Episode 30: Jeff Greco Of Heavy Reel Brewing


The. You're listening to the network this show your about to listen to part of the hopped up networks grown family of craft beer podcasts in the US and Canada. I think it's great find this show and others like it at hopped up network dot com. Spot for informative and entertaining. Craftier pot tests. I love I love you guys. You're listening to the network. Welcome. You're listening to the south jersey seen podcasts. Good evening. Everyone out shares beer scene podcast. I'm rod tally. Joined by Vic spillover tonight in his basement Vicks outback we'll change name now. Just change named podcast basement basement brew, here's fears fix basement basement broadcast. They go. That sound good. Out. Does that quickest cut man, no way, we know airtime, then everything it'll be cut off so actually invited John tonight. He wasn't able to come. So one of these times. We'll get him down here to do broadcast with us. So if you'd like the fun Vicks basement Burke cast. Yeah. Please contact that. Okay. Well, you heard that voice voice. Who'd you invite tonight? That is the man the myth the legend the taco CAD himself. Mr James, Richard Ravic? Hello, and our guest tonight is from one of the hot jersey shore breweries we are in ocean county, and you know, I love motion county breweries we have Jeff Greco from heavy real brewing. Joe's. So the sound effects. We we have a lot a lot of. Thanks. We can't afford a real soundboard, Richard. We've been enjoying this. You know, I have actually food for the gentlemen tonight. I have some pizza here for all the story behind the pizza is the first time. I went to talk to Jeff the Rui wasn't finished. I guess as you're about to three months through the day pro like all time ago right before you. Like a man for like a month or so be more for them versus I got. I got I got the I got to the brewery. I was there to do a little bit of pre interview with them before they opened NC side heights. Probably as far as the jersey shore breweries, I think only only mud hen which is a brew pub is closer to the actual beach than yours your. I'll you go to the corner, you could see the ferris wheel waterslide and everything right there, and I will tell you in the wintertime seaside seaside heights is kinda quiet dark, and and then shine like a beacon you have heavy real. But the first night I went there to talk to Jeff you and your father in law actually were picking up some yeast from someone I think revived now you were picking up some east from Tori at backward flag. And I was starving writer there at the door and your mother-in-law and Jesse we're like who the hell is this guy at the door. And so. They must have called Jeff. They did let me in and they fed me pizza. So as a little giveback, I made sure I had some pizza here tonight for Jeff as well as some beer, of course, to try. So notice he wasn't feeding us Jeff the pizzas right here for I last time. I gave you Taylor ham and cheese Taylor hammer. See that's why would need it. Because pork roll. It was hailing from teller him. It was from it was from north jersey. So it was tailored ham and cheese. And I feed that did taste Ali a lot like pork roll. I will admit. Yeah. Teller north jersey guys hem, and Mr. Taylor made it so that's why we we had we had. So I did feed you all last time you were here too. And every time you come in. You have to have food because my wife insists on it. She's every time coming you have to have them. We have a poker game here. And I'm like that with them give them pretzels and everything like that. And she goes, no, you have to have food for them. So she usually has a big sumptuous meal for them. She. I wanna make sure we had she's fantastic human. She is she. Definitely keeps you grounded for sure we would all be drunk idiots down. This is true. So welcome welcome to my world down here and always pleased to do these broadcasts. And please to do Jeff who has a anniversary coming up. I little I don't have news written down. Rob. I don't have anything written down next week at this time. Will be preparing for the first night of the Atlantic City brew fest. Yeah. Well, we're up to what is it hundred and two breweries now hundred bro risk going to be there now hundred two breweries in the state and the state. Yeah, have licenses goes talk is brewing ready to open. Accent arrow is brewing. Getting ready to open one other person is Necker woods Burling. But what's yes, they start? I saw there. They started brewing and one hundred and two and their equipment was actually featured on s brew tax website the other day all of the fantastic equipment. They have. Yeah. So we got a lot of great stuff. Great stuff going on. Again. We got the Atlantic City beer fest next week can be amazing. It's going to be an amazing brew fest. You know, rob you and your jersey beer, guys. Girl are going to be there on pod podcast row as south jersey beer scene. Jeff will be there would have real for the time. And you guys will be there f o CB CB. CBC voice e. Yeah. Fear of craft beer planet. And now you'll be in a different area though. Right. Yeah. We'll be we'll we'll be over in the stone aggregate bastard side L, Kenneth because our one of our guys actually the stone rep. So we get the Gopi. Here. He's he's running it. He can't get away from say one of your guys in arrogant bastard, well that he's both. So that really makes sense. Yeah. Makes sense. He's running both. Speaking of stone and arrogant bastards and era Ghent bastards drop. I have in front of me here. You can't see this. But, but my my brother Chris Chris mentioned on podcast dug in his garage was cleaning out his garage and founding old gift that he got from Christmas several years ago. So the regifter it's Riga. Well. He gave it to me said you want this because basically gave me because he doesn't like right. So that's not an IP anymore one. Let's see what it's going to be. This is real stone open before Christmas the date on this is twelve twenty five seventeen. So this is an aged, unfiltered IKEA. Yeah. Okay. I've been told by Richard has been told by our stone Representative. Yes, how's it gonna taste? He thinks it's going to taste like warm paid. Okay. Well, you know, what I never drank that. So I don't know if that's direct quote. But he definitely did not think it was going to be fat. Well, this is the first beer that we're going to try to night, and then because we like to be historical on this show. Sure. We we tried this on fear craft beer planet. I saw for four dollars. I saw this Canadian Barrelli cream ale that was about two years out of date was