Episode 174: Patti LuPoop


They. No. Michelle visage haven't seen you in forever, but that's a lie two weeks. Yeah, tweaks because you've been in the United Kingdom in England, and I woke up to a text the other morning, and I was so excited for you because I forgot you were in England. Yeah. You were with someone who you've admired for a long long, long time and our listeners know exactly how this, how much this person means to you. Tell everybody who you're with. I was with the diva though one and only MS Patti. LuPone. How do you LuPone? Yes, real name Patti LuPone real name, Patti LuPone. Wow. How did you get to meet? How did you meet home? There's a setup to the story. So you know my best friend that lives over there sauce. My business partner over there. Anna, she knew I texted are gonna say, Camilla bowl. Goals. Camilla Parker Bowles. She has, no, not my friend don't even know the bitch just getting she is your friends, Anna Anna. So I texted her and said, oh my God. No, she had known because I've been talking about Patty who anyone who would listen. Well, that too. Yeah, you mostly, but the fact that she was going to be back over there in the UK doing company. I knew it opened in September. I just didn't know win a new that I'd be there in September company song. This is anybody, here's two ladies. You like that song is in company? Yes. What are the other big chunks? Oh, loving, you know. Yes, yes, yeah. Love that. One of the most beautiful Sondheim songs ever written also side by side by side is fire, isn't it? Could you today ticks women? What's here side by side is side by side by Saen signed by side by side by San Heim, I think it's called, I'm gonna. Look today ticks. You leave towing. Okay. So anyway, before we get off track, which happens all the time, it's part of the charm. I, I've got a lot of connections there for the West End. So I said, can you reach out to to these people and see if when company premier a previews? I knew it wouldn't be the open anything they opened at the very end. I can see when they preview. So she emails back, it said a, they don't preview until I think September twenty six or the last I was going to be gone, put it that way. So that was it. I was like, okay, I tried to reach out to the amazing Michael ball who lived with Patti LuPone for a while because friends, they both theater people and they live together. When they do in a show and. I'm sorry, start it side by side by Sondheim is here his here at the odyssey theatre over on the west side? Is it going out? It's going, it's going now and it's closed. September twenty second time isn't it's it's I don't know who's in it, but it's I'm looking in today ticks right now. This is not an ad. Should they be anyway, and I've always give today, takes love listening. I've got some today stories to tell you right because anyway, you get this out. Yeah, but size on is is playing right now here in Los Angeles. Well, it's obviously it's on time and it's amazing. But company also has. I'm not getting married, you know, the original lane stretch, obviously movie dated the documentary dean. Stanton said his name that's not reading San, that's because I just read the Madonna and right, right. He, he sang being alive. He was the original Bobby. There were so many productions of company though that that thing the documentary was done with Elaine Stritch, right? Yes. But anyway, my point and telling you, this is they also have the song not getting married and you know, who did that did? It has not getting married, not getting married today. She played VERA on Alice. Oh, Vero was played by. Okay. There goes that you just witnessed where FIS get vials, because I know I know also from she's got a murder. She wrote episodes done a lot. She's the one who was all see like that anyway. She was unbelievable and she did that role. She's in the same murder. She wrote episode as Neil Patrick Harris. Are you serious? Yeah. She like doogie age. He was older. He was probably sixteen Zine Jones was the guy who played. I was thinking broadly, Joe native musical gets Yang Jones's the nutty professor, and he's in all those the the active word sneakers and all those. He's in all those. Disney film Dean Jones was so amazing. So life, no, he's no longer winless he he died in twenty fifteen, not that long ago, but trying to did you remember her name because I'm gonna find it if Jan Jan Jan Jan something. Okay, I'm gonna find. He's going to see Allie. Beth, how? That's right. Thank you. Beth. Halley, Howley what that's Howland. Okay. Liz that again Beth Howland Toan. Okay. She played VERA. Okay. She's in that she played Amy. So what they're doing is they're doing it different, whereas bobby's normally a guy, they got Sondheim's approval to make Bobby a woman and the three girls who you know who are the three girls that are singing their song are now three guys. Okay. So why? Because it's something different and it's actually a mazing. You got to see her. So I just I'm totally using before giving you the shot. Right. All right. So here's the thing. Anna says, I got there. Hopefully the surprise comes through for Saturday for your birthday. And I'm like, surprised. She gave me this gorgeous ring and like I got my gift. So what are you talking about? She goes, if it comes through, it's a risk and I was like, okay, so long story short, she does. She is on the phone with them this whole time. I don't know. She's been working for two months trying to at least get me in for rehearsal, but nobody does that. They really don't do that MRs. Patty fucking lapoma. Right. I don't have a lot of idols. She's one and there's a reason for it, you know? So the long short of it is in the cab over there. She's a Anna's freaking out because she doesn't know I'd I get really uncomfortable going backstage after I see shows so. But you'll get your in the cab at this point. You know you're going now don't know. She says, I got the surprise. We're just gonna go and I'm not easy to surprise. But as we're getting there, she's like, I have to tell you because what if you hate it and I was like, all right. Tell me she, I know you know that, but she was. She knows that I get uncomfortable when I go back. All go see a musical. The cast is lovely, and the the manager will come over and say, the cast would love to meet you. I always feel like I'm imposing on their space when I go backstage after they perform. I know what it's like to show and be like, I wanna get the fuck outta here, but then they got a schlep me back there be like, hi, everybody. You were great. I always feel uncomfortable for them. So she was scared and she knows that that I was going to be feel like I was burden by going to this rehearsal. So she told me, but what you didn't tell me it was that Patty was going to be she. She showed me, you're gonna be there, but she didn't tell me that she was going to be singing ladies who lunch, right to me in front of my face. You're fucking kidding. I'm not fucking kidding. You sing it directly to you. Hold your tearing up my God. I started ball. I was sobbing. I was literally sobbing when I met her like not ugly crying, but I couldn't even get out to what she said. I don't want to be crazy and freak you out freak you out, but you have to know what you meant to a little girl like Evita change. In my life. I never got a chance to see her, but I heard it and I knew what it was and I wanted to be that voice. I wanted to be that voice. Now I told you west side story was the first musical that I really fell in