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Look Back: Carmelo Anthony, Jimmy Butler, Todd Bowles


The following podcast is part of the underdog sports podcasting network for a full list of our shows, as well as breaking sports news, any gauging features stories, visit us at WWW dot the underdog sports dot com. Don't you know they? Lung. Great Dulcie like the time rabbit coven to adult care with the brand change the twenties. Did. Did. Welcome to you're wrong. And here's why Chris Hobart Trump by Greg chrome. Greg this week, we're gonna talk about why Carmelo Anthony, maybe done why the seventy Sixers one Jimmy Butler trade and why Todd Bowles should be the next head coach fired. And as is our tradition, or just gonna open up the stop, stop, watch ear during the show as the next time we have. Never our thing. Well preparation is in fact, our thing this, in this particular, instance. I think it's because there's so much other preparing that has to go into we don't think about the little the minutia that is true. There's a lot of work that goes into getting ready for this since I have to have my phone, not on silent apologies to any and all this Ning, if texts or or messages come in. So let's let's kick this thing off two minutes on why Cornell Anthony is in fact on. And let's do it right now. So here is the situations. The rockets denied they're going wave Carmelo Anthony. But to sources close to the team say that Anthony's already been informed that his short time with the team is it's over or it's about to be over there you go and a half and has been listed as out for Houston's game tonight. They're saying it's illness. He's been out for the last couple, he's not even on the trip with the team right now. And this isn't this isn't sitting well with Anthony's good friend win. Wait. The way it is, who, by the way, also now with his team right now, as they play Philadelphia seventy Sixers tonight because of the birth is a newborn child three weeks early. So all our best to the Wade family trying to get my guy trying to make my guy at Carmelo Anthony. The fall guy man y'all need to stop. That's a real easy way out instead of addressing what the real problem is. So it seems clear that it's a foregone conclusion Anthony time. With the rockets is, is going to end after he plays these ten games, and it's worth pointing out. He did average thirteen point four points in five point four rebounds. I'm going to get ahead of you on that during his time with the rockets but he only shot forty percent from the field. Really, really bad. Really, really bad shooting. Just not accurate. And that's what he is. He's a score. If he can't score, and he's not officiant doesn't have a lot of value. He he's played primarily is reserved for this rockets team after starting every single game in his previous fifteen seasons is just it's not working out for mellow. He also Mel ranks nineteenth, and then BA in the history of scoring with twenty thousand five hundred fifty one point guys, probably a hall of Famer but to put this in perspective mellow has been so bad and inefficient. The rockets are willing to upset Chris Paul arguably one of their to franchise players just to get rid of his good friend, not tells me all I need to know Carmelo Anthony. Is done. He may be done incense in a sense of the rockets and their organization. But I'll be honest. I don't know what anybody expected out of this experiment. Anyway, we know what mellow is. He's a guy that's going to give you round thirty minutes. A game is gonna shoot way more than he passes. And for the most part is going to be a pretty decent score. Obviously is not the Carmelo that came out of Syracuse, but he certainly still has a viable position in the NBA. Sure maybe his officiency rating, or his plus minus, which is hockey stat. Isn't that great? Let's be honest. The guy can still get points. I mean he was playing twenty nine minutes a game for the rockets and he was getting up four point nine or twelve point one shots. And he was making five of them. I mean last year in his time with okay see he was averaging making six point one and taking fifteen in three more minutes a game. I mean, the guy still able to put the ball in the basket. And I think for a team that plays. Different style than the rockets Carmelo is not a guy that's gonna fit into Mike, the Antonio system. It's just he has a specific system that you need specific players. Why guy like Trevor REEs was so successful last year with the rockets is one of the big reasons why guy like Carmelo isn't. I don't think I don't think the rockets going out and scapegoating guy like Carmelo for their poor. Start is a big sign that Carmelo Anthony doesn't have a place in the NBA right now. It's this feels like an overreaction to slow start for a team that won the Western Conference in the regular season last year and took the eventual champions to a game seven, they need to find someone to blame as to why they're not playing well. And Carmelo unfortunately, is the guy and maybe it's based on reputation or all the years of people maligning like you said at arguably a hall of Famer. Maybe that reputations finally caught up to, and that's the reason why he's gonna be out in Houston. But I don't think that means he's done as a player, he's a guy they can still get baskets. I mean he's averaging thirteen points a game so far in less minutes. But I think you hit the nail on the head is that he's still shooting the ball, ton. And that's just not what his role should be right now he needs to be smarter than that. He needs to be able to mature into you know, into the Carmelo that. The magical Carmelo that everyone talks about who played with team USA all those years ago. And this, this Carmelo has been the justification for him, potentially working on another team ever since his time in New York that he was willing to