#26 - Conversing with Mirakuru and Connor


Hello everyone you're listening to the podcast here sports file apple PODCASTS I am did not on the life on well. Numbering, very late episode twenty six as all going back to normal in Friday. So just to worry about that. But I wouldn't Coterie Mira Kuch have up ever chop because I was just feeling a chocolates particularly and we live with. So please enjoy. So Chops decided to assemble today to talk about music. I. Suppose because I am settlements were follow Lincoln the description the how there wasn't going to be any episode this Friday and I was just sitting here. I'm just do Moan. Club of A. Wardrobe which I'm a little bit like. In underwhelming so I just decided. Against episode so I'm joined by. Very interesting guests guess introduce yourself. Me Okay My name is victor I go by the stage name MIRA crew. Second time appearing on the PODCAST. But we have a new. Number one shoe I mean he's never ever ever. Never GonNA. It's just. Yeah I'M GONNA. Go by stage new of course gravel name. Is My third time on the podcast? Yes. Need to find alias. Any ideas for an alias because. Young toast young show. Congress. Young also. For, a second thought, he changed the name to young toast as I. Interesting to say the least. Fire it's. I think fires probably the wrong words. Is Interesting. It's unique. Meek it's so shit that no one else is ever going to have it. I'm toast more on. No. Copyright reasons. Copy posts. We Are you know we're like I WANNA be. I WANNA be ironman. Because I feel like I'm in charge. Okay So you guys GonNa be. In avengers unto. You could be you could be. Commute Yep. Okay. Looking for flowers for his girlfriend so she wouldn't see such a strong nothing else. Very PG does you. I'M GONNA go with halt. Six Five. Big Boy. Victor who? I'm pretty sure comedy shorts. With. Spider. member. Watch vitamins cool. Did you think I should be the new question for the. member. The is that your. I think no be cool Naba. Maybe I don't know but. I just I. Shook I I want to ask you a question. Now I I've asked you this both before and noticed. SPO-. I'M GONNA. Ask you huge musical inspiration. Why are you said last time You Count Zagan so has to be. Great I have. Enough. Let's see poor stacey do all I. It always completely undo. Yeah. Hopes good as well. The the basis going. To I like hollow. Yeah. Was Hollow. Hollow from the was the was it an EP or an album? He's twenty twenty-nine ep the one that helps on. I think. I'm GONNA roll lots. Of White guys listening to right now and I want you to just basically go y'all. Can we do that? I. Think it's all ones I've been. You know the red, but we'll just go with it. The my number one is Kanye. West of said this a multiple occasions what we say yes or no? I like older stuff like fucking gold digger younger. Anthony moving the thing the thing about is he's going to a point proved himself. I was doing a presentation or you need the other day. I found out that he wants something like two hundred and sixty awards into, of course, his career including twenty-one Grandma's. Twenty one grammys. Oh. 'cause. Say I've got the best. Puns. Put as much. You said it was a good move for your career and I said now I. SAW Forgo. Knocked traumatized I'm now trump test. As one, there's one we listen to as well you know Benny. And Yeah. Never, heard of a she did Super Luma. Did Not. Was that supposed to be funny. It wasn't. Thrilled. So I've been listening to about Benny Benny Discipline. You know I know folk I'm just losing never heard of. Yeah come on. That's not on young coast radar. No. Listened to Benny Benny's. And she's from. Featured their. Bennies a she I'm Ben these massive. So. As in sees a big women. She's a big. She was on them. Have you listened you've listened to NOCONA. L.. Listen to George Actor. afterthought. After dot. To. Dude I think my favorite out of those I think it would have to be. A. Nice. Saved somewhere. Muddy. Is I think I don't know whether you guys have listened to my old job. But that's just straight. And like the Haram Bishop? No well. I. I. Guess in a way the one I've been going back and listen to a lot of it recently. and. Like. You can almost. Pinpoints routes on the always made music and use just weird. Genius of. Counter. He well, I guess the cowboys. Genius. He played the con- so well, and it wasn't necessarily a he was a Weirdo I mean he's definitely a for loop. I'M NOT GONNA lie the guy go confidence coming out with his backside I. Mean I imagine having seizures in the middle of a Japanese. Women seeing the how Burger Blazek. Coming tonight though pink stuff is definitely raw and even with I don't know whether you guys have heard rate on me. Charlie someone's like they're just so raw is not probably say about China shop finish. Foxy. Seriously, the just published and I really loved. Like. Nice. I could go on and on and on about duty. you ask you some questions I thought it would be. CIA Music I mean. Basically Assemble. Of War I've assembled ventures is what I was trying to say. and. I just think that we could just talk about. A