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Take control of your financial future. Make this free five minute. Free call now to nationwide student loans and learn how you can reduce your student loan debt. Eight hundred four three nine seven eight five one eight hundred four three nine seven eight five one eight hundred four three nine seven eight five one eight hundred four three nine seven eight five one. You're listening to wrestling observer. Live with bryan alvarez and mike simple v on the sports byline broadcasting network the show. Brian elber is here wrestling observer alive mexican proverbial also wrestling observer dot com for those you twitch dot tv slash affordable. You video that were following along and you saw venecia's trivia during the break. She will be up tonight immediately. After a w n and exte- on our youtube page video dot effort w online dot com so head up there and check it out after the show. Tonight reviewing bo shows taking your feedback. Video dot f. dot com. Please when you head up there hit. That subscribe button. Free get alerts as to when stuff is going up on youtube and get free clips. Go up every single day. A lot of fun so check it out video dot affordably online dot com and spread the word that in fact we do have a w an annex t and n exte- tonight actually a five it will defend the t women's title against rhea ripley told him to get out of here because johnny's gonna beat you up match. Yes and moon. Tony stormers the dakota in raquel. Gonzalez's fin beller makes his return will address the future of the annex t championship. What is going on over there. Mike mustard just been excessive noise coming from your end your fiddling around and what's happening over there. Will you stop bashing your coz. You've been doing a lot of that started with tom on monday. In here you go again today. One of those things in mexico where they th- rattled that thing around is there. Is there watching the matches vuvuzelas. Just spin that thing around. While i'm going over the lineups for these two shows while you're at it all right and then for aws eight we've got talk versus the blade for blade. He did a blade job last week and then goes to the back half dead tony concepts your face and debut in park next week but he loved that young bucks take on top flight darby. Ellen and cody rhodes versus. Brian cage and ricky stars. Orange cassidy versus kip. Sabian inner circles going to las vegas. As their there and serena deeb will be facing thunder rosa for the nwa world women's title. That is the lineup for dynamite tonight at hey twitch homeys it's gonna pull up. What are you watching tonight. Awa renick's t i mean. I think i know the answer. Hopefully the answers both but put that poll up eight w. f. or both. I want to see what everyone's watching tonight. What are you watching. Mike better be both. It's going to be both but neither one of them's going to be live. I think that may be the better question for you to ask which one takes precedence for for these people tonight. Is it raw or raw at aws or is it an xt. Which one are you gonna watch live. Which one are you going to. Dvr or which one you just gonna leave on the side of the road dead as of the raw and smackdown ratings so last week on smackdown. Obviously we're building towards survivor series. And so this part of the story. Line but i mean when you i mean. It's it's just ridiculous it's the classic ribbing on the square where we're gonna bury raw because in story line. It's roberson smackdown. But we're actually burying raw and paul heyman's making fun of the booking but it's going to be a storyline. So roman reigns is out there at. He mentioned to drew. Mcintyre have been watching raw. Nobody watches raw. Everybody only watches smackdown. Well that is a fact. Friday night smackdown. Two point two three four million viewers up substantially from the overnight by the way for all you dorks and they're mad they don't tweet out the overnight some favor here the overnights two point one four two million the final number two two three four million down a little bit from last week's two point three one five rating in the eighteen to forty nine demo as zero point six rating. Let's compare that to raw run. Monday night held up all right. One point seven eight million viewers. I'm telling you the bottom of the barrel everybody. Hello this was up. No nature third hour drop and obviously the this was. The show is designed that way. Because you had the dramatic mcintyre your championship match which at first they heavily teased was get involved a cash in and then they did braver says ms which by the way. I never did that match again. And then they took ms out of it and so then they said there will be no count outs. There will be no d. Cues there is going to be a winner in the match tonight as it turns out our one one point eight seven million viewers pretty good. I our our to fell only slightly to one point. Seven four million viewers and our three one point seven three million viewers. Now that was down insignificantly from our to but in the eighteen to forty nine demo. Our three actually beat our to somebody. Go me the last time that happened. So overall held up well over three hours which is good news but they did get slaughtered by smackdown one point seven eight million for raw two point. Two three four million for smackdown roman reigns right. People are watching smackdown and a significant portion of them are not watching raw heading into survivor series. But pretty good number. You can't do this every week but this week. They did find a hook and they got people to stick around for that third hour of rock and he thought so many of this. Mike you remember the last guy that said that. He didn't watch the show on monday night. Member of the last guy who did said that was on the show it was. I think craig out of the paul heyman. Pray playbook when he. I don't watch the show paul. Why would i watched the show. It's good points. Roman reigns stating that same thing and rubbing drew mcintyre space last friday. But now good numbers. We saw the bottom of the barrel. I think we've already seen the bottom of the barrel a couple of months ago when it dropped down and it was in the one five three range and all that stuff and the only with saying that we haven't seen the bottom is the fact that they set the show up and you had a world title match at the end between drew and randy and i don't know if anybody actually thought the title was going to change it or not but that was obviously a draw. Now what are you gonna do next week. You know what are you gonna do to get people to hold on. So three hours is still a rough road to hoe. It's a lot of how they space the show out and trying to give some some people reason some sort of hook to keep them there and obviously miz and morrison. Isn't that thing. But how many times can you keep doing drew and randy. they just. don't have that many stars. So could this number slip back down again absolutely so our poll here. What will you be watching tonight. We have got seventy four percent. Say w five percent say annex t that what eleven percent say both which that awa goes up to eighty five percent and annexed. He goes up to sixteen percent and and o. N. w. i guess means nothing. That means something else. I don't know about here. I don't even wanna know what that could mean ten percent so those are your results more. Tonight's show's very interesting right. Like i said it's feedback time. Everybody we've been doing a lot of rigmarole over the last several days. And so what. I'm gonna do is during this next commercial break. I am opening up the phone lines. Yeah we're taking two segments worth the calls today and also your e mails and text message and everything like that. I'm looking for some excitement on this show today. We're going to really shake things up so as always if you'd like to send your text messages. Four to five seven eight zero seven five six six and while the phone lines are not opening the second. Prepare to call and the phone number. Eight four four nine one. Three twenty seven at twenty seven standby everybody hold those calls and those thoughts and those emails and texts wrestling super life. Hi i'm dr robert clapper chief of orthopedic surgery at cedars sinai medical group in los angeles california dedicated to your health. Your life and your sports as a weekend warrior. You know about sports injuries and pain exercises important element in keeping your body's core in good shape to minimize sports injuries. But when you are in pain. There is one product that i recommend to my patients and that is blue jail. 