#839 RHOC: Femme Futile


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Hey, how'd he do the we are gay? I know what a day we are bracing for thanksgiving. We are. We are in the final stretch before. I guess America goes on vacation and we're excited, and we got nothing really left a shell. Except our holiday gear. She go to watch crap dot com for that. It's awesome. Has our stuff arrived. You have Ronnie because I'm so excited to share has you wanna stop by here tonight on your way someplace. Yeah. Maybe I'll do that. I'm not really decided that at your house. But actually what I was thinking you don't even have to because I don't I don't need it for thanksgiving. But I'm sure the day after black Friday, I'm gonna wear mine to everywhere in Austin, Texas. So that's Austin Ross dress for less than you, see a big bald guy walking around and how okay probably meet over the problem is that is my whole did. I order Hojo. Okay. As a t-shirt or sweat shirt or sweat. I don't remember what I wondered guy. You gotta green sweatshirt, and I got. A red one. And then you're t- we both got ramonic- t-shirts. Oh, so maybe maybe I should wear the Hojo. Okay. Because I'm I think I'm going to New York City on Friday. So where that around maybe Ramona herself will see it. Yeah. Around the upper east side. Yes. So to get those get a crap in March dot com or watch a crap dot com. You can also find likes to everything that our live should've schedule all that. We're also doing the TV party app on so week each I just did an after party last night on TV party for real housewives of Orange County. And holy crap. First of all, I I don't know why shocked that I can talk that much. It's like nonstop yelping for an hour and people you, you know, you read everybody's comments, and it's basically hanging out with everybody. You guys are effing funny. So thank you for coming to hang out with me there. So you can do that TV party up. I'm at Ronnie Kerem, and Ben is Ben Mandil ker. That's also Instagram Twitter's co Winky. Yeah. What a huge huge Winky. I'm gonna try to go on trying to go on today. I don't know if I'm going to do it as part of like a viewing thing or post like an after show party. I don't know. I'm feeling a little not great today. So part of me wants a nap and then come up with a game plan that everyone just stay tuned. I know I'm gonna I'm gonna log onto the app today. Maybe even again over on thanksgiving who knows? But for right now, we have real housewives of Orange County the season finale season's over, and we just have some re- reunion episodes left. What did you think about the finale Ronnie, and what was the consensus on the TV party app? Well, people really like talking about like who should get fired. Yeah. My my answer is always say tamra damage to get fired. She's horrible like all she does shit stir which is good right on housewives. And I think she's really done a lot for the show shits during but she can't even sister with this crew. And she's on Twitter blaming everybody else even said, they should recast it where she said she wishes asked it better because someone said this season sex, and she said well last season was worse. I I wish they'd get better with casting, and someone said aren't those your friends they cast, and you said now, I don't even know, Emily. She was just. Party planner. So whatever with I don't think is true because she was mad at Emily to beginning of the season for talking to Ricky the gay guy. Yeah. I don't know. It's yeah. I think something has to happen. I don't know if the people that need to be fired or people who are in in front of the camera or behind it. You know, because the question is is it like lackluster because we have uninteresting people or is it lackluster because we have people driving the story on the production end that are not doing a good job. And I just don't know the answer to that. What kelly? Yes, Kelly did almost beat up a husband and threatened a murder somebody which is the best episode of the season. But I don't think they have to be at each other's throats for it to be fun. I mean, Kelly spend the most fun and she hasn't really fought since then. But you know, here's the thing though, is that Vicki tamra, and Shannon and Kelly are all really big personalities, and we've seen them be highly highly entertaining, and the fact that now we're on a second season where they've all been kind of dull means that whoever's. Pulling the strings, you know, on the production end has not been doing their job properly. They have not been able to elicit responses. They have not been able to like put these women in scenarios where it's happening weird. Because it sounds like I'm asking for a producer interference. As not even that. I just think like something is there is like an art to crafting a reality show part of it is on the cast. I mean, they in a certain way have like chilled out a law, and they just they're they're in a certain way, they're protecting their images. But in other ways, there's just not a lot of interesting storylines coming through. So I think some of that does fall on their casting. I don't think that Gina and Emily really galvanized this cast in any exciting way. I think Gina seemed to have some it seemed like she was going to you know, at that. I KoKo party when she was loud and obnoxious, and we're like, okay, she's going to be a real firecracker. But she spent the entire season just clarifying what she said. And it's like, oh, that's okay. That's like not as fun. But you don't have a choice when era ram, Shannon. 'cause she's like all right? You'll kidding me. Are you kidding me? Wack, did you states like oak, the me say it again? Yeah. But like there's certain alpha type of reality stars that when they're misunderstood. They doubled down. And they just they go harder. I mean, look at the entire cast of New York look at Kelly Dodd, but but Gina and Emily have spent the whole season just trying to be friends with everyone, and it didn't really lead to an interesting feud between the two groups. So I guess I guess I'm arguing that. There are a lot of issues, and it's not an either. Or I mean, I think that I think that the the show running his been a lacklustre, and I think the casting has been lacklustre, and I think the people they brought on have not been interesting enough to elicit interesting stories. Well, I hate to agree with you on that. But I do and after talking about this ship for so many years still what makes it gets season. Who knows? Sometimes because I I'm surprised at how good some seasons. Are you know, but this one and look we've unlike last season pretty much and that was not the best season. Yeah. And we even found fun in that. But this year, it just seems like no one's really having fun. I don't need to watch. Vicky have another guy damn face left him over k over. I don't eat the I don't need to watch hammer pretend that she still fucking her husband every five minutes and then do nothing else. Like, literally all she did this season was worth Eddie was going to have a heart attack. And pretend that she thought some all the time. That's it. Yeah. And that's where that's bad storytelling. That's where the show running is at a deficit because what did what have Kelly Vicki and tamra done all season Eddie had heart issues. So there was that. But overall Timur wasn't doing anything. She just reacting. Shannon was going through stuff, Shannon. As Shannon is usually the most interesting person on on the show, and she's she was generally pretty interesting Gina was going through shit. And so her storyline was pretty. It was it wasn't terribly interesting. But it was strong in terms of as a story. Emily also had some stuff who I'm with like her mom, and the babies and everything Vicky did nothing Vicky was up two nothing. So when people are doing nothing that that can that can affect us storyline. I mean watching Vicki, and Steve that's not interesting TV. So yeah, I don't know. There's there's there's gotta be some shake ups, and I actually feel like. He don't get worried turning over new members of a cast over and over again because I feel like then you never get like a gel, but I do think