little bit music. So I. I mean, I've thought about Kanye Joji, but you guys, she'd throw some summit. Six Luke on. I know you're thinking. I can read your mind is if You will so yeah. Yeah. HOUSTON. I saw that. I mean like. Yeah No I. I call it anymore and he's A loss to the game Ozzy like him. As heightened music. You play that day and everyone's going to start jumping around. EWBAL WHO WILL WALK Musically not. Discriminate the MIC. Like, looking bags. Michael it's. Actually has just reminded me. With Your Club follow my lead I do the download stuff from you both but how? How did that come around? Follow? It was the second one. The first one was lonely. Rude. Boy. I recommended. You're the I should just. Do. Bob Music's so music do you guys understand though? Now. Music. I create I felt that might be it wasn't meant to be a short guy so it was just. Not Booths three goes music. I would have you. What's your favorites of question? What's your favorite song that both of us have done individually Years. As. A MR. What's your favorite Song My. What's your favorite podcast? Obviously this one you know I wanna just the reg-. Your podcast starts because I haven't told you how well you episodes of done. So I'll yes there was. No vitkovice even within one. I can't tell you are she will start with Connor. Our first one, hundred, hundred troops. About? What was a one? Just talks about music. Yeah Lessons Talk One, hundred, six, hundred, sixty, six. One hundred thirty six does good numbers is. Lucas I loved I love recording with both because you both have some kind of creative talent dilu- cotton. Thank you to go something going here. Are you just straight up I have a of the ahead let's go get this done enforcement moves or go play on the piano whatever like how how do you guys do? You go I go. For me I never have. Had if I hear a beep another slight start saying I saw free until like beat out here and I'm just thinking in my head and all that sounds to elaborate on the. I, usually. I just play a be on the speaker and I like you said I just style. and. Then whatever comes to mind. Is a Hook always comes first? And Start Building the version. On Sony beats that just don't work, and then when you find one does like, yes, you know it's the one. She's got a record at that moment. In terms of creatively I think I mentioned to you both thought I am actually still too. I am Rosen did my victory. Yeah. You're going to record when your mouth doesn't because. That's. ME Can I can I can tell people couldn't song I told you. So here's a song. Caller Looking into percents. There maybe. Lyrical masterpiece. Alison LURCO must I agree with them I didn't Limerick I should by so obvious. When I when I heard sober. I was like. It was like Holy Shit. Sobers player. Sober was like I think Subarus on my most listened to chunks of last ones I genuinely think is. Yeah genuine. Or at least certainly I won't. Yes Twenty So you're ahead of super lonely at runaway So it on the news. On their one wall. So then I've listened to you. Yeah. I saw the music nature. Yeah no causing this this other guy phone call Tasha I share on this. Guy. Oh crazy as I was. Playing. Goes. Hush you. Shia. Sorry. I think lights out. No I'M GONNA check. Could. It be a plausible Kalab as a long stretch. Sixty, seven, thousand, three, thousand, insurance. For this story met code downloads, almost a million streams. S. Is Crazy. I still good on I think when when I. I mean I have the same reaction with sober. Because I was doing research with the whole. Happy Abby Do Dung Hey. I was doing I, explain the story sleep. I went on and I found the song actually I was GONNA ASK Daniela by amount I did eventually at the end because I remembered. But the song I heard it and I'm like Whoa. WHOA okay. Here's moved. From America for the you how do you find? Like. Well. I I. Don't find I like how does this? How did you find them? Well I recur through I found Daniel. Through instagram. So I think I get one lead and then I go from the. Sky. Shower Quincy I am. Transmitter. Her. We'll have to get him on the I will never this is the one that I've never spoken to him and. Neither have I been them for three years. He's copy since things. Can so good I. So this guy's. Got To visit message. Is Soga Scott Matt. I'm I found him. I was going through Youtube graphics I thought then. You'd graphics on Instagram on Hashtag. You know when instagram cool light they're using I was strolling down iphone with on work and I'm like, okay. This is I'm GonNa come to this guy that guy was the rest was history I like so. Good Day. I see the artwork for salsa. How good is that a mud I've seen this guy like Come from the bomb, but he's always been telling you. Calculate. The you made the follow Molinaro to do not. Actually, really good. Thank you. You May. Go. Crazy. Yeah. What do you use on your phone pixar? I tried to Announce Shit. No. Spaceship currency I cringe spaceships and stuff it was him. Conrad. Wanted Him. I mean it was just like I just I don't know. I. Felt like gave fit it Kinda because it was like a low type song was. Yeah. So