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Hey guys welcome to the first degree. The true crime podcast that you might end end up on my name is Jack Vanik. I'm sitting across from Alexis linkletter and next to Billy Johnson and I just got back from a two week long European vacation. It was amazing but I have to admit I am so jetlagged so we're just going to get right into our episode but I if you guys have been listening which I hope that you have you know that we're doing a little bit of a competition giveaway type thing with our podcast reviews on apple podcasts so if you go give us a five star review we are giving away free first degree. Merch so remember to leave your instagram handle at the end of year review and we will pick two a week every week until we decide to stop but it's going amazing thing so check it out and billy. What Day is it so jack. It's September eleventh so the only day that we are going to talk about as far as the day goes is the Rebecca remembrance for September eleventh and there are actually a lot of different days. Remember Freedom Day. It's Patriots Day. It's national national emergency responders day and it's National Day of service and Remembrance Day Billy and I are New Yorkers and I was in ninth grade when September eleven happened and my mom was there in building one at ten. AM The previous day in a bunch of people who went to high school lost parents. I mean September number eleven. no-one should ever forget it yeah and I. That was the only time that I had I was working Nyack New York. It was the only time I ever slept over at at work and I woke up. Somebody came in and said somebody. flew a plane into the towers. After the first tower fell I started driving home and saw the second so the smoke in the second tower from the Nyack Bridge and then took seven hours to get home because they kept on closing losing all bridges and then eventually just left my car in Connecticut took the took the ferry back but it was people don't understand that it it particularly in New York. It wasn't like that was just it. No everybody thought more stuff was coming. Everybody thought the sky was black. Yeah we I was all the way out East Long Island and we were getting burnt pieces of paper from from the boomer esiason foundation like which was on there like one hundred floor or something you know what I mean. It's just insane how big it was for us and obviously obviously it's something that you know. We should like. You said never forget all right well. That's enough of that. Let's turn down the lights and turn up your anxiety because this could be today's episode takes us to Jackson Mississippi. It is is the capital of Mississippi which was named after General Andrew Jackson on October. Ninth Nineteen ninety-five Mariah Carey's fantasy was the top song on billboard all bar charts and the movies in the theater was two movies that are actually very close to my heart and actually very much connected they it could be considered classical sequels to each other seven and toy story which kind of embody billy rather perfect wait pretty much art. So what an another thing that Jackson. Mississippi is known for it is known for the Mississippi State Fair. It's huge massive fair it covers hundreds and hundreds of acres of ground and it's a fair that fourteen year old all crystal who was our first connection today and her mother. Linda price in the rest of their family attended every single year. It was a yearly the tradition in this year. There will be a chance encounter that would change the course of their lives forever. we have a fair and Jackson which is the Mississippi State Fair and my Momma always went. She love we. Lee is a family tradition. as far back as I can remember that we would always go on the first Wednesday of the opening united failure of the fair and walk around. I mean I'm not talking one person. I'm talking about literally our whole family. Immediate family would go okay so the group who was there on that day included crystal her mother Linda Linda Sister Kathy Carol and Kathy's husband and son Linda price was thirty four years old and she was beautiful slim and had long red hair. The group arrived to the fair between six thirty and seven thirty and they went to the beer tent and sat at a table and started drinking joined the band that was playing sounds like my perfect night and of course my momma went she had went into I access beverage stand where they serve alcoholic beverages and Tie Music and he tame up to her and from there is where it all started so cathy. Lynda's sister gets up to go dance with her husband and Linda is alone at the table. Fourteen year old crystal just went off to go play with some kids and a guy walks by the table and he he just walks right up to Linda grabs Linda's hair and says that's the prettiest red hair I ever saw and win when Lynda Sister Kathy gets back from dancing and return to the table. There's good looking thirty. Something Guy with blue is sitting there with Linda and Linda introduces her to him and says his name is Glenn. Glenn gets up and walks away and Linda ask cathy sort of over and over again eighty real good looking she was smitten immediately and