Hard Factor 3/21: Huge Philly Coke Bust, Adderall & Hot Tea Are Bad, & We Put A Sick YouTuber In The Soft Corner


Wooded you Joe, man. Randy savage this factor in the risk. No one that does better. Now, does it better repeat myself? Go ahead told me something right now. Moderate. Wasn't another episode of heart b-actor it is Thursday March twenty first top source of the day. I'm gonna take one about a giant cocaine bust in Philly and Marsha takes off corner. Putting a psychotic mother right in there. Yeah. I think you guys are all going to agree on my decision to put her in there. You'll hear what I'm excited. Yeah. Yeah. Wanna learn the details and pats do a health scare segment hot, tea and Adderall will. Fuck you up. Apparently, you wanna listen up, especially if you're me because I'm fucked. Really love hot, tea and Atarot. Yeah. It's like my morning combo washes down Adderall with hot tea doesn't love the way burns liquefy the pills on the way down wish him around. Sounds delicious west is going to take us through a lightning round of other headlines. Let's get into the Philly cocaine bust on Tuesday, basically every federal and state agency combined to bust a container ship at the port of Philadelphia for carrying at least four hundred fifty kilograms of cocaine. Oh, they weren't. They weren't. Sure. Exactly. Because they pinch some of it like. John. Yeah. Couldn't be exact that's that's basically thousand pounds of cocaine. That's eighteen million dollar street value. That's that's half a ton just drop them ahead. That's rush me with it. That's half nights. Half a Tuesday supply and Philadelphia, maybe. What do you think the whole city snorts out much? Hey pounds. Do you have any water? I don't know maybe not do any water cocaine. That's a week water. The unreal amount of cocaine was in route from Colombia to Europe. So high just stay here. Yeah. That's technically it did. Yeah. That's true. Did stay here. And it was stowed in bricks inside duffle bags a locked container ship where allegedly the bolts on the door looked a little tampered with. So the feds had pop it open and take a peek. So that's where Cain belongs in a duffel bag and bricks containership. Did you pick up on that though the door looked tampered with they gotta tip? They knew the cocaine was in there. Right. And they claim that door was tampered with so they could go in and see what? Right. And that's how they got their search warrant bullshit like those cliche movies where the cops are bad ass music. We don't have a war and kicks the door opening goes, oh look at open. Now, we got a war. Scenario smash something on the books. Look the lucky. Yes. Yes is the highly addicted to cocaine Philadelphia police department called chunk fat. So I thought thousand pounds be some kind of record. But Nope, I found to bus in the USA alone that absolutely destroyed this one one happened in Harlingen, Texas in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine acting on a tip. Authorities searched a house and discovered nearly eighteen thousand pounds of wrapped cocaine estimated to be one billion street. Oh my God. In a house was it was the house made of cocaine like rows. How how do they have that much eighties? Cocaine was a different kind of it's not your father's cocaine today. It was your father's croaky. Some Senate is your father's because it's your father's cocaine. They found right all fathers cocaine's stores next the goat drug bust in one thousand nine hundred four Colombian national police along with USDA rated Escobar's tranquilly on complex a drug making laboratory was destroyed and thirteen point eight metric tons of cocaine worth one point two billion was also destroyed not destroy cops bullshit that they found eight close to the bust in Texas that they found on on public or France quarter. Who's this guy in Texas fan that well all her? I mean, he got it all from Escobar think he's out yet Escobar was moving thirteen point eight metric tons like a month. And then the guy in Texas had one of his a collector, he was a great. Well, I know where the other one was this is the best cocaine bust. I could find of all it was in nineteen eighty nine law enforcement officials raided a thirty. Five hundred square foot warehouse in Sylmar, California, which is a suburb of LA that store. Twenty one tons of cocaine. God that's a street. Value of six billion twelve million cash was also seized two veins. Yeah. That's I mean, it's amazing that these dudes don't just grab a little bit. I mean, they do a little bit. What's probably depends. I think you know, some people are moral, and if a coke police officers or by the book, but some people are like, you know, what's what's the pound missing here. They're they're right. Just