Throwback with Sydnee Goodman of and the Daily Fix


You're about to experience action like you've never heard it before action sports celebrities celebrities bad acids and miss of interviews all coming to you from the Polaris Razor Studio. This is Jim beavers. I welcome to this week's project action on podcast one. Hopefully you guys. We're having a great Thanksgiving Day. That is right this up so dropping on Thanksgiving Day and wanted to reward you guys with with a special on this week. I know it's kind of gone behind the Pay Wall and a lot of you have requested to come back and we are rewarding that today one of our biggest interviews of two thousand eighteen was my good friend. Sidney Goodman you know her as the face of Gien Dot com one of the just a bad ass female gamer way into pop culture. Everything else we did this interview talking about her career and Taking her job there at I g n how she got there. She worked at Red Bull in the East sports community. taught other things and you know it was one that I heard I actually. We are in communication communication frequently and I think she's GonNa come back. Maybe right before Christmas this year. So does this would be a good time to throw this back to the original interview. I did with her. Right added about a year ago that literally I don't WanNa say went viral but you guys really really liked it and it got a lot of listened so yeah. This is Sydney Goodman. I'm in this week. In a throwback interview from about a year ago the end of twenty eighteen please Gobert. ITN's hit that. Subscribe Button on the show. If you haven't already please leave a rating and review if you you want through five stars and we'll tell you how to rate is just to help support us and if you WANNA take the time to leave a review believer twitter instagram at using them in the body of their view. When I see it I will follow all you back on social media my promise to you and speaking of Social Media Jim beaver fifteen on all forms of social media? 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Let's add save hundreds of dollars on car insurance and the good thing is you know have drop off pick up anything I have to go to GEICO DOT COM fifteen minutes you. Yeah you listening right now you can be saving saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance extra money in your pocket just may be the most rewarding thing you do today and all that said. I think it's time to roll. Right into this throwback Oh back interview room from last year when my good friend Sidney Goodman like to welcome guest to project action podcast one this week. Sydney Goodman with Aegean How's everything going going really good? I mean we were just talking about you. Know wrapping up the year and I'm excited to see what twenty nineteen has in start for me because two thousand eighteen was pretty pretty incredible years though. Isn't that funny. How we start out a year and you know you weren't even at your current employer not to start the year like you look back at the end of the year and you go man? What just happened? Because I assure wasn't prepared for that everybody's like Oh you got a plan going into the new year and I know like with me any plan I said going into the new year like a month or two and it's just like rip it up and throw it up in the air because it's just done. Yeah I feel like the older that I've gotten gotten the more I used to. I mean I still am very much a planner but I've gotten a lot more open to the idea of just following like what's interesting to me and I trusting my work ethic at this point that I will make something work. It's interesting and it's worked out for me so I guess a mix of both post as my approach both so that being said I mean we're going to talk about I g today. I don't know we've got a ton to talk about but I don't know I guess like I want to go back to the beginning I because I've got a bunch of questions I know. I got pinged with a few on twitter already. Well Aso's at the end but I kinda like especially with somebody like you like because you've worked with some amazing companies. I'm looking like Red Bull buzzfeed. I like I'm going out and list and I'm like man like you have been with some amazing companies but me you kind of what was your gateway into the gaming industry because I guess that's where you're at now and what was your draw into the industry. I mean you know at a young age. I'm sure you had to pick up a controller. trollers something along the lines. Let's start with you know kind of the path that got us to where we're at now. Yeah so going all the way back to even like before I was born. My Dad is a huge Gamer. And I actually. My Mom's told me that he looked at her and was like. Hey when we have kids I soon is there. Some are like what usable. I'm GONNA teach them how to play games and I I have a younger brother and it was just something that I would always watch my dad play games I'd watch him play like PC Games but my big. It's well my smaller entry. Point was I got into ten to sixty sixty four for Christmas when I was in kindergarten and I just remember being very confused what it was it was so excited it was like my brother and is gift left and I remember just kind of being like. Oh okay. I don't know what this is. It's not like a hot wheel or like a doll. It's this thing and that it it became Something that was like my go-to my go-to toy. I guess you could call that And but my like love like jeep deep passionate love really came when my dad would like Tuck me in and he played Halo combat evolved and I actually remember specifically asking. You have to wear headsets because like voices that like oh so much and then I got over my eventually. You like Kinda L.. Let Me Watch. And then he taught me to play and Halo for sure my my I like love where it was something that I couldn't stop thinking about. It was all I wanted to do it kind of fit in with how I was raised in terms of like. I was a very busy kid like I did gymnastics. I played three sports. I did our class and so I didn't really have a whole lot of time to just play with friends necessarily so with easy to Get Quick I don't know twenty minutes in to keep playing either the campaign or playboy type player So that would make gateway you know it's funny you say that because I'm drawing parallels here and I've got a ten year old daughter and it was funny because you're talking about your dad and it was like I think it was like my excuse to a point when you've got a daughter just coming up like oh well you know I mean it was the excuse like I can buy two or three games here and it's not necessarily for me. It's for addy right. That was my excuse. Excuse but like I think I was kind of heard gateway. And she's ten now and she's just she's complete Gamer. But it's funny. You know that you draw those parallels with like your dad because I think we've come to an Arrow like you know twenty thirty years ago. Where like dads and kids? Playing Video Games wasn't even hurt. It was unheard of. You know what I mean like even playing with kids now to the point where it's like the dad's like doc. I don't want to say we never grow up but we share things. You know what I mean. I think we stay. You know. It's just the way it's I think it's just the way I don't know I guess. Culture has evolved but I I think that's funny 'cause I draw parallels with that and I'm like Gosh I don't even want to know what the first game she wants. Replay was his idea. Yeah I don't know what the order is 'cause I always been a big fan of the POKEMON. RPG's And I know I played those but I guess it was. I don't WanNa say I feel like Halo. was what hooked hooked me into like. Oh like I love this And it kind of went on to like jump a little forward you know I played call duty. I definitely like a first person shooter. multiplayer like that is my arena and That's in college I was. He's majoring in biology. And