MLB Catastrophe?


Today answers matter more than ever before. That's why IBM is helping. Businesses manage customer questions with Watson Assistant. It's conversational AI designed to work for any industry. Let's put smart to work. Visit IBM, Dot Com. Slash Watson Assistant. But I'm Mike Will Tony Bondage. Studio in Berlin can reopen as long as everyone whereas masks. I'm Tony Kornheiser no problem I've always worn a mask there. It's leather covers my whole head in the back. Sometimes even wear a leash well the time. You know, forgive me. I'm not I. Don't want be to just middle, but I've never been a bondage guy. You Know Barroux issue. No, I leather. ooh! Worried about eleven other than the front seats in my car. Yeah Watch the movie pulp fiction. You'll see how it's done I remember it seems in poker, riverboat. Gracie old man and his own addict this day, one hundred and one in today's episode, the jets train Jamal Adams to the Seahawks, the Knicks victims and Alex. Smith says he is ready to play again. But we begin with baseball and the ripples from a positive test for corona virus that have so far claimed eleven, players and two coaches on. The Miami Marlins the Marlins home opener tonight against the Orioles has been postponed and the phillies. Yankees game in Philadelphia has been postponed presumably to keep the Yankees off of the visitor's clubhouse where the marlins were over the weekend. We'll on. What does this mean for baseball? Tony is not the worst case scenario, but it's a step in that direction. And it. Is that potentially because you're looking at disaster here? If it gets worse if you have more players, I test positive. If you have teams with multiple players at this starts a situation in baseball. Get under control then you're looking at the worst possible case, scenario and Tony. You know there's so much we still don't know about the virus how you contract it to the degree to which people suffer and that and baseball is having to. To deal with all of this while trying to plant a season, not in a bubble, but we're players. Go wherever they go after they leave the Ballpark, and this is what you and I have been shaking our heads and worried about for months while how can you have this without a bubble with so many factors? You cannot control and now we're just sitting back Tony just. To See Baseball's reaction and how that spreads to other sports. Yeah well, even if you have a bubble, some guy gets out and says I WANNA. Go to a strip club in order some takeout food. So even if you have the bubble, it doesn't necessarily work, but baseball and football don't have the bubble. I have to say that. When I heard this today, my first reaction was. It has been such bliss from me to watch baseball the last four days. I have been so happy, but you and I both said a thousand times they can start. The season doesn't mean they're going to finish the season. In this particular case you have to your first priority has to be the health and safety of the players in the staff and I understand that, but then you have to ask yourself about the integrity of the season. Season what if the team? What if this goes through team? And I don't think it will only be the MARLINS. It goes to a team and you. You get quarantine and you miss ten or twelve games. How do you make up the Games? It's a sixty game season with almost no days off. I mean that that's what you think of. What do they do if this happens with regularity Tony the integrity of the season is secondary. It is to the health and safety of the players in Davos. Safety I know but I don't even think of the integrity. The season you play with you play and use percentages to determine. Perhaps you order a Finnish who goes to the. Yeah everybody does the same amount in games. No, you can't go on forever. No, you don't and that Tony, had no, you. Don't you try to get the sees it in as best you can, and that's what we're. Here whatever it is whatever you WANNA. Call it this competition. You have some age you get it engineers older. The playoffs outweigh. Go to the playoffs if there's an unequal amount of games in a sense in eight hundred. Tony. They did it when they had US shortened season. In a in a sense, this can work out because the marlins playing the Oreos two week. Teams is not a threat to the playoffs necessarily. And the Western teams in the Mid Western teams are not affected. Because you play in your own time zone, you go up and down in your own time zone, but like I. Think you gotTa. Make them up. I think you have to have doubleheaders I think you have to try everything you can to have an even amount of now. Zone, that's not even A. Even a third or fifth or ninth consideration for me, but let me just doesn't play sixty and in your mind, somebody can play forty one and it's OK, not forty-one. They might have to play fifty one. They play a different numbers games now and teams don't make up games at the end. It's only one or two in a one sixty two, but it's still a different number. Real. Quick Thursday. If you you involved, you have to have even. You don't what why do we read? We disagree we disagree. We disagree, but here's something we may agree on I. Don't know what what is. What does it say about college sports on deck to start their training in college football? If you got professionals, people paid million dollars and you can say to them. Here's what we gotta do hot. Can you say that the kids who move into their dorms fairly soon with