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You are listening to the Dan Patrick Show on Fox sports radio. We are the odd couple and we are filling in for Dan Patrick. This of course is the Dan Patrick Show and we have a great three hours for you today. There's plenty of NFL plenty of NBA. Era Parker even. Got Excited about a little bit of baseball last night, so we will talk about all of the squad game I'm watching on television. My year I I missed that one I got admit I missed that one Chris. WE'RE GETTING WIND Dodgers against the dodgers and I was like what okay we'll get into. We'll talk about it, but I got much. What's what's there to say about it? I was I. Was I did? I. Never watched interest in a squad game. You know what I mean and got excited. I know we're still a few weeks opening day, but my goodness I was like. I've been missing this. You know what I guess. That was the feeling I got really realized how much I was missing. Just watching the game fans in the stands nothing nothing and it was Hari. All well, the hey, a good because we all have to get used to know fans in the stands, and just liking the game for for the purest of reasons, right baseball basketball football. It'll be like that too We got Joel Elliot on the ones and the TWOS, so he'll be bringing in the music from the break. So that's our man Joel and so rob. Let's get right into it. Steven Jackson. Who is both you and I know well? He's our colleague. We worked with both places the former network, but also most recently Fox sports one and a good guy, and he has been some hot water. The last couple of days and it really wasn't. I he jumped in. We need really have to, but it starts with the Sean Jackson who. A couple of days ago. Put on Instagram a quote. That was attributed to Adolf Hitler. That Just trafficked in stereotypes of Jews talking about they run the world. They wanted to take over the America and things like that. Keep down the yeah, it was. It was just yeah. It was a lot of that and And he got a lot of pushback for. Nine. Right. You're not surprised. Are you know no, no, no, no, no, no, not at all. And he apologized now, Sean, so sean came out and apologized. And and just for the record, and I've stated before I think I stated. On our show a couple of days ago and I stated it maybe even yesterday. We're talking with Jason McIntyre on this show, but I'll say it again. I don't think the Sean Jackson should be. Cut. If I I. Don't think the Philadelphia Eagles can cutting because we rally. said the N. Word it. There's no good way to say it, but he said it. You know in a very aggressive way. I'll fight all you in. Were that a country? Western, combine. Out Two security guards. Some issue, and that he had with one guy, but he just said in any all out there I'll. I'll fight y'all kind of right just. Looked like, he's got full of himself. Thinking what we're really many brothers around, or nobody would see it, you know. But anyway. Michael Vick. Forgave him. and The Philadelphia Eagles didn't cutting they find him, and then a year later Dave and extended his contract. He played I. Think Two more years with the eagles. Wide Receiver so with that being the precedent that the eagles have set in a similar situation that there's no way they can cut him. In my book, the there's a way, but they don't want to deal with the. Repercussions Rhino what I'm saying is in current climate. And what's going on what's happened? You notice you talk about all the time. The cancel culture. Right ended up right so so if there was no Riley Cooper Chris. Do you think the Sean Jackson was still on Eagles? As a veteran as an as an aged. Wide Receiver. That would be the question what I. Do think they need him as a receiver. I know. He's older brightness. Draft Guy I ran. They did I'm just saying now. Look. There would be a great chance of him getting cut I. Get where you're going from. Store not why it would be, he'd be a major danger being cut. That's what I'm saying. In this climate where we are now. He would have been and the backlash and cause of hypocrisy would be so loud and do the eagles really want to deal with that because to me Chris? The Eagles painted themselves into this corner. Right? What once you do that! You can't say we won't tolerate that and our organization. They've gotten rid of Riley Cooper. Right and said we won't tolerate that. That's not what we're about. That's not how we represent our community and our uniform, and the city of Philadelphia Chris. You could you wouldn't have. You wouldn't have a leg to stand on if they said the same thing with Sean. Jackson corrupts absolutely absolutely. It's about consistency, right and the way they handle rally cooper I mean he didn't have any incidents after that that I know of hopefully he's you know. Turned turned around in that regard, and that's fine, and so, but you have to offer the same grace to Desha. Jackson and I think the learn from this as well, but Steven Jackson even after Sean. Apologized he just the Evans Jackson went on instagram several times and defended it. And I think the crux of this rob, because we know Steven Steve WYNN on CNN finally last night, when on CNN, with Don Lemon, and apologized, he said he he basically apologize for the words he used. He's