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Hi, it's Ellen Degeneres. Welcome to my podcast. We're gonna listen to some of the best moments from the show, and it's going to be hosted by four executive producers that I love happy listening on today's episode of Ellen on the go. It's a big day on Ellen on the go guys. It's a big day David Letterman, the one and only David Letterman reminisces on the Ellen show about many things, including our very own Mary be calm. That's right. You heard Eddie Ben Stiller plays around the five. Second rule. Offset of migos fame opens up about his car accident and about how he got Cardi B back and Ellen dishes on some life lessons. Inspired by Taylor swift. I'm Ed glavin. I'm Andy last ner. I'm Mary Connolly. I'm coming leaving the second. This is Andy on the go and. But really today this this. We're going to kick off talking about Mary Connolly, we're gonna things we're gonna talk about Mary Connolly up. We're gonna talk about David Letterman. Sure. And and Mary Connolly for those who don't know came up on the David Letterman show started as the receptionist worked her way up to producer produced all the celebrity guests for Dave. But also developed a relationship with Dave where she was kind of one of the favorites and he'd play baseball with her in the office. He put her on the show where she would throw footballs with actual NFL quarterbacks because she knew how to throw a football and things came full circle for you. They last week with Dave. And why don't you tell everyone? Well, it's true. I started out as a and NBC and then got hired to work on late night with David Letterman and stayed through into the transition to late show with David Letterman CBS, and I had a great friendship with Dave. We had a we had a lot of. Fun together, and I would brief him on segments. I was a segment producer there, and I would brief him on segments. And while I would do that. We would either toss a football or toss the baseball when I left the show. It was a it was a tough. It was a tough split bittersweet. I'm sure it was bittersweet because I just said that I was leaving. I didn't give the show a chance to make me an offer to get me to stay. I you had made up your mind to move to California. And that that hurt Dave's feelings and understandable understand now seventeen years later, David Letterman appears on the Ellen show. Yes. And all that just washed away and his fondness for you was really really fun to to see and be around it. It was it was very sweet low obvious. How much she loved you? So sweet well heave. It will play. What will play you a clip this? I will be this is going to be Dave telling the story about Dave and Mary. Having a cash for the baseball. To sixth floor of thirty rock the fourteenth fourteen Ed floor, so only eight stories higher the floor, and and a baseball going through the window. So let's start with that take a listen to that we're back with David Letterman. And I am fortunate enough when I started this show sixteen years ago, we had a great group of executive producers one of which is Mary who was a producer on your show for years. But Kosei Mary was a producer on the show for years. How many years ten years I was at the show. Macro tenure but more than a producer. Mary was a dear dear friend. And I can remember being ill behaved when she came to me with the news that she was leaving. Because I was I was hurt. My feelings were really really hurt. I was so fond of this woman and look at it for God's sake. You not be. In you, not be. Every day. Look at the two of you there is that us old. Oh god. Yeah. Looks looks like the police of broken in. Mary knows the story and. Honest to God, it was the worst day of my television life, and maybe the worst day of my life, you're on the ground floor here. More or less, right. So on this particular day Marian. I are throwing baseballs hard bulls gloves throwing the ball and Mary can bring it is. No question about that. And we're trying to get that. Whack. Just perfect whack. You get when the ball hits the pocket and. Mary was on one corner. I was on the other corner and one got away from me, and it went up and over and through the window of the fourteenth floor of the thirty rock building and down below was sixth avenue and the sidewalk. Well, you know, how many are dead. And I'm I'm stunned. And so I go over to where the window is. And I'm just kind of hiding and looking down there. And there wasn't really any commotion. To speed of people were looking up people were looking because shards of glass at rain down on the avenue of Americas. And I see a guy down there. And I can hear him say, look, there's Dave Letterman. I'm spending the rest of my life in prison. It's a miracle. No one got hurt. Good point. How is that possible? We have many people don't know. So in a situation like that. What do you do? What do you do? What do you do in a situation? Like that you tell me about you know, what you do in a situation like that. I would just back up slowly from the window. No, no, no. You send it in turn down. That's what you do. I we have to go to break you took lots of chances because one of my appearances on your show. I hit a Gulf bowl from one building building you were having people hitting Gulf balls, which also could have gone badly. But we were doing it would have been on you. Oh, I see. Oh, I see very would have been a mention that. Right. After that. We had the windows covered with. I think it's called Lexcen glass. The the stuff you see at hockey games. It's bulletproof. We had all of the windows covered with that. Smart problem solve. That's right. Most people would just stop playing with the baseball. But. Sure. Yeah. We did. 