the. Oh, four and a half percent. Two years out of date. I thought for four dollars though, but I just wanna open and see what happens for two days two years. I knew it was going to be fantastic. I mean, first of all what Gami was the principal who barely cream ale that off mirth about something oughta Canadian would do only the Canadians would barely cream ale. So all right. Let's see what that does. But you know, tasted like. No, nothing like, the flattest cores light. You've ever had. You're like just the weirdest flattest. Malt. It wasn't any Canadian friends listening the opinion of Richard or his alone and not the opinion of this show. On top rating that yeah. God negative through the name of this unfiltered IPA is enjoyed by Christmas. So we're going to open it up and hear the sound later. Okay. Now, let's see how this and I'm going to let Jeff have I haste because he is the biggest. The biggest fan of everyone here. So I am. We'll let him try this. I richard. You're definitely gotta give shot here. Okay. I probably won't hate it. I'm the least IP fan you're on the one that came by as last smells way too. Oh, it does. Snow more. L the mole. That's weird. No, hops in this left that all dad is weird. That's just straight mall. I never smelled like that before like even the cream smell like this. I am I drinking this in two thousand nineteen or two thousand eleven we haven't going see we haven't turned on our time tunnel yet. I trying to this. And I thought there would be. What do you think? I think it's multi affected. Anything stone it ever put out in their life insurer. Greg would be Rolex that we're drinking. Let's word picture. It's a hazy color. It's like golden it's not completely ugly. No. But you know, what there's more in here than I would have expected. Gets ether. You can't see through it. All of it. That's a. We think rob is taking a picture of it, hopefully, develops rob also has turned down this particular beer, which is Rob's drinking. You don't think it's awful. I don't think it's offals we expected. It's definitely better in the barrel. Each cream ale start there. I love stone. Like stow-n-go type was like, right. Then what got the passion of throw. Jeez. I mean, they're they're pillar. We've then this is like Jeff as as our guest you win the other five cans of this. When it first came out. I mean, obviously, if you're supposed to drink if you try and get when it was when it was out. It was probably amazing. Clearly, it was never designed to be drank now. I mean, yes by all right? We were told not to drink it. The rep officially said I drink that if you plan on a joint, okay? Probably wouldn't turn this right now. But it all. There are some peas. I've had you know, social six months old the taste station by this back while it's really this. Good tastes like PA. I thought it was just going to taste like nothing. It does actually still tastes like an IP though. But I will be dumping it. I don't have plumbing down here. But we do have a bucket that I'm dumping it, brother. Chris. Thank you so much for. Yes. Forgive me. And it says he also received that and just make it a down here. I'll give it says open before Christmas. You should probably take advice. That's good advice. Your brother don't put it away drink it. You know, he actually did. He just came back. He was out in business out in Kansas City. Brought me back some beers from boulevard rowing, and they were beautiful another one. Very nice, very nice. Boulevard. I remember emailing OG the Br OJ boulevard back in two thousand thirteen that have read IP like taste testing in a six pack. It was just all random shit. I bought a house that is one of the best beers. I've ever had. What's the recipe? They sent me the whole grain Bill like, you know, Berta home. It was terrible and never burden another red again. Excellent. They were really cool. You know, getting having the brewer Email may some idiot home for so that was cool. Excellent. Excellent. Well, this is a nice little experiment. Trying this out. I think it was a valid experiment to try. So that's historical part of our show. And as we said AC beer fest coming up a lot of events coming up that week. I don't know when this is going to air if there's going to air before any of those, but we got the we we'd be spelling spelling bee sponsored by founders, which is going to be aboard Ray in Atlantic City. And I am going to actually be representing. Ding, representing south jersey beer seen as a contestant at the we be spelling bee someone things I can spell. So that's raising money for the I think at the Alantic humane society county who makes. That's the Tuesday before because the whole week is beer week. So something going on just about every night. So I'll be raising raising money for all of those kittens and dogs and Al Packers, and Al pack is in Llamas and whoever you make like so great great. 'cause I know Wednesday we are south jersey in his cO sponsoring the foraged information to dinner, which is going to be at cardinal bistro and mentor really tremendous menu on air, very very high class, I class food and very interesting foods in interesting beer pairings. We got the number of the breweries from south jersey participating in that. Let me see if I can remember them at kgo eight and sand slack tide. Sigma sigma who else talk taco and who else am I one more on missing? On that that's five. I haven't nice list. There have very nice list. And we're going to have some great great beers there for that event. Takes me awhile. That's okay. Thing. I don't know. Why I can't remember the last one because we got some great beers on the list there. Do. Little bit of Santo, rob is looking at up. So let's talk to Jeff while rob is looking that up. And of course, Friday is the first day a beer fest. We got the one event was started eight o'clock eight to midnight day through and I'll be there. I'll be there for the Friday. Someone's going to have to wake me up at some point rich. Hopefully when I come onto your come over and see you sleeping during that. To midnight eight to midnight and then Saturday, of course, there's a two sessions. Rob love them Ludlum. That's right. And I love ludlum's beers too. So thank you. Sorry. We forgot you. Sorry. I forgot you. That's my old old brain not working. Right. So so let's talk to Jeff we have Jeff here from from heavy real and seaside. We talked a little bit about it before. So Jeff tell us about heavy real. And I know you got a lot of stuff coming up is your first time at the beer fest. You got your anniversary. So a lot of things going on. So why did you want to open a brewery? Geez. I