Hard Factor 9/30: Impeachment Update, Snowstorms, Stripper Poles and Mars


Would it is Joe Man Randy savage. This factor in there is no one that does it better now. Nobody it doesn't matter go ahead. Tell me something right down. Not a rate episode of hard-backed Monday September thirtieth our top stories of the day pat is GonNa give us a little impeachment inquiry update. We Got Ukraine Gate. We got impeachment. Inquiries Greece got Rudy Giuliani. We got it all packed Nice Nice a lot more of that to come today tomorrow tomorrow. After tomorrow lots lots of lots of that so she's and then Mark West Nile Take News Buffet of other headlines Takeaway Pat All right gentlemen as well said. Let's kick it off the crangate slash impeachment inquiry update so I up Joe Biden's campaign has asked news executives to stop booking the president's personal attorney and former mayor of America Rudolph Guiliani two guests on news programs why they asked him to stop talking about anything. We have pretty much yeah except his aviator's what he's but he's ratings gold yeah well. That's funny because I was watching some Fox News and they were like yeah. He's crazy is great for us because they'll just his talk for fifteen minutes and spill the gut spines campaigns asked if everyone can go to sleep for eleven months yeah but essentially the why is well. It's because Rudolph Guiliani is bat shit crazy and is the worst attorney in America makes everything worse for his client president trump the biden campaign apparently really just everyone yeah well. It makes it worse for the Biden campaign camping because he's digging up shit about Joe Hunter and Ukraine right. Can we get Guiliani on the show. We probably can some things we learned this weekend. We probably can't I think we can from what I hear. He's ripe to talk so the the quote from the letter that the Biden campaign sent over said quote you continue to book Rudy Giuliani on air to spread falsities all cities debunked conspiracy theories on behalf of President Donald Trump well you often fact checks his statements in real time during your discussions that's no longer enough and then the letter letter went on to describe Guiliani statements to be increasingly unhinged Giuliani came out on Sunday night saying that his part in digging up information on Joe Biden's ends potential involvement in ushering out Ukrainian investigator that may have been close to picking up some dirt on his son Hunter Biden was actually at the request of the US US State Department so either that's true or Hillary Clinton asked him to do it. no this is well. Hillary current state corrected tillerson REX tillerson percents guess who knows who knows if it's true it's probably not but it might be true but it probably isn't an Giuliani's kids should probably just adjusted is the current secretary of State Pompeo. Don't Pay Mike Pompeo okay busy pumping we call him that would make more sense tillerson. Yes from what I from what I know but then Pompeo's denying robbing commerce a hell of a flash in the pan there for great name name your kid rex you see the sleek. CEO of Exxon expecting he's what he wants I guess moving away from the worst lawyer since the prosecution team in the OJ Simpson Trial Donald Trump said quote on twitter. You're on Sunday like every American. I deserve to meet my accuser and he's specifically referencing the whistle blower right. I don't think yeah I don't think trump knows that run that the right he's describing is in the six amendment and specific reference to the procedure during criminal proceedings where you we can confirm. We're not they're not a criminal. Trump doesn't wanNA get their own. Maybe he should check his tweets before he sends them. In Other News House Intelligence Committee Chairman Airman Adam Schiff said Sunday that the whistle blower has agreed to testify in front of a congressional committee but he said he'd only do it wearing the masks magician's outfit in that voice modulator. It's definitely African like it'd be like a Mafia trial from the seventies where the the the you know the obscured pains in front of them. Is it really. Is that how they're doing it like. I hope I hope so I I know cameras low interest shift specifically said Congressional Committee so maybe he said that because it's not going to be just straight like a congressional to Congress Tim Right at closed-door exactly but guys this is the most not news of the day because the whistle blower based his complaint on information received from other people which clearly outlined in his fucking letter point secondhand. Maybe we spend some time to interview the primary sources the whistleblower blower put it on a letter saying I heard I heard I heard he's the Messenger. Why don't we not waste a bunch of fucking time and money and just get the primary sources in there just a thought yeah? If you ever like hang hang out with people that you're not there and there's an event that happened and you