love with. Then anti came, but then Vida was nineteen eighty nineteen seventy nine. When I heard it, I didn't know what it was, but I knew that that was the voice that I had wanted to sound like. So I told her that I start crying and she starts crying and we're just location. The cab pulls up to the theatre and you go my God nothi. But this is rare so face and you and you. And at this point she down, she's told you what it has and you go up the stairs and your and your and she, you know, oh, we're going to company the competent company with Paola pony, yes, and you're walking up stairs? Are you knees buckling what I'm? Well, I'm getting like excited anxiety, all of the turn to the room because there were her saying they're already in rehearsal. They were doing side by side. When I walked when I walked in the building and. As I walk in, I see everybody, but my eyes doom in. Of course, I'm Patty who, by the way looks incredible. Yeah, she's had hip surgery. She looks so good. Honestly, she looks younger than she did in warpaint. Yeah, she is so quick and with it and stabby aunt Hinchey dash him move. She was all over the place with hip surgery. Yeah, because it's done hip surgeries done. So she was just zooming all over the place. It was so incredible to see her so quick and with it, and you know, not the, I know she must have been a pain when she was doing warpaint, you know. And I was talking to her a little bit about that, but then they did what's the song you can drive a person crazy, but it was they were doing this on that. They were rehearsing before we got there? No, it was. It was side by side. Is the three. The girl group? Yes, seeing it instead of the boys, whatever song it was. I'm fucking this up, right? No, you could drive curse person crazy. They did. That that was amazing to watch. You could drive a person crazy. Usually Kathy April, Marta, the three boys now to it, they sing it to Bobby, right. So then they were like, okay, well, we're gonna do one more song before lunch, and I was like, okay, I just got to watch that. By the way this production is going to be brilliant or Patty was in the room at this is in the room. Yeah. She came over to hug me and I went back to put lipstick on and then they set up the bar. They set up a table at a bar. Then Bobby, the girl, Rosalie, Craig, who's playing Bobby, sits down and then patties sits down. And then she starts doing her lines and it was great because she was forgetting her lines and asking for lines and just to see her work was like, oh, thank God. The dialogue of the dialing. Then she picks up the Cup and says, I'd like to propose a toast. Well, that was it. That was it. I lost it was like she not get to it, and she just started with his two ladies and that was it. And then by the end of the song when she's everybody, right, she's just got tears streaming down her. She's fully in it and she stopped went, oh my God. I had so many realism realizations in this number right now that I've never had before and she's done it a million times she did at this time. I think eightieth birthday party to Elaine Stritch. She she really something about the lyric about the song in that moment, and I found out after it was done that. She wasn't scheduled to sing it. They hadn't even rehearsed it yet with her. It was the first time she sat down to do that. That's why the whole cast. When I turned around, they were all in tears, like seeing Johnny because she started getting into it, you felt the raw emotion because you know. That song is really about your midlife. Yeah, you know, you're pissed off about everything that's going on around you. You feel left out. You feel like the dialogue going into it basically says, I'm too young to be old, and I'm too old to be young up, stuck in this purgatory, you know, and then to see Patty, do it was unbelievable. And then you know, we talked for a little bit and she then she and the company sang happy birthday to me and it was like, wow, this moment is not. I tried not to have any so happy for you. This is such a great gift for you of all the gifts in the world. I think this is probably the best one. It'd probably God would you deserve. I don't know if d. is what it was a long enough. Just like you said it's right. You said to her, I would love to have you on our pot. I said, to who come to LA. No, you're, you're in Connecticut. She's like, you can't even Manila all the time. I said we'd love to have in the pocket, this done. Here's my number on my God. Spent the plane. Ride yesterday texting pedal poll. You're kidding. Machel. You're so bad. That's the first all my God that she texted me. I. That to me verse, what does it say? She was just saying how she so funny she goes, I wanted to make sure you got my last text. I'm losing my mind to give you my husband's cellphone number. She goes, I, I can't tell you what thrill it was for the company. For me an all involved that you appear at rehearsal. We knew you were coming. There was palpable excitement, you are loved, oh, my, then she's thank you for the shout on any social media. I'd be kicked off in the first ten minutes, so I don't know which side it was on, but it was widely circulating among us. Thank you, happy birthday. See you soon. Doll, I said, then we just started going on about Trump and other things. She so important I said to her, I don't ever want you to forget what who you are the fuck you're. So when she said when she went to sing it, I'd like to propose a toast. So she stopped and she goes. I feel like audition, I'm really nervous. Wow. You're Patty fucking lapoma and you could poop right now on the stage and I would standing ovation Howdy loop in. That's exactly what I said. I said, you could potty poop, and of course they laughed in that broke. I swear to God. I said that and it was the most incredible gift that she array feel like, okay, listen, I I've had a similar situations, but she cried. You describe to me what, what does it feel like here you are? You've had these dreams, you've planted the seeds all these years. What does it feel like to see this tree grow the seed grow into a tree that you can actually take a piece of fruit from an eat and here you are you still the fruit is still in your body. It's in your lawing for now. You mean poop until you Pat poop, and you've got you mean like Jing in line. Just show me about how the the gifts. Of sticking around, you know, it's, it's amazing to see these. I'm one of those people that struggles with. I'm not worthy, right. We really, it's time I get it all that. I know I'm not under any kind of weird delusion how much I'm loved by the people around me and I'm so grateful. And I loved everybody just as much as they love me. So it's not that I'm like, oh my God, I'm not worthy of love. It's not that I, for some reason we've discussed this before lower myself. I don't give myself the the proper because you're getting getting off on that, whatever that as you're getting some prized from that, but you also have to realize that when you are giving a gift, you're, you're graciousness is the gift back. You could give the gift back by opening your heart and receiving it. It's a huge, it's it's almost bigger than giving giving a gift. What's almost bigger than. Than giving let me say this again, alcohol, get it out. What's even bigger than getting a gift is the willingness to receive the gift. That's the gift you give back to them and one hundred percent. I was so with the show in particular in the company because they are so talented, I was so