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Join join the fight by heading on over to CVS dot com slash Ellen to redeem your free trial of CBS all access to watch the new season. Now. Streaming exclusively on CBS all access that CBS dot com slash Ellen to redeem your free trial of CBS all access. Okay. So that was that was one of the scarier days of my life. I'll bet and we had played catch for really long time. And we were really good at it. And this just happened, and it it was terrifying. That'd be manslaughter. If he would've get someone, you know, I don't know game over it's all over. But what do they call that unintentional homicide? What do they call that in involuntary involuntary? Yeah. Yeah. No is horrifying it was horrifying. And it's also a miracle. That thing's falling out of that building didn't hit any. Yes. Yeah. And and in the commercial break after Dave told that story. Yeah. He he we went up to home base to to say. Hi. And he was like what were we thinking? Like why? Why we're like out of our minds. What were we thinking that we could do that? And we thought we headed all under control. We thought we knew exactly what we were doing what did that feel like after all you went through with Letterman and all you've done through with Ellen to be sitting on the stage watching the two of them talk and tell a story about you. It was it was it was incredible. It was really special because Ellen is doing is Netflix show and net. Flicks. Wanted me to go in and say hi to Dave and they wanted to tape that. And right before that happened. I was. Excited, but also a little nervous and I walked in. And we said hi to each other. And he had some footballs. They're waiting for us to throw the way we used to throw scrape, and it was instantly. I was back talking to my old friend. You know, he was like what you brother doing what's going on with like his kids? What like we were just catching up the way old friends would catch up and all of the twenty some odd years sort of just melted away. And I was just having a conversation with a with an old friend that is so also in it was really it was very special in the eighties and nineties he had legions of fans who watched the show every single night and like quoted him and alleged you. Yeah. Knew the recurring characters. It was like. Yeah. Fun little clubhouse that you were in. If you were if you were too young like your parents watched Carson, and you watched Letterman, at least that was my. That was my experience growing up, you know. And if you watch Letterman, you knew Mary because Mary was on the show regularly. I mean, you were throwing footballs with Phil Simms with boomer assize. And like, I remember watching it was whole Larry. And I I remember in it was like two thousand one two thousand and two Hillary SE McLaughlin with the time was the president of Tele pictures saying to me, you know, we've got this woman, and she's consulting on this on the show. We're doing and I want you to have we're having this event in New York. And I want you to meet her, and I said, great, what's your name? And she said Mary Connolly, and I went Mary Connolly. I know Mary Connolly she goes, you know, her go. Yeah. I mean, she doesn't know me. But I know her absolutely. Well, you know, everything that's hilarious. Everything I know about working on a talk show, I learned from Dave. And I learned from that show. And you know, I of talk shows or modeled it, you know, the behind the scenes stuff on how segments are presented to the host. How interviews you're done with celebrities. Yeah, that's celebrity driven comedy. And would sorta came from what is created over there? So it was it was particularly special to see the moment of seeing Dave and Ellen up there talking to each other and making each other laugh and really loving on each other. Yeah. It was the weirdest thing is that Letterman went off the air before Kevin Leman was actually born though, not true. It's one of my biggest complaints about Mary. I for the first five years I worked here. I just want to hear some Letterman story. Yeah. Just tell me. And finally we sat next to each other on a flight to Orlando. So I'd five hours of Letterman stories made me so happy. I'm I'm I'm so proud of my time there, I would be happy to show you Letterman stories all the time as a fellow gay. I hate generalizations and stereotypes, but why do all lesbians know how to throw footballs? Unpack that sentiment. I ate generalizations. Why do all lesbians know how to throw footballs? Here's just what I'm going to tell you. I grew up in New