that we may need to get more cast members. And but I do think back like behind the scenes there has to be a shakeup to. Yeah. Agreed. So get on it. Everybody get on a broad me. I'm yeah. What what do we have to do do it for you? We'll do it. We'll we will we Ramona in for like a vacation season. You know? I'm so sick of that super not even she would not even be able to deal with these women. It'd be like. So this this the season finale opens up was shots. Have everyone doing lots of very unexciting things, we have Emily at Perry's house across the street where she's planning this big mother's day fem fatale party, we have Gina and she's with her mom and kids in a bedroom. Like plucking popcorn out of shag carpet. You know? Yeah. That's the thing about shopping at those Ross, and Marshall's and all those places like that. You can get really cute things made out of plastic verba girl, you'd better not spill on them. Yeah. Yeah. Don't put them in a kid's room. That's for. Sure. Yeah. Also kids don't like it. I remember when I was a kid. You know, I need. I don't need shag not that I had shy shag. But like if I'm working on my building blocks on level on your level, stable flow. I can't I can't I can't build my structures. I can't ride my little cars through shag. Yeah. You can't your cars will get stuck on everything. We're very manly children. Okay. At a lot of cars. Yeah. Blocks crossing blocks. Weapons. Yeah. No, I had cabbage at it alls. Like, let's face it. I never had one. I actually wanted one. I never had one had like a million. I loved all they're weird names. It's like willa vitucci Smithson or whatever they would just like put ramblings together. Okay. The point is genus having affect how party, but she didn't Google with infantile meets Katya. Here's towel. Yeah. Emily. Here's a template. How Jessica rabbit Linda Fiorentino Adana from dick, Tracy. Kathleen, what am I can't remember her last name all of us Turner? And a lot of Turner in Griffith embody double or whatever that one was where she's behind the blinds. And he lady in a serious movie from nineteen forty two to nineteen fifty. Yeah. That's a woman who fucked you fucked up your entire life into the either you diet the ender. You wish you were dead at the end. Exactly. And they and the classic fem fatale usually wear something sort of like long and drapey and slinky. Dark and has the you know, you could do a classic fem fatale or you can do like a modern pamphlet how which is either way. It's like it's not about like it's about sex appeal, but it's not about slutty nece. Yeah. Agreed. Because you know, this is not a fan fa towel make screw over Matt Dillon and some kind of a way now that's a fan fa towel. Yeah. Yeah. Exact- on Johnson alone in the house with your pet tiger. And then you know, he's afraid for his life data fem towel. Yeah. Bleach blonde. If you wanna like bleach, blonde your hair, and then like after your son and then get beaten up of the sack of oranges. That's offensive. I love that movie. That's a good one Griffin's. Right. Yeah. The griff. That's a good movie. There's two thousand that there's towels in that one. I just I just want. That's true. If you want to be naked on bit. Okay. That doesn't work with point. But you know, what though I just watched ivory watched one of my favorite film Noir last week, red rock west and Lara Flynn. Boyle has a great one. It's so good. And like, it's one of my all time favorite, movies and Lara Flynn. Boyle's FM for talent that one and she spends pretty much the entire movie in Brown slacks with like a little sort of like country, western shirt, and what fen Patel because she's got eyebrows. Yeah. Joan Crawford fem, eyebrows eyebrows. I see eyebrows and abuse ta I just want to sit here and think about other Kim Basinger basing her LA county essential fem Patel. Although she wasn't very for talent. That movie was she? She's just a bombshell. I think yes, she was a towel. I remember laying remember if they've done away. Dunaway fade away fame mother. Fucking Dunaway fem fatale Chinatown. Yeah. Okay. Now, let's talk about a fem self-harm. Vicky. Recovering from hurting herself this season. So she's sitting around with Steve. And she's like uh Steve look at these Larisa got you'd Bakili be Atta who that was so nice. If you guys Vicky, okay you bought yourself those flowers. Yeah. When you have to start the scene by like bragging, how much everybody cares about your mother's day. You're lying or Steve. It's Stephen pretending. He guess how nice of us. She's like, yeah. She's like. I didn't I didn't even hear him say that. That's so funny. Even over Vicky in this episode. He goes Hanae says she goes like face do. I ID Xanax. Who all have no one's. He's I just went into the shop gotta tau chain to elevate the money command now, right? Don't say. Yes. To that. These what the heck are you talking about a tire change? She goes. Okay. I raised it. Every pretend I did say it look I got a bouquet from the pep boys. Oh, that was a nice of them. That's a bald tire. I don't think you ever want to consider yourself to a ball tire. At least be a new tire. You know, get some new treads your face get us that. Yeah. Face to say. But it's better the raid. Now, maybe like don't even talk about get like don't compare yourself to retire change. How about that? If that's a good idea. She's I think someone reminded us on Twitter that we were talking about. We were comparing Vicki to a tire swing last week. Why I don't know. I don't know where that had it all, but I basically remember it, and I was like you see we we might be psychic. And we'd never even know it because we forget everything we say right after we say, yeah. Exactly. Like vaguely remember talking about a tire swing? Oh, the water in the tire swing that accumulates after rain at yes. Steve Steve's like that help give me out of here. So over at Shannon's by the way, Shannon's entire season there like this seat previous they that. Then. But county batch Shannon's was like I'll cake heads. I made some salmon with cream cheese was one of her things. And then we're here's her other thing for tonight put it God. Damn. Oh, yeah. I'm not going to get you another phone screen that it's it I've already much screams. Guess is the saddest bothersome after I know, so Shannon is she's like, hey, girls girls. I have cooked some food for you. And had like you ought to come in enjoying it. And I can promise it this has no Steph cream cheese. It's a Turkey burger that stuff with cream cheese. I'll. What I did there that anyone myself? What's it's good? It's a good Turkey. Burger reminds me my very good friendship with tamra judge. Turkey face tamra charge. And Archie is hiding behind the couch kind of looking it looks like he's not allowed to beg. But he's also like do. I wanna beg. Yeah. Guy. Really? And then Sophie, it's I we need to talk. Mom, I want birth control for my cramps. She's like. Kidding? Do you do I want to give you birth control? No, no. How about this? How about no Manuel backstage in a lot concert. How about that? Like, I want it for my faith. She's like. And she says all my friends are on birth control right now. She's like well. Congratulations on being frantic. By the way. Sophie has no acne. I don't know what she's talking about. She was like, I'm breaking out so much for faces. She has like the face of an angel. Yeah. What the hell? I would kill to have a face like that. When I was her age. Also, I would kill to need birth control at that age because I really didn't need it. Yeah. No, one was barking up the Ronal trait that no one was climbing my like five inch thick glasses. No one wanted to be in our trees. It's sad. Our own tire swings. I know we're just too sad. Trees, you're basically, the death becomes her of trees. We're just trees at the end of the burrito. A sack trays. So then Emily, meanwhile goes to a place called wicked chamber, which is owned by a lady named bright, which already has me questioning many things, and she's there with Timur and Kelly because they're going to get their looks for the fem Patel party. And again, it's like you don't need to necessarily get into our costume to be