grateful mostly because they would open that room to me. That's really a stapler amazed is not a recycling, but this is a sacred place to you in a way that more than most. You know, listen, you know, I love music theater a little bit of music. Theater goes a long long way, right, right. But for you to get that gift Michelle to see it, she was shell, Linda saw, soul cast was amazing. Don't get me wrong, but to see penny sing one of my favorite yet. I'm songs and not only that it's very prolific song because I was assigned that song in school. And I couldn't get it a couldn't fucking. He ended their few few people who can get correct. You gotta live a long time to understand that was the problem. And I said to him, I'm really struggling to songs I could never perform in my life. That was one. Another one was luck be a lady. No, yes. Look lady from guys and dolls. And there were reasons that I felt I was not eighteen nineteen seventeen seventeen easy, and I'm just I'm I have to ask for another song. I can't fucking get it. And the my teacher said, I know you can if anybody can do this long at you, it's like first of all, I don't drink. Second of all eighteen. I have not only that Sondheim that's hard. You saw the documentary you saw even for Elaine Stritch. She beat the shit out of herself and that that's what started my disdain with Sondheim. It took me a long time to come back around because I felt like I couldn't do sometime the way Sondheim would want me to do. You know, you gotta live a little bit for that. That that moment to be able to see her do that song in front of my face and work through that song me and even have a moment of realization. And then be so like she was grateful to me for being there, but it's like she's going to be seventy in may. And before she even a child, I know before she even was talking, I was already seeing. I gotta find out how to get to New York. She's doing a concert at the David Geffen in may in may doing a whole night. So it was like, I got to get to New York. And then I told her, I told her all these things just kinda went. Kinda went. All over. You know, she just looked at me with tears in her eyes. Like you can see the gratitude and her and I told her to please never stopped being who she is. And she says, you know, sometime she feels like she's way too much people to get. I said, but no, you give us the ones that are too much the hope her what you said on the red carpet about Trump. Yes, we need that. Patty, don't stop being that and half. The reason she's over there is to get away from this. Well, here's to you. Forgetting your dream come true. Here's two. Here's to Mahler as. You deserve all of that. You you. There's so much more waiting for you. Thank you so much more just she will be on the podcast we'll have now will be on the pike. Yeah, we're gonna take quick break. We're going to catch up with Michelle Visayan. Everything else after this. Now every will is it's an interesting company, Michelle and I'm gonna talk, but I wanna talk about this for a minute because listen, a lot of people get test. 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I think they do it really smartly like it all the shop. You don't pay the taxes. Right. So you don't pay the tax Gucci. Cartier they have all those shops there. You won't pay the tax. And so basically you're getting a discount these airports ARA, which I love the airports are. So you go into the store and the genes or thirty five pounds. Airports are there like twenty four pounds. So you save the tax without having to go to the tax free thing in do it. 'cause you know, if I shop tax free while I'm in the city in order to get the tax, the tax free, you have to have all the shit not packed. They have to see it with their eyes, right? Don't care if they don't see. So you're not gonna lug all the shit with you that way. If you're in airports are which doesn't exist anymore airport Gucci, you get the discount right away. You don't have to go through. When I went shopping inland lesson was there I had everything sent over and I'm sure I had to pay the taxes probably pay. Probably pay George, and I were in Vegas and we went to the Roberto Cavalli wearing the shirts. I love it. And so we had all the stuff shipped to Wyoming because we don't have to pay the tax if. Senate. And can you imagine that Roberto Cavalli does not have a store in Wyoming? Are you kidding? It's ridiculous. I, it's such a gross oversight, but if if it's being shipped to a place where they don't have a store, you don't pay the taxes. So we had everything shipped to and Georgia's assistant Senate. That makes sense. Saved about sixteen hundred dollars. I'm saying, I mean, even if I saved sixty it was still worth getting their versus the other thing. So I got to see company. I went to see everybody's talking about Jamie a house. Jim is so good, and then I got to see. I got to see what else did I go? See what he's talking about. Jamie. Oh, I got to see Vicky vox in little horror, really. And that was really fun was actually really fun playing there. Of course, the plants she plays to we okay, Audrey, too. So it was an outdoor theater in in Regent's park? Yeah, in reasons, opener theater. It was absolutely beautiful. The weather was gorgeous. Sounds fun. And let me tell you about the shows I've seen, where did you go? Well, one of occasion, right. So we went to Santa Barbara giove-a carp to Santa Barbara. Right? And it was a rental. So we left the rental there and took a an air airplane taxi to Las Vegas k.. And then when from Vegas thing and airplane, taxing, I don't know thing we did, and now there's no going back. I'm only going to take their airplane taxis from now on, okay, costs a lot of money. But, hey, you know what we're doing. And then from there, we went to taking the mega bus there to San Francisco and then back down to LA. But. When we were in San Francisco, I always listen. This is listen. I love today ticks whatever city I'm in. I look for what's playing, right? So in San Francisco, I looked to see that and they were. They had Saturday Night Fever, the musical playing in Redwood City. I said, George pack a backpack. We're taking the bullet train down to red wood city, two o'clock in the afternoon show. It was fabulous. It was fast. Say, this can go one of two ways. It was listen. It's BG saw, well, that's true there BG song. How could it go wrong with BG songs? Well, mama, Mia, Saturday Night Fever, the musical in Redwood City. We caught the bullet train down there. And what I did was I went on online for the cow trains Cal trains and got an app that allowed me to buy a one day pass for two people for the train. Okay. So you did. That did that all on the all on the on the phone? Yeah. Had the comp- had the the tickets, blah, blah, blah, did the whole thing? Fabulous. Went backstage saw everybody said, hi, took a picture. The thing about the show. I always thought that the selene Dion song. What's the song vacuum and no, no, it's the BG song she did. It's called, oh, she did a remake, no remake you mean they wrote went for her. I thought that song was from Saturday night. I can only say it out in the United from New York if he wrote it for her. No, but I, it was my mistake. Okay. I thought here I gotta look look up the. Knows how I say Saturday night, Saturday nights, Saturday. I cannot think sadder. I'm sending I go. I would normally say Saturday night, right? Sander Saturday night. But I gotta go Saturday night about Brooklyn. It's about booklet Saturday. Yes, seventy