York City, and I have a brother and a father who were both very into sports, and we just learned to play catch because catches a game you could play in a straight line. Right. So we would be out on the sidewalk in front of in front of our Brownstone, and we would play catch. And so you'd play catch with the ball for as long as you could play catch with the ball. And then if you played with a football, my father, and my brother taught me how to throw a football and their canopies on our on our block on thirty six street between parking lex. And then you could throw footballs or balls over the canopy. Apartment building to then catch or owning to catch the ball on the other side, and that became so it was just it was just what you did Ellen did his chauffeur net flicks. My next guest needs. No introduction. Yeah. And if you don't have net flicks. I'm telling you now get it by may, which is when I think episodes his his second season of that show. Will be released all at one time in may. And you should check into say ping, Mary Ellen gave us a sneak peek, and it's like a side of Ellen. You've never seen before and truly. Yeah. Really? It was they went it was a special night. What about what he did Britain question? Yes. Yes. Yes. It was so fun to see him play an actual game. That was that was something that we did not expect. What happened we played it going to say when he goes he's sitting up there on the burning questions set with all these bells and whistles, and there's music and animation. They come out of any turns the LA, and he goes, it's a lot going on right? Well, and also when he first walked out and sat down he's like, where's Paul? Yeah. Little shoutout to Paul shape for his bandleader for. Here's a clip of of Ellen and Dave playing burning questions for every question to answer. Honestly. And I'll be the judge of that our friends at shutter. Fly will donate a thousand dollars. Okay. Question. And then you will get that for no apparent reason who was your first crush. Girl named Suzy Frakes. How old were you was in the eighth grade. Have you seen her since though I've spoken to her since we have? But she was she, you know, I. I was such a dumb ass. Can you say that? That I ruined it. I loved her all the way through high school and. All right. But yeah, Susie creeks and grew up to be a teacher. She lives up on Cape Cod. And has I think she actually has a son named David. Yeah. What are you need to do? Now. I'm just saying it. I think that she's still obviously has feelings for you name, David. Well, you to other kids. I don't know what their names are an. I'm well. Rebellious thing you did as a teenager. Stupid. One day senior year, my buddies, and I took our skateboards, and we cut school, the one only time might you. Don't cut school me. Nobody goes to school anymore. Anyway. We we left. We took off. We got the guy's card. We went up to the highest point in central Indiana is where the grave of James Whitcomb Riley, who's fought from Indiana. And it's the highest point in this crown hill cemetery. We took our skateboards up to his grave, and we skateboarded all afternoon down from his grave to through the other graves. Not that window. Yes. Well, of course, we were they've been lied. It's too late to embellish it now. Thank you so much. Dave Dave in the show. All of us very burning questions. WWE superstars TV personalities entrepreneurs celebrity twins. Nikki inbreeds Bella are turning off the camera and turning on the mics to give their fans in inside access to their lives. Like, they never have before from debates about whether one night stands are better drunk or sober to chats about what life is a new mom is really like the girls will invite listeners into their homes for an uncensored, fun filled and very Frank conversation. So cool. It's awesome. You can kick back. Pop. Open a bottle in dish with the Bella twins on the Bellas podcast. You can listen for free and apple podcast about ov-. What Kevin soda pop. I would do like liquor. Okay. Brown liquor. You can listen to them on apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcast today. Oh, that's beautiful. I wanna know. What's a one night stand better drunk or sober? Come on. Does that in we played another game with the Ben Stiller? Yeah. We did. Who was that host? He was very attractive. He was. Yeah. Hanson wasn't. He you can't believe how many people go because what Ellen goes is. Sometimes she'll forget to say one of my producers, Kevin when Kevin hosts five second rule, if you know the show we do a game five second rule often where Ellen plays against our celebrity guests, and when twitches and here we use Kevin as a host. And she just goes. So Kevin will ask us question. Doesn't say Kevin my producer. So I get so many people that oh he's so hot. He. So is he available? I go I go. Well, first of all he's gay. So he's not available to you. And second of all these engaged. He's engaged. So no, he's not available. But I always get any place the game. He needs a good half hour in wardrobe England. I don't know if you can tell on TV, but Kevin is like six what almost six three six three handsome, well, built