I have never been the type of person even when I was a kid. And you know they'd ask you draw what you WANNA be when you grow up and they never really had an answer which I just. Maybe this is just something. I always perceiving but felt like everyone wants to be a firefighter will be like they happy's huge dreams. They knew what they wanted for. Sure didn't every time somebody asks. I Wi with terrible those stressful and so so. I was majoring in biology. USC and I started screaming just because with bio I would majoring in biology Legiti and then I was premed changed it to pre dental And I was super involved in terms of trying to pad my resume to get into dental dental school and I did cheer at the time for. US Spirit leader so again. My social life wasn't super fantastic. So what I started doing was my time I'd stream and I would say that like definitely unknowingly was my gateway into the games industry because it was just something I started doing it in September twenty fourteen two thousand fourteen With destiny so I was like quote a destiny sneeze stream on. That's all I played and It kinda sustained me when school because to be honest like my major was extremely difficult and I wasn't like the happiest and I guess the reason. Why is because they didn't actually want to do that? So I made it all the way through taking the dat which is kind of the equivalent to like. Sat Year like the cat. You take it and it's great that you present the dental schools in order to to receive admission or not and I remember taking the test. I studied eight hours a day for three months seven days a week like it was intense. And I'm waiting for the results because the test is on a computer you literally press like done and then it prints Out a page with your scoring it so you can imagine her nerve wracking. That's like the most terrifying moments of your life right there after you pushed the button right. Yeah so I personally button and I was thinking okay if I don't get above a certain grade I'm gonNA scripts. I'M NOT GONNA apply to dental school and got like way about it like I feel like I did so great but I did so great and I started crying and was like I don't want to do this like I kind of really desperately separately searching for a reason to give my parents and give people who do. This is what I wanted to do like. Oh well I'm not doing it because like you know I didn't get enough grade so no I'm just gonNA figure it out And so that kind of was like a big flag for me of well. They don't WanNa do this. What do I WANNA do and so I put a lot lot of thought into like? What do I care about like when my passionate about and part of the reason why I started streaming was I went to MLD Anaheim and watched optic gaming compete? Eat in call duty and that was back. When magnate shot was on the team he was still competing and I remember watching him and the person I went to the tournament with turned immune like Oh you should look them up on Youtube? You'd really like content and I did some research and I checked it out and I just love how positive he was and he seemed to decreed dislike really positive and like almost hopeful community. Which I thought was so interesting in the Internet right? 'cause like I don't think those are the words that come to mind when I think of the Internet especially now it's like it's I don't know it's I. I've weighed the Internet now. Now that you can but it's like it's so depressing sometimes. Yeah but that was why that call for building a community was what started streaming and I realize okay like I mean. I don't want to become a professional professional streamer but I think I can do something with this and Red Bull is always a company that I looked up to been really interested in wake boarding branding and in high school was really big into wake boarding and I really liked. That red bull took these communities and continued continues to do it and they can give them a platform former. Get them resources to grow without exploiting them. And so that was what drew me to red bull but then I kinda had to connect the dots like how do I get from being a a bio major who streams on the side to red bull and other reason why. I was really attracted to read bullets because they had an E. sports program band in Santa Monica to their like their center there at the headquarters insane. Yeah it's so insane and again I think that was back in twenty when he leaves like two thousand fifteen spread where there. Oh no way. Well maybe we. We walked past each other in the halls But I I was like okay. I want to do something with Red Bull. I WanNa do something with sports. Like readily sports perfect. It's already in southern California. I don't have to leave my family's here so oh sing. California was a really big plus and then one day I was walking to class and there was a fire on the ground and ruggles hosting a EH destiny time strikes tournament at USC which talk about feet right. Like what are the odds game right. Yeah it's my game like I. It's at my school and it's on a day that I'm not shooting so I can actually list and I go to tournament. You're supposed to have a team of three. I WANNA low or no one of my friend from one more and we won the time strikes tournament for USC and so they were like. Hey who are invited to come down to Red Wolf Headquarters and compete in the finals. And so you can kind of see where this is going. So go to red bull's headquarters I have. I actually have a blog of it on my youtube channel and I like elated. I could not believe I mean the facility is so impressive breath and just being there physically and feeling like okay like wow I can actually. Maybe I can do this and I. I don't WanNa say the the bat teammate but my goals definitely were not necessarily to win the tournament as much as they were literally talk to anyone who would talked me in the building Okay so you know what I mean. They got it. There's I don't I think the prize was like a bunch of Red Bull. So it wasn't like they're the most at stake but I I competed in tournament ended up talking with people and really expressing like hey I love what I do here I have a background in streaming like any way that I can talk to people in the Department or shadow people I would love to and after taking probably five people out to coffee or lunch approach. They said they might have An internship spot and so I spent a good amount of time. Their internship spot didn't end up opening up but what did open up was a position to be part of their youtube team. Not like in front of the camera but in terms of doing strategy and operations so basically uploading videos making sure you have files doing the thumbnails and the title stuff like that and kind of just like anything to get in literally anything well and at this point it was never on my radar to be doing stuff in front of the camera as like a career. It was something that I knew that enjoyed but that wasn't my goal I again. I had no idea what I wanted to do. I was just kind of like well. I like this thing and I like this thing and I like this company. Ah Let's see how this goes so I got that job with Red Bull Media House which is like like the side of the company that as the name implies focuses on their media and I was really vocal about like well. I WANNA be more involving Edwards. I really want to you know. Help out that team and so we've been free I I started doing strategy and being more hands on on with the East Sports Channel and actually now that I'm talking. I realized that I am missing. Maybe not a crucial step but I was just so proud of this So before this job opening opened up red bull and dusty had a partnership. I don't know if you remember. But they were red bull cans with definitely because on them. And you'd like to Code and you get in game rewards. Yeah I think I I for some reason. I do remember that because red. Bill doesn't do a lot of those