I sent. Off say the the. Michael, dice of. On my own my God you did mystery the transistor everything else apart from which. I think one big thing that people in all kind of a area of work shall we really need to? Really, take advantage of unlearn dot your graphics have to be spun. The music like like it's not that big apart like there's so many other things that are so important. You have like a nice guy. Yeah if I were going through and I saw. The cover and I'm like, Wow, this is pretty Eyed at least listen for thirty seconds even music crap which I don't I like salsa. Both sides. Actually. So Faithful. Yeah. Also. I should like this. That's like that's up there. But I mean. Why don't want you to do I. Do and try and branch other artists I mean you you might already. For. I've got a couple of people on the. Wasn't McKell. Like him. I can't. There's All right this is a problem. So there's a McKell the I worked with two hundred listeners. There's a Macau with four, hundred, thousand monthly listeners right and spotify thinks it. Macau. Four hundred thousand one. So if you go on his pages says he appeared on south somebody doesn't. What? It says like this is the only feature as ever done. Is Mental. Vegetable you walk in terms of because, I've been giving you advice. In terms of. What did you? You loves this advice. I look is true. Love my advice take our leader die swear my advice done. I'm going GONNA, force you to do, but my advice is normally always. Shadow heard. We're. GonNa Doing. Giving you. I mean, he signed me a powerpoint. Really. Really, yeah. It's to. Say like. I didn't read it although she. was from. was. From my union. I didn't read. I was like, oh Somebody. Somebody got hold of them. I'm putting them in this big group job we have because it's A Lot. Go. Out To game. With. This. Okay success. Why why? Point. I. Agree. It's a it's a very. Well. You can do this this and this. Time of. The Hour I'm going to. Go. Back. I. Knows. She. Knows you do music I told her like whoa quotas music. Have, you ever had like someone you would expect listen to music. I was in Zoom Class and my teacher asked me what I do. On my free time and I was like. Music, she made me play for the whole class that is is. Our I played. Yeah I play sober and letter to my ex. I knew A. Few. Songs Dome for. Here. I'm trying to put on spotify like songs acting would are like that like that I think they're good and then the ones that are okay on Songkhla. Arbor. I think I ever did do music. I'd go on Unsound Code We'd have. Held. Onto. Was the best thing about music my boss plays. In the workplace for everyone. It's amazing. I'm going to go through list of my Joe suggests I think after episode eight hundred one. Two. Three. Four. Five six seven. Nine ten. Eleven. GAVE TEN PEOPLE Ten still slow the head hormone think about. People's and say you're going to be here at this time. This is a great opportunity for you basically. Okay if I've worked with four people youth onto an iphone to. Walk. Okay I'm the victims of. I I can't I can't explain to you the feeling of when I first heard sober I you know when you hear a good song. Album came out heard the first channel and I was like. Okay, this is is this break goodly. And even with mystery the Heck Mr. Mr Tigers. The, the wall. Talking Elk. Post on I'll probably kill myself so. You could be the reason as episode never sees the. Mostly by were. You call a loss of said. I have. I. I absolutely did I said I've got Motley mccown. You did so. Yeah I. Just I'M GONNA I have model mccown in my basement so I thought. Okay this does go anywhere and episode three I've got to be domestic I should really take the. So I'll actually very did that because I don't mean my influx of Indian listeners tape very one. Where did you guys get the most of your listeners from? My son. Fallback caught on a playlist. Brought in. From fucking everywhere I got one point, three K streams from the playlist like all the streams aren't from across from I've got one thousand listeners from the United? States? One hundred six from United Kingdom. Germany Denmark. Japan Sweden Slovenia Canada. Have you. Must Los Angeles A. Husky although. I want to ask you to something in terms of white forwarding career is actually a confidence based question if you're modest and say to people well I. T music but. You know and you don't probably take yourself up. Are you preparing to fail because you don't really believe in your boats while I mean like diaw to pick yourself up. I flagged so hard on instagram. Whenever. Like. And like songs. Streams on instagram. Obviously wanted to show off. Your masters things but. What did you think? I mean I went from eighty monthly listeners to forty six I. Don't know what I did. Wrong. May Be be eighty, thousand, eight, hundred, eighty. First Month of month who listeners so why the second one that just deb's Yeah. Always good. Risk Profile. I think I. Think we pulled. The differences, people actually hear me for life. Episodes or anything offered hour hour and a half unease when listening to a podcast I mean my ideology