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you're listening to the stream was the podcast that discusses all of the latest happenings regarding your favorite streaming services. Find out which savvas is winning the war this time around the latest episode of the streaming wars doesn't with me and we're here to cover everything from march third through the night. We have a couple of different service. Updates we've got some more sports news and our main discussion is going to be paramount. Plus as it launched last week actually the same day that our latest episode released. But we're gonna talk about that in a little bit other things related paramount plus so that. Let's start off service updates. So the first thing i want to talk about is google tv with chromecast is is adding kids profiles this month in the us. Now the specific focus of the articles out there was that google is adding the ability to create kid profiles so you could use the device for your children and control the content that they have the ability to watch it also allows them to have customizable youtube suggestions and things like that which obviously helps you tubes algorithm and google as a company as a whole but i think most importantly what i found really unique about this is that it sets the device a little bit different from some of the other devices that are out there. Obviously amazon has the ability to have kids. Profiles roku does not have profiles and i think outside of even the kids element. I think this is a really interesting idea. Because having the ability let's let's be honest most households that are going to have a streaming device in general. Not may i would say most of us are going to have at least more than one person in the in the household. And if that's the case there's a good chance that you watch different types of content and i say this because most people are already using streaming services and have multiple profiles on each streaming service specifically tied to the content that that specific person watches. I have a profile watch specific content. My wife has a different one. My kids use a different one. Every one of us watch different things. I don't want to get suggestions for stuff that my kids are watching. I don't want to necessarily see recommendations on the same stuff. My wife likes to watch without me. That's not the kind of content that i want and it's really good for the algorithms for not just the streaming services and obviously this new thing with google to suggest content that we wanna watch specifically to get us to watch content. Either it's on youtube and there's an ad presented whether it's on an ad supported service that is going to play ads and that content is going to know help that company earn money or whatever. That's the whole reason why profiles exists so it surprising one that google is doing this surprising in the sense of that. It hadn't happened sooner. I'll just say that. But i think this is really smart to do for not just the kids aspect but the adult aspect. Yeah this is really surprising. Dealing other has a you know. Device level profile is are the amazon fire devices. my daughter has amazon fire tablet. And we the kids mode enabled so basically she has her own special operating system that has games and a bunch of weird content. That she likes. I know exactly what it is. But she it so That's the only type of device lovell profiles that i really have seen. I think this is an interesting concept. I think there is a better integration with like having a device level profile on google because google also youtube in you can have a better integration there of okay like this is the kid's profile can only show like kids related to content and was a little bit more clear and obvious but look at devices. In general there are no device level type profiles that happen yes you have a permissions due to like okay are wearing download like certain content ranges. Are we going to allow apps that have like explicit content or something like that right usually the the restrictions on content fall to the services themselves so like Disney plus my daughter has her own profile. Just so that you know tailored to all kids content related. She doesn't shouldn't have access to watching like more action shows. It's just more fits her age Same thing with amazon basically any other streaming services that has you know profiles and would be nice to see like on a device of okay. This is a kids profile and then every streaming service just will get that information automatically sign in the app that that current way. I think that would help especially parents as they move forward of trying to remember. Okays sign into the service to anita. Make sure to start something that i'm in the right profile. Kids are kids and they're smart and they figured technology and all of a sudden they're going to open up their favorite app and it's all going to play something they're not supposed to Just because they are A very curious people so overall i like the idea of the device level profile because he can have like even like device level the profile level like apps. Silly this one person might just like these few apps the other person. I like these other few apps. I don't know more think about. It's actually kind of an interesting idea you even as an advertising perspective you can cuomo almost personalized the devices themselves and you know script information because each person has a different profile. I'm getting a little bit away. The conversation here but i think it will. Tv taking a device level profile idea is i can see the having some benefit. I'm curious to see if this bet for them. Works and if it does arena seelig roku in other device providers kind of a similar idea there and just piggybacking off some use. The one thing that i'm hoping for is that there is a way to figure out how to integrate the profiles that google's doing device specific to profile specific on the streaming services themselves. You know obviously. Because i've got a kids profile on netflix. For my kids. I want them to be able to access that. I don't want them be able to access all of netflix's by accidentally clicking on their their profile but somebody else's profile. I don't want them going. Hbo max click on their profile but they could click on another profile and the thing is there is parental controls as far as once. You're into the profile. You know you can't get out of. Hbo max is kids profiles without a pin. If you if you put that in place the issue of course you have to be there first. And