defer that his incredibly high basketball intelligence can translate into a number of other areas in terms of ball movement and just playing with an offense but he's not interested in that when the actual regular season comes around. And that's what we're seeing right now. He just wants to get shots. You know, in his ten games with the rockets which doesn't include to starts Melo, as you said plan twenty nine point four minutes night and he's shooting a near career low forty point five percent from the field, by the way, forty point four percent. This is all time low one tenth of one percent off of that. I just a couple MRs away from that Mark and shooting thirty two percent from three, which is bad. Even when you factor, these only thirty four percent three point shooter first career only sixty eight percent from the line, which is far and away a career low and all this while showing his trademark selfishness the guy is. Verging just a half of an assist per game zero point five assists per game. When you play thirty minutes and night, especially in that offense, it is honestly nearly impossible not to get into game by accident. I can't stress enough how bad that is his assist rate is two point nine percent. That is amazing and those stats they represent the side of the Bala, these actually good at when we're talking about defense. He's just not interested at all the steel percentages a career low zero point seven percent. He's not even trying. I to talk about the, the negative two point seven PM the negative point four PM, but I know you don't want to hear that stuff. His is actually better than you'd expect is just a negative zero point two given. Hey, may have given up the situation because this is what Carmelo is. He doesn't wanna come off the bench. She has the same syndrome that Alan Iverson had later on in his career that saw him having early exit from the NBA a guy that should have been productive off the bench for multiple teams wasn't because he didn't change his game. Not saying the Carmelo can't. But I just think in this situation where he's at with this team getting that huge buyout from. Okay. See, maybe he doesn't care. Maybe that's it. But I don't think that there's not a team in the NBA they'll go after him. I know there were rumors today that we're eventually shot down, the Sixers could look at a guy like Carmelo a guy that can score be a wing shoot, or you don't necessarily need him to be a defensive stalwart. He could go to any team in the league and be a starter for the most part outside of your maybe elite teams. I mean you're talking about like you said, the nineteenth most points, all of the MBA history, the guy has a pedigree for it. You act like because he has point. Assists, that all of a sudden something's changed. The guy was never an assist guy. He was always a me first player. And it may obviously is exacerbated now because of the situation because the rockets started off, so poorly. I mean you're talking about a team that last your started off nine and three in their first twelve games. And right now, they're sitting outside of the playoff window and five and seven one and four at home four and three on the road. At least they look good there. But also part of that is James harden, not being around. He missed the multiple games. It's, it's all one. Big thing that Carmelo is getting blamed for. And like I said, it's easy to blame. Carmelo there's plenty of numbers and things like that, that, that stand out that, that everybody only reads the ticks and makes up their own to fit narratives us. That's fine. But Carmelo's talk can be productive in this league. You don't forget how to shoot well, most people don't forget how to shoot and Carmelo is not one of those guys you if you're a team you only need into play a certain amount of minutes per. Tonight and just go out there. He's guy. Okay. So you say he's never been passer in. That's true. But let's talk about this assist rate two point nine percent this year for his career. He has a fifteen point five percent assist rate. He is he is passing the ball one fift- as much as he has in his relatively selfish career with the rockets this season. And I think that you made my argument nicely. When you brought up, Alan Iverson, you know, Melles proving to be in that Iverson camp. When it comes to one time superstars, who simply don't age gracefully, his as lettuce, and his skill roads and the guy stopping go-to players on offense and need to figure out other ways to help their teams Iverson was never able to figure that out despite his immense skill like you said and it seems very clear, the Carmel is in that boat to his in that banana boat. Mellow Mello's had his run and peaky is one of the best bucket gutters in the league. In fact, you know, almost certainly Famer when it said and done, but right. Now at this time he needs to walk away before that says four. I mean it looks like the decision's already been made from the from the sounds of it, no matter what they try to cover up, it appears as the rockets of kind of made up their mind that, that they're going to blame Carmelo and him for being the reason why they've started slow because of his inefficiency and all the other things that you mentioned it doesn't mean that he's necessarily done in the NBA. There's plenty of there's plenty of dumb GM's out there that are willing to give up give up money and roster guys. Like this Alan Iverson like we talked about bounced around from team to team two team at the end of his career even returning to the Sixers. So if you think the Carmelo it maybe as an overall player, his skill level is, is whatever you'd consider done even though I don't think so because he can still shoot and maybe his value to winning teams is done. But I still think there's teams that are going to give him a shot and allow him to go out there and play