night. So anyway. All the songs from the movie, you're in it, but they have one song that's not from the movie, but is a BG sunk. You wanna know what that's on his? Yes, you do. It's what kind of fool from Baba's strikes. It's one of the best songs that they've ever ins from. Yeah. That in that? Well, at one point I think is it Stephanie? Oh, no, you know, you know it is. It's, you know, it's Donna peskov, Angie, Angie, Angie sitcom, right, Donna peice cows character. He's in love with Stephanie. Right, right. And they leave her behind and she sings, what? Shut, what kind of food, tears it apart, leaving me cold and on the anyway. The selenium song is great. I, I'm looking at I phone. I have an iphone. Anybody wanna make a call. Looking up selene Dion and she's rhyme looking up her Donna, pest gals character because I wanna call Angie because of the sitcom that she did. I used to love Donna pesto, Donna PASCAL played a net Annette, how could we forget an Al? Can we forget anyway, I did that with. I'm trying to remember who, what am I looking? Selegeline Dion BG's BG's it'll have to at throughout this. Listen to the toward the end of this thing. And I remember it'll because right now I don't have selene down in my phone right now. I'm gonna look up selene Dion BG's CG's that's one word immortality, immortality. I always thought that was from the Broadway production of Saturday Night Fever. Was this on Broadway? Yes. For about two months. Yeah, I don't even know that. Yeah, it was. So you saw. Species saw, what else did you say? Okay. So what sitting Barbara, we went to. We did some other show in San Francisco with thing. I can't remember what it is right now, but anyway. Sean, San Francisco. Yeah. And we went to go see in Vegas. We went to go see REBA and books and done. How is that? Well, apart from all the Trump supporters, that was the thing that I've seen rebutting books and done Ye for years. I've gone to see, but this time is different because I was a little scared you look like right now you put this thing of your head. You look like the mother in Stella, you know, the movie, Stella, how it's it's. It's the Barbara Stanwick movie that Bette midler all my God. June stellar. Okay. But here's the thing. Yeah, it's because my back is sweating because there's no air conditioning. I'm telling you what was I talking about? Oh, Trump's, but we stayed at Brooks and Dunn and re before about forty minutes. Before we go to a redneck country as concert. What do you think you're going to get? Well, any other back in to they were to fill, and one of them were was an usher. So raymond. Long story long is we save for about forty minutes, right? And but you know, we, they're changing our hotel to a Waldorf. I thought you love that hotel until they're changing it to a Waldorf. They bought the Mandarin, Oriental and changing it, but Mandarin is going to have another hotel there. So we had a great time. Good. Yeah. So I just want to add about company in London. Oh, more company at when it opens, it opens September twenty six. If you wanna get tickets and see the diva please going, what was it? I'm sorry. September twenty six moments moments away. Yeah, she is so cute. Even on the tech. She's like, I gotta go learn these lines like it's Patty and she's got. She's gotta have more songs in her head than anybody. You know, you keep going seventy more songs than her head a sun Heim song. Those songs are like jazz and the notes the way. No, I could never. I'd have to practice so hard to sing one of those songs because. The notes aren't they don't fall in the natural play that you would think they would assure of. He's amazing these. They usher of musical issues. The Sondheim pop music. Okay. Because you can't remember. We tried this, maybe even one trying to follow. Let me be the one with find a new relationship. You can't do wrong. So same thing on high, but I wanted to employ everybody to go see the production tickets are available now or September. Twenty. Six opening petty lapoma. Rosalie Craig? Yeah. In company on the West End is George. Right now I'm just you keep going, hey, you know what? I'm on a microphone right now. We are doing the podcast. We, I just told him to the story about rebe Brooks and Dunn. And right now, all of the world is listening right now because we're on a microphone. Listen me of something important or just went, tell me that you love me. Hello. Are you there. What what did you say. Did you give my Horder that's from the, yeah. And the girl says, no. Now I, I love you. We'll talk later. All right, but so since it was a long flight, I saw movies, movies before I get into the movies. I wanna talk about the cool sculpting that I did. Oh my God. Well, one of our friends did that and he hated it. Okay. Now I know people who've done it and I've loved it. Now I have things that you know being woman of a certain age, things change and I don't wanna go under the knife, so there's things that you can do do wanna go under the knife, but you don't wanna go under not my arms like my flappy arms here. I've been lifting weights for as long as I could. No. And after a certain age, your skin doesn't go back to move out. So with cool sculpting and you know, this is not an avenue, not an ad on Tony. What I tried at the Kariya's clinic. I love Mr. courtesies very good to me. So I always go to him to get something done this time. I did this in in London, so they under your arm. Under your arms, the bingo wings as it were, so they suck big love that. Bingo, bingo, those delicious. I really, I give me. Can you give me a dozen bingoing my own spicy. I want the spicy. Okay. So they suck. They put this thing on this long. So like the length of your upper arm, your? Yeah, bingo wing. They suck at that at first. They check to make sure if you have enough fat. She literally told me I wanted to my belly. She's like, you don't have you have more skin than you do fat and. Are you sure. I don't have enough of that. We can do it next time, and I was like, I'm might not have enough that anyway, like you definitely have enough on your arms as a great thing. So you suck it in first and then you sit down. And then as you sit down, she straps to your arm, so doesn't move. And then you start to feel the cold and the cold starts goes to eleven below. Eleven degrees below, right? Negative, eleven. I have a high threshold for pain wheel. No, this I didn't feel a thing. So if you don't have high threshold is actually would be okay for you. You're supposed to up to twelve weeks. It could take to see the results. It's thirty five percent reduction. There's a lot of numbers. Up to how many weeks to see resolved to twelve. But if you work out, hold on bitch, the fat has the breakdown. You gotta pee it out. Yeah, but four weeks if you work out and I've been working out in a month, I should seems you look really thin right now. When I walked in, I saw you actually, when I saw the pictures of you with Patti LuPone I thought, oh, she's thin Dame. Yeah. What even doing eating right? Remember that things are said is that you drink Ogden thing about every every since she said that Ciara that Sierra, Sierra, Sierra drinking all that water. But you know, that's not. That's not true. There's other stuff to hydration is key. I know somebody ends up in hospital from drinking too much water. Yep, she drowned her cells. Oh my God. Life is not fair. You know, I know in the hospital for drinking too much hand, you can wind up in the house for not drinking enough. You can wind up in by the