basically saying I could've used different words. I Apologize For using the wrong words is exactly what he said and he kept saying I. Don't hate anybody. I love all that love all. That's Kinda his catchphrase and. Like I, said we know Steve I don't think he hates anybody. But I think what the lesson is in this rob. And we've all you know you and I include. We've said things. You know that a controversial you know. Most people in this business have said something at one point or another, but. In today's society, especially with social media and everything is such a big deal, people. You have to be careful like know what you're putting out there. Okay and Desha Jackson, started it the obviously you and I've talked about this I was. Can we make a rule? Don't call eight off. Hitler, I mean. Under any circumstances, right? Chris I mean. He absolutist. To say the absolute worst person in the world at that would probably be the only thing you could attach to Adolf Hitler's name anything else. You're going to be called into question and right. It's happened so many people and one other point. I do WANNA make. People have to understand this when they talk about freedom of. Speech at. What what what that really means? Chris 'cause I think people are delusional. You can Chris. Say whatever you want. When they talk about freedom of speech, though and your protections right in this country, it's about you saying bad stuff about the government and the government police or the FBI, or whatever is not knocking at your door Chris and taking you away because you spoke out against the government okay. That's your protection, but when you work for other people. And you represent other people and I'm talking about companies and corporations. There's pushback Ryan and you can't be heard from it. Yes, you can say whatever you want, but that company can also say to you. Those are not our values are and we don't appreciate them, and we don't respect them, and we're not going to tolerate it, and you could be fired or caught, or whatever terms you want you right, you say it. You're not going to jail, but you may. You'RE GONNA there could be repercussions, the job or whatever now Stephen and we talked about look. He's got his tremendous podcasts all the smoke. It's on time or showtime. He said yesterday he didn't mention showtime or anything, and he's not with the SPN. He left ESPN. We'll see you know. He's he's still doing stuff for Fox, or no, that right yeah, but and that's even before it is just you know he hasn't done much Fox lately anyway before this but. What would showtime? was there pushback now? Stephen said yesterday. I'm not apologizing for a job or you know anything like that, so he he kind of implied that he's out. Yeah, it's not for a job. For anybody. Well, I'll buy it in this sense. He's should after all his years in the league and I know he never was a Max contract guy or anything, but he should have made enough money, and then, of course he did years of TV making decent money He should have enough money where he doesn't have to work for anybody so if if he did lose the GIG at showtime. He's still have enough money where he can. You know like you said he don't have to work for anybody but now. As you move forward. Though in life. You just don't I'm just saying you don't want to put yourself out there where? Nobody will mess with you. I'm not saying that right? That's what air. To credibility because remember, he became really prominent in the whole aftermath of the George Floyd murder yes, because they were. Great friends I know, they say brothers but. Wins they win. Yeah, they looked like each other, and and he did some great work with that. And that is you know that is what a lot of people were lamenting. Did he lose all his credibility that he got earned from that and that's. Always say Chris. Either what are we for? We four equality, and not being painted with a broad brush, a whole grind well, that's what happens to us. Black people all the time, right? Somebody. Does something bad and it's all black people, so we can't do that if if we're going to be real about it and we want to be treated. Equally and fairly, and that's what we're looking for quality then we can't do that to the Jews or we can do that. We? Can't to Asian people we can right here absolutely, and and and like you're absolutely right, and also as we say just. Like I don't know it almost comes off like Steven didn't know what he was even defending. Because he like one of the things he said was Desha was speaking the truth. Okay. This, Shaan, first of all in quoting Adolf Hitler was a fake quote like the quote wasn't even it was fabricated right, so puffer, Ganda. was probably so. Even, that is no, we know. He was speaking the truth, but even the very quote. He was putting up with a fake quote. It's not really Oh, you gotta look at what you're putting out there before you put it out. You know before you defend it and all of this now. The Sean, as Stephen, have all it this flag, and whether or not they've lost credibility with people will see the Sean obviously in in for a serious find. And Steven may have Kurt some of his credibility. For what. For, something! That wasn't even accurate. Not even an exactly you know, and so it's just a lesson