hell, just like get a nice dress. Yeah. Just see something mean to Matt Dillon at Olympic you love him and then ruin his life. Yeah. Just like watch a movie with Theresa Russell and take notes and just go to like a store and be like see this woman dressed me like her. So this lady bright while high Orange County, maybe we can start with bright. If anybody knows bright teller. Nobody needs shoulder cuts. Those are done. I think those were done in like the eighties. But I know that Orange County likes to hold onto shit like that. But why does everybody in this cast even the brights of the cast half-and-half shoulder? I don't want that. Yeah. Cutouts or just very popular in Orange County. I guess I don't know what it is. There's just like if there's there's excessive fabric. You know? It's like, that's no good. Cut out. Buying the circle financial find a triangle, find a square cut something out cut out. And speaking of fashions, Emily is there in it. Looks like a paper misshapen JABA that's already been beaten. I don't know what dress. She was wearing. I been noticed. It was terrifying. Okay. So tamra and Kelly come in and Kelly's like look like, oh or. What it'd be a whole. I'm gonna be whole again. Very different very different vertical for different vertical for a look. You know, ho- fem Patel two different things the app, but Emily doesn't really know. So she's like shoes ladies who wear boost as a call seductress, but I wanted to go and then Emily goes, but it's celebrating mothers and mothers in laws. I'll look what's lady. Any you need a Google your own damn party. Okay. This is getting crate. This is out of hand. This is officially at a hand. Now. Emily, nothing makes sense. And by the way, fem Patel is not necessarily a seductress. Okay. Fem Patel's infantile. Yeah. Stop trying to stop trying to mess with me lady. Yeah. Offend Patel is good for wearing a trenchcoat. You know and smoking a cigarette. That's that's that's not a that's not a seductress. That's just a trenchcoat with a cigarette. That's patel. So then. Emily's like one moments combing and everyone's like, oh, great in tamra just gets out looking her face as never-ending relationships with mothers. Yeah. Get fan and her trying to her starting all that shit between and Shannon's mother-in-law at at a rock concert for the kids mother. Donna will you know? Well, you know, Tim was also getting BDI because she probably wanted to have a special scene with her mom for the finale. And then she finds out that gets to bring her mom, and such as like, I'm I got I can't have a special moment with sandy what we're talking about all the different Frank's life again. Who? Is this where she starts going off about how dirt like she tries to be like, I don't even understand this party. I mean, I like a dirty party. I don't see it in my notes. But when she's talking about how she had her pre baptism whore party in like brought a bag of dildos and stuff. I don't remember what it was. Okay. I remember less right now. Talk about the Disney housewives commercial. Did you see that? I fast forwarded. But I saw that brandy was on it during my fast, forwarding Giselle is the lead in it. And they're like issues like it has to be fancy I get five hundred dollar manicures. And I was like. Was like well. I questioned the the logic of a commercial with Giselle Bryant and brandy Redmond. But you know, these things happen, David. I think it's critical to commercial. Do you want to go to commercial, David? So at the at the store wicked. What's it called so Gina calls up? And she's like, oh my God. I'm having such foam. Oh, like hot comb wish I was that wicked chamber. But instead I met my Cossiga because man I getting divorced. We found this house makes it much easier for the kids, you know. It's like, okay. Okay. Kelly's like I looked like we're slow the background like being hits in the background like in her own grease the musical. She just comes out like a Barney costume look at this warn this, okay? You look at me on all of her just like Joe lead. So so Gina wants to talk to t- to tamra. She's like I feel like we haven't talked since my birthday and things are like a little weird. And so I'm going to be a Mike exceeded tomorrow. Can you come by and chat? You could just see tim'rous like less things you want to do is go to one bedroom building. I know tamra has really clawed her way up from that dumpster. Okay. She doesn't want to go backwards. Yeah. And then blamer, and she makes herself the victim because she's like, I'm just I'm just hurt by Gina. I mean, I just didn't think she was the type of person to run to Shannon and talk crap about me. I'm like, okay shut the fuck up tamra. This is your entire MO. That's exactly what you do. And you do it like three more times than this episode sick. I just got a joss dot Gad's. Would you started everything? Yeah. Then the next day camera does go over the genus, and she's like, well, can I see? And Tamworth well, get up. It's very co says. Did you did you notice the transition? They made when tamra walked to the Cossiga, basically, the camera lingered on this like this hot guy, the surfer who's walking across the beach, and he walks. There's like a woman standing in the foreground and the surfer walks like by the woman, and so he like first second he'd disappears by the woman and the cameras like panning to the right? And then like when we pan by the woman, the surfer becomes tamra and San the Cossiga. I was like oh my God. She's a shape Shifter. I always knew it. But what does she always choose that shape? I tend to Japan on Tamraz. Yeah. It was good. It wasn't as good as the ask transition. They did earlier this year, but on the surfer that turns into camera was a pretty cool effect. We can't blame production on everything. Because there you see that they're making an effort with stuff like that post reductions doing the best that they can like shit. This is boring. So we're going to put in some funky transitions that make no sense. Well, don't worry. They're here to have a really fascinating conversation. Production can come down Tamara's. It's like well. Cossack? How the cats gene is like that lie. It's really noisy. It was good to see the kids the kids a little tame. I guess she's like living in the eraser for Jeanette. Do you think come to my clarity? And it's not that I care about birthdays. Because I'm like thirty four years if it was the first birthday us agents been alone with them. Yeah. Yeah. Oh my God. And you know, last week when you're struggling to remember what the special thing is that Gina and Matt always do together on vacations is that they go to stores and they buy ornaments for Christmas. Trying to remember that last week Cain is, but no she did have a special memory for bikinis to she did have that as well. I'm everything's a special memories. Well, you know, this is my first birthday with that man living years, and like, you know, it's kind of acting that when we go out to my for my birthday that we like sitting chairs, and like I dunno singing chances kind of thing that we do on birthdays, you know, let my girlfriend audit fried calamari. I almost had a breakdown. But she didn't know she didn't know what she was doing. Oh, we always want to kill a balmy. And we've always ask for what are refills because you know, some get really thirsty, and it's like it's weird. Because like, you know, like, you know, Kelly was the end she ordered what? And it was like it felt like map. It was Kellyanne. I was like I wished hammer was there because you know, filling up what is like off thing, you know. Lemon in it. Slice of lemon. It's like our thing. We we invented it. We thought it was super cool. Like, why have just a glass of water when you can have like a slice of lemon in it. I don't know think about it. Try it. But San RAs like, yeah. Sars? The thing is I never open up about Shannon, and then opened up about Shamet year. And I said you said Abbas met shift that you said that she was mental go my God. And then they should the flashback engineers. All Gina says is you know, people are talking and they're concerned about like where you are mentally or whatever. And that's Kelly