thought it was a good idea. Say that stupid me. Yeah. It's been the past year's been crazy. I mean, we were just talking about you know, we made to the for the first time a year ago who and I thought it was crazy then and now just hide whole myself to very high standard. So like with cannon coming up hint hint for the adversary. And you know, all these festivals I signed up for being small just it's pain in the ass to be to be honest with you. But you know, I'm at the point. Now, we're Finally I can get out and on Friday night, come do the podcast, and you know, get like tomorrow, we're doing a festival and point pleasant. So I can actually go there and meet people and people back at the the fort holding it down. So that's good. Chad had to be around the board. You're going to be more beer on the boards and point pleasant will be there. You know, our first time AC, which is. I very talked a bunch of other Burris just to get prepared for. So it's it's just been crazy management crazier the past past two two months of spend insane. But it's fun. Yeah. It's a it's a good thing. It's a good insane. But I thought, you know, year ago saying this is like, yeah. Even now it's real now, we're open people can just show up like a year ago. It was like, oh, well, we we have this license, but we can open up a month from now up to we had control over now is just like just like this thing on your back. Like, you know, it's, but it's it's definitely fun. How many beers you bring into the AC beer fest? Jeez. Four nine we're bringing three IP three double IP as in a sour. That's a great choice usually save the best shit for like Saturdays. But you know in the taste room. But this time I had to save like the good stuff like putting six goals instead of the half gags and bring tasty right? Yeah. So if you're in our tasting room tonight, I apologize or tablist is pretty weak. But normally under topless, what are you normally keep out how many so typically I just try to do I like just bring as and sours, which you know, it's hard to keep those on tap. So. It's really kind of depends like I try. I just try to keep the friend or so. Yeah. The size. It's like. Yeah. Very bad as business. Try keep up with like Nita brew light beer need to do this. I need. I just kind of brew. What I like. I haven't done fields agreeing are, you know, nine percent beer in a while. Like, so. You want? Yeah. I've been trying to become better in the past two months making schedule for beers and burrowing and right to try to have it differentiated a little bit. But of his up to me, it'd be seven IPA's and one sour of eight years. I do some different stuff just because our area. Our demographic, you know, like people heights have no fucking clue what a life ya is or triple as. So I try to put some light, you know, I quote, unquote, normal stuff on that for right, some people. Well, not I know that that's your favorite your IPA's. That's your favorite to brew. That's the first thing you, bro. The first beer you brewed I know we've discussed before. Yeah. Live as just because you know, what me in you know, micro that people next closest to me like to drink in. You know, it's just what I've always kind of liked, you know, like the first beers. I started drinking lionise, you know, little out, and she's always IPA's IPA's. So, you know, try do the best we can, you know, put out could stuff and if it's crappy down drain. Now, you're you actually just expanded a few few months. Use that word very lightly. Two two and a half. Okay. So you you increase your seventy five percent from my garage equipment to some psycho. Bruce, just make it look a little nicer, and there that people take a little bit more serious. But yeah. Yeah. A little bit bigger. I mean our spaces tiny. So we can't go too much bigger. You know, we're kinda tapped out I think we have. Cheese was six or seven is seven two barrel from enters now two and a half barrel for mentors so gang contact out space. So yeah, I have all these ideas. I want do and space getting tight pretty quick say off air you're talking about a cool ship. Yes. Yeah. So that's like, you know, the sour stuff is really PICO my passion. And you know, just trying to like become a student of brewing. I think as a brewer once you think you gossiping figured out somebody else's passing by. So I always the that's my I try staff today with the styles, obviously as and sours, and you know, trying to that's a program. I really want focus on now is spontaneous fermentation a lot more sour stuff. Now, they have some guys I can trust, you know, doing the other side of things for the non crazy stuff. Barrels zoning issue in our space. Right. Don't have much room for barrels space there. Why don't you talk a little bit about a cool ship because then you know, we may know what you're talking about here. But what a cool ship is. I think the only one New Jersey's doing it as reference, you know, it's a you know, is not a deep you open it up to air and get whatever you can into the beer. Typically, it's a pretty thin layer of thing about big cooking pan. They put out into the wherever you put it get whatever microflora is in the air into the beer. You know, put in some barrels, wait and see kind of what happens. So that's kind of start going for. I did it when we first started doing it. I at least on Homebrew scale and by us, you know, the bugs got weren't too. Nice. So, you know, we'll see what happens I'm looking at this areas where I can possibly to say, hey, can I leave this here overnight and take it up in the mornings talking some people doing that now. So that's really where the next step. I want do. So we'll see where that goes, very cool. Now, I think I think allegations has one up there in Maine they separate. Bottles. The other day the ship. I just had shot to reference one of the best beers of her head in my life. It was one of their sours. I you know, I want their last weekend mind-blowing allegation. No reference over every it was. Forget the name now. But it was it was to me as saying before it just one of the most perfect years ever has. Yeah. I I really want start. You know, that's like next up from me is doing now that kind of project. Now, I know that you were talking about learning more about the Belgian style at Sarah that go along with that. Yeah. Yeah. I you know, I just I like learning getting better. I feel like it's every out should be better than the next and always learning involving and not being stagnant. That's just my philosophy on life and brewing. And right the business. You know, like I said in other interviews podcasts. Like, I hate the idea