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Welcome to the undisputed podcast. I'm your host. Jerry Taft this podcast is the full show from today's episode undisputed from start to finish. They've got a busy slate. So Skip Shannon. Let's get to it. Good Morning. Welcome to undisputed. I'm Jenny TAP. Fails and Shannon Sharpe. It is Friday guys how we doing. Got Me playing for the WIKI who you're. By yourself I'll we having a one? May A barbeque really Yep for? June the dogs in the backyard does he and they'll. They'll eat more food than. They. will everybody smell like what's going on over there? I'm just glad I'm not wearing that Eagle Green. Shots fired that over there. I don't know about that. One Hand Barbecue Gym. Time we have a lot to get to before the weekend and I think we should begin by talking all things. Cam Newton because town has earned one hundred twenty million dollars during his nine year career, not including endorsement money so is one year one point seven five million deal with the patriots raised a few eyebrows, but cam to instagram yesterday to explain why he would agree to a minimum deal, he said quote. It's not a lot of things money can on five, but amongst the top of that list of things you would find respect as one of those. This is not about money for me. It's about respect Shannon. Do you agree with this point? Due to an extent scale, because sometimes people. Equate money to respect if you remember when Brian or lack of his last year when he was going back, and forth with the bears, and the bears often them two million dollars, he was thinking about going to the cowboys. I will play for the cowboys for two million I will not play for the bears for two million, because that I deemed that A. A lack of respect you see. Kinda tied hand in hand, but I. Believe What Cam Newton is talked about in this situation is not the dollar biggest guilt. It's about their teams. In the NFL Chicago bears maybe the San Diego chargers. Maybe a few other teams Kansas I'm better than your guys, and you didn't even give me a call. They did nothing. For ME GETTING I! Don't know because I haven't talked to. Anybody closed camp, but I'm looking at. I'm looking surveying the landscape and I'm looking around the thirty two teams and I know some have quarterbacks startling entrenched into starting lineup, but when you navigate the leave, you look around you like wrong. Apparently in Chicago. Better than what they got to. Say Excuse me L. HR. He's better than those guys. Yeah, there are a couple of other team. Jacksonville Cam Newton is better than the quarterback that they got currently on the roster. y'All wouldn't give me a call. y'All would even asked me to. Ask Me for an interview. Just pick up zoom. Zoom with the new, thank. Zooming late, let me do a lot of doom. I feel port. Yeah, I feel in that. Zoom with the dogs. Like I feel like a CEO or so yeah, so I believe for me. Skip I believe that's what cameras talking about I believe he says yeah. Okay. Yeah! I understand that and we saw Richard Sherman make opposed give disrespectful that Cam Newton have to play for you. One little over a million dollars given what he's been in the League, giving his success in the league, but for me when I just look at it and I. Stay up step back having played in this league for fourteen years. He's absolutely right. You want to be respected and some time money comes along with respect because we're going through. Dallas your hold Oldie respect me. Respect me, give me what I ask because I've been playing for this little bit of money now over the last four years and done great I done better than what you thought but Is Looking at it representatives skipping looking at lack of respect, but I don't believe that's what cameras talking about in this situation, the money situation I believe because he believed there are four five other teams that within the league that he's better than their starting quarterback. He's better than their backup quarterback. Yeah, and you wouldn't even give me a call so I believe that's the respect back that he got that. He's talking about this situation, okay? So my big takeaway away from cams. Post of yesterday was. It hit me as profoundly sad, and I told you last Monday. Just, after we'd heard the noon Cam to Belcher right. I said. I'm not sure whether to offer congratulations or condolence. That's in part because of what's not left in the cupboard on offense New England number one number, two and maybe more important. How little money was paid to this man who just it was just five years ago, won the MVP dominated this league? He terrorized this league. Got That team fifteen one to the super bowl, he did not play well in the Super Bowl. A play better than Peyton did, but he did not play well. Denver Defense took the game over, but he's still got to the Super Bowl. In a fairly short time we went from that to this and I'm going to read these figures one more time because. I? Get what he's saying about. It's like money can't buy happiness and he's saying money can't buy respect either, but in the end your your salary. Can pay you respect. Obviously, it's the ultimate measuring stick in this society. Right it is. It's how we measure the respect. Your employer gives you is by your salary in the end, not always but mostly so. Bill Bell Check got away with paying him by waiting it out. In leading the entire League reject Cam Newton former in EP, but he got away with paying him the bare rock bottom minimum for a man, a player of. The year, the okay, it's barely one million dollars. Only about half of it is even guaranteed. It's five hundred and fifty. Thousand is guaranteed, so I told you I tried to put this in perspective. That's the nine hundred eighth highest salary in the National Football League. There are nine hundred seven higher paid players in the League, and it's the fifty eighth highest paid quarterback salary in the league. This Cam. Newton we're talking about and I know he struggle because he's been all hell. We talked and talked about I, died for the cause for the Carolina Panthers but still. Despite a shoulder surgery and despite a list, frank surgery on his foot. He's thirty one years of age which ain't too old for it of quarterbacks. Got One that's about to be forty three in Tampa him, but a lot of quarterbacks are entering their prime just right about now, right? So if he's healthy and you got away with paying him barely one million dollars. That, that's just not right right, and then I reflect back. On Johnny's favorite quarterback Kirk cousins just two years ago, he went to the Vikings for three years at eighty four million dollars. Now think about this and it was all guaranteed. And he just got A. But just take his. Minnesota contract, eighty, four million guaranteed cam, just got guaranteed five hundred fifty thousand watt. Okay so this comes across to me as a Cam Newton who is such a proud man. He's got such a huge Orhan Charisma personality. And it just got stomped on by the national football league crushed him, and this came across as. It's saying I'm going to win back my respect either I don't think he got paid a lot of respect by bill bill, but if in fact he's going to get the opportune to win the starting job, and we're not even completely sure about that, but if he's at least given the opportunity, then he can win back tons of respect because. He does have the ultimate opportunity in. It's in that. It's the ultimate challenge, right? You get to go to new. England or replace the goat. The man who won got to let's just say put it this way. He got to nine Super Bowls in the last twenty years. Is that not the ultimate challenges? Step into those shoes swing and yet. I told you on Monday there. Just a handful of humans capable of bearing up under that challenge. This man is definitely one of those. So even though his pride got stepped on him back to your fact, this league rejected him roundly rejected him it. Came down to one of three African American coaches. Who coached the not San Diego but Los Angeles chargers a guy. You played with them. Anthony Lynn In I, don't know how much actual decision making input coach Lynn has the bigger structure chargers probably some but not final say. But even that team coach by that man said no, when. All they had was tyrod Taylor, I respect his game because he did get buffalo to the playoffs and lost plan or six to three playoff game at Jacksonville. Okay, but he's pretty good. But he's not Cam Newton, and then they go out in the draft, and they take a guy six overall. Neither you nor I think that much. No, we are not sold on Justin harbor now because if you're saying just in Herbert, Cam Newton Justin her take, stop it really I. Mean You love to? Maybe if you're going to versus canvas, then okay long-term long-haul. We go on and on about that, but but the point is that they took Justin Herbert over Cam Newton, and probably sooner than later he'll be in their starting lineup. Maybe it mid year I. Don't know maybe a game. One for I know okay, so that team moving into so-fi stadium, needing a marquee draw in whatever you WANNA. Say About Cam Newton. There's one thing for sure you cannot take away from. He is box office big box office because he's Fund awarded Randy Moss. Say It drove me crazy because I respect brady so much, but Randy Moss is. You're going to see. The Fun brought back into that Patriot offense. It's going to be so much more fun to watch than it used to be okay if I give randy that much, I still can't see how. It's more fun than Super Bowls Twenty years. That's a whole nother issue right, but if it's that much fun to watch camp play football. How can you not be a lightning rod? Draw going into a? Billion dollar statements several billion. Right Yep okay. It's about to have a grand opening. What if you put that man's name? Yeah Right. Yeah, okay, so why would you put that man's name on the Marquee Yard Jumbotron? Okay Hundred Yard jumbotron and could just fill it us because. As we know everybody plays him, says they always say you can't believe how huge he is? Six five two. I don't know. He looks like he's leaned. Complete Vegan. Phone while you're fortyish. Maybe he's played at two fifty six easy. He can impose his physical will on teams if these healthy so if he's healthy now. So, he has the opportunity to do this, but. So he, he. Posts in this this I g post that this is not about money for me. It's about respect and then he's got. You'RE GONNA have to explain this one to me, but he goes with that Purple Devil Emoji over greater than the money bag, and then he just keeps going across, and he goes one, two, three, four, five, six, those purple devil a modem. Okay I can mean a whole lot of things to me. I'm not sure how. Can explain exactly. Look me. Try to explain. Try to play with J. Trump's me was his jerry. They made a lot of different things. They might mean something to you and I. Know, that's not what it bit without. Okay so I guess. He got something cooking skill. Okay, he he got something. Cook you. Some definitions I looked it up last night to see I'm missing a definition here, but it can mean X. Excite Leonard and excellence and. Like he's going to show people okay good, and then we got some hashtags. Would all know all I know is work right okay. I'll buy that one. I'm betting it all on me the YEP. That's what's about to happen because they're not betting it all you better bet it all on. You right shine through the shade. I think that's the ultimate hash tag because he's feeling a lot of shade right now. Feels like a lot of these teams shaded. Him wouldn't even give Cam. Newton to call. Skip I. Think the thing. Is that when you look at it? There's no unemployment for professional athlete. You see what happened during this pandemic. Laid off. Some of them were able to get unemployment and some of the unemployment benefits was more than they were actually making. In professional sports give if you get laid off, someone doesn't pick you up. There is no unemployment benefits. No, so, what do you cameras looking at it? Like okay now I can sit here and be on my prior to that is beneath me. Bear the guy that may twenty million dollars last year. It just football center from not mistaken. Yeah, and they're offering me this out. Wish I might except Bash where you fit their on your pride, and do what or I can go back playing for this one little over a million dollars show that I'm still Cam Newton. Because remember in two thousand eighteen cam got off to a great start hurt shoulder. He tried to played. I will tell you that's stretching. Two thousand eighteen. That looked like twenty fifteen me, so I'm going to give you that of the four years that felt below average. The overall numbers are below average, but there was a lightning strike right there of super, and then what happened hurt the shoulder, he