interview like three of your friends and ask them what happened. Secondhand sources the day after even not oh great they don't call it telephone speaker of the House. Nancy Pelosi was in our hometown of Austin Texas weakened in inbetween travelling and not responding to our interview requests. She found time to give give a talk where she described her recent phone. Call with President trump in the phone call. She said that the trump described the conversation with Ukrainian President Monica Zelinski were were as perfect perfect perfect. Fungal Pelosi went onto describe the phone call as a cover up of a cover up I don't know what does that mean what I do like to hear. The phone. Call happened happened. Recently and trump was calling Pelosi to discuss her bill to get better background checks for handgun so at least the presence still working and they're you know they're still talking walking just important yes and then finally guys a British market research company called YouGov conducted a poll over the weekend related to whether Americans think that the impeachment impeachment probe is necessary now fifty five percent of Americans think the probe is necessary with forty-five feeling the opposite way that doesn't bode well for people wanting impeachment fifty five percent just think it's necessary to investigate that that doesn't mean a Lotta people want him removed from office that would mean like one hundred percent of them need very Abbot Avenue but Robert De Niro is tired of all this bullshit so that means it's this is definitely going to be the one and he has a big political sway these days. I do want to point out guys that this poll was was two thousand fifty nine American so pretty much total garbage in my opinion now. It's not a very large sample size large high school. it took place over two days the company that did it YouGov. I looked it up there a British company that had revenue one hundred sixteen million dollars in two thousand sixteen so what the fuck are you do and you lazy ass you GUV two thousand people come up yeah. We have two thousand people that we sent stickers to last week. We could do better than that YouGov yeah but I think that's actually pretty normal for polling sizes because polls yeah. You're probably right because polls early so I I guess I'm just pissed that it's news because it's such small so let's take it to the Internet guys. Democracy rules says there's there's no such thing as the Democratic Party. They're just ordinary garden variety tyrants as Aerostat all described three fifty they grab all the power and money and subjugate the citizenry to prevent insurrection example equals Detroit. I WANNA know why don't we learn anything I don't know. Can we get on it people yeah I know I thought that because they flip flopped Democratic Party used to be the Republican Party. I can three fifty. BC You're right well no like in ancient Greece. It's well known the Democrats and Republicans were. I had the bath houses and they're doing little kids and it was awful. Th the gladiator fights come on culturally acceptable. I think we just merged Greece and Rome John America. John Magnum says we will find out who the traitor is. No doubt a card card-carrying. Damn Shit all dumb shit like I mixed it up there. Although dumb shit holdovers need to be escorted are their offices and clearances earns has revoked Cag- twenty twenty and then Andrea Art Wimberly says the quote whistle blower should be charged with slander and Andrea doesn't know the difference between slander and liable well no. I think you're you're jumping the gun here pat. She Andrea knows the was going to speak in front of me okay. She's she's preemptively saying there was the Internet commodores the benefit of the doubt. That's a good idea. That's it seems like the the right side at Internet. Internet commenters are fired up there. Let's take it over to the lightning round daily New Tab baby okay I up just one week. After the official end of summer. A snowstorm began blasting parts of western North America with up to three to four feet of snow in some mountain areas smashing pretty much all the September low temperature and snowfall records in Montana and eastern Washington the storms which will continue into Monday eighth had snow piling up across parts of California Oregon Washington Montana Idaho Nevada and Utah. I peeked my head out today for a little run to the dispensary and and mountains around Reno out rose are completely snowcapped real nice weather cold nice fire done. Did you run to the dispensary are are you done in my car because we run in my car not having a little bit of a different experience over here in Austin Texas. What's garage like fells well right now? It's eighty six eighty five eighty six. It was ninety seven again today. couple of days at nine thirty PM Friday Thursday Friday afternoon a couple of days ago Watson. I want to go hit a few galls at the range and it was it's ninety nine degrees