in, and it could be a lesson for a lot of people. Be careful what you put out there. And you know that that's really all it is, and and I don't think that Sean and Steven are antisemitic or or anything like that. I think they were trying to. You know I'd say it it on our show rob. I think this. Sean Jackson was trying to make a point. The main point he was trying to make was about. african-americans being descended the biblical Jews I said. That's a prominent among a lot of african-american. Point you now. Brandon our slides one. Source also need to add up Hitler Ball right now. Do with make your case. If that's what you WANNA, make without quoting Adolf Hitler. So that that's Kinda the lesson in this like know what you're putting out there. and. That's, that's where it is so hopefully you know guys learn their lesson and can move on from this and. Be the better for it. All right so Lamar Jackson get paid like Patrick Mahomes did we'll debate? Statement hold. Show. Be Sure to catch the live edition of the Dan Patrick Show weekdays at nine am eastern six am Pacific on Fox sports radio the IHEARTRADIO APP all right. This is the odd couple Chris Broussard Rob Parker in for Dan Patrick on the Dan Patrick, show arrived. Let's go to the NFL NOT PAT. Kind of Pat Mahomes I guess, but he's not the guy who's quote. We're GONNA talk about. We're GONNA. Talk about Mahomes a Randy Moss Randy Moss one of the greatest y receivers in the history of football with. Of. When I worked in Detroit Chris of do know. He played for the Vikings right and to watch him play twice a year against the lions, and he used crushed allies like he did most. Teams. Put Boy Man. He was watching that guy he was, it was it was a pleasure. He was one of those you know Chris, we all. We've covered a lot of sports a lot of people and aren't that many athletes that that a sports writer would pay. Played what? He he was one of those guys. If you asked me, would you buy a ticket to go see reading moss, catch the football. Absolutely. Yeah, he was a freak and all of the professional athletes, essentially a freaks, but when you're a freak among the freaks, you know that's saying something. We I mean that's how Freakish athleticism was that? He was on a level by himself among the greatest athletes in the world, so no doubt he was great, and of course he played. Rob Whip Tom Brady on a team. That went seventeen in. Oh! And in of course, lost in the super bowl to the New York giants. What they? Want to know. Eighteen in Miami, eight, so ended up eighteen in one right because there was sixteen in old during the regular season. You're right to the super eighteen and no one. Then they lost to the it had they won. There's no doubt they would be regarded as the greatest team in NFL history Chris. They were blowing. The water it was. That regular season they will score and thirty five points a game. I mean it was. It was a video game. Yeah, it was a video game Tom I'll be honest with you with derive. And I'm not trying to get in a big brady discussion, but it was that year. That I really started thinking. You know what? Tom Brady might be the goat. Because at that point had what three super bowls. And you know. He had never had really great receivers. He was winning, but you know his numbers were good, but nothing crazy and he you know he didn't have great receivers, and then I was like. Wow, you give him like a really great receiver hall of Fame Type Receiver and he was putting up incredible numbers. Fifty td's that you're like it was crazy. And that's when I start thinking okay, this guy might be or become the goat so that was a big obviously connection with Randy. Moss, and Tom, Brady but that's what makes what Moss said. Yesterday on ESPN. Even you know more powerful. That is on ESPN's get up. Here's his quote when you look at a quarterback like Patrick Mahomes and like I, said being able to extend the play. I'M A. A deep threat guy and having that type of speed on the field for him to be able to extend plays we possibly could be looking at the greatest quarterback of all time, no disrespect to Tom Brady and what he's been able to accomplish his super bowl ring, speak volumes, but when you look at the position, and how the position and the game is changing year after year we COMPA we could be possibly seen the greatest quarterback that we've witnessed. And you know rob for me. Welcome welcome to the to the to the train. Randy 'cause. I've been saying this not that he is the greatest because he's got a long way to go and he's got a lot left. He asked to accomplish. Mainly winning super bowls, and still putting up the great individual numbers, but I've been out there for a while. After his first year said this guy could be the go. He's got potential. And so I'm fine with what Randy said where you at. I just think it's premature. We get it people need. We got three hours to kill. People need to put content out. At it's easy to be looking at the here and now and I'm not I'm not here to Bash Patrick Mahomes or say he's not on some meteoric rise, and his career is off to a great start two years in the League, MVP and Super Bowl Championship, but I just I'm always pumped breaks it such a long way to go so many different factors he went from. Fifty touchdowns