depends. Probably join only cops. I only wanna know that thirty one. Denzel cops on DM us. Go ahead king and God nut with me. We'll keep your secret. We swear. Yeah. We all like to get wet taking it to the internet. What's up you? Go the school the day all day all day different, Mike O'Connell. He says that gets found so tons more can get through come on people. So he's talking about subterfuge fears sees west way soccer about I mean, you know, the FBI takes FBI is clearly involved in the drug smuggling, you know operations. Yeah. Obvious. It's been proven. It's proven proven fact, then Erica Harris Poletti says she says the same joke that a thousand other people seven I was researching this better put a wall around PA Laffy face while joke shouldn't be a dome dome would work better. Like just a shitty fence gum. Keep me out a dome over Philadelphia would be disgusting. Cocaine. Snuggles nobles gasoline is falling. That would be quite the collectible for Christmas cocaine snow globe, Philadelphia for you. Christmastime those birds so happy and my favorite comment on this one is from blue cupcake he says, so you're telling me cops estimate cocaine at forty dollars per gram, which they do. Because in this case, if you decimated sixty which is what I had imagined most of you pay for it that is twenty seven million. This is wholesale though for all the dogs. I buy I don't know the price of drugs like when I when I go see a drug dorm, like how much is I don't know. I never know. I'm so nervous. I'm like that's a good price. Thank you, take it. I got the mass amount of money so much, sir. Yeah. You're already in the house. Do I tip you I'm in your house prices are so stable they've been like the same. I know, but I still forty dollars per gram saying you gotta buy once once you're in the house, you're paying whatever they ask you. Yeah. That's right. Their dog is looking at. I. Into the soft quarter and a wool baby. Do I have a soft corner for you today in the Kunar the much woman rainy seven just quite an honor? I one of the worst moms in the world and YouTube channel fantastic adventures, creator Machel Hackney, that's H E L L E Masha spell like Michelle Micheli isn't a softcore Celli. She is she deserves to be. They're fantastic adventures has eight hundred thousand had eight hundred thousand followers and over two hundred and fifty million views combined for all the videos, which feature her seven adopted children doing fun little sketches and having a good time around the house. What a fun everyone loved it. You know what I mean? But behind the camera things were not quite as they seemed 48-year-old Hackney turned out to be a worst director for children, Bryan singer. Show child rape. Joe? It's called an open secret. It's on YouTube you watch. Yeah. They got she abuse. But Baheen rhapsody was so good SOGA. They heard a sequel wasn't that great. The first Humira Obse was like if the character from from labyrinth, David Bowie. Played just kept going for half an hour back. Just what just watch the last twenty minutes suck moving so can abused. Her children by beating them dousing them with pepper spray sometimes head to toe including purposefully in the genitalia and lock them in a closet for days on end without food water or bathroom access. I just did a quick calculation allegedly two hundred and fifty million views. It's like roughly it's between three and four thousand was. Oh, she was she made about a million. Yeah. Off these kids. Michelle hackney. Michelle was arrested last Friday at her home miracle bears ONA on charges of two counts of child molestation seven counts of child abuse and five counts of unlawful punishment child neglect. And if you're keeping scored home mention their seven kids that were abused. So all seven kids are the seven abuse cases. And then two kids like the one whose penis blood when she pinches it. Too hard got the full on station. So she got accounts for those two kids while the other five lucky kids weren't quite fully molested. They were just locked in the classes and starved and embarrassed just torture. So they were just unlawfully imprisoned. Hold on. Did he have an inch on his penis? Do we know? I don't I don't what are you trying to make a joke about it? I'm just saying I'm just how to react. She was just torture in him by mutilating, his penis. Okay. That's not good. Okay. Yeah. Cool. But it's zone. It's all right. Michelle, you are so far the fucking soft corner. You can't see shit to either side you're like fucking right in that corner. No peripheral vision for you happenings to biological adult. Sons Logan and Ryan Hackney were also arrested for failing to report the abuse of a minor. And these kids look at this one of these guys the idea