tried to play through it or their calls on top and then boom. All of a sudden it things got worse, and then he hurt his foot so for me skipping. You have to look at a situation like this skip. A man is out of work, and he has a family to feed. What would that man? What would that what John? What type of job would that man excel at? Obviously, he did accept less because it's better than nothing. Camp needs to get back. Cam can't prove that he's healthy. Cam can't prove that he the old camp. On his couch and Atlanta. No Cam needs to be only football field. He needs to be on a roster. Give it an opportunity to show that I'm still Cam Newton and I can get this done and get out of the little. They heard surprised. You'd go from twenty million dollars to one million, absolutely Some of these other guys look at traced who've been? Get it if you've been gated. They man for he may seven million as a backup, five million, six million. You see all these guys making all this Nola. Why don't mean it? But See, skip and I tell people. I tell people all the time is harder if you're a great player of biddy great player to be a backup, then being a career backup because they become in everybody's like Oh. Hey, no problem, not Shave Daniel, and some of these other backup. That's why Josh mccown. League eighteen nineteen years. Piece Patrick, if even when tour about he'll go somewhere else to stand on the two or three years, but he's no threat. No, let's bring him in. And he's no threat to your starter like like Seattle. I kept thinking Seattle. Make a play for Cam because they have Gino. Smith is their backup, but. Cams better than Gino runner Lee he would be such a threat to Russell Wilson his heart. When you've been thinking about, this is harder to be. Be The guy when you're used to being applause being for you, and then all of a sudden you hear that applause someone else. That's not easy to handle. Trust me I've been there I've been I've been and all of a sudden like. Oh, that's that's the guy that makes me. Cool Up. there. You know have. Little little tiny. Cheer for Taty. I live a Todd Kane I was. That was my last year in Baltimore they drafted todd, they drafted. And then then then. But I had a great conversation with is, and he explained it to me like, but I mean. And plus that's the things I believe Carolina had sat down with Kale and explain the situation. It was like they tried to make. It seem like Cam requested a tree when all the while they were trying to do cal. Camp could've handled that if they're the just talk to me I the nine years. Give them a been in this relationship, but what Tom needed to understand this with a different dynamic. Yeah, now all of a sudden, the owner that drafted you. He's no longer there. They got a new head coach so the coach. The relationship you have, Ron. Rivera is no longer there. Even who I think is still wasn't Mardi Mardi Marnie draft. And he was replaced by. Then, he came around so skip I. believe there's a situation, but they could've sat down with. Cam explained the situation Cam this. Well, we won't I mean. Would you be willing to work at a discount? But none of that and they played it up like Campbell's requested a train when they were trying to get rid within the news had already signed Teddy Bridgewater and he publicly called them on it. Don't you be putting those words in my mouth effect exactly so scared by believe that's the thing I mean I. It's tough when you've been this guy. All of a sudden and you think that you're better than something. Some of these quarterbacks elsewhere and the teams don't even call you. Yeah, okay back to kirk cousins, speaking of Kirk, he said yesterday he raised that suspicion flag again on Bella checks saying based on putting I'm paraphrasing, but he said don't be surprised. If there's some plan here, we're not seeing will you? And I discussed yesterday? The possibility that maybe Bella check sign can to do cam package plays to do. I don't know ten twelve fifteen plays the game, right? That, he would throw or run in Cam style. While stood, be stood is Bella check him. It would be the starter that Cam. Protect Cam from too much contact taking too much punishment by ten twelve plays a game as a nuclear Tastes Hill New Orleans precisely and that then maybe it would make more sense because you'd be saying. We'll check got him on the cheap because he's going to use them conservatively for me. I've been stopped trying to figure out. because. Nobody has been able to hit it on the nail all. He's going to drop this guy. He this position and this guy who Taylor this is a Patriot guy. He takes kicker. He takes oath give. He loves Lebar. Jason He's secretly. With that. We're in a lot of that. So I've given up trying to figure out what coach bell takes go to because he's going to do the last thing that you expect him to do, and that's I guess that's what makes him such. The genius that yields because he's willing to take players that didn't or couldn't perform at other locations, and he can get the cow van though he can get the Jamie Collins and he can get guys it. On, wasn't that in Buffalo, so all of a sudden Stefan? Gilmore more rate was he got the New England though he got with somebody that he did have to paint a bunch of you. Don't have time, but he. Played market value. Go to the grocery store a the mucus. Vote out gave the book, people. In Boston Co Relatives I. For anything, but but that's the way he operates guilt. He believed that in his coaching and his system that he can pick guys in. Get them on the cheek. Get them to perform, and then if you know if your performance is more than I'm willing to Play Bay I. Appreciate a La Rebus. That is correct. Bell check also got away with in signing cam that that he qualified all of his incentives as not likely to be reached with because can you had no stats last year? So so you can sort of trick it up and jump through a loophole in the salary cap. They don't count your taps if they're not likely and you do them off his stats. Well. He didn't have any stats last year to speak of. and. That's kind of how they do it to avoid the implication knowing that if there's. A they probably the if I'm not mistaken I think they did that with some. They did that with some Brady's a number. He hasn't been saying his last year. If he gets to the super. Bowl and things of that nature bid Gronk. If I'm not mistaken when you're, but they do skip with as you mentioned per capita implication knowing that many guys healthy get those stats, but we. We don't want the money to count visger. We'll let account next year. We've kicked. The can down the road in address then, but I think this is a great situation for camp. The only question that I have if Cam Newton's healthy cam. Newton could be Cam Newton. I'll leave Cam. Newton they'll allow him to be. We want to be skipped if he's Superman. You don't ask Superman. Is Flying to all of a sudden drive. You let him be who he is. He's a superhero. That can you let him fly? I just hope he gets the opportunity to fly, and if he does, he can win respect this opposed to being paid respectfully read. Our. which holds the naming rights to the Washington Redskins stadium has officially asked the franchise change its team name, which has been used since nineteen, thirty, three native American leaders and groups have protested the nickname for years and tried to win in court, but those efforts have failed so Shannon. Will the name finally be changed? It will I believe it's just a matter of time now. Because now they're starting to hit Daniel. Snyder, whitworth would pretender and that's in his back pocket. Now he can be stubborn and bull headed and try to and and and miss. Who needs the extra hundred fifty million dollars in advertising but skip. That's nothing to sneeze at. That gets people's undivided attention, and what Nike took down the the the merchandise that I took it down the website. He has reported the eighty seven investment firms and shareholders, worth collective, six, hundred, twenty, billion, Nike Fedex and Pepsico said Look. There were asking y'all need to terminate. This because this is the only thing that's GonNa get attention and skip. Daniel Snyder will it will not be a better time than right now. He can do it now with no problem because the people that wanted to hold onto that name. They was like you know what given the climate and where we are right now. We understand that so much pressure true now I get it are polls in the nineties that said the native Americans weren't offended by this, but there was a poll that pulls in the two thousands, but here's one that useless conducted, in February and fifty seven percent, who strongly identified with being native, American and sixty seven percent frequently engage in tribal culture practices. Are Deeply insulted by Karadzic Caricature of the native American culture. which could run deeper than just that nickname exactly skilled? You know what you know what the problem is. You know why people don't WanNa give the nickname. People that create something having a hard time, being told not to use it. That's what people use the N. Word because they created it they. Do, native ever called himself risking. The people that invaded the night. That's holding to run. By You that! Because they want to hold onto it. Daniel, Snyder. They made it just like press Marshall they say okay. You want to move you moving into you. Put Black football team. Guess what he did is killed. Bobby. With I think bobby passed the way. Put It on the team. And all of a sudden they started getting black players now. They've already told him. You're not getting a new stadium until you may remember. They drafted Ernie Dave's. That was the first. George Press Marshall said Okay I give in. Nineteen sixty two. He's the last one last holdout for integration. Okay, I'll draft him Ernie Davis and he said no I will not play for you. Okay and so skip. I think the thing is with this but the. About Nike Nike's the fish out of the NFL you're looking at these big corporations killed. That's a hundred. That's potentially hundreds of millions of dollars now they pool. They're not going to be the only ones that pull out of this Yup. And so it's not it's. I don't think he's going to have much of a choice and I don't think the climate is any better than it's ever been for him to make that chain. Skip forget the climate. If the right thing to do whatever happened to doing the right thing, we're forget the crime. Forget the temperature of where we are in society, a deterrent time. What about doing the right thing to try to make it a habit this since I've been on the air with you I. Don't refer to that last name I'd say. Let's give I. don't even one person to tell me. Something is offensive I don't need fifty I. Don't need the whole, the whole popular demographic. If one person says you know what skip out of great I got a great relationship with a guy at CBS. He was camera three Frazier Meizu. To call them each euro because he was viewed Japanese his sister's path and. Each role in Japanese me, his born when it's supposed to the first born, he came to me, he says. If they shannon you'd say. Can you do me a favor? I said. WHAT'S THE ICHIRO? He's not reporting me. As each Roy Moore I, said sure, he said my sister passed, and she was the burden on. No Problem Frady pro-death point on. All he needed to do was tell me. I've in that all along now. Still got a great relationship. They told you they don't like it. I don't care what I don't care about nine I. don't care if it's ninety five percent says okay. That fire percents says No. Leave it alone. Okay. Everything you just said music to my ears I have been campaigning for years for this nicknamed. Go Away. I will be honest with you. Be completely transparent. I tried for a while in two thousand fourteen. Not to it. It gets during the football season virtually impossible when you're on a sports debate show to use that nickname because it's just the name of the when you say washing it doesn't. It doesn't even have the right ring? so forgive me for the job, but I have campaigned as have many others in the media to get rid of this nickname for I. Don't know how many years for me ten fifteen years. It was just wrong from the start, right. I think Dan Snyder newness heart-to-heart. It was wrong, but he grew up. Redskin fans, father, taking him games at old RFK stadium. And the sentimentality of the deep love that he has for the teen blinded him to to how that nickname does a thin some native American you're not not all. In yet we went through this big flurry of tension in twenty fourteen. Because there was a prospect, they were going to lose their trademark. You WanNa talk about getting hit in the pocket book. If they did not change the name and I. Don't know how Dan Snyder pull this off, but he issued a statement at that