Johnny Cash: Pills, More Pills and Playing With Fire


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Dan girl talk, Colin Jost and many, many others. This lineup is insane in the festival's can be a blast. So if you haven't already head over to disgrace land pod dot com slash tour. Grab your tickets and I'll see out there Rockaway. Disgrace land is a production of heart radio in double, Elvis media. Stories about country singer. Johnny cash earn saying he was busted for drug smugly burn down a national forest crash Cadillacs fueled himself daily with speed tranquilizers and beer. It was rebellious to his core. He took little to no lip from anyone fought relentlessly, with authority. Cops judges prison, wardens, and for the underdog and against social injustice, once even famously getting into it with the Ku Klux Klan. He was also daring and big hearted most everything he did daring to dream big and love and in life and fearless in pursuit of his art in the woman. He loved June Carter, Johnny cash constantly played with fire. He was a walking time bomb a human wrecking ball of self-destruction, seemingly, always one false move from death. But Johnny cash made great music that music. You heard at the top of the show that wasn't great music that was a preset. Lute from mellow Tron called flaming mellow. Flutes K one. I played you that loop because I can't afford the rights to Hello goodbye, by the Beatles. And why would I play that specific slice of two faced cheese could afford it because that was the number one song in America on January thirteenth nineteen sixty eight that was the day. The Johnny cash sept- onto the stage Folsom prison and created one of the most enduring musical statement, the twentieth century, a statement that were it not for his willingness to play with fire likely would have never happened. On this episode to face. Cheese mellow flutes drugs at the border playing with fire and the man in black. Johnny cash. I'm Jay Brennan. This disgraceful. The gunman's hand was steady. Cool under pressure. Johnny cash respected that the steal from the pistol was cold. Johnny wanted to stay that way. He could feel it as the gum impressed into the back of his neck, Johnny wasn't scared though, as usual. He was cool steady, just like as a salad not because he was some sort of TV tough guy and not because he was distracted by drugs drink, but because he had faith. Faith in three things his Lord and savior. Jesus christ. Love of his life has wife June Carter cash in the power of music. He dedicated his life to all of them most recently to his wife, sitting next to him at the moment in their home bound by strong rope, where there is avert contact with their homes, invaders resolute as was her normal disposition for the past decade or so, Johnny a dedicated, a large portion of his creative impersonal efforts to Christ. Churning out, numerous recordings to evangelize, the good word, and declaring that quote, being a Christian isn't for sissies. It takes a real man. The live for God, a lot more man than to live for the devil. If you really wanna live. Right. These days gotta be tough. But Johnny happily preached another kind of gospel as well. Gospel of country music aren't as long running music variety television show on ABC that he hosted and produced bring to the stage and thus the living rooms of millions of Americans country musicians. He had doored respected like Merle haggard Tammy Wynette. Marty Robbins many others as well as the folk rock musicians. He admired, like his friend. Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell. Johnny's faith was calming. It was everything even back then back in the sixties when his life was anything, but calm. Gunmen were desperate complying with fire, but Johnny knew that the demands, they were making on him and his family would somehow work themselves out. Johnny cash, new desperation any new about playing with fire he closed his eyes took along. Quiet deep breath and let his mind bring him back a couple years. In nineteen sixty four Johnny cash was well known respected performer his musical style was completely zone today. There's never been anyone who's come close to sounding like his was a hard driving effort with sound honest at times. Humorous in totally authentic, Johnny cash's music, definitely balanced energy rockabilly with season country music, and it was all anchored into something spiritual with the gravitas, afforded him by his voice, a deep sophisticated sounding baritone when you heard Johnny cash, you knew it was, Johnny cash. He performed upwards of two hundred shows a year his albums, and singles on sun and Columbia records were well known to country and pop fans alike, his nineteen sixty three single ring a fire top the country charts at number one for seven weeks and cracked the top twenty pop chart, his reputation as a hard-drinking, outlaw constantly battling his jeans and song, along with the signature. Men in black style made him a mistake, -able and one of the most popular entertainers in the country. But despite his star status, Johnny cash was a serious drug addict alcoholic who popped up to one hundred pills a day. Mostly in phetamine Zain barbecue. It's and chase them with full cases of beer, the result of which made him legless, incoherent, in totally unreliable as a performer to his fans and as a husband to his wife and his father to his four daughters at the time. But the bad behavior did have the benefit of making him at totally reliable. Narrator