Bitcoin Is Playing Ball


This show is proudly sponsored by CRYPTO DOT com, the APP and exchange that allows you to send crypto Tim Nights also speaking of nights a strain bank transfers. Of lable Vibe Bay pay and pay a zero face. If you wish to state your cro for amazing benefits, use the code try to come and receive fifty dollars on us. Go across to the CRYPT DOT COM APP and download it now. We'll get everybody having great die Bitcoin is doing its thing Yup. Get a good day today. It could really set the precedent for a very strong move higher and some very trading conditions. Yesterday I don't too much out there in the why attract opportunities the number of people in the community did take dragon. Petrol. And one to one and still being not but it. It did provide the one to lay minimization risk viable viable hayes the big story from my point of view tonight. And look this could change remember. I don't remember if it was A Post that I put on my facebook. Or. If I told you in the PODCAST, actually remember to be honest. But I was talking about the fact that I like to say bitcoin move down into the ten thousand Rachel around that ten thousand area. said a high or low on that four hour timeframe, and then set a high a high and actual fact of in order to do that the ten PM candle did go down to a low of nine, thousand, eight, hundred, ninety one and look there was. There was a lot of people that was sort of I guess running saying goodbye ten thousand and all sorts of bits and pieces and all that sort of stuff then bitcoin just went. Nuts. I moved higher again, attempt thousand does certainly same holding for the Time Bang. Now, will it continue to Tom will tell what the? The first. The first binder saw the first thing that's required was to see a high a life for me We've got that on. Four hour by the way with got that. Now, we have a high low and guess what we have. Ohio highly did break out through the of ten, thousand, one, hundred, ninety, three. And yesterday we clocked ourselves a high of ten. Thousand Four hundred twenty. So. It's good you. It's not out of the. The the doctor just yet we WANNA see more coming in but I can tell you right now God it's the first thing that I wanted to see a gut it. It's Day. It's real an on pretty happy to see it a love to see further buying push on through today The rest of the market is looking very, very similar before I get there until we still got five days to guy but While I've got right now if you if you take the time to go and have a look at a weekly Jot, you'll note there's a bullish candidate right there in that cradles I on Bitcoin I love that channel. I'm so deeply in love with that candle right now. But I'd like to see the candle get bigger. And GRANA. So it's Roy so far and my say so far because the market will do whatever it wants to do and my full, it may go lower it may. There's a lot of things that have may do odd Mayan Intentions Klay by buying will bitcoin. Of My move done that on in that it is what it is. Some white comes all this This move really yesterday were up one point, two, two percent but a guy. While I will say this from the high the candle to the law of the cattle we did have five percents volatility now wasn't really trying It wasn't really triable volatility is. Just, because it was a little bit too messy, the fifty narrow going. There wasn't there wasn't opportunity for May anyway. So not too much going on there at ten, thousand, three, hundred, and fifty seven right now bitcoin a theory it's it's also tucked in. It hasn't said it's higher. Hi, it's GonNa Hi Lloyd than it needs to break up to die will be tonight hopefully, survey three, three, hundred and six dollars three, sixty, fifty, three, hundred, sixty, dollars fifty cents would get us to a high high to go that high level. See how go that not too much to speak of really as it hasn't yet. And broken up while I am is to say, is you know again we've pulled back on that weekly looking quite Nas Day yesterday we close up point three percent they are gonNA rejection the of the lawyers on a theory. ripple inside it closed up one percent on the dangling s tonight, a guy that weekly is small bullish candle high fluid carry through look at tap through to a high heart to die to go with the High Lab Antibi- base ticket it needs to do more than what's currently doing Imaz twenty four point. One Sense. Bitcoin. Cash just cried Wilson completely saw ways at the moment It's a really horrible looking shod yesterday we soul the market up a half percent but it's really horrible to twenty-seven Dole's and I sent Straw now twenty, forty, eight dollars sixty six. all that way clay again, not the greatest shots as well. You know pretty average looking shot. Coming to the fore our now once again, we do have a high allowing need to have a high Hollywood, two tests around the same raisin resistance forty, nine dollars and forty seven cents sorry forty nine dollars and seventeen cents as be broken were at forty, sixty six no much speak of Johnson. Yesterday's big move was based V. I. up six point seven, six, percent I closing the session at one hundred and seventy four goals in twenty nine now doesn't represent opportunity to the upside from a month. It may offer opportunity to the downside as a pulled biking that cried align on the daily. And downtrend as well. So the weakness that we've seen in via Svay for quite some time now could actually work in the why five to give potential hedge if the market would full low on the kidney close up throughout the session more. So moving into tomorrow morning, the candles did close off the twenty four hours in this particular market or one, seventy, two, seventy, six. Cow Donna. Again hanging down those we got low. Diana's percent closing its non-point Three sans. It's gotta get above ten cents ready. It is also downtrend and You know if I look at this on the weekly from its pullback day for than the cradles on if I, look at it on the four out, you know we we realistically need to get a break nine point six cents to get that up trend in motion not much to speak of their yesterday we sold bonds have another incredibly volatile die the die before because we saw move of nineteen percent. That was. Close to by the way on bonnets yesterday again, fifteen percent activity. That's a big swing. Just banging around all over the shop at the moment if we can get itself. So if you can get above twenty three dollars, fifty three cents, we will have an tremor currently twenty to thirty. On us, it's probably one of the worst jobs out there. I've gotta be honest. It's pretty pretty average. Pretty ugly. There's nothing at all interested just today and we don't have a succession of highlight really have nothing going on us to. Stop talking about it because it sucks. Link yes. Link we go to break twelve dollars forty, four cents. Then we'll have an option. To simple as that yesterday, we did say down two point seven percent but again, it's a Lotta volatility around on link a guy in you know we did say fifteen percent of volatility. In movement just from the Lord of the high of that die it's up half percent today so far fifteen dots are twelve, thousand, fifty, two cents. We'll see every guy. So of course, the market. Lot these four trends with higher lows, not all of them with higher highs bitcoins led the Wyan that front and a couple more have started to moves well, be very very came to see. Some buying coming into. Confirm. Buying some better upside. And some a bit more Gusto from this base of market that we've got yet. We pulled back. Yup. That's a great opportunity to buy Yup, that's what I did. Yep. On keeping my eyes on these trends and I'm watching these four to our and law time fantasy if I can fall my entries on this. Wonderful wonderful market guys. Don't forget get across to my Youtube Channel Three PM today. Than Standard Tom I'll be doing a full FTE X. perpetual scan. It's free for you to do this going up an account on the length description. You'll actually say that you can open up ten percent discount trading face have a great night speed you say father now. This show is proudly sponsored by CRYPTO DOT com the APP and exchange that allows you to send Crypto to your nights. Also speaking of nights a strain bank transfers are now available vibe Bay Pie and and pay pay zero face. If you wish to stake your Sierra for amazing benefits, use the code try to call and receive fifty dollars on us. Go across to the CRYPTO DOT COM APP, and download it now.

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