point. I will never, and he put it in all caps change. This name and apparently Dan Snyder has friends in high places. Nation's capital high. Because somehow that case against his trademark, somehow win away in the bowels of the. Of our judicial yeah I don't understand it, but it went away. During that time he would on a campaign to convince people there was nothing wrong with that nickname, and he did so by by basically doing a national tour of different reservations. Visiting with different tribal chiefs, he also gave four million dollars to native American causes. and. He had five of his ex players led by Chris Cooley we had him on the other show at ESPN, and they were just campaigning to try to enlighten people that most like a vast majority of native Americans were not offended by that nickname, and there was the most talked about poll of all came out in twenty, sixteen via the Washington Post highly credible at that point, website and newspaper. And it. It's surveyed five hundred four native Americans out of the five million native Americans. We have in our country now. A pretty good sample size again. I'm never quite sure about this, but five hundred four nine out of ten said we are not offended by the nickname. The NFL then conducted its own poll soon after that and found that it was actually. Respondents to the poll who were not offended, but the NFL found that the the those survey between ages of eighteen and twenty nine. We're strongly by seventy. One percent opposed so so. What we've seen in the recent proteome, the younger people like telling you. The younger white people are saying no more of this. We've seen enough of this. We're all with our black brothers and sisters. What do you need from us now? Right case so it's a surge of youthful thinking. It's enlightened thinking and you mentioned this skip. It may be a point in time with the older generation says you know what it's been so long nothing we can do. The younger generation hailed now there is something we could do older generations so beaten down yes, because they were so oppressed that they finally just said. We. We give up scoop I can see if he if he named it after one of the tribe the Cherokee. CHICKASAW Shawnee. That's not a triumph. Derogatory term. What what part don't you get about that? Okay so I've gone back and forth for years about just how derogatory the term is, but all I know for sure is that there are some native American leaders who find it extremely derogatory. It's difficult for me. This is just my two cents sitting in this chair. Right here. It's difficult for me to equate that nickname with the N. word which I told you countless times. It's the most evil word in our language. Is it a racial slur that nickname that we're not speaking right now. To summit is to others just a derogatory term, right? It's just sort of a derisive tarm, but. It's it's difficult for me to equate the suffering. That you're people went through African. Americans in this country starting in sixteen nineteen born of slavery. And the sufferings of the native Americans in this country they are both America tragedies. They don't equate. I can't compare and contrast them because they're so different, but I've told you before. I grew up in what used to be called Indian territory the state of Oklahoma it means Red Man Oklahoma five civilized tribes were relocated from southeastern united. States states from Florida Georgia Alabama. They were forced in relocation to March all the way to Oklahoma to Indian territory to relocate onto reservations, which then got further taken away from them by the Oklahoma Land Run. When when y sellers said well you. You got enough land. We're GONNA. Take more of your land. Okay, in basically just for for our younger viewers. You don't get this. They were here I. This was their land. Yeah, when Columbus discovered America, it was populated by native Americans. And what did we do as in my four hundred hour? Paid a good price for we gave them what I'll be. Did we play I mean. Didn't they pay for it? I know Columbus 'cause I know. That's not white. Man would never riot. Kill somebody new that them. The white men basically declared war on the native Americans declared war and said if you will give, your land will take it from you in there was. Shed, and by the way that forced march of the trail, became known as the trail of tears. There are about sixty thousand removed nearly ten thousand died on the March of disease and hunger, and a lot of Aviv came when they came here brought me, but over here, thank bill vs over here, just fine, just harmony. Okay now let's go to the origin of this nickname. Say redskins. We're did pop up. What how did it? Jump into existence well, it happened back in nineteen, thirty two. When George Preston Marshall. Tried to. To to put a football team in Boston Massachusetts, when football was not popular, it was a baseball town. There was no basketball. There was little to no football yet, and so at first they were the Boston braves, because they shared a stadium with a Boston in Nationally Baseball team also referred to as the braves okay, and then when he had to move to thin way park I guess he probably wanted to move the fenway park. Just share space with the red sox. He thought well. Let's change. The nickname braves to red skins. Okay, so it's kind of clever red sox. Right Redskins, but he. He knew it was going to be a problem. So how'd he tried to sell it to the public? He went out and found a man who was said to be part Sioux Indian. At that point should native American righteously, but that he was part Sioux. His name was Henry. Dietz Lonestar Star deeds and made him the head coach of the Redskins just to try to sell it so clearly George Preston Marshall knew it was a problem right when I was a little kid growing up watching what we're called cowboy and movies well. What happened when when they were going after the Indians? The Dunn's Lousy Redskins. It was at the very least it was a derogatory term. Right and I've always said set it on TV many times. Can you imagine an early NFL owners, saying you know what I want to pay tribute to the slaves who were the backbone of our economy for so many years in this country I'm going to call my new NFL. Team the black skins. How would that have gone over and how long? Or okay there okay. No okay, no, but redskins somehow work because the redskins. The native Americans are so oppressed. Yes, they got beaten down into two reservation existences where they just they didn't have the leadership. No To fight back, know your community has had strong leadership over the years so pressed as you have been right, it is powerful. Starting with Dr King and I can I can do Malcolm X. and I can go to Jesse Jackson and I can go to Al Sharpton and I go to Shannon Sharpe in. gaul strong powerful voices. And this this. Again The native Americans are split into. Try Right so that's hard to unify and unite right. Yes, and so they haven't had that one powerful voice to defend them. Until now they have fallen into a time in which thanks to your community, we have had some racial enlightenment since new racial sensitivity I believe. Yes, it is the battle up. No, it's not. But I believe we've reached a as enlightened a point in our growth in this country as we ever have. Yeah, thanks to skip I think a think. America is more open from a from A. From a people perspective now that remains to be seen. Skip if all this movement is going to lead to lead in it. Remains to be. But I do believe get because the tests. That, all the remnants of racism from from slavery, racism are slowly coming down the statues the symbols. And in racist behavior is being attacked publicly in ways it never has in the history of this country. At least we're having significant progress right now. I don't believe we've ever had, and it feels good to me, but but again we've only just begun to your point. Okay, so let's finish on George Preston Marshall what happened to him well. He finally relocated team because they didn't they wouldn't. Pay to see it roster even won the division, and nobody would come out to see it. He moved it to Washington DC and he kept the name Redskins Washington redskins. What happened is we just mentioned George Preston? Marshall became known as the biggest bigot and racist in the national football right and he was the last to integrate took until nineteen, sixty two, and that was under threat from Robert Kennedy, absolutely who threatened to take away his thirty year lease of what became Robert. Stadiums he threatened to take away pilot George. We reached this watershed moment that we have right now with with Fedex Nike Pepsi Pepsico saying Oh. What if we pull back here right and remember the the Fedex. Chairman right now is a minority holder in the team. Right correct, okay, so when all the way in the time. George Preston Marshall, owning the team that that surely Povich the great columnist for the in Washington this collins. said that that he was one of the great innovators in the national football. He brought in the forward pass right the first one to suggest we should allow people to throw the ball across the line of scrimmage, and Shirley included, and he's also the NFL's leading biggest. Okay, so that's the guy who started this nickname. What should that tell you in twenty twenty? Well. It's been wrong because that's the guy who started anything you know things that were acceptable or people deemed acceptable back then. They're not acceptable now, so you should move on I mean. Know there are a lot of actors than Bob Bill and did they dressed up in black face, but you try to do that now and people like what are you? What are you thinking? Because finally, people are standing up and saying. What are you thinking, so let it go. He makes it seem like well. If I change the name, the team disappear. No this is going to come out and they're still gonNA. Come out support you can you can. You can find another name to name this team. It doesn't have to be a derogatory name so obviously. The Atlanta braves remain the. Right in yet. It's Dan Snyder who says the original intention was to pay respect and to honor native Americans. Will Not with that nickname if you'd call them the Washington braves in one, thousand, nine, hundred thirty. The Boston braves as they originally were right right then you'd be okay with their brave. Afraid Yeah, we get that right okay. You went all the way to playing off. Red Sox to Redskin. Didn't work from the start, and that was in the thirties, and it got grandfathered through the years and I'm just hoping that you're right about this. I will believe it when I see it because of those friends in high places, but to your point, if fed ex is saying no, and now it appears Nike is saying no now. The pocket book is going to be hit. You know who we needed to. Go thirty one other owners Bingo who needs to say no, they do, and they would have to be unified our commissioner, and and again. Can Somebody get them together to make a statement to the one owner in DC to say you know what it's enough? Does your boy yeah go talk to him? By saying that I mean well? Thank Jerry, talk about it. At all of a officer, Jerry King talk now. He's lost his voice I. Don't I don't know what happened, but anyway you're correct I'm with you, did those? That moves the needle. I think the history was really important. Skip to Spain I did not realize the connection of Boston everything there, but it didn't mark. Twain sites never wrong to do the right thing at this our we still even debating this and I think it's crazy. How many times we talk about it I? Hope that we finally see change that so long overdue. Oklahoma state announced that an internal review of head coach Mike Gundy quote uncovered no signs or indication of racism, but his contract was reportedly shortened by a year, and included a pay cut so shannon. What is your reaction to this? I'm not surprised. And considering that the pay the by out of my Van Gundy about sixteen million dollars. I understand it, but given the the history, and the the magnitude of this scope I believe they should have gone out to outside counsel and had them do the investigation instead of internally because. Our you their best to get yourself and let us know what you come back. What you think about Kobe with. Doing for about five six years. You know of course. You can't tell me a. you gotTA. Open. Take this test home if I take the. Skill so this? That's the problem that you have and people look at it. Hold on! You did an internal investigation. Love Yourself A. we expect you to find that Oh. Yeah, you were wrong on a number of issues. Nobody's going to believe that you're gonNA. Come back with anything that you deem that you did anything wrong. He there's a thing he could work better with with the players on his team, but that's something