way, drinking water ankle and make skinny. You gotta work out. Sierras reasoning. The singer were talking about was smart, was that that that those fat cells need of vehicle to leave your body, but it's not that easy. It's not like if you just drink water, you're going to lose weight. She's also working out like seen as a chef and doesn't each right. Does these things, but at the end of the day water, yes, none of string enough water headaches, anxiety, my heart palpitations. It's because you're not drinking water. Ninety percent of people walk around to hydrated. That is a fact, but there is a fine line of water alone. Ain't gonna make you lose weight. Sorry, it's just not gonna happen eating right. I've been, you know, even if I just walk, I'm doing something active, but the point is these arms will always be this way. So I should see thirty five percent reduction. And if I come into a second one up to fifty percent reduction, I'm that we're going to break, but how Michelle's boss you're not gonna tell me because you gotta deal Yumashev Assad. You were a deleo. I got. I show. Oh, my God, put it this way. It's cheaper than life. Yeah, and it's not invasive. I don't know. It could cost like depends on the body part like, you know, anywhere from six hundred two thousand dollars per session. Okay. You know where eight hundred pounds, depending on where you do it on your body and what you get done. But again, life is thousands and thousands, and that's the only thing you get motherfucking results. The results on this shit too proven. One thing alone is usually not enough, even the girl who did it. She did it on her own thighs. She's like definitely needed more than one, but she said I thought about having liable to because you know a man of a certain age, you get some. They could do it on the flanks. Yeah, I'm looking. I'm fucking cool. Spoke all cool all day day. I will get me some of the fucking lie, but she won't. But you know, but maybe if I ever had a day off, I would know you would if I had two weeks off, I would go get some life I would. You were lying to me. Working. Okay. We're gonna take a break. We'll be back after great sneakers, Honey, great sneakers from Brooklyn. I love my favorite new thing. They are so stylish so fashionable and they're from Brooklyn mentioned there from Brooklyn. A lot of people don't know that all the great stuff comes on. Yes, yeah, act is my mother. Yep. Yup. But unite both have those shoes. I got the classic ones. The animal print one Royal gross grains. Good. That's gross grandma. We got the same ones and then you got the animal print. They are Brooklyn's first sneaker company greats is they offer men's and women's styles. And the thing is they've got kind of like so many choices in the men's and women's. It's not like manager. Definitely. This women's are definitely this. It's Superfund bright colors and they had the straight up regular ones. Like there's nothing classier than a white sneaker. You know what I mean? You can wear it with anything. You rolled up jeans, little white sneaker in Hollywood. Everybody all the men wear suits sneakers with their suits all over so good. And it looks really chic and greats has classic styles made the best for less. Because really if you're buying, I shoo and you're gonna treat your shoe nicely. You want to get good quality. You can count on that with greats bestsellers. The all leather royale lace up and worst the slip on. 'cause you know, slip ons are all the raise right now. You'll, I don't know if it's just 'cause we're lazy feel. We don't feel like tying anything up. I tell you it's very helpful with nails like mine to just have a slip on. Like I said, I got a pair of the Royal grow skin grains with the purple stripe. It's so hot, you guys can save fifteen percent on your first purchase with our offer code. Are you? That is great. S- GRE t. s. dot com promo code ru for fifteen percent off. Oh my God, Michelle and I are in this room. It is so hot right now. Today, and then you know, climate change is not a joke. Now Joe is for real and you know they're saying all these ticks and all this Lon diseases coming up in here because because okay, started on live. He's just saying that because the winters are shorter and the summers are longer what someone is that the summers were long too. We are. We are falling apart. No, it's a son hyme song. Free again independently. Megan, what song dance. Free again, it's free again. You know what I'm doing. I don't doing. I'm doing. You are singing. I'm doing Gladys Knight's, song free again, that goes into the way we were. Did you see that they were trying to say about Gladys Knight? Yes, the reason frankly, but she was they Anez. She said, you know what? People miss the point of everything. People try to support a concept or an idea to support their rickety old flaccid ideas, you know, and they try to make. And then with this twenty four hour news cycle and all these people on content content content, they're making shit up. I was like, don't you be killing off? No, Gladys Knight. I up to the that some degree that they suffered from the same disease, and people tried to make it that, oh, she must have pancreatic cancer, but I think she was making a point about either the love of love. It's something how the forum funny happened on the way to the. Forum independently me again, because Gladys starts off by hope. You guys are following our non sequiturs. We speak Whitley in non sequiturs. She says, oh yeah, it's because she goes into Wheeler. She says, remember feet from that, then it's not whatever she's okay. She says, try to remember she's the the winter, the summers free again, I will survive Gladys Knight free again into Iowa. Yeah. Well, our Streisand's to it's called free again. Yeah, bitch. Okay. So wait a minute. Hold up. Okay. Gladys does the way we were. And she starts by saying the winters much colder. Not LA. Something like something was saying something was saying free again, independent me free again, said he again, he said that we should free again. I will survive who Gladys Knight gloves. Okay. I'm I'm turning the page right. So climate and climate change, I will want to joke at, meanwhile, are here to stay. Meanwhile show what to clock in the morning. Last night I'm awakened by by, see not takes. I see what the. I see what the windows open the windows open in the sliding glass doors open. Right. Hold on. Do you have a screen? Yeah, the screen. Okay. Okay. So to clock in the morning, I'm awake and because there is a fight going on in the street in front of my house and I could hear people screaming shout on him and I know where you live. Yeah, the mother who I think, no, no, those people move to. There's the Airbnb across from other fucking street. They have parties and it's up and down the street, and this is very narrow street. It was like Freaknik up in the hood. I wish I was up and they're talking the morning Freaknik. Now, you know the kind of property taxes. I pay. Okay. Why are they allowed to do exactly exact- you should get neighbors, everybody's lunch. If the hotel, if the hotel institute, I said, consequences if. The hotel industry can't stop these bitches. Right? Which is their biggest threat to the hotel industry Airbnb in this ride Charon not home Sharon, right? He are be oh, yeah. Yeah, rental. So I call the Popo shut up. You know, used to call the Popo on the people next door all the home, the people who left because they were, he's laughing, say, people don't understand that annoys ordinance