other students who may or may not test positive? What does this mean for everybody else? They've all got to be looking at a baseball and right now. Tony at this moment. Maybe you'll get more encouraging right now. Be Scared to death. Let's move to the NFL with the jets traded all pro safety Jamal Adams to the seahawks for two first and a third Adams had already ask for trade, but last week up the pressure by being critical of jets owner Woody Johnson and head coach Adam Gates tone. Who Wins this deal in your mind? Well, the jets don't win the deal. The the jets the jets have just gotten rid of two time all pro player. Yes, they get to number one picks which is wonderful, but this kid. Adams was the number six overall. Pick their likely because Seattle is a good team to get picks in the twenty S. they're going to be lucky to get one guy as good as atoms so in terms of the strict win or loss, Seattle wins this. The Legion of boom is gone. Sherman is gone. Thomas they're all. They have to rebuild their defense and bank. On the fact that Russell Wilson has productive prime years left they they win because they're in the most competitive I believe division all the football with the seahawks, the rams, the forty niners and a car getting better. This is the right trade for them. Mike, they win. I, think so Tony. Love you rebuilding! You could take the tax that we can draft. We trust our scouting department. We can use those picks and we can draft. Players will become as good as Jamal Adams. Almost as early as he has or or ends early as he did, wait a minute. Oh, listen to. Make every single safety like our dear friend who cover football. The most important player says night train lane. 'cause it always last year. He's all pro two years. Yes, Chelsea ready, but he's in his third year. So why couldn't Seattle draft players like that? Or why can't the jets? WHO's drafting department? Do you trust more? Let me just say this. He's a safe. Why doesn't he thought a real kweskin? Drafting Department to trust more. Yes, Seattle we do. Know but did Seattle. Better get better at that he's a safety doesn't cover a hybrid a safety linebacker who's got twelve sacks, which is a lot from that position, but only two interceptions which ain't much from that position, but does he i? Don't know how to cultivate these players, and so once again. He's talent. We're talking about development, and if you don't trust the jets to draft and develop, and what the hell, you're saying the matter what they had. No it doesn't no. They are a perpetual three in thirteen, the three and thirteen look the jets and the Knicks we're gonNA. Get to in a second of your teams. Stink, and all both of them do is churn up coaches all the time. They are the new. York jets are always three years away, so i WanNa talk about the new. York jets Seattle knows what it's doing. Anna shown. It knows what it's doing in terms of this kid atoms. Okay. Maybe he's not as important as as a standalone corner. Maybe he's not, but he's a weapon on defense. and Seattle's in eleven and five team. They're going forward. Let's move to the Knicks. That's a great New York. New York. Knicks are reportedly finalizing a five year deal with Tom. thebault to become their coach. The Knicks are pathetic. There were twenty one and forty five this season. They missed the playoffs for the seventh straight year seven. Wilpon do really expect to succeed. Tony Scene. It's almost with grading on the curve with the Knicks. Right I mean so. Go to what what does succeed me they if they finish the playoffs, okay, if they finish face, that's not exactly winning anything. That's great and on the curve because they've been so pathetic for so long I. Sort of think Tim's could get them near five hundred, although I don't know how, because looking at their roster like you just did. Before we went on the air, we look the Rosser both concluded. There were two players if we wanted to players and so. Tim Can change the culture there to a degree, but this is ownership, and we deal with this with the Washington football team, and now we've got the New York, basketball team, and they got a similar situation with an owner in a culture that we all feel is been toxic for years, so is Tim's GonNa win a championship with these neil now. No now look. He's a very good coach. They have no players. You can't win in that league without players. Stay with me. I wrote stuff down. I'm going to read it since van. Gundy left eleven coaches in eighteen years. Don Cheney one full season Lenny, Wilkins not a full season Larry Brown. Brown a full season there hall of fame guys they couldn't succeed is am Thomas two full seasons, but he already to GM, so he doesn't Count Mike and Tony Three four Mike Woodson to full Derek, Fisher, one full Kurt Rambis, not a full season. Jeff Hornacek full seasons. You Boy Phys one full season, Mike Miller finishes it out. Only one guy went three four. There's no continuity. Accept ownership none. Okay. That's the problem there. That doesn't work so when you say they can dibitetto succeed to a degree, but they don't create. You'd see they're supposedly. Nobody goes. They stink. Let's take a break. I hate saying that I love you in A. Good mood. Alex Smith his doctors have cleared him to play football, but will Washington great. Later Justin verlander says he's not out for the season. But chemistry count on him returning. My Baseball's. You gotTA play the same amount of game they saw. Kim have no layoffs. No, don't. Play when it wants, and they will not what you want. It's window. Amount. They don't do that. Even though it's only summer, it feels like we've already run twelve back to back marathons. And when it comes to hiring just like in a real marathon, the most important step is the next one indeed is here to help. 