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John is supported him part by a grant from the National Science Foundation. Yes. Yes. Yes, I would love the part Varo think you so much. I will not let you down over. For sure. For sure. See you Thursday. I will be ready. Remember or by on man? This is so exciting. I gotta tell someone. Oh, I know I'll tell Harvey or ever-present disembodied robotic voice assistant. Hey, hey, Harvey. I got some news. You're not gonna believe I am programmed to believe facts. Are you familiar with the series of plays based on the superhero? Alpaca jack. Yes, and orphaned, alpaca named Jack is phone by world renowned physicist and karate enthusiast. Dr Kate Calhoun, while raising Jack Dr Calhoun discovers a new neural pathway and enhances Jack's brain, capacity far beyond any alpaca or human plays include disturbing the fleas keep the fleece and sweater weather. Yep. Well, now you're talking to you the newest Al package. Jack will. Yeah. I got the party in the next play fleece of mind who got the I got there, her who I got that pony. I got her. I am sensing an elevated heart rate sometimes when I am given a new part, my circuits overheat. Would you like me to call doctor? No, no, no Harvey. I'm just over the moon getting to play. I'll package Jack my GPS shows that we are on earth. Good one harvester, what I mean is that I'm jumping for joy? I do not detect a person named joy in this room only Sandon. Okay. Okay, harvey. I'm having strong feelings right now does not compute. Okay. The thing going on with me is called happiness. Check it out. I'm happy. See my smile. Smile acknowledged I'm smiling because I'm happy and I'm happy because I'm gonna play L Paca Jack get it. Smile. Equates feeling of happiness. Information downloaded. Yeah. Well reading people is not your strong suit, pow anyway. Oh man. I can't wait until we hersal start. I have to start practicing my two toed walking, and I'm going to have to go on an all grass diet. You gotta get into character, and I shine your trainer to teach me how to get a real authentic spit going. You're listening to brains on for American public media. I'm Molly bloom. You're going to hear more about dunes role as alpaca Jack at the beginning of the next few episodes, because they're all part of our long awaited series all about feelings, and here to help me with these episodes is co host a Cari from Baltimore heyday Cari. Hello. This episode is the first of a four part series on a subject near and dear to our hearts, and our brains and our bodies feeling where they come from while we have them and what we can do with them in this, because you have a lot of questions about emotions high. I am Nikita from the Bronx. My question is how do people feel certain emotions? My name is Aiden from tops healed Massachusetts in my question is what our feelings in? How do we get them ninety MS Katy seven Virginia? My. Question is, why do we feel emotions? So first things first, we took a both feeling from the heart would is not really a heart that make feelings is more of our brains in our body, when you see or hear touch things your brain sends signals telling you how you feel about that. But it's a two way street. Sometimes your body tells your brain information to it's like, if you're being against a chair, and your need tells your brain. Hey, the hurt you feel pain, and even though you can't always see feelings, like joy or anger the way, you can see scratch or bruise. Feelings still affect your brain and your body in a very real way. So let's get into how feelings work in our brains. Brain's do all the things they do feel feelings think thoughts move our bodies with chemicals called neuro transmitters. These little molecules are helped brain cells or neurons talk to each other. We as Rafael Williams to fill us in on some molecules that metaphor happiness. He studies all brains at how we make Twinsies at the university of Washington Raphael, says a few chemicals are particularly important for feeling happy, there, serotonin dopamine and oxytocin wherever you actually gave us a play by play of what's going on with the neuron in their neurotransmitters when something is making you happy. One of the things that makes me happy is that I of pension. This painting might be Raphael's best one yet, though, brushstrokes alone, speak volumes. It certainly the best piece this season. So when I finished the painting, and if my friend says, yeah, that's a really great piece of work, then my dopamine, neurons release dopamine, which is a messenger to other neurons to tell your brain. Hey, that felt good. Before that dopamine release, maybe he was feeling okay? But after that dopamine reward. Wow. He is feeling excited motivated. He Bravo wants to make another painting. That's just great. And oh wait, that's not the only thing coming in the also get a release of oxytocin because your friend is telling you that, that's okay. Good. Therefore, the oxytocin, which is a founding molecule is released in the brain. So that oxytocin is going to make him feel closer to his friend more trusting Lor connected. What Ed great molecule? But then you also get that serotonin early says. Well. Holy no chemicals that serotonin. It's interesting because our gut makes most of our bodies serotonin, but it has such an effect on the brain. It can be tough to pin down exactly what serotonin does it does so many things in the brain. But it seems to stabilize the way we feel it will likely