Linda in Glen. They were together the rest of the night and they actually started dancing. Even as the rest of the group returned home in move really fast I guess got a week before I met him and obviously obviously they were already talking about moving in together. dated eventually move in together. They got an apartment bark with apartments. I was living with my grandmother. I live with my grandmother willow about six years already. Maybe five years so so I did not live with my mother. My mother had been living with us. my mother had a troubled past so she was trying to get back to where she needs to be and wow another caffeine over you know my answer sweeper off her feet and then let her down. You know I wasn't very fond of anybody should go home because of the circumstances we had billion with relationships of hers her you. We'll see how this goes. I mean we're not start. Start talking to him. Wow you know maybe he used different. Maybe you know uh Chinese the situation for her and love her the way she deserves to be so Linda was a divorced mother of two children. Brin and Linda's Mom Carol said that quote Linda's eyes lit up when she talked about him like she'd never talked about anybody in her life and you know even Linda's mom could see Glenn's Appeal Hill and she said quote you don't say a man is beautiful but he is beautiful and charm. That isn't the word he hugged me and told me you're the prettiest mother and grandmother I've ever I scene and he just made me feel so good. She my mom has long red hair her here. I never remember her ever cutting her hair. Her hair was so long pretty shade of Ridge. You would see I mean. She decides gorgeous red hair. She was real vibrant and finally she very rarely unless she had a reason was in a bad mood She was always chipper traffic. I mean shouldn't make you laugh on. Shall we say something funny to say or does she. Look at you the way and she was always happy for the most part I remember breakfast is almost every morning and her specialty was listed on News House of refuge. She's loved to crew member. We she was always outside gardening she would always have to me out there with her to teach me how to do stuff so. I'm sure you're wondering what is the deal with. This mysterious blonde donned rugged sort of Western vibe stranger because as I've read and seen he likes to our cowboy boots. He likes big buckles like you have to picture him. At this Mississippi State Fair Fair decked to the nines like a Western mystery marble man Marlboro man so Linden Glenn met on October ninth that night at the fair and then four days later on October twelfth. Linda called her mother and Astra to meet her at the Sun and sand motel in downtown Jackson once her mom arrived. Linda introduced her to Glen and Dan before introducing them. She said quote. You'll just love him to death. He's precious. I found the love of my life so sweet. Glenn came down and shook her hand and he introduced himself golf and from that point forward the two were absolutely inseparable so Glenn was thirty three years old and he was from Ohio and he was actually in Jackson working on a construction crew building a new olive garden restaurant area interesting so Glennon kind of lived all over the the place he just come from California. He was living in Los Angeles. He was charming anyhow this interesting sort of a law about him especially to Linda who's kind of like a smaller town Gal and he was described as having this incredible charisma was caring and he really doted over Linda and showered her with gifts compliments complements sweeping her off her feet mayor. He has a non care blonde. Am I mean. He was nice looking for her. he was a nice she was sweet. He I just smooth hoffer. He knew what to say and he was never rude or had a bad now or anything he was always very turn is and what she had knowledge in common and he had done bought my momma car. So what do you guys think about that. I mean there's a word for that. There's a term term for that. There's a term and it's happened to me and I know what's happening Jacqueline. It's a love bomb. He's loved bombing. He meets her. He wants to move in. He gets hyper hyper commitment immediately buying somebody a car within the first month of knowing them that's not. I think just commitment in the first couple couple weeks is not like why. What did they do to earn it? What nobody can respects if you didn't at least have to build a little bit yeah so four days later on October sixteenth. Linda rented a two bedroom apartment for her. Glenn live at the Briar cliff apartments which on the north side of town so they're going all in they're putting their chips all the center of the table. She introduces Glenn to Oliver Over family members and that includes dinner at Linda's mother's kitchen table and also getting to know her fourteen year old daughter crystal. They seem happy. Linda was in this romantic whirlwind that she felt like she deserved to be in. She'd been through a lot and now finally only after all those hardships. It seemed like everything was coming together. Real father had committed suicide. When I was a hero he was a war veteran and it had messed him up so mama dealt with a lot of issues from my father committed suicide but she never really let it show she was always there. I'm sure you've heard me talking about carnival row in the past couple of weeks but I am obsessed. Carnival row is a one hour fantasy drama series starring Orlando Bloom and and Kara de Levin and the series is set in a Victorian fantasy world filled with mythological creatures whose exotic homelands were invaded by the empires of man. They struggle to coexist with humans. 