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Let one of our smartfares travel agents ridiculously low prices for you call smartfares today and get the best price on your next flight. Guaranteed also save up to fifty percents off business and first class tickets eight five five three two five one seven eight. Zero eight five eighty. We're listening to wrestling observer. Live with bryan alvarez and mike semper. Vv on the sports byline broadcasting network back in the show bryan alvarez here live mike v. also wrestling observer dot com and go to the phones here a moment just went absolutely nuts soon as i turned him on. Everyone's everyone's on hold right now and this text message here. I mean talk about trying to find the silver lining in the dark cloud with a he says florida's governor not shutting down good for wrestling shows. Nobody wants to watch. Six weeks of taped wrestling would kill ratings. Well god forbid we kill ratings. Were just kill people. I mean small. What's going on here. i hate to be. Hey what do you think Where do you think the young bucks are going to go with the belts. Well i dunno. I quite frankly i think we're going to go is you're gonna lose. Those belts backed. Fdr at some point. I think that that's i think that's probably what's going to happen here. But i don't know. I mean i thought quite frankly i thought that. Fdr should win the first meeting. But i mean i was. I was mildly convinced. Otherwise by dave and it doesn't matter at the end of the day i mean. The belts are the belts. Fdr winning along winning streak. They beat practically every team. So find that they lose for awhile. I think ultimately they're going to get them back from the young bucks. But i guess we'll see it wasn't a big fan of how they went about all that with the young bucks quest and i mean i sort of understand it although it was still it was still really wonky surprised that they decided to throw the stipulation in there. I'm still not really sure why that was necessary. Why the young bucks felt as though that they needed. After all this showcase for top-flight us all rob viper. He kind of compared it to win. Blitzkrieg showed up on nitro. That was something else. I mean for those who are old enough to remember this guy out of nowhere from the guy. Blitzkrieg shows up and he's doing moves. Nobody's ever seen before. So if that's gonna be what this matches lake. It is going to be all over the place. But yeah i mean as we look towards february which is the next pay per view. It's gonna be really hard for me to believe that. It's not going to be fdr and the young bucks again whether they decided to turn the belts there before that after that doesn't interesting cow oscars and sasha banks champion vs champion new davis industry province. Champion vs champion. Bobby lashley vs sammy's zane. Champion vs champion team. Raw styles keith. lee shameless bronze roman. And met riddle. Kevin owens jaso corbin and rollins. And i guess there's a fifth guy what's going on there. Who's the guy we don't even know. I guess we wait for smackdown. Five on five match and then the women's match same deal ni- jax shayna baiser lana lacey and peyton against bianca ruby. Riott liv morgan. And we're still missing two women. The shows this coming. Sunday gotta make you to now friday night. Yeah clearly these are very very important matches but anyway. That's i mean the raw show. I mean there was the good and bad. The stuff with lana is absolutely beyond ridiculous. The tag team title match was good. The world title match was good. And that's it. It's going to be really interesting. We got the ratings coming out here in a little while here and what is going to be fascinating about. These ratings is that they built up a very big main event for the championship. They were teasing that. Ms would cash ian then. They were teasing that. It's no deke. no count out. There must be a winner. I mean they built that up big in theory the third hour of raw. I mean it should be the highest rated hour of the show. It should be if it were any other era it would for sure be the highest rated hour of the show but in building up the main event that third hour of raw they did seven non wrestling segment. Angel garza giving me a rose. Niang shiner yelling at the other women video package. I'm like dude. I mean i still think that third hour is gonna do well. I don't think it's going to be the highest rated. My gut tells me it's going to do a right but man. I was watching that stowed seven straight video segments and i was like who is awake still after two and a half hours of raw at ten twenty five after seven straight non wrestling segments. Is anyone awake to watch this main event. Maybe they figured you know the people that are gonna stick around with his stick around and the people that might not gonna fall asleep and there's still going to be on the usa network. I don't know but man there was a lot of nothing happened in. They're throwing it to me. I think my biggest question for you. I do that sometimes. Mike bryan seem distressed. Is there something about these flyers. It's making you upset. Flyers what are you talking about. Jeff hardy segment with your girl. Sarah oh did i tell even forgot about that stupid one actually jeff hardy was really good in that segment. You know what it was it was. This is going to be the craziest comparison. I've ever made okay. But it actually reminded me of moxley and kingston to a degree. Okay because they did a match with a finnish for free clean in the middle and then certain it was not to that degree. But i don't ever want to see. Jeff harding allies again. But jeff hardy was so good in that segment. You're broken that's your fault. Don't with bray wyatt. Being involved could not have been told without switching the title over the york. And i know the excuse would be. They wanted to keep it roofing going and do a little hot shot there and to keep that feud with wharton alive but considering what you were building into with roman reigns. Considering you're going to have drew go over there or even if it was randy orton. You're going to have your champions face off and you're going to try to make this. I would assume some sort of a big deal what what story could not have been told there. I mean you still could have miz trying to stick himself in the mix. Because he's got the briefcase. You could still have braved being involved in the moments that he was. But you didn't actually have to take the title off randy because really you only heard through and it was just a very again. It was a title change. For absolutely no reason i know wrestling. Titles are not exactly the holy grail. Yes they are props in a way but there's still some credibility want to have their and a part of a story that you want have make sense. Why have a fluke. Victory didn't even. It never made any sense. It's not gonna operating. I'll be surprised if it does. We'll see if it does. But i don't think it's going to be measurable enough where you had to do something like that to me. It was a it was a waste against drew. A dude you know what's amazing about this is they're doing this feud and it just keeps going and dave's conclusion was what we had something to keep it going. We had to change the title and he may very well be right but to me. It's like it's fake. You can do whatever you want. Why in god's name did they book themselves in a situation where they eventually felt. We actually have to take the title of drew for three weeks. Because we gotta keep this program going. You know what that means. It means you suck at your job. You hit a fake sportsbook yourself into a corner and had no way out of it. It's like it would be like if tony kahn were booking wf and then they had to figure out how to get out of history lines bro. You wrote these story lines you booked yourself in corner and the other thing is do you guys remember when like aj styles with the champion and shinsuke. Nakamura was feuding with him and it was like they feuded and they had match after match like every time they were having a big match. I thought dude. You've been feuding forever like it's time to change the title as an. Aj would win. And then they went to another match. It's like bro. i've been watching. This feud for seemingly ten years like now's the time for knock murder know. Aj vadim again so like in that situation. They're totally fine. Just going on forever with the same result forever but in this situation was like oh man we got to do something different at then even though they believe this was the plan all along i mean the of the matter is this is now three times in the last few years that they have changed the world title right before survivor series. Because they've realized bro really gonna do jinder mahal versus brock listener. No way dude. We're gonna do whatever match against letourneau. Got to put the title. Daniel bryan now. It's another one or two. Do roman reigns vs randy or now got to get the title and drew. It's like who books survivor series. God is an act of god that it showed up. And you're like oh my god what do we do now know you. It was your idea that asks to be champion vs champion. That was on you. Crime knees went from culminating feuds survivor series and combining altogether to being so scattershot before. It does not make any sense that you would do that. Put yourself in that position. Observer live if you owe the irs back taxes dealt worry. there's a bright side. The experts at bright side really dot com or protect you from having your wages garnished money deducted from your bank account and your home or business seized bright side tax relief dot com. 