keep Raphael feeling good. Even after this conversation and just amazing work out there. Niran truly incredible. So we know that a mix of different brain chemicals, help create feelings, like happiness and contentment in everyone's makes is a little different just like no two people. Look exactly the same our brains. Don't work exactly the same either. Some people feel happy pretty easily, but for others, it might take more to make them smile. The same goes for other emotions to it's kind of, like each of us has our own thermostat set for what it takes to feel certain feelings it no thermos that thing that control the heat air house. Exactly this metaphorical thermostat controls your moods, eight emotional thermostat. In this emotional. Thermostat is set by your genes. Not your paying, that's those are genes with a J. These are genes with a G there. The instructions that tell all the cells in your body, how to be, you inherit them from your parents in this emotional term was that is also set by experts, you have, we'll be talking more about regulating our feelings throughout this series. Okay, do Cari. I have something for you. That might release a little dopamine in your brain. It's them mystery sound. Here. This. It's so look a Bill, definitely sounds like something ringing. We're gonna give you another chance to guess, and we'll reveal the answer a little bit later in the show. Oh man. We are so thrilled to bring you new season of our debate podcast smash. Boom best, our roster of debaters is ready to. Wow. The judges with great stories and fascinating facts in each episode of Smith's, boom, bust. Get ready for an epic match up to the which is cooler like unicorns dragons decry? So in the unicorns dragons debate, which would you say is cooler dragging all the way? Why cooler fire yet pretty hard to compete with breathing fire? I might be on team unicorns because I've heard their skin and horns, have some pretty cool magical powers, but we're going to have to hear the whole debate. Whoa. We're in luck because at the end of this episode. There's a smash boom best sneak peek. Oh my gosh. I cannot wait full length episodes drop in June in, you have a debate send it over. We'd also love it. 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And here's what you had to say. Every time I'm happy, my stomach jumps as been down and really wants need a move at body feels really energetic. And when I'm happy I feel like I can bounce on balls. And when I feel happy, I feel like I can fly and I feel happier and Trump e in excited about things that feels that energy is like pumping up. I. Light is a feather. And I feel fine. Excited, and I feel a jump of energy and I feel like I wanna run. Thanks to beta Amaya bar, Amelia Sulaiman, Caleb, Kathy and Randall for sharing those answers with us. Doesn't it just make you feel good inside to hear all those happy feelings? Yeah. And also makes me wonder if the films we feel actually make changes and the rest of our bodies beyond brings you mean like whether feeling positive can make your body feel better, right. Like you get hurt. Sometimes something funny, can make you forget the pain. So how do I'll good feelings affect our bodies. Let's find out I have our trustees Zumra and I know just the person to zoom in on our pal. Chee is super positive. She's usually in the gym around now. Okay. Cheese about score, the winning point will she make it. There's a serve Chico's for it. And the ground goes wild. I g high tea. Hey, Molly hide Hikari? I'm just playing against this tennis machine practicing for Wimbledon, you know. Zumra. Yeah. We're trying to find a how good feelings affect our bodies. Well point zoom rate right this way because I am feeling pretty good. Whoa. Your heart is beating really fast from your practicing makes house arrest me. Well, let's look up at your brains. Whoa. You're endorphin levels are high to this day yet. Those are the body natural feel good chemicals. Right, endorphins get released from the to cherry Glen in the brain right behind the bridge of your nose. That little thing, I texted, cheese Brank with the blood vessel in yourself if this other pain. It's super small, but super powerful the between cherry Glen makes hormones like endorphins, and it also sends messages to other organs about what kinds of chemicals they should be producing. And endorphins affect your brain, like the strongest pain medicines, Dr campus scribe, they tickle parts of the brain that process pain, kind of distracting. It. So your brain stops, remembering, to tell you that you heard and because of a two-tier Glen. The piece of thing behind your nose pre safely, because of a two tiered gland also directs how your body releases other neuro chemicals. It's often sending out other neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine, along with hormones like oxytocin to mix up with the endorphins, right? We heard about those before they make you feel happy. Yeah. When the mix of these chemicals are higher. You feel good even help you boost your immune system to keep you from getting sick. They helping manage stress and they can improve your overall mental health. Yeah. Who looks like him out of balls. And I think at crushed it. You totally did she and now that you're smiling, I see even more endorphins dopamine and serotonin so smiling can make your body. Good neurochemical stew. That's right. Just smiling trigger feel-good neurotransmitters, and it can lower a person's blood