promotions. I mean that's more reserve you see that with monster and Rockstar. All the time of Red Bull's very very conservative in what they allow you know co branding Liam stuff like that so I do remember this because I remember going. Oh Red Bull stepping out of their box on this one right well so. They stepped out of their box. And it helped me because because here I am a lot about destiny and they needed somebody step in to conform role because the woman who had been in the role dislike left for another job so I consulted with red bull on that Disney partnership. And then I moved into their youtube team and then it just kind of got to a point where I was like well I love analytics. I Love Understanding Youtube and building a community but I wanna be like more integrated into the gaming side of things and the gaming team and you know kind of like an honorary member of the sports team but but Just the way that the company set up when you're doing youtube programming you're in a different part of the company so buzzfeed actually approached me at that point and They approached me about a different position. It was like a weekend you two Scottish so I would be doing kind kind of be on call for anything you too because there's a lot of things that happened to go wrong when you're doing weekend uploading and you know it's good to have a person there. Yeah and again I was just really transparent with them that it was like. Hey this is my background like I don't know if you guys do gaming content. I don't know if you're planning planning on doing more. Because at that point I think they had a handful of videos and they were like well actually be are about to open a spot for somebody to lead our are gamy like male male oriented content on Youtube here and so I ended up getting that job and the crux of my job op was to understand what buzzfeed's YouTube Channel One youtube channel called buzzfeed blue and I was kind of my domain and I had to understand that audience understand the audience. We wanted to get which was in the gaming space and come up with the type of content that we would often bake in order to acquire that audience and make maybe more endemic gaining content. So that was a really big task and actually thinking about it now terrified. I was in turn like what am I doing here. I wanted to have no idea like I just really liked game doc. With crazy it is. It is crazy when I got to ask about. I mean that's just like because you were basically drawing content content plan for an entire company right. I mean as far not for the entire company but for this new like it was kind of just from scratch right as far as youtube goes. Yeah so they had experimented experimented in the gaming space but it was very much from a condition of like. Oh like buzzfeed does gaming and you know knowing what we know about people who consume content on the Internet like. They weren't exactly excited. That buzzfeed was to make gaming content. It's going to be authentic. Thank you know gamers can see right through that if it's not authentic it's just like yeah. Whatever you know it's so I do about but buzzfeed real quick before we continue on sorry interrupt but yeah we interact question though? Because I saw this yesterday and I've been kind of like a Gamer. I mean which which is weird because here I am professional racecar driving radio host and also want to do something about gaming and pro wrestling right but you went to. WWE and trained for a week. Like I watched goes like this is insane. How was that because it looked like? You slated that. Oh my gosh. I'm so glad you brought that up because I feel like I'm breezing through. That's no fat. That is one of my proudest moments because it was probably the most challenging thing. I've ever done both physically and mentally i. So I'm going to rewind real fast and just give you a little context on me like I'm super into fitness. I'm really into like being An athlete even pass my age of like playing volleyball and USC that was something that like. I had never done before and I just kind of like through my body into who and was like well if I can't figure it out and they won't make the squad and if I do then that's great and though wwe Kinda that same thing where. I was like well. These people are flipping off up things and jumping and attacking each other and buzzfeed my director or came up to like hey said so you know you are pretty in shape and like were doing this video that would require you to you. Know be really comfortable pushing yourself athletically. I was like Oh okay. Yeah I'm I'm kind of interested. I had never done a video for busby at this point and really I had never done a video. I had dump some light producing rebel but I had never really done anything with video beyond like pre-production and setting setting strategy right so more of like creative producing and she was like. Yeah I like him gets the onset like he would be in the in the video It's in Florida like in two weeks. This is my second week at buzzfeed and like wait. So you're GonNa Send Me to Florida for a week to go do some like athletic saying okay. They wouldn't tell me what it was. I think they were afraid that I was saying if I knew what it was so it was like okay. Yeah like I'll do it. And they're great. So if you WANNA from seventy seven seven days and I was like what. You're not serious right like that's crazy and so that's exactly what we did like. I can't even tell them how I cannot properly express. How stressful that was in terms of just like your body feels like you've been hit by a car and re day and you just keep doing it and I remember turning? I can't remember who is one of the next year What would you call that superstars? And she was like I was like dude. Do you ever use it as your body stop sealing this way choosing no but this is just kind of my life now and I was like. Oh my gosh so yeah if you watch the video you probably saw you just like you jump and just hit the Mat and those mats are not. They're not friendly at all. No literally like would and carpet carpet and that's what everybody sees them and they're like. Oh they're suspense. Like it's not like landing on a you know concrete but it's not much better. I mean it's a hair better but he trampoline. Yeah no it's even like the ropes. Oh it's like bungee cords. I'm like no if you've actually ever hit them dot they're like cable and actually I my back so I still not in. I think Joe Lie and not this past July but July whenever whatever your that was let's and I think my back took until like march of the next year to finally stop hurting. It was brutal and they were taking all all the safety precautions. Like it wasn't it was just it wasn't because of anybody's fault. It was just purely how much your body is put through. When you're doing that was crazy but I'm so glad I did it? It's probably one of my favorite life experiences in the funny part about it too is like you know we talk talk about. You're talking about being on on screen and things like that and you didn't see now daily fixture there constantly and things like that but I look at it and you know streaming. You're too but there's a certain thing about wrestling is it's more storytelling. It's like a soap opera. And you know and it's so big in ring work but if you don't have the work it doesn't work like I watched the video and I'm like man. You guys were killed when you went through the curtain and you had your personalities and like your character and it's like a lot of people can't shed those inhibitions and just be like I'm just GonNa go out here and just lay it on. You know what I mean. Because it's purely acting at that point and a lot of people they just can't shed that and walk through the curtain and I watched you guys do it and I'm like wow. Wow you guys got it like it was. It was pretty amazing. Thank you I I still. I've never watched my first Promo I