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What to Do When Your Campaign Is on Life Support?


Finding the right pros for home projects can be tough and spark a lot of questions. Like how do I find a pro. Who help will they do a good job? Will I get a fair price. That's where homeadvisor can help from leaky. Faucets to major remodels. homeadvisor connects you to the right pro for the job in seconds and even helps you get a fair price. Read Reviews News check. Project Cost Guide and book appointments go to Homeadvisor DOT COM or download. The free homeadvisor APP to start your next project and welcome to the point for November fifth. I've learned as he co author of the point. I'm here to cut through the political spin to bring you the news. You need to know the twenty twenty field is shrinking in case you missed it on Friday. The Democratic presidential residential field shrunk by one former Texas Congressman Beta. Overwork made the surprise announcement that he was dropping out of the race. O'Rourke told supporters. He couldn't raise enough money to remain competitive with his party's leading twenty twenty contenders. The timing was especially tough with with the announcement coming just hours before the Iowa. Democrats rallied at their largest event of the year. The Liberty and justice dinner a rock. Maybe the latest candidate to drop out but he certainly will not be the last. There are already signs of trouble from two other candidates. I I there is Kamala Harris who's campaign said that she needs to finish third in the Iowa caucuses to keep competitive heading into the Super Tuesday. Calendar your states. That's a tough call. Considering Harris is currently pulling at three percent in Iowa that puts her tied for sixth place with Andrew through Yang Harris. Also pulled her staff out of New Hampshire and her campaign headquarters in Baltimore channeling all of her resources straight into Iowa Iowa Houlihan Castro is the other candidate shifting resources with a sign of trouble. Castro laid off his campaign team in New Hampshire and South Carolina as he fights to keep his campaign afloat. This comes as his campaign downsizes pivoting their focus to Iowa Nevada and Texas like Harris Castro was hoping his investment in Iowa pays off Castro also plans to go on air with a small fifty thousand dollar ad had in Iowa starting on Tuesday morning. It's all in a bid to drum up enough publicity and support to register at three percent in we needed statewide polls to make it onto the November debate stage because yes Julia on. Castro has not yet qualified for the November debate. Eight shifting to Iowa is a tried and true tactic even if it doesn't always work it is the very first voting state so the payoff on a strong on performance comes sooner for campaigns than investing in any other state which brings us to the point for campaigns apparently early on life support and I also centric shift appears to be their last ditch lifeline and that is the point for November Fifth Twenty nineteen. Thank you for listening for more updates throughout the week including our Sunday night campaign addition subscribe to the newsletter at CNN dot com slash. The point if you like this audio briefing you can get on Google home or Amazon Echo or subscribe on Stitcher or apple podcasts or your favorite podcast APP so you never ever missed an episode Are you interested in learning how great companies grow download the March tack podcast. Amar Tech. podcast tells the stories of real world marketers who use technology algae to generate growth and achieve business career success from advertising software as a service to data getting brands authentically integrated the content performs better than TV advertising. Typical life span of an article is about twenty four to thirty six hours. We're reaching out to the right person with the right message S.. Engine a clear. Call an action that it's just a matter of timing ready to learn the secrets of technology driven marketing download the Martic podcast just search mar tech attack. A Our T. E. C. H.. Wherever you download your podcasts? Are you interested in learning how enterprise gail companies drive organic traffic to increase their online visibility than download. The voices of search podcast kept from the heart of Silicon Valley Research Metrics Inc.. CEO Jordan Kunas. He delivers actionable insights. How data to navigate the ever changing landscape scape of Google Apple Pan? AM's the voices of search podcast arm search-engine marketers and business analysts with the latest news and insights. They need to navigate the ever changing landscape of search engine optimization and content. Are you ready to learn how to use search data defined strategic insights about your competition and your industry as as a whole and search for voices of search wherever you download your poke casts. That's three simple words voices of search to learn

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