of flagship. It's just to me. It's just something. That's just. I don't need to just like dying kind of thing to me like to me. It's like I wanna see what's new like what other ideas? Do you come up with like it's cool to have like the same beer you go there. You have to see what's new. You know, what's different like what what other ideas? Have you come up with keep evolving? Yeah. Very different. My wife would be the opposite. She would go to a place and be like I like that we have that. And I give I want something different. I want something they never had before. So I know like different people's opinions differ on it. But I like different stuff, you know, on the fear of crappier planet. We joke that our show isn't just about beer, we we parallel the beer in the music instructor time musician. I don't wanna play drummer. We're both drummers, right. I don't play the same drum fill every time. Yeah. A lot like that Trump pleaded like I don't know because I don't play the same way every time. I just play the one that I feel at that moment. You know? It's what I'm thinking. Then I don't plan them out their music and handwrite your, you know, same way most of the time, it's like laid back music, then, you know, Vick saw I play on brewed as the complete opposite end of the spectrum. So right. I'm very I'll have a beer names come from different songs and stuff like that. So yeah, I mean using the common threat, but I mean, even even in the can art, right? I mean, some of that bunch of Elba mart. Right. I mean, you look at a lot like how we look at album art on the I'm not the beer guy on my show. They're all beer industry people. I'm the musician on the radio guy. So for me when I first started drinking beer, just knowing styles. Not knowing nearly the companies I would look at it like I was going shopping records. And I'm looking at it for me, the style is like the just like the style of the band, and then the the particular, you know, the the thing is the artist right? And I'm picking out artists. Oh sour. Okay. And then the artists might be Caskey. Oh, I know cascade. Oh, you know that kind of thing I'm really just trying to acquaint it music. I recant or if I didn't know it grabbed me because the art your music. I mean, what's better than beer? It really do go hand in hand changes everything. Yes. So one hundred percent for all that you know, since we've been talking about crawler Jeff's favored beers. And we have one here, and Jeff tell us about this beer that we're gonna be drinking in a couple of minutes. Oh, jeez. So unrelenting relevance are seven percent w I hope. I don't even remember what hops Bruce so much. I have to like look at log. Through that. I know has Citra mosaic there might be despite some other shit. No. I just Bruce so much. It's hard to keep up with another question. I can ask this is going to be my Ryan Egan questioned my buddy from tone would who has questioned all the time. Now, how many different type of strange do you? Cultivate, actually blend uses Easton's. I would blend use to create our own unique flavor Nigel. I don't recall to be any east at this point. Okay. Just kind of blend differing kind of a formula for each style. I try go with nice, but yeah, I'm not recultivate this size. It's too much other stuff going to deal with like management recall vacating, right at this point. You're the first person I've heard say blend east, that's very cool idea. Yeah. I was just talking to one of the came about. And he's like, well, that's a three. So yeah. So this is one of our beer's opening weekend. And it's just changed completely. This is one of the beers on opening weekend. And as you could see what I'm drinking out of. That's hazy is. Tell us about the glass that I'm drinking out of which no one can get. I have the last year that was so we opened those sold out and like twenty minutes those Tiki glasses. Yeah. I thought I was telling you before the the drowning cloudy people ask me for that. And I said it's gone like I'm not there's two stupidly expensive to get made again. So if you want it, did you say this was called medical dispensary, smells, amazing. Yes. Like, I said before this is probably little green because we just did not too long ago. But. Is that also affected knows too because the dry nose the nose is fantastic on it. Now, this is a very very hazy of a PA. Yeah. You definitely cannot see through. It is like a light Aren JR. Creamy color like almost like a cream cycle. Brewed with like, the no I mean to lower the ph and mash. And the only crawler has a skull-and-crossbone on it. Husband will story behind it too. Captain kids flag from his actual ship and treasure is buried somewhere between lava and Long Beach island. They say so that's the actual flag. We learnt we Roger actual word. Yeah. Jolly Roger we learn on this show, we do very educational, and is I'm always learning something, it's just not a corny pirate's gold, again unrelenting relevance. From from who I just got really drunk sticking to make up your name. Oh. I thought thinking bantamweight that abandoned song from somebody. I've elicits I don't. My notes in my phone and something comes up. Maybe this will work new music, people Lear. Hey hated that name. She's like you can't use as your name like I fucking love it. It's great. What's her favorite beer style? She's sends me our girl. Yeah. Nice. Yeah. I remember. Being at a bar in New York City like drinking as for the first time we both. Wow. This is really good. Have you been to -mongst caffeine? Philly have God. Tom lettuce. I brought my brother just have plenty the elder for the first time. Oh, wow. Yeah. Do you have had this or you stupid the Claverie she needed with lost abbey? The twenty four steps. Oh. Sour sour. Well. More about sours, Tom Peters. Let's grab the man knows his way around a sour. Yeah. I I I've been there haven't had that beer, though worth awesome. It's worth a second trip. I haven't had any of Russian river sours. I know they do the remember the name of. Yeah. But anybody any of fans they wanna drop off the brew. That'd be cool. Right. Right. See this is the platform for that. If anything off anywhere. I do a lot of other stuff. I haven't had the Russian river sour through so excellent really really nice slowly under carb that a little bit longer. But. I would have caught that. But. Very nice. She could a little bit tits till it's it's good enough to get the the flavor in there. Like you said it's just like a pineapple notes that next weekend. AC beer, I got to actually good point Richie. Not only pineapple no sets the pineapple color. Looks like pineapple