can't do it. I'm so embarrassed so in the video I you know in a bit somewhere in the middle. They were watching Promo class for the next few superstars and they looked at us and they were like. Why don't you guys go up and my fear in my face very genuine because we did not know that they were going to do that? so I was I was like oh no. I'm not an actor. What am I doing and I just? I can't even watch it but I'm very very very proud of my final performance very proud. Are you guys nailed it so so yeah so here you are a buzzfeed. I know what you're talking about ww. And that I mean how did things shift because I think it was what sometime earlier this year. Right I mean ah you'd kind of done with. How did how did that whole door to Aegean Open? Because like as far as I'm concerned when you talk gaming media I mean I gene is just like they are the definitive negative source. Like to me. That's you know. They're they're the top level like if you're in this industry that's where you want to work. You know so I mean. How did that happen because that had been amazing? Call all our email. You know to to kind of slow it. It was So actually quite simple tastes and talking the WWF video. That was my first video but seed and I mean I'm not GonNa lie part of the reason why going Bud Stephen so intriguing was from red. That goal was because at Red Bull. There's a pretty strict Mandate that if you're an important bread bowl won't appear on camera like you. Just that's that's not going to happen and with my background in streaming and again not really knowing exactly what I wanted to. I was like well. I don't really like that. That doors closed closed and at buzzfeed. They're super open to you know when they do the casting calls for those videos. I'd say ninety five percent of the time time the videos that you're watching our employees but the 'cause they just send out a big email to the company that's like. Hey this is what we're doing like email back if you're interested so the WWF video. We Oh I did that one and then just kind of started signing up for more videos and Eventually as the Gaming Strategy started picking up we realized that there weren't a whole lot of people at buzzfeed who made videos and play games so I started stepping into kind of a producer role and appearing appearing in videos and building up a little bit of a my confidence and be just like proving. Oh I can do this and in the backburner that I haven't really mentioned is from. I can't remember my first convention but I had always done whatever I needed to do. In order to who show up to as many the game conventions as possible so whether or not to eat three whether that's packs Those were kind of the two that I I focused on. Because there's quite a few e threes in La. I didn't have to find travel. I would usually I did. I was an intern for Gamespot. and Kind Kinda Fun. Easy Three booth in Twenty fifteen I think and died introduced me to you. Know Kinda funny has a lot of taste idea latins new you guys and Every convention I would meet as many people as I could and I I see that a lot in when people oh ask for career advice like meeting people can and I think what worked out for me was that I never met people with the intention of like. Oh look I gen- like helped me get job right it in sixteen when you're only interested as people and becoming friends with them and hearing their stories so I know it's just so funny you say that because I literally anybody listening to this or my other show like I've been the same way like I've been on a seven year journey to be this television host but it wasn't like that was my in game it was just like I told people like. How do you get sponsorship? How do you get jobs? How do you do this? And I'm like you go to as many trade shows you can't as many events as you. Can you shake hands. Enzi introduce yourself you say. Hey you buy somebody a drink you buy breakfast. But you don't do it with an agenda you do it just because you generally like these people and you're meeting New People but it like opens up doors and you may meet somebody in three years later you get a call. You know it's not it's planned pitch yourself just like you. Just keep in contact you network right totally. I mean and that like I feel like it's so cliche to say but I would not have my job if I did not network the way that I did or be that committed to. I don't even like the word networking I think it was just like I said even for Red Bull. It was took so many people to coffee to lunch. Like people were gracious enough to give me their time and I just I wanted to learn from them. I mean they're working company that I want to one day work for or they're an industry that I'm super interested about like. How did you get what they're telling me all about it and you know people love talking about themselves? I love talking about myself right. So people are so willing to in both cases like divulge and hope you can be where I was or am without all the help from other people so and a lot of people try to pay back So if you're interested go to as many trade shows conventions as possible do it it. It will At the very least you'll learn so much. Just be a spun off my high horse now serious you just go and you listen to people. Listen to what they have. I have to say take it all experiences. You can learn something from everyone. And that's like you said I mean it's funny because your career path is so much similar to mine where I was doing the same thing. It was just like any time. I'm in a city. It's like hey do I know somebody at some company that really don't know. Can I take them out to lunch. Can I buy them coffee. Like I sent emails a day. It's like Hey You know we met so and so like a year ago. Hey let me buy your coffee. I mean Seattle or something you know what I mean like. Oh yeah no problem with it but random theory. Yeah I mean I. I'm sorry I feel like every loud vehicle that could have driven by an apology. That's getting picked up on the Mike But yeah I mean it. It is scary to reach out to somebody and be like hey. Can I take into coffee and some people will say no some people will say yes but I think it's worth the risk. Yeah absolutely so so this is all going on as we're talking about your meeting people you know like you said but there's been like this whole window of time where you're meeting New People people things like that. How did how things I opened up with? Gm Okay so it actually starts or from believe how I even knew of me and that I hosted was it started out actually in each party in twenty trying to think okay. It's twenty eighteen gene right now. Twenty seventeen was the game where that it's so twenty seventeen and he three party. Two thousand seventeen Jeff killing was there and Jeff. You know doesn't really stand up guy. And he does the game awards which is in December and the game. Awards is important for a lot of reasons but it's also an award show that most people in the industry are watching right So I meet Jeff at the Party and very embarrassingly She met him because I wanted to headaches Jima and he was friends with today. I didn't want to occur fan with somebody who was like. Oh Jeff laughing. Sydney dottie definitely meet and then November rolls around so the game awards is in December and mid November a An email from somebody from the game and they're like Hey Sydney We want to come out about the potential. You helping out with the show. They didn't tell me what my role would be. And they just asked I if I had any Had a real or anything that I had done. I didn't have a real at that point but I sent some youtube videos here. Here's less Didn't hear back for a little bit. And then they got back to me and they're like hey you love to work with like the backseat hosts with game awards. So so I would simultaneously completely terrified. And we're excited. I remember like moving. Fight it and then a couple of days