that yes, most part of think we'll post the photos, the idea that these guys were living in a house with seven adopted children when you see these photos, swoop hairdos white trash do you want to give up your Mustang? I don't wanna give up my Mustang. Yeah. So many shells vying us Mustang, so they witnessed the abuse everyday living in the house and Logan went onto mid it. But they got arrested because they didn't do anything about it, so gone pack, your bags boys might wanna bring the big bag because you're going to be the soft corner for long fucking time. And then police were tipped off by one of her other biological daughters, Hackney's biological daughter. I guess realized she was heading to the soft corner was like I need to do something about this. So she called the police and was like mom's not treating the kids. Right. She has this penis pinching technique that really makes lead. Let's look in a Dobson giving kids instead of. Pencil marks for. How tall is it's penises for the blood blood dots. Police conducted a welfare check at Hackney's home and found a child wearing only a pull up diaper inside a closet that had a locking mechanism that would make Matt Lauer blush, which is like, oh, we'll that as the six other children in the house appeared very malnourished. Apparently and one kid drank three sixteen ounce water bottles within like five to ten minutes, which is what I do every Wednesday night right after way, it's like because I've just been sweating for an hour and a half and seeming I could tell you. It's very dangerous like a five year old doing that. Not good. The locking mechanism was meant to keep people out there. Like was he in the closet? How no fun in the classes, he lacks whatever lock them in there. I know you found one of them in there. But I don't ever lock them in there. He loves being covered. In shit is sons a real pieces shit that children have been removed from the home. Thank god. By whatever version of child protective services is an Zona the few that weren't too scared to talk to investigators told them about the the torture. The endured which included the being drenched in pepper spray from head to tell being spanked violently and forced to take ice, baths could have been supportive AOL ass. We don't know. Do you think is a challenge for the swelling? I'm giving the benefit of the Docklands in allegedly. Sure, you wanna go this route. I don't know. No, soft part of this. Okay. Hackney would allegedly dunk the children's head underwater when they disobeyed forgot their lines and sketches. So if they didn't do a good job in the sketch. They were getting dunked tonight's bat. Mark does that to me when we're filming? Yeah. I'll admit it on camera right now. Also, a weird one that she'd tortured them with as she made them raise their arms of their head and lock them in the closet with their arms of their head for several hours. So just out immediately. That's the worst one to me. I think it's like, they're pledging a frat and. Yeah. And the reward is parents. Yeah. No. It's always hell week the hell week part of the, you know, they need to do with this chick is any like by these kids, a sweet ass house with a pool, you know, and then just put a shock collar honor and maker be their personal slave for the rest of her life. Not I put it in prison. That's better than prison. Yeah. No. I mean, the kids are fucked in all these scenarios the kids are all right? But if they had hostile save on a shot to keep now, we're going to keep an eye on these kids. So they don't okay turn out to be molesters themselves. But anyways, the kids also hadn't been in school for years because Hackney needed them for her popular YouTube videos. What did she do is go the adoption agency agency? And she was like, let me see all six kids. She was like say this line say this line say this she adopted the most like gregarious kids to the adopt Dopp, see like central casting. Exactly, right. She's denying the claims, but fuck her she did it YouTube has Dimona ties the channel, and it looks like they just very recently took it down. Thank God, soft corner to you, and your and your sons you fucking asshole V psycho yet. I was joking fucked this chick look as Cording to new study teens and young adults who have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD who received amphetamine such as Adderall for treatment have higher risk of developing psychosis compared to those who receive methamphetamines stimulants such as Ritalin according and psychosis like being schizophrenic, like hearing shit, not necessarily schizophrenia. But yeah, halloo hallucinations, delusions hearing things. Yes. Reading this pretty fast. Yeah. You have ADHD pet which one are you on Ritalin? You tell that. I