pressure and heart rate. Cool. I can see cheese whole body coming more. Yeah. Spouse magic because they're contagious. We're all feeling some positives. That's why I like smiling. It helps me feel better, mentally, and physically. And it helps others feel good too. Awesome. That was some super smart tennis. Yeah. I'm always happy to serve up the science t. He with. Briancon. Okay, let's get back to that mystery sound here. It is again. Before you take another. Guess I'm gonna give you a clue you might hear this in a yoga class any new ideas that you're hitting something definitely here is the answer. Sound? In asian. Yoga tool. This is what it sounds like. That was Mr. Domon Coleman. He's a yoga teacher, who works kids in Baltimore, when you do yoga, you move your body through poses, like downward dog or happy, baby, while focusing on your breath, yoga originally comes from India and his thousands of years old. Mr. Coleman uses the sound of the bull to get his classes attention and get them to focus. My name is Mr. Coleman. I'm at Dallas nNcholas elementary school. I'm the yoga teacher for the school, the yoga and mindfulness practitioner. And this is my yoga glass. Everybody. Full body, exercise, so with that means is you work in every muscle, and you body that you use every day from your toes to the top. So everybody breathing. I've been doing yoga since middle school it really enforces the importance of self and in breathing. Every time you breathe in, I want you to see yourself pull in positive energy like happiness and joy, every time you breathe out. I want you to see yourself pushing out any negative energy like sadness anger. If anything made you angry at school today, just breathe it out realize that it's not happening right now. Focus on the present moment, what we're doing in this present moment is relaxing. Because I bring in energy. Happiness. And then sometimes when I've said I just read out tree pose. Pose. My favorite poses the mountain because when he put your arms up in looks like amount in which formed favorite pose the tree palm tree QE street. Pose creep. The less we're gonna take together breathing. And breathe. Oh. For some people like the students in that class. Yoga is a way to get in touch with their bodies and their feelings. So dicara, have you ever done a class like that? Yes. When I first started when I saw people doing his weird overs like. Really doing through. So where they wanna try the I thought it was really fun. So I wanted to stay in. So you started taking these classes through the holistic life foundation, which is an organization that teaches young people all about yoga and mindfulness. And now you're a mentor in the program. What kind of classes have you done as a mentor? We have done classes for little kids, which each like the basics then as you're older. We tell them more and more your teacher. Yes. So cool. So cute, tell me a little bit about what you tell the little kids, like how old are first of all, how old are the kids, you're working with three to five? What do you tell them? I told them when we first started the stretch our body, so you don't get hurt. There after we stretch out. We do the I pose the downward dog. You on your feet or your hands. A put your legs up. And you there for, like five seconds. Then when you actually go down. So you use your breath to move through these different yoga poses. Yep. So when you're teaching them, like, is the purpose of the class, sort of helping to control your emotions or is it have a different purpose overall? Was a motion and behavior. How do you think it helps that? A hopes them with common down more in not like more explosions happen. Do you meditate and do yoga? Or do you just do yoga Deepal? So do you find that when you do those that it helps you control your emotions it helped me by making me a calmer person? It helps you if you're anger problems or anything needs to be helped on how old were you when you started doing it? I was five year old when I started in, when I first started it was weird to me, but it grew on me that is so cool for people who have never meditated before meditation can help you quiet your mind in some meditations you focus on your breathing. In others. You notice your thoughts, some people call this mindfulness which means being aware of what you're doing and thinking, and feeling that can help you listen to the logical part of your mind instead of just the automatic emotional side. Researchers are starting to look at how mindfulness can help us it's hard to under. Exactly what it does to us because people and brains are really complicated. We'll talk a little more about how meditation might specifically help with feelings throughout the series. Just like everyone has their own emotional thermostat, different techniques, help different people. Some people connect with their feelings. When they're taking walks or petting their dog or praying or volunteering or singing or journaling in a way, these are all different kinds of meditation. That's something Melissa Chopra knows a lot about she's been meditating since she was a kit. Welcome. Thank you so much. When did you learn to meditate, so I learned how to meditate when I was numb ING, and I believe you may have learned even younger. Yep. So that's so inspiring to me, because I learned when I was nine and I will admit, sometimes I did it. And sometimes they didn't, but I know how valuable meditation was to meet growing up. So you're such a