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Second omega wins the title but actually wanted your thoughts on a couple of brian and mike The first one being do you. Guys think that chris jericho and setting up with the whole inner circle with nj f. There's gonna be a way to like not in a year or whatever but like overtime kind of pass the torch to him more or less improve the products you know from giving him all his knowledge and stuff like he gives off. I guess okay well. Hey you're doing great. There got about bischoff handing off his knowledge to tony kahn. Dude i can tell you. One hundred percents certainty eric. Bischoff is not helping tony. Kahn make the product better. What what's going on is chris. Jericho third bischoff. And every now and then he gets to bring him in from one of his angles. That's it and trust me. They're people there. That don't want eric bischoff anywhere near the product and i have also heard from people there that they heard all sorts of things about eric bischoff over the years and they've met him at eight tapings and they don't get it. I think the guy's great nice guy. And hey i'm sure as a person. He's a nice guy when he's not being a gimmick but he is not there nor should he be there to help tony kahn with creative now as far as the inner circle i mean. I think it's obvious words going. But i don't know where it's going i mean i think that. Mgm is in. He's infiltrated the inner circle. And i mean dude. That's the story right there. He's in jericho's inner circle and what's ultimately. I believe going to happen. Is he's going to force out the guy that created this happens all the time business a you own the company and then there's a merger and then all of a sudden you're of your own company s ted turner about the storyline. So i think that's ultimately what's going to happen. Jericho is going to be ousted. Mgm is gonna be the new head of the inner circle. Maybe have the same guys. Maybe he'll bring in his own guys. I don't know. But i think that ultimately that's where it's going and it's a great story so hopefully it is worse going absolutely especially if you look at semi and chris jericho as baby faces. I mean everybody thinks things. Chris jericho steam anyway and i don't know people don't wanna boo. Obviously chris jericho gives you reason you know reasons to boom you know. He may not let you on his cruise for example so that would be a reason to him but ultimately at the end of the day. Like every legend you know people are pining to cheer for him in down the line at some point. They're going to cheer for him again. Because m jeff will kick him out of the group now before that will. Sammy be kicked out of that group. Because he's another one is great as he as a slimy. He'll there's a baby base there with sammy that could probably you know. Get a great role on for a while. So does he get kicked out. I as he turned on jericho. There's a lot of different ways. This thing can go and they have a lot of time. They seem to rush to get him into the group but now that he's in the group let it simmer for a long time. You know whether it's going to be in february or whether you continue on for it for a while. But i think ultimately what's going to happen is we're gonna see jericho m j. f. And people are willing to be squarely behind chris jericho. Well i'm squarely by dagan here taking your air. What's going on. hey. Brian mike shannon to the twitter chat. I wanted to get you guys thoughts on the best of the super juniors so far. I haven't had a chance to watch any of that yet Waiting for the english commentary up on new japan world But learn if he think maybe they're gonna give her all move another title or another tournament win and then eventually the title win at The tokyo dome well quite frankly. Demand ask here is Simple vv and or dave. I literally watched the first six matches of night one. And that's as far as i've gotten and the first six matches of night one both of those tournaments man. Well i guess we need something to fill time. I was nuts. Loan away by those matches. That's always the tag league. Anyway you know. And i want to see how this whole thing shakes out because it kind of like that idea because the tag league is so. It's just a placeholder. I hate to say. It's because of the way their tag team division has been set up and how they've utilized it over the last couple of years you know. It is just such a placeholder to get into the tokyo dome. Where if you decide move it or you decide to move the juniors tournament and do that in november and december. I don't think that's the worst idea in the world. Have to see how everything shakes out. I think ultimately you will not be seeing master oiseaux remain at the top. Although it's nice that he's it's nice that he's getting something again. A lot of people thought he you know when the when he came back he was never meant to be a star. You know he was never meant to come back from his excursion and be okada or be you know at that level but he was going to come back and they're doing more with tens on trying to teach them the The the the tens on som moves from him and trying to play in that aspect of it. More you're going to see an improvement out of him. You've already seen it but ultimately when the tournaments all over with if it's not hiromu i don't know who else it is. Who else would you rather see. Face off against moore at this point. of course it's her own musso. He if aroma wins that title and he should you know. there's a long line of of title defenses. That he could have. But i do wanna see him regardless of whether he wins it or not. I do wanna seem more into the heavyweight. Division will osprey. Is there now there. There's a lotta guys. they're so her own. Will i think ultimately ends up winning the title again. Either on the fourth of the fifth all right. Let me look at this right here. So yeah master. Watto four point is in the league show is in second place issue moris in their hiromu. I mean when. I look at this thing right here as far as like a winner. It's like issue maury hiromu or this would be my dark horse. Show show show very very easily. Could witness his gun up. But i don't see master oiseaux desperado. Taguchi robbie eagles a great actually in that match. But i don't see him winning. Bucci dookie and louis missouri. I'm pretty sure i can confidently say is not gonna win this year specified super junior's but crazy things do happen sometimes eight four four nine one three twenty seven. Twenty seven is the phone number. If you wanna give us a call eight four four. Nine month three twenty. Seven twenty-seven phone lines are open. Everybody also text messages here. Percents dexter loomis in a blindfold match. Sounds like your worst nightmare. Tell me about it. Dexter loomis in cameron grimes and a blindfold match. Give me one. that's ever. It's different when his every word. Kevin sullivan jimmy garvin sucked rick. Martel and robert sake. Robert sucked well. So we we had. Somebody tried to do when the another one. I do remember that. I will say this and granted. I've watch a lot of horrible wrestling over the last Last thirty years. Or whatever. But i did once watch jake roberts and rick martel in the blindfold match and i must saying. It's good but it was way better than i remember being at. I think it's because i've seen a lot of bad matches since and the match wasn't good but psychologically and the way they played it i mean they did a good job with it and the fans were going crazy for this so it was better than i remembered but i know i i would not do that. Somebody did bring up. And i remember this from raw roulette deal. Oh brown in triple h and again these. They are always some funny spots that take place like triple eight bhakti low into the corine who out of the way and then he's yelling at him and know all those sorts of things but once you've seen them i don't know but i guess maybe this is a new generation once you've seen them it's kind of over with and ultimately the match usually and stupid with somebody either interfering from the outside or somebody just very simply lifting up their hood doing a move to somebody while the referees back is turned and then that's that so hopefully they got a more creative way to get out of this thing With dexter lewis not one hundred percent. Sure that's the case you know i've been accused in the past of being rude to callers and texters etc. I'm listen i'm just. I'm just trying to be truthful here okay. I'm not trying to be a jerk. I can be you know why. Because i i. I'm truthful jerk. But i'm being truthful here. Person says has any rising star. Been neutered like otis has bro all did you just are watching this year. Through the story of w. e. for the last twenty five years is rising stars being neutered. I mean give me the roster. I can run down that rosser from start to finish the people that have been nude or when they were rising stars. It's like everybody at least this guy. Got a squash win on smackdown. That's better than a lot of these people have been doing so the answer. My friend is yes. There have been other rising stars that have been neutered. Like young otis. Poor otis is bishops. Still mad at marvin for writing death of wcw. With dave meltzer a might be. I think somebody told him that he was wrong. I'm not sure we took that. But we already back on the talk about that. May maybe he confided in him but Here's the bischoff as a character showing up on tv. Great he's a great character rate television booking wrestling and he's being executive no now look if look. Tony's picked a lot of brains from before this the time this whole thing started You know if he just talks to bischoff about you know. tv things. He doesn't have to listen to him. But you know. I take his word for everything. But if he picks his brain on some things bishops been around a long time into syndication trying to sell shows. What's the worst that happens again. You don't have to use his playbook to book your company but having him around there. I don't think any big deal at all. It really is. I says retribution and hurt business. Both factions both perfect for having survivor series. Elimination matches preferably not against each other. Actually they did do this against each other on raw. Remember they had retribution. Hurt business elimination match and they beat retribution. Like even if it wasn't didn't matter they look terrible in it. And unfortunately because i think that's when slap jack got knocked senseless there didn't he During that s. I and says do any of the wrestling replays on f s one count towards the overall ratings. Well if i if errors on monday and it does two point one million