didn't take any meds today. Well, thank God. I'm not we're gonna read the story. No, no, no. Well, thank God. I'm not a teen or young adult because as my host can attest, and they were looting to just a second ago. I would I would be in full on psychosis consistently with the amount of stimulants that I take and it's not to say I'm not in psychosis. It's just seems that I'm my psychosis. Probably not related to my affinity for prescription methamphetamine debate. Yeah. Mine's because of the cat litter. Yeah. Because the calendar what what what are you have you have that plasmas gone her aides brain herpes at her. Yeah. The authors follow two hundred twenty one thousand teens and young adults from ages thirteen to twenty five with ADHD who were prescribed stimulant for the first time between the years two thousand four and two thousand fifteen half received amphetamine such as Adderall and the other half received methamphetamine such as Ritalin and Ritalin is still at that was also on from the years nineteen ninety six to two thousand two time when I was really good at Marian cart areo cart Marya Marya from the east coast tales. Yeah. The first time the first time I had an experience with either areo cat was in college. And I took Ritalin. It was the first time obviously, hit me like a ton of bricks, and we ended up throwing like an old TV out the second story window. That's that's that's what we did that first upper you take is wild was a wild ride on. I remember. I knew I'd found something great. Yeah. My dad gave it up to like six AM doing push ups. Like, I was untying a not for six hours. That was like it's working talking a total of three hundred. Total of three hundred forty three of the teens innuendo to were followed or one out of every six hundred sixty young people develop an episode of psychosis in the few months after starting on the stimulant. So I'd love these fucked up studies like, you know, one of these groups fucked. Yeah, find out we'll. It's for science. So the risk the risk for crazy about is about as twice as high. If you're taking amphetamines versus methamphetamine, according to this study. So let me boil this down for you guys. Stimulants are awesome. As you can tell if you believe me, especially if you're generally messy or easily distracted like I am. And they've changed my life to be totally honest stimulants change my life. But if you take a ton of them, you're going to end up like Lindsay Lohan in two thousand five and really that's the only warning they need to put on the bottle. That's true. You guys ever? Like have you guys like, you know, the like have you guys ever done ecstasy, and you in person than using just looks like a vampire? No, I know Molly ecstasy like the people you do within the morning, but anyways, like little hotter all gives you like the same thing people turned into like ecstasy vampires like like six AM. So it's not surprising to me that if you take enough of it, it'll just permanently when the demons come at some point what happens at the Adderall is the drug like wears off, and you had seventy eight beers. And that doesn't wear. As soon as the wears off, you become a vampire sure because the alcohol destroys, you we call it. When when the when demons come out demon mode demon mode. Yeah. Experience what what heart factor? Mark was describing tax form. Check my Twitter between the hours of two and six AM on doing other thing to be scared of okay? Also, according to CNN study, drinking, very hot tea almost doubles the risk of cancer. So hot to you're very hot, very hot tea. Extremely hot. Teas we talk. We're we're talking. We're talking sixty degrees celsius or one hundred and four degrees Fahrenheit so under. That's. You to trip give thermometer out when you're fucking Meghan, t no. Sure do. Title one hundred and forty degrees still. Researchers found tea drinkers who liked their TS or beverages to be warmer than sixty celsius or one hundred and forty degrees Fahrenheit and consumed more than seven hundred milliliters of tea per day about two large cups had a ninety percent higher risk of a sophomore cancer. When compared to those who drank glass at cooler temperatures Asaf ago cans, censor stripping, the the layers of skin off, your has no lining in the Asaf. Earning it off the people or animals. Boiling tea. Yeah. Really wakes me up. It's the dumbest fucking study of all time. Breaking news. If you burn yourself as daily with a Cup of Earl grey, you might get cancer at the type the part of body, you keep burning susceptible might also instantly die hot who paid for this study. It's like it's like quick tell the kids who were habitually doing the the fire challenge that they're gonna get skin cancer. Because I keep pouring