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On today's show kyri apologizes to LeBron's Dinwiddie spoils hardens fifty eight point night and cousins thinks the warriors are the most eighteen in sports who needs some all-star support what shoot technology will we see next and which player would make the best movie villains and Steven Adams smashes stakes in a bloody new edition of the mean teammate. It's Thursday January seventeenth the starter star. Now. Good evening sweet rural. Then welcome to the starters. Presented by Jack Daniels old number seven and Tennessee. Honey, I'm Jay skeets alongside me as always tasks Malysz. We've got the Ozzy li-listen over yonder. Let's the bearded one. That's true. Curvy. Uh-huh. While I'm here at the internet looking for your best tweets at hashtag, the starters. And guys we like to joke around about the starters bump the idea that players play better after coming on the show. Well after Deandra berry balled out earlier this week. The bump got a serious cosign from hawks coach Lloyd Pierce. He had a tough challenge he has to guard. Roth. And you know, I don't know what show he went on last night. He called himself or they called him. The drip got you are the hawks drip God for. If you know de'andre he plays with a lot of swagger, and I think that's important. That's show. Baby brings us to today's question who needs the starters boat because the bump is real just look what happened with our guests from earlier this season Marvin Bagley came on Halloween through on an ipad. And the next day. Scored eighteen thirty one point victory over the hawks John Collins visited in December his very next game. He set a career high and scoring against the wizards. And then followed that up by setting another career high in scoring in his next game. And of course, Bambi was here on Monday. He's the drip God a day later. The hawks smoked the thunder and the drip God threw down as swag doubt, reverse and the cotton, buddy. So choose wisely because now bump is real hit us up on Twitter. And let us know who needs the starters bombed. Send us your best tweets that affect the starters glare from you later. All right. Get your three cents one tonight. We're gonna play a little fill in the blank. We got a new addition. In the meantime, very solid play. But we start with is this news trae has rounded up some recent MBA headlines. He's. He's gonna pitch them to us like he's rod Beck back. We'll determine whether or not they're actually newsworthy. Trae runback cool. Gotta shave my moustache handlebar lead Ellis Styler. First headline is from ESPN it reads. Kyrie Irving apologize to LeBron James for not appreciating his leadership. Does this news? Sure. It's news kyri called LeBron James people still call people that's news and twenty six year old Kyrie Irving old man Twenty-six-year-old kyri said he made mistakes when he was younger. He admits it, and that's a good thing. And also, I think it's this is news because he's learned to control the media like LeBron James because after he called out his teammates, he gives LeBron call and then post game you tells people. Yeah. Yeah. I call them all of this. Yeah. Unprompted. He said all this. Yes. So they can go stories about him being great just like LeBron knew how to control the media knows how to control the media. It's a smart move by Gary. But all in all it is a good move. And that he is learning and he understands that maybe he was a bit of a jerk. Tila. When a youngster he's twenty six he's not that. Oh, yeah. He's not old at all. But this is the interesting part because people sort of got up in arms over these comments. There's two ways to interpret them this comment like that he called LeBron and away one. It's like he's genuinely like empathetic to LeBron. You know, he now understands being a veteran himself a veteran on his on his team the leader of his team. How hard it is to come in there and be that guy, but then communicated in a way to your younger guys like this is our goal this. What we gotta do. So he he feels truly feels like for LeBron that, hey, is sort of did you wrong when I was with you in Cleveland now the other way to look at this like, I know Bill Simmons included in this group. This is just kyri doubling down in a weird way on his whole comments about I don't trust some of these young guys that are a little immature because they remind me of my former self so in a way saying he apologized to LeBron. But also saying, you know, you guys, I gotta do all the work here. I gotta carry us. I got to be the LeBron in this situation. Now, I don't know which way I sort of lean towards us being apathetic with LeBron James being a veteran. Do you not look at it though? Like, no the. This is just you and Bill Simmons shouting each other out on different planets. Tom