viewers which it doesn't list you say does and then they do a replay on friday on f s one. It has four hundred thousand. I mean you can add them together. But it's not like the rating for raw is all of a sudden two point six million the rating for rosza reading for then you get the rating for the replay now. Wwe when they do their earnings called. I'm sure the everything together and they did this once. Actually when the numbers were higher than they are now but they were still down they basically set out this release and they said twenty million people enjoy w e. programming in the united states every week house. What am i took. Every show they had. I added all of the numbers of it. Came up to like five million. What are they talking about is some show. The does fifteen million viewers. I'm unaware of and of course the what it was because after i ridiculed this they actually can add is how many people watched at least a minute of the show during a given week so raw does one point. Eight million average one point seven million. But that's the average you know how many people tuned in tuned out over the course of the show probably about six million. So what they did is they. Took all of the people that tuned in for even a second of this show the added them all together and they came up with twenty million viewers. So yeah lots of silly things can be done with numbers. Everybody and i mean it's true. Twenty million people did watch a second of programming but that doesn't mean they're like invested fans and that really is more of nbc. Universal thing too is a cross platform this is what. Wwe did for us because they were on telemundo and they were on at one time before it became the olympic because the average every means ally first of all. 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Or is the exclusive to these subscription. Yes. he's a subscription only podcasts wrestling observer. Radio is only available as a podcast wrestling. Observer dot com. It's too difficult to try to figure out video for a lot of reasons. Not the least of which is we kind of have a set time to begin but not really and it's also like three a m eastern four. Am eastern guy baby producer. We gotta it just doesn't work out that late so right here. you know. I'm awake at that time. Why are you not utilizing me brian. Why my left on the bench. Why am i left on the sidelines. To be the producer. Of course. i can't do any worse than rob lowe barbie right at time. Thank you all for listening. All sorts of great stuff coming up wrestling observer radio tonight with myself and dave for subscribers wrestling observer dot com. We'll talk about all of the news. Thanks everybody twitch dot tv slash w. video sports byline. We'll talk next time wrestling observer live. You're listening to the heartland newsfeed. Radio nip work at live dot hotline newsfeed dot com. This is supported by advertisers and contributions by follow us on facebook twitter and instagram. The nation's largest public school system is going remote on lisa. Brady fox news. The new york city mayor just confirming that in person learning will stop and school. Buildings were close beginning tomorrow until further notice because of rising cases of corona virus. The city has reached three percent positive testing over a seven day period several other cities around the country of already been switching to all remote for now and a growing number of states have renewed restrictions on businesses to as a covert surge sets new records but the race to vaccine also continues. Foxes have been brown has the latest on that live at least of the. Us government believes approval for either or both of pfizer and modernise candidate vaccine is just weeks away with production already happening. The next step is to get it out there. We will begin. Distribution of the vaccine within twenty four hours after a emergency use authorization is a proof. Us army general district us. Army general gustav purna the chief operating officer of operation warp speed. He tells reporters each corner of the. Us will get it and logistically. They can assure proper. Cold storage for the visor products. Lisa thanks visor. Also says it is communicating with president. Elect joe biden's the official transition in washington remains on hold. The president's legal team still challenging results in several states. and they're seeking a partial recount in wisconsin. The basis for the three big issues really illegally altered absentee ballots. The trump campaign is claiming illegally issued absentee ballots and illegal advice from government officials regarding wisconsin. Voter id laws the campaign. 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Don't spend a minute of this holiday season at the post office right now. Listeners get a special offer that includes a four week. Trial plus free postage and a digital scale with no long term commitment. Just go to stamps. Dot com click on the microphone at the top of the homepage and type in fox. Stamps dot com. Enter fox go right now to stamps. Dot com answer. Fox covid curfews are becoming more and more popular as governors. Look for new ways to try to slow the spread. la county public health officials. New rules go into effect. Friday in an effort to curb skyrocketing cova cases reducing indoor retail to twenty five percent capacity outdoor seating at bars and restaurants limited to fifty percent capacity and they must close by ten pm as the county implements a curfew on non essential business. How am i gonna make my income. How am i gonna make my rent. How figure things out with us. So it's frustrating. If we need to comply with these restrictions reading massachusetts and ohio have implemented statewide curfews as well and california's governor said he was considering one for the entire state. But was i looking at studies out of france great britain and saudi arabia. Fox's jessica a concession from the mayor of stockton california admitting he lost re election after getting some national attention for starting a universal basic income program mayor michael tubs losing to republican kevin lincoln an nba superstar and mental. Health advocate is revealing the depths of his struggles. Hearing on in-depth with graham bensinger cleveland cavaliers for kevin love went into deeper detail of his struggles with mental health revealing. He actually contemplated taking his own life. The darkest moments come into play in a suicidal thoughts. Come into play and that the you know you start planning it out and you know what would be the the the route you would take has been credited for his candidates about anxiety and other mental health issues facing professional athletes. The all star also recalled researching ways to commit suicide which she says thankfully led him to the national suicide prevention hotline matt napolitano fox news hour the close on wall street stocks are lower after a vaccine. Lift earlier today right now. The dow is down one hundred twenty six points at lisa brady fox news if you need to hire. You need indeed indeed delivers quality candidates. So you can focus on hiring the person who is a good fit claim your seventy five dollars credit for your first post at indeed dot com slash fox terms and conditions apply. We're always driving to dance lessons so we signed up for no your drive. We save money and get closer to her dancing. Dreams the daring young man on the flying trap. 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The usa radio network presents the greatest radio programs of all time radio workshop dedicated to man's imagination. The theater of the mind this is classic radio theatre. Wanna get away from it all the fbi. I in peace and war. Mcgee the unexpected. The unexpected the unexpected. Now here's your host. Why cox evening friend episode with very early police procedural calling all cars for eighty two years ago november seventeenth nineteen eight thirty eight and the case four lead slugs and we thank you for joining us on this tuesday. Seventeen th day of november three hundred twenty second day of the year forty four days remaining until we get to the end of the year. Congress held its first session on this date in eighteen hundred. The national rifle association granted a charter by the state of new york in eighteen. Seventy one the russian social democratic labour party split into two groups the bolsheviks russian for majority and mench bakes russian for minority screen actors. Guild implemented anti-communist loyalty oats on this date in nineteen forty seven in one thousand nine hundred sixty two president kennedy dedicated dulles international airport serving the washington area that was in one thousand nine hundred sixty two in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven acting on optimistic reports he was given on november thirteenth. President johnson told the nation that while much remained to be done. We are inflicting greater losses than we're taking. We are making progress. We know that most people's intentions are good. We don't question. A motive way never said they unpatriotic although they say some pretty ugly things about us We believe very strongly in preserving the right to different in this country and the right to dissent. And if i have done a good of anything. Since i've been is to ensure that they have plenty of dissenters president johnson talking about optimistic reports on the vietnam war on this date in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven negotiators from the soviet union in the. Us met in helsinki on this date in one thousand nine hundred sixty nine to begin strategic arms limitation talks aimed at limiting