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'CAUSE you're probably wondering why the fourteen year old daughter in crystal also sibling why they weren't living with their mother as she's moving in with Glenn so prior to Glenn coming into the picture Linda was living with her mother and with crystal and Linda had been going through some things because she'd been through a ton of trauma so she was kind of figuring her things out and getting life back on track she meets Glenn Him with Glenn it didn't really make sense to upper crystal in move out of our room and move her in with Glen this new relationship so she stayed living with Carol who was Linda's mother in crystals grandfather and they'll lived really close to each other. They had two other cousins sentence for example where Linda was living in this area in apartment buildings in front of and behind where Linda was living cousins lived there. The MOM lived right up the street. The grandma like this was very tight wasn't like they were living on opposite sides of town Sunday night. My Grandmother had taken me to my mother's house after church rich and we were talking me and my mom had a bit of a argument I was wanting her to compete knee up and take me to school that we have around the boys anymore issues there for school me school and we saw today and we apologize for the way that and then. She told me we'll take you up in the morning from school for school and you know I'll feed in my job interview. You later love you force. Linda spent the day with her other sister. Marilyn and she came over with her husband and they spend some quality time together that day and at some point Glenn came over and the group decided to go to the sportsman's lounge on highway eighty and Jackson so on this night the thirtieth another strange thing happens there at the lounge there hang out there drinking and Glenn over. Here's Linda telling her sister Marilyn that she loved her interrupted their conversation any energy. He said don't be telling her that and Linda replied to him Glenn. I'm always telling my sister that the two sisters then went into the bathroom and Linda started crying the bathroom so this isn't cut. There's trouble in paradise. What a strange controlling trolling thing to do. What a strange thing to do yeah so Glenn Linda the appear to having one of those. It's all happening week type of things superintendents. Maybe this was part of it. maybe it was just going to flame out it was a poem home and that's it but this is what was going on their own knee. Monday night before all this happened her and my aunt Marilyn and my uncle Charles have went out to a bar drinking and clear had had gotten on the phone and made a phone call on the payphone and my mother and my aunt has went to the bathroom and my mom told my instead I need to talk to you. I can't talk to you right now. Though look out some things about Glenn and I'm scared she said I I need to come to your house tomorrow and we thought I need help figuring out something about that term. They heard banging. Hey on the bathroom door and the bathroom door slam open their screen grabbed my mother and my aunt Patriots home now and and my aunt Glenn calm down you know what's going on. He said I said take it home now. My you know I'll pay your home she. She just figured that he the gadget fitted out something. Maybe the phone calls take out though she drove him home and take it out of the car and she turns around and looks back through during this. You'll be nick okay. He's strong. He's he's just not that he maybe he gets way when he's throwing. She'd never seen him before. So the next day's Halloween in Linda told crystal that she would be there at her mother's House Crystals Grandmother's house at Carol's House to pick her up and drive her to school that morning. Tuesday morning enrolled around it was how Wayne Day and I get up. Get ready for school. I'm waiting my grandma's like well. You know your Mama's not here. You might have a few more minutes. She'll be here and I didn't mind it by criminals. You don't miss the buzz. I'M GONNA go ahead and take you to school. 