before services like sobbing. Because they didn't think I could do in all my gosh like my first real hosting Gig is live in front of all people that I look up to. What am I doing? I'm this is crazy And so I did that show. And that was in December and then I remember loving thing it like. The show was on a Thursday and then I have to go back to work at buzzfeed on Friday. And I just Bangla. This really intense contrast between the rush short of what I did on Thursday and being part of this big production and being in front of the camera and then coming in and on Friday and like looking it's six and checking like video stats and thinking like Whoa. I WanNa host like that is what I should be doing. so January that December was when Naomi left ITN. And so. I was like oh I wonder if they're gonNA backstop her. Like I was talking my boyfriend now husband but my boyfriend Kinda like Alex. What have I applied for jobs? How do they look like laugh? Laugh about it like ha ha ha ha. That's funny because you would never get it like it was he had a legitimate. About a probability was happening and so- January. I happened to actually know. This is how I found. The job listing hosting with a friend of mine beyond me on twitter hottest talking. I thought like you should totally apply. And the euro isn't like Jean Dot com slash careers or whatever the euro was very obscure kind of ignored. It for a second because I was like I don't know like I working at buzzfeed learning a lot. It's a company with a lot of whites name like. I don't know that I want to leave to go to whatever this random company is so it didn't even click the link and then one I have no idea what compelled me to click. I clicked in the show host and producer position. I'd Hi Jen in La. Because I wasn't super open to moving to San Francisco mostly because at that point like my partner and I You know his job was in La and it just didn't seem like something that would make the most sense. Yeah my they're like I'm not gonNA I didn't WanNa move to San Francisco. So there's this wholesome producer role in La four men. And I cut together a real as quickly as I could. I I had no issue was doing. I spent like forty eight hours without sleeping. Like cutting this real and watching all these other than trying to make sure that my team does professional or similar to it and then I made a website and I applied and right after I hit the submit button. I emailed or Twitter D.. The and anyone that I knew who were today Jen who I had like a legitimate connection with right not just like oh I wanNA party so it ended up being like two or three Friends that I was like. Hey like this job kind of interested like can you tell me more about it And I'm GonNa talk on my advice horse real fast. And just say if you're asking your end goal is that you want somebody to maybe think about recommending you for job. Don't email them asking him for recommendation. Just I have found the most success in asking legitimate questions that I have and usually it will come up. They will either want to introduce you to. Somebody would be really good to talk to you about the role or they'll say. Hey wow you seem really passionate and you seem like a good fit. Like I'd love to recommend you so stepping off of my horse I had my friends John Finnigan actually say like said would. Would I not a hiring manager and his friend like I'm GonNa send all your stuff like he sent me and I will make sure that she sees it so that happened and I didn't hear anything from Jan Koller like three weeks wasn't excruciating. Three weeks and I get an tale from Blair who is the VP of development and branded. Don't quote me on that but I'm pretty sure that's his title and he's like Hey we would love to use you for shoot that we're doing It's or the Lara Croft Tomb Raider movie and you are going to like crane like her for a day. which was something I was really comfortable doing? And right right no totally. But I was like this is perfect like tomb. Raiders won the first game ever played. My Dad had a an original playstation. Now's the time then you're talking like way back to mater one I think tomb raider two was my first one which was ah back in the day right and so I'm like this is perfect. Lara Croft I love doing physical things like I can do this. I feel very comfortable data. Yeah so we shoot and again. I don't know I heard something. Probably a couple of days later like I send the follow up like hey thanks so much Latinity da Da da and they paid me like a freelancer wasn't like it was Really Hey do this interview shoot right. They were very ethical about it and they asked me like hey we applied for listening like a love to have you been a customer and Just to you know beat some of the team and it was like oh my gosh. This is actually happening. Isn't it so I do the test shoot and then at the test you they were like. Hey you know sports. Don't you know like yeah. That's it's kind of like my room. And they sent me to an overwatch. Collegiate Overwatch Championship in Arizona. So we did that out for them and then after that. They asked me if I wanted to cover overwatch stage. Two's finals so I keep getting getting all this freelance work from them. But I'm still buzzfeed at this point and I'm thinking like well does this mean that they like me and they WanNa hire me but if they did hire me why they just hire me now and eventually come April. That was when I got the call and they were like. Hey We'd love to bring you on It was interesting though because so so I started in April. And then Jackie Jing who's The other host WHO's in La started about a month. Later so Jackie's axes position was actually the position that I was interviewing for but it was mostly entertainment oriented. And that's obviously if you're this bar the podcast you know that's not my background And so we were like well. Here's the thing so we hired somebody for that role that you applied fight for but we really like you. We see your potential. You know you obviously are a little green and the hosting arenas love to have you on and you will be. Yeah kind of the face of our social media. I was like yeah totally. Like I'm game for that. And that never I mean I do do a lot of stuff for our so but that didn't necessarily materialize and Kinda just like the pieces fell into place and they found a way for me to be involved in a lot of the branded content. You know I was doing all the states shows and so yeah at then Alana less and I remember when she left I think then that a daily Fitch walks fix watcher for a long time. I'm trying to think it was something over the summer right. Yeah it was June or July and then they kind kinda gave me the call but it was funny because I was doing the daily on snapchat that started in August. I was GONNA ask about that daily. Fix Spin off like from La right yeah and and it was be covered. Such stories would overlap but it was just kind of made just not try in mind and kind of a social audience in mind and restart vertically that. Today is my favorite. That's my favorite project that I do at Jan like by by a very large margin I love the daily fix on snapchat. It only runs if it's it runs and seasons and the seasons are initiated by brand campaigns. So it's not always running but when it is it is my absolute favorite and so me and then the producer Nick woman. Both work on the daily snapchat ended differently six proper but so wanna let them like June. They just kind of had people in San Francisco filling filling in because there were a lot of resistance with like well are we gonNA move it to La or you didn't keep it in San Francisco like La have the bandwidth to like support a daily show because the team in La is really really small. There's a lot of sales people and then there's the entertainment team and then there's video team which like six people now I think So after those questions got answered they I started