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Tony I've loved him I. was my team had since enough to somewhere along the way get Alex? Smith and Tony His record since twenty. Is Remarkable I. Mean This guy's one a lot of games I know is not been a super bowl or won a championship. He didn't have any rings I get that, but I've I've run into Alex Smith. I root for him. You and I have gone through this with the Washington football team in the previous generation to generation earlier when Joe Theismann this similar. Similar injury and never took a snap in the NFL and we know join a been around Joe. You worked with Joey play golf with Joe, yes, we knew he was never coming back. I hope Alex Smith. Can that's all I can be as hopeful. Tony I root for him in this situation, I don't know what the team is gonNA, decide down the road. So I don't think he will ever play for Washington again. I don't even know that he ever will play again. because seventeen surgeries is remarkable, and as you say, we reference Joe Thighs men who wanted to play and could never come back. I think Washington's doctors will not clear him offer him a settlement, so he doesn't kill them on the cap and say you're free to go wherever you want to go. If you can go somewhere and I think if that happens, it'll be terrible. Pr Hit for Washington which terrible. Our hits all the time because they're going to be depriving chance to play. Let's go to the record that you talked about. Since two thousand and ten, his record as a starter, is seventy, five, thirty five in one house. That is that good. He's got a hundred forty two touchdowns and forty eight interceptions. He never had more again. Interceptions in a year that's Jameis Winston by lunch is eight interceptions Dwayne Haskins may be good in the future, but. But he is not now a neither carlisle and as good as Alex. Smith would be if he were healthy if he were in fact healthy, and plus he could teach them Mike. He Has Inter Patrick Mahomes him around yes. Yes, by the way what your backup. Maybe he could be your back. Oh, I mean I, Alex. Smith, you know what Tony He's been almost disparaged, even though the phrase itself is not disparaging game manager as if that's. How damning somebody to Hell Tacoma game manager, but those numbers that you cited tone and three two games winning two games. He's wave of the game manager and he's a great teammate, and everybody loves him everywhere. He goes, and it was seemed like he has this kind of human resource. You would want in a locker room. He was six and four is the starter in Washington. Nobody recently has been a winning record. It would be the most remarkable comeback, but I'm not sure it's going to happen. Let's take one last SPRAGUE's. Where's Shohei Ohtani terrible start Lebron James. We'll leave you to answer that when Mr Shohei cheerleader, and where does of Williams's tripped magic city? Leave the clippers. Well, it leaves Lou at least with some food. 'cause everybody goes there for takeout food wings. Everybody I've been there for that. All stopping you have nine. Food from Strip clubs. I'm telling you the answer and nothing. But the has. So something can get to your brain. Did you know GEICO's now offering an extra fifteen percent credit on car and motorcycle policies. That's fifteen percent on top of what Gyco could already save you. So, what are you waiting for your baby to let you sleep in? Sleeping another half hour. Thanks Sweetheart. And you'll change yourself to. Never been a better time to switch to GEICO. Save an extra fifteen percent when you switch by October seventh limitations apply visit GEICO DOT COM for details. Did you know GEICO's now offering an extra fifteen percent credit on car and motorcycle policies. That's fifteen percent on top of what Gyco could already save you. So what are you waiting for your teenager to help around the house? Okay? I empty the dishwasher vacuum, the basement and full of the sheets out of the dryer what? Next I'M GONNA Clean Mittens litterbox in some kind of prank, show or something. That's a camera is a net. There's never been a better time to switch gyco save an extra fifteen percent. When you switch by Tober, seventh limitations apply visit GEICO DOT COM for details. A. Time people happy thirty. Second Birthday Ryan Tannehill of Boston Miami, Bonanza in Tennessee Tannehill was drafted number eight overall by the dolphins in two thousand twelve out of Texas A, and you've played six seasons in Miami and played for five different offensive coordinators and three different head coaches. This lack of continuity had to be a contributing factor to Tamils, forty two and forty six record, and his rather ordinary numbers, including one hundred twenty three touchdowns and seventy five interceptions Miami traded China Hilton Tennessee in two thousand and nineteen for to low round draft picks. Tannehill was expected to sit on the. The bench and watch Marcus Mariota play, but Mariota Falter, and once Tannehill got on the field. There was no point taking him off. He went seven three as a starter in the regular season, two and one in the playoffs losing