that's the thing. And how many times have we just been randomly logged out of something number one. We're using them when we log in it logs into the default account and you have to switch profiles from there so and plus disney plus you just log in brings up the screen of all the profiles and i've no clue that my kid is gonna recognize okay which icon is hers. She can pick any of them and then if the default first one is going to be like mine which i'm an adult obviously Then yeah that she might just click the default or she might click. You know some of their accounts so even Even from the non default scenario prisoner with the screen. There's like a one in something chance that they're going to click on the on their own profile which means there's just a high chain so they can get off of the profile other supposed to so i think the current state of profiles in kids profiles. It can definitely improved a man. I think that the school tv experiments isn't new idea in new attack. A new approach to this problem because there are some weeks box. There are some gaps into streaming services and dealing with kids and kids content. And honestly this is really. I think the first stop to making way more specific to the individual users in general. And i think that's all right so moving right along the other service up that we have is. Were media's ceo jason killer. He had talked about a variety of different things. One of the things that he specifically talked about was the upcoming aviad tier which he specifically didn't give any details but he did talk about how there were the entire intent behind it is that it turns out the most people on this planet or not wealthy and and as they go into other markets outside of the us they have to approach it from. They can't charge as much as they're currently charging here in the united states outside of the us. So that's one of the driving factors for the aviad. Tier is that when they go into these international markets. They need to be offering a cheaper alternative to than what we are. Currently the only that we have here in the united states. That's part of it also. He talks about some europe rollouts. He also mentioned some things about the movies and how they're they've been pleased with the results from the movies that are being shown on. Hbo max at the same time. they are in theaters. But overall i think the big takeaway is that the when it comes to money they know that aviad is something that they desperately need and we know that it's also coming in the next few months The against the latest assumptions is that it will be here before june. So it's only a matter of months away which means it's only a matter of time before we're hearing more details about this but that's the big takeaways that aviad is very important to the further success and the growth of hbo. Max you know. I'm obviously glad that avon's coming for hbo. max. I think that's going to be a big push. Subscribers and subscriptions as they move forward. It's really gonna more people would be more apt to that and not just because there's ads. People aren't apt to ads but people are apt to service a much pushback. Something on what she said about. You know calar saying it's good. That evolved services are there because then they can have cheaper alternatives for people different countries I wanna push back a little bit because if you look at net flicks like yes. They have a. It's not the highest dreaming. It's not the highest price for subscription. But it's you know. I think number one number two or three in terms of price especially in the united states but in other markets they. It's not like a one to one correlation with us price to the price of in their markets so like the euro send a one to one correlation adjusting for currency inflation. All that stuff so markets it's it's vastly different and so i think india it's like what three bucks or something i. It's it's difficult to get factor till that but it's substantially lower than. What is the united states. And so if hbo really really wanted to push themselves it can lower the price into other markets because you know in some areas trying to reach So many people. There's so many devices there's so many different opportunities so that you can bring down your price a little bit. You can recoup that with volume in. So that's why to push back a little bit on avon. It's not the end up. Y'all solution for them to grow in the future on there's plenty of streaming services that do not have a fight that a proven successful. I mean the two leading ones united states. are you know netflixing disney plus and they don't have ads so the main thing for their growth isn't gonna be avon. It's going to be its contents going to be on. Its ease of use in a bunch of other things. So that's i think that's one thing so yeah there's there's one thing i just wanna push back on but another thing that i found interesting about this article in its at the very bottom. It's carb drops like one or two sentences about cnn in he you know he's he's excited about the opportunity with cnn. Talks rumors reports everyone to describe it. That warnermedia's looking to spin up Stena loans seen in subscription service. I think that you know we collectively push back You and identify. Why would you do that. But it's nice to see columbia like okay. Hey that's actually seen in creates good content. It's an interesting. it's a good business. And he liked to see an opportunity that there could be even more. And i know that he's saying that as charge of yet warnermedia in general but it makes me excited because he recognizes the value. That cnn has seen in media business. I know that a lot of times people say cnn. And they have the media association with news. And it's a whole another campers that we don't talk about but they also have on their channel really good documentaries High production quality informative content. What is like they had a couple of series where they documented like the twenties thirties and forties. I mean they just one on every every single decade and it was really informative in great series. And so it's nice to see calar recognized. That cnn has value in. I'm curious where what their plans are gonna be. I don't think a stalemate service is the best idea. I think they could bring that content into each max in really unique corner of content on the. You're not really gonna see on other streaming services so it's it's it gives me hope that he recognizes that There is an appeal. There is an alert. That cnn brings something to the table in. He's gonna try to