going to the compass. Here we are well you know what's funny about the daily show and I do a couple of a couple of of different audio shows and I do a lot of TV and like there's something about doing a daily show and you get into a routine and like the thing that you know like radio and podcasting. It's a little bit easier because your your face isn't there but like when you're like you really fixed that's a really hard thing to do a daily show because I mean there's some days as you wake up and you just know hey. This isn't a good day but you're doing a daily fixing you've gotta be like happy you gotta be excitable like you've got to be able to walk in no matter how bad your day's flip the switch And just be like glow you know what I mean. And that's gotta be tough so my secret. Is I watch vine compilation before we shoot every day that always but no matter what happened in the morning if I watched it buying compilation of usually like okay. I'm good we can do this. yeah I mean it's been really. I think it's been really helpful for me since like you know I've really only been hosting since last December I don't want to discount. How much streaming and being in front of the camera? Every day like helped me to get to this point but I've really only been formally hosting since December and so having every day. I'm in front of the camera and I'm reading prompter and I'm writing. A script co writing scripts ups that makes such a big difference for just like your confidence level for getting in that routine and while it is difficult like you said some days you know. I was super sick. Maybe two weeks ago and it was something where I was like. Oh I wasn't sick enough that it was very clear that it's like I can't do this. But it was something where you know you would probably go to work and slats and with your hair and. That wasn't really an option so I don't know I love. I love having a daily show and it's been really nice to have kind of like a micro community within our community that I can connect with because they see me every day or five weeks so you know talking about that. I mean I've just we've got a ton of fan questions like all kinds of stuff but you before we get to those. I do want to ask how the heck did this signature. Sydney pose rose with the foot up on the counter. How come to be? Because that's become your calling card on social media and everything else and like you start looking through and like people are like tagging you and stuff enough like doing your signature pose. It's become this thing now like I'm just watching it. It's like it's hilarious almost so okay. Let me first to say anyone who's ever taken a picture that pose and sent me a picture of it. I have so much love for you. Thank you so much like that just makes me so happy because again like what. I sat out when I started screaming. Not even wanting to necessarily do this as a career like was to build a community of like fun and positively and doc be really encompassed with it because it's just so ridiculous so despite what my social media might say like I really didn't like social media. Yeah before I started. You know it's it's Kinda integral our job right to have a presence on there and so I was trying to figure out something that was kind of not mine less. But you know he didn't have to think too hard so I was like okay. I'll take a picture of my outfit every day like I really like clothes. I really like fashion taking picture of easy easy but then I realized that I always get my foot in the shot and I'll say rick clothing items and so I was like well. What the heck? I spent all this money on shoes like the shoes. Make my outfit and you can't even see it. Well that's stupid so I went into the bathroom and I was like well. If I put my foot on this thing. Then you can see my shoe and that is how the sink. Southie was created so ridiculous because people are like. Oh really like like taking mere Selby's Mike actually. This is in spite of you taking yourself because I am showing off my shoe the healthy home so glad you asked about that. It's it's funny because like once in a while I. I don't know if it's like your instagram stories or something. Like you'll just like all of a sudden randomly like there'll be like five reposted shoe. Selfish people like pop updated on like this become thing. It's hilarious. Yeah I love it I love it. So we've got you know. I always said plan on forty five minutes. We got like a bunch of questions that have popped up here. We're on through like four or five of them. The biggest one. Yeah the biggest one here and this come from a couple of different people apple so basically geared around e sports and I know like your sports is your background. I've actually I. It's got so big like I've been asked because I've got a motor sports show. I've got this show that we talk gaming and a bunch of other stuff I've actually it's big enough. where PAT sponsors come in and say? Hey we you do an e sports show. That's even specifically kind of game like geared towards motor sports sports like Scott so big like I've got sponsors coming at me saying hey we want you to host a podcast just on racing sports and I'm like wow like if that niche is so big that it can support financially something like sports I think in the past just five years is just gone crazy. I mean where do you see the future of sports because I mean every single year Sydney. It's just like it's getting bigger and bigger and bigger. Yeah I mean I I love I love I love you so much. I think that the really interesting thing about sports is that kind of community and each game is its. It's owned sport like I know that's a stupid sentence saying it's like legal legends sport and so different like Elsia show different different than watching like apple which is over watches league right and so I am not gonNA act like. I'm an expert in the racing each sport ecosystem this dumb but I do think it's like it's so exciting and people are starting. The general public is starting to really become more warm warmed to the idea that it's like yes. This is washing people at the top level. Play these games at the top level and be real competitors right When I was at Red Bull we had a rebel has a high performance department? And what they do is they work. With athletes. East sports and more traditional athletes action sport athletes To help them optimize their performance. And I just remember we had what I think. It was optic gaming. We had them in there when I was there and they would offer things like they would have. They had this brain scan situation where they'd have to concentrate on the point and concentrate so hard they could move the point. And those are kind of like the training things and I I'm getting so off topic from the original to go like I'm interested so rolling. It's just it's just so exciting to see see that coming more acceptable in the mainstream though like ours dreamed on ESPN and on ABC. And like that to me is so exciting because it only means that there's a more people who are like Whoa. This is the thing. This is something that I can devote my life to and sponsors offers and brands are like. WOW WE WANNA get involved in this and where. There's more money not more opportunity to continue for it to grow and have bigger tournaments and bigger prize pools and more TV deals. And I just I find the whole thing so exciting because like I said I just use sports to me is just so fun and competitive and guys limited this point. Well I agree and I well positively online and in gaming and just in life and and I think there's a point like fifteen years ago where there was a lot of kids. You know fifteen twenty years ago into gaming and things like that and you know and they're going to school and it was like on your the nerd you're a game or like you know you were the Geeky one but now like they don't have to play football they can play sports and