that you know. He could build on that now. Look at these issues and people try to make it about the t shirt is not about the T. shirt is cumulation of things that Mike Ban gun to have sad doing. That gundy. Might GonNa hit, said Oh tenure as the head coach of Oklahoma state now I've talked to. Some people that that knows him. That's been around him and for lack of a better word, he the pre. He there. And now that doesn't necessarily mean that. He's racist and I'm not here to call them back, but he does the thing you did. You were the first to report. Go ahead of IBM using the n word to our week. Now I did a game in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty nine. He used inward to. The quarterback at Oak. They were getting their butts kicked at. First they had beat Oklahoma. Colorado had beaten Oklahoma state and I. Think in a very long time right, so you got frustrated. Utter that word, according to Alfred and. McGee. Mike Jones with another guy that was on the twentieth. Fifteen accident heard him say it might've been gundy denied it obviously, but if you remember alcohol Williams Position Coach Bob. Simmons got the head coaching job at Oklahoma state. He got there. He demoted him. Point. At Forgotten I'm not saying that was read the wall, but I'm saying that's what happened, so skipper me. There's so many things that's going on. I mean he's been echoing. He's calling it the Chinese virus. He remember he said. We need to get these doodles back on campus. We keep that money Oklahoma scale. Forget to help you don't worry about that. If hard for me to believe that a coach. The players own team's name. That's sometimes you. I get it. You know old school coaches. They try, but for this and he's like he referred to him a Jersey numbers, and then one guy had passed out had to be revived, and he started practice right back up. Guys guys were generally concerned about what's transpiring. Skip just I. Just think the thing is just put all the cards on the table leading outside, and that's what normally corporations do they know people going to look at like? We do this investigation ourselves. No matter what we come back with people going to say we didn't do nothing, but if we let somebody outside of this hamlet, who has no dog in the fight? Because no matter what Oklahoma's tell you. They got a dog in this fight skill and they don't want. This dog stayed so. I would have felt better, and maybe they come back with the same conclusion that Oklahoma state came back with that, yes, he can have a better relationship with his players, but there's nothing extraordinary out out of out of whack. Here is so let's just leave it. Maybe they come back with that same conclusion, but I think a lot of people would have felt better. Had they had someone outside? Do the investigation and come back with this conclusion that they found but. It's going to be. Interesting to see moving forward. How the black players feel about buying bang gun, too, because a lot of this stuff is become public that. was weren't public. Because a lot of these guy warning born in eighty, not gonNa do you that they weren't even born in ninety skills, so you gotta come back two thousand before a lot of these kids. Knowing, what's going on on? The one point I disagree with you on is your first point that you were not surprised? That he kept his job. I'm surprised because I'm just profoundly disappointed in in this university and I did grow up in that state. In Oklahoma City I was a university of Oklahoma Fan so they were the rival, not an arch-rival Texas. The are try, but they both were orange derived right. Even, though it never could SORTA, live up rivalry right is not Alabama over and by the way that guy is two and thirteen against his in state rival. That's why I thought he was on the thinnest of is. In the. Strongest media voice in the state of Oklahoma's Berry trammelled columnist for the Oklahoma and the most plugged in of all the journalists and Oklahoma, and he said on his oblivious on his radio show day after this I broke when he was pictured in the Oh, a in shirt while he was fishing on Lake Texoma. Berry Trammell said that he was going to be surprised if he kept his job until the weekend three more days in that he was told that they were ready at Oklahoma, state to move on from Mike Gundy right, but to your point it was going to cost sixteen million bucks, and it's a lot of money, and some of the more well. He'll boosters going to help subsidize the sixteen million dollars right. Oklahoma was a trump state in two thousand sixteen I have no idea if it is right now, but every county and state of Oklahoma voted for Donald Trump in two thousand sixteen. So you can, you can guess you can maybe leap to the conclusion that a number of the most wealthy boosters of Oklahoma State University are trump supporters, so they had no problem with him wearing an eight t shirt example Willie tagger new Florida state. Yeah, and I think of Biot- with twenty one million. These coach at Florida State. They won't does W analysis with they. Won't you go? Yes, they'll get you about whether about performer the I. I know but I'm saying they want you go. There's not amount of money that the boosters won't put up to get you out of their win. The won't you to stay you, ain't they? No I'm not I'm not saying anything about race with no, I'm with you. Got It. I got it about my gundy. Because let's walk quickly back through the sequence. During a conference call with reporters soon after the pandemic hit, and he uttered that thing about we gotta get him back in. School, so we can. Handle that money through the state of Oklahoma our run through the. He also volunteered without being asked that he's discovered a new network that he loves O.. A. N. and his point was which was a little weird, but he said it's it's not right or left. It's right down the middle. Just the facts, Ma'am right and I'm like okay, so he said it any took heat for it, and he apologized for it. I shouldn't. I should have done more homework. I'm going to assume I'm pretty sure I'll be correct about this because we talked about it before it. Then sent him some swag as in t shirts, or whatever to represent them, because they appreciated the publicity correct from my head coach at Oklahoma great and he got the t shirt, and then he chose one one fateful morning just a couple of weeks back. He chose to take that t shirt and put it on to go fishing in. What would that tell you? That, he's co-signing right? Absolutely. He's proud to wear I'm sorry I don't think you just throw. If you're that head coach in the public eye, and then you stand up and pose for a picture with your hall of fish that you caught it Lake Texoma, knowing that the guy is a reporter for CBS and he's going to post. There's a chance he's going to post it on his social media being the head coach Oklahoma state. How many Oklahoma state t shirts do you think make beyond beyond? Thousand I tend like like unlimited supply so all all. They're all brand new all this. Time and throw them out. Because you're not doing that the cowboy. That one? Oh a N.. I'm aware that will go fishing. Well what does that? Tell you okay so I told you know enough about the and so before we did the topic a couple of weeks ago on Youtube, trying to find something some video of what does it look like and I run across? A female commentator, talking about black lives matter and she calls it a farce. Okay that's all. I need to know because it is obviously pro-trump far right, but black lives. Matter is a farce ripe. Okay that then He. He warned that t shirt and Shubra Hubbard. Let me remind everyone if. He was the big twelve offensive player of the year, the leading rusher in all the country in college football could have left after last year and going into the draft and I'm pretty sure he would've at least been a second round pick Roy, if not a late first round pick, but he chose to go back to school. And then you know what he chose to say, immediately on twitter, I will not stand for this right and he concluded that I will not be doing anything for Oklahoma state until they change well, I'm thinking. Go Chubu go way to go, and it's this time. This time is right. This is the time for you to take this stand and your teammates to lock arms with you and take a stand against that man wearing that t shirt. What happened today later? We see a video gets made in the halls of Oklahoma state. Athletic Department I don't know. In their media hall right and it's Chuba apologizing to coach Gundy. I should have come to you with this. Instead of taking it I, associate. He apologized not my gundy. Apologize and Mike saying we're good. Everything's good now why? And I was disappointed. In Chubut stand, stand strong. Don't back off. Don't don't backs. Later he said that have not backing down on my stance, but it came across great. That he sort of and. He and he said well the problem that I was wrong for not going to coach gun to as a man. Well coach didn't come to you as a player and says where the t that's going to be highly offensive, knowing what that network represents and a lot of times that. President trump briefing they were, he addressed the media. They'll plant one of those and he happily Oh yeah you in the back over there and they ask him a question. You'RE GONNA. Just go. This is not no, they're not. They're not right there right down the middle. Just go take a look at it. You tell me right the bill, so mike holders the the golf coach and they've had a tremendous golf appropriate. Yes you got it, but my colder I know him a little bit like a good man, but he conducted the internal investigation, and you an iron, not by because his conclusion is, that might only needs to invest more time and building stronger relationships with his student athletes. But final takeaway was quote unquote. We uncovered no signs or indication of racism. What have we just walked through? Would, that was that. BIG INDICATION A big red flag of racism. Yes, well, how can you conclude that? So? They risk slapped coach Gundy. They cut his salary I. Don't know exactly much, but some took one year off. What was a five year rollover? So announce a four year rollover contract I think he's not gonNA. Lose any sleep over that. I could be wrong, but they did punish him. Quote Unquote to that degree. Are You satisfied Mr Sharp with all the above. You're not Mellberg. History of the things some of the things that he said in some of the things that you've done deserve. A a more in depth look. Yeah by people don't qualify to do that. It's skipping I'm not saying I. Don't know Mike Holder, but it's hard for me to believe that someone. The athletic director is qualified enough to dig that deep into go in the direction that an outside counsel could go into that certain thing in interview different people. How many people did actually interview? The take his word for it and ask one of the Ga.. Get, what you run into when you don't do a thorough. is we see that a lot? Is kind of going through the police department. Yeah, we talked to him and nothing happened because you don't have an outside person doing interviewing. Back in people's like. Look at you like you're crazy. Okay, so my final takeaway is Oklahoma. State looks like is going to have a pretty good team next year. Okay Chubias back way to go if this starts to hurt their recruiting, because this could affect living rooms and parents, and how they council their young sons. You Really WanNa. Go play for that guy. Tell you what this what to do. If you don't believe that t shirts factor when you go, recruit guys, put on going there, my grandma or their Mama, house, or today, as how put that t shirt. Oh, there's nothing wrong with the t shirt. Just show up to those black kids home with that t shirt on. That's all I'm asking. There's another it might hold you deem. There's anything wrong with it. GonNa doesn't deemed. There's anything wrong with that teacher. Put that t shirt on engulfing. Don't Mama grandma couch in see how fast those boosters come up sixteen million and gets you out of there. If you WanNa, know something. Juve put it on and just. Go about Your Business. That's not offending someone now. Lebron Anthony Davis made the returns to Lakers practice this week, and the team released this hype video and We watch it together. Let's take a lot. Just, keep watching it right. Lebron all smiles. Oh, I love it excited shedding tears of this. New After. Hey, hey, you hey. Chill. Chill rights gear Betas. Yeah, he called Bank. All this. Was Wide laughed at bank do that against Toronto game. When it gets Toronto, you remember you said the same thing. Even have any backboard to work with. The accidentally nicked it off the backboard and it went in. Do One hundred million. A year to banks always open. But I love what I do love. You love it I knew. Jane's. We