fifteen to twenty minutes and night, it's going to happen. It's the NBA. It's just the way it works guys, retread everywhere. I mean he may not be. The same prolific that he wants those. But I still think he finds spot. Okay. You say that there are teams out there you actually said that he could start for most teams in the NBA during this argument who are the who are the teams out there right now? That would give him a shot. I mean if you're talking, there's a number of teams that could just them in minimum. I'm not talking about contenders. You could go to Lanta. He could go to where Lando anywhere to the Knicks. Go to Brooklyn, the Sixers could bring him in they have plenty of cap space now. They don't. No, they don't know Gregory. They do not, I'm sorry to tell you, but that's simply not the case. Where did it go? All Jimmy boiler. Did he take all of it? No. But they use it all up when they resigned Radic they signed Moscow. Woah. And and or they tried from a scholar, and they tried to for Wilson Chandler. All right. Well, then, then the Sixers are out of the Carello, Anthony sweepstakes. Let me cry about it. Well, that's the point. They're not. I mean, I would go to the Cavs what purpose does that serve? It was, what does it serve they their locker room loves veterans, obviously, Colin Sexton's already on the outs because he's I think that they're probably going gonna head the other direction, more more so than you would hope. Yeah, you certainly will. Okay. Total practical cap space right now. One and only one team is under the salary cap. That's the Sacramento Kings eleven million dollars onto the salary cap Philadelphia's two point three million over the cap, you Vivek snot given out given out Carmelo Anthony checks. No, I don't because I think that they have finally figured out something that by accident is. Winning. They actually have been very fun to watch. Yeah. It's a it's a really really weird situation. This all of a sudden, they're accidents winning games. Yeah, I don't know. I I don't see the home for him. And I just I don't think he's ever going to be okay. Being a guy who is just a guy. And that that's what he is. Now, I ensure I agree with you. He is shooting better this year, percentage wise. He's on shooting forty shooting forty nine percent. Last year shot forty three percent shooting forty percent from the field. It's the second worst of his career until I was talking about just twos. Okay. Well, the three count, Catherine. I mean they certainly count. But I'm talking about just tell Ben Simmons bench, him and certainly believes perset Benson stinks shooter. So does the other guy. Well, we're gonna take a we're gonna take a quick break, over back, guys, Chris Waddle here to let you know that Yahoo daily fantasy is now an absolute must play for all DFS enthusiasts. We've still got weeks left of NBA action, plus the playoffs baseball is right around the corner and golf is in full swing as well. Get it full swing. Now is the perfect time to start playing Yahoo daily fantasy. If you've already played daily fantasy before then, you know all about this. But what about the people who have never played daily fantasy before? 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And that's what I received a text message from you that said, how much are you going to miss Robert Covington now or something to that effect? And then I realized what happened and Chris. Lemme tell you it was like Christmas morning. The Sixers finally finally after all these years figured out a way to add a third superstar, and all they had to do was give up two guys who were big pieces back in the process era, which, I now I think we can officially end. We've gone the draft picks we've now got another superstar that wasn't home grown. It's time to go for the Sixers, but the Sixers only giving up Robert Covington Dario Sarge, and Jared Bayless along with that future second round pick for a guy like Jimmy Butler and the numbers and the skill that he brings on the court is a huge win for them. Also, they brought in Justin patent. How are you knocking to be excited about a guy with the nickname big muddy? But the Sixers did what they needed to do. I know there's tons of fans that are extremely upset with the fact that we had to lose a guy like Covington who, so beloved by part of the fan base and guy like Sarci was loved by all of the fan base. But in reality, it was moved it was necessary and a move that GM. To brand really one not having to give up that first round pick that they hold from Miami, this unprotected, and not having to give up guy like Marco full to well, maybe we did this point, but not having to give that up in this trait as a huge win for this team. You add a guy that can create his own shot on offense, which is desperately needed on the Sixers team, you know, outside of J radical. There's really no threat to shoot in that early set at a early five guys that go out to the starters. Jimmy Butler changes. Okay. So baller for all his words is unquestionably immense talent that there's no question. But when we're looking at the potential options available for the Sixers to add is their third Stoller. No, be that in free agency or through the trade market. I think we can all universally say that Butler was amongst the worst fits available and a guy who most people said, you know, no. Thanks. Let's stay away from that guy. He's a cancer he doesn't fit. He doesn't work. He can't shoot. You don't want him near young players. But now he's here and Harare, the conquering hero, given the Sixers need to build around. Joel embiid. And Ben Simmons shooting seems to be the most important trait for any potential acquisition and Butler, he peaks it. Okay. He's a career thirty four percent three point shooter, which by the way substantially lower than that guy. Covington, you said couldn't shoot. And he hasn't