goes. Yes, tamra timber talking. And by the way, camera was the web talk ingredient all wrong, you were all talking about, Shannon. And why is everyone so afraid of Shannon? I think when when the whole group is afraid of one person it's time to reevaluate because that's just ridiculous tan tamra and Vicky sat there at that bar with Kelly, and they talked about how Shannon should be Medicated. They all did. And no one should be embarrassed about it read been. And also tamra have some balls me for Christ's sake. So Gina's like, yeah. The clip about mental health, and then she goes, Shannon, telling you bleeding lawing, which aren't really and jammers like a scrambled like Tam. Right. It's like, they're rela-. She gets I don't know how to shoot he happened to truth. That's a little skewed the gavitt. She's not Eliah help haven't been threatened route. Route up. God unions. Listen, if I wanted to fuck your friendship with Shannon, Balladur, I would have said that you said this and that like a laundry list of I would have said that you don't believe in QVC, and that you make fun of her for like not losing weight after three years, and that used thinks she has weird eyeballs, and that you hate to added for three garden plants. I would have said all that stuff. Do you think president deals are stupid and timbers like like, you see Tamara's little awesome? I start going back and forth and check. Oh, okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Thank you. I forgive you. I'm so glad we made that because she just Gina came to play. Okay. She had everything listed that tamra did wrong. She outed her because tamper screwed her over. And then the clips we haven't even seen those clips the editors put on in all those clips toback Gina. Yeah. Good job Gina. Yeah. Good job. So now, we go over to Emily at LAX, and she's picking up her mom Caroline who has basically spent the past year or in a depression where she hasn't left her house. But over the past two weeks, she's been going to therapy and has like resurfaced, and she has arrived. So it's sort of like a weird scene. Picks up her mom, we see her like a lovely looking lady. And she takes her down to Orange County and Emily is kind of making little digs at her mom, passive aggressive leashes. She's like, did you know that grandma hasn't met your brothers yet. Did you know that did you know, the grandma hasn't been around? Did you know that? And then the moms like full I was around when they were born. I mean, come on. I mean, it's not that bad. I remember their high in relation to your daughter. Yeah. At least like the still mom you've missed everything. This was hurtful like the the woman has been non-depressed for two days. Can you gave the woman a break? Okay. Tried not to send her back down that path. I get it to mean like how could you not feel resentful that you have kids in your mom hasn't made the effort, you know, like I understand why Emily's resentful. But like, but she seems so like like she seems very aware of the fact that Ramam has mental illness. You would think that she'd be like, okay, don't take it personally. It's not about me. It's just a my mom struggling. But she I guess you just hasn't turned that corner yet. Emily's like well them up. When the mom says, I know how they stand in relationship to your daughter, which is such an odd thing to say Emily's like yoga with a year ago. And she's like I lost a year. What can I say, Emily? Okay. A year was awesome. I've gotta make up for it. And then she tries to smile, and I'm like, oh my God. This is so sad. No. That was a very like that was like Raqi won national TV. You've got shade at home drag him, we gather alone. Shane who gives Caroline such a cold on feeling hog his I Hello. Look. So it's the now now it's time for the party. And everyone's getting ready getting tied into a course that I guess she's at Perez house because there there's just like there in some crazy bathroom with marble columns and a mural. So I was like this has to be Peres house. Yes, very it's very Perry. And she's got like three people trying to tie up her boost DA. That's like me before every event ever. So there's reasons I'd like Emily now. Just leave your momma land. He goes Shane goes. Can you breathe? And she goes, no, not at all. She goes. Well, if you turn blue just apply more make up to. Honor on on on on on our. And one last one last time. Kelly. Kelly has got a new boyfriend. Wow war. Burnt sienna. I was calling him. Okay. Just like every is got plex. He's got died eyebrows. Dyed hair. He's obviously gay. Like he is gay face which I don't use that as a as a slam obviously because high. I don't know if everybody's realizes. I'm a homosexual K proun-. Yeah. But here's gay face. Right. Yes. Like gay. I did not I did not pick up on that. I was just more fixated on the fact that he likes you head himself had not shaved for his date. And he had like facial hair that was like growing up to like the bags on his eyes. And I was like you've gotta shave if your if your hairline if you're usually line goes up that high you have to shave that shit. Yeah. Gilead like when one with Michael I realize. All he's hall. He's whole Kelly. Steph of offense towel is like a where in the world is Carmen sandiego hat and really bright red lips. Why I don't know. It was like a misguided. Blonde ambition toward look I mean, it was like, yeah. That's really seeking season. But you know, we're on the same gay icon yet. Oh, yeah. Because she had like slacks. But then like, what do you call like a sat like a silky? Like lingerie top thing. I forget what you call those things, but she was wearing it. And then but like also like a little bit of a blazer. But then the big has. So it was like misguided blonde. Ambition like needed the cones. And who knows what made it Rosanna Arquette just like posing next year with the cigarette either way seeking season to me, ultimately, it was not it was not fem Fidel. That's really seeking Shannon. Ooh. Dick. Oh. Dork. So then meanwhile, Gina's getting ready for her party, and she's putting makeup on and her son is like gonna be going to your little house. And I was like I love that. Even her son Shane. He gonna get live in your tiny house moms now, she goes, you haven't found with grandma, and he says, no she's like, really. He says you coming back, and she's like you now this is the triple Nick is. So smart he's destined today. He knows his something's happening. It's not good so wicked. It's a ticking time bomb sensitive kids taking dot com. So we're going to have to find a way to present it baby. You already moved out of the house. Yeah, presented it. He Seaview pack and leave like you don't come home. Now them already you would she needs to put up some divorce core, you know, like a little bit of like, consign divorce home is where the heart is in the hottest into different homes that left. On gathered like the longest signs ever. So. Yeah. So that's that's going on hunger. And she won't she won't put on her fem Patel. Outfit in front of her mom, which means that she also misunderstood because there's nothing embarrassing about of infantile outfit. I feel like a teenager mon-, especially because I'm going to be a ram Vicki and she's like ninety seven years old. I feel like that time like when I went out, and I told you guys I was gonna go studied the bible somewhere on a Friday night. And instead I went to the back of your Chevrolet banged map. Young Canaletto member that mom. She's like, no. Yeah. She's like Yuccas. You put up a sign that said Bain banged Bianca. Although. Beyond Granado, not good on Janka Nado. So. We have to talk about the spark as they did this last year too. And it's so shady so everyone else the beginning of their scenes, look lady sunbathing, you know, look at somebody surfing. But when it stamina it some old guy like with a metal detector searching for Nichols. That's about right. It's good visual metaphor for Tamara's light little funny. So she's getting her hair and makeup done. And of course, she has surrounded herself with people who are as bright as she is. And she's like I've got to go to fem. Fatale pot is I'm like my thumb towel and the