to Kansas City in the AFC. Championship Game Tannahill led the League and passer rating to twenty two touchdowns, six interceptions completed seventy point three percent of his passes. One Comeback Player of the year made the pro bowl, and he got rich. He signed a four year deal worth up to one hundred eighteen million dollars, and in Nashville, that's Taylor swift money. I got two words for you, and for him Derrick Henry all right. Tannehill was a number one play action pass in the League. Hello, that means he's dependent on having a fake hand off to a guy who's all home run threat and devastating physically two opposing defenses aright Derrick Henry thank you very much. At the anniversary Jose. On This Day twenty two years ago, the pirates rightfielder uncorked guided missile and the thin air of Colorado to Rob Rocky Sitter Navy Peres of a triple. The ball goes off the law over he ends glove and he picks it up on the warning track as he throws it, you hear the announcers explain look that throw from right to throw his perfect. We can all think of great even iconic throws. Ichiro made a few Willie. Willie mays made a few Vlad Guerrero Dwight Evans, but over the years pirates right fielders made more than their share. I was the Great Roberto Clemente running on him. Was Baseball suicide later? There was Dave Parker. These guys had hoses. The throw to home is the most exciting play in baseball because there's always a run involved, but the hardest throw is from right field to third, and you can't do it any better than did. No you can't Tony and watching those pirates do that. It's amazing that one franchise could have multiple people to them as a kid, a little kid Roberto. CLEMENTI was synonymous with right-field arm. But you know the older. I got mandate. Parker Tony as you mentioned he through so many folks from out there was amazing. An, a melancholy trails to Regis Philbin. We just died over the weekend a month shy of his eighty ninth birthday. He lived a glorious life in television. He was on TV more than anybody ever. He started the nineteen sixties getting a break when he was the second banana to Joey Bishop late night. Talk show that show didn't last, but regis did if he did not invent morning TV talk, he perfected it his shows with Kathy Lee Gifford and Kelly. RIPA were huge hits. People looked at regis as a kind of every man who found himself in a glamorous situation. Situation and struggled to keep his feet on the ground. In the early two thousands, he was picked to host who wants to be a millionaire which became a runaway hit. Everyone saw how he asked. Is Your final answer as if he was rooting for the answer to be right in a word, Regis Philbin was relatable and on a personal note. He loved this show and we loved him. He watched us all the time talking about PTI on his own show. He did five good minutes on our show in two thousand and eight, and they were five great minutes. Yeah. He didn't just watch US I. Mean He gave us advice at the very beginning? Tony knows he was encouraging. He was supporting. The four lions of television who really helped launched his show Maury Povich Larry King Regis Philbin and Bryant Gumbel. Did I get that right? Tony a regis. For us all the time, we miss him absolutely right and we'll bond. You've got an omission. Tony I do have an admission always different kyrie irving for do something I don't like. He contributed whereas committed one point five million dollars a WNBA. Mba salaries of women who opted not to play this season one point five million dollars, good for Kyri and good for the women at us. Go to the big finish. Let's do justin girl lender has a forearm strain, but disputes a report that he's done for the season. Your thoughts man. He's a tough Oh do in addition to being hooper talented I hope you'll be back. Think you'll be back because he says so Shohei. ohtani did not reporting out in his first start for the angels concern to you. Well. He's coming off Tommy John Surgery. Look at this happens second time. I'd be very concerned. We're going to give them one pay us here forty-year-old Nelson Cruz when four for five with two doubles two homers, seven Rbi four runs against the white sox. That's a big deal, isn't it? Yes I'm a cubs fan who's rooting for the white sox. Rooting for the South side is you can't give up twenty seven runs in three games. Where are you guys? Come on now. COYOTES GM John Shaikha quit one week before the Stanley Cup qualifiers. Tone your thoughts. You can't do that you the GM. They're about to go into the plan. No, you can't quit on the way to weaken the help when they get eliminated last one rule Williams. Young. Magic City Lynn appropriate is. Quarantine appropriate. It is you're out. You've gotta come back. You gotTa have negative. Negative, negative negative. That's the deal. On son try to do better. The next time I'm Tony Kornheiser I'm Mike Wilpon same time to? Get the podcast on the APP or Apple? GEICO. Access to licensed agents twenty four seven, which means that Geico is always there for you. If only everyone was always there for you, like your mom when you fill out really really important paperwork on the first day of a new job name, check birthday security thing. Hey, what is my social security number? Mom Mom? Okay let's. Zero Zero, one seven German I hashtag Geico always there for you with savings and twenty four seven access to licensed agents.

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