is first year to. Twenty, six or twenty eight last year in the regular, he was her. No, he missed three hundred annoy missed a couple game, but still it was down and it, wasn't he? They won a game in Detroit dispatched. Regular season where he didn't even throw any touchdowns. Mountain game with. The same. How Air was an if you watch the first three quarters? Of the Super Bowl. You wouldn't be saying this stuff that you're saying my point. We wouldn't be saying what. About if they lost. To go just if he would've lost. To got there. You would have said that. After what go. They had a bad gamma I'm asking you would bdo conversation. Yes, because my. Laws this before they even got to the super bowl hat had they lost and. All he did the first three quarters say they lost the game. You would be out here. Saying he's the greatest thing we've ever seen and he's going to be the. Out here now, saying he's the greatest thing we've ever seen. I just think I'm out here. Saying he's got go. And yes, if they had lost that super bowl I still would say he's got go potential. I just would love. And I always use this weather it it applies or not. I just remember rendre. Gorski was an NFL quarterback for a long time. Respected NFL analyst who went out on the limb, and told everybody that Colin capper nick had the chance to be the greatest quarterback whoever played the game and I remember the playoff game against the Green Pat Green Bay packers and I remember. The spark and the charge, and how different laws and stories about how he changed the quarterback position, and you couldn't defend him, and and all that other stuff and things happen and it didn't. It didn't wind up working out. I'm not rooting against Patrick. Mahomes I just think the road is so long, and the other part is the idea that weather I think Joe! Montana's to go put. IF PEOPLE WANNA, pick Tom Brady. The. Goal or the plot? The plateau is so high and just about winning super, bowls. It's not but if the use brady as your standard nine trips to the super bowl six wins. Somebody other seasons and stuff that he's done. It just looks like insurmountable to me. That Patrick Mahomes. Twelve years later is going to have six super bowls, or maybe four, and no losses and teams going to stay together and everything's GonNa work out because I saw Tom Brady and all his glory go ten years without winning a super bowl ten years. Go look it up. People Act like it was the one all of his super bowls in nine or ten years, there was a he went to the Super Bowl Chris, but he lost, and he lost to eat Li-, manning a couple times, and when I look at the landscape of all these young. quarterbacks to Shaw Watson Lamar Jackson, and all the other guys too down in Miami. Who People are excited about? And all these young guys out there? Who are who are coming up? I don't think it's GonNa. Be that easy just to say he's going to win every year and it's a layup. I, I think there's going to be pushed back from guys so I'm just not in that camp as great as starters and as much respect as I have for Patrick Mahomes I've always been a guy to let it breathe. Open up the bottle of wide. Let off a little bit. In twenty twelve, you say Tom Brady was done winning super bowls. That was premature though it wasn't. Really sure and it was wrong. He got lucky last colonial. That's why he resort both. Golf and we're locked style last super bowl he added. Lured Kid, I dare you get enough in it. You just would offer seven minutes. You. Premature mess. I 'cause you were premature Tom Brady. This is not prematurely. What would be premature is to say that he's the go that would be not only premature. That would be ridiculous to say Patrick. Mahomes is the go, but to say he's got the potential. Stop premature he does. End, the compare Colin capper Nick at as only. Nick Capper Knicks are being the league I'm going on old. Capper nick or his best day. Was Not a three quarters of the quarterback that Patrick is on his best day. No, you're missing the point. As. About. Yours. You might sound like Rajon when it's all over. I got my. Eye. On two wars, I know it because it's totally different because Patrick, mahomes has an MVP. Colin Kaepernick didn't get close to an MVP Patrick Malls as a super bowl ring. Colleague cabinet didn't get close to a suit. Wish you said before he wanted Super Bowl. You said it before that, but he's used before you watch the games or Read the stories I watched. MOJO's also why he's got go. Potential is the what he does the way he plays the way he throws the football. That's what it is. It's not about. Anybody looking at him and looking at Colin. Kaepernick sees the difference Chris. My point is simple. I remember the talk about Rg three after his rookie year. I remember Dan Marino. I was GONNA Marino. Already done something. No, no! No my point is Dan Marino in his second year when he had that unbelievable year and got the dolphins to the Super Bowl the sky was the limit. They were talking about Dan Marino, possibly being the greatest quarterback of all time, he never got back to the Super Bowl. That's my point is premature. That's all is ready to help with. That was another of always. Today was Super Bowl. Doesn't if he doesn't get to another super bowl, would it be premature? He'd