as I want listener to feel like they're saying like roamed table with my guest on there actually involved in the conversation but mute. Crush. Could that you know and I know you think is listening right now. We know. Anyone anyone. Is less than I figured out. Now. There's some. There's some people that you listen to my. SASKIA listens hi SASKIA. Oscar. I'm over. Yeah listens. Gross. PURES Lauren and my cousin listen. Doing. Nationalism to the one. Know. Becky, sometimes listen shellback. Wiser allies sometimes. Judgment, of Hamish screen they go up sleeping on the podcast before they both listen. Who Else Listens Alex sometimes since big up. Oh. I think. The number. So have I'm actually quite surprised with it because I talked to you on this episode call about my Ford Cost I think are predicted. Thousand by December and I'm on six thousand. Now, as I told, you have like a monthly figure. Yeah. All Converge On my monthly figures of jewel. So in total have six, thousand on skid phrasing. So. When August at went. So I can only July August, September October. So in July, it was two, hundred, nine, thousand, five, hundred and Agassi it was two, hundred and forty, four in September two, thousand, four, hundred, eighty. Two thousand sky. I don't know I just woke up one morning on our send you guys the graph the bots on the phone number I had ten listeners. Ten plays hold on the next day at one hundred fourteen. Because it's hard works been rewarded. What drop mystery like because we? Do Us district like for using. Music because you can't can you pick a date when you drop songs just like? I have the. Car The first one, the first one to eight one. So I can't pick when music comes out. It just comes out like a few days off. I didn't know what Mr was gonNA come out up and like I literally checked it for the first time it came out and already had like three thousand streams. I was like what the? Jews. Like. A strange. It's almost like Oh. Wow. Okay. Ten CAIN Is. Only licensed to get twenty K.. Streams. Keeps going what do I? W- Appear on the covers under because I paid search for the B. L. as we have. No Way has thousand what the I do. For you call back and say while. Thought mysteries. Now, Mr Mr is though to be fair. I, think in terms of be still I think you should go on learn how to create. I'm really. I've it's all about. Creativity. Suppose. For example, Kanye uses he jumped she's instrumentals. And he will make it. He uses. Yeah does. He was a producer before. Jae Whoa fellow records he? You know, Gypsies, album all what is it called the blueprint She did all the production. Regarded as one of the best. To. Sneeze like. The big. On He doesn't have doesn't matter. I. ASK IS OKAY BUT Not always widely regarded as one of the greatest hipbones all the time. But candidate goes crazy on beats white. There's some my own Michael Mental. Michelle out to Nico Obese if he's assigned. Show needs to be he was supposed to come on Bayden. Mutual friends from Scotland I had no idea. A. Guy. That's cool and path. And you. Actually, albums now. Do you sit and listen to albums lake through or do you like just pick and choose from appenzell? Trusted. For example I'll say, I'm listening to Kennedy albums over. I think I would only listen to him want. The album when I comes out. I'm Ben of light showers and again. With next. Played Cola listened to. At least. Take like I like how there's like a little thing at the end of each one on. On with Raleigh riches one. Called calm. As. It flows into each song I mean. A certain. Doesn't a savage not in that too but yeah. Those. slits, which is in into the over. Morgan Freeman Yeah right is a fucking at. Guy. I. Only. Can almost up singing what do sign heart. I think in terms of, let's say the lakes that they've. I ask you to listen to Dave I don't know whether or not if you have been chiming. Like British musician. I'll let you. All To be honest I don't listen to much. British. And Fun us. So I think with with people here in the U K B. D, listen to like a lot more US music amid the UK. In, terms of like I guess I say mainstream in terms of social here on the radio normally all Americans. Mexican and? The radio in like five years. Neither neither. Well, I think I. Don't listen to choice I used to listen to it by choice when I was younger but he stuck on Capitol FM in the Car Pussy. Agree Radio One extras whereas not ready one really depends what kind of mood. I'm. Thank God there was a podcast what you should do in your car. No. The other ones because the really poor quality but. I was. I. Was like a moment in the. Learn Cross. US A ball art. Sounds. Like a Rhody time you have. Straight into the. I was. They really interrupted. Thank you. Dave Dave albums flew really really well I, it's just row storyteller I think. Nineteen Kit. Thank you. FINISH REALLY DRINK Burnt. With. Sage. So I think with with psychodrama just flows. Unbelievable and it's story time. I had John the UK when I. Go and he was. Speaking. Speaking to him about Dave on he was like. Theft on. He said I love the Leslie Sorry. I'm like. Wall Night