full head of hair full head of hair. And so we always get he's so hot he. So now, I oh. Always hear it from women little bloated from from women than they always go. He's so hot. Who is like is he married? Let's talk about Ben Stiller. Okay. And how hilarious he was that game? He was really funny during the commercial break L because I'm not good this game. He was fun which is a lie. Right. And I think it was just to make Benfield good. He's like, I'm not going to be good. That's I'm not going to be good. Which a lot of guests say, yes. And turns out he wasn't. It was really true for bang, bang goods would have been great at seven ten. Second rule. Yeah. But he's still funny. Yeah. So funny, and I like you as a host because you genuinely laugh they make. Yeah, they genuinely make you laugh. So that makes it fun for us. Here were some of his best answers from five second rule Kevin move Rita category. And then we'll have five seconds to name three things in that category. And then hit to see how much time is left. I will start to show. You exactly how it stuck go named three reasons you'd wear a blindfold, oh because here in a movie with Sandra Bullock. And because you're ended that kind of thing. Oh, those really fast really darn it. I don't think I'm going to do. Great at this. You are. All right, then three reasons you leave a party early. You're bored. You run into an X. You don't like the host. Okay. You don't like the host, you shouldn't have gone in the first place. All right, bad, judgment, L three people. You think are cool then Stiller Kevin a layman and portrait to roughly. Ooh. Double point. Three things you tell yourself in the mirror. Oh. Wake up. It'll get better. I love you. Even over. Ellen. Yes. Three ways to get yourself thrown into prison. Oh, you you kill somebody you rob the Bank, and you hurt somebody else. I didn't want to kill people. The other one didn't get your get your kid into college. Three things New Yorkers say to get people's attention. Hey, faith. That does happen. Of course. It does. Yes. Yes. It happens here too. Every three things that have wings a fly a bird termite. Ooh. Two point six seconds to. Yeah. Ben three things you keep hidden. Oh secrets gold. A little leprechaun. He's one who guards the goal. Yes. Three things you look. A person. Lollipop and I can come boom. Then. Three things you measure o. Growth. Ingredients and. And parts of your body. Let's talk about offset for a minute. I mean offset the rapper was here. He you know, there's a guy named chance the rapper. All set does not go by offset the rap. I know but for those people who are being confused by off offset the Taylor. Sherman oaks. This is offset who wraps, but there's a there's a there's a level of like affection and respect for Ellen in the hip. Hop community that I just adore. It makes it makes me very happy. And I don't know. I just it's just fun. What I know about all set is that he broke in through migos. Right. And and we had him on to do a song. I think it was called bad and boosy, and they were really fun when they were here, and it was their first big hit. They were blowing up when they got here, and he literally had two hundred thousand dollars, and he had look across body bag, and he had two hundred grand in cash in it, and they were looking to go get a car and Ellen turn them onto a car dealer who got them they wanted to Bentley truck with a red interior and that night, thanks to Ellen. And the fact that he had two hundred grand in cash on him. He got a Bentley truck with a red interior. So now he does the solo album offset. And he has some great features like Travis, Scott, and he's. Here to promote it, and he brings Travis Scott to perform it with them. And it's amazing. You have to you have to watch that on the show. But then he sits down, and he talks with Ellen and opens up about this crazy car accident. He had that almost killed him about the break-up with Cardi B and then getting back with Cardi B in how he convinced her to take him back. And then he talked all about growing up without a father and a father who still dodges them is he assumes alive, but still wants nothing to do with them. And how he wants to be a better man and a better father than that. And it's kind of interview that Ellen can have these guys that other people just can't and you'll so comfortable with her. They trust her. He loved her. It's really cool. It's really cool. And here's a here's a clip of that interview. It's really I think poignant, so you and Cardi broke up. A you got married that you broke up, and then you've got back together. And then you kind of were very public about how you tried to get back together with her you ended up on stage. Do you feel like that was something that you regret? Or do you? I know I'm asking a tough question. If you're having a drink. But do you feel like because people thought that that was kind of more you trying to get attention? But you really were just trying to ask her to come back. I love my wife's always sees not gaining. So it's like we have schedules, and we have shows, and I just felt like if I gave a break between