makeup purposes. Like, oh, I don't even know what that is. I thought it was called fem fatale. Just die Orange County. Just fall onto the ocean already Christ's sake. September trying to figure out my hat. And Shannon comes over checkbook. Checks me. See hear the noise of Santa just coming up this year. Packing role to save your soul. Because when they had the rock and roll party, Shannon, dress like Bret Michaels, and so he invited her to the his concert, which is the same day as this season finale. But it's kinda says he were Shannon is at this point. Yeah. Also, I didn't really realize any of that. Until the very end of the episode when she dressed up like, Bret Michaels and left the party. I was like, wait. Oh, is that why she's been talking about rock and roll so much? So yes, she kept saying Bret Michaels over and over, and I was starting to worry that she had diabetes because that's what he was always talking about. I'm like. Uh-huh. That salmon and cream cheese. Did something bad to Shannon, Shannon. Yeah. Because she's yeah. Because she was talking about how like well. I went to until again, but I'm really rock ago flee eighties. I was like, okay. I didn't realize that again. I didn't realize she was going to a Bret Michaels concert poison concert. And she's wearing the same Bret Michaels outfit, which is funny. Yeah. Also, by the way, when tamra doesn't know how to make your hair look for Patel. What's stopping any of these women from going onto Google images? I mean, it's just. The easiest thing. The easiest thing. Oh, this is where tamra psych them towels. But that it sounds like old lady or j let off leads had better get up second techs and wets like your baptism party. Like you were. Introducing yourself to Jesus. Okay. At least this one's just an excuse for Emily to have finale party at her house. Yeah. Exactly. And again, no whips or chains involved necessarily. Although I mean, I guess one can make a argument for Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct, God little kinky there. Let's dominatrix though was like she that's how I made her the towel the fem. Omitted the towel getting did on my cheek on my God. I have when I'm on the tip of my nose, I eight now you feel it coming in. I've been drinking water. My have a I have like my right eye of all hurts today. Feels like there's like maybe like a zoo that's coming in like in the. God damnit those she says SIS Temasek sat hat Vaughn. You got an edge. My after genomics jobs at the guy for this outlet executives and just second to act on the bat saying that she cares for you. With like, what a horrible thing to say, you know, and Shannon. Really four days after surgery. What is the point of bringing anything up, which is right? That was dumb Gina. I also wanna quit Amera totally says it was Kelly this. Yes, I'll Kelly. Yeah. Exactly. And Shannon's how can I doubt it goes off like that? I shall appoint Shannon. Also doesn't understand what infantile party is? Because she goes. I mean who has a Hooker party when they're getting honored as a mom. It's not a Hooker party. It's not agendas where like a mother in law. You know, dress for the party. So I don't think she knew what it was either. Yes. I mean, Emily texted me and said do you want me to buy you a whip? No, no, unless it's what I wanted to your mom party. Do. If he's slang for offering whipped cream than the answer is shore. I will take some whip cream. Thank you very much. Thank you camera tells us, add up, Shannon, but being upset. I mean, you're gonna compare the a mentally disabled mother who never leaves the house. And chance. Well, it's so funny that Emily is going to try to put labels or David diagnosed me when this is a girl who twin some of life twice. I don't know. What hairdresser told Shannon? That was a good argument. But she's going to say it twenty times today, like she's just discovered, you know, the great mystery of the earth, and she's like. Well, you know, even license psychiatrists have to spend a certain amount of time with someone before they label diagnose them, let Dr moon, totally legit doctor. So then Perry comes that. And she's just like the cutest little fragile rock. Mom. Yeah. She's like so little I want her to have sticks on her hands. So she the bup it. She basically does. I mean, she there. We just technology has really improved that we just can't see them. But she has she has a full on Jim Henson company vibe. And tells us we'll I'm glad she's happy. Chris ios very high expectations. She's like the godfather if she's unhappy with me I'll wake up the next day living in a condo driving Jetta, which I love is like the ultimate the ultimate degradation in Orange County. Yeah. You have a job, which is better than her, son. Okay. I think you're making your son look better. Yeah. Exactly. Also Perry gets credit for actually dressing like offend Patel. Does she what is she wearing a little black widow dr-? Well, I guess I would make sense she's had a little stole a little sequined dress. She was doing like a nineteen s fell. I wouldn't matter. You'll them. Kiro NBA. So so anyway, so Perez dress probably Shane's just sitting on the stairs in a shirt girls. Come in like Gina comes in. He's like high on the host. You're like you're also hosting part party schlub can try to look nice. I'll feel like Julia Sweeney who played Pat on SNL is playing him. He's just like. I think so so yeah. Change just sitting there are pretty much all the guys. This party are dressed like schlub. This is standard Orange County. The women come dressed to the nines or in in their attempt at fell, look, but the guys are dressed in like look like they're ready to go to like bass pro shops, or whatever they're called Austin. I can't wait to go to Austin everybody all the women addressing like glitter gorgeous house allies dresses in the men are like me, Mike, God you like my new flip flops. I love a buddy. So Shannon shows up. It looked at first she was wearing like a cow pattern like it was white with these big black splotches. It was flown like Holstein chic, and then I realized that they were actually black roses, which I guess was her nod to fem fatal. I still think she still thinks she thinks it's a mom party. Yeah. So Gina tries to hug Shane. But he's like. Well, you know, I'm not married to him. So it is what it is. So people said about Rumpelstiltskin also. At least Rumpelstiltskin Celts staff. So then Eddie, Eddie, and Shannon, and Tama and the car. Oh my God. This is so funny. So Eddie psych. Well, you look sexy, Shannon. And shannon. I guess the old lady in the grandma dress jacket. He's like, no, no look at look at will look at you. It gets you and Tom has like. Do you not? I'm lee. He's like, yeah. I met her once or twice. She's nice China goes onto you. You now Gina. He's like. Yeah. They're not the nicest to me. But what do I know? I'm just a Ratna lead trapped in grandma close NFL party. I'm sort of like the clean cheese wrapped in salmon. Right now a little bit surprised for leader. If you know what I'm saying, then Eddie just goes. Like you size so loudly aides or so much and Tim assists in the center in the middle of them packed up annotate patches to kind of Virginia to get there. Meanwhile, Vicki is at the party talking to Steve and Helga his mom and his daughter and his daughter's boyfriend faced today have like stitches right back here, and they take it and they had to put in some peanut butter and jelly, and they're the stick it in announced packing. His titan. Alex, Alex Smith, right? Does it does look good and they're all just staring at her horrified. And then the rude. I think that's his name the future son-in-law, perhaps he just stares at her and goes, well, you look great. What do you say when someone's like the cutlet for by it? But my head cut up ahead. Did they give the other ear do they cut up forehead? Did they said that together, but they took out the he us like wet lady. What you just horrified everybody. I'm horrified, and I'm used to you. Yeah. Exactly. So then genus shows up. Well, she's already shown up and now she's like she she comes out with her outfit. And she is literally we should have expected. This. What