come back in great shape. Why wouldn't these? Look is like anything. Lebron James Bond estimate two million dollars a year. The best nutritionists the best is your best trained chefs. That's what you do guilt. What panel you know doesn't use the best thing the best brush the best campus. If I play the Violin, I'm playing a spread of areas. That's what I'm playing Bailey because I'm the best. I made the best. Day comment you laugh. That's me. Yeah, you keyed! Yoda. Yodaya recommend you have the deal would be better. Be Several. You know what you Baker. I gotTA get out of this bubble. You talk about this this antiseptic bubble that we cover defaults. Be insufferable. Just ghost towns look. Look! Up postseason run. Talk about it like I'm healthy, but everybody's healthy. Everybody's. There's no question about this. Everybody's healthy skill, but I would also. To. Do like Shaq and Kobe. We'll do like that chat Kobe. Oh. I had to watch this like five times delivered almost in last night, and I got to the point where I needed to reach for your trash cans. What are you usually? Do trashing and you go? Off Right. That's what I felt like doing after. I watched it at the time. I'm like Hi Pipe, who ray we back, says lebrons. Back says Ad. Locked in. I mean this clinches it. It is over. I don't even know why they need to go to Orlando. I don't even know why they need to play anymore games. Why do they need all that bubble trouble? Why even put up with it? Because they just told you it is over. Why not just declare them? The NBA champions without actually having to risk covert by playing basketball games. All I. Know is when I finished that it felt like that the Los Angeles Lakers when it comes to high videos. They are like four-game sweeping those poor step children who live in the basement at staples known as the Los Angeles Clippers. The clippers cannot compete with that. And they don't compete because they can't and they won't. It's just not the way they do things because they're led by guy who wears Orthopedic Hospital Shoes AP. Made by old ballads, not new value. Right that's. What Louisianan sharp tells me every day on this show Lebron. James is the hype King. There's never been anything like that guy and I will give you this. He looked good in their. You looked a little lane. Actually I was little surprised. I, he's been biking. You know but I'm talking about not not exercise bike. He's been riding his bicycle. He and maverick Carter to the streets of Los Angeles. It's a little daredevil is really to get out there and those bike lanes. Hollywood will man came in the. Most busy. You dropped your weight I. Don't know it's striving for greatness and now that number three next. He is the assistant hype artist. He didn't used to be. But when you get in that guy's world, you just rise and shine you. Start striving for heightening just like the other guy does right so. I say just canceled the rest of the the postseason. It doesn't matter anymore. Because as eighty said not only are we back? We are healthy and when we are healthy, we are so much better than everyone else. It's over. They are prohibitive favorites and Rob Pelinka. The GM said not only that, but we are the most unified and united together team. So how can anybody in the bubble compete with that so I? Don't know why. The NBA would waste one hundred and fifty million dollars to stage the bubble. That's a lot of money. When you could just go with the high video as as the the shining mobile where? You call about you. Call it the. We call the dome. He's welcome to the Tara explode down. We got this thing on lock. They got a supermax prison or applause Colorado twenty three hour lockdown skill. That's what is the UNI bomber in handsome. They build the spy. Help the rush, of yeah, that's what they go. That's how we got this thing on lock. Three. Our Lot now, so why should we even play the game? We need to play. Do plus get. We gotta have to talk about I. Want to have to talk about coming here every other day. You like I do Lebron. WHO PATENTED PLAYOFF? Drought Forty and fifteen. Interesting so I'm going to remind everybody out there that these two teams played three times already in what used to be, the regular season seems like it's like five years ago is five months ago almost five months ago. And would you believe the step children one two out of the three games? Would you believe that? Kawhi Leonard Outplayed Lebron James Two out of the three times. That's that's pretty good. Right now on opening day in turn cases. Would you believe that Tim case? Opening day we got opening day pancakes right now. After that high video get hires no way Oh. Hello! What about Yoga Video? He'd drive around. It'll old google who he got Lupita. The crown dangle on the key. Town talk about the video. Do all that told? The truth data true. He dropped it on opening night. Right on Lebron's head, but it was eighty-five. All going to the fourth quarter on opening night at staples is Lebron. And what happened in the fourth quarter Lebron scored a grand total of two. Ad Got Zero skip. What have you done for me lately Update them resumes. God, last time we talked. Last time I looked. You just lost a starter avery. Bradley's a pretty good player. He's twice made all defensive teams, and and by the way in the one game you did win. He made six threes. He made four in the third quarter wild. The hype King was scoring. Zero in the thirty was avery, Bradley, who took the game over and gave you the edge that you were able to maintain through the fourth quarter, because what that did was Lebron, didn't really have exert himself and overextend himself in the third quarter because he knew that all quarter. 'cause we remember, when feel handerson them and takes what you WANNA do bro. I got it. He didn't say no name he he didn't say I got. PG. Heartless or I got this I got him. We refer to him. You know name. We don't say number two. We don't fake K.. K. Ale widow fake law. We don't fake Y. Hill Him You got him now. You got him and. We don't. All right we're. We go into Mama Neil. By the way. Lynyrd no longer has to load manage anymore because he also got five months off, so he also got to rest those creaky needs. Arthritic knees, and all the sudden from this point forward I don't think he needs to take any game. The game's going to be coming with greater right ladder. Might be, it might not be back the back, but they might be every day. And while the clippers actually Gioacchino Noah to the bottom of their roster I don't even know if you'll get to play there so deep, but the Lakers still are in doubt about whether Dwight. Howard is actually gonNA join them. He's got a family issue. He's worked through and he's got a cause that he believes skill joking him no. You. Don't even know what he he will compete Phil. He will fight you. Just stole seventy million dollars from a year. New York. He's the third string. You know. He's the backup the backup to the backup center. We look if we get we get the white. The white comes back. That would definitely hurt us because we only really have two bigs anyway skill, so that would really hurt debate into white, so we don't mad. Made it abundantly clear that he did not want to spend the lion share because minutes at the five percent. That's why they sound the wife. DoesN'T WANNA? Spend? Thirty eight minutes played the five nine the fourth quarter. We last eight six eight minutes. He got no problem, but sometime we might go juvenile to why Ad Braun and it who? They might be me out there, too. Because they might need you to. If Oh, and by the way I was on the fence, as was Lou Williams about whether he was GonNa Play Doc rivers is saying he believes Lou will play because he is so into black lives matter that he thought he might opt out of Orlando to concentrate on furthering the cause and yet it sounds like Lou Williams. The best in basketball is going to be their skill. Stink. This was a thermometer I to meet. God. Done. You're saying the clippers are done. Got This as we back? Off Broad look good but you. Don't say Geo. He must been working on when I'm up here. He must be working at my place. I'm going to award Lebron James. Video Championship he gets it. Dieter you one Lebron. You are now four and six in video championships. Cooper probably got a good. You think he's got good man. Got A. I don't think that is the case go. Oh, my Gosh, you are going to be inseparable Shannon. You're preparing us now for what to expect in a month. This could be a long. What for us? We saw all right I. Want to move on guys to Cam Newton because the guy has won a lot of awards throughout his football career, the heisman trophy NFL offense rookie of the year, and the NFL MVP award in two thousand fifteen, and then former pats exact thinks. Thinks willing to make room and his trophy case for the NFL, Comeback Player of the year award and according to Fox Bat Cam has the second best odds is only behind big. Ben's Shanna. What are the odds? Campbell Win Comeback Player of the year or even better. Mvp I like his comeback player of the year more so than MVP skip to win MVP normally. Your team needs to win ten twelve games now there have been. been a few exceptions, I think in two thousand twelve Adrian Peterson when ten, but you have to look at the season in which he had, he single handedly gathered team to the playoffs with the second greatest rushing, please in NFL, history, thousand ninety seven yards, Matt Ryan with eleven and five in two thousand sixteen, but more times than not usually twelve and four thirteen fourteen into. That's what it is GonNa take I believe to. To win the MVP especially with the current crop of quarterback, Lamar Jackson homeboy Russell Wilson skip. You'RE GONNA. Have to somehow get to twelve win Cam Newton gift that team to twelve wins yet he's GonNa to be in the running for the MVP now. The Comeback Player of the year I believe is more realistic now. He has his work, because been rothlisberger being been in, Pittsburgh he knows the offense brought with him backwards, he agreed. Physio he's got a leg up. He's got a leg up, but. I. Just don't see the MVP. Skip I just went with those cast of characters. These guys are getting better and better in the bed. And what? We thought still remember when Cam had that he had I, he had like what thirty he had like four hundred and thirty five touchdowns, twenty thirty touchdown, passing ten. Russian, and then we like Oh my God. And then we see Lamar Jackson go twelve hundred yards with thirty six touchdown passes. And then go pithy touchdown of my house, and so we see gather even what cams. Season in two thousand fifteen with, and that was an unbelievable season, and we think guys says like. Cams will raise your this, so I think more realistic skipped is Comeback Player of the year I would say being a slight favorite right now. Considering as you mentioned, he'd have a leg up being that system for the entirety of his career, but I wouldn't say okay I'm short. Okay my first statement is this. I'm going to deal with in the Pete. I have so little respect. For the talent around Cam in that offense. I'm being consistent in my opinion about what Brady was trying to deal with lashed writer and it. It's virtually unchanged. It's still Julian. Eshelman is your go-to. At thirty four coming shoulder surgery. He had a bad knee at cracked ribs last year. He led the League and drops I. Just don't know and he's an underneath type. And that's not Cams Cup of tea. No. So can the Keel Harry turn into the guy I thought he was when they drafted him out ever Zona State for Cam Sake I. Sure hope so everybody got okay so noon. He's coming often ankle surgery. We both thought he looked like a bust after they gave to implants. He's already. Catching passes out here UCLA from Camera K.. That's a nice start. Can you finish it? Can you show shoe turn back into the new of two or three years ago? In Atlanta I don't know they added Mir bird. They added Marquees lead. They're both question marks to me. I'm just not sure they got that much better. The tight ends as a unit. Were the most pathetic group in the league last year in productivity led by Benjamin Watson was thirty nine now obviously retired. Matlock causes back while Ryan is back, double wow. And Bill took two tight ends in the third round. One of them got mad at me on something. Twitter something the other day. We. Don Keane. I I have to look it up. Oh, yeah, Dalton King! He was the hundred and first player taking an I guess. Dalton thinks he's some combination. Rob Gronkowski and Shannon Short. Way To go Dalton I hope you're that good for Cam Sake because he's going to need you, but given what I just went through. Given that Dante Scar, Nekia, the greatest offensive line coach ever, and I loved Hudson how can his days in Dallas but scar is the Guy Joe Beauge. Was Job Bugles