juice dies. Excellent. Very good beer. Now. You talk about IP as but you make some some pretty good Stoute's also. Yeah. I just bought a couple of Rome barrel for we do like a Jamaican coffee stout. So just bought a barrel from Jamaica to throw that in let sit for about a year. That's awesome. See that. When that when I get around to doing that when it comes out. We also do like chime milk stout that. Yeah. I just put in a small I think twenty twenty five gallon bourbon barrel, especially up pretty soon. And I bought you know, the big big barrel Songa through that unless for year two happens. Now, you also have to Kish toe washes. Wash is going in the bourbon to both of them right now. Excellent. Excellent. That's a nice, that's a milk stout. Right. Chocolate CHAI milks, I hate Santa chocolate China. Also that sounds fantastic. Yeah. It's a my wife's beer brewed that one for her. Nice. Now took a little bit about heavy real the name come from. And you know, a little bit about took a little bit about the design of the brewery to because it's never really very heavy fishermen type design. Jeez. The name literary. I don't even know what it means. It's just there's this picture. There's two pictures burry ones of my grandfather ones of my wife's grandfather. I was just saying, you know, looking at pictures one day, and I guess it was catching a fish or something. And I was like looks like he has a heavy real or something. I literally means nothing. I don't know if it's a real fishing, Terry. I just like kind of sick of like going over these beard or brewery names, and the guess that's going to be it. She was on of this show. I guess Harry, cool. That's it for sure. Yeah. And the design inside I don't know I like dark things I said, let's just paint everything black in big kind dark, and all you know, all that would is just know. Yeah. Palate. Would that would just, you know, got for free and just threw up there and all the cedar. And there we got from a friend for free. Everything was all the Motors in there were from bay chops that we got for phrase just kind of all this stuff. We we took locally and got free for free and put it up there. And hopefully, it looked pretty cool that looks great and they're beautiful woodwork and actually in there. That's my that's my Fosse said heights. Yeah. My law is I mean, he's amazing. If I if I say do this within like a couple of hours, it's done. Always amazes me. So shout out to Paul. Now, how about why seaside heights? So my wife and her family they have a house in seaside park. They grew up down there. My family's from north jersey. We had a boat we'd come down, you know, seaside area seaside park pretty much whenever we could. We'd lost vote down there. We'd spend the weekends. Hang out the parks. You know, I my wife, and I when I met we we seem little park in washes sunset, and so stupidly remote romantic. And I just every time I go down like wiser, I would look at this place in seaside park. I'm like why is there? No bre- here. Like you every business. Here's in the summers surf taco there's lines like bars, there's lines like I'm like, why isn't there burry like I don't want to go to the boardwalk and drink two dollar Miller lights like why isn't somebody making beer down here? So. I just set it on the beach one day to the whole family, and they're like, your your mind. I'm like, I know and. Yeah. We I don't know. I guess my wife back me and couple close to me. Backing and it happened. We already a Homebrew. Yes, was home brewing. Sir. Home brewing, probably two thousand twelve two thousand thirteen and then I I've like very dicta. I if I guess into something just like go, wait way right into it. So I start emailing every New Jersey being in the ass and being as I look before they don't wanna get the dates wrong say, hey, Burs, ROY. Yeah. I've been home brewing since like. Two thousand fourteen you're eighteen to how we so. It was two thousand fourteen emailed every burry Mike Kane and Gretchen from little dog. You know, both responded Mike was looking for seller person Gresham's looking for just I just I just want to work for free like I just want to change my career, and I wanna do this and I interviewed with Mike. I think he ended up higher. Somebody also Gretchen well terrorists are broom with her young like I was like, yeah. I was like oh my God. This is like so much cooler than bring it home. This is like people are actually drink my beer, not family members. And. I guess it wasn't my bureaus just like following her around and like asking questions, and I was like it's it was just such a quite people coming in and drinking beer, and like seeing like what people make and I, you know, I knew all along like, I guess I want I guess if I found a that would hire fulltime I'd probably be fine. Just working for the next. God knows how many years being their slave. But. It's kind of hord at that time. I I'm sure it's hard. Now. It's hard to get a brewing job, especially right. You know, like at that time. I just got engaged. We just bought a house. It was hard to like be like, all right. Well, I can't just drop everything make no money. So right. Just got the point where I was like, I'm just going to do it myself. I think I know I know noth- too. Open one and two people open Burs have way less experience than may. So let's just go for it. Right now. Now, Jeff talked about Kane and Kane is well known not only jersey across the country as one of the best breweries in the country one of those. But but he also mentioned gra- Gretchen Schmidt how Schmidt Hauser Gretchen apologies. And of I said your name wrong little dog brewing. She was also the head brewer and did a lot of recipes at the old basil t's, which has since gone down. And she's been, you know, good advisor to lot of people in the brewing industry for many, many many many years. I know when Tori open backward flag Gretchen gave her some advice on the brewing it cetera in and I know Jeff. With Gretchen to some Burs meeting meeting Torey before when they were planning like. Yeah. Beyond being just a good advice. She makes him credible beer. I mean, I can't say enough. Good stuff. I absolutely love her. I was just taxiing your last night. And she just all around grape or grape burry awesome person. Awesome beer. I mean, the whole industry is kind of like that you know, everybody's willing to lend a hand. And that's when the cool parts about it. You know, you just mentioned earlier like when we opened I don't think we're going to get our approval that quickly. And so we had no grain on hand. We had no yeast. We had relatively no hops ordered. So I