shot league average from the outside since shooting thirty seven point eight percent during the fourteen fifteen NBA season. She's not what he does. He's not a floor. He's not a floor stretcher. He doesn't space, he will shoot a lot, though. He will absolutely from the outside. There's also the attitude thing to look at Butler as we have talked about on this very show before, has a reputation of being difficult teammate. Get along with borderline impossible, even and given the that one of the strengths of the seventy Sixers team is sort of a unique attitude and actual love for one, another something that's kind of more Kim to a college team, and really special in the NBA just disrupted a guy like Butler can be on the team's chemistry is troubling. You know, that doesn't even address the fact that shark in Covington and dishes to good NBA players were great teammates and locker room guys. There's a lot of downside. Here with Jimmy Butler. And I just wonder who's going to get the best of this. I get it. I get it to me, Buller, certainly has his problems. He's talked his way out of now multiple cities. But what he gives you in value on the court may have to override that I love the fact that everybody loved the guy like Dario Sarge, but we knew after next year, the Sixers weren't going to be able to afford a guy like him who's going to get decent money on the open market. And I know we've rehashed it a million times, Robert Covington and my dislike for him and my, my ideas of what he brings on the basketball court, you said he shoots significantly better from three and his career. Jimmy Butler averages thirty thirty four percent from three Robert Covington thirty five point nine percent from three it's not that much different. And it's what they what he provides on offense. That is so much different. Covington is a catch and shoot guy who can go hot and cold at any point. Jimmy Butler is able to create his own offense. It's. Completely different player and you can say, oh, well, they need wings to shoot they do just the threat to shoot. That's what we saw with Covington last year when his numbers plummeted back down to league average where we all knew it would go. I mean, the threat the threat to catch shoot is the big difference. And you're getting a guy who's a better on ball defender. I will never not give Covington credit for being an excellent off the ball. Defender Chris, but I will give you the fact that Covington was a mediocre on ball defender. We saw expose in the playoffs last year. Jimmy Butler is a lockdown guy. He's a guy who's made the whole NBA defensive team. I'm sorry. The all MBA defensive second team four different times. Use an all NBA player twice the third team. I know thirteen top fifteen player in the league Chris, he's not top forty eight even gets more deflections than Covington, three point six to three point one this season loose balls. Recovered, one point nine two point nine maybe Covington contests, more shots, but they play different possess. What do you want from? Where's this narrative? Come from the seventy Sixers weren't going to be able to afford. Daria Sarge in a couple of seasons one you know you have another year until you have to pay him. This was always going to be the last off-season where the Sixers had cap room after this. They're going to have to. They're going to have to resign, Ben and Doria that same year. And it's just you know, they were always going to be able to go over the cap and pay him. Dario was never going to how ever much he may call us never going to price himself out. He could be returned he, oh, he could be brought back. But I think the biggest question is simply how Butler's going to deal with being third fiddle in Philadelphia to 'em. Beedon Simmons Butler had issues with Karl town Wiggins from the jump in Minnesota and criticizing guys for being more interested in playing fortnight than working on their basketball game. And you know, it'll be difficult to question them be. But house Butler going to get along with Simmons a guy who seemingly spent the summer spending more time with KENDALL Jenner than he didn't Jim bothers guy who made himself into an NBA. Star through sheer determination wondering how he's going to coexist with a guy like Simmons who to some observers. Seems like he's coast on natural ability. Instead of hard work seems fair. There's also the major question about the fence going from guy like Covington two Butler, a player who in Butler sort of made his reputation as a two way player. But the stats don't really bear that out over the last couple of seasons suggesting he's only slightly above average on the defensive end at this point. And he sort of seems to be living off of the reputation. He made in Chicago, not what he did the last couple of years in Minnesota. So there's a real chance. This trade means more in wins and losses for the timber wolves seventy Sixers Covington is a perfect fit for garlic sibito. He just shows up every day, and he does his job instead of dominating the ball and causing unrest in the locker room like Butler, does Charlotte is the ultimate glue guy while his early season struggles are real. They always seem to be real. And then he gets red hot and it's over, and it's forgotten. She team improves more. Of course, the locker rooms hide stuff is always going to worry me, but I think Jimmy Butler coming in and demanding more out of a guy like Ben Simmons could have a really big affect on, on a kid like Simmons's career the problem is, is that like we said, Jimmy Butler, does criticize younger players for not contributing or not working hard off the court. And that's something that I mean we've talked about. It's definitely been said, but there's also the part where this could be a big motivating factor for Simmons to improve his game who knows what will happen with Markelle Foltz. And if