still be to go. No, it won't be premature to for somebody to say when Lebron James was in high school. He could be the greatest player we've ever seen 'em. People were saying that. It was not premature. He didn't go on in. Our is to do it. We all the. That potential yeah, because some guys, it shouldn't be thrown out. And others it should I like I've said it once or twice. A generation there comes along the player in sports. There's got goat potential. That's all we're saying potential as great as Kevin. Durant is nobody's ever said he had go potential. That's the difference. Put tinsel. That's all we're saying. Let's bring in our man. Speaking of Kevin Durant a reporter who knows durant very well. Good friend of ours Michael Leave senior NBA writer for the athletic. What's go? Hey what's up, fellas. I'm sorry. I interrupted this man I was going. Fan Myself. I was like let me is like double Dutch. Ready to hop in like. A hopping go ahead, rob saying it's premature to say pat. MOJO's has goal potential. That's nobody saying to go. I think it is. Something you you, you know the moment you see. Thank you you don't. You know the moment you see it all. The any any any anything can go another route I. mean you know you can get injured? You can have a number of things happen, but nobody does this and their resume this quickly without you. It'd be an obvious a special. Special all I'm telling you is in the NFL. Yes, you'd be. Registered it. There's just so much stuff that can happen a team Andy. Reid retires. Guys get hurt at Disney. Much. All I'm saying is way too premature. That's all Michael Let's get to your specialty. The NBA for you going down to the bubble. I am staying far away from that I bad. Via. What a! TV and how would you go to? Bloom calls. Zoom calls, or whatever other mechanisms you know to talk to family, members and people associated with players 'CAUSE IT I mean I'm not sure if it's going to be a lot of interest in the game I'm not even sure that'd be that good, but I think that they'll still be human interest stories that can be told that don't necessarily require the axes that you wouldn't be getting even down there, so I don't WanNa. Get into a whole thing about the access that will have as media members, but I don't know if it's safer a better to do it down there in the bubble from from your couch. My. Leonard. Did Not travel with the team to Orlando. He'll be there in a few days got a family matter which I. Totally. Believe is legitimate, but do you have any they athletic? Giovane Buha wrote a story just throwing out questions like. Could this is the knee fully healthier easy fully healthy Willie low manage. Do you have any concerns about like? We've kind of assumed look four months off. Kawais, going to come back. You know and be able to play every night and totally be fine. Do you have any concerns about his health? Because obviously without him, the clippers don't have a chance to win it. I'm concerned about everybody who steps on the court right now in this situation just because that a four month layoff between basketball to go from that to highly intense basketball. I see a lot of potential for risk and I. You know anybody who decided to go. It doesn't go. I, don't you know I? I feel like that's what you need to do for yourself. But I think that this is a highly risky situation, and that's just beyond the whole coronavirus situation, which is already risky with it itself, but having this long break between basketball, but didn't have eight warm-up Games, and then go directly into the playoffs. Which is you know? Everybody on on this call knows that the most intense level of basketball you could possibly play, and can you just going like in a normal situation? Go from the preseason to the playoffs. That's what essentially happening right now and so. So the risk, right risk factors. If you have any kind of any kind of lingering health issues, this could be something it. You know the League Work Nightmare could actually UNFO- where guys get seriously injured, because it's the place intense, I, mean think about Kevin Durant last year. Going straight from not playing for seven eight weeks to play in a highly intense game, ruptured his Achilles right there in the plan twelve minutes. I mean I'm not? I'm not saying that's going to happen but I'm saying when you go this long. Without playing competitive basketball five on five basketball jump right into the intensity I think everybody should be a little concerned and just hope that guys can survive without anything major happening. Does La Bra. Is Lebron have the most to lose? If the Lakers don't win from the standpoint? That next year eighteen they were rolling this year to the Lakers and playing well when Anthony Davis and the team they had up. And you just don't know as you go year this late and somebody's career, but to me this represents the best last chance for him to win and if they don't win. The title might be his last chance. Do you look at it that way for guy? You know approach your eighteen. I don't know if this is last year when a child, but I think it's. It's probably the his best chance to win why he's playing at this level and I think that's the one thing that you know I think a lot of the Lakers and You know people