Tommaso included with this sort of thinking that this is sort of an oddly calculated move here from Cairo. Well, he just went out and Bazeley rescued a game away from the rep is when those Celtics desperately needed. It was very LeBron. Like, it was it was. And then he said afterwards. Like, you know, this is why I can say these things because I can go out and back it up on the court and the team to victory which was an incredibly performance by him because he wasn't a shooting and scoring. He was getting out of the gauze involve typically out hold down the stretch this. I think this is just saying listen guys. I know what I said the other day, and then I apologize. But remember, I am the leader of this team as well. So I expect you guys to sort of kind of fall into line again, like LeBron unless someone is better at closing games than Cari on that team, which I don't think there is then the other guys have to listen to what he said and understand that it's coming from a point where he's trying to win and he's showing the white because he's doing it himself. Okay. I get that. But you know, the other side of that is yeah, he won a title with. Lebron kyri hasn't done this stuff by himself. In fact, some of these younger guys on the cell. Ticks have had more success in the playoffs. Without another superstar leading them is what I'm getting at here. So that they could look at it like, okay, hold on. You're not LeBron man. And you're not even old. You're not a vet. You're twenty six. Yes. Strange part a little bit to it. But look I'm actually as a raptors fan happy. This is the news. And not the fact that the raptors sort of folded late in this game, the offense got staying and like you said kyri did the takeover where he started lead that eleven oh run hit the three six Bron. I mean. Yeah. Yeah. I guess it is, but I'm happy. This is weird story instead of the raptors link sort of Kyle Lowry disabilities. Grows. Lakes. Nine car is a free agent the end of the season and the Lakers could use a point gun. Don't buy that. At all. I've heard that going around maybe. Like, you know, what I didn't appreciate Brun wouldn't mind having him back on the. Let's go. All right next headline here. Our next headline is from the new York Daily News, Spencer Dinwiddie spoils, James Harden's, fifty eight point night in nets rockets brillo is if news is this nece, which pot of James for fifty again, not really news. He's doing it as long, but you know, what was ironic I think to me was James harden, probably looked at what Spencer Dinwiddie did particularly in the last couple of minutes and then in overtime, and he said, I would love to have had a God like that on my team who can just create for himself and get a few shuts off because spends a dim when he went Tracy McGrady there in the last seconds hitting those big bombs, and then it carried over to overtime. He also got his teammates involved. And it was just I think giants hot and looked at everything he did. And he got Austin rivers a shot at the end, they couldn't make that. And he just felt that kind of went to waste, and he just needed another guy Gordon play, but he left. So it was just the disappointing end for James and to put up another historic not. When the other end a guy like spins what he would sit would fit perfectly next James harden. And right now, you call Dinwiddie McGrady like he's sort of hard like. In this hardens the beard, can we call Dinwiddie goatee? We could throw that out there because that was an unbelievable takeover performance Brennan. And like you said this should have been a rockets win. The nets were dead. They were down eight with about a minute to go. And then when he went off and then took care of business in overtime. I think it's news though, from the heart inside of things as well. And I think we're gonna see a lot more of these headlines and goes for forty five plus fifty plus, but it comes in a loss to team x hardened hits twelve thirteen threes. But it comes in a loss team x because he's just being asked to do. So so much here. We're going to see more of these. But it's news. If your name is included any we got rules here on the starters. If your name is included in any sort of milestone with Jordan or a Wilt Chamberlain. That's newsworthy. That's pretty impressive even came in L to it. You know, scrappy good nets team. So Zach LeVine scoring twenty points each game to start the season. That was Michael Jordan, ask got included. Right. That's fair. Nice counter. We've talked about it either way. It's news because there are up the rockets are up. Yeah. What was the thirteen with four minutes left, and then eight with one minute left, and yeah, he's tiring and not to say that the rockets weren't working their butts off at the end of games, but they are going to lose basketball