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Welcome to the modern woodworkers association. A podcast about woodworking for folk. Who would woodworking is what we do who we are and what we like to talk about so join us as we have a drink. Sit around and talk woodworking. Hello to your friends and welcome to. Mwa podcast episode number two eight before getting the episode. I wanted to let everyone know. This is not a regular episode. The discussion that takes fourth in the episode about My mistake regarding breaking up the previous episode is absolutely true. And what was supposed to go out? As two one hour episodes instead went out as a single to our episode episode to eighty seven so for episode two eight. I taken out pre and post recording discussions and edit them edited them into something which you might find enjoyable. You may also find it unenjoyable. Tedious and boring. So I issued this announcement that if you're a fan of the woodworking discussion we try to have. There's no harm. Felt in your deleting episode and not listening we'll be back to regular woodworking content with the next episode however if you enjoy the aspect of the podcast which is akin to sitting around in the bar at the end of the day after woodworking conference and just discussing among woodworking friends. Then hopefully you will enjoy. I tried to take the blue parts out but some strong opinions are expressed in the fog recording. If you're listening we hope you do enjoy and regardless. We're excited to be back with a regular woodworking episode. Next week in fact our guest next week is featured in this episode. So with that I open joy. Cobble together recordings that are episode to eighty eight. Yeah Yeah we in sears is always upstairs in the What'll customer service area? Or the restrooms were laying motor city studios there too. Yeah you're right all right world record again Pizza I'll try to keep it to a minimum legitimately. Hear me smashing on pizza lately. Maybe lightly your selectively mute. You'll be fine. Oh Yeah I mean That I was you know I listen to the last couple episodes. And then maybe do I get quiet. Sometimes because my microphones on Jimbo I mean I can. I can bring it up a little closer but then I feel like I'm talking with my mouth within two inches of it. It was yes. I can talk like this if you'd like I'm going. I'm touching my pop filter. Oh Yeah Right. Which reminds me? I know we'll talk about it but don't put the Texas woodworking festival bumper in front of they haven't officially cancelled yet. But are they putting the old fighter woodworking live bumper just for shits giggles? Hello Modern Woodworkers Association podcast listeners. It's working podcastone Ben. Strength From Shop Talk Live. Reminding you about fine woodworking. Live April Twenty sixth through twenty eighth at the South Bridge Hotel and Conference Center in South Bridge Massachusetts. It's a fantastic show. I don't need to list the presenters because it's a WHO's who but I do need to tell you it's a great chance to buy. Yami plot beer so head on over to find ordering live dot com right now to register and get ready him being the Off The mixing boy. Oh you really should played at the beginning. And he just says woodworking live right he does not say twenty nineteen in there. Does he know the dates but not wrong? But yeah you can you could edit that out. And just it could be a bumper for these are strange times wherein currently very strange times I've been recording of this since we started talking about pizza. So I'M GONNA stop that recording the intro and we're GONNA start the recording and they'll let go. I'm kind of the opposite camp because it's getting it's getting better but I have a cordless circular saw that I really like. I have a cordless sixteen gauge finishing. Nailer that I really like. But my one thing is if vacuum connects cord. Who Cares you have to do it anyway? You don't need the cordless but but stuff outside the shop. Yeah I could see a good use case for cordless but if I'm in the shop yeah I really didn't make any sense because I connect is if I can connected to vacuum it's being connected to the back exactly yes because all my routers are connected the vacuum so what's the best sanders they're all connected to the vacuum. What the benefit. I don't some of this stuff I just don't get but if it doesn't connect to a vacuum absolutely go cordless when I'll really pay money for is the one that comes up with a quarterback you connection has somebody has a cordless not the vacuum running over battery vacuum sucking without a coats oak hose. Lewis vacuum vacuum. Yes that's probably a better Better way described. Yes yes that that would be a better way. Hoses vacuum all things just a wind tunnel. Got A gap unless we WANNA cut episode. We just did into to ask you about after your live session today. That about half the stuff that's going to talk about not perfect for the people that don't listen to that. Let's knows who's still working. I didn't even know there wasn't a yeah. I'm working. We'll no no I was working. I got paid for that. I know you working. Yeah I forgot to check instagram for a few hours on sold that. Oh Wow that's that started not that long ago and I Logged in going. Well I guess that's about wraps it up that's always the way it is. I think it's up there on the story so and back there was. Yeah that went to