time I just can't give that break between time. So it's my forefront. I step to it as a man who say, I'm wrong and step towards man. And you don't have to take me back with. I just want you to know. I love you. And I care and this, and I'm putting all I wanna tell you. We're just like I married her. I asked her to marry me. At a in Philadelphia at the radio in front of sixty thousand people. So it's like, and when I did that they were like, oh, I do it because he's just my fish, and Sean, I'm not hiding out of my fishing for you. That's how we being vulnerable. I guess, you know, any kind of it kind of it kind of beat me with response if people, but that's why I don't be trying to be vulnerable because when you do it. It's like is something wrong with the way. I know. And it is I think it's really important to show that your -able because I think that that is a bigger man to say, I can be strong. And then I can also be vulnerable. I think it's important on average. How much do you have on you carrying around? I've learned to kind of slow it down. But usually it's like a hundred thousand. Slowing down slowing down because you had a lot of money. And I ask you what you were going to do with it. And you said you were going to go by car, and I ask what kind and I said let me help you out. I'll make a call. And then tell me what happened. Use the PLO to media. My village truck. You know, I just told her she asked me how much I I had two hundred grand a day. And then I told you I was trying to get a bit. And you were like, well, I got people billion in this, you know, the car outside and then after I went I went to the dealership and I purchased it off the plug Ellen. Yep. Flow. And that's a beautiful color. But you you wanted red interior. That was a right. If I remember I told you wanted to I didn't care about the outside is more. I hadn't really is that your favorite color you wearing red now. Skin color. Yes. It does. Compliment it. So so far there with four which is an incredible album. And you wrote all if not most of it after your car accident. Right. So you almost died. What happened was I was driving. It was raining. I was going to fast, and then I seen someone like crossing street being in the middle of the streets while we went around, and I was in the hill cat. So it kind of lost traction. I wanna hit into a tree when I hit the tree I panic was I was I was still able to alert and I was trying to get in the car. But my my door was jammed. I couldn't get out to call my door. So I've had to crawl out the other side I hospital they told me I've fresh they did audit exams. I was good. And I just thank God for that. And then after that the next day I got out an occupant rear room, which is the video that I dropped with me showing the crash. So I'm talking about my grandmother father missing. And like I did that with cast on my hand shit was right now he was it was crazy three as I ain't never been through an accident in my life today. Yeah. And then in Cardi was like seven months pregnant too. So that was a, you know, and it's something like that can change your life. When you you have a near death experience. And so you wrote a lot. Lot of there's a lot of personal things in this. Did you feel like it was just time to let all that out? It was like, you know, sometimes you feel you have a field. And then sometimes you wanna move pass things. Like, I just wanted to let other men notice like it's cool made mistakes because my kids I missed like the first birthday of some of my kids do sit in concentrations of being in trouble and being caught up in the system, and I still don't run away from it. Like, I have a father that. I don't know he still runs away for I don't get it. I've invited him on interviews all type of TV's. I get in contact, you know, you still dieting, but it's like I wanted to make other men feel like say two minutes out of the store and accept the wrongdoing and go to fix it. It's never too late. You could be thirty. They'll be thirty years old. You've never seen them used to still try. You know, what I'm saying to commence? And of course, when you book offset, and he brings in Travis Scott, there's a certain what will you say pungent smell that at her that takes over at takes over the entire dressing room area back stage and stage area. What is that? What is that? I it smells a little bit. Like what's it called marijuana? And it's just it's kind of hilarious, but that's part of their preparation for their art, and they come out and perform and don't disappoint. But. Yeah. With those two guys and all the people that kind of travel with them the techs, the musicians, the DJ's the entourage. Yeah. There's a marijuana smell in the building. And it's kinda hilarious. So right before a musician performs Ellen stands on her Mark onstage. Getting ready to read the introduction and our music producer, Johnny Norman, he loves to be called, Johnny. Yeah. Johnny Norman comes over to check in with Ellen make sure everything's fine. And he's carrying a small white shopping bag like a little gift bag, and I co what do you got there? Jimmy, and he goes, oh, I have to hold