felt like one or one according to the weather channel and we couldn't get couldn't get through jumble packet of balls. I thought I was going to die on the range Eddie attack their flu like temperatures happening in the garage or physically and mentally ill all next week highs of ninety eighty seven. We're hooked up to a lie detector in here permanently. That's the northwest is bragging about the fucking snow. It's Nice Nice. The Weather Service is calling Miss Storm historic for this time of the year they said the temperatures in some areas would drop as much as thirty degrees below normal a welcome break from the hot hot summer but then it is fantastic actually the town of Brand Browning Montana near glacier national park recorded forty inches of snow on Sunday alone causing yeah. That's a lot of snow between three and four causing the governor who's still running for president who I'm sure everybody's forgotten Steve Bullock to declare a winter storm emergency instead declare that he's resigning from the race. You wonder why should have gone to for their because he's in the news so he should've taken this opportunity to say you know what also going to retract that running for president thing is is making it pretty clear to me. Why seventy two year old guys are shooting people in their backyards and Texas going back to sleep? It's just too hot yeah. It's fucking hot. You want to rob me. I'm just going to shoot you in the neck and deal with it tomorrow. It's late September and it's it's still over ninety. You're dead. That's out on the winter storm. Jesus Christ lucky bastards well Hong Kong protesters still going strong and have entered their seventeenth week in are just becoming more and more violent as Hong Kong or Sunday participated in not only their normal anti Chinese control protests wanting investigations into Hong Kong police brutality and also free democratic elections but they added to their emotions by joining it on the staged anti-totalitarianism Palestinian ism rallies that other cities participated in around the globe at the fact that Tuesday marks the seventieth anniversary of the People's Republic of China called China's National Day and you have a recipe for some blue water cannons umbrella shield bricks being pulled up from the streets the hurler riot police and Molotov cocktails. That's pretty much what's happening is as likely continue to happen but just regular day in Hong Kong your day. I don't want to be in China China's National Day. That sounds like a day. You don't want to be in Hong Kong. Yeah I WANNA be the anywhere in Asia during China China's National Day. I think it'd be forty yeah. WE'LL PRO-CHINESE PRO-CHINA IMAGINE Chinese New Year you take like a bunch of shrooms and shit and like watch all the dragons running through the streets. That'd be awesome. yes protesters bring in a change of clothing so they can't be identified right because the clothes won't be covering their hands faces. Yes because bluewater stick them later. Yes die hose is a hilarious tool. Suppressing protesters a hose of scarlet letters to little smurfs running around all right guys so this Saturday was the debut of lives forty fifth that season. Did you guys watch. It didn't watch it. I watched the O. The town halls skit. What would I thought that was pretty fun? I like the joke that they said like and that's who seems to have overestimated the country's excitement for him. He talked to the enthusiasm to heartache I was doing. I was digging through the right wing publications for my store Dorte there you Betta fucked up with the damn right. I'm GonNa Take Your Air Fifteen. He's in trouble. It's everywhere but I watched it for you got no big deal and I noticed a bit of a different tone tone for the most part with the season debut like what West syncing between the cold opening the host Woody Harrelson's monologue in the beginning and the first sketch with the Democratic candidates that actually decided to make fun of Pc culture bit reminded me of kind of like our show here at heart factor lot where they just made fun of everyone and everything in the name of comedy as opposed to having an agenda which was good to see. I'm thinking the off season and fresh off firing Shane Gillis before his first show for racist comments. Maybe they decided this year not be baby shit soft and only left leaning at at least I hope so for another week they were dropping jokes like West mentioned they also called Takashi six nine Teriyaki six nine and they called Connie West Don on king and someone else the black Wackadoo so they were they were showing Shane Gillis how to do tasteful racist jokes so overall the show was okay. It was not the funniest at all. I'm thinking thinking they're bit rusty at being funny. Maybe this new old school approach will pay off them. One can only hope because face it go ahead yeah I mean I wish it was funnier to I mean I wish I have when we were growing up. Saturday night. Live was