like I mean there's a platform for it. I mean you know and like like we said with social media and streaming and like you know what I mean you know like you said it major league gaming and everything else that I racing on the motor sports side. Like it's crazy that you know what I mean like these kids like to me. I think it's awesome because these kids. Now have an outlet of positivity you know what I mean and you can be a celebrity in this niche and and the people on the other side. That used is to make fun now. They're they're like. Oh well how do I like. I want to be a part of that too. You know and so I think we saw like full circle and I think that's so healthy. Though I I mean I completely agree. I think it's something where you know even if those stereotypes that are like Whoa. We'll your nerd. I don't want anything to do with us like you're a loser. Don't want all I think. At the end of the day it becomes this community and I'm not saying that sports communities are always. He's you know well. I guess the best way to phrase it as there are eastward communities that are toxic probably all of them have moments abducted toxicity right but people who they love games and now there's something that legitimizes that they can do that's legit. That's like hey I want to take this to the next. It's like I'm really good at this. My brother is ridiculously good a game. I mean he's not GonNa go into eastbound just because like he want to. I don't know that he could. But he's Super GonNa gain then it's cool to think that he could have no trained and really put an energy and at that would be a viable career option. I think that's exciting. Well and you know in the one thing I always uses it as you and I both know. FBI shooters and how good those people are. But I'm Mike if you ever really want to get an appreciation for something you completely don't understand you just know they're really good. It added you. Watch like professional starcraft players. I'm like it's just this day blows my mind. I'm like you don't even need to know what is going on. You just need to know that. They're good at what they're doing to. I mean if you've never if your listeners. Just don't totally understanding sports which I get like I totally empathize with that. Because if you've never been to an east sports competition in person it's hard to understand so when League of legends had worlds and the the finals were in L. A.. Actually took my parents which is so funny. Because you know I was talking any sports at the time. And they're like what in the world do you. I don't understand like how is this your job like like well. Let me take you two worlds and I will show you and it's like there's fire. There's straws I wanna say it up the status that they sold out the staple center quicker than delve it like. It was really special to share that with them. It's crazy so yeah. We got a ton of these questions coming in like okay so next one. This one actually is pretty solid and I want to chime in on this. But how how's it being a female in the video game industry and working native comments where they assume. You're not a Gamer. Smarter Gamer how can we get more female gamers in this industry and for you answer like I've gotta say like I've got a ten year old daughter. And she's like full-on Gamer. Like that's what she wants to do and she plays volleyball and stuff like that but like she's got this whole group. There's like this group group of ten year old girls here in town and like they literally have their own little Gamer girl group and they play online together as their own. Little like squad and like it's like to me it's like no oh boy allow like. Hey we're in like they're really good and I think it's hilarious. You know what I mean. I don't think it's hilarious but I think it's it's great. You know what I mean. But they feel it's their their thing they feel. Welcome there and you know what I mean like we belong. You know Yeah I mean I'll start with the top of that question which is kind of like how do I deal Or thank you. I'm glad that you believe that. I genuinely have interest in most but it's I mean I'm not GonNa lie it's been really really tough I think that I working in Games wasn't nearly as passes being in like on camera talking about Games But even before I was doing front of Camerawork my fair share of instances where I would be the person person in the room. Something I'd give my opinion on you earn my suggestion on like where we should take things and it's cost over because I was personally. Yeah that's a question and it sucks like that's there's no way around it like it's just it's not great I think that as there's more women in Games it's kind of like an exponential compounding effect where you know young girls like your daughters see women working in game and they're like wow. This is something I can do. But also as there's more women in Games you're like wow this is something that I feel comfortable doing Because it it. It's tough to be the only woman in a boardroom. Right and so. It's exciting because I think within games. There's just a really awesome community of women who working gain who keep in touch and feel like they can talk to each other when there's issues and get advice on things and there's just like such great mentorship so there's like part one part two. I would say that like I never realized this has been a huge. He's growing experience for me being front of camera and having people kind of critique literally everything I do oh you wear crop tops so you clearly. You don't know what you're talking about. which is something that has been set to me more people time and I have had to ruin the work inside of me and really league like well? Why do I need this allegation from people who you know? They're like they clearly have their own issues. If they feel like they they need to be this negative on the Internet right and it's not something that I'm great about something. That hasn't really grateful for kind kind of that personal growth to find the confidence in myself. And it's like well I I do love games and I don't really need to prove it like I've a bit enough getting the job that I have and working at the end. I don't really need to put any stock in the fact that people online to believe. I believe that I love Games as much as I do. which is a hard thing and I some days? I'm like yeah I'm like hey if I look at the comments I'm like Christ so maybe we don't do that today right Just build a tough skin and I wish there was a better answer to it but you like I is that I try to lean on the fact that I'm really grateful that I'm having this personal growth because I think that even if it's not people online even if it's people like that how you interact with at the coffee shop and realizing that I don't need to put as much stock into or any stock into what people are thinking of me. If I truly believe that I am who I am. And then the third part of the question was about how to get more women gaming. Is that correct. Yeah Yeah Yeah. How do you think you know I think we you know you've kind of touched on it but it was more you know how to? How do we cultivate more female gamers? You know what I mean coming in and things like that but I think like you said they see powerful powerful females in this industry like yourself you know what I mean and they they see that in. It's like you know I I think it's a welcoming sign for them. You know yeah and I would encourage any like if I mean honestly if anybody's interested in getting into gaming period regardless of like what gender you identify with just reach out to people who you look up to because more often than not. They'd be happy to give you advice or give experiences that will hopefully help you. But I stay you know persevere and try. It's so much easier said than done but try not to let negative experiences. Negative words affect the fact that this is what