onto this. And I've been told that only I can hold onto this. And I no one else can hold onto it. And I go what's in your bag there? And I look in the bag and it stacks of hundred dollar bills totalling. About. And I said how how much money is in there. And he said he told me it's eighty thousand dollars. And it's he just wanted someone to Ellen reads. The intro he performs Johnny has this all we just kept staring into this back of. It's unbelievable. And then during the commercial break offset came out and sat down to get ready to be interviewed and Johnny put the bag next to offset and then offset handed Ellen that stack of money. And then that's then a check came out representing that money, but it was eighty thousand dollars insane. That's crazy. Do you know any first I wrapping his name was slightly askew. Say back then. And he decided to offset slightly skew elementary went to compass. Did Jason Gillis text you that? Gentleman. View the up then they changed it. God. We'll just leave you with one quick Ellen monologue. Give you some life lessons for your Thursday. I wanna talk about time because most of us feel like time's moving too fast. For instance, today is Wednesday. I woke up this morning convinced that it was Tuesday. But no Wednesday. There are markers that make us feel like where has the time gone and take a look at this. So tell us your your fantastic story. This is incredible. And you're eighteen and you're so popular and tell tell everybody how this all happened. I started seeing when I was a baby. But I decided that this was it when I was like ten. So that was the first time that Taylor swift was on my show. She was eighteen years old. I remember it like it was yesterday more bet- better than because I don't know what I did yesterday. But I do remember that that eighteen year old is turning thirty this year. Can you believe that? He's legally driving and drinking and kissing boys. Not at the same time. Taylor is our take. I call her Taytay is on the cover of L magazine this month there. She is. In this article see lists thirty things that she learned before turning thirty. She hadn't turned thirty until December. So she's not planning on learning. Anything else? Here are a few things that she listed. She learned to stop hating her body. She learned that saying I'm sorry when you hurt someone is really really important. She learned how to make some easy cocktails like, pimps cups and mo-. He does Amen sister. And I was inspired by Taytay. I turned sixty last year. So I want to share some. I want to share some things that I've learned with with all of you. I I've learned to stop hating Taylor. Swift's body. It's both of our lists. That was on. Another thing. I learned is that it's easy to scare. Celebrities. All you have to do is get yourself a talk show and get a celebrity in a staff member stuffed into a little box and ZIM zoom. And you scare them. Kev. This airs on Thursday, March twenty eighth is when this podcast is first available. Are you currently drunk or sober on March twenty eighth Thursday? I will be at the hoop de doo review at Walt Disney World. All you can drink beer wine or sangria chicken, the mashed potatoes. If a quick challenge for the here's a quick challenge for our for our listeners, if you think, you know, something about Walt DisneyWorld or even Walt Disney land that you think Kevin Leman doesn't know. Please tweeted at us plice. Yes. Hashtag Illinois on the go. 'cause I think Kev is probably the master of that. And if you're in mammoth right now look for Andy last Noor on the slopes. Yeah. Yeah. I'll be there. Andy's a mammoth where you be member slopes. I will be I will be on the shores of Maui thought. Wow. So, you know, if you're on the jogging path over by the four seasons look for Mary terms of Andy, if you're at man within you see Andy, I would say give them a wide berth. Room down. Ed, what are you going to be doing the lovely Debbie, and I are going to fly into Puerto Vallarta. We're going to go to do a little surf trip in in poontang to. Oh. We've all made plans that there's someone staying at our homes. So don't don't. A bus stop. You can go when you got to get ready to party. Mr. flamingos Vallarta. Mr flamingos. Well, we love you all for listening. I sincerely hope you'll subscribe to this podcast lease on Aaliyah's downcast spot. A thank you to listen to us right now. Thank you to everyone who listens. Thanks for making us part for making us part of your day. You're whenever. Yeah. We appreciate it. We know there's a lot of choices in podcasts. And we appreciate you. Giving us your patronage. We do the landing speech in American Airlines. Tamiami internationally bye bye. Bye. Bye. Bye, dude. Let him in. John. Wanna grow thought that I could be free. But. Realized as cool. James? We would so love to know more about you here at Ellen on the go, please head over to wondering dot com slash survey. It's a really short survey that will help make this show better. The wondering dot com slash survey. W O N D E R Y dot com slash survey. We'd really appreciate hearing from you.

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