appointment. TV was yes you know like parents were growing up the same appointment TV. It still is but like Bhutto were too old for it like that. That's all the about that. I don't think it is anymore. I think the tone was it was getting back towards being funny like I said and let's face it we just mentioned it's been a long Texas the glory days of SNL but it is in my opinion the best comedic show of all time and has helped launch some of the biggest names in the world for example from Eddie Murphy to Bill Murray to Chevy Heavy Chase Tina Fey Dan ackroyd Steve Martin Chris Rock Adam Sandler Conan O'Brien Julia Louis Dreyfuss Robert Downey junior will ferrell Jimmy Fallon Billy Crystal Ben Stiller Sarah Silverman Tracy Tracy Morgan John Belushi and Mike Myers just a few of the people they've launched couldn't get through all of them. Did you hear the data those were on the show in the last fifteen years though no Larry David on this weekend Oh and he was hilarious sure as a guest the guests were the funniest part of this past show speaking of huge. SNL Stars Pete Davidson missed the season premiere this weekend to film Suicide Squat Pete Davidson SNL to film the movie suicide squad to where he will likely play. I guess it's a reboot so suicide squad one point then the first one tanked awful awful the worst he's likely going to play the role of a new remake Yes for some reason James Gunn the gardens the galaxy director and ex public pedophile joke enthusiasts decided to run decided to reboot the suicide squad three years after that Shithole suicide squad movie and he decided also Caspi Davidson so you can do with Pete Davidson. Even though the the last guy couldn't do with will Smith Yeah correct that makes a lot of sets the news though he will Smith's not coming back but goodness repeat Davidson's Margot Robbie is returning for the reboot so he's probably been sleeping with her for some unknown reason season Pete Davidson has got a frustrating and sells like insults on the surface this guy based on his lux and from the jokes about living with his mom being loser. He's he's a successful comedian. He's one of us. He's our poster boy and then all of a sudden he bought Fox famous eleven's on the Red Sox Fox them up probably that movie for no money that he's just literally has sex the hottest women on Earth just sitting and then complains about life Margo route. I hope that his depression is transmittable. Verily that depressed it better not spread that depression and those beautiful ladies well actually you'd want that because then that makes them more attainable to us. I don't know I think they're attainable to anyone of Pete. Davidson can get them. That's possible it's a certain type of woman that's into Pete I think mark did did you say the James Gonzala going back to guardians of the galaxy. He's doing guardians the obviously three after so it makes sense that he goes to DC after he gets ousted for bullshit well. He's probably GonNa lay a stinker on comeback back in late guarding yeah. We've got Pete Davidson playing a main character yeah. It's GonNa take it from the silver screen. Let's take it to some Mars baby by the way those shirts are still available at the bar stool store and they look great so I up about Mars Ilan finish bolting together his SPACEX starship the chassis of that starship in Boca Chica Texas over the weekend and now it actually looks pretty fucking cool. It's got the wings things on the head the wings on the top the wings on the bottom. It looks really really nice just like this big chrome starship fins in the legs well if you'd like to get the Algebra will. Do you think that maybe he should have waited until the starship was a little further along before bashing yeah yeah he's made some mistakes in his publications but but to be fair when he did as a shit these asked top engineers say it's better but it looks like a fucking piece of Shit Chat Donnie Lanka. He never like self edits his tweets or whatever he says in interviews to like just did the classic Ilan where he's just like taking pictures the whole time live even if it didn't look good and also saying his unfiltered opinion so it just did was wrong a few times the one who writes flow consciousness if they exactly looks like something something like a kid in the nineteen forties get like as a Christmas present as a spaceship basically does the Steven Spielberg designed it right yeah yeah but I I mean. It looks like it's probably all aw practical because chrome. It'll get you get you to Mars good news for anybody who does want to travel to Mars one day. It's only only gonNA cost you about three billion dollars to produce each starship which is much shorter of the ten billion dollar per ship estimate that he had previously given up to ten billion dollars so great news for anybody who wants to one day die on the Mars colony able to afford that probably means like a fifty thousand dollar ticket then always good to be under budget