know so we're GonNa make that would have the titles around our way. Hopefully it'll be one at that Romero's Lafayette it was thirty seven degrees or hopefully. I'm hoping for a nice weather week next week because because it's going to be it's it's hopefully it's not something like that because I know he's all the weather that you guys getting up. There hopefully hopefully but yeah I just Rocky Mountain Rocky Mountain. Pro Is my whole <hes>. It's the place where where I got to go a lot of confidence in my song there too. I got to meet somebody dearest friends and and my my lovely girlfriend there and and it's just I'm excited to be back and it started to see I'm excited to see you. We haven't seen since the time you're gonNA brand new legos. It goes inspired <hes> and it's it's it's GonNa be. It's going to be a real good time. Rocky Mountain Pros Murray one of my favorite one of my favorite places in the entire country just because it's it's it's home at in two thousand miles away but Gotcha yeah so tim to let you know I have been looking at the weather because I know the Ramirez outside <hes> but so far it is showing that we're supposed to be in the forties forties and fifties and the day <hes> for the next <hes> weakened or so so and only only ten percent chance of precipitation so I think we might be okay all right. We'll bobby knight might need to bring her. There are two wrestling. It's going to be in the forties so so that's as long as long as it doesn't all right okay yeah I think I think Tim may have some Internet connection issues. He's cutting out just the smidgen there you go ahead and you have met a repeat what you're just you're last part yeah. You're gonNA bring some warmer other gear. <hes> we'll bring our snow suits in case it's it's in the low forties and as long as it doesn't snow or rain. I'm excited for the week it's GonNa be. It's going to be great one awesome okay cool all right well. I really appreciate also coming onto to the podcast this time around but before I let you go if people wanted to if they're not following you on social media The facebooks and the work you guys. Is already now. Oh No. I'm still here are starting. We're taking over the podcast yeah here on a podcast with this is not misters not Mr fourth row anymore this podcast and we're taking Mr Mr row and Mr Six. I'm just trying to find a hotel that makes sense going from Alabama to West Virginia Yeah Yeah Hey. This is what we do. Fans Bob Looks for hotel hours on the fun national wrestling life fine hotels with southwest points attached to find rental cars and ways to find shows that are within eight hours thome correct in so okay and for <hes> for Tim this is brutal on Evans and we will see you guys <hes> later on for the exciting <hes> <hes> Rocky Mountain <hes> spanks Bob Super Camp all right all right take care. Everyone loves I think okay I'm back now back. Oh we I skype new to me so I was. I was just saying to you guys. I really appreciate you coming on the show but before let you go or not falling you on social media and I don't know why they wouldn't be tell us tell the listeners were they can find you on the facebook twitter etc.. You can find me <unk> at Timmy on twitter and you can you can follow me on instagram at tough timmy h all won all one word and you can also friendly on facebook. I've only got like fifty. The Friends of friends left the friend me on facebook. I'll be your friend of a friend the guy for <hes> for the next fifty people and other than that. I'm not going to be your friend so that's where that's where you can find or at least not well yeah. I'm on <hes> Bobbins on well. labral Bob Evans on twitter brutal Underscore Gore Bob Underscore Evans instagram but I'm not much of an instagram guy because I'm old guy <hes> and then you can you can find find me on facebook unfortunately won't be able to friend me but you can follow me. <hes> I have a thousand friend requests that I can't get too so <hes> he'd better off following me <hes> and that way you can get my stuff and feel free to message me on their to <hes> we have a hangs with Bob Seminar and an tough-guy page best way to get to that is tough. Guy Ain't dot com <hes> but you can look it up. It'll pop right up if you put tough-guy INC or hangs with Bob seminars usually just pops right up in the search bar so and if there's a pinned calendar up there and he'll tell you where we're going to be and <hes> that reminds me any updated but it's pretty updated so most of the stuff is there so including including Nick West Gates wedding and my daughter's <hes> dance recital so we got all that stuff in there to just. I don't forget myself so all right. I'll kill all right once again. I think you both and I'm so excited to see a in a little bit more than a week. All thank you for having US yeah. Thank you so much drabness APPREC- kid once again a big thank you to tough-guy Inc Brutal Bob Evans and tough Timmy Hughes News for coming onto the podcast for this episode and letting us and all the listeners know about the great event the hangs with Bob Super Camp that is happening on March sh twenty eighth through March thirty first here in Denver Colorado and all of the great associated events and shows that are happening with that as well as the a coaches and agents that are coming from all these different promotions like they had mentioned <hes> you know rocky mountain pro the Kansas City Bill Simmons <hes> you know big man Lemons from a. d. c. w. from devotion <hes> then Congo from our O._H.. Monster Factory Chris Silvio from Lovie W and SL W Italy it's GonNa be a great time so it should be <music> lots and lots of fun. I am excited. I don't know how the wrestlers are going to do it attending these <hes> super camp and seminars and also going to perform perform on the shelves as a fan when I go to this many shows in a row I'm exhausted and I'm just cheering the guys and gals on so <hes> a big Kudos to all of them for doing that so that is in as time this recording a little bit more than a week but I wanted to go ahead and get promoted here so if you are listening and undecided to go I think it is well well worth your time and money to get this level of training and exposure <hes> I was going to say maybe possibly during the interview with Bob and Tim but it this great seeing talent <hes> get into promotions that as a fan getting to see these talent and <hes> one of my biggest ones that I really love and the first time I saw him and I think I've mentioned in this on twitter is the young gun Chandler Hopkins <hes> when I I saw him he I did his <hes> appearance in rocky mountain pro number one is his ring gear has has retire pop to me because I felt like it was a complete package helped his character and then his foundation the wrestling that he had was great and then when he came back and this most recent time and had a killer match probably the match of the night with <hes> Curtis Cole. I thought that was fantastic and I loved seeing him and I told him I want him to come back real soon and if I ever had a chance to go to Texas <hes> and see him in one of his <hes> local promotions one of his promotions that he wrestles more regular basis. I might even and do that so that's one thing to think about as for the wrestlers too in the fan interaction to know keeping your back your mind I would think that this is one of those things things to get that exposure and build up your fan base even from afar you know even though Texas and Colorado are not necessarily too far but every little bit helps I would think so let's switch gears for just a moment mink and do the week in review so this past week on Thursday as you don't we had the rocky mountain pro ignition and charged shows it was great it was us was a little bit of different kind of matches. I thought and different faces here on ignition and chart. I great the writing storylines I thought are just continuing to hit loved loved it and then on this past Saturday we had the second respect women's wrestling show from the Herman's hideaway whatever I attended that and and of course leave abates was back in town. She had a great match with <hes> Bentley Powell and <hes> Heather Monroe was in town as well. It was fantastic I thought and then we had the tail versus tail match the kangaroo versus the cat <hes> seeming lack are hand <hes> Alley Gatto and they had a great match to so and it was also nice to see Bentley just call out alley Goto as I had mentioned before when I interviewed her with Anaya matching that you know Alley Gatto is the standard of Colorado women's professional wrestling and Bentley is now taking an exception to that because she cut as scathing Promo and it looks like her and Allegata will be facing off each other when it comes to volume three the of the respect women's wrestling event coming up next month so well. What else do we got well? Let's look forward to what we have coming up in the near future so this it's Thursday. We have the rocky mountain pro charge ignition. Get your tickets at our M._p.. Rustling Dot Com <hes> you can also get tickets at the door as well of course. They're more expensive expensive if you don't get them in advance then on Friday rocky mountain pro is heading back to the Alamo. Do you remember the Alamo Draft House that is they have the wrestling event and then they show a movie afterwards words <hes> you can get tickets at the Alamo draft house website or the APP and that's how I got mine. The scheduled show movie after the wrestling is hot foods fuzz which is another movie. I have not seen yet so Kudos and Rocky Mountain Pro Alamo Draft House. Keep it up showing some movies that I have not seen and there's been a lot of movies I have not seen even though <hes> in my one of my former podcasts that I've done the t t n at the movies with <hes> Migrate Co Host Daisy <hes> we did watch a quite a few movies but there's still some holes in my movie watching experience so if you guys ever need to decide on a movie hit me up you know you guys know where to find me then on Saturday Iron Hills championship wrestling is coming back for their living. The Dream Show on the twenty third from Union station <hes> eight P._M.. Bell Time Twenty Four Nineteen Eighteen North Union Boulevard in Colorado Springs Colorado tickets can be found at I H C wrestling dot com looks like a great show. It looks like <hes> tickets are twenty dollars for front row general mission ten five dollars cheaper or five dollars more expensive. I should say at the door so get those tickets in advance Vance then on Sunday and I'm not don't have a lot of information on this but we have Colorado Springs Russell Shush Shush <hes> it is happening in <hes> Colorado Springs well. You know that's about it. <hes> don't know where else to say what is happening but it's a wrestling show. Oh looks like a <hes> marijuana inspired show. All we have to say is that says join us for or evening a rustling in a friendly environment local wrestlers and some well-known personalities come together. Come join us the I._P.. Passes get preferred seating and a gift bag limited V._I._p.. Passes available once they're gone. They are gone so <hes>. It looks like the basket has a T._H._C.. Drink Self <hes> C._B._D.. Solve some gummy candies so looks like <hes> hey there you have it friendly environment so hey <hes> before we go let me go ahead and plug. If you WANNA get in contact with the show <hes> hit up on twitter at hat russell altitude you can email just email me directly Mr for throw at gmail.com. The website is up and running. It's not pretty yet but it's functional for the most part wrestling with altitude dot dot com and if you guys are enjoying the wrestling without the two podcasts <hes> that we are hosted by the trending topics network and there are some other great shows on the network such as rustling cheers. Here's the Spanish announce table and chill the Eurovision showcase and old school at the movies so I hope you guys all had fun this time around and having fun wrestling fling with altitude <music> Hi it's Jamie Progressive's employee of the month two months in a row leave a message hi Jamie. It's me Jaime. I just had a new idea for our song. What the name your price tool so when it's like tell us what you want to pay hey trombone goes Wah Wah and you say we'll help you find coverage options to fit your budget? Then we all do finger snaps while a choir goes savings coming at Ya savings coming at Ah yes no maybe anyway practice tonight. I got new lyrics or the rap break Progressive Casualty Insurance Company and Affiliates Pricing Coverage Match Limited by State Law here comes again lunch Lippi the same old same old or are you ready to take a vacation from the ordinary.

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