that if Jimmy Butler comes in and has any sort of affect on him, positive, or negative. And if you get any more negative, so hopefully it's only positive but I like Simmons can Bank on a guy like Butler. I mean having a guy pushing you in practice every single day forcing you to get better and forcing you to potentially develop a jump shot could really happen, Butler, clearly clearly wants to win and he wants to wants to be on team that. Can compete night in night out, and he's going to have that chance really, really? Wednesday night. Let's nor the fact that you're basically using text messages that I sent you weeks ago against me in this argument. I never thought of that. But the downside for the Timberwolves here is pretty low, you know, they're going to be going from coming. You know what they're going to be getting Covington Sarge, they added two guys who play the right way. Don't complain health. Teams win basketball games by doing the little things. The upside for the seventy Sixers clearly higher than it is for Minnesota. But the downside is also much more severe. There are numerous worst case scenarios for Philadelphia. Maybe the trio just never meshes, maybe Butler, alienate Simmons, or Embiid, or Simmons NBA, or whatever combination. It happens to be, or simply maybe Bullard re-sign this off season. Make no mistake. This is a gigantic risk for Philadelphia eggs in the all the eggs in one basket kind of deal and they're hedging their bets here against striking out and free agency again. Upsides huge downside, however, is enormous. Stock over fifth. If you don't re-sign Jimmy Butler. Yeah. Have a ton of cap space yet again to you're at this point. So who are getting with that cap space? I mean, they couldn't get anybody less. He's in a made sense. So you're sure it's going to be this year, but there was one guy last year. Chris, there's one guy who was legitimately a free agent that was LeBron James. Yeah. And who's legitimately free agent this year? Do we don't like Kurai corrected very yet? And we would have said the exact same thing about Paul George last off-season. Collage quite teams arguably the best team in the Eastern Conference right now. And he is at the forefront of that a role, which he happens to love. He's a guy who has already come out and said that the shadow of LeBron James is a little bit too big to make the Lakers appealing to him. I could very very easily. See quite stay in Toronto. You know, we'll see what happens with the rant. I think it's fifty fifty whether he leaves, but I don't think he's coming to Philadelphia if he does. So it was good. So Durant would be in a similar position that James was in have the ability to as you're getting older. Even though Durant still clearly in the peak of his career have the ability to go in and get in next to two of the rising stars in the NBA much like he did when he joined the warriors they were pretty established having been to back to back finals. But I mean you're talking about, again, another situation easier conference, basically, you come to the to the Sixers, and that situation of your Durant, and you're in the Eastern Conference finals, basically penciled in every year, that you're there, I'm just I'm not counting on Kevin Durant, being the guy, the realistic, the realistic players are what it's Chris Middleton. It's Tobias Harris and who else I love pretty well for the bucks. I love Chris Middleton. And, you know, I love Chris Middleton, but Milwaukee can also pay ton more than the seventy Sixers can't and Tobias Harris is still a very interesting option this off season, assuming that the Sixers can shed enough cap space to make it all for for him. And he could be that. Stretch for this team really need not worry about the fact that he's a subpar rebounder of power forward position still guy who makes a lot of sense regardless of Butler's here or not. I don't see the argument that they're getting all this cap space back. It's just that doesn't fly with me. Here's the thing, I like taking the risk at this point. You've watched the Sixers in the first ten to fifteen games of the season. And what you've basically gotten as essentially the exact same team that got bounce in the second round last year. I know Wilson Chandler's been hurt and I know Moskal has been out for most of that, that run, but we're sending the same team back out there. It's, it's, it's tough for me as a fan to go in and get excited and say, well, all my hopes and dreams are banked on a nineteen year old forgotten how to shoot. He's twenty okay, twenty year old forgot shoot. I mean, Chris, we talked about the text message or the video you sent me pre-game foul shots tonight like he's, there's clearly a problem there. And I said to you right back, that maybe it's time to move. On. For more you can. View that, how do you do that way? You have taking him. It's look at this point, it is it is dumb a boy carousel avert might be fees, and that's terrible for the Nazis. That's boy verse have a good season. But. There's no, like who's taken the chance on Marquel to spend. It's just dumb that to make a move that on Wednesday when Jimmy Butler is in the starting lineup for the seventy Sixers against you. Orlando. Magic marquel. False needs to be on the bench and 'cause there's, there's no justification starting false over JJ at this point, especially if the free throw thing that we saw, you know, I only watched the first half of the seventy Sixers game. I'll go watch the second half once we're done this, but unless he is shooting free throws without a hitch. There's no reason that Foltz starter over JJ Redick for another game full compla- fifteen to twenty minutes. You can be the backup point guard. He can play on the second unit. But yet, let him run the second you can't start anymore. It's just. Oh, sorry. Once you pump, fake in the middle of a free