happened? She's little. She's like dressed like Britney Spears fem fatale era like Britney Spears had an album called infantile and clearly Gina was like, oh my God fem Fidel. Okay, we're going to dress like Britney Spears in the early two thousand ten okay. I can do that. And then gene Emily's mom comes an EMMY says, mommy, look amazing. I hope so you picked it out. Guess I'm not gonna see it again for another five years moon. I kind of thought actually felt like. Caroline looked very uncomfortable in that dress. It was like not her style. And so like nice, but you could tell she was like I wanted those Orange County things where they cut the sleeves up at then tie them back together. It's like very Orange County. It was like bright in the shop, you know, with the shoulder. Poor caroline. She was just like you because like the rest of her styling was like Ohio, or or what I imagined Ohio is, but her dress was arms county, and it was just like thanks for getting me something I had to be tied into right after I got out of a mental place daughter. So then Perry comes out, and she thinks that she thinks that Eddie is tamper son, which is kind of funny. Well, tamra says I brought my fan. She'll eat could be she's a jam against my son is bald in ninety. But I'll whatever whatever gets all offended. Yeah. Santa. Now's the new gay Jack or Kelly. It's Kellie, Kellie, Shannon, doesn't seem to have gays. Well, look at this one. Oh, he he seems to know what back Chilean and that threatens me out of here. I'm going to spend a Jerry's party without you gay. Step it. So Jack is the gay and he's over talking Jeanine. He's like. Heck that bland betcha. Bradley. Is there any gay guy in the Orange County who doesn't act like this? No, even when gay guys gay guys in Orange County are either like crazy like this guy or Ricki or they are super super super super, bro. Like, they got like flat rim. Baseball caps. Like, yeah. Bra I want surfin just now which is kinda hot. I just looked for Nicholson the beat dried now tamra seen so damn reserve and dick dick goals this cheap cheap. Dick. Let's go drink some beer in Huntington beach and talk about Harley Davidsons in the waves. We call bra. That's fat. So Tampa duck. Let little faggot rap lead at my veil fan like what are you bragging about? It's just him. Yeah. He looks like he is on route to a driving range. He's like here to get some some quarters from tamra. So he can pay for some extra baskets of balls. So Vicki intros. Shame to the mother in law and the mother it's like the mother-in-law shade, take it shamed. Just seems to hate everybody. Yeah. Right. 'cause I look hit. Shame. Shame. Thank. And how gain Colin dragon? 'cause like I don't made up up up at you down upon south. My Don is Roger lodge? He does blind dates and such. I do not need this chain. Vicky dissipated the Bill. That is crazy. Do we what do we tell the piston dateable? Okay. How do you reach up to that? Both secretary get a chap. Job haven't they not go to tell the lady in the champagne glass that she needed to job. I think she just has to be careful with her plastic surgery. She only has so many words she can say before it all comes unraveled. So she has to be very judicious. Yes. It's like one of the cards Allison wonderland. They can only like turn like side to side. Yeah. Well, that is basically didn't you get startled by something at one point? She was like I didn't see that. Right there. The seventy by vow. It's like a just a square that you're turning around. God. Then it's me around the someone's like me today. So then sandy and Caroline Caroline meat which I thought was funny because it was like meeting of the hair like they both have the same haircut. I was just like this moment of like game recognize game. You know? Sure. Yeah. Sure. Nice to meet you. Welcome to the math club. I'm fear. The. Caroline's like, why did I ever leave my house for this? People wonder I'm fucking depressed. There's a reason I never come to this town. As a whole on a bowl, my daughter's squeezed in something I don't understand they've tied me into a dress. And I've got a lady with a bowl cut yelling at me. My son in law is a lizard. So so Shannon, tamra and Gina sit down because they're going to have a conversation. It's time for a confrontation. So they sit down and Gina starts to. She starts doing her thing about like wall. I was saying before I was at there was a lot of conversations about your mental state. I wasn't naming names pointing fingers, but I never thought that I never thought that your mental state was crazy. I'm just saying there was a lot of Kwame vexations about and Shannon's like. Well, I just wanna make one thing. Clear I blew up at a dinner party after just a few simple shots a few shops. And now, I I'm totally saying and saying I'm very very sane. I have forty to fifty Saint thoughts day like just now. I thought I could go for Triscuit. That's pretty seeing. Right. I'd say that sane and I didn't sack got Triscuit diet coke, which means I'm going to have a dry mouth. Oh, God, am I faint? You doing? Triscuit looking at me. Does it want to eat it? It knows get yours. Get now. Now, I'm saying what I'm saying. So Santa's doing that thing where everybody's calm. But Shannon's yelling. Yeah. Like jam anything like doing little? I've had that big thing. Clear like well. Okay. No one is yelling. And first of all you did not just blow up after a few shots. You had a fucking conniption fit. You've got five of them a year. Now that judgmental sit said, please never fix yourself because I love it. But then they show the clips to back it up of Santa just losing it being like fifty eight. I haven't had a few responsible shots. And I am just I ran it right now that her Huby careless and irresponsible with their labeling Gina go stats. Naught me. That's. Offense. Don't kill them. Messenger the messenger. Nice Len tell you something. Mrs Gina, I followed you into a Staples. And I watched you get a label maker that was irresponsible of you. Because those are not for people who have only been around people not long after label them. You said you're concerned. Okay. Shannon. That's not a bad thing to say about seventy their concern after that person is having a freaking fit and probably a heart attack and Gina said. Yep. It I'm concerned based on what you France is saying and how you acting wine. Wine tasting last time. I checked that wasn't a SPN so already. You're theory is the bond. Actor really commercial. We jumped a commercial and Ambi is doing a dirty John tie in with Vicky. I'll see this. Oh my God. I was horrified. Horrify? I love dirtyjohn. That is a great podcast and people said the whole time all my God. This totally sounds like Vicky Saif story. And I don't want to spoil it for anybody who hasn't seen it because you know, I'm a jerk like that. But I'm not going to spoil it. I will just say Vicki is such a fucking compulsive liar. And he says so so big do you see yourself and dirty? John a story and say they yes because everybody was telling me, you know, this bad is bad for you. That just kept saying, no, no Vicky. You bought the guy t and then broke up with him. And now you're like totally ruining him on national TV. I'm not saying that he's not the worst. He is. But you went along with everything he said and now you're sitting here blaming him. Like, he's thirty John. I hope he sees you. I just want to clarify the when I say, he's duty John. Just saying like he was one of my vodkas, you know, because I had the bloody picky and then had to do to John. That's all that's what I'm saying. It just have to set away. You know, what I said did you got somebody fifty jets? That's a that's. Yeah. I was like I cannot believe I mean, I know Bravo has lot invested in this. They've got like two really big name. I mean, Eric Bagna. And and what's her face from my favorite who? I can't remember her name almost. I'm like, yeah. You're you're just like, Connie Britton. Vicki yeah. But like I mean, it's it's their way of saying. Hey, if you like watching earns county, then you'll probably like duty. I was like. I was like abusive men, what's duty, John. It's like you guys are really the