'cause she. WanNa hand told me to school. We get home run smart. You know Demaim ever come out here now. I haven't seen the so even though Linda didn't show up to drive crystal school. No one really thought this was a catastrophe. It wasn't that big of a deal. There was a daily bus and and also the schools down the street carol could just easily drive crystal to school so it wasn't the end of the world. It was the nineties tech someone and say they were running late. Crystal just got to school and she figured that she was going to turn up and plus crystal was going to see her mom that night for Halloween because Linda's family was going to bring bring all the kids over to Linda complex trick or treat because obviously it was one of those places where you can hit a lot of places over and over again and a lot of lot of candy yeah and you can tell that just based on what they you said about the fair and that they have cousins living on other like all sides of each other. It's like they had a big family. There were tight knit and there was a bunch of them and they would congregate Gayton sort of every holiday celebration. WE'RE GONNA go to Linda's complex. There's a lot of you can hit a lot of house. You're going to get a lot of candy so the plan was for everybody would meet there and just make an event out of it but Linda sisters arrive to go and with our kids to trick or treat but Linda is still not there. Linda's mother comes up to the House with crystal and they could see through the window and they looked at the curtain to the shower curtain to the shower was actually pulled closed closed and four Linda's mother. This seemed odd because she thought to herself that Linda clean houses a lot and she would always leave that bathroom curtain pulled back and I think what we're talking about here. It's just like you don't leave the curtain closed because if you listen to a lot of true crime you know that like you don't don't ever want that close because there could be somebody behind there but you just leave it and I think I saw another interview with her where she describes Linda as an immaculate housekeeper where it's like. There wasn't isn't a SPEC. There wasn't anything hiding in the shower. It was spotless so she would have no problem up and get ready and go with family trickery Kaotry I had I had a nephew that we wanted to take by there and the hard part because she always both the teams risk of we went by there not on doors. There was no sir we won't bury the windows adore nothing but we will and nobody becomes terribly alarmed remember. This is the nineties. There's no cell phones owns. You're not texting all the time. People aren't constantly in touch as they are today so nobody's you know alarm bells going off. Plans change not a big deal. Glen's truck wasn't isn't there and no one answered when she banged on the door. It was very out of character for Linda to just completely flake with no communication but I don't know you know. Maybe something unexpected had come. Homma thought maybe she was out running errands or something. We couldn't figure it out. I mean we didn't know what she was doing with. Eli Really went by there. You'll know is actually had a cousin that lived in a different apartment complex behind on her. He said he had not seen her then. I had another president lived across the way an apartment complex Besa. They had not seen her. We went by there Wednesday. We went Thursday and body. We went by there on Thursday night. My hand says well. I'm just GONNA go ahead. Hey this window and you go on in and see about them on the well. She's got a comeback. I think it was a screwdriver so I'm trying to pry. She couldn't the window of they should. I well. We'll you know we'll just we'll come back tomorrow. Body we actually went back and my grandmother taught choosy. Landlord is you. You know we haven't heard from Linda. We need to go in to see if if there's anything that leads us to where she might be so we can't find Glenn. We haven't talked to either one of them. So by the time somebody was let into to the apartment to check on things it was November third across the maintenance man and he he was actually his son what's good France my brother so he said I will get the call here. We will let you all in and we will let the cop our CNN endorphin a cop migrants survey. We'll talk about that. She calls in Gotham officers to come out and he left the offer certain and we kind of stood by the door of the apartment and soon almost fair so that we'd be you there while the cop goes in and we there were from family members looking bedroom window where the blinds were opened watching watching the police officer goes through the apartment and you could say he went through the living room through the kitchen and then he came back and went through the hall and went into the master bedroom and asked where you know they were looking then because he went out and went into the guest bedroom room and then last he went into the bathroom and come out and he looks at my grandmother and he is till tell it goes and he said mom she's in there and it's bad and moral just fell apart. I mean that's crystal missile said somebody who worked maintenance allowed the police to go inside. Linda England's apartment in what they found was a brutal brutal brutal crime scene. Linda had been starved to death and her body was left in the bathtub and there was a wash cloth over her face. There were peculiar things at the scene. There was a bloody mop. The kitchen sink bloody paper towels in the garbage garbage can and blood smeared on the floor as if someone had attempted to clean it up but that abandoned the job halfway through after realizing their efforts were useless then the apartment was also described by police as being in disarray with cassette tapes beer cans and ashtrays full of cigarette butts scattered on the floor there were blood smears on the kitchen floor and garbage can that contained bloody paper paper towels as well and there was another chilling discovery at the scene so I just got back from a two week long vacation and and I hate washing my hair on vacation because it takes such a long time and I was able to let my hair go a few days because I was using living proves dry shampoo it is he's my favorite so living proof approaches the toughest beauty challenges with technology from MIT scientists so you're that you're dealing with science and not just marketing gimmicks from damage to volume two texture. 