the number of strategic weapons on both sides. Lieutenant william. Kelly went on trail for the my lai massacre in the vietnam war in one thousand. Nine hundred seventy also nineteen seventy douglas. Engelbert received the patent for the first computer mouse. In one thousand nine hundred seventy three in orlando president. Nixon told four hundred associated press managing editors that he was not a crook. I've made my mistakes. But in all my years of public life i have never profited never profited from public service. I earned every cent and in all of my years of public life. I have never obstructed justice. People have gotta know whether or not their president's a crook. Well i'm not a crook. I burned everything. I've got and the president also went through and explain how he made his money And let's be honest. A lot of what he did was based on his payment fortune and work so president nixon. The one foot out the door is later. Would find out on this date. In one thousand. Nine hundred seventy three k. Mart announced it was buying sears roebuck and company on the state in two thousand four for eleven billion dollars and named the newly merged company sears holdings corporation the first known case of covid nineteen traced on the state in two thousand and nineteen to fifty five year old man who had visited a market in wuhan china passing away on this date in history. Actress estoril from good times the man who sang that sweet soul music arthur conley and country singer. Don gibson this is the birthdate of director in the man who created a whole genre of actors. Lee strasberg actor. Rock hudson and the sound of dean martin dean paul martin who was killed in a tragic plane crash while he was involved in training with the air national guard the man who sang sundown. You never take care. The wreck of the edmund fitzgerald gordon. Lightfoot eighty two years of age director. Martin scorsese is seventy eight today actress lauren. Hutton still looks lovely at seventy seven from taxi and twins. Danny devito's seventy six saturday night live producer. Lorne michaels also seventy six politician. Howard dean is seventy two. We're going to south carolina and oklahoma and arizona. North dakota and you actually go to california and texas. You are going to south dakota and oregon and washington michigan and then we're going to watch these scream that doomed howard. Dean's run for the presidency. Howard dean seventy two years old today from newsradio an opposite space. Stephen root is sixty-nine from scarface in the color of money mary. Elizabeth mastrioanni is sixty. Two rupaul's sixty years of age model actress. Daisy fuentes one of the first mtv. Vj's fifty four from dexter and arrow david ramsey forty nine from s v. Diane neal forty four from the notebook and mean girls. Rachel talking about two divergent roles rachel mcadams forty two. Wwe excees mercedes. Martinez is forty years of age. Game of thrones hera void thirty seven beyond seas cousins. Geneka knowles is thirty and the star of jersey girl raquel castro twenty-six though some of the people who celebrate the seventeenth november's birthday. And if this happens to be your birthday hi we're the four freshmen. And we just wanted to say. Or maybe two years ago november seventeenth nineteen thirty eight calling all cars on this tuesday edition of classic radio theatre america. Are you watching this election. We saw some of the most blatant media bias in spin ever. Now there's a new. Tv news channel newsmax tv. It's the fastest growing tv channel in america. 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Your real grounded earth and white station tomorrow story. We are about to hear was taken the confidential files from how the sheriff of county we have therefore shut elmer h-bomb auburn to open up the case. We aren't here. Tonight was one of the most interesting in the history of california jurisprudence. This case is interesting in that it was the first trial which the science of ballistics was employed to prove that a specific weapon was used to commit a murder. Another significant outgrowth. This case was the law which was enacted by the california legislature prohibiting the inheritance of money or property by a person who had committed a crime for that purpose as a matter of record. This crime as all others with which i have come into contact was most unprofitable affair. How the criminal was brought to justice. We shall learn as the program progresses our seeing the gallows room also president the time ten thirty on the morning of september six nineteen ovalles on on the wall. All come along out the dometic stewart shirt. Stern do nothing. Pull yourself together. What is it almost thirty. One more aware. Get hanging innocent man you want to take. Okay what is it lever. Send it send it all of them. They've got that healthy. Do you wanna say insanity and where. We insert one all right. Go as fast as your candidate. It'll be hanging an innocent man. I'm on long. Those clever runabout about problems. Let me help you son. Hugh very minnesota. Don't you know i am don't you isn't for me to say i am not your judge over here no like anything you wish to save. My son didn't do it before. God does bhai judge. I didn't do it with me. Only father or give this boy and his era. He knew what he did. We all children and make many mistakes. Some more serious than men. So as this boy adolf welby stands on the threshold of the great adventure hell came in the life here after two cone but his wrongdoing. Amen even you cupid put this over your head. You've got to grab second ten thirty if teams second lifetime. You'd better leave. The platform games got got trials of users. The attorney george hamilton for the state of california and people will get his closing argument. You're on a jury. We have before us the question to answer a question that can have but one answer. Is that man sitting over there. All weber on not guilty is charged with murder that over gentleman that man sitting slumped over in his chair with a smirking. Grim spread across his face is charged with the will and wanton killing of his own mother is suspected of murdering his father and his sister and his brother will be tried for those crimes later but at present we are concerned. Only with the shooting of mary weber. Let's go back and review the case from the start to the present on the evening of nineteen four of broke out in the weber home. On the hill overlooking urban. The fire department rushed to the scene. What desperately few minutes. It was discovered that there were four people. Trapped in the raging infernos. Euless weber is wife. Mary weber bertha weber and their youngest son. Earl weber the work of rescuing these four people were started immediately clarence gear and george. Ruth carried the money then back everybody give her air layer out here clarence. Y'all back. everybody helped me get a doctor. I'm going back. I still go back in there. You'll be back whereas adolf guess. He must be stunned by all eight. Dr ronni get back on track. I got here just as soon as i could. Somebody bring me some water. I can't find any signs of life and even body was pretty badly. Burned drove back voi- fallen. I can't tell all dead eilly boy. I'm afraid they are pretty badly. Burned hadn't been rescued just when they were sure they're dead. Yes positive was to count. Rents begin needed. We saw that bundle through the window. And if the fire had suddenly flared talk. I'm sure you would have a little brother. Yeah yeah that's it. I was trying to rescue him. I was going to climb in the window and drag him up too hot and so these three buddies taken from the blazing house. The body of julius weber was not found until the next day. Now there are two points of importance in what i've just told you one is that it ought webber. Didn't attempt to help in the rescue. Work edna pulled him has testified that he sat under the magnolia tree and view the scene as spectator. The other point is the throwing of the bundle through the window of the living room the dining room rather that all night. All weber's own statement was a pair of trousers. Why did the defendant throw them through the window. Edna pulled testified that she thought he intended climbing into the room and saving his brother. Earls live veterans gear testified that he found the body of earl in the dining room as where the bodies of mary and bertha weber. How did the dependent know earl. Was there shut up and did not start. The blaze under weber broke the window and created a drought. Remember that gentleman. Adolf weber new bodies were in the dining room following. The discovery was made in the coroner's office. Jared tina was called in and acquainted with. Let me get this straight. you say dr lene. They were all dead before the fis. Dining s mary weber was shot through the hot but the weber was shot in the chest. And so were julius weber. No i the yes force. Luxury forty five. I found one in. Mrs weber's buddy one in both his body and mr weber was killed by one or by the other. What do you think did it. Don't ask me your job. Well your guess is good as it might have been murdered and suicide. Julius could have done it. Yeah it's possible but then again what it'd be as motive. There was never any trouble in that family that i ever heard about. Did you know did might have been a rubber. When i thought of that too but on the other hand i don't forget they were all shot from in front james reasonable to suppose one of them might tied to run away. Certainly a stranger couldn't have gone from room to room and one after the other shot the family without so much. It's causing a stir at sound