games. Because harden has to play he admits the three minutes and this minute after the game. I was tired. I ran. But I will say I like how the nets got really aggressive in overtime on a final couple possessions where they just totally. We're like anybody. But harden is gonna be there. They are doubling him force James to pass it. Okay. Well, you guess they're gonna live with Austin rivers with a wide open three. Then he missed and then even was like two seconds ago. They just bounce two guys on them. Okay. Green in the corner. He had hit some threes. Do you still consider everything? And then I had nothing else. I this. All right. Just put two guys on him. And see if he can still beat us and it ended up working. All right headline trae our final. Headline is from NBA dot com. And it's based on an ESPN interview DeMarcus cousins calls the warriors. The most hated team in sports. Is this news? Is it truce truce is generally nice guys on this team? And they give great access as well to media types. Like, you guys you've done a lot of interviews. I will say though, DeMarcus cousins told Rachel Nichols that I didn't play against the pelicans on Wednesday night because I didn't want to give you guys story. You will become the most hated team if you continue to not give us. That being said now, they're they're too nice. It's it's like a Yankees or or Cowboys. Three. You know, when the words on the Roy's, everyone loved the warriors. Then they go to good. And everyone's like, we want to see them lose. It turns when Durant join there. Yeah. Of course. Is still leading vocab. Yeah. Just a lot of play everyone everyone. These are the comments are a part of the comments cousin says, he says, you know, they hate Kevin Durant. They hate me. I think the only guy that really like is curry actually they may hate him as well. The hey, Draymond green. But I mean, it is what it is. I can't worry about this. I mean what I think he's saying throwing himself in there because he hasn't obviously even played for him because he joined the warriors like what Kevin Durant like an all star. Just joining the warriors when he could have joined any other team. But he goes the war is that's why people hate him. But people DeMarcus will will be out to rehabilitate. He's image. If he goes and plays. Well, and they go on to win the championship. I didn't think people feel the same way about him as they do about Durant because Durant voluntarily left the seventy three and nineteen to go and join the wars, and then he's been successful since then people want to see them. Get chopped down a little bit. No. That's for. Sure. Do you think it is the Yankees or the Red Sox or the Cowboys or the patriots as the most hated team sports sports? I mean, I would go. So my luck Liverpool. Menu Manion audit. Yeah. Chelsea just talking soccer now football skews me. Let's. Trump on Twitter. Hashtag starts the most hated team in sports across all sports. Is there a cricket team that comes to mind. Yes. Who I won't say it. You're scared. English. Tired of spending hundreds of dollars for prescription glasses. Our friends at Zanny optical offer, a huge variety of high quality stylish frames and state of the art optics starting at just six ninety five. You can get multiple frames with this great pricing for less than one pair. 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That's bollandbranch dot com, promo code NBA. Remember by going murder January twenty eighth. Don't miss TNT's new limited series. I am the night. She and fifteen years starring Chris pine and skirl does all about it. Inspired by a true story of one girl at the heart of Hollywood's most notorious murder upload this thing wide open. Girl. She's the key. But new limited series on AM the night. January twenty eighth at nine on TNT. This starters is presented by Jack Daniels old number seven and Tennessee. Honey. Back with the starter time to play a little fill in the blank trade. You've got some questions for third returns from all star fan voting came in today. And as you can see the song remains the same in the east. We've got Janas quiet and beedon the front court while Kyrie in D. Wade hold down the back court, west LeBron the dunk and Paul George or the tall is Stephan de rose or the smallest we got about four days left of voting. So fill in the blank the player who most needs all star. Support is blank. I think it's Blake Griffin or the pistons. If feels like he's becoming a bit of a forgotten, man. Even though he's averaging over twenty five points a game. He's eleventh in the league in scoring. It's not his fault that he has to do everything on his team, and they have fallen out of the Eastern Conference playoff picture is bounce back with all he can this season he'd working his butt off. And he would be very very fun in the