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She has several stab wounds chip to stab wounds under her right breast. One Stab wound above her right breast one stab wound on her right side just below the armpit and one stab wound to her right shoulder blade area so Linda is is gone. She's dead and her new boyfriend is nowhere to be found. You can think of what happened what we didn't know the of it and it's not by. Y'All got out of here. We've got the area and we're GONNA the need to go to a one area so we can question. Everybody is homicide scene. Thanks so we have to get everything done in red lipstick on the Bathroom Mirror was Glenn Dan. We found you. Maybe you know what does this mean going you know and we provide it wasn't. Glenn buys and he here with us to console to feed us through. This is an eight year. Where is he at the brutality of the crime. Obviously mostly shocked the police and their investigations started with who was closest to Linda that was obviously her family and they're working to rule certain people out they had to consider what what was written on that mirror in lipstick somebody after Glenn or did he do this and wrote that on the mirror as this Kinda rose so they decided to call police departments and neighboring states to see if there are any crimes with similar ammos and as the police were on the case Linda's family was grieving and started planning her memorial service for for Linda grandmothers an aunt that up everything for the funeral. I think that was the parents part of everything My Grandmother was shielded me from everything she didn't want anybody. Why tell me the severity of the wounds. The MOM MOM has gotten. She has a funeral and I kissed. This was her choice but to tell me a little bit about it so she comes to me but you know they've asked if we won't it isn't as to why you know. WanNa be Emphysema murder I want to you know see your horn time before and we have two layers yeah. I just need to know that her. I guess I was in denial. She said what uneasy that we're GONNA. Have you can't which we're GONNA have to find certain things for her to wear. She can't just wear an average normal trip. So what do you mean. She said they're defensive wounds that she has a full cast own It's like a cast. You'd put on your arm if you break it but it goes all the way up to her top of her throat almost to her she touched her and going to go down pass tolls and it will go down. You'll be able go to fill it no matter where you touch touch her. I knew he had stabbed her but I didn't know the extent of the staff and she said well. The wounds are so deep that there's really not much they could do. She'd been laying there for numerous date on it comes down to the time to actually go in and view my mother we all go in and I had to wait. I wasn't I had to mentally prepare myself. I go in there and it was it was horrible. It was devastating you could say to her face had bought marks bruises or once. I got there I would not believe and within an hour we noticed and I said what's going on. She said get the funeral director see what's going on. He came in. He said we're going to have to close the casket because of her being as they were the embalming fluid was coming out where two that oppose that was one of the hardest things it was becoming pretty glaring to the police that Glenn was now. Their prime suspect aspect the public was quickly learned to the threat of this killer on the loose which is absolutely terrifying. He comes across his trustworthy intelligent a bit pushy but most of all pretty damn normal and they say they don't know what triggers the other side of Rogers which is the scariest thing of at all we kind of knew it was Glenn but actually started a detective started asking questions and they wanted to know this and Matt and the other in place things that we didn't take as son started popping often out like a sore thumb things that he said things that he did things that were seen all came in to perspective. If he has killed muster his no other explanation. There's nobody else that could have done it after the viewing portion of the service but before the funeral service itself took place Chris so in her grandma Carol went home to sort of regroup when they were there all of a sudden the phone rang in when she picked up the phone a male voice on the line set. Is this Linda's mother. Yes it is. I'm Glenn's brother. I'm looking for Glenn Rogers. We're looking for him to why my daughter has ended up dead. I want to know where he is. I'm