very good. God rest. But scar just retired a second time and I'm pretty sure it's over now this time, so if cam can go in there, and you picked them now to win the division, I'll even go so far as if they just do overcome the buffalo bills who had ten and six last year. What if they win ten games and win the division and out by ten to six ten six to nine and set right? I, I gotTa tell you cam. Just might get my MVP. Vote the just my two prizes, don't I? Got You but I'm looking at degree of right Golden. I already told you they face the hardest schedule in the league. In last year's one loss wreck given to think about what it took for. Adrian Peterson to win. The MVP tendency skip. That was a historic historic season and he was seven yards. No Two thousand ninety seven eighty hit twenty, one zero five zero. He was nine yards, okay I got you, but was he trying to replace the goat? But, so so with that being said skipped. Still believe yet is still a stat is still a stat record now. Obviously, the wind laws goes a long way, but you're GONNA have to put up numbers. I mean we're GONNA? Report five hundred five thousand dollars thirty five forty touchdowns Lamar Jackson I. don't see Lamar Jackson slowing down. Is Going to be Russ. He's going to be improper his. You Tom. The guy that has the third and be the Best Burger Bar. So if if what you give was the Tom Scott, the greatest weapons had in his twenty in his twenty first year. He's got his greatest weapons I know randomly. Collection, I got it. Cam is up against the goat his trying to. Step into those winged cleats that Brady War for twenty years and Boston Massachusetts Fox or What a challenge! The schedule is hard. You've got a whole wide receiver core dead last in the league and separation. You're not sure it's going to be much better so so to me if he wins. This division gets them to the playoffs. He's in the middle of the MVP I give. Like give comeback player the year. Might. In my book, he might get both auto. Okay well I'm just saying if you Max that out against these odds, and by the way we brought up the prospect, did bell check signing on the cheap just to run camp package plays where he'll get ten or twelve snaps game. He'll throw six passes and he'll run it six times. Whatever if that's the case all? This is all album and no. No, he he needs to get. The other day Michael Lombardi, who writes for the athletic for three years, two, thousand, fourteen to two thousand sixteen, was built bell checks right hand man in the Front Office Michael Lombardi, said yesterday on I believe it was his radio show. He said CAM is if he stays, healthy is going to win. MVP well, that suggests to me if he does have the inside knowledge on this that cams going to be starting quarterback. Right. Into a backup. Well I'd say a packet I And yet we both agree bell check. If he had his druthers, we'd would go to. The playoffs with jeered stabbed him. Because then he could say I did it again. I found a diamond in the rough time in the fourth round home grown. It's my guy instead of being able to or or having to say with Cam while he was a former MVP, and he reverted to MVP for Superman. But. He could belching love reclamation providence. He loved when people give up on. Lanier I told you this is why. I'm smarter than you got. Okay. y'All had this guy didn't know what you would do with it. Okay, so the point is the bottom line is and we're GONNA. Talk about this again with Eric Dickerson, just a couple of minutes here on show. But Cam posted on instagram that for him. It's not about the it's just about respect. He has an opportunity. If in fact, he wins the job. He has the greatest opportunity. You could imagine right to recapture tons of respect. Not Money not this year, but respect right and you could get a pay day if you do what we're talking about. Pull this. If you're at least in the MVP, chase and race. Next year. Okay Oh. Oh, he definitely can change the narrative. The Narrative Cam that he's done and all this, but you know. Guard, play like if you're healthy, then play like you know you can play. The nature you sitting there, you instead of a million dollars, you'd be playing for twenty plus million well again. He did not give away that the tag possibilities Russell. They could tag him next writer. He didn't give that up. So that'd be thirty seven million, so you could go from one million base to thirty seven million. That'd be pretty good. PAYDAY I might start training with abroad and call them back out. To get that kind of money out there. I think we'll be training with. Lebron look good. He look good. He needs to gain a little weight. He fire I mean. He's been riding his. Now. The NBA gave players a one hundred and thirteen page manual, explaining all the rules and safety protocols in the Orlando bubble, but Demar Derozan called the volume and specifics of the rules, pope frustrating and overwhelming, meanwhile Damian Lillard said he isn't confident that all the rules will. Be Followed Shannon. How silly do you find these rules? They are. They're very silly. Silly and I guess what the is trying to do. They're trying to minimize the risk of getting someone infected, but if I'M GONNA bubble. And I'm I'm guarding you man to man. I'm sweating on you data on the court. You doubt on the court. We died on each other. Okay, that's fine a good. Was We shower and go back to what we can't play table to? We can't play double tapered teams. We can't be next get. That makes no sense. It's kind of like if I got A. Family of five and we're in half together. We been quarantined together, but we gotta stay six depart. What the Hell is that about skill? That make it doesn't seem I thought. Everybody in the bubble have taken the proper measures and you're going to be tested that Masuma. You'll probably test everybody every day or every other day at the bare, minimum, Skilling I. It's not realistic. You can't tell someone. Next to me and touch me and be all over me actually on the court, but once we off the court. We gotta socially distance. That makes no sense than you can understand why the players will be plus graded also dame Lillard is absolutely right. Guy Goes. Stare crazy because they're not used to think about it. We thought this. With normal people imagine a guy that makes thirty forty million Houston going and coming in, and he pleased, and all of a sudden his access to going and coming has been greatly restricting. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA I'm leaving as just the way it is guy. Go Look. I hope everybody does follow all hundred and thirteen pages, but. Let's be real. We're rule breakers. What we do was just be limiting yeah. Okay, do you I mean you I do this? Be like somebody else. I Know Avenue it'll stars Don't rats out. Yeah, DRY DIGITAL! You Yup I. Just take my time. You know I know her. Enjoy music with the morning. That's why you're always lake. Okay I got disqualify myself before I launch on this because it's hard for me to be much of a Dhamar Derosier because remember. My team was forced by their guy number two. He forced his way out of town God. Bless him. He masterminded he pulled it off, but but the best deal they could make with an Eastern conference team was to get Demar derozen for Leonard Yuck. And JAKA pertile. I got a picture with Ya. On My. Demar! Derozan can't carry. Co is new balance sneakers. He's just not that dude and he was never that dude against Lebron and all those Eastern Conference playoff matchups remember all those. Would you call them the baby? Data audible. Maybe he'll a baby dinosaur, and this comes across as spoiled baby wining to me because while on the surface. What you just said, make sense. The truth is the facts are. that. That the NBA is trying to keep you as healthy as possible, so you can go out there and bang bodies and trade sweat with your competitor's because the problem is in the bubble. If one human breakthroughs and goes outside the bubble sneaks outside the bubble and comes back in infected. You know and I know what can happen, you break. So they're trying to do Dr Fao, CI rules inside the bubble Dr. Chee signed off on it, so I think they have a chance. But to have a chance. This is the ultimate all for one and one for all. This is the. Togetherness because you have to trust. Your Weakest Link can struggle you write. Your Weakest Link can say. Sick and tired of it I haven't seen my girlfriend or whatever my why? I'm going outside the bubble and you make one false move. You touch one surface that's contaminated and you touch. Your face is over. You're going to be infected and you might not even know you're infected, so you're going to be a symptomatic or is they now? Say Pres symptomatic. I'm sick and tired of all of these terms because we live with them every moment of every day. I'm haunted by the above, but I get it. They're trying to keep you apart in. ping-pong just to to ensure that by the time you get to the court, you have an infected each other socially. I thought we were tested. I thought once we the player. They got tested, so they're going to be the bubble. Okay, you can get tested, and then if night falls, and you slip outside the bubble and get contaminated. You can't get tested on the hour every hour. We're guess what if I slip outside the bubble and guess what I'm will be on the court. Is Gardening. They're trying to make you as safe as possible before you get to the court because the court safe at all. No, you have to trust think. It is, but you have to trust your brothers on the court. I'm talking about your rival. Is You have to trust that everybody? Observe the rules, even though we're a country of rule breakers, and you're all going to go, stir crazy and you rooms at in Disney. Measure this so. Once. Everybody gets there so as far as. Catering and everybody else. Are they going to be allowed to League going co? Yes, unfortunately, but whatever you can only go so far in a bubble. Less. You Cook for yourself a bubble unless you get that, so eh. Asking, the players do that's what these other people that have to do so a. Dining, everybody you gotta got to give up three months. Okay, but what do we do every single morning here at Fox yeah, we get out of Los Angeles we get out of our cars. We walk up a flight and we blocked through, and we get thermometer from a distance right. And they they actually say out loud. You're ninety eight point three ninety seven point. Fifty. Old. Blood I can attest to that. So then what happens, we have? Somebody asked us a series of questions about sore throat shortness. bla-bla-bla as a doctor told you you need to Nope nope. Nope, Nope, okay. You're clear to go through. I don't know what it all proves. The best we right now. Most of the year I'm own tried. You didn't know where you're going to know, but you can't. Kid with these people or you'RE GONNA wind up not being allowed into data Joe. It's like going through security at the airport. No joke. This is no joke, so in the end I have to depend solely on my brother across the table. Because we even know, we're almost to close right now so when you talk I, tell you sit back. When I talk, I can't control my. Sometimes I get to work. I hope my spill doesn't fly across the table. Everybody says it made you. Feel your pain. Which August. His say, we can't get. The thing and they. Take it down, okay, but I have to trust my brother table that he stayed in the bubble last night, his own bobble, and that he played by the rule absolutely and the rules are actually in the end. They're pretty simple. Yes, just stay away from other humans. Stay at least this far apart birth. Not I made. That's not humane, not human nature, but this is what we're up against its up paying and we're engaged to, and it is. We are getting struck again. Right good, so it's real simple. As soon as I leave this desk 'cause I'm touching the desk. I walk over to where my bag is around the corner and I sanitize after every debate topics. Okay I'm ridiculous I gave. My wife is ridiculous in a good way and she taught me. You can't slip up one time, so the rules are simple. You gotTa keep washing up Sam ties and pure Elliott whenever you got to wash your with, and if you're touching services, you can't touch your face well. Those are the rule. Stay six feet apart. Keep washing sanitizing. Don't touch your face because if you touch your face and your contaminated, it's going to go in your nose going your eyes are on your mouth, right? You're going to be sick, right? How sick you're GONNA get. Nobody seems to know right, but you're going to at least be carrying the virus. I'll. How we get from the time I get my truck and go to get my temperature check. They got pure rail station. I get to the elevator. They got another pure real estate should. I get off the elevator. They got pure rail station I. get down the Hallway. They got