great role model for other kids. Congratulations. Thank you. Why should you use it where you're happy? That's such a great question because meditation helps us in all parts of our life when we're happy when we're sad when we're angry. And so when we are happy if we can focus on how we're feeling happy. Then we train our body to feel the more and more. So I like to recommend that when you're happy you focus on what you're grateful force, think about more things that you're happy about, and then also just feel your body's so that you can remember what that feels like is it. Good to always try to be happy. You know, I don't think anybody is always happy all the time. So people have lots of emotions, and that's totally normal to feel happy, sometimes sad. Sometimes angry at other times. So no, I don't think we're all always happy. But there are ways that we can deal with side. Angry feelings to make ourselves feel better. In each episode of the series. Molly will be sharing a meditation that you can try when you're experiencing different emotions today. She'll share a meditation for when you're feeling happy. So when we are happy, what we wanna do is feel that in our body and continue the feeling of gratitude. So this is a really simple meditation for win. You are happy to also focus on what you are grateful for, and I recommend doing this every night before you go to sleep or in the morning before you start the day and either you can do it by yourself. Or you can share these with your family, or friends or even write them in a journal. It's really simple. You just sit put your hand on your heart and say, what am I grateful for and maybe different things will come up. But I'd like you to choose just one thing. Take a deep breath in. In and out and feel that through your body. Take another breath in and out. And now that's it. You can continue with your day. Everyone has their own unique setting feelings some people feel things easily for others. It takes a lot of change their mood experience. Good thing in the world of race bodies to call. Neurotransmitters neuro transmitters like dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins. The help was so happy and thinking about our feelings can help us decide what to do with them. That's it for this episode of brains on, is produced Mark Sanchez, sentence Hutton, and Molly bloom. This series was also produced by mania Wilhelm and Sam chew support from call to mind APM's mental health initiative we had production help from style. Klein Hannah Harris green Christina Lopez. Illicit Dudley and Jackie Kim. And we had engineering, help from Johnny Vince Evans franca Rodriguez, and Bob white special, thanks to Jim Pete Andres. Gonzales, nonprofits, Gerald caz, Nelson Elena, Blanco Juarez and Nancy game now before we go is time for moment of a m-. When you first get snow in any Hugh melted and freeze it again. Why is not snow again? Really interesting question, because it gets to the heart of what we as fi intas try to do. We're trying to actually measure how much water is in. No, my name's third. Patterson. I am a scientist at the university of Wisconsin in Madison. And specifically I'm snow scientist, so I use instruments like radar, and videos and images of snowfall to study the properties of snow, and I do this all over the world, you have this great observation of snow. Right. You say have snow when it first of all, as a powder, what you're actually seeing is a collection of small crystals. And as you have I fallen atmospheric temperature, and moisture of the atmosphere, determines the shape of the result is you have this fluffy. How'd or like collection of ice crystals at the service. And then when all those ice crystals melt, they all flatten out into a bunch of water. That's all collected together. But that's a much more dense material. So it turns from a big fluffy pile into a flat sheet like a puddle. And then when that refuses that block is much denser than the snow crystals fell out of the air, the powder becomes liquid or the crystals become liquid and that liquid freezes as an ice lab. You can't actually reform. The triples one there on the surface. You have a snowstorm that produces ten inches of snow if you were to meltdown, those ten inches into water, you have one inch of water so we went from snow, which was penned the one, and then we went water, which is one to one and then that water froze is an icebox, which is approximately one to one. So it's all about the change in density. This list of names makes me so very happy. This is the brains honor roll. These are the lovely listeners who shared their brilliance with us in the form of questions ideas. Mystery sounds Android phones. We love you Judah from college park. Georgia torn from Phoenix advocates from Fairfax Virginia Lulu from Vancouver. Jackson Cooper Jules, Audrey from West Point. Utah, Rory from Charlotte North Carolina Beatrice from getting no Quebec Maxwell from Huntington Beach, California, Senna from Gainesville Florida Vero from Minneapolis, Hilda may from Galway Ireland Ethan from Spokane Washington Elsie from Austin, Texas Daphne from California Farren from Chicago, millions act for Mony Illinois Roshan from New Zealand, Dylan area, and from Berkeley, heights, New Jersey Shannon wrecks from Ventura California Lincoln enlarged from golden valley. Minnesota, Omar Annetta from Austin, Texas, Charlie from Nashville Louis from Seattle and Rian calling from Cambridge, Massachusetts Mathilde from