all star game. He would be spectacular. Even those games a little bit more primer or entities days. He can still throw it down get them in there. It's because he's on Detroit though as well. I mean, that's just not a team that people watch a lot of note. What he's doing? But I'm going with Stephen Adams because I think it's underwrite at just how important he is to the Oklahoma City thunder. He's been brilliant has the highest net writing when he's on the court visits when he's off and oil. So I think in the Western Conference. These are the the forwards who are going to make it on the front Coa guys LeBron. Kevin durant? Anthony Davis Yokich, Paul George. Maybe don't you. I'm not sure what's going to happen there with him. So I think it's going to be a little bit tight for him. He's going to have to get in one of those wild card spots. But I think the coaches will respect what he's done. I just hope that he does get in. Because he doesn't have the flash if someone like Paul George or Yokich it gets a little bit more acclaim. But I think Stephen Adams has been just as important to the thunder as anyone else on that thing. It's a good one. I'm going to stump for deer and FOX this FOX can't even sniff the top ten in the Western Conference guards here. I think that's a joke. He's averaging eighteen seven and four on one of the league's most surprising teams in the kings are twenty three and twenty one here. Admit january. That's rare with forty seven percent from the floor. Thirty seven percent from three. He does a little thing called defense as well. We haven't had a. Kings guard just guard here make the all star team since Doug Christie, Mitch Mitch rich way back when over a decade. I don't think I don't think. So to think FOX is going to make this all star team. But you got to start laying the groundwork. You've got to start looking a year or two ahead. So if I start saying this meeting the Bush here beating the Bush saving the book. I'm thinking FOX's in the bushes. And all that aiding the drum beats and if I ever heard one. All right. Beating the Bush never heard of that before. But where we're going. We don't need laces because earlier this week Nike and build the first ever auto racing basketball shoes. The Nike adapt BB tightens up on your foot through a smartphone app. Guys Rev up to eighty eight miles per hour. Take me back in the future and fill in the blank, the nets shoot. Technology will be blank of insane. This for a decade NBA jam shoes. What do I mean? By that shoes that light up start to glow. Get a brighter red brighter. Blue whatever the color is as that player in the game catches fire. Just like the old NBA Jayme can GM game. And we got the we got lights in these shoes. Now, we're getting close to this being the thing curry hits three and get a little brighter. He gets five in a row. That's going to happen. We're gonna see MBA jams us. I'm telling you, I'm going with a technological advancement. And I think it's a hydrate rest God because you know, how. Now, we've got all the sports. Scientists is telling us, you know, you go to rest, and you've got to do all this stuff. I think the shoes can absorb your sweat until you when you start to need to go and have a rest and go and drink up. So that you ready to go. So you want with down. Maybe grandfather your feet, exactly exactly the fix everything very sensitive. I'm really worried about issues the can control with your phone or a device that they're going to get hacked at some point. Jason Tatum is going to be in the fourth quarter going up for a shot, and this lace is loosen. The next technology is an anti hack device to turn that around. So that you can hack the shoes in this day and age everything gets act go to answer anti final one here. All right last summer news broke that the clippers on Mariano bitch would have a cameo role in the latest John wick movie earlier today, the trailer for John wick repair Belen came out, you can see a little Bogue on their land and a kick on Kiana and then getting a book smashed into his mouth certified fresh but building the blank NBA's next movie villain. We'll be blank Joel Embiid. He is perfect for this role. You know that if he was in a movie he would be promoting it on social media. He would love to play the bad guy level, the hang he's a big guy. He's got the great head. It's got the great voice. He would be fantastic in any movie role. I'm gonna go with Alex Len of the. Atlanta hawks. I know is he's not really known in the basketball world all that. Well, but that means you can get them on the cheap. And he's got various looks. I believe he was a gymnast when he was young he's flexible alright throw him in. There can be great. He loves Jackie Chan movies. That's always a positive, and you know, you can be an eastern European Bill is from