lowest of the low base gonna he's just gonna come up on screen just like stand with his legs like two feet apart and his hands in his pockets, and he'll sway forward and backwards. Yeah. That's how he acts and then they had another one later where they were interviewing them and the everybody's being really actively. He's like the thing about getting into this role is today chunk to understand that you could be like that not like gross never listened to an actor in an interview. I know it's the worst thing. So and thirty John it's high pressure setup. Eric bana? You're the hulk. Yeah. So then we come back and Shannon's doing that thing where her hands or like, she's basically taken both hands. And she's like they look like they're karate chops. But they're pointing at each other. And she hasn't and she starts rolling them round. Each other. You know, like she's making it looks like a like a plow or something like that. She has to go. She starts rolling around each other. And then every now, and then one goes flying off like Hugh are seeing these things about me, gene is wrong. River, you know, that's her movement for pots during because she just said I'm concerned. And she's like, well, let me tell you. What are concerned about our? I'm thinking, you might be a Pat Sturt Gina you told Emily I thought she was minute. Yes. If relationship it's like, oh my God. You were dredging upset. Yeah. Also, don't worry mad about Gina if you think genus posture. Well, then guess what I bad news for you. Because your best friend is tamra, and she is the Queen pasta or okay, she is such a pasta or she's that thing that they sell late at night where you put batteries in stores the pot for you don't even have to put your hand on just. Tamra put the fuck intimate. Oh Steph in the hot. Hey, somebody didn't hurt. It would just burn. Yeah. So then we see clip of her not saying that at all. And then Gina's is like I never said that Yemen stake in how you try get me in a situation of saying. Who's gonna kill someone? You put them you try to make me responsible for Emily threatening to kill Kelly, which is oh, yes. I really do. And gene is like no all I said is that if it will mean? Yeah. What I would have told Kelly not to do that. I would have told him not to speak to Shane. Passer hatzor. Well, stop saying things that are all life altering. Okay. You need to stop bringing that. She's like mad at the dinosaurs. For like hatching, like zillionaires, go, Tim or something. If you extinct, we wouldn't build us parks that threaten little children. Timbers like shit internal access to excess beds. I still hear about it is later. I was like really like we're still hearing about your excess bent. We'll also. Yeah. But then also like why is tamra? I'd get a pass for saying that Shannon is like Simon. Whereas Gina mentioned why is unique cash the fly for all this stuff. Whereas hammer can say something like that. Which is I think just as incendiary which they're not none of its incendiary. But in Shannon, speak. It is like why Tim we're gonna pass because hammers just never stops. You know at a certain point. You're just like the wheel squeaky like if Gina had said, oh, you're like Simon. Oh, say MD abusive one, I'm the one who's controlling an apple that what you mean. Potemkin say it and gets away with it every time. So now, we cut over to Vicky talking to Helga inches. I guess what I propose to Steve twice. She'll look with that one. Vicki what are you doing yourself at stopping so pathetic? Yeah. Good luck. Good luck. Baby. I woke it buried how about that. Steve. Maybe I'm going to be the one who says that Mary, Steve she goes a ha dot com happen. I hope that happens. She's not falling for it. At all. I'm Vicky said today, we decided to get maybe buried you said I said like maybe, but we decided we're going to have a country western wedding. Even though he did say he would marry, but I said we could have country where have you seen that face? Let guess about eight about air little like. And what days these weddings, like, I don't know maybe much next year. Okay. I'm busy look at my calendar. Hold on the never of demont of never of the. No, no, no. I thought he so I'm not giving your German accents at all. So then we also see Kelly. She's with her that guy and she's talking to Emily's. Mom, Caroline about Ohio as using. Oh, hi. Oh. Oh, yeah. He's for his I call him. He's big dick daddy from Cincinnati right here. That's all Vicki says in this episode. She wants to be a ho, and then she talks about this guy's dick like a million times. Yeah. Nonstop. So now, we go back to and she's like on just trying to say that you friends that concern for you. We're concerned. That's all. And you know, what I'm little sad that humor is not defending me right now. Like, why would you ever expect tamra to ever defend you, it's tamra? She just wants to send her to lie. Yeah. Exactly tamra did after Timur was upset that you timber was upset that you went and spoke to Shannon, and then Shannon, gone mad at you. And she was like, I just don't like that you went and spoke to Shannon. Well, then you had a conversation with hammer, and the very first thing that she did that she went right back to to Shannon until China, and what happened and then she put under the guise of like, I just want to sort things out. So it's like. Hypocrisy everywhere. That's her name at that. Let me timbre. So gene does this thing where she's like on the defense right now because she's you know, being fantastic. And she's wearing this like Ferguson back collar, which makes it funny. But she starts doing that thing where she's like sucking your tongue. Licking her lips a lot. Yeah. Which is really disturbing. I've just had to point that out Emily is talking to Kelly, and she's like will like this. We should try and get a resolution since it's the season finale in Shannon's only going to be here for five minutes. Let's go over there. Yeah. So they go over, and you think that you would think that Gina is going to be helped out by Emily. But now because gene is finally getting Shannon, calm down. And she's like, look, I just want something quarterly knife. Nothing bad will ever come out of my math again. Yeah. That can make that a makeup bad. You can stop talking to him. He can't just stop. Yeah. So that's the part. So we're cutting around. Yeah. Well, sandy wants to touch up things. I even really win touchup and Vicki's leg. Like, I said like I'm done. I'm done. I'm out about nemo touch-ups. I'm just gonna exercise exercise. So I'm doing this thing it's called the Byrd diet. And basically what you do is you just like fly into windows, and like like you lose a bunch of calories doing that. Linda says is Sarah every time, but it works. There are like the birds neighborhood like are less in. Wait, wait value right now. Actually like their bids. So I think I'm just going to fly windows and just like crashed into them and see why hasn't Linda ever at a finale party that not too. I want. The off his Vic. Go people's life insurance policies themselves. Now, I got write them all God. I thought that was a gun shadows another bad. Okay. Okay. So let's see back with Kelly. What did she say what kind of oh Kelly sitting down to join the girls, and she's still she's still got her desperately seeking Carmen sandiego out on? She's like what kind of shares is little. Thumps down into it. So Shannon is doing the pointy finger, and she's like I got to tell you guys. I drank too much. And I'm sick of hearing about it. I'm working so hard. And then people keep saying are you? Okay. Are you? Okay. You've got like six amny ladies are there. Five people around you telling you, you're not, okay. No point. You just say, okay. You win. Yeah. Exactly. She's Clinton I trained a lot that night. And I'm working so hard. I'm being an reactive. I'm trying to be like a glass bowl in the microwave nine reactive. Whatever you want to me. I'm not gonna get what did we not even only acting and making so many approvals about area? I mean, look at me not reacting to what tamra says someone said about me another time. Eighteen. Shane just through a biscuit at my head. And I'm not even going