reading England Mason from Sydney. Australia Alexander from West Ham's to New York. Why it from Falls Church, Virginia? Santa from Plymouth, mini. Ota sit from North Carolina, Avery and Eva from Carmel valley, California here from Canberra, Australia, Jesse from Hillsborough, Oregon Josie and Samantha, from battlefield, Missouri, Cora and Simon from Saint Paul ally from Bellingham, Washington. Theo from Brooklyn, New York oven Charlotte from San Antonio, Archer and indigo from Brooklyn, New York. Elliot and Louis from Houston Joshua from Fort Worth, Texas. Leeann in August from Portland, Oregon Daniel from Nashville Gavin for Markham Ontario Quinton Reese from Amherst, New Hampshire Josephina from Chico, California Gavin from Victoria, British Columbia. We Sean from Redmond, Washington, Oliver and Carolina from Savannah, Georgia Carris from new watt, Colorado KYW from Oregon grant from Tucson, Arizona Clayton and Marcus from Toronto Genevieve from San Francisco Luca from Seattle. Kathryn Jones from gastonia, North Carolina hookah, some framingham, Massachusetts. Samantha Jordan from the Winston neutrality aria from zero eight autumn, Schuyler sage in gambit from round rock, Texas, Olivia, aided in San Frisco, Texas, Charlotte Logan, Lila from Tasca, Daryl, California San from Raleigh North Carolina and. Ella from starkville Mississippi. We'll be back soon. With more answers to your questions, things listening. And now here's your sneak peek at the first episode in our brand new season of smash. Boom best the competition kicks off fierce in this unicorns versus dragons debate. Subscribe to smash boom bust in your favorite podcast app, and you'll get to hear the entire debate. Mash, smash. You're listening to smash boom best the show about showdowns. All right. Time to get back to the fantastic focus of this debate, unicorns versus dragons are judged. Kobe here is taking a lot of info. How are you feeling? Kobe. You're feeling swayed in either direction. I'm not gonna lie. I was pretty pro dragons in the beginning. But the unicorn side did come with some he. And everybody loves it under. The hero who have a better doors and under. So Santon K are you ready to sparse? A more, of course I was born. Excellent. Because it's time for. Micro round. Both teams prepared advance for this challenge called, I'd like to. Thank the academy. We asked team unicorn and team dragon to both right. And acceptance speech for an award received by their side all the details, including what the award is for our totally up to them. So get ready to hear some name, dropping some happy, tears and a whole lot of humble brags Katie went I in round one. So Sandon you're up. We'd like to invite team unicorn to the stage. Now the award for the thing, that's inspired the greatest words of art and culture. This year's Musy is the Yoda. Seriously? I'm just so honored, it seems like only yesterday I was a magical little podium with a horn horn, and a dream first off fix to all the agent manuscripts and paintings inspired by me. Shout out to the spectacular woven aren't known as the unicorn tapestries made in the middle ages, but still on display today in New York, because, hey, great are never dies. Right. And speaking of great art, thanks to all the TV shows books and movies, featuring me the last unicorn, sheera, Harry Potter, oh, and my little pony sub rone's. See you all the people behind food trends. Like colorful unicorn toast, and the unicorn Frappuccino, and I can't forget all the black white poster makers, sprayed, rush artists, and puffy sticker, people, thanks for using my likeness like all the time. I mean I get it. Who else would use dragon scare people to death and finally to my Queen my idol. My inspiration. Lisa frac-, your hyper colored rainbow pictures. So the real me, this is for you to be yourself everyone. Thank you. Oh, well mazal tov team unicorn, thank you. This is going to go on our trophy shelf with all our other. Right. Well, now it's team dragons, turn to hog the spotlight. Come on up to the podium, Katie. All right. This will be read as the dragon. So I need to prepare my drag woman. Woman. Applause, yet, it's me the dragon, although you probably already knew that with my dazzling wit and glittering, hold of treasure who know me know, whether you're terrified of my mighty role in fiery breath impressed with my immunity to Buea with good fortune. You've definitely heard of my work, wrapping, my serpentine Bobby around all the greatest treasures of the world and also the fate of mankind who else could do it. What I was told I won the award for most beautiful mythological creature, I wouldn't say I was surprised who is going to win the hydra that kind matter the Unical that little weird headed horse jokes, make me laugh because when I lack I shoot fire for my lips and you don't want the audience love you. A little dragon Huma. Full anyway, long story short, before they can't me off, and I am forced to the boot. Them to I am surprised. I'm a genius Adda hero. You're welcome for even Danny to being here. Goodbye for me the deroga-. Here. Thanks. Again, old L Passover sponsoring us today old, El Paso brings magic to taco night how they're the only ones with the stand and stuff, and tortilla bowl shells. That's right. The only taco shells that stand up on their own, so you can focus less on the spilling and more on the filling and eating bolt El Paso, grab the yellow box.

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