didn't. They didn't miss out on this opportunity because you don't get to play the one of the top three players. Players in the or whatever you want to rank him, you know at thirty, six thirty five thirty six years old. That just doesn't happen, and he's there and he has an opportunity to get a championship, so I think that he has to get it right now. because it's such a great opportunity. He's got an awesome team. He's playing with Anthony. Davis was in his prime was capable of. Of carrying him to possibly more championships, just this one. That's why I feel like even if he doesn't win this year if he stays there in Iran, you know if he takes a little notch down to the player, he'll chance to win. I mean Korean took the knocked down at the player, but magic carry them, but don't you think that there are other things that factor in as well? Well the warriors who get healthy, there's more competition. Brooklyn will have to stars and they'll be healthy. These guys are younger. The clippers have to starts at a much younger. Do you know so? That's why I say this year. Where where the warriors are down in Brooklyn's down, and you just have the clippers clippers box I think it only gets harder as you go on, not not easier. It easier. I'm just saying that I'm also patron. Ineffective Anthony Davis Inter in the prime of his career, and I think he's capable of doing things beyond this season, and Lebron is attached to him going forward even if he takes a little decline like a rapid decline I think you can still find talent around those two guys still win, but I feel like for Lebron. Play at this level where he could be the engineer, a champion leader, the finals VP. Caliber type player I think this is his last best chance to do that for sure. My in Washington, Bradley Bill of course, not going down to play in the bubble. Allotted teams interested in him. Brooklyn would like to get him. The Lakers would like to get him. I think it's going to be difficult to make a trade for him. What do you see kind of the future for Bradley? Beal where he doesn't want to leave, and the witches don't want to let them go and I think the fact that they don't want him to play these games. And they came up with the shoulder injury, and that saying it's not real but I. that. What are you using false medical records? What do you say Michael? What that this true? You see what saying. I I'd say I'm saying that you know yeah. I do I do, but I'm saying that like I'm sure that if if the witnesses had legitimate chance of making the playoffs, they weren't getting our eight games ago. I think he probably would be out there. Competing no matter what situation it shoulder is because he played. All those games to add thirty points a game this season, so I think that that was sort of. The agreement that the wizards him he made. You know so that they can move forward and and they. They know they're on the same page with each other like they support him wholeheartedly in in this effort to not on there and play, and I think that sort of you know symmetry between player team is indicative of the ratio today. Add and why they don't WanNa. Let him go and why? He's not interested in leaving right now because he's. He's in a situation what organizations going to do whatever can to protect his interest in his well being and I think that was a message to him, and also other players down the road that the wizards are a player from the organization, and we will take care of you and I think in the past. That hasn't always been the case, but I think that, with Brad sort of setting the tone now in the culture. That's GONNA. Be a place there you can see him leaving him being plucked away, it would be very difficult and the only way they'll know for sure what they have is when John. Wall comes back and to see what they can do with them together. If it looks like there's no hope with John Lobbying back, and he's not anything close to what he wants was I think then you're talking about that, but right now it's premature for the know Brad loves being in DC he doesn't. Doesn't WanNa leave and I think that's one of the things that sorta overlooked with a lot of these. This player movement with a Lotta guys who are like. Oh, I can't get it done here. I gotta go Brad like why do I have to be the one to leave in this situation? I would have to be the one. Why wouldn't we just get rid of everybody else? You keep building around me? And I think that's that's the attitude that he has. Might quickly, 'cause we. We gotta run it. We got about thirty seconds Max. There's been talk about demarcus cousins. Could you see the wizards trying to bring him in as a part of a big three with Wall and Bradley? Well sibling relationship in something that he and John WanNa do for since left Kentucky easily see that happening in knowing that relationship that he and John. Have I mean I know that he would want to do. He's he's long wanted to play with John and his long play in DC. One thing a lot of people don't know is before he was even drafted. He worked out in DC. That's where he spent his summers, and so he loves that area in you know he and John like. Taking. Their right there. All right. My guys senior NBA writer for. Of NFL talk. Tabasco? Weight is shut. down. Mark. How do you