think like Tori gave us the the I think Jason gave me hops and all last week gave us a mall is just like everybody. Always lends a helping hand. It's it's really cool. Great especially in like our area. Like fry it Chris last way backward flag. I mean, we're all they were so close to each other that we all help each other out. And that's awesome. I now, you know, speaking community, and like I said, I know that you you've done a lot of work with them. How does the collaboration work? I know you've done several of them, including actually even before you opened. You did a collaboration with Chris. Then you. Oh, yeah. That was a lot of times. It's just you meet dies and. He's headed off you talk on and. If you have the spend a brewed with somebody wants to be fun. You know, you don't wanna spend seven hours somebody cheese guys like a frigging dread. Right. You wanna do somebody fun? You know, like we. Brewed a cloud in Florida. We did wall cypress with Charlie. Geez. At this point three clubs the Chason makers. You know, we all get along. It's like, I don't know. Everytime. Acre skies us get along together. It's like a party. Charlie. And I have very similar personality. You know? That's actually, that's how the Cyprus won't started. I think somebody said that you need to talk to Charlie from Cyprus. Like, you guys are so similar like you guys talk. So I just southern us in. Hey, Jeff from heavy real like, we've never met, but people to talk to you. So he came down like a knife. You I think a week before we open, you know, really drunk drink a lot beers. And then trying to start the relationship you now, it's a good way. Start in Florida. What what room Florida, did you point you bell? So it's down in Fort Myers. So my family's had a house down for Myers and my wife family sided house down the Fort Myers area. So research out to hey, this is like our home away from home. I think is really cool stuff. I do on link up and they're like, whoa, come on down. Now, how does a collaboration work is someone start with the recipe or where you talk about a style. You wanna make in everyone just say, this is what I think might work. How does that work? Yes. Is free much like well. You know, like, the Florida one for instance, you know, Florida it's a lot of e- percent. Peers aren't really like the big thing down there. So why don't we do session? I okay, let's do session. And I pretty much say, yes, everything. Yeah. Forbade your acres. It was right before I think it was may soar right before summer session done. I think we, you know, we talked about doing another lab and the winter it was winters goes through stout. So we did just wing it. We came in. We actually had no preparation we just literally just Wang it. They can't we came. We got together. Eight Tele ham, not pork roll. And. The recipe and it. Yeah. It was just literally just won't it? Yeah. I mean, that's pretty much it just it's like talking your friend. Like, hey, you wanna go to the bar on Saturday night? What bar do you wanna go to like, it's pretty much. I mean, how cloud goes I'm supposed to meet up with a couple of breeze and ABC next weekend. You know, talk lab and see how it goes. If we hit it off you hit on my new little mission in life to figure out the difference. What's there's tween and I've had a million answers. There's twentieth session. I p a and a a pale. Jeez. I I would say a session. I would be the same issue av. I actually say maybe a little bit less like I say sessions like oh, four two four nine out. What's his five? I don't like saying, it's a session. Okay. Say more Hopson a regular pillow, especially on the Haas lower EPS on the cold side, like the dry hop like feel like a session IP. Like badri? Mer to me is like a perfect peers just so lowly being like drop just just hit you right off the bat bright where pill. I mean, you could push appel too. I think twin often it caused a little help. I'm like, dude. This is not a pale. This is so good. How's the tail so, I don't know grey areas? Sometime tells hated on and do a pale drowning client actually like when we first opened we called it a six point eight percent, hell L or six point five percent pillow. And now, there's no Pell mall at all. So I'm like, how's it out seven percent of my it's not a pill L anymore. It's an. Right. So. Yeah. Well, isn't it the case that if you call something a pale ale, and it didn't sell then you change the name to an IP all of a sudden it starts on. Other than drawing close thing. I've ever brewed quote, unquote, Pell. So I I've been a couple of Burris, right? This is a town like this. If this is a parallel like give me the X, not what I I think it's like definitely like an age thing. Like a pale like some people think it's supposed to be like Sarah, Nevada for me appel supposed to be hazy health dry. Cal just not high V almost like a session. Right. So I think it's like a generational thing. Right. Especially is crazy at that point in brewing. Where like generations like, oh, this is a double. I ta like seven percent I pay now is like a regular or eight percents, right where you know, six years ago. Eight percent would be a double triple idea. Now. It's just like the given to be stays right as. I mean, the beer scenes is always evolving. It's just nuts. We'll you even hit earlier on something. That's that gets talked about all the time. Which is, you know, having a having a flagship verse having that something new every time we had on God who's the last big bird? We just had on the other show. What was it was the, oh, what are you mount Rushmore was the last one? He had the best joke to the one that did like the big giant, Ted talk. I can't think of his name super smart growth. Thank you. Okay. Grossman yet. So it can grow. Yes. You're in about right? That comic book that is about Sierra Nevada. Where beer came foam is one of the best reeds ever really, I didn't know that have you loved refugee got my one of my good friends got me that comic books for Christmas one year and was like one of the coolest toilet reads. The look that up. He he he's he's not media savvy like being on a show how to give short quick answers. He gives you like a Ted talk on deep thoughts on every answer. You give which is great. If you're looking for that, you know, if you were to get your to here by brewing. He gave you the whole thing. So he did do the funniest joke goes so millennial walks bar and says, hey, I'm I'm looking for the best period. Got bartender goes. Okay. And some beer drinks beer down goes. Wow. That's absolutely. The best beer of ever had my entire life. What else? Do you got? That's very