you WanNa do and you can totally do it so looking at twenty nineteen this this another question that we got. What are you looking forward to in two thousand nineteen what games? What Kind of trends do you. Do you think you will see in twenty nine thousand nine. I mean what's got you stoked on Twenty Twenty nineteen seventy well off the bat. I'm pretty sure the POKEMON RPG switch is cokie. Come Out yes. I'm very excited. Paid for that I like cooking. Let's go but I am for main line cooking on our G on switch 'cause I love my sledge And then I would say hopefully looking forward to a persona five announcement coming to switch again. I've played it yet. Yeah I don't have a PS four. I've got A. I've got a switch in an xbox and so I I was like do I buy A. Ps Four strictly to you. Get Persona because I absolutely loved the previous the previous in I played. Yeah for but I was like I saw possibly come into switch and I'm like yeah we're GONNA. Hey Dave right well. My thing is so if I'm home and I'm with like a console like playstation or my xbox. I'm probably playing saying something like a online shooter that that's just like how I connect with friends and the tabloids team and that's what I enjoy doing and so I pretty much only play. RPG's if I'm on on the road and so- persona come into switch would be very convenient for my playing habit. And that and the other one that I'm really excited about about Is like a destiny player. I am excited to see well. I guess I'm not excited to see destiny without like iron man destiny. I think as people are calling it but I got to play some of it at three and it feels good. It's super intuitive. It was. It's really cooperative. And I don't know I'm excited for it. In super excited about a franchise like a new. Ip Awhile so hopefully it lived up to expectation. You think we're going to see. What do you think this is a hard prediction? Because everybody says what's going to be the next such and such you know but I look at you know literally the last year ear to the game the second the industry by storm was fortnight right. Nobody saw nobody saw that coming. And now it's literally I mean you go to like any anywhere and it's is there you know what I mean like you. You know it's easy. I mean it's like what do you see could be the next fortnight. But you can't even say that at this point but it's like because you can't predict things like that you know. Yeah Yeah I mean. I don't know I think that like Battle Royale is such an interesting case. Study because it. It reminds me of kind of win. Capture the flag came into like the multi-player market game. It was like Whoa. It's crap and if you're doing this thing mazing I love of it and all these games adopted it like I played it played. CTX On in Halo probably thousands of times and So I don't know that it needs to be a full like new IP. But I think that now you know it started the game mode road and so I don't know maybe we see new innovative game mode that turns into something big enough that it can't support zone. Ip similar to what. Yeah I think I'm but I'm hoping E.. Three we hear more about what I'm excited about your massive Halo Fan. I wish solit- into this show because I guarantee we're number up there now. I Love Halo Two so I'm just just giving your time at this point so so so that being said what what are you playing right now. Holidays coming up. I know this is GonNa drop actually right before right before the holidays. I gotta ask Hugh I will tell you. I've got a brand new copy smash brothers steal sealed that I have not opened yet. Strictly because I've been saving for the holidays. But what are you playing over the holidays. But I I'm excited for you because mashes great I am probably gonNA keep playing a Lotta calls duty. That's what I've been playing but I've been playing mostly bull type player but last week I started black out a little bit more because I had a full squad and it is so fun I. I'm very skeptical battery out Fan because I'm kind of crash at it I'm very much a big fan of like close quarters shooters so being on such a big map makes extremely uncomfortable. And I have no idea like strategically Lee how to move about it so I'll probably try to get better at blackout. I'm playing through kingdom hearts right now. I'm never played them before. Because after my dad's ads playstation I never had a playstation family So I miss out on all those. I'm really excited about kingdom hearts three. I'm a huge Disney fan so I will probably try my best to power through kingdom hearts one point five and two point five. I started one point five last week and I sung some but it looks like it's going to be a lot of late nights. I WANNA finish before three drops in January. See that's one thing. I'm actually a big actually. I was when I I was younger. I was never much of an RPG player. I'll be honest but as I've got older and I travel now a lot with TV and things like that so like RPG's like you you said it's been one of those things I can take on the road with me because you don't necessarily have to be online and things like that so I've really started sinking. RPG's that I can clock eighty to one hundred hours in. You know what I mean. Just kill time and flights and travel but kingdom hearts is the one series. I've never touched and it's not that I haven't wanted to for one reason or another. It's just I've never picked up a copy so I'm kind of anxious to see how you'd like in the series just because it's something. Yeah I'm really excited about it. And I love the like the fan base and so passionate ask Gotcha where I took people who were turned away from the demo line and we got to take them to the front of the line to play the game for the first time and just hang out with that fan base there so passionate so excited that like I wanna be a part of that and honestly the story of Tino it was just bonkers like what is happening there. Seora then you have like goofy and Donald Gear like what is happening like. How did this happen? How are you allowed to do this like what is happening? So I'm excited to get more into kind of the bonkers. Nature of the game bonkers is good and gaming aiming generally so well. I appreciate the time Sydney. I know we're a little over an hour now. I mean I feel like I've got outta million questions. I'm sure this could be like two and a half hour podcasts. At some point so I don't know we'll see how the first one goes maybe we'll have earmarked this down the road for For a second version. Yeah I'd love to have to the people on it it was so fun talking Keel. I appreciate your having thank you. Sydney Goodman and that one did not disappoint. Thanks for tuning into this throwback episode on Thanksgiving Day. Hopefully you guys enjoyed that one and if you enjoyed this show you know what what I think. You're going to really enjoy hot box with Mike Tyson on the podcast one network. You can listen to Mike Tyson. The baddest man on the planet boers his soul in a conversation with fascinating mind mind celebrities and athletes long this cosmic millennials sidekick and foreign MFL or even Britain kid dynamite dives deep into the issues. Impacting us all. Today this podcast gas will change the way you see. The World Dome Hot boxing with Mike Tyson every week on apple podcasts on podcast one and once again checkout GEICO DOT com one of our partners today as well as online dot. Ag and don't forget use Promo Code podcast one and you'll get a fifty percent sign up bonus they're a bit online dot ag hit the subscribe button to the show please as leave a rating if you have the time much appreciate the for those of you who do. And I'm at Jimmy. Fifteen on social media if you want to follow me back to normal next week right here. I'm project action. podcast cows one and yeah. Hopefully you guys have a great Thanksgiving Week. See you next time sir.

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