know how you know? She's the one you just know. Right thank US why I'm divorced is. My piece. I take care. Easier to score in today's NBA than ever before, find out next on the Dan Patrick Show Fox sports radio has the best sports talk lineup in the nation. Catch all of our shows at Fox sports radio DOT, com and within the iheartradio APP search. F. S. are to listen live. Oh, Joe, Elliott on the ones and twos bring. It is the I couple. If there Patrick I can picture a young Rob Parker 'cause see that song is your heyday. I can picture young Rob Parker out. There pleaded baggy pants. Couple parts in his hair flat top. You already know the. Now I don't doubt about. Jesus you saw on Instagram that picture of me and Nancy Lieberman. School are put into. Buckets on the what you sent me. Yes, you know Instagram I didn't see Nancy Lieberman. I got to look at that. I saw the picture. You sit me yet. You can't see it because I'm dominating her going over her to score the bathroom eleven to one. No, it wasn't one. That was your only Basque. Scored a basket of the game at it was forty real quick. Chris was one of I was on the radio wd fed in Detroit, and we broadcast the game against me and Nancy. It was like a whole big deal. And one of this host Jamie. Samuelsen was update guy. He Bet me twenty dollars that I wouldn't score against her. That would that was the bet. He said you won't even score. Why scored the first basket of the game? Chris looked at a referee call timeout and went over the Jamie Samuelsen and put out my hand and said give me my twenty on. Like I'm not going to score, really does a win for you. Favorite Nancy was great. Yes, yes, she could ball. There's no down the hall of favor Great Great Person Yes. But speaking of a hall of fame, Kenny Smith not a hall of Famer, but it was a very good player, won two championships with the Houston Rockets and played a critical role in those championships, and even more, so he's really established himself rob in his post. Playing career is a great broadcaster on TNT with with Ernie Johnson and Charles Barkley and now shack I mean it's Kim He's been great. You know he's at a tremendous post playing career. And he says something. He was on a podcast recently. He's at a lot of things, but one thing he said is. Not. This is not even where we're going. But he said in his all time top ten players. Kobe Bryant is in the top ten. And Lebron James is number ten. He didn't really name the full ten. I think Oscars in their. Larry Bird Magic Jordan. Of course, but one thing can he say and this was part of his reasoning for those guys? Not being ranked higher was that he said is so easy to score in today's NBA. He had a couple of years with two years where he averaged seventeen points a game one with the Sacramento Kings one with the Houston Rockets, and he said the year with the kings average seventeen. He said to in today's NBA that. That would have been about twenty five or twenty six points a game, and so he say saying these guys, the numbers James Harden and and Steph Curry, and all these guys that are putting up these crazy numbers. Be careful. I guess he's even including Lebron James. Because the bras numbers are astronomical. He saying be careful. The defenses lacks the floor. Court is spread. The three point line is so much more prominent, and they're putting up ten shot ten threes game. Some guys, some guys, even more hard like eleven twelve thirteen threes a game. Also backup on these numbers and where you feel, what do you think about that? Is this a legitimate point? He's making or do you think he's Kinda out there? No I don't think he's out there. I think there's a different dollar game, and and when you, when you look at other people and you look at numbers. You know when you look at even Chris the big goal. When he averaged a triple double right, we're not point shot. Do you know what I mean like like? There's a difference you don't think I think that that's a legitimate that he was able to do that without the three ball I mean. So so the way that they defend in the way they play. We all saw the Michael Jordan right a documentary Chris. Did you see the way Michael? Jordan was treated by the Pistons in the Knicks in the pay. Did you see flagrant foul? Did you see where they couldn't touch him? I mean needs a reality bright. Kennedy Smith ridiculous or a sounds like. Hey, you kids get off my lawn, guy. I don't. It's a different game. That's all know it is easier to score. Let's face it. It's easier to score especially for guards, because there is no handshaking and there really aren't that many rim protectors and the floor is spread out, so you beat your one man at the perimeter. You know you can get to the lane and you're not gonNA. Have the type of. Attention. You had in the paint Jordan. Jordan would get not just Jordan Dr J. Any of the guys in that eighties and nineties when you got to the rim. You had to know how to finish A. Six or seven guys? It was incredible, and now one or two guys are in the pain. I'm not taking anything away from these guys because Steph Curry's an all time great hard, and all these guys, but it is easier to score. Kinney was right about that I keep it locked Chris, rob.

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