true. That's how they drink. You know? And you can't tell them how to drink. That's how they drink. They don't they don't rest on a fly. They don't buy a beer all the time that they enjoy enjoy something. And what the next rush they enjoy. And it's you know, he got it. He gets how they're buying. That's how they're buying. Jeff took inspiration. Why did you start the Homebrew that someone give you a kit? And you said what the heck let me give into try. Did you watch someone and? Completely just random like I don't ever really a halo areas. And everyone's like, oh, yeah. Always wanted to be like, there's no way you always wanted to be a bird. You have done it ten years ago. Like when creek hill started all these like original guys thirty like, there's no way you actually want to do that. So we when I graduate college and got my first full time job, I met my now wife, and we would just take weekend trips, and, you know, Boston, we went to Portland, geez. Jeez. I'm forgetting where else, but like when we went to Portland our hotel literally looked out at shipyard ruin like. The big ass. Honest shipyard, I on I guess I was like twenty two or someplace there's a flyer downstairs tours and free beer or something. I'm like, let's go here here. Yeah. They brought me up. A month later like we went to Sam Adams and. Yeah. And harpoon, and they both had tours and then the free beers at the end. I'm like, dude, Bruce, cool. We should start going more breeze. Like every place we go and for Christmas years ago. I'm the home kit, and I I did not care at all about how beers brewed. I was like I don't care. I'm nitrous science. I was not a good kid in high school. I do not care at all. And. I don't we. We broke up. And then we got back together. One rainy day. It was like, hey this Christmas gift. Remember this? Like, I'm going do it today. And the I did it and like I said, very dicta personality. I liked it. And I was like after my first fear. Oh, very she's like your fucking crazy. I absolutely know that and yet you opened a brewery. Yeah. And she's the one hundred percent supportive of it. So awesome. Yeah. She's done some artwork in Abreu retired. She does a lot she she doesn't like to cut it for a lot. Even I put it on her like, oh, yes. You did all this, and like all the ever can labels she artwork for and she likes doesn't like taking the attention. Just like throwing out to make awkward. Know, she does we'll stop. And you know, life's just crazy like we both want. She wants to be involved more. I wish I could do more. And but yeah, she's the reason this happened pretty much so amazing. This ain't Burling romance. Aw. Yeah. Who do who've known the peer can bring people together. Her hearts, go melt when she watched listen to this and everyone else this guy. What did you come from? What jobs you come from previous to this? So I was in the military and was in the coastguard after that I became a teacher because I was like, well, I want like an easy job. So I became a teacher and now hopefully done with that which is a couple months which coast guard. I was just a seaman on a shift. Yeah, we do drug and drug and migrant interdictions down Cuba, drug runners, pick up, you know, people flowing in the middle of the ocean cutter. Yeah. Yeah. Two hundred cutter. Portsmouth gang portions. I should say not town, Portsmouth. Yeah. Did that for the while was like? I actually remember being jeez. With my dad came to visit me, Portsmouth New Hampshire brew pub there and maybe brewers or some crap. Like like tried ordering me a beer at nineteen years old. We need his ide-. He's like, he's the military. Give him a beer in their note. And then I remember like a year later, I was stationed Boston. We'd do the same thing. Like, Boston beer works. And he like order from like that stuff. Like, I'm not old enough in Santa. They're just shot me down. Isn't that fascinating? Altering beer crazy. But they know probably hitting you look at Mt. Forty though that's a light machine. I mean, like, I mean, whatever I mean, anything they would've handed you a weapon without thinking about it that us if you needed to there's a nine meter what right financial, right? Yeah. But yeah. Yeah. It's crazy, man. Yeah. But beers out of the question. I just I remember growing up. I where I grew up was probably less than a mile away from long vibe Repub in remember, my diving like a crawler or crowd growlers millennial Grauhar of. Crawler whatever they had on tap Bill. That's pretty cool. I a lot beer like that's one of the whole time brewpubs up loan valley. Yeah. Grew up around there and beautiful section in New Jersey up in the mountains north. Yeah. Up in the mountains that is up there almost never been up there. I tried that way. Long time ago. That's a really nice area there. Jeff, tell us about the music like, geez music. Tell us about it. Because I know type of music like you played it for me. Yeah. I mean brewing definitely hardcore something that makes me angry. I have a couple albums since flag dead. Kennedys tool loose that's on expert, Richard. That's pop music compared to what listens to okay somebody. I have not been either I like hard stuff, and I like put that vinyl on their guys off his mind. But like in the taser, especially in the summer like like reggae out. I'm I like everything like like hardcore punk like Kennedys misfits. But I like, you know, all the reggae bands. Like, I tears pie next weekend. AC beer fest. Like, one of my favorite bands, ever, also like really hordes stuff to you know, some kind of all over the map, but brewing, especially this time of year when I'm still working fulltime job and having to be there. It's a little one two in the morning. Definitely angry asked music. Yeah. Keeps you going? Yeah. In the summer, like it's more like I could win on like, I listen, whatever. Right. This time of year. Like, I don't want people come in and hanging out. I don't want anybody just knocking on the window bay brewin- beer like this time of year. Like, leave me alone. I got jobs to do I need to get done. Like at some point in this day sleep for a couple of hours. So. Yeah. My music music. Definitely influences me on PR a lot definitely. What would you? What would you do? Vic, what are you down here? What do you prefer to depends on the mood that I'm in what I'm doing? Sometimes I'm outside and the birds are singing enticing, quiet, sometimes it's nothing. Sometimes I don't know if that's something. If that's what I feel like listening to. Or something right lane. You think it'd be good song for something? Like that. I told you honor you one time. I I listened