Ukraine can be that guy. He's so what? So what that caused nine beat eloquent? I'm actually gonna pick a coach not a player Quin Snyder. He looks already like an evil mastermind mean, wouldn't he be an awesome villain? Here's sing is or his mannerisms when it looks like he's plotting world domination along with trying to defend the pick and roll coming up with strategies so Quin Snyder he could just save with these henchmen. But. Exactly. Right. So I think he'd be great out there. Guys jump on Twitter hash day, the starters, which player coach personality too. You think would make an awesome movie villain when we come back. We've got a friend who addition beam team. Every week. We scour the internet to bring you the mean team our favorite weird and wacky moments from the. Number five. Joel Embiid had some fun when he had to name as many colors as possible in a mere fifteen seconds. Why? Query live moves glue. I agree. Green dark. Green light. Joe Joe Harris loves the shoot the long ball. And it turns out he's pretty good at it. Connecting on over forty seven percent from three this season. Which is why? The nets recently got creative with a Twitter. Video promoting Joey buckets for the all star three point gone. That's yeah. He's tossing oranges and eggs into the hot frying pan Kohl's into the hampered tips into the tip. Let Joey shoot them in there at number three, and you Instagram account tried to set a record for the most likes by posting and eggs. Well, we got in on it thirty four hundred likes. Thank you very much. The Charles Barkley, sir. Duck. James harden, eg by Biard, very well done and a Nikolai e okay good, yo fire that the did get the most ever, by the way for male tried his hand at being a celebrity spokesman smash. Thanks. So I'm just smash them because they taste really good. So be like Stephen Adams at smash stakes. That's what's for dinner. The kiwi. Loves the stakes are Ozzy loves its bananas. I even on his it's on a smash. All the bodies on much smashing because I Thais really be likely Ellis and smash bananas. But honest, it's what's for breakfast lunch. Dinner snacks after school snacks mid morning snacks have a banana. That number one the ten year challenge going around you had a post a photo from ten years ago. Longside occurring one Brad Stevens and Gordon Hayward. They're Butler days now with the Celtics Mike Bibby transformation. That's real that ten years in the gym. Lebron James says really changed. Go to go, Marco bell and Ellie. That's so good. Well, well, done and Jalil white. You might know Missy vertical. He put this up because he does look like CJ McCollum. He. Did he? That's the one more break when we return lily's smashes someone Anna's and gives you a very solve. All the bloody time. Double header on TNT tonight. Seventy Sixers Pacers followed by the acre. And the thunder. All right. We asked you who else needs the starters above it. Hit us up on Twitter. Hashtag started trading. A couple of drip, guys right there. Good answers, though. Sands Shaun Livingston starters bump. Yes. Referee bump, not so much. Good one like this from gauge it says, Joe Ingles needs to bump to take his trash talk to the next level. I'd love to see him in leak and bearing three kisses my favorite answers from midnight. Masterminded says wedgies need to bump a need. Another fifty this season is going to be tough. We'll get there we need that. You got to believe midnight got to believe. All right last night. Big results trait and tasks picked up a game. They had the Celtics. Thanks. Thanks to you. Has the wraps? It was close. But we lost tonight's game. Seventy Sixers Pacers. That's the one first TNT. Trae leeann test like Indiana, continued to stay hot at home. I'll take the Sixers on the road Lee very play. Well, it goes to the rep is actually because that bowl was fishing around. Here is a beautiful five, man. There's a little pump fake potty there from Kyle ends with Danny green for a beautiful who that's what I call a very solid play. So it's like we want in the exactly here's got a very solid play. Fantastic. Didn't get the win versus the Celtics. Tomorrow's friday. We'll have a new drop podcast for you. You can get your questions in right now. Famous starters, Email us the starters at NBA dot com. We'll get it up as soon as possible, but keep your eyes and your ears ready for that. Download always Alaska we've got some time for well. I guess just one Fantine we got to a lot of the instrument yet from Boston. And this is oh, this is Mazda. Doesn't. He lives in the show. This is on and on and Carolina in Boston side lost with the message betrayed getting stool. A couple years ago telling to get stool still hasn't happened. Yes. That's that game coming up next. The night people.

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