not surprised that your daughter is dead because anybody that has been around Glen for the last. Seven years has ended up dead. What what are you doing. Why are you calling calling me. Your fucking daughter is dead isn't she. So the voice line is one that Carol recognized we go home astor's offers of Ewing and my grandmother receives a phone call. She almost phone calls. She's acid. She said Glen were you. I Wa aw did you leave us you know and that's when he kept saying don't say anything you will be watched. He tried to play it off but it wasn't him. That was his brother that made the phone call but my grandmother his voice that was him. He's telling us but if we speak to anybody nobody he will make sure that we're all killed. He will be watching us at the funeral and that we are not say anything new anything we're to just watch ourselves well. Of course my grandmother gets the cops involved and tells them Halo. We need security after his funeral watched where you know being threat so we get the security and we bury my mother. Nothing why we don't have enough stories that now we have to worry about a family as well as being threatening the phone start ringing with it calls from investigators and other states where young women had been killed in the same way police agencies from all over the United States in Canada. Were calling enquiring about this individual they had unsolved murderers. They were trying to connect them to and they did connect them to them. this time we get home from the funeral and wake how my grandmother gets called. There's another person fan that the has ties to Clinton. She was found in Tampa Florida so we're thinking. Oh Gosh you know what is going on. Here's another victim I guess it wasn't even a day later. My grandmother gets another call if there was a victim I'm in California Marc car so one call after the next came in to the Jackson Mississippi police there were female female victims one after the next all in their thirties all single and each having beautiful red hair just like Linda price. They believed that Glen Rogers could actually be a serial killer leeward terrifies. We were all afraid everything one for the situation hand. My mother had been murdered. There's just monster on the run for nights. We would stay at my grandmother's house or we we would head off but we wouldn't. We sleep with all the vice on Alma sales. I cannot be alone. I wouldn't stay on in the daytime and wants down nights if I went in the bathroom had you have somebody there with me for state out of school for weeks. I fear my family fearing that. Maybe he come pick live from stalled. Semi pick me up from school when I finally was able to go back just so I have someone that will follow me all through the school to make sure it was where I was supposed to be because we didn't know where he was that he was washing her so he was planning his next move or he was doubt now. His name leading knows it was a living hell. It was a living nightmare so they're reporting about. This case. Ace really kind of was out of control. The media covered it vastly in multiple reports actually though the police stated that they were unsure as to what triggered Glenn to the violence because there were also reports of multiple relationships he'd had were it didn't escalate to murder obviously where there was abuse or or other things like that but not murder but they were about to learn something that would offer a pretty big clue. 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Go back through the night here. In my in my mother and uncle went out. The phone call that was made was to his mother. That's how he got his kicks of killing he would call his smother and that was so human rampage to murder these women every tom he's murdered a woman before he murdered the way that he made phone talk to his mother. If he I mean he has so much hatred for his mother and his mother and her day was kind of a red headed mm-hmm figured woman so what does he kill slender breadwinners. That's right Glen's mother other had red hair and so did his four female victims that police believed he was connected to but Glen he's in the wind and but the police dig into his background and they learned that he had actually been married and he had two teenage kids he was fourteen gene when his girlfriend deborah and Knicks got pregnant and had their first child in nineteen seventy nine and he married Deborah and soon they had another child Alden eighty-one. The marriage fell apart because apparently he was physically abusive to her. He actually has debbie tattooed across the knuckles on on his right hand. Debbie and the kids lived in Houston Texas so the police are thinking that maybe he's headed to that part of the US another location the FBI had their sights on was Hamilton Ohio. Hamilton is a blue collar city outside of Cincinnati and it was once called Little Chicago because because of all the mobsters gangster activity that used to occur there. It's now being called. Little Harlem it because of all of the heroine activity but Hamilton is also where Glen Rogers is originally only from and where his family still lived so the FBI wanted to speak to anybody who knows Glenn who