on something taking you to space cut some corners also related to Mars NASA's Dr Jim Green expects that Europe or the USA. USA will find evidence of life on Mars. Once samples are able to be brought back drilling samples samples from the surface all this stuff they're gonna be able to start transporting sporting those samples back to Earth from Mars in twenty twenty or twenty twenty one the latest Dr Green Says Yeah we're probably definitely GonNa Find Life Vinh these samples and he says that humans are absolutely not ready to have like ex- extra planetary life here to fuck with. I've been saying this since day one of hard factor after yes. There's some Shit Omar's that's probably deadly that will fucking kill us even inside our human terrarium. We don't maybe don't bring it back to Earth either like I don't know like what he's not even saying like the killing part. He's just saying that like our minds aren't even ready to understand like what it's going to unlock. Let me be the judge of that. Jim Green let my mind. I know leave it on Mars right. He's with mark is saying like it's so unknown and so crazy so volatile that just should should leave it alone. He's excited but also also I think he's fucking bidder that he's working for lame ass NASA and not Elon Musk Musk space x company. We'd actually get to Mars. I think they worked together. Nassan essence space extra hand in hand. I think I don't know I don't know it's like. HP lovecraft like the scariest things of the things that are unknown and the you know them. Go insane well imagine what if you like what if they find something in this Martian life and you could like get it injected into you and all of a sudden like a superhuman but then you Martian and right yeah yeah so think about that I will I will do it. Bring it down here. Let's move on this all right moving on this and I'm GONNA be honest. Boris Johnson keeps saying he's GonNa get the Brexit a done by October thirty first and I'm really not exactly sure how he thinks he's going to do that. In light of all the losses he has suffered over the past few weeks weeks I mean he lied to the Queen Forgotten. He's lucky to still have his head but now to the Queen Denisa apologized to her. I don't pick if he did it this year. He's make the crown later but now as as as Conservative Party party meet at their conference in Manchester is still claiming there is no reason brexit won't happen holding onto his do or die stance even though opposition members of parliament passed a rule requiring him to ask for an extension. If the deal is not done by October Nineteenth even though he lost his bid to hold another general election even though less than half of his own party now thinks he will get it done on down from seventy eight percent in August and now a new report has come out that while he was mayor of London he gave some hot American businesswoman thousands of dollars from an agency agency you control because they were fucking while Boris was still married to his second wife allegedly the article also alleged that Boris would stroll over to them to then twenty-seven-year-old Woman's home on afternoon breaks a home that was apparently outfitted with the stripper pole and I don't think he just strolled over. I think he probably ran over allegedly so all this is compounding pep step yeah a little like a kid that just figured out a masterpiece lunch and all this out and exploded over the years and exit thirty first not looking great had a zip line directly to they just get a couple of new tattoos and join a band yeah. I mean I'd go buy a ticket. Well also the chick. Did you see a picture of him in her no she ah this chick roasted him on twitter she said it looked like a shitty halloween costume of trump and stormy like it. It's like a JV version of trump in storms the girl that's that's the giant giant boobs Fun of herself and how nice yeah weird power stuff yeah so brexit not looking great and if you go yeah predicted that works slash Promo Slash Heart Twenty you can bet on his what what is going to happen. The odds of Brexit happening dropped from thirty three cents twenty cents in the past week but of climbed the twenty four cents in the past twenty four hours. Oh so this is a long shot pick. I'm not gonNA tell you which way to go because unless Boris know something all of us don't unless he's about to drop the mic the whole world. I think he's going to have to ask that for that. Extension and Brexit won't happen so the exact opposite of what I had said in the beginning right now. The no is trading for seventy eight cents but twenty four cents is not to be overlooked as a definite no and again any good news could bump that right back up and you can take the money and run I kind of like a sadist latest when it comes to my friends and I kind of hope that now brexit hits yes because you'll you'll never recover I will from the mind fuck. You've been apologized apologizing for weeks and if it actually hits