thing or even just your space. It's not your space. You don't own this space. I got a job to go to get up at three o'clock in the mother fucking morning. I didn't hair it this property like yo, as did. Amen. I to pay for I gotta go to a job to pay for this. So you call the police to break up the fight. I call the police, but the fight had probably died down. That was to all of all of these thugs did not leave the party until about four. They were out there people, screaming and hollering. Ooh, that's my phone and all that might have it in good time. But then I thought about all the times I was high you down in the village screaming down the middle pay-back bitch Bodega trying to get show diet coke screaming in Holland up and down the streets to cock and more four o'clock in the Mon. I would say my mother would say, what are you doing? Shut up and I go, what should they gotta? Tell me what to do. These are not slay. They wanna lay there and be old to go to sleep at two in the morning. They mortgage and work as shit. No. I know I get that. I was. I was. I was thoroughly by ended up just reading my book, you know? So you couldn't go back to sleep. See you are because it was going to wake up at four anyway, my God. You're and say, that's why. When I sent the picture patio opponent, I tell you what sent you the picture. I was like this bitch going to be awake yet. I knew you were going to be way of course. So I got I, the phone turned off. I didn't turn the phone on when I I went down. I got that picture at five because I went down to Starbucks to get some oatmeal and my cough. I knew you'd be away. I knew it, but I watched some some airplane airframe. How many did you see this as long flight? The long play by slept fly five hours of it because I was exhausted. Well, I saw first and foremost this movie called disobedience. Did you watch it with Rachel vice and Rachel mcadams? Oh, that's the movie, Juno movie? Yes, I saw it. I did see, yeah. So the rest of that? Yeah. Happen. Does they sponsored? I show Michelle, yes. Okay. Well, I watched it. I watched the first half of the movie. I didn't finish second hand. I got to finish the entire thing in its entirety. I didn't split it up as my point when I watched it when they sponsored the show, I didn't watch it at one. It's about some orthodox Jews who are lesbian, yes, who leave the church? Well, well, that's the struggle. Yeah, we're not going to ruin the end, but I can tell you that it's very real and they did a really great job and that Rachel vice who's like one year younger than me is so beautiful. She is so gorgeous. So I watched that. Then I watched. A movie that we pitched that we pitched. Yeah, and we didn't pitch it this way. No, we pitched it the original way and that was overboard overboard on on affairs and the guy, the Spanish guy whose name I can't pronounce and he's a big star. You know, he's a huge one of the international big stars like gale go see of Bernal. Well, he's not these guys bigger than his and this guy Euginio dare best. Yeah. Yeah. He probably was actually hit where in around the world? Well, yeah, it did forty million here. I believe over forty million here in America. It wasn't great now. Yeah, she was great on Farris. This really switch the roles I don't. I didn't agree with it because, you know some of the that's my favorite Goldie Hawn movie. I know that yours is different. I know. I know. Yeah, don't judge me. It's my favorite Goldie Hawn movie for many reasons more than death. Becomes her guests more than more than private. Benjamin more than seems like old times, God rest his soul, Neil diamond. You know he did. He did seems like old times Neil diamond. Okay. I love over Neil diamond. I know you meant yell, Simon. I was letting go diamond. Cavalli's. It. She is really good. The thing that upset me was because of the changing of the scenes and they did them spot for spot. A lot of the scenes like shot by shot and the same dialogue to it was just it was like blasphemy. It was just wrong for me, played the Roddy McDowell Butler pope part somebody who I didn't even know who played the best friend for her was evil on Goria who was great. Listen, it didn't suck, but I just saw it as being something else in my head. And then there was one that there is nothing Melissa McCarthy can't do that. I won't watch. I will watch everything that she does. I think she is brilliant in every way, but I have been let down repeatedly by Melissa McCarthy, are you talking about, Tammy? Tammy was horrible identity theft that couldn't even sit through and I love Jason Bateman as much as I love her. It was bad. Now you're talking about life with. Parts. Another stinker have timer. Apparently it is. The trailer looks fucking hilarious. It's all in the trailer made two dollars a parent. Did it open open last week. I think it made ten million dollars her lowest opening ever. That's because of life of the party. That's because of Denny theft. That's because let me tell you something the heat. I love the heat. Oh, I got one, and then our movie, the boss, the boss, my God, king brilliant by spy walking really well who's going to bring her back spy time. I just I don't ever want to give up on her because you can't vote. Bruin. Oh my God, she's that movie was just life of the party intolerant what I saw the trailer and I thought there's not one funny thing in their first of all. I don't like anything to do with high school or college unless it is lampooning it in a way that is ridiculous. They were kind, but you got my root off whose genius love home. I got love her. I lent, she gave she gave a performance of a lifetime in this and it really wasn't. It couldn't save it as my point. Those two together. Again, I'll watch anything with it on the airplane. It's where I see everything that's well, you'll see it and you'll go, dear. You won't be able to sit through it anyway. I watched those two. Then I switched to documentaries because I was out of movies out of movies. I don't believe that I watched love Simon. Oh, yeah, I never saw I load, so good. Yeah, so so good. But then I watched documentary call. I think it's called zen diaries with Garry shandling. Oh yeah. And he so he died on expectedly Gary shandling by the way, who I. I was Gary schilling fan from way back, you know, and they show him starting on the Carson show and all that stuff. But he left all these journals and they have so much footage of him talking about his journals. And now he started journalism, Weiss started journals journals and how he thought he wasn't funny and how to focus. There's zendaya are teaching him how all the things we love, telling himself focus on this, not on that. Do this. Do you know interesting interesting things and they're talking to everybody in this documentary. It's done. Judd appetite does it, but it's definitely worth you watching. It's so fucking entry on the plane I've heard of it is into, I think it's on streaming right now actually, is it? I think so. Really good, right. We're gonna take a break even done with what I saw a book. He can wait one more one more one more. The last documentary watched was about mister Rogers. Oh yeah, my neighborhood something was well. Some my neighborhood. And he was a very interesting critter Fred Rogers, because, yes, you know, he was a minister and lovely, but also staunch Republican, yes, Republican, but and the guy, the actor who played the, the police officer, the black gentleman who was gay, you know? And Mr. Rogers basically said to him, you