throw, you have to get on the bench for me. That's that's. That's a new rule. I didn't know I would ever have to develop that rule. But that's my new rule. Yeah. I think that you're gonna get more out of Foale to having him run the second unit because of the fact. He really can't play with Ben at the same time. I don't know why. I mean I do know why can't shoot. But I, I think this move makes it actually better for everyone on the entire team. It gives you the ability to allow Foltz have the ball in his hands. All the time running the second unit and it gives a third option to actually get points in your starting lineup. Well, I think he's still going to have system. He's going to have to play a little bit with Simmons because we saw what happens when he was Simmons caddy last year. And you can't if he's on the team you can't justify playing him twelve minutes game if you're, you're either going to put him out there for a decent amount of minutes, or you're not gonna play him. So he needs to get he needs to get twenty ish minutes. He'll have to play a little bit with Simmons. But you're right. He needs to come off the bench starting starting Wednesday into will be right back. Hey guys, it's Chris, and now that another week of NFL action is all in the books. That means another week, the podcast one sports challenge brought to you by. I bet online is in the books as well. And if you're following along with Howard doing this season. Well, we're doing mediocre -ly incredibly mediocre leave sitting in the middle of the pack right now. Thirty one points only six behind Ross Tucker in first place right now. Congratulations to the winners last week shales on, rob Ross. Tucker, Scott Braun Jefferson Adam Corolla, fanny, and rob wriggle. I'm going to tell you a personal story. I broke one of my own rules last week. I put the eagles my beloved Philadelphia Eagles in my picks and naturally, they lost. I got overconfident and I got the double whammy for both my team losing and losing points in the challenge that hurts on never do it again. My personal pain aside we've now passed the midway point in the NFL and college football. And boy, does that seem weird to say it feels like the NFL just started a couple of weeks ago. But we're having a great time with the podcast one-fourth challenge, and there's only one place to get in on all the action at bed. Online dot AG. Don't wait a second longer. Use the promo code. I give you. Every week podcast one. PO. D. C. A. S. T. O N E and you receive a fifty percent sign of bonus, that's podcast. One for a fifty percent sign up bonus art we're back for our third and final segment of this show, and we're gonna talk Todd Bowles and why he should be the next head coach fired in the NFL and two minutes on the clock. Let's do this. I'm going to share some stats with you here, Gregory since the start of the twenty sixteen season the jets are just six and fifteen away from MetLife stadium for clarity. That means that they've won just twenty eight point six percent of the road games and it has not gotten any better this season. The jets are one and four on the road. Now, the jets got off to a decent three and five start in two thousand sixteen after just missing the playoffs and winning ten games the year before. But since then they've played thirty three games and they've won just ten of them. You know what that means is in just over two seasons? The games. They've won thirty percent of the games that they played in that just doesn't cut it in the NFL, that is not acceptable. The jets have posted just three winning streaks. This is this is crazy. They have three winning streaks over the past three seasons one per year. And in both two thousand sixteen and twenty eight teen the longest winning streak. They've had two games. They couldn't put three games together at any point there on the flip side. You know, the jets have they've actually been terrible at stopping the snowball effect wants to starts rolling. Right. Not only has this team been losing a lot of games over the last two years, but they've been becoming in bunches and they've lost at least three straight games and six times since the start of two thousand sixteen they've lost four straight games three times over that same period, wouldn't we look at all of this. We see the pattern emerging here and we have to look at the jets offense over the last three years, they tend to fall into. The twenties and the thirties on offense. And obviously that means that they're below average over the last three years. The jets have ranks twenty six twenty eighth and twenty ninth in yards gained they've ranked thirtieth twenty fourth and twenty second in points, scored, and they've ranked thirty first twenty second and twenty nine th and giveaways, we're going to have more fun facts for you in just a couple of minutes here. But what this all adds up to his Todd Bowles should not be coaching in the NFL. I remember a time where Todd Bowles defensive coordinator here in the city of brotherly love, and it was horrendous, which is why shop, the Todd Bowles got a head coaching job in the NFL. But listen, that's what the NFL's about. We just retread coaching staffs Hagia Jim Schwartz. I'm looking at you, buddy. But let's be honest, Todd Bowles is going to go on a by. They have a bye week now Sam darnold, can get some rest, some he'll up a little bit for what's been Allingham and get back in the film room and see the mistakes, and he's been making what also saves Todd Bowles is the fact that Sam darnold is a first year quarterback guy like Jeff Fisher lived off that model for years. It's what saved him and got him that extra half a year in Los Angeles. The jets ownerships already come out and said, we're not looking at a coaching change in the middle of the season teams say that it, it doesn't always last. But in this case, it's the jets poorly