reasoning. Sheriff ken might sound. But it's still question to answer. Who did it see eight off. He was downtown so he couldn't have done it. Julius father though doesn't make sense as no motive has been some money involved. It might be what's happened to you. That might be motive money. I don't get you who received the bulk of the estate. In the event that mr weber died remain news. Golly sheriff i believe you're right and then again adolf has an alabama can prove it. Maybe in was at the webber house and left about five thirty that evening fire was discovered about six thirty dollars now eight. Oh said he took his usual even walk round back in town and then down into town. Chabosy when line and at high daily straight down brewery lane. But can you prove it. That's what he did Over years november seventeenth nineteen thirty eight calling all cars on classic radio theater coming up next. The news of that date eighty two years ago. Thanks for tuning into classic radio theater on this tuesday. Glad you're listening. We're always driving to them persons so we signed up for no your drive. We save money and get closer to her. Dancing dreams the daring young man on the flying trap peas or maybe her singing dreams. Sign up for no your drive and save up to twenty percent. American family insurance insure carefully dream. Fearlessly products not available in every state discount terms apply visit. Fm dot com slash drive details american family mutual insurance company assigned to top rated companies. Six thousand american parkway madison wisconsin. Cvs is your one stop shop for immunity support and more this week. Select moose and elsom. 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American family mutual insurance company assigned to top rating companies. Six thousand american parkway madison wisconsin. And you're listening to classic radio theater on your favorite station and episode of calling all cars as it was originally broadcast on the west coast of the united states on thursday november seventeenth nineteen thirty eight in the newspapers of that thursday eighty two years ago. These were some of the headlines. The us in great britain to closer together yesterday by announcing the conclusion of their reciprocal trade agreements while the us. Germany drifted farther apart. The state department said the british. A new canadian trade pact should be signed at the white house this afternoon. Prime minister mackenzie king of canada would come here for the signing at the same time it has the effect of excluding germany further from trade within this country and deepens the abyss between the right and the united states german jews most of them in seclusion and an estimated forty thousand under arrest last night fearfully awaited their ultimate fate. There were immediate factors in their fears and hopes funeral today of a nazi diplomat whose assassination by young joo in paris last week started the latest wave of anti-semitic violence and repressive decrees a us protest. On behalf of american jews following president truman's denunciation of anti jewish activities and the suspension of normal government business. Yesterday because of the protestant day of atonement resigned early. Jews believe the government would use the funeral of ernest bomb wrath as an occasion to issue. Further restrictions promised by field marshal gearing and propaganda minister. Goebbels some jews festival received a warning in what way they did not explain that another spontaneous demonstration such as last thursday's might be organized in connection with services wrath a secretary in the german embassy in paris slain by the seventeen year. Old personal grins spot. Meanwhile more than a quarter million germans officials indicated last night. I'm trying to get into the united states to live on october. Firstly state for which exact figures are available. There were two hundred. Twenty thousand would be immigrants on the waiting list. It was officially calculated at least eighty percent of them. Were jews indications that the latest outburst of semitism in the right had sent the figures beyond a quarter million cable report from berlin said the american consulate storm by frantic wives of arrested persons seeking prudential showing their husbands could enter the us. Such papers in the past have enabled some jews to regain freedom. He's seven-year court fight for the fabulous. Fortune of a man who made millions by making people sneeze was punctuated dramatically yesterday when a man and two women claiming were arrested and jailed on charges of conspiracy to defraud the commonwealth. The arrest i and the case came a hearing on the claim of sixty-six-year-old. Isaac newton shaper the wallpaper dealer in newark delaware to the twenty million dollar estate of henrietta garrett. Mrs garrett died in one thousand nine thirty after willing only a small part of our snow fortune bequeathed by her to her by her husband. Walter shape or one of twenty three thousand claimants content. He is a senate mrs garrett born before her marriage arbiters put his bid at the top of the list because of the supposed relationship to the snap. Eras in the businessman is advised to make his inaugural for mad if he wants to get more work out of her. That's the formula described by western reserve university professor. Herbert gangly. in those some of the day's top news stories is reported in the newspapers up thursday november seventeenth nineteen thirty eight on your radio calling all cars which continues now on classic radio theater in the course of his investigations. Your question your powell kirk. The american hotel. Hard georgia leila. Hi what did you see eight all come in here one night this week but so much has happened in such a short time. I can't just remember what night it was. They don't came in here to the american hotel often didn't they. Oh sure that's why can't remember that november fourth. But he was in here this week. Now you're sure about that all. I'm dead sure on that. Because i was back in the washroom doing so cleaning up there and he comes in and to eat him seeming starts. Watch his hands. I spoke to him and it scared him. Sa- batty ran out the door. He didn't even drive his hand. Attorney didn't turn off the tap. He didn't that strike you as odd Well you know. Look kinda crazy the time but i didn't think more about it i. What did you do after he left. Oh let's see. I finished cleaning up in there and went out front the desk and then what happened just remember seems to me something happened. I can't wait a minute. So that was the night of the fire. Sure i remember now. Because i got hail columbia for not staying at the desktop. That's all i wanted to know. Made clark had additional information. On the case i was coming up really lane from the american one. Eight past going down. They seem kind of a hurry. Didn't even hardly speak to me. Did you notice anything strange. You know seventy seemed in a hurry. Oh yeah they had a bundle under his arm. Must have been a pair of pants heathrow to the dining room window. What time was that plant just before the fire. Are you sure. I'm sure i was expecting a friend of mine. Six thirty so. I i know it was just before the fire. That's why i was going back to my room for me. Give me a lot of help. If i can be of any more healthy again. Why just let me know cher to an episode of calling all cars for maybe two years ago november seventeenth nineteen thirty eight on this tuesday edition of classic radio theater. Did you know that if you were to get the daily recommended amount of fruits and vegetables in the variety you need. It would cost you at least four hundred fifty dollars a month. This doesn't even take into consideration. The difficulty of finding high-quality produce or the effort required to storm. Prepare it every single day. What if i told you that you can get all that nutrition and more while saving hundreds of dollars a month balance of nature brings you thirty one. Different vine-ripened freeze dried fruits and vegetables. 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November eighteenth nineteen forty nine as lucy's character. Liz tries to help her. May draw mass with the postman. That's coming up on our wednesday edition but right now we wrap up this tuesday edition of classic radio theatre from eighty two years ago november seventeenth nineteen thirty eight calling all cars with this inflammation. Geena sent for out of the house soon. After fulton did. I walked across the hills back town. Then turn back. Walked down the hill into town. You didn't walk down brewery lane to the american. I told you how i walked. Were you when the american hotel just before the fire alarm was sounded and might have been dropping their frequently. Did you see anyone on your wall. No did you see any one of the american. I didn't say i was. That's right. you didn't. What were you carrying a pair of pants under your arm. Four wheel i don. A hole in them. I was taking them down to the taylor's to see if he had another pay match them he was closed. Why did you throw that same fair pants through the dining room window the fire. That should be obvious to a man of your intelligence sharif. Perhaps more visit new thing. How interesting you don't by any chance. Suspect me of killing my entire family do one other thing who receives a weber fortune. Why i do. Of course i'm the sole surviving air. How much was it. I can't say that it's any of your business. But it's around seventy thousand dollars. Seventy thousand dollars tidy little fortune. And whoever i arrest you for the murder of your mother your father your sister and your brother all right boys