to react to that. But Dr Kelly's like all I said was I don't want. You never stroll ga. She's like, I'm not going to Emily goes listening can only say something, I'll flat we haven't. Even this. You can't. Removed by knows how what that it's not what I've been told about that. Same could be fed up. Just sitting there calmly and Shannon's in a Smith already at reactive you and you Matt what? But. Threaten tech. On the machine the machine rose. Should I be concerned by your mental capacity? Semi's just like, okay this crazy bitch. She's like, you know, what I'm gonna do. I'm just going to reach my hand out across the little gap between us and few different ways. Until it seems like I'm being very empathetic. She you know, what was never mind to hurt you or to like upset you and for that. If you feel that way, I apologize. And I also would like to add gene is like she's good. She's good. She's good Gina. I got this. I'm I'm cool. I'm active. I'm Iraq and roller. Hayna? Cal koster. Okay. Continue. Like, you know, I'm just trying to help, Shannon. She doesn't even know that. I'm trying to help are actually you're going against your best friend on the show for no reason to try and like get to kiss his ass. Why are you doing that? You're losing points your intake, you had a lot of points. So far. She's she's interrupting for nothing like now, you're gonna now you're going to be on Shannon's side for saying the Emily was really trying to kill him. Come on come on guys. Yeah. Exactly. And once again, we should point out that the whole reason why Shannon is in a snippet about Emily is because tamra told her something, and of course, now, Shannon has gone bunkers because of it. So once again tamra just skates on through. Yeah. There we go. That's how she goes. But Shannon's like, what do I believe her apology do? Bret michaels. Oh, yeah. So then she just like up and disappears and Vicky comes through and they're like, oh, wow. Vicky look good and Gina's like a wild Vicky. You got rid of your gobble wobble? And she's. I didn't know how to the level. We next time. That is whatever that is. Just you tell the attic level, whatever. Whatever level does reach Vicky at get a job dot com. So they're all just sitting there staring at each other in terms like I think that let's have that attack. Oh my God. And Gina goes UTM. She tells us the oh, yes, you emerged that went awesome that no-one evidence yet. So then Shannon comes out and she's in her Bret Michaels garb, so she's in her leather jacket with a bandana around her head, and I just hope she's not actually going to wear that look to the concert because if she does that's very sad. Let's said that's like that was her outfit for the rock and roll party. She went dressed is she went dresses him. So she's wearing that outfit again, except without the go t I dunno. I don't know where they isn't that where they went to the drag hamburger Mary's. Yeah. Married. Marries Lydia from thin. She's like, dude, dude. Dude, they they trolled Lydia so badly with s Charlie Chaplin's rag poor woman. I mean that was like. Oversize jag. Like, why am I dressed like this right now as we're looking back with love on the Lydia season K? That's where we're at the season. Feel like Lydia was underrated. And she got stuck on a shitty season. And like she they made her look like a real the Manila terrible. But I think Lydia was a good cast member. And she just she got stuck on the Peggy season. You know, like what can you do? I'm just going to have a natural. So. Yeah, read so then now it's the end of the end of the episode. So we get the updates which is that Shannon has lost over twenty three pounds and his ten pounds away from her goal wheat happy and for now she is fine with I'll keeping them in house. Oh, no word yet on whether she's bought her daughter at new iphone screen ga. And then Tamara's a, you know that that's I'm bad saying camera just dumps acid on everybody again, and she's like lesson plan. And then I didn't even write down. Geeta Zor is Gina's in the process of finalizing her divorce, which means no more sex with mad at least for now unless he comes over to the Cossiga because they've got to concede and it's like a really good living in region minute. Makes it easier for the kids, and I don't know. It's just been like eleven years. They haven't had a concede it before. But now they've got a casino has just like texts just going off the screen. She lives a little she leads the little. Luckily, she calls so then Vicky, and Steve she's like stiff spongy the now a bunch of appreciate how about you'd have to be over the past few weeks. He's like how that's been interesting Vic cat all that shit. I've had to clean up the about the buried before. What all of what's the other about a fashion problems? We should talk about maybe we should go to. Premarital counseling, he's like slang as gimme dessert. Steve Harris wants to Claire. Yeah. Doesn't even want something as interesting as that. Like them. She goes so happy. She goes, I'm so happy down. Fuck it up like chocolate onto another abusive relationship for over another emotionally abusive relationship for needy Vic. Yeah. Have not yet gone to battle counseling and Vicky wedding ring. Okay. Okay. Thicke is just say to say waiting to say with who. I do. Kelly is like, hey, you guys are from the same county with is she saying PHD Papa has does potlucks retired about her a gay and like like papa's dough? And then she says about like this guy. She's like, oh, here's a PHD to pretty used. Your work. So she has been hooked up three, Shannon. That's her. Yeah. She's keeping your bench full just in case. And then Emily is like really proud of my mom for making a three sixty. And like that means she's in the same place that she was. And her mom goes, nobody loves you like your children. And I was like oh God. This poor thing is going to have to watch this season. Yeah. So the update on Emily is Emily wants another daughter, Shane does not she paid the embryos towards fees for two thousand nineteen kitty changes his mind. Anti well James just sitting on the stairs. Like now. Tim is like this has been one of the hottest years of my life. I am us. Lots of my husband. They discontinued my favorite Lynn cuisine. Ended up getting this offensive built in the my kitchen, that's like a booth on the countertop. But then when I claimed that dentures spelling back again, how does how does that? Hottest how to tax I has on three different occasions automate Greek salad when I asked for a season salad. How'd you how'd you and? Your end thing is like Timur nuttier bugging new house. Yeah, they moved into their they sold their home and are moving into a gated community and no need for housewarming party. Since their new neighbors are Vicky and Gina. Which I'm like, you're moving again. I mean, they're flipping the house. That's fine. But like don't I just I hate that. Don't make us watch scenes of God renovations. This is crazy other renovations. And then you move they're probably moving because it's one of those things we're timbers like I just feel like that's how about energy. So we have to go some bad energy lesson near Vicky good energy with big. How do you think the house? Feels vows feels like exercise the house or. This group of girls. Well, we give one hundred percent, which I don't even know that she knows what she's saying right now. And then I guess it's about his fetch. It's about it's about big transparent and one more skin procedure. And I literally will be that's what I thought also. And that was the right? So the reunion is on a Sunday night. And then I don't know. I guess I wonder if partout will be a Monday, I'm not sure probably I don't think. So I think Sunday's the reunion that they're going to have it on the next Sunday to because Monday skits what way is Monday Fanta frump rules something else on day Monday, Monday. That's weird. So when you have a Monday on a Monday. That's the end of this. Yeah. So we'll be back tomorrow with below deck. Can't wait for that. And everyone have a wonderful Tuesday. And we'll talk to them on Yano. I everyone goodbye.

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