run organizations. So it's probably true. But there's another guy that I would really sort of hone in on to be the next coach fired. And that's the gentlemen running the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Dirk, gutter, Dirk koetter went nine and seven in his first year he was the prime candidate guy. You heard about for a couple off season. Your whispers of him being the number one guy in the coaching search. When? He finally got the job with the bucks. He put up a winning record granted. They didn't make the playoffs but there was promised being shown he had a young cornerback quarterback Jameis Winston then last year came, and they went five and eleven James regressed. And it just was not a good situation. And now this year James faced a three-game suspension backup quarterback Ryan. Fitzpatrick, lit it up in the early going, but the bucks of come crashing down to earth, and they sit at three and six so far on the season. And the reason why they should go that he has the best chance to be fired next is they're coming off a brutal loss to the Redskins where quarterback threw for four hundred yards scored three points next week. They play the New York Giants too. But a loss to them cutters fired by Monday. So you mentioned that Jeff Fisher lived off playing first your quarterbacks, if I remember correctly, it was in Jared goff's first year, when Jeff Fisher was fired in Los Angeles. So I'm not sure what argument were making their now. What about the, the argument that Bowles can't be blamed for the offense because defensive guy? Well funding offense coordinator is a big part of the head coach's job. It's a collaborative effort, even if it's not his directly the jets have had three offensive coordinators over the past three seasons. Chan galleys offense was of fine twenty fifteen. But yet a terrible twenty sixteen opted to retire. John Morton fired after one season now Jeremy Bates, another guy who everyone seemed to love just a couple of years ago is on track. The fire to bowls was hired for his defensive prowess for justifiably or not. And. That first season it worked the jets defense looked great. The jets re defense was actually fifth in the league according to football outsiders, but in two thousand sixteen and twenty seventeen that all that the party defense slip the twenty first and eighteenth, the Jess new all season that their pass rush was a big issue. But they haven't fixed it and that's another thing polls bowls needs to be held accountable for this team. He's identified weaknesses and go to solve the problems after ranking twenty eighth with just a twentieth. Sax last season. The jets of churned out a couple more this year, but they're still twenty-third and the NFL in sacks per game. The jets averaged just two point seven point scored in the first quarter to this is a gigantic problem. The slow start that ranks twenty eighth in the league basically, they're still sleeping until the second quarter stars. And as a result, they fallen behind an eight of their ten games to a lot of them were, they've never caught up the jets are allowing their opposition dictate. Game. And they're just not good enough to deal with the ramifications. Yep. Chris, they say timing is everything. And the jets ownership has already come out, and essentially given that vote of confidence. That said Todd Bowles won't be moved in the middle of the season. But there's other coaches, I mentioned are cutter, there's other coaches where that vote of confidence hasn't come yet and based on records based on what's going on, on a week to week basis. And who they're playing and who they're losing to this coaching fire coaching carousel could get started right back up again at any moment and Todd Bowles will be sitting on a BI week in the film room still as the head coach of the New York Jets couple of these candidates coming off of by week. Vance Joseph in his second year after following up a brutal five and eleven season that almost all lose his job in the off season. He's at three and six with case keenum at the helm. We're an organization in the Denver Broncos that wants to get back to the winning ways that they had with Peyton Manning, John Elway's. Clearly showing that he is impatient. When it comes to getting back now part of the success rate for Vance Joseph can be blamed on the poor drafting of John Elway. But that's neither here nor there. The team still run by Elway, and it's going to be always call. Whether Joseph stays on their coming off a bye. This Sunday face the chargers who won yet again over the weekend. And there's a good chance that a big loss to them. Could see Vance Joseph get his walking papers the last coach, I'm gonna talk about is Steve Wilks of the Arizona Cardinals. I know we talked about first first year coach rookie quarterback's getting fired. Usually, isn't isn't always a thing that happens, but he's two and seven Josh Rosen has showed that he's, he's been pretty solid back there. But from an overall standpoint, they're not improving at the rate that they should, and they're in a very poor NFC west. He's the guy. Just doesn't. Of an NFL coach. Okay. A couple of things vote of confidence. Mean absolutely nothing. We all know that. And I saw that little that little callback there to the chargers conversation. We had last week, congratulations, they'd beat the raiders gray matter. That's, w that's just super, I'm pretty sure that, that we can put together a team that's going to beat the raiders with how they're playing I can see you throw arguments to be made for the job, safety of guys like Vance Joseph, and Dirk cutter Jason Garrett and John Harbaugh first part seems like foregone conclusion that Harbaugh's can be fired at the end of the year, but bullshit, and make it that for Joseph can't be blamed for the team thinking case, keenum's answer quarterback. That's