maybe it will shed light on where he could be and starting with his his family and the police start to unpack information about Glenn's childhood and Shocker. There are some red flags stories from a checkered and troubled past started to emerge and some of the details were chilling. Glenn was from a huge family early he was the sixth sibling out of seven and all of them suffered abuse from their mother. Edna Rogers and many budding serial killers glenn what the bed until he was twelve years old and it was also at twelve when Glenn began indulging in drugs and alcohol as a result too early exposure to substances by his older brother. Clay claimed Glenn started burglarizing homes together for money and they were caught after robbing more than two hundred homes so this event seemed like it was directed and was pretty profound for the development of his Mo and the Radford University Psychology Department. Actually we did a run up of of his psychological profile apparently Glenn had found naked photographs of his mother who it was a redhead after this happened. Glenn actually tried to commit suicide by taking twenty-five painkillers Odeen but he didn't commit suicide but you could see how they you know they. This is a profound thing based on what we're learning right now. It's a pretty big deal for glad. When he's a bit older. He sees mom in a bar with the man who wasn't wasn't his father and Glenn Apparently Beats Him with a baseball bat and after that Glenn brought his father to the bar to show him what his mother was doing and there's more information here so the father it's blurry with the father suffered. I believe a stroke and was sort sort of bedridden and after that kind of incapacitation occurred is when the mom started to kind of do our own thing and I think Glenn started to get a little resentful and then when Glenn believed that his own teenage wife was cheating he actually follows her and he says that he witnessed her pickup man and she was actually a sex worker. which is something that Glenn New before she he married her so after he sees this he follows her home and he beats her within an inch of her life? He kicks her over and over and over again in the vaginal area with his steel toed boots to the point where actually actually needed surgery to fix herself. She needed surgery because this animal did this. This animal just kicked her over and over again with these steel toed boots and there's other another interesting thing because this happened a couple times he admits in the hospital at one point that he actually literally injected Budweiser the beer into his veins in order to get high and also used cocaine in excess yeah so what billy saying you're into some it all up is. Glenn has severe problems Severe Addiction. He lies he steals feels he cheats he beats in sexual assaults women attacks and brutalizes anyone he feels inclined to harm and he's only getting more violent as he gets older but at this point. I mean you can see just a clear escalation here and now after what happened with Linda. We know he's a killer for sure her and he would surely kill again if the police didn't stop him. Glen Rogers name was added to the FBI's ten most wanted list and as the details of the slayings came to light in more things were uncovered. You know the name the cazenove killer the cross country killer were floated through news as he remains uncaught and it was very reminiscent of Ted Bundy in my opinion like I read this stuff and he's so similar the state to state to state thing the reinventing himself I mean he was just described as handsome charismatic. I mean he's in that sort of species. ABC's of Predator there are several books out and if you re one of the books as a bow how the thinking twisted childhood he had things that his mother would do walk time for the bad and you know and I know things like that will mess with a person's brain and and I just I don't let's see anything that could justify killing another human being co-boys just for the hell of the thrill. I just don't see benefits justify. So what are we learned today. I think we're GONNA wait to figure out what we learned about Glen Rogers until next week because we've only hit the tip of the iceberg right and crystal. Our first degrees story is far from over in fact she she is still dealing with Glen Rogers to this day decades later and we're going to tell you all about that. She has a lot she wants to share share a lot. She wants to bring attention to and there's also multiple other victims in this case in each situation. Chen is is more chilling than the last and he is a serial killer that very few people have heard of so. We're very eager to share a part two with you as well as says deconstruct the mind of this true we horrifying psychopath so until then follow us on Instagram at the first degree out Alexis linkletter at Billy Johnson at Jack Vanik. Please write us. If you're one degree away from a murderer other stranger than fiction story. Hello at the first degree PODCAST DOT COM join our secret facebook group has popping off with all things true crime and again enter our little giveaway to win some free. 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