Leslie. Song is just as eleven minutes of storytelling home break is really really sad. For to listen to some dave after Dave. Dave Dave. Just I. Silva. Dave. Br, I can't find. All Hoping type and Dave. Off I different in America, all Michael Do spotify premium. Yeah. Yeah The. fucking. Like flooding American sloppy. Premium is like one of these things when you have it, you can't go back. To. Qualify normal you know want the best. All My. Guy That follows me he makes beats she's from like Russia. I always sent him a music is like dill's be gooding, I. Don't have premium, but I play on simple till I get the song. He's GonNa win. Why I said I sound so so this morning I added to play list but can't play because a free version but I'll wait till I can't brew fire mood. Completion. What alleging. A Guy. Orleans from. Serbia. Serbia. Nicest one listener SOBIA. As. Him. Love. Have you. Found messages. Have any other funds anybody or anybody. Stuff. Like. Did other Shelton Remember the posted on my story. Attend. Some, like it was I I don't know but you're just cussing me. Like you're not really Mexican. Oh. Okay. Hang on hang on Oahu though. Let's just stop. Is such a weird thing to say well we. I had I had a message from this. Indian. was his a message. Let me just find you you probably to us because the message was from this guy called MD liqun shake. And he said Hi, can you give me any podcast? I said Hello I'm not sure what you mean. I'm he punched me no one read just left me on route. Can you believe I was few money to sneeze again May just any writ. Of genuinely cruel virus, you don't have. Do. Do Actually. All. My God see what I'm recording his solo the vocal like legendary back in Mexico about the amount of like. Breathing. Are So how many? How many takes what usually? Takes. How many layers to? Your vocals. I can't conduit. Whole version take always like stop and then I go from a different point I can do. Something about about your the Song Monster by Kanye is a beautiful dark fantasy. Make Him. As verse is car versus like eight weeks into one. So it's all edited into one and. At strange grunting noises. which actually pretty cool. I think naked woman. So basically. Stayed in my. Album fuck off. In terms of diversification like what do you guys? I. Think. As just like how can you how can you change your pillow but like I wanted to, for example Like really hard like look at me. I or like. Though because you to have white properly. Yeah. Actually I got some guys I. Know, I know by of listening to the music and they do quite well, it's. Always DM them if you want. Some diversification going. About you. Because I mean you're younger than US son you're starting like mean Cordoba start doing this one eight hundred. Fifteen. Yeah So, like may disguise the sky's the limit for you. I want to do rock. I wanted to lie some Type Rock I. Think I've said this before. I'll. Be. Coming go by Default I was just thinking about. Growing law I didn't also came up and now I'm like, yeah, I can us or or afraid from a poor stacey. Yeah. Very very lead by nightmare by Lil Tracy. Tracy I do I know bad for you buy loose beautiful nightmare it's so it's. So good. Yeah. Low peop-. Here's Claus. I haven't listened to most people I listened to following down but yeah, I all this. But I saw docile saliva I love. All the bachelors dime on action then just want. Here's here's here's who do you. Think's GonNa be the next die. Okay. I'd rather know call spoke. Let every say I. Hope I. Hope that we don't lose like Jesus County or like a drake I hope that never happens sex. Last six, six, hundred show I mean. Reading them. I mean, this guy is going about snitching on vk running three. Free in your. It was at the. Must be fun. I. Thought are fused onslaught. I do say quantum porches you. Live Andrea. I know where you live. From. Windows. Mama Slot here if you did not. She will do. Got My mom she's She. Over from Rachel and never ever. Backed was your mom's name. His name. Jenny. Jenny Jenness here. We have Rachel we. have. Cursing Jenna. Class. War Ducts Code. Victory. Is. Under Did you. Does, go join. John. Out Joys Bald me. Why couldn't he? Because he can be called color could have clinic. which as John? I'm. I'm. So Bald. Is. The worst mistake I've ever made. was called cashier. There's a couple of more things I was Gonna ask you in I, touched on. I touched on conference. Bake Baked Yourself. then. Why would you ever? Would you ever pay yourself in a position and say I'm better than someone else? No I am and you Andrea even if I'm you made them different in closer s from? where I'm from, there's no one. Well. what you do yes but there is there is a group Hustler. Taking, spotify. Let, me check out from there certainly is. Does it. I think with podcasting or merely one as well. Though. no-one no-one doesn't like goes. I think with what we do it's like. I see what was your mindset towards? Are you in it to go to the top you had just in it for the or you're doing it for both I suppose. About Joy. I've made money from this. Actually. Made like. Fifteen dollars from