incorporate that in the water media portfolio things all right so then moving into our next topic specifically this has to do with sports. I know we talked about sports but sports are big deal. As a couple of different small things. Premier lacrosse league has officially been announced that their games are going to be moving peacocks. peacock premier also the. Wb network will go dark. As of april fourth as they shift to peacock details for that have also been released as far as what. What would that is actually going to be. Initially peacock will have a bunch of content but they will not have the entire extent of what was was previously available on the ww network. Intentive getting all of that content on their hopefully by the time of summer slam which is in august of this year. But that's what's happening there but the big sports news over the past week is that amazon is reportedly close to a deal to carry more exclusive. Nfl games specifically looking at thursday nights as the premier place to find thursday night football. Right now i believe. Cbs and amazon or splitting the rights for thursday night football and it looks like starting twenty three it might be amazon exclusive for those games. I know people are talking a tired. Probably tired of talking about sports. I think sports are really important for streaming services once again amazon has made a deal with the nfl and carrying games. I think that that's kind of the norm that they will host. You know thursday night games us year. They hosted a serenade game. It's a big deal. But it's kind of the normally gets me. What what i find interesting is the exclusivity part of the contract in. That's important because most nfl games especially united states live on three channels you know. Cbs fox and nbc. Sometimes they might be on another channel but that's like super it's very rare so them getting the exclusive rights to a game is pretty big because then that forces the football fans. Nfl fans if they like this team more football just on thursday night when the week's been stressful and you just want to chill out and just watch something that's the that doesn't really have apply to really pay attention. It forces people to check out amazon. Prime so i think the exclusively part of this contract is i think it's genius. Think it's a great way to get people subscribing to prime and the prime ecosystem and keep involved in it's a whole new It's just a new class of a subscribers. I wonder we could see you know this this idea of the exclusivity part of like taking something that is on a on a linear tv in only be exclusive on a streaming service from see that trend by other companies. But i think that this is a bold new bama's on. They have the cash to spin on sports rights. Sports streaming rights. They're just really expensive in general so they have the cash. This is a bold move him. I think it's i think it's a slam dunk move. What are your thoughts. Yeah it for for the growth of amazon. I think it's important. It's interesting because obviously amazon has the the money to do. Basically whatever they want when it comes to streaming but we've always been told when executives from amazon talk about Streaming is that. It's a way to get customers to subscribe to him some prime to utilize amazon prime and then obviously use their platform to buy products. That's what they've always said. But it seems as if this actually goes through this would be probably know the it would be the biggest position to get prime to really get into to really be used by a lot more people. I mean to be fair. They've got some good shows. They have some good movies but they're not very regular as far as how often they released those things yes. They've won some awards for a variety of different series and films that they've had but when it comes to content in general on a normal basis. They have you know a steady stream of content that they license from elsewhere but as far as new original content. They don't have anywhere near as much as some of the other players out there. Honestly i put them right in. Longside hulu is like there. There is some new content all the time. But there's just not very much because it feels like the the the the service it sells self is secondary to something else who lose secondary obviously disney plus and. That's why they've got what's going on over there for amazon. I think this is a position for them to really show that they're all in on streaming and it puts him in a unique spot where you know they will have a lot of people were subscribing to the prime service whether or not it's for shipping or not just able to watch these games. I completely agree. I think one interesting part of this deal. Is you know. Obviously transactions are a deal between two parties. There's obviously both parties have to get something out of obviously This deal from amazon perspective is supposed to gain more prime subscribers. I think that's a of this relationship but the nfl they're really sensitive to ratings to to how many people watch games. I think every year every february people talk about okay. How many people are the super bowl. And it's actually kind of important the past four years. There's been some rhetoric about how certain things that are going on have affected then if ratings that have happened that occur. We're not going to get into that but those are brought up in the nfl. Pay attention to that. Nfl owners har that the key stakeholders into the nfl. Making these types of decisions and so amazon really is going to have to deliver on so that they can keep you know the. Nfl's attention that they can keep getting these contracts or maybe it's not amazon as somebody else outbids them. They're going to have to prove that they can get the amount of viewers or get a substantial amount of viewers. If you have these exclusive contracts that you know putting a game on. Like cbs nbc. Or foxwood and i think that's important. That's a porn papa that i don't think people are going to talk about because it's it's we're the streaming wars talk about the streaming part of things but this isn't transactional deal in the. Nfl has to get something out of it. And so when this contract ends. I am kind of curious with the nfl's positions to be and depending on the nfl's position that might affect other under sports leagues. That might look into you know. Let's just have games streamed exclusively on streaming services Nba has a lot of revenue. Mlb a just. There's a lot of factors go in here and all the second order consequences that i feel it could be easily