take him on locking and so information he had gained arrested on suspicion of murder in as much as it is not possible to try a man for more than one. Gram at diamond. The state of california we portraying the defendant. I the murder of his mother. Mary weber and gentlemen of the jury. I thank god that julius weber is dead. I thank god. That bertha weber in this defendant. Little brother are dead. I thank god that we do not have see them. Come into this courtroom and from that witness stand with tears running down their cheeks describing weber's crime i give thanks to providence that these persons dead that they do not have to come here to sweat away the life of this man but resume our review of the pact a few days later one of sheriff keyna's men found the gun that was used. Commit these murders a gun from which four bullets had been fired. The defense asked to see peru that this was the weapon wherever used proved it beyond a shadow of doubt as you recall. We- someone howard car from san francisco. Here's a recognized expert on fire that he pants as as just to prove that this was the gun used bad boy. What you're saying that. Bale of cotton about the wall. Now mister car. If you'll explain to the court goes what you intend doing. Please and thank you mr hamilton. In my hand the voice lungs taken from the dead buddies. Julius women his wife his daughter and his youngest son after placing is under the microscope. I observed that there were certain. Markings certain identical markings on each bullet. Then i examined the barrel of the revolver and discovered the cause of these muggings. There was a slight obstruction on one side. That lifted groove on each slowing as it passed through the barrel. These markings are so small that they could only be seen with the aid of a powerful microscope. I was convinced that these spores from this pistol but to further prove the fact i have fired several more bullets. Run the same gun and examining them closely. I found them to be grooved. Identically like the fatal bullets mark as exhibit d. And almost a car. Are you ready to demonstrate to the court what you've just said he. S to proceed as you can observe gentlemen. We placed a thick bale of cotton against the opposite wall. Into which. Mr howard car will fire for bullets. Proceed gentlemen of the jury your privilege to examine for yourselves lepore bullets taken from the bodies and then the four that have just been fired end are being removed from the bale of cotton. Look closely and you will see that they all look alike definite proof gentlemen that all eight bullets were fired from the same gun and let me remind you that this gun was found in the weber. Barn among webber's personal effects and one other point the empty cartridges were found nearby where this bean through them stepped on one of the time. You my all look through this microscope and see for yourself so you have all through the microscope obscene yourselves. This undoubtedly was the gun from which the fatal bullets were fired hard. It is to believe that a man can his mother all that he has he owes to her. It was she who bore him him reared him taught him and promised herself that in her old age. It'd be a comfort and joy to i. It is hard to believe that a man can kill his mother. But i say to you also that if there is such a man on the face of this earth that man's hits here let me once more reconstruct the crime voyeur. The father julius weber was in the kitchen closet. The sister bertha weber was playing piano and singing. The mother mary webber. Who's putting the younger brother earl to bed. It was then that this bean with gun in hand deliberately and calmly walked up to his father and without the slightest hesitation looking for something. Oh hello john. I used to have. What are you doing with that gun. I assistant turnaround the minute doubts. I was just now. They did brotherhood. Here's shop eight. It offers happened. What's the matter with bertha shattuck. Don't they put that gun down. Don't play today be quiet. I'll be right up just minute. How do now. It's all the record about earl. Mind your mother. And i and so he carried. His brother is sister and his mother down to the dining room. His father he left in the kitchen closet then up to carefully setting fire to the house he started across the hills and then doubled back into town and there. He had the nerve to calmly eat an ice cream soda but he made one mistake. He left the dining room. Shut up and since a fire needs a draft. That room failed to burn. When adolf weber returned. it was burning home. He made this discovery and quickly made his way to the dining room window and throw his trousers at the window and broken thereby causing draft and the room burst into flames served a double purpose by this act as he wished to rid himself of tell-tale evidence although he denied it it seems reasonable to ceo may wish to really himself these trousers because they were splashed with in conclusion. Gentlemen of the jury. There is one more vital back that you must not overlook. And that is that it. All weber is the sole heir to seventy thousand dollar state. That supplies his motive. Now you have all the facts before why he killed how he killed and the gun he killed with everyday point every step dovetails perfectly as citizens of this state. I implore you to do your duty. Give this man who sits even know sneering and smirking. While i talk. If this man the justice he deserves give him the same quality of mercy that he gave his mother and she note before him for her life. Thanks all three hours of fake. I really doing. Trial was crooked. Better step to do over here in doing that. put your hands behind you. Don't do that bring most rope around your neck to save. Then i got up. That's european up eight off. Webber was convicted after one of the most insatiable cases in the history of california. He was sentenced to die and on the morning of september six. He was hanged and folsom prison. His was another crime. That failed to pay sheriff's always calling all cars attention. All cars a consolation on broadcast two hundred sixty regarding a murder and of fire suspect in this case was hanged and that is all harm on narrator ben wittman labeling goodnight maria brand new next week at this time rio grande lee will present the case of the wrassling columbia broadcasting november seventeenth nineteen thirty calling all cars on classic radio theatre. Hope you'll take the time to visit my web page. Classic radio dot stream classic radio dot stream very can stream are programs on demand learn more about classic radio collecting and contact me their classic radio dot stream. And don't forget. Our programs are available anywhere podcasts or served just search. Usa classic radio theatre. Many thanks to this radio station and the advertisers the advertisers pay the bills where the station to beyond the air. And this station chose to put us on an to listen and we appreciate that. I've wyatt cox tell all your friends. 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But he's a part of me like my arms and legs. So i'll be his no time for tired. Nothing can disable this love. He needs me. But i'm the lucky one. Even though i need help known you're listening to the heartland newsfeed radio network at live dot heartland newsfeed dot com. This stream is supported by advertisers and contributions by follow us on facebook twitter and instagram. Covid nineteen is skyrocketing on lisa brady fox news president elect joe biden. Says that what he sees and a daily briefing on the pandemic warning that more than four hundred thousand americans may be dead by the time he takes office. This is reached a proportion that is way way way way out of what he had a virtual meeting today with frontline healthcare workers to praise you. We have to protect you. Have to pay you and you deserve leadership that listens to and that works is hard for you as you do from the families in your communities and emotional meeting times as one minnesota icy universe told him about dying patients crying out for families that can't be with in some workers reusing and ninety five masks so much they fall off their faces. The trump administration continues to emphasize its effort to fast track vaccine distribution wants approvals. Come through visor which expects to apply for emergency authorization soon says it is communicating with all interested parties including the president-elect's team the covert surge continues to pose a challenge for in person learning around the country. New york city schools will all remote tomorrow until further notice after the city crossed a threshold and positive traits michigan's new restrictions kick in today affecting schools sports. Indoor dining and movie theaters zoo restrictions are going to impact a lot of small businesses in many are concerned that these actions could push them out of business for good including bowling alleys. We visited one earlier this week. In like most indoor entertainment venues they were shut down for nearly six months earlier. This year just opened up a couple of months ago and the owner feels like he and other small businesses are now being punished. Despite putting putting in place strict safety measures to keep their customers safe and to be able to stay open and make a living oxes garrett tenny late selloff on wall street the dow down three forty five america is listening to fox news this holiday season more people will be mailing stuff than ever before stamps. Dot com brings the post office and now ups shipping right to your computer. So you can mail and ship. Anything from the convenience of your home or office with stamps dot com. 