today. Didn't go smoothly. As as the first one I did Sunday a little bit of because it was Sunday. Yeah Yeah and I was on the laptop. I don't think I was hardwired in the shop. Yeh But it just. It was a lot smoother. This one I had my ipad. I made a stand for the TRIPOD. Hold my IPAD and my own and it was it was. It just. Didn't work these trying times. We make to ban it's going to be okay there. You Go. That's doing all right if that's all just so how's how's everyone doing good good you recognize. Everyone's voices I'm kyle shot him. Yeah well everybody knows. Geometry wars a little different. When I'm not yelling across you know a conference hall yes Garnett last after. Wait another year for that. Yeah so I don't know I guess I guess when get in here? I don't know we may be jumping all over the place but we'll we'll do what we can. I mean it's got I I don't know if it's going to be too terribly similar for my last episode where it might just be just straight up discussion. Yeah whatever he goes. I'm I'm game for anything. You know you could do a crossover. I would love to this American life. You know what it was weird. They did tour years ago and I saw them live at Lincoln Center. And I've not listened since really like I used to be. One of my favorite radio shows like back in the day before we had kids. We'd listen to it on a Saturday afternoon. Lincoln was part of our schedule and it just got. It was right around the time they had that like one season on showtime and it was just like it was just too much and I was just like. This is really good and I was done kite. There's a there's a so I'm a big fan of Gimblett media. Everything they do and Alex Bloomberg is like one of the main producers from that tie. Listen to the season that was about the founding of Gimblett. Now that was really good but he actually said at one point and it might have been when he interviewed IRA glass for his new show Without fail but he had he had said that that year they did the show and the problem was all of a sudden everybody realized that none of their tricks work on TV show but okay but like but they all went into like a spiral like they do like all of a sudden. They questioned everything he was like. Well if it's our again on TV why why is it? GonNa work on radio. We don't know how to make radio it turns out and like everybody flipped out So well obviously. They got some bad comments seriously. Most of them are really good. That one and it's still sitting at the top. Of course look at them. Nothing good can come looking at them. I don't ever believe we're GONNA get enough that it has any influence on the arbitrary positioning. That apple does in terms of promoting podcast. I I actually don't believe that because I have I have recently. Maybe in the past ten episodes like made like a real push to be like. Listen thank you so much for these and like really like honestly Heartfelt Lisa. Thank you and stuff And we've seen more come in since then and we have been consistently climbing up any podcast chart you sleep number nine in hobbies or we were number seven. Last week in hobbies I have a very myopic worldview but in my eyes you're more successful because I've never been on their show. Well we in our is our success because you are online I appreciate. That's why we're such good friends. Ben. I'm going ahead and thank you guys no problem. Thank you for coming on and please give everybody up. There are best and hope this is just a small blip and you guys figure out a way to be as effective as ever through it all and everybody healthy. That was fun that was. What are we going to come out? Speaking part of the one we did last weekend because that was a two hour episode. There's a part. Two two hour episodes off in two hours downloaded hold on episode. We're never GONNA get sponsored by festival or Milwaukee you as we were talking. I was looking up pictures of Of eyler You're with I. I can't pronounce the last name is H. J. O. R. T. H. Hyphen E. S. T. H. inhaler in the blue overalls from woodworking America. Okay yeah recognize him so because we were talking about that whole you know four function versus versus art and he basically explained chairs as physical man manifestation of the tension between functioning art Those are very interesting discussion but all right so although I didn't want to get too far down that road but we didn't. We just got more in the function. Well they just had one and they just they just discuss that on a couple of episodes ago on Shock shock shock top. Their their their their discussion was shallow and not thorough. I heard that I was not impressed with it's an intellectual discussion. People should embrace it that way not shy away from it. Because they're woodworkers maybe we should leave with that the only on continually running on funded. I'd can somehow I'm sorry. I'm going to ways that I've seen posted the whole thing. Which I I really I had only done half of it. I and I only know that because I saw it and I was like. Oh Wow that was a long episode. I'm not opposed to putting our episode but I thought I broke it up so that we would have two episodes out of the football This burden is not placed on the listener for any other podcast. The guests and topics are continually interesting but the foundations just not thankful it exists but hopeful it improves.

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