absurd. Who that's ridiculous? I can't even wrap my head around that cutter. He's trying to do everything you can to save his job. And I'll give him credit for that Garrett tracing. Jason Garrett just beat the defending champions last night. Todd Bowles is the lamest of lame duck coaches, and he should be put out of his and the jets fans. Misery sooner rather? Don't disagree that Todd Bowles should be fired. He'd certainly should be. I just don't think it's going to be the next coach to fall. As much as you want to say that Vance Joseph can't be blamed for it. He will be he one thousand percent Wilby because John Elway team and John Elway's already talked already come out in the median talked about his disappointment. They had to have as we talked about last week with Luke Walton. Magic Johnson a come to Jesus meeting, this offseason so Vange could Banska just keep his job going forward. And is there cut a really doing what's best for team? I mean in all honesty, Fitzpatrick played to really solid games. Faltered a little bit in the third game. And then James was back on the field. Starting. Fitzpatrick should have been the guy to keep going with was writing the hot hand and he showed it over the weekend. Sure, add some interceptions, and there's some fumble issues that box team as bed. But Fitzpatrick gave you the best chance to win. Any went back to Janus who had to get benched. It's either cutter Joseph, there's no question that because the timing thing about cutter though, he's he's really trying any takes responsibility. And that carries weight with me. He is the first person to admit that, that team stinks and that everyone should be held accountable, including himself bizarrely enough. Like that wins me that wins the guy points with me, because you don't get that, from the, let's look at the Hugh Jackson fire by the Hugh Jackson joins the Cincinnati Bengals staff today. Good luck. Cincinnati nothing nothing gives you a huge amount of confidence like getting the doors blown off at home by the saints and then bring in a guy like Hugh Jackson. Well, unfortunately, for our eagles, I think they would have been in a similar situation had they waited 'til next week and brought in Hugh Jackson but. But yeah. I can't blame them for that. I can't blame. I can't Vance Joseph for the fact that somebody thought case keenum was a legitimate starting quarterback after a one year anomaly in Minnesota. We he I how long did I rail against that case? Keenum was number fifty one player on the NFL network. Stop one hundred players. It was absurd. Everyone everyone knew it was. Absurd keenum's. Not that good. He played above his head last year in for anyone not to realize that is just not paying attention. There's a reason high the Vikings went to the NFC championship game with were still willing to part ways. You don't do that. If you have super super amount of confidence in a guy and expect him to be able to do it on a consistent basis. Why do like I like her cousins, quite a bit? And I do think sure, I think it's an obvious upgrade, although I don't know that again, that NFL network top one hundred list degreed with me. But are you saying that lists ranked players for leagues can be? Tad fraudulent. No, no, that is that is the long Gregory Joshua's. Those players are, are tangibly better player. Fifty one is tangibly better than player. Fifty two. I don't know if I don't know if was but, but I would venture to guess that he was better than case keenum. Yeah, I'm sure he was. Because case keenum is all the lower third of quarterbacks that are starting in the NFL. Yeah, I don't know if he deserves to be I think we need to break it into more tears to more accurately, justify where he falls in the quarterback. Pantheon right now. Yeah. I mean, I just think that based off of based off of John Elway's impatience. Vance Joseph is gonna find himself on a really tough spot come next Monday unless they get a win against. And I can't blame the cardinals. Coach team has zero talent what they paid. Sam Bradford thirteen point five million dollars to play like two gains and Sammy Sammy sleeves knows how to get his money. You're not kidding. The one thing that he has shown a real aptitude for in the NFL is finding other teams to pay him. It's definitely true. Man, he he just. Always just find that spot where you can get a decent paycheck and then either gets hurt or, you know, it ends up falling apart. Yeah, I'm just waiting to get the news that buffalo or Denver has signed him this year to a one year ten million dollar contract. I mean buffalo just cut Nathan Peterman that open roster spot when that Barkley their network. Like Josh mccown last weekend. That's must see television. What a what a thrilling game and twenty eighteen. Yeah. And, and by the way, who lost that game in that Barkley stink. Yeah. Because of the fact that thing I'd embarrassed, I was surprised that bulls didn't get fired today, but because he didn't have that guy sticking around and unfortunately, won't be the next guy to go. Well, we shall see either way, I think we can both agree that I've raised my record thirty four. Now that that is this week's episode of you're wrong. And here's why. Hey say it every week. And sometimes it may sound trite but we've genuinely appreciate the support. You guys give us where consistently racking high on the charts. And it's not just BS that I'm honoring right now. It is not just empty platitudes. We genuinely appreciate that in a world where two hundred fifty five thousand podcast, you take the opportunity to listen to us be idiots for an hour. Yeah. For sure. And, and just remember case keenum's. The fifty first best player in the NFL and Robert Covington to forty fortieth best player in the NBA. Good. We the only numbers that matter thirty four. No. We'll see.

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