Sextant Navigation


There's no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to navigation but astronauts are being asked to test some new ideas about how to use a very old technology. This is innovation now bringing you stories behind the the ideas that shape our future Nasr's sexton navigation investigation is testing the use of a handheld sexton aboard the International Space Station Sexton's have a small telescope like optical site that allows how's the user to take precise angle measurements between pairs of stars enabling accurate navigation sexton's have been used by sailors for centuries NASA's Gemini missions conducted the first sextant sightings from spacecraft off and Jim Lovell proved on Apollo eight that sextant navigation could safely bring a space vehicle home but to rely on the sextant. You must be able to take multiple sightings through a window so space station astronauts are our testing techniques to compensate for the challenges of taking steady cleaned sites on a vehicle hurtling through space with the right techniques. The sextant could become the emergency backup system that would allow future explorers to navigate.

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