you're GONNA GONNA apologize for telling people to flip flop. You'RE GONNA get you'll never recover from that. Yeah Yeah you're right. I won't make our friendship a lot. No more fun so remember. This is all totally legal in all fifty states. You get your money deposited in your account within days. No bitcoin bullshit use your debit card all day. Don't say that Shit about Bitcoin. Though isn't it down a little bit. I don't know I think it's down a lot. Dammit and get Twenty Bucks Bitcoin seven point zero at this point because not the Badger rebranded brandit seven times or we don't need fucking bitcoin. You don't need American Bank money going right predicted making much more money. That's right no bitcoin. I needed so like Martha use your use Your Debit Card whatever get twenty bucks on us by going to predicted dot org slash Promo Slash Heart factor twenty predicted dot org slash promo slash hundred tornadoes also congrats if you got in on the trump having over one hundred and eighty tweets if you put eight fifteen down on that which is the Max bet you are now rolling in the fucking dough so oh good rants yeah grants you know so that's what we call a you just won grants and our policies to whoever deemed us on instagram twitter Nastase what we thought of the pence hence tweets that bet is not looking so oh we thought he meant trump yeah with always said trump's or one eighty not eighty. You guys know that I'm dyslexic. Sorry about that. My I bet sorry lastly seventy two year old Dallas Man James Michael Meyer fatally shot a suspected burglar behind his home and then went back to sleep because Texas MHM because Meyer told police he woke up at five. AM to noise shooting really took it out of him. Yeah exactly like Oh very emotional shooting you had to go back to sleep Meyer told police he woke up at five. Am to noise outside his home and saw someone trying to break into historic shed with a pickaxe so naturally the Texan grabbed his handgun went outside and yelled at Robert to stop and not come any closer or shoot so far so good Meyer said what happened next was the man walked toward him which is exactly what he'd said not to do so he fired and the burglar dropped pick axe and ran meyer allegedly told police that he fired again into the night in the direction and went back to bed satisfied that nothing was gonNA happen no robbery no harm no foul. Nobody called the cops right and no one called the costs that even the neighbors thank God he shot at the Robert. Everyone go back to sleep when when he woke up for the for the day a few hours later around seven. AM He found he'd killed the man has wife than called an attorney before mile called nine one one hundred two reports that he was the victim of crime and medical help was needed for the robber he'd shot to death officers found the unidentified suspect and Myers backyard face down on the ground with gunshot wounds to the neck to the back of his neck act like through his neck so I guess the second shot into the night was a little more focused than it was actually him standing directly over the the body shooting into the back of his very yeah. I think what he did is he waited until he sobered up a little bit. That's I think that's what he's shot wasn't into the night it was into the neck and after homicide detectives investigated they thought similarly will because they've arrested him for murder so I'll tell you but it off my fucking story of being twenty five feet away way and then the next shot being from insure way down through the right probably did not up for logistics. I want to know what was in the shed. Some really important. It really really wasn't assault on his shed is that that's not a crime in my opinion well to watch the shadow well what's in the he's going to go through trial. I think he's allowed to stand his ground but I I think that based on the things he he's certainly lying about how it went down and we'll see what happens anyways before we say the end Antonio Brown tweeted out my English paper due tonight eight at Twelve Nita proof proof reader make sure as and bs he's spelled my paper due tonight and Prophet or Piero Effinson Offensive Piero F. and that's going to do it hard factor. Hopefully the starts. Everyone's week is going to go smoothly today. Oh Hey if you got those hard factors stickers we sent out don't forget to take pictures is with them and send them to us tweet them and stuff and they also make us happy. Also if you want hard factor stickers Diaz on twitter instagram or email us at heart factor Mark Gino Dot com we have another other ship coming soon and we will get them out to you make sure to follow heart factor facebook and Youtube video contents and good news if you missed out on the soft corner and pop the clutch t-shirts Gaza. I'm talking to you. They're coming back for sale for limited time. Only this week and we will keep you updated on windows. Shirts are

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