a pier rail station. Pass the bathroom. They got a pier real estate. Couple of. arpaio. Yeah good, point But. Thank you Fox. They're making it as ultimately safe as possible within. It's up to us to do our part. We have to have teamwork here cools I've always been a leopard I've always had a solitary. I due Bam by my some cool, okay good. Because, you're out, go good bye, say okay, and so when Demar leaves the court of play, he's. He's got to play by the rules so that he doesn't contaminate in the bubble right? Yeah! I'm against is different now because. I Guess Football I. Don't know it'd be hard for me to like if I'm playing against you guys to play I. Really Try to, you know. Like the Super Bowl skip I really trying to do with the other team. They got mad and they got all these like. College College. fraternize more than you I really tried to see you like that. Okay good. Just, for the record guy's the moment, I can get back to the table. I'm coming back. So you have to the side for now, but when we can come within the six feet I must the potato. I'm still here though. No Major League Baseball is back in the season. We'll begin with MLB on Fox returning July twenty fifth with Fox Saturday baseball and we could not be more excited about this great news for baseball fans across the country guys baseball's back, and of course America's home for baseball this summer as always will be Fox and F S One. Cam Newton has earned over one hundred and twenty million during his nine years, in the NFL, not including endorsement money so his one year, one point seven five million deal with the patriots raised a few eyebrows, but cam took the instagram yesterday to explain why he would agree to a minimum deal. He said this is not about money for me. It's about respect so Shannon degree with Kim's point here. I need to find that affect. Take you along do. Look. Cameras right towards certain extent because there are certain things that money can't buy, but knowing if you have. Those people got to respect you. Sometimes, they go hand in hand, but I think in this instant. What cameras talking about? He's like I've survey thirty two teams obviously one. Let me go. There's probably like ten twelve teams that the star is entrenched, no problem whatsoever, but if I kept surveying I looked around I'm better than some of the scarred of the backups on these teams, and they did reach out the lack of respect. They have for me. Cam Newton former. MVP when. They would call and guys out of retirement when they didn't want to sign cap now available. And I can't get a call if it's not about the money, skip if I'm an actor and I've been and I've been agree I won. I won an Oscar, which is the greatest achievement you can win. The Ad Kademi than banking and all the sudden I have a have a bad movie in. Nobody gives me a call and I get this I. Get this role. It's not the role that I wanted that what I'm used to being in, but somebody gives me a chance like the lack of respect is not about the money. It's not about the role. Yes, okay. Yes, I'm a supporting role now. I know what I can do but I see guys is getting these moves. They're not better at what they do. The Nile, so and saying okay. You know what I won't take this role. I won't be give healthy and I'm GONNA show. You and I'm going to get my respect back. I'm going to change the narrative of what you have about Cam Newton because the narrative. Get as you mentioned. Is that the last four years? He hasn't been good. He hasn't been good that twenty fifteen feet for that one big flash of streak in two, thousand, eight, hundred, twenty, eighteen hurt, his shoulder kept trying to play through. Yeah, know realize that you know Cam. They don't care about what it took you to get there. All this one and they see Newton on the back. They expect you to be great. So I. believe cameras upset skipped because he knows that he's better than a lot of these quarterback that has starting jobs and had backup jobs in some of these teams didn't reach out, didn't even call it, and so that's that probably hurt more than anything when you made that kind of money. Yeah okay I got I got to start from the bottom and work my way back up I got no problem with that. cameras may may great great money and. You'll be okay. He just needs to go out there and show that he's still Cam Newton. He just needs an opportunity. That's it. Still, not completely sure he's going to get that new. England we'll find out. But Cam Newton. At an injured shoulder got it fixed. He had an injured foot lists. Frank Surgery got it fixed. You'd think he's been clear, right? Now. He has an injured pride in is wounded up. And you can't surgically get it fixed, right? You can only go back out there. If somebody will give you a chance, right in show them. They were all dead wrong. In. I do disagree with this premise, but but it's coming from a place in his heart. That's hurt right, but his premises. That money can't buy respect. Yeah, but but when people pay you money, they're paying you the respective. There's what you did. Yes, in this world we live in. Your respect is measured. Unfortunately in the end by your salary, it is okay. So Bill Belichick got away with paying him barely one million dollars. It's the bare minimum a veteran of camps ilk. Years he's putting. What does he nine years? That's the bare minimum you could have paid him. It's one point five million right that ranks nine hundred eighth of salaries paid in the NFL that ranks fifty eighth quarterbacks salaries. And it just seems so wrong that this guy was an MVP. This guy dominated the league for a year, and in a stretch in twenty thousand, also in lifted a team in two thousand, fifteen to the super bowl, the fifteen and one record. And this happens we're the league rejected you to the point that Bill Belichick got away with paying you that there are incentives, though even got away with paying incentives that are unlikely to. Right, and they don't count against the CAP, because your stats were so bad last year because you didn't have any threats that he got away with paying you stats that qualify as Unlikely to be earn. Incentives you know why because I can't control those someone else can control those Kip, saying my contract one year, and and I signed the contract because when I signed his Kip I was playing mostly special team. So if I get X. amount of touchdowns, make the pro bowl make all pro, so I've been getting five thousand here. But I led the team in receiving how two thousand and had a thousand yards guilty I'll get a hundred thousand dollars. Okay, now I needed a hundred and twenty, one hundred and twenty six yards in the game playing the raiders now the paper. There's so much. If we win the game, we win division. We get home field. They come to us. We lose the game. They win the division. We gotta go back to them to follow when we were. Need you need one hundred twenty six yards to get get one hundred thousand dollars skip. I got one twenty one in two and a half and don't catch another payers. Seriously what year was this ninety three? And then I go back following, we can drop thirteen, fifty, three, fifty six Oldham in a playoff game, which at the time was the most receiving with most reception in a playoff game in NFL history. Do you! Are you suspecting coach Shannahan new? which might wasn't there the only one they. Came Ninety five. That's right I. Don't know what was suspected. Who is calling the plays? Jim Muscled it. No, I don't know who knew, but I remember telling outlet member. Jon. Call them teeth. They. What's going on tea's like I, say man. I'm disappointed. We lost as a I needed five yard data underground. And he looked. He said that that ever happened. If you need a yard, you need a kid. I just throw you to ball, okay? Did you think about mentioning that? I didn't want to be that guy. I never asked. Get it will just in the opposite was coming out cooking. You go single one hundred, twenty one in the flow, the offense that works okay, so you hit earned the right to get a five yard page. We've up. Seventeen points at the have okay. We ended up moving the game thirty three thirty in overtime. No good. What was the fate of the ninety three team? Then we we go. We go back to the rate of the following week. WE LOSE IN A playoff game, but I hear them up with thirteen fifty six Novato. They could. Do. No no no call any names. Ed or Eddie Anderson the safety. He was He went to Fort Valley. They won't team my route. My Freshman Year He. Greg Lowered They call. The divas blew death 'cause they would not knocking pokes out, but I'll cook it up. I'll cook okay I'm GonNa sum this up on campus I g post he put. He posted four hashtags. All I know is work. Give you that one I'm betting it all on me. Gabu, shine through the shade way to go. I'm not buying the last one not for like just for life. I believe Cam likes to be loved, do, but who doesn't yeah, but he has huge personality Hewish career. That's why he's on social media well. Don't tell me it's not for likes. This whole thing is for your life is for like you want to be lost. You earn the rise to be loved twenty fifteen in some in two thousand eight, and now he has to go somewhere else, and he has to get that fan base to embrace them difficult I spent ten years in Denver, the fans one super bowl than with great now I gotTa go to Baltimore and now. Those don't really know. They saw what I did over there. You do that for us will help us win game. You help us get to the Super Bowl. So now. He has to step in starting all over again. It's like getting out a relationship. What what worked in that last relationship might not work in this one. So you gotta start all over a holding. No Dodo skip. nope. Yeah, another good way to get out the door. Kobe robot there. You have to hold the door their own idea. Me, I hold the door. Joe Me no I went to pure L. Johnson. Calling it roll. Roll. nicknaming. I can't. Lift every voice and sing a song, also known as the black national anthem will be played prior to star spangled banner before every week. One NFL game Shannon. Oh's your reaction when you heard this. Skip out on to. Come off his being ungrateful. But for me. There's another symbolic gesture and I've asked okay playing this. How much closer does this get us to economic equality? How much closer does this gets a INDIE SYSTEMIC AND INSTITUTIONAL RACISM? What is this going to do about? The hiring practices or minorities in the NFL does playing this get of closer to that. At some point time. But the thing is I'm what I'm seeing a lot of a lot of a lot of institutions. Is that what you're doing is? You put in the water, but they nobody wants to drive. Because of all the things that transpired enjoyed with tragically lost his life with six over six weeks ago. Skill really the only state. There's really done anything Colorado. They've done away with qualified immunity. That's the only one everybody will keep talking about all we will change. We won't change what warning. It is one thing. What are you? GonNa do up to bring about that chain NFL. Thank y'all okay get is another Greece symbolic gesture. The NFL is all we do all the Komo. Enough of these just for me. Skipped don't pat on the back and not and not give providing services for me. That shows me. That truly shows me that you care about. Meet Yep. How long are they GONNA go? Okay, you'll plays before every week. We WanNA game in Blackley. We'll look around and they're going to be. Oh my God. They played it. It would. Heal my situation around me. I'm still impoverished still as feel. Leave, laws that are enacted still doesn't help me. So so, what have you done? Komo look. I'm I'm not I'm not a I'm not really big into symbolic gestures without a cause without something deeper. Snatch down the statues, but not before you give me economic equality. The monuments and take away words and names buildings but let's get rid of this economic this realistically this injustice that we see. Our hope skill look. If you've ever cared for a child. If women know what I'm talking about, skip, there's a difference between the child being hungry and a child being needed to be satisfied with a pacifier. Stop giving us these pacify with hungry. Feed us. Don't pacifies anymore. Well said. So, when I first saw this headline, my first thought was about you and I wondered if you would have the reaction, you just gave me about this. And I realize the national football. League is in a tricky spot here because. Do we do we do enough or do? We look like we're doing too much. Everybody has. Stopped doing things without asking for. which is that as we head has been? We had this big argument with Terry crews. Ted Cruz been kicked flex because he says we gotta make sure the black lives matter doesn't morph into black lives. Better came. We get the black lives equal before we step fresh all the