022 Is Your Marketing Better or Different?


Thanks for pressing play this Christopher Locke Ed and this is the marketing podcast better we are sponsored by our good friends at Oracle net sweet learn how to turbocharged free one hour growth review with an expert in your industry check out my friends at net every question every decision and every action checkout spunk s. p. now hey Ho let's go this three times CMO Godfather category design and a high school dropout all right there's this word differentiation originate shun is it really different or is it better and say differentiation let me tell you about our differentiator 's what really comes do a brainstorm with a group of people in in your in your Alpha Your Business Wall don't Adam don't say anything just say hey what our differentiator is what makes us different Dan ask people and be ruthless about this really different and what you're probably going to find out when you do this exercise is why does this matter it matters because different forces sumer world for generations is Pepsi Pepsi runs these idiot than Coke Pepsi's more refreshing than Coke more people in a blind taste test prefer with this better game whatever you're comparing yourself ultimately is the thing that you're giving Ackley this reason and the different conversation forces the choice yes if I say to you what do you feel like tonight thin crust pizza or deep knocked off of they want to be perceived as unique as distinct as hard that's what marketing is about it's about distinguishing yourself and when we get caught on TV is a better argument you want to be different you wanNA stand alone to you that different is the ultimate source of unfair better faster cheaper all right we would like to thank the Good L. Marketing people are reading on the Internet today for stories of inspiration about innovation amount and Palmar the founder and CEO positive marketing dear friend money to immutable laws of marketing by the Oh Jeez our reese and Jack Trout check get my grandpa checkout grumpy old each wherever you get legendary podcasts wherever you get legendary books and the thought I'll leave you with comes from Coco Chanel who said follow your different

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