this mental. I'm a free. That's you know. That's Sparrow the. I've I've met penny nominees almost a month of how much it costs to. Vice. I guess. I think. I'd go with. Just. Like. Hard, to get listeners on some kind of like yeah. Thousand plays here you get like eight plays on soundcloud. I got forty two plays on one of my songs in south. Korea has one thousand. UNITA form. Because I haven't got any my songs lockdown rhythm on their. Cost of. You know it's an all time classic while she was your son Code. Is, just. Mir crew. Was the same way. But? I got. A song. Think is there any more? What happened to it? I think I deleted it. No he did too. But it had forty two on soundcloud and then on spotify had a thousand. Dollars volunteers in December yeah. Among on. You could just you could just leave very quickly. Only? America. Learn. No I was looking at my profound the. Is took me to corners page. Listen sure I listened to walk rhythm. Rhythms across. Okay. Club. Thank you. Good. Bye. By by. How I I was leaning back. On here. What. Oh so many questions are now. So you just let them back into the win but I ha- because I'm using micro I'm just wanting in my hand right because I'm late I'm leaning back my terrible Marchetto. I go back in just goes was. dropped. Dial, in the, Post. Before. You Buy. Them Yeah. I light to be respectful because respect is number one. You know about people and there's that's just how I wrote in my head I can say to myself in terms of podcasting and stuff I'm better than you bet. But these guys are like some of the bigger guys benchmarks level by. Level then I'll pick higher ones and higher ones. Exactly. I wouldn't necessarily be a case of. I think being, I, would never ever say many I'm better than someone unless it's an argument that I might do. Like if they come at me I'm going to say. It all depends if they actually better than me or not. Yeah you know if you talked about like I dunno drake than probably. Stay. Quiet someone of its John from down the road then maybe you could. Tell them ice crop. Here but the the reason why that's because there's so many small people with big egos I don't necessarily think big UBE, I. Think. I know what my task is and I think you're probably the same. As you know what you're asking. You know the level you want to be, and if you can't get there, then it's just it's a bit frustrating. Are you. In a position where I. mean you're only fifteen. Are you in a position where your frustration the have everything now young hungry and away. not really to be honest? Because I I am not as an very. I don't know. So, about thought yes. Appeal the working, but I'll get a little bit. For Straight Times because. It's it's a case of A. Well. Yes I, have this amount of numbers. Yes. Of Tone this and this, and this is his great, but it's not enough I more. Yeah Yeah. Actually one time when I first started. My first song did eight hundred fifty. And then let's go. The second song it didn't do that whereas is like. I was doubting myself. And then. and. Then I'll put out another song. And did pretty well to this seven hundred dollars Scott Colorado. Is We'll Subaru logo. I think it's like. Two hundred fifty something. That's I think. Come from beyond the. Lopa. I love a series all of so much and I will say over over a WHO is like. I don't know how doesn't have thousands of streams and I'm not even just. With, with Conan, stop a quantity. Of Industries. I feel about in terms of what we do. You know you could be one click away from stardom. And scary when you think about it because I think of. Corner whichever get famous I would give you have again fame I mean I don't I can't speak for you and I can speak for me because I I've known her for. Probably nine years, eight years. I I. Don't think like Munem I don't deal with it very well, the because where we're in this position where. As I said I think and say I won't not awarded towards the I'm GonNa hit that goal. It's like, yeah, I've had this goal, but then I want this and I think were money shut down to the I'd get complacent. In terms of emotions and stuff like I'm. In a position where I'm older nothing. So. Basically. I hide any emotions I have. Come. Be Bad. And making calls me to be very frugal on times, which is you know for everyone but it's just kinda how Jairo Yeah and with I was GONNA. Disown writing. Do you have any positions where I? Mean I guess you like a young kitten everything but In terms of the emotional stuff because you you said earlier was a big inspiration. Excuse me and said that was a big inspiration of us. Is it are you in a position or do you feel like you're in a position where you can home in on some situations emotionally even though you don't necessarily have the life experience say I would hover. For anyone else. Yeah. I think I, could. that. Everyone. Thanks for listening. This is just a pretty crazy episode actually wasn't gonNA. But the boys were on. So I just thought you know what? stood. So, this has been episode twenty, six of the podcast. I'll see you soon.

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