talk about black lives better. Can we do something meaningful before we start planning the black national anthem? Nobody asked you to play. What if the NFL did nothing? How would you feel we're doing now? We had to Rudy Room. They had to go back at anthem or paragraphs and more language, the Rooney rule. But if I'm talking about on week, one if there were no symbolic gestures, if it just came and went, would you be offended by that? Because I hope that they don't think because people are not in the street like they were the first month that this is going away is not going away. SKIP is not. Beget People's people. Filing skilled people are starting to see man I can see. Progress can be made it so now we. Hold people accountable. Man. So I thought a lot about this last night because it hit me in my head and then all the way down to my heart. that. The black community has needed its own national anthem. That's all you need to know. That's how sad that is. The gravity of that hit me right between the eyes last night. I've known about lift every voice. It's always been an. It was a originally. That was put to music by two brothers. Is Beautiful if I. I would encourage everyone black white color. No refill lyric. Call it up on. Google for the lyrics of the song and just read especially the middle verse is stunning to me right. But. If, we're going to play the black national anthem. Then the national anthem backed back before the game. It almost feels like Toronto's playing. Golden State in the NBA finals. We gotta play the Canadian and. And it's like there's something wrong with this picture right because. Silly me idealistic me I grew up thinking one nation under God indivisible well. Over and you grow up looking at it completely upside down. Okay so I have been enlightened and I have seen and felt and from my perspective. As much as I would love for us to have one anthem that we all could believe in you. You have needed for years. Your anthem made. They'll come a time when you don't, but the important point is it? Do we need this symbolic gesture to go onto? We need to play your national anthem every game all year. We used to keep the conversation going to keep the focus on what really met. Obviously what matters the most is what I have campaigned against for like fifteen years. It is unarmed, black men and women getting killed by white, running murdered by white cops. That's the first. Thing that needs to be attacked first, and then after that were already to a point of enlightenment to racial sensitivity where we are tacking all of the vestiges that got grandfathered in of slavery statues symbols. Take them down. Take them down. We talk about George Preston. Marshall Net nickname Redskins, will they? They took a statue down outside RFK. Take them down right. So this is all progress, but it's just baby steps toward the ultimate goal, so I sympathize with the national football league. Trying to think what what okay. How do we do this well to me I? WanNa, see kneeling and I. I wouldn't mind hearing the black national anthem every game all year I. Don't know how you feel about that. That's my two cents from this side of the table, but we need to keep the conversation going. We cannot so to speak. Let it fade to black because it can't fade to black. All this will be lost all this moment in time with the doors and and minds open will be lost so I I would advocate hearing this song before every game ahead of our quote, unquote national anthem just to keep it top of mind. We just went through. That's just my. By little. Lead to bring about change. Got It I got it, but you know and I know focus will bring about change this conversation. Strong conversation will bring about change in Bali, is not symbolic gestures, but we do know that Minnesota's saying no more chokehold. Okay, that's a small start, right? Out Loud. But. If the politics in because that's what because you have to the Supreme Court said. We have to look at the police officers not as we sit here today. What was he thinking at the moment? Skip by US. The CHOKO. Skip impair for my life. His, that's what he failed. How do we question what he feels like given moment so therefore, he's allowed to use the comb booby. Did. It looked like he was in fear of his with a hand in his pocket. Exactly so doing away with qualified immunity. Skip I'm listening to some of the police. Do you know you have to give the police officer if he's accused of. The murder! You have to give him forty eight hours. Now if I kill somebody, they know. Why did you give me? Let me formulate what I'm. GonNa do and then you gotta turn over all your information. What the charges against him really? The only way to get it done the break the Union. Yeah, you gotTA break the unions. They gotta they gotTA. Better Warriors get. US In. A bigger typically and really literally. Skipped because they're so powerful. That nobody wants to take him on. Okay but doors have been cracked open and you gotta run through them. Yeah, right, but that's the thing script. Skip just just a crack Yup. Swing swing ride open. It Ain't good enough for one or two because see that's what it is giving. Crack the door open and said you got. You Got Michael Jordan. You Got Lebron. You got a few now. We try to get this open up and get a lot of. Much has been made about Zion Williamson's playing weight over the past year, but the Palestinians just posted photo of Zion, which looks like he spent his entire quarantine in the weight room, and he looks more than ready to resume the NBA season this and I love Zion. Wear that mask all right Shannon. How rest where you? Look! I'm talking to see some good and I'm not talking one. He got from falling off his bike when he was a child I see some definition and eat look better and Brandi yeah. Go, see you. Can't with you I can't with, but I'm happy to see that skipping. It looks to me because remember. Diane missed a lot of training camp. Way missed because he got hurt in their thinking the Somaly in he had the surgery, and so he was rehabbing. rehabbing is not the same as training I. Think him being healthy this break. He got an opportunity to train or train. And you see what it's done to his body. That is the only thing really that can slows I on Williamson down. The inability to control his weight and have to deal with ticky tack. Nagging injuries have said it from day on this guy right here. Look phenomenal. That guy can last. Yes, the first guy that we saw is going to have a hard time, yes. Somebody has gotten to him and explain to him that what that you are what you put in your mouth? Yet I. Yes, he apparently is eating correctly. And as you know through the quarantine, you can go either way because sometimes you get stuck and you just say your little little depressed, you know. But somebody went to the right way that I winner right, you went the right way. Lebron with the Right Way Zion really went the right way that will work. I'm going to remind you got off to a pretty good start nineteen games. He's twenty four and seven rebounds. And his fifty nine percent shooting for players who've taken fifteen or more shots a game that leads the NBA that is working and all of a sudden. That team is starting to work because my man. Lonzo ball the last five games. It seems like five years ago, but over the last five games, the twenty, one eight and eight, he was making fifty one percents of his threes over those last five games. You still have you got drew holiday. You look down the roster and you've got Lonzo and Josh hard. Obviously the guards in listen. This team is loaded with young talent. Okay, but do you believe they can catch Memphis because them I think Sacramento and Portland all three and a half back with only eight games to play three and a half back. I would love for them to for entertainment values much as I like John by the way to Jaaz credit. Yeah, he took the quarantine and went the other way in a good way. He beefed up I. Mean you put some muscle right? He looks like a professional basketball player instead of a skinny college kid way to go. John Mirant he needed to lean out. John Needed to put a little bit of of definition. On this is your job now. I mean you eating in being all cool. You don't eating in the dormitory. This is a profession and this is make hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars doing this, so it's best I mean. Look at the top guys. Look at all of these guys from James Harden Lebron guys have shifts, and so as you come in you like. Hey, I want to play an extended period of time I want to maximize. Maximize my opportunity and I will get me. I will have the one prepared by me. I'm not saying you gotta eat. Every single meal may Shep sure enjoyed. But I'm saying for the most part the lion's share you should be nothing. Bore your body so that nineteen year old. He's still nine ninety four days from twenty, but at age nine nineteen, he was selected one of the three NBA two K. Twenty one covers the one for next Gen. A lot and nobody took Lebron like twelve years to get on the cover. Kobe, I think Kobe's in Dame Lillard. Does a huge accomplishment Katie. Live up, yes, he. I, mean he? He's on the right. I love this I. Love it because. You're away from everybody quarantine like you said he could went. The other way can ooh, and then all of a sudden. He comes out and he's looking like that he'll get value on. Love to see him in the eighth seed who? You are they going to get it? Yes, or no, well, it's the odds are way against them an eight-game. GOING GONNA have to go eight now and hope for some help, right? They're gonNA have to have at least six into. Mental I think boy I. Think you need to go I think you need to win them all when you're three and a half back with. Kobe covers Memphis three games. Is basically so you gotta go be fixing to to in Memphis. Go three three five, just regardless seeing him look that ready and prepared. I don't know direction. I went the other way but I'm motivated now to get back to the gym and work out, and I even set up like skin. Shannon I'm not that lucky around here. Hausky believe Jack Vaughn is going to be the head coach. The Brooklyn Nets next season while the nets are expected to conduct a full coaching search. WHOA, just taking against the field so shannon. Are you surprised by this I'm really not skip. I think the thing is that since he's taking for Kenny Atkinson. There's only been two games. They won both of those games. They beat the Lakers win the lake of really streaking and what he did that. He took Andre Jordan. Who was? Was On the bench, who they Vega friend of K. D. and Kerry batstone only reason that he's there. He inserted him into the starting lineup, but it's hard for me to believe that in a scenario like this, you wouldn't run this by K., D. and carry since they are your franchise superstar player, so if John Bond gets that job. He had received the blessing of those two guys that have played todd loop, and so that's why I thought I. Root Toddler would be. To unless Kyrie was not all in on Liu. So for that situation happens give. Katie and Kyrie signed up on the if he gets this job if he gets it and you want to talk about a plum job. Would they not be possibly the favorites in your? Car. They wouldn't be the favourite when those guys healthy nick coming into twenty one. Absolutely, they're going to be the favorite of the. So, I liked Jackpot. Fine Man, but he had three years in Orlando to prove himself and I know. The team wasn't very good at us, Fifty, eight and one fifty eight. But. He did coach under coach pop in San. Antonio Sean marks the nets GM. Played for coach pop and then came up through the Spurs Front Office and was the assistant to our C beaufort. San Antonio Connection and rapport between Jock von and Sean Mark Bright but tell me Sean marks that you didn't get the two superstars to sign off on this. Because a lot of other people want this job I think Jeff Van Gundy would be interest Mark Jackson, interest Jason how. They Jeff Jeff Van Gundy just wants to date because his name always comes up and he tried to get married against I. Think he wants to date, but just beat marrying up you. Know, there's no question about is. This job is very good, but the question is the thing. Is that pop had his favorite that he had Tim Duncan and David Robertson to buy into him early. GUYS BONA FIDE superstars. Okay to me. Tie Lewis at championship coach. He has charisma star starpower. Broad. That's what I'm saying. We did and I'm surprised. That guy ruined say we gotta go get him. It's not I mean. That's what they're. either. He believed, but don't count t lou out yet aright. US Today that all the time we I hope you all have a happy and healthy fourth of July weekend. We're GONNA. Be Back. Monday same time. Have a good day, guys.

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