gasoline ice tea companies. Hey, great, you can drink hot shit. Right. They're offering five grand if you can drink one hundred forty degree temperature liquids every day. And then Greg does a cancer. Let's take it to the internet guys. Rhonda read says that's why you've been this back to the. That's why you pray over everything you put in your body asking God to give you the benefit only not the side effects, and Courtney chases Rhonda read, why can't you just ask to rid the condition in the first place, burn good points? Ask rid Rhonda read of social media like this. She mean, pray literally over like, she means like, grabbing you take her out are all out you pray over it. You put it in your body. Side effects reduced and asked me like blessing the pill. Smart ass. Yeah. I once went out to lunch with these people that believe that if you like put energy into their food that it'll talking about west that's what I'm saying. Hold their hands over it for like, thirty seconds. I thought she she's she's insane insane. I thought she's been smart crazy. All right last for the writing lighting around Patricia Lahey per stooped amino. Who knows what this that's weird last name Patricia. Yeah. Patricia says my son was taking this drug and hallucinating for months now. He is dead. Oh, stop at days. Yeah. Amanda Garza says I'm so sorry for your loss cheese. Okay. Anything on? Welcome to hard factor. You might not think it by looking at me. You're listening to me. But I have some great life insurance when I die in a couple years. My kid's mom is going to retire. In fact, it's a wonder I'm not dead already. I practically have a bounty on my head. But let's get real. If you do have kids are a wife, you actually love life insurance is a no brainer. Why would you not take care of them? In fact, it may be the only nice thing that they went says about me at my funeral west wasn't a great human while he was alive. But at least it didn't drop the ball in life insurance. And that's where policy genius comes in policy. Genus is the easy way to get life insurance. And just two minutes. You can compare quotes from top insurance to find the best policy for you. When you apply online the advisors policy genius will handle all the red tape. The leaving the Goshi at your rate with the insurance company, no commission sales agents, no hidden fees, just helpful advice and personalized service. So if you find life insurance puzzling, head to policy genius dot com in two minutes. You can compare quotes find the right policy and save up to forty percent doing it policy. Genius the easy way to compare and buy life insurance. Lightning bolt. Some stories. We didn't get to cover a crazy story coming out of Italy. Where an insane Senegalese, man. So that's a man from Senegal pretty pretty sure. Are you? Sure. That's what it means. No. It's a half, man. Half cat from Senegal. Got you Senegalese west sorry. So he was upset about Italy's migrant policy. He hijacked the bus of middle schoolers in their chaperones handcuff some and threatened to pour petrol. That's the Eurropean for gasoline. I think on them and life them on fire during a one hour terrorize shit. That's terrifying. You think scariest shit of heard talk about that for actually shit on them or do you threaten it the whole time the whole time? I don't think he actually poured it on anyone. But let me finish. So apparently, the the driver kept saying that the people in Africa dying and the fault lies on deputy, prime minister, Luigi de Maiyo and Matteo Salvini. Stop you. If you if you look at the spelling this guy's name, it's Luigi Di and then if you are in the mile leisure de Mario I like that has any done. Oh, Luigi of Mario are. Mar which we all we all know Luigi of all right because Mario's the top legit doesn't get his respect. We use the bottom. I like him. In tennis, the ride ended when thirty set up a roadblock to stop the bus, and they distracted the driver and were able to break open the back door the bus as the suicidal man, set the bus on fire. So he went through with that. Hey, look over here over here. What's that the people people were inside? But as the bus was on fire they were able to scape-. Luckily, people just escaped with minor cuts and bruises but the boss was completely fucking scorched. There's pictures of it try to kill them. All you try. Yes. I got a plan. Let's distract him. Yeah. So the how the Mary tell them the wages better person than Mario. So the man was married. He was an Italian cysts in father a to he's been arrested the bus company who employed him for fifteen years at this is the first time that he tried to let a bus on fire and kill it was a long con. It was a long hadn't done this before. This is the first time fired him