can't. No, no, no. You can't be gay on the show. So basically force him to marry a woman and live this lie. You are kidding me now. So so he gets married, marries a woman. And then he had this kind of one on one face time moment with him. And you know, face to face and said, this is not who I am and they finally talked about it. And mister Rogers was doing some kind of speaking. And he said, I love you for who you are, and he knew he was directly talking to him and he came up to Mr. Rogers after it and said, we talking to me said, well, yes, I was talking to you, you know, at that point that they. Found their love for one another, and he accepted for we wasn't. He said, at that moment, Mr. Rogers became like a surrogate father to him, and then he fired him and he did not fire him because I think it was after the show and off the air to be honest. But he was saying, how Mr. Rogers like segregation was there when it started Mr. Rogers had like the scene very early on where he has his cooling pool and he would cool his feet and goes very hot police officer came over and said, he said, would you like to join me and blacks and whites were not allowed swim together? And he said, why? Yes, I would need took his shoes off and put his beautiful Brown feet in with Mr. Rogers, beautiful wife, and they played Footsie's and you know, one Mr. Rogers Coursey, what really show. I'm just surprised someone would marry someone for a check that check that must be Mr.. Rogers, money must been really about sixties. You talking about the sixties where and this is a man of color, you know, still coming out of what was into what was hoped to be, and and mister Rogers in his kind of control. Week of the whole show, and he voiced all the characters. And you know, talked about assassinations when Kennedy was killed, and and he went directly in for the juggler teach these kids, and he fought for these kids when everybody else. Even when you know, TV started getting not of what they. Rougher Lindsey, Mr. Rogers would counter like superheroes when the story started coming where a little boy killed himself trying fly out of the window because being superman and he had to do a whole week of superheroes and how they're not real because come on every day every day every day it was unbelievable. We need more programming like mister Rogers, Todd, a lot of people, and I love him saying, look for the helpers when you're in trouble. Look for the helper, which is such a great concept, not just for children, but for every what was also really interesting documentary. I'm not everyone loves it. You need to watch that one. Yeah, everyone. Now we can take a break. We're gonna take break. We'll be right back with more Michelle and I travel a lot and we love music. That's why we are perfect match for today, ticks. My app is used Honey. I use that all the time. A lot of times. I just want to check to see what's going on, and that's it. You know, it's not just theater, shows concerts. It's all Connie show. Yep, it is a. Fabulous app. You should have this app. I'm telling you right now. You gotta get today ticks. I'm telling you even out here in LA. You can click there's show after show up your show, you even know half the ones out by me and I didn't even know it or in seamy Valley. I wanna go see side by side by Sondheim, which is out here by the four. Oh, five. 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Are you seeing the theater? We are back? What's the tea with shelve assize? We're talking about all these. We haven't seen each other for a while. We, we wrapped our production, I guess, two three weeks ago, something like that. I don't know. I like a month ago, no way all if it was two weeks I've been away. Okay, some three weeks, maybe three weeks, three years, and we're onto the next onto the neck. What is next for you? What are you doing next? Well, there's some things that could possibly happen, but you I know I've got and then the tour in October, the work, the world tour, and then airlines got talent in November. So it's possible that you can be auto November as possible. Yeah. If well, no, I have the toward October. If I didn't do the. A tour weren't going to do it. I'm not doing September September to my family. Right? So I had to move Lillian into school and do all that, and I. So I commend talk Tober and November's Ireland and then two summers Christmas, it's all of November. Now it's two weeks, two and a half weeks, something like that. But you know, you need the time to get into it at the time to get out of it. Are you bringing your team here from here or are you gonna do team in our the have a team over there, but this time my team here is basically said, please, please, please, please please because we can do last year. So I am bringing my team this year. Have you told the Ireland team I have that was really difficult. You know, because I love them as much as I love my team, not as much with my team here for nine years. So of course, if they say, can we please come? It's only fair, and I explained that to them too. I was like guys, but what I did was the trade off. I said, my team will do the auditions and my my UK team will do an Irish team will do the finals. So we tape the auditions and the promo and all that stuff. In November, and then the finals are in March. I see. So we can split equally amongst friends, right? So that's what we. I'm excited about season two though. It's very exciting though. It's great. It's great you to do well to really well really well, and they ended up showing it on five star in England as well as Ireland. So that group. Yeah. So what else do you have on your list? What else is going on this stuff in my last was, oh, I know what it was. So we were talking about over, I realized Suzy Kurtz was in that movie and how we haven't seen enough of Susie curse. She is so good. She is brilliant. She wasn't here is such a good actress and she was in that and she was. She was just really, really good. And I wrote down Susie, because I, you know, I loved sisters was on. Yeah, I don't know if you watched it, but I did did not miss an episode of sisters and she's so good, and I don't understand why she's not steadily working like the rest of the things she does. I think she's done a lot. I think she also does theater. I was just so her movie the other night. Good. That was one of her first films. And I see there's a, I can't remember what it was, but it's. I think it's Jeff bridges. And did you see driving down Sunset Boulevard that five part Jane Fonda thing? You know what? It is Jane Fonda in five parts, and it's a documentary about her life, and it was it was at Sundance when I was there this this January HBO spiel, but they premiered at Sundance. I didn't get a chance to see it when it was there. But yeah, documentary her life in five acts unbelievable. I can't wait to see that it's going to be good. I saw that. I notice my friend Sindbad is on a new sitcom on FOX, really? Yes. So he's worked with him for many years, like six months, but. With them. We still talk but not enough to know that he was in a new city not enough to know that he was in. He had a reality show for a while. You know, I don't know. It's, I just saw driving my one. Oh, Sindbad's on TV show on FOX, which yes, FOX, which looks really, really cute. So I'm happy for him. So you the thing about Hollywood is you guys you drive down the Sunset Boulevard, and you see all these billboards and you, you know whatever, whatever it is it's like, oh, look at that. In the seventies, it was still so many. It was probably five times as many billboards, yeah, how come? They don't do them much more clear channel. I think the airspace and all of the, I don't know why I was going to live is gonna come up with something. I don't know why there aren't as many as they used to be the thing. It was the thing to have a billboard on Sunset Boulevard, a huge thing, and all the all the Vegas hotels had billboards on never forget this. That when the sands hotel had share at the Santo tell seventies and it was a picture of her with the microphone above her head in her head is tilted up singing into the microphone cord long. Black hair was just cascading down her back or just, oh my God, GIS and I'll never forget the Andy give album after dark. The billboard on sunset after dark, you posted one recently, it was done a some, Donna summa live in more. A billboard of her on sunset, and I was just thinking about us. It's called, it's called, I think it's called either real, no real. It's called. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's a new show. Ya I know rail is who is real rail Halley yet. Lou row is the guy. I think he's from the show. Marlin Marlin has Marlon wayans. Yes, I think Lorell is is from that show. Yeah. Well, he's got his own show, I guess, called rail and Sindbad's on it with them. I love it. Yeah, love it. So how producers saying something, say louder, the Carmichael show that's where Lorell is from. Yeah, so hard to keep. Honestly, it's we sound like we're stupid and we don't know what's going on. It's so hard to keep up with everything that's going on TV right now. There's so much content all the time. There is smacking at you left and right that it's that's why I didn't even know about the Jane Fonda. It's also so hard to say, you're sorry. Also. Got to deal. Meanwhile, I posted that picture of the dawn Zimmer live and more billboard because this morning when I was driving from Freaknik about the house. I was driving down it for clock in the morning, and I saw a Coyote south of Sunset Boulevard, which you, you know they're all in. Yeah, they're all up in the hills in that way. Yeah. Always here at night, and they're out there kicking and cutting up and having a party. And sometimes in the morning I see them as I'm driving down the hill from sunset, but never south of sunset or so beautiful to they are beautiful. But you know, they are scary intimidating. They're wild animals like dingoes dingo obey dingo. And so anyway, I think it's innovates in today's Michelle. Well, I'll tell you what speaking about freak that I tell you. I think I told you which about this. And before that I got caught in freak, Nick when I was in Nashville visiting, they have Freaknik in Nashville. I think Freaknik goes all over, but I didn't. I know it's in Atlanta. I've seen it in Miami. No, I think I remember the situation I came out I was at what's going on and somebody said, oh, that's freak, Nick freak in town unless they were wrong. But that's tell me I was like, now that is a party. That is part. Yeah. A scary party actually. Well, back then I probably would have wanted to. Yeah, the apart of the freak and the Nick. Count me in. Yeah, but it's it's a lot. I have a party like that again. Well, yeah, I hear ya. I like partying. Not in the daylights, right? But we use if you think about it. 'cause I was thinking about what we're talking to Don about your friend. Dawn. We were talking about how we used to go to clubs route to some of them, not all of them some of the most than we'd leave for four in the morning, sometimes after hours, but when we would go to the gym, remember going to those all night parties what we leave at noon. Sure. Yeah. Those don't even exist anymore. No, no. And when I was in Palm Springs recently, passing through, we were talking and I were talking about how you were talking about wanting to jeered daytime disco, and there's nothing like that anyway. You know, I, I'd have to rent out or lease out an old Bank like a bar balding. Yeah, hall. You know, when we were in temperatures go, we went roller skating at the church of eight wheels in San Francisco. Look it up church of eight wills is they're all ranked roller rink. It used to be a church. Yeah. Yeah. They took out all the pews and. And you can really the funny thing is I, I'm good on skates. There were probably only seven people who were good on skates. Everyone else like George played, no, no. Holding onto the wall. They're holding onto and they're doing that. Yeah, and you can't blame them if they're not good at scary, it's what it is a. It's a cultural thing because all of the people there were much younger than I am and they didn't even grow up with these days. We grew up. I grew up at USA roller skating rink in Edison, New Jersey hot times. Tell me you wore side ponytail up. I'm sure I wore aside Donna how to comb in my back pocket. Yes, with the top of the come that went like that grab it and feather your hair back God. I remember getting a t shirt that I think I told you this, but of course it's a short sleeve t shirt. I had a birthday party there and it said, I loved it so much because one of the. Popular girls actually girl that tortured me later on, she gave it to me and it was a t-shirt shirt that had a decal member when like irons. And it was like a glittery rose at said, foxy lady right baby blue with glittery rose, foxy lady, and I thought, oh my God. She thinks that I'm like, cool because I gotta foxy lady winter, which she's eating right now. Well, we became kind of friends to a friend on Facebook, but we're not friends on Facebook because I feel like this bitch ruined my life. She was the one at this lumber party that made me that did all the bad things that. And she said to a mutual friend of Mars, she was like, if you can tell Michelle, I'd love to see your next time. She's in Sacramento because I owe an apology. And I was like, that's actually really big that she remembers that. So what that shows me is that she, she harp she feels some guilt about what she didn't. She remembers at all. Whereas a lot of kids when they bully as a kid, they don't. They don't hold onto it and they don't care. She remembers it. And of course, you know, I've moved on but that offensive rain. Rain. Yeah, she's in Sacramento. Did you watch crazy rich agents yet? I haven't seen it. You know, I won't go to the movie because they have popcorn there. I cannot go to place where there's popcorn because guess, what do you know? Why? Chevrolet dealer? Why? Because they were making popcorn with try to sabotage you like that. They want you to feel at home in like you're having fun and keep the carnival. How dare you know how they can make a carnival of your corvette. Take about take fifty thousand dollars off. Thank you. Take the price that that. Car. Carnival, yes, bitch, I'm ready to go to. I don't elephant ears. No, I don't need a deep fried Oriole who could keep the balloon, keep for the environment, the environment, you know, keep the balloon Kimmy the porn vet fifty thousand dollars off the vet late, just top just wait. Okay. Well, Michelle, we have talked a lot about nothing about nothing, but we do, hey, that's what we do. We do it really well, and I hope everybody got a little kid go out of it until next time idea lying. Can I get an. You can't love yourself hand the hand on somebody else. Can I get a name and don't forget to cry on IT. Can't love yourself on the hell. You're going to love somebody.

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