to fish while. I was brewing. Sure. Yeah. That'd be a cool beard grew. Yeah. I was listening to fish. Well, bruin. It's start with some crazy stuff. Just throw Albie. Right. Brownies. Yeah. Listen to the young listen to Led Zeppelin. No. A lot of things that I'll listen to show tunes. I'm listen to show tunes. Also depends Homa where the. Thing maybe listening. So sometimes I'll listen to Taylor swift by that. Yeah. Sometimes. So if you're listening, tell us with what beer turn this podcast around beer would be if I'm listening to Taylor swift would beer would. I'd be brewing. I think maybe a on. I was gonna say. Shake. A real juicy milkshake kind of stout grow. I like milk wise in classic German styles with Tillerson classic German styles. I would maybe play the scorpions rocky like a hurry. Now. I may go like that, you know. Beatles in Hamburg, where they they sang in German. Maybe that one or work that listening to made the dryer stout. When I made the dry Irish staff out. I was listening. Listen to Irish music as laying arson van Morrison track. Murphy murphy. Drive you to Molly the pokes that kind of stuff. It makes us the POS with the greatest Christmas greatest Christmas song ever was romance of New York City. What is the name of that? So New York City serenade something like that the pos- my favorite one of my favorite. So good. Let me let me ask you. Now. Let's you know star. What's aniversary what's specials going on on your diversity? What day is it? First of all April thirteenth is the Saturday. Last year. We opened a Friday remembers looking crazy. Yeah. I was online. I've got like we were in. I didn't believe in putting out too much like promo on social media before we are open. So we opened with a little bit of like, hey, we're opening and we opened up the line that was like three blocks long. My god. Nobody was gonna be here. Like, I. Pressure there at all. I was around the corner on the line as some of the members of our home brewers because I'm not really ready for this. Expect me for like ten people be here. And like I was early enough to get one of these glasses which brought the last one. Yes, those crazy problem, by the way, you have a school. And so now, you know, like a year later, you know, Saturday and planning. As a now three cans to go out there. I'll Sam now going people are already know what they are. Because like the TV approval they put out our cans the releasing this. So we're going to drown clown. Which is I pay we've done the most that we talked about earlier. Unrelenting relevance, which we were just drinking and wake of isolation which is nine percent. I wanna do our or something else. Boo. I wanted to the barrel aged bourbon stuff, I don't think so ready. So we'll see what's ready to go right now. I'm just doing for three. I know I put way too much of my plate to do more. So I probably will do more. But right now, let's three excellent. Excellent. And we'll have the cheesecake I can tap. All right. That's really nice new pretty popular in cans house gun. Excellent. Excellent. The yield on that beer completely sucks for ten percent. Yeah. Sure. First time canning, I canning. Yeah. That's nice law stress. Yeah. Like three AC beer fast and canning university at the lot happening one time wounds all coming down at once. I actually said somebody take more stress than this time last year like last year like I literally nobody's show up. So there's no stress open. Cool. We're open. We'll make money now. Right. Slow start people coming in all the time. And I'm like, well, this this this kind of sucks I actually like need to like. Be a business owner. Right. The good part about being a business owner as you don't have a boss part about hasn't been center. Is you don't have a boss? Yeah. My guys that definitely changed in the past year. Like, I it was just kinda like me, and my brother and my wife just work in every day. And now there's like a schedule and staff meetings. Don't like. Like, I don't like a year ago. This is crazy. Now, my staff me last Saturday was just like non family members now and stuff, which is cool all the guy that Bron board guys and girls that should say have been awesome. Excellent and make my life easier, and you know, all behind the brand business. It's cool, man. You know, I didn't I don't know. I had I think a lot Bruce open with a lot of expectations. I have no expectations. I'm pretty pessimistic person. So I like I thought nobody was gonna show up for opening like right anniversary. I think we're not going to any cans and cans, just that's the way just go about life. Just makes it makes it upsets easier to deal. Well, congratulations on the growth of heavy real on your first down versus. So before we close out when we go round, Robin Richard going on. We have the big ACP. I coming up the big thing going on with the planet. We'll be there. Like, I said, we'll be those same time, the jersey beer guys and a girl be there. Then of course, hot network will be a big sponsor for the whole for the whole stage over there. So I'll be over there visiting obviously I'm sure the guys from the we'll be over there visiting. But we'll be back by the stone tent. She'll be sitting in the stone. The whole time hanging out next still have to run across the Sahara everybody, and rob what's going on. But you guys just just released the podcast, right? Yeah. He just talked for me, so good. I could take your twenty two babe. Ruing just released that Richards, finishing up the accent arrow episode. We did when guys came over with some beer. Uh-huh. Getting ready for a beer fest. We're splitting our time at our booth with the work with my compete. Podcast that Long Island for great. Yeah. And like, you said hopped up network is the sponsor podcast rose who will be there without beer, seen jersey, beer, guys and the work textile. They're excellent. And I already talked about south jersey bear seen ocean county. Home brewers. Our next meeting is April sixteenth. It's different Tuesday third Tuesday. And it's going to be at fry brewing, which Jeff had mentioned them a couple of minutes ago. Fry brewing employment pleasant borough a great to be back the visiting with with Mike and the crew. So April sixteenth and Jeff anything else to add just I'll stay on Instagram for updates and got going on and. Shit. Yeah. We post everything on there. If you don't have Instagram Facebook get with it go with it. All right. And with that. Thank you, everyone have a great night. Thanks for listening to us. Jeff. Thank you for being here. See see everyone down. See? Women.

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