planning. We didn't. No, no first time. You tried to do it. That's a warning. So it looks like I was completely wrong and Bob Kraft will not take the deal offered offered to him by prosecutors that we covered on yesterday's show goes to show me never listened to me unless it's about porn. Yeah. Always listening helping needs. And Finally, President Trump is again blasting late great war hero. And Senator John McCain over his now famous thumbs-down votes repeal ObamaCare vote. The president says cost the country trillions of dollars in a statement from his Oval Office, President Trump speaking of the late war hero said quote. He was never a fan and never will be y'all. He's referring to he's never of McCain or McCain was he'll never be a fan of McCain who served our country was a POW, right? That's right. Possum? He also accused the late Senator who died of brain cancer of spreading the fake dossier with of course, put it the infamous Trump load saw. Hillary pay for that shit, claiming he attempted to spread it to the media and FBI before the election, even though he did not pass the FBI until after the election. So I mean, Jesus Christ Trump just fucking have a little more specked. He was a veteran. A fucking war hero who served our country for his whole fucking life. I mean, his whole life straight up straight up. Yeah. He's dead. He can't defend himself. Fuck this shit. Glassless glasses Meghan. Mccain did come to her father's defense saying on the view that Trump quote, spends his weekend obsessing over great men because he will never be a great, man. Like her father, burn. I mean time will tell us. I mean. I mean, I don't know if Trump's losing sleep over that one. But. Torturing Meghan McCain. That's doing with the shit. Yeah. And I think that's part of it. So she needs to kinda just forget about. Yeah. She also said that her dad lives rent-free in Trump's mind, but he lives he lives. Yeah. Exactly. Yeah. Goes. Yeah. That's to a street charge. Renton heaven, dude. He's he's he's a veteran war hero shut just chill out for the FOX chill out. She's. Chill out. All right. And finally a weight loss update. Everyone's favorite segment, who cares who cares? Trying to better solely west. We care Pat narrowly defeated Mark for this week's winner after getting three point two pounds last week. So kind of a win, I guess he lost one point four pounds. Mark also lost one point four pounds. But because Mark is fatter by a few pounds, Pat squeezed out the percentage victory out or last week. So that'll get you will came in third old man rowing machining his way back into the to sixties with a one pound loss. Land. I feel strong guys. Don't don't don't. How does the room with your rowing machine in it smell smells faith? Yeah. Do you wear all one color, probably gray sweatpants? Look like old man's weapons. Oh, I'm very very colorful where your high school wrestling uniform, the ones the the single no singlets you still stand by the rowing machine. No lab stated by the. Cheinal? Bom? Annalong? All right. So the best way to lose weight. Yeah. So and I I actually gained this week. My parents got into town Saturday. My pops has been manning grill every night. So we can smoke cigs and peace. So I'll take it. Not too bad. I on the Grossman's cleaned since last time they were too weak gain in a row you quitting. No. I'm not quitting. I'm still right around where that you were makes it look at your quitting. I dunno chubby chubby. You'll be wearing a tourist shirt. It is tore shirt. I got in Hawaii. How much do you think you lose jerking off? You think you could drink your way out of this to you? I think you could if anyone could Wes. My way out of. At a time wrap this show up. Listen, I'm just going to address this. Now, all you mother fuckers do the exact same shit. Of course, only two were wayans left. Everyone coming down to the wire. I mean pats gonna lose for sure, but stay tuned. We may be able to break the two hundred pound total weight loss will barrier and that will be impressive yet. We only have fifteen more pounds ago less. Yeah. And that's hard factor. The Friday show is not looking good everyone. We need seventy more five star reviews by Thursday at five pm today. Yeah. Yeah. Today. Five PM yesterday show was a banger a great ones introduce your friends too hard factor too. Especially those with the porn, addiction and masturbation addiction. So all of them, basically, regardless of the Friday show. Please follow us on Instagram and Twitter, we are trying to get full-time. And if that happens, we will bring you a lot more content. So please help us help you spread the word and most importantly have a great fucking debt. Play the game.

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