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She will now need to win an outright majority of the house in a floor vote when the one hundred seventeenth. Congress convenes in early january. I'm very honored. I'm actually was kind of emotional. Because of some of the things that were said in nomination democrats will work with a smaller majority next year after. Republicans picked up. How seats in this month's election at a news conference pelosi an upcoming term is speaker could be her last. Despite no term limit requirement on capitol hill jared halpern fox. News explicity second run as speaker after four years in the early two thousands a singer facing criticism over her face covering is defending herself lana del rey responding to backlash for wearing a mesh style. Face mask to a recent book. Signing critics questioning the effectiveness of the covering posting an article from the michigan daily which suggests the singer is on the chopping block of cancel culture for the move del rey tweeting. The mass had plastic on the inside adding their commonly sewn in by stylus these days in response to those asking why she waited so long to respond. She says she's busy making music and is currently working on two albums. Christine goodwin fox. News apple is cutting its app. Store commissions in half for most developers next year lowering the commission for in-app subscriptions and other purchases from thirty percent. Down to fifteen percent. The company's been accused of using those fees to unfairly boost profits and stifle competitors to apple's own using video and other subscription services. The new discount will not apply to developers with more than a million dollars. Annual app store revenue. Which means some of the most popular apps on apple devices will still have to pay a higher commission and lisa brady fox news cold winter. Get cozy with. Tommy john bras underwear lounge. Wear and pajamas. Tommy john the best pair you'll ever wear or its free. 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Your smart meter will continue to become law smarter. Now that's energy at work. Learn more at amarin illinois dot com slash reliability. The usa radio network presents the greatest radio programs of all time. Pac benet program. Look i your money or your life. I've taking it all and molly one of these days. This is plastic radio theater. The great gildersleeve show transcribed erect. From hollywood. Hollywood the george burns and gracie allen show. Now here's your host wyatt cox. What would thanksgiving coming up. Here's an episode. Of the george burns gracie allen show from november seventeenth nineteen forty two were gracie ended up buying a live turkey. Rubber feed herat. Gentle swain lebron as the makers of swan voting so present the burns and allen show with all white men. I jimmy gauge your early bill. Goodwin the american and george burns and gracie allen. Here they are well. Today's george and gracie are discussing subject. That most husbands never mentioned that their wives in fact it's a subject never arises in the average american home but listen gracie you've been spending too much money. Look at this budget from member. We're not sending any more than we both. i know. but that's the trouble some of the items in this budget or ridiculous milk for cats two dollars. We haven't got the cash while i don't get it poor. If i saw goals of milk all around the house michael think he have cats in the afraid to come out of the whole some nine kick over a bowl of milk and room. The rug you right here. I hadn't thought of that. I know off. Gather nice with no forgotten slash note. That does not that scare them. Ice that anthrax okay. The postman good lighting nine. Good morning mrs burns only one for you today and i'm afraid that one's a bill. That's all i miss apartment. I realized the post office only sends his. They get how feeling all simply armless nice cold shower. Ice cold shower this morning then ran around the reservoir and a couple of times in my shorts. Just that's what all this passing me. No doubt about it is god. just mining isn't a coup and sloppy on the morning like this. I can feel the blood racing through my veins. Well no i can't then y'all much close if he obtains than i am. that's true. well. Goodbye mrs burns. Remember keep smiling any any mail. I'll get the dell qazi from. I knew hats. It only costs twelve dollars. Twelve dollars. I only by what i asked for this. We have to just fans. Deputy is twelve dollar a assessing. No but i didn't want my head to be one gracie you don't need anymore hats and today when you buy anything you don't need you're taking something away from our fighting men. I never thought of that right away. That's the idea at around soldier. Or sailor racy. It's not bad. You see very few things being made for civilians today and if everybody tries to buy those things that demand makes prices go often. We've got inflation. G cell said that the half would cause comment. But i never thought it would cause inflation. Well let's get back to this budget. What's the silliest bicycle pump one dollars. That's an economy if that will save us lots of money on breakfast food. Bicycle pump saves money and breakfast food from now. I'm your own life saver support. And what's this rose bushes seventy-five fellow well. You know that. Flores who has that lovely degreen asked us all their boulevard. Yes naturally. I don't see any. I don't see any rose bushes around here. Where are they one. Second thumper really. But i'll save enough money to make up for i. I'm going to buy one of those things that conducted punch tickets yet or purple. Then we won't have to pay the cleaner to take out of your necktie. I just punch them up. Look dot from now one. We only by what we absolutely need. The rest of the money goes for for waban's we do all vans every yes but if we call over if we if we cut out these silly things we can we can really by mall an and not only that we get four dollars back for every three dollars we put in. We help prevent inflation and we help win the war right here. Everybody should cut down on their spending and put that money into war. Us the idea. So let's throw this. We budget right out of the window at the item for thanksgiving dinner or cut that to turkey. We had last year a pilot. Bombardier this yo l only getting a twelve three pounds each of us. I don't follow of arithmetic on equip whippet not again though. Sponges of had thanksgiving dinner at our house. Five-year-old john day contributes s share every blanche brings over a job or homemade pickle peaches or no and every year. Harry you clean the wall. When the call the jaric slowed sure. They're absolutely wonderful gracie. What's cooking i am for about. How remorse guys spun. He's now found. Believe the bill. Now now wait a minute georgia. I'd rather not get in. The middle of a family quarrel ville i'm trying to prove gracie that morton spun you. Know what do you say. Well george courses only one way to tell us funds. That is a real fine. You rub soap on it and if you get loads of loads of your baby down. You've got swan. The new white floating soap. What's harry morton gotta do with swan. Soap and i looked your. I want to get involved in a family argument but just answering one question. Have you ever no water to reach for a check. Well we'll come bigger. Well maybe you don't notice his hand when he reaches across the white tablecloths to pick up a cheque because his hands are so soft and y you know. He washes his wife's dishes with swan soap. George robert that's one for you george so kind to your hands. Mild is the finest casteel solves so my allergies. You'd use it not only for washing the dishes but forever soap and water job in the house in fact swanieville every day. I'm gonna get you do agree that harry morton is if it's the last thing i do. What about the other day when the city of us wanted to a garage door for sodas who paid the check or you mean the drug store that's having the saline. Yeah how about that. Oh it's going great. Lots of dealers are now running a big day launch one bill. I'm talking about harry morten. Oh well he bought three bar you by saving more ways than one while i give off. There's a guy invites himself from my house thanksgiving dinner and nobody agrees with me. But he's a chisel warmer wait a minute. Did he do that. Yes anyone who invites himself to your house for thanksgiving. Dinner without being asked certainly isn't chiller graciously or george. That reminds me why. I dropped in or shaking hands with another chiswick along the effect giving his salary is frozen the easy to break off anyway. Racy there's no reason why we should buy turkey to free. The more detailed look gracie we. Why can't we eat at their house for a chain. I could call blanche and start at around. What was your would. Of course. I don't wash be too blunt about judge. She wants to be very fast. A hello hello branch. See how thanksgiving dinner this year very subtle. What did you brian. Oh oh. I see your mother and father coming for thanksgiving. Oh no no. that's all right. He only understand gland judge ranches mother and father got to be in town so we won't get a turkey for four people. Good one for six. Oh my gosh. George burns gracie allen november seventeenth nineteen forty two. And you gotta understand. This is wartime so it was hard to get lots of things in wartime if pick particularly on short notice. we'll get back to georgia and gracie and just three minutes here on classic radio theatre balance of nature's fruits and vegetables in a capsule changing the world. 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