missed if you don't like flush them out so it all this is a big bet and i hope it works for all sides all right so then with that we're gonna move straight into our main topic of discussion. Which is the launch paramount plus now paramount plus launched last week. I ended up having well. There's a question. I have not had the time you subscribe to plus and check it out so i'm going to be going to be the person who knows nothing about the service and how it interacts dustin. How'd you like it did was there enough. Content was the app easy to use. What are your thoughts as somebody who never used. Cbs all access. I can't compare the two. Because i was never a. Cbs all exits subscriber specifically. I looked at this as well. They have some content. That's unique and interesting. There was content over the years it had released on. Cbs alexis that obviously supporting over to paramount. Plus then i was like. Oh maybe now's the time to to check it out. But the other thing that kind of enticed me was the fact that they had an offer where it was fifty percent off a year's subscription if you paid upfront for the first year. So i was looking at paramount plus specifically to serve a couple of different things one. I like the idea of having live news. Because i don't have live news on any of the services that i have outside of peacock. I'm not a huge fan of what peacock has as far as news. Cbs tends be more neutral when they talk about the political stuff and things like that. So i was like okay. This'll give me another option of news. Outside of just having the stuff from msnbc laura nbc. News so i was. I was one. I don't watch a lot of sports. So i didn't really care about the sports. It was really just well. It's dirt cheap. I get live news and on top of that. So they'll have content that you know. I can watch. And there was some content that i know like my. My daughter's gotten recently into watching. Some of the nickelodeon shows they were actually flakes but there are also available on paramount plus or extended versions of extended versions in the sense of like there's more seasons or more current episodes. They're available specifically on paramount. Plus so when. I was like okay. Well you know for fifty dollars for an entire year i can at least give it a try because i subscribe to the premium version. And you know that comes out to less than on base basically paying for any other services right now so i was like. There's it's it's not a matter of it's not really a matter of cost as far as trying it out and then obviously they've already promised that their theatrical movies that they release are going to be coming to the service within forty five days of being in theaters. Quiet place part two. I'm interested in seeing them. Interested in seeing mission impossible. Seven and paramount has a decent run a videos. That are decent films that released that. I would be interested in watching as well. So i figured. Hey what the heck for year. Let's just try it okay. So let's get into the the the the service itself so the service itself signing up was pretty self explanatory pretty easy nothing really the only thing that is because i signed up typically or technically the day before it launched on the day it launched. I was told. I got like a push notification on my phone that said download the update for paramount. Plus and i did in just immediately switched over. Cvs alexis to paramount plus the icon. Change was no big deal. As far as the computer goes is the exact same thing. Cbs alexis log in immediately worked for paramount. Plus there's a couple of things that i am not a huge fan of one before i get into the content there's no watchlist feature which i can't comprehend why they don't have that because that is something that literally every streaming service has you find a show that you wanna watch you put it on a watchlist literally every service that i has. I have has that. And there's even streaming devices like the google tv or the roku that you can put things on a watch list so you can watch them later. They don't have that. And i don't understand why because there are some shows on cbs. That i would that. I used to watch that i was like. Oh maybe i'll come back and watch it. Sounds like but. I can't save them so there is still something going on with the adding on showtime. Because i was the other thing i was i was interested in was when you had. Cbs l. access. You could add showtime to your subscription for a nominal up charge per month and there are a lot of shows. I used to actually be a showtime subscriber. When i subscribe to cable and there was a lot of shows. I liked watching on showtime. So i thought oh okay. We'll i'll get showtime and added on. Can't do that yet. I don't know when it's hanging to happen. But you can't do that when i was actually subscribing to. Cbs all access the day prior to paramount plus launching. I looked at some different. Faq's and some comments online and things like that talking about how to add showtime to your bundle and it can give you the option. There was no option everywhere at told you to go. It literally just showed you a spots. That was blank. Everything was telling you what to click on. Wasn't there anymore. Because i don't know when that's going to happen. Because i was looking forward to potentially adding showtime to this and then having the content from showtime which would watch on a regular basis. But it's not there yet. So i'm not sure exactly what's going on with that when you get to the content side boys there. There's not a lot there to be honest. I mean there's a lot of content in general but it seems to be at the same level as peacock when it launched there are some original content that reported over obviously from cbs. All access there's content. There's movies that weren't there that are part of the paramount library and things like that but overall not a ton of content. The thing that's really annoying is that there are lots of shows that when you click on the show it shows you the episodes that are available and there are like weird groups of seasons and there's weird groups of episodes that are available and not available and obviously i understand that some of that content is licensed elsewhere. But i think that's the biggest problem when it comes to sue paramount pluses and while they have been touting that they're all about making sure that they can still licensed content think. The biggest problem is the things that they have. That people would probably. Actually you know go after to watch are already somewhere else. And that's the biggest problem. I mean unless you are specifically looking at watching current episodes of content that design. Cvs as a way to watch it without. You know the commercials because you're watching live or you don't have an on demand option or anything like that. Then the services great for you and the price is great. But there's not a lot here that i could see myself going back to like. I feel like this is exactly like peacock but i don't. I don't pay for peacock because i have xfinity internet. So i get for free and i think that's the biggest problem with paramount pluses. It's just it exists there. Some content there occasionally. You'll find something but when it comes to what i'm looking for. There's not enough there to make me go. Oh yeah. I can't wait for this now. Obviously that change. If i can add showtime for a nominal charge and i was only having to pay like a couple of dollars on top of her mom plus to have have showtime. Maybe it'd be more worthwhile. Because they're shows on a regular basis that are available on showtime that. I would wanna watch you know. There's it's it's strange. What they choose to do when it comes to some of their shows the very successful shows. Before i guess realized we really need to get into the stream side of things. They went in licensed. They're they're they're popular shows. Which makes sense brings in money but how long before they actually start bringing some of this stuff back. Or how long is it before. They have more new original series or series that they keep for themselves. Because that's the part that. I'm not seeing here compared to somebody like hbo. Max which specifically sought back when after like friends one of their shows to keep it themselves instead of paying the licensing rights are earning the licensing rights from a streaming service and obviously were brother still license content elsewhere. Everybody's still licenses content elsewhere even disney has some content is on a regular basis cycled around at different streaming services. But i think it's important that you have a consistent basis and i think the things that are going to draw people into paramount plus are going to be the same things that are going to drive people away because they're going to realize that there are certain things they're looking for that aren't even available that that makes a lotta sense and i can totally see a year frustration. There you know once again. I'm rooting for cbs. I mean the man that for burma From the outside looking in the only for me personally yes march madness is coming up and i would like to watch you know. Those games life in a lot of them are on. Cbs so that'll be fun to watch. But other than that. The biggest troll and i can see from paramount plus is the backlog of movies from paramount And just though that that the backlog movies content seems like it's most important asset right now but like you said i can just go on prime whatever movie. I'm interested in at the moment. So i mean yeah. They have the festive furious series. But i can just go to prime and just download that That for you know a night. So i understand your frustration. Hopefully over time that they have the adult the add more originals original content. They can google service that way. But right now from what i understand from looking from the outside and hearing your perspective from the inside it's it's another nascent streaming service just starting from not necessarily the beginning 'cause bs alexis put it scope is wider so it is in in in the scheme of trying to go for a grander scope. It is still a very infant streaming service. One year's time let's let's you know circle back and see what happens. See with the service can have. Is it going to grow at whole like disney. Plus which i doubt it can replicate that success or hbo. Max peacock account as it goes against those players. So i've which plus the best. But he had the just does not sound like a service that i'd be personally interested but hopefully they can have enough content the future. That would be something that. I want to check for long-term all right so with that. That's going to wrap up this episode. If you're interested in seeing any of the trailers that have released over the past weeks please. Head over to our youtube channel. Where we have a specific playlist. dach- showcases all the new trailers from the newest trailers to the latest to the oldest trailers over the past couple of weeks as we build that those individual playlists. You can check those on subscribed to this platelets to find the trailers as they release and trying to make sure that we update that day outside of that. If you're interested in reading not only the news topics we talked about here but also the news topics that also happened over the past week. Check out our show notes which can be found at the streaming wars dot i. Io for all of the links to all of the articles that we discussed and obviously the ones that we didn't in addition to that you can follow us on. Twitter and joyner dischord for latest news articles that we talk about and you can follow us on instagram. For all this announcements related to new episodes of the podcast posting you can also send us an email at the streaming wars at gmail.com with any questions. Comments concerns feedback or topics. You like us to talk about in the future and wherever you're listening to this podcast. Please take a moment to leave some feedback as that always really appreciated one last announcement Moving forward. we're going to be switching the podcast to every other week specifically because there's just not a ton of news paramount plus launching and no other streaming services launching in the near future. There's not a ton of news outside of a bunch of the entertainment stuff that we're not really focusing on this much as we used to so rather than trying to struggle to figure out what exactly to talk about if there's not a lot of big topics to talk about to have an episode every other week specifically focusing on those big moments within the streaming wars so starting next week we will be having the week off and then we'll have another episode two weeks going forward so with that being said hopefully you guys will continue to join us here with the stream wars and for twenty myself. This has been the wars of guys next time. Thanks for listening to the stream and was check us out on twitter and instagram. Also consider supporting us on matriarch links compete filed that the streaming wall starts.

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