authentic to his core with the absolute authority, sing the following lyrics from his nineteen sixty four song, bad news. Well, bad news travels like wildfire. Good news travels. Slow they call me a wildfire because everybody knows that I'm bad news. The words are bold and direct and right up in your face just like Johnny cash. The drugs, the drink in the violent dangerous mishaps when long with his particular brand of boldness meant the Johnny cash was playing with fire just like the songs lyrics. There's no mistaking who or what he was a fast moving. Bad, bad, man. The judge knew this. He could sense it sitting across the courtroom from Johnny Johnny Ben in front of many judges up until this point, and had little interest in what they had to say. And Johnny took the criminal rap in stride, things always seem to work themselves out. You live another day, breathe the air of a free man and make his way to the next gig or through the next pile of pills, or to the bottom of the next case of cold ones whichever came first. So Johnny had no problem getting Lippi with the judge. Sides. The charges were bullshit, killing condors endangering protected wildlife destroying property federal property, ship regarding the fire that did all the damage. Johnny was now being charged with the one that burned down five hundred acres of Los Padres, national forest and California and killed a reported fifty three endangered condors. The judge asked Johnny did you start this fire? Johnny shop back to the judge. No, my trucked in it's dead. So you can't question Johnny mental, at least he thought he did truth be told he couldn't remember who or what started the fire, but he was sticking to his story is trucks, wheel bearing overheated, cracked in leaked oil, onto a tire, which threw it onto the forest dry grass, and the that's what started fire. However, the most reasonable explanation accounts for Johnny picking up his nephew Damon for fishing trip. Johnny was half in the bag when you ride. And by the time they hit the forest, Johnny was blitzed. Dim and build the getting some fishing. Let's to get his head right? Johnny set up camp, little fire to keep warm. But blitz on pills, and beer was unable to control the flames. When they quickly began to spread like wildfire. Smoke was reported and in no time over one hundred firefighters descended including Healy jumpers, and five air tankers after a couple of hours, the fire spread covering acre upon acre of forest land, four hundred firemen from all over the state were called in to battle, eventually, stop the planes in the process in eventual five hundred acres was destroyed as we're fifty three in danger and protected. Condors nesting in a refuge in the nearby sespe wildlife area. Johnny was near legless court packed to the gills with pills defend off the reality of the situation. The judge asked do you feel bad about what you did, Johnny replied thick tongue? Well, I feel pretty good right now. How about driving all those condors out of the refuge. The judge asked you mean those yellow buzzards a damn about your yellow buzzards? Why should I care? Johnny cash cared about little at the time. He didn't care what the judge the judges questions nor did care about his family or his fate, or even his career. He didn't care what his fans or is music heating care about condors or yellow buzzards. And unlike the rest of the world at the time, he didn't care what the Beatles either why should he, he was Johnny cash. The gig in Dallas that night was unmemorable, Johnny was supposed to bounce out afterward on a flight LA. But he built instead he food at El Paso, from there was only a short thirty minute drive south on route forty five over the US border warez Mexico, where they kept the good pills, and Johnny cash needed those pills. The cabbie. Drove mania just the way Johnny liked. There was no time to spare. He needed to score. Get higher else's moves. The best of the road from El Paso, Texas towards Mexico was dusty passing the blurred, sunstroke some road. Kill a vision, right at home in the drug addled cobweb brain, Johnny cash in October nineteen sixty five the volume cabbies radios, jacked downtown by Tula Clark blasting back at maximum volume. Johnny was annoyed about to say something when the song ended within seconds, the cat was overtaken by the sound of John Lennon's mistake of voice. Help I need somebody help anybody help how, you know, need someone help. The final call for help dragging, Johnny suspiciously, to the Beatles verse curious ears, what the hell this song was drawing. Paul McCartney's beast bounce from the one to five. Away that was very familiar to Johnny as little base notes struck by George Harrison on the rhythm guitar. Don't miss all country music, Johnny felt a tinge of resentment, but Ringo swung a motherfucker and Johnny was hard pressed into anything but love the song the rhythm seal that former just like it always did the song was infectious and that big acoustic guitar humming along old and up in your face journey. Knew that sound to the sound of A Gibson, j one eighty the model made popular by the every brothers a little smaller than the j two hundred Johnny slum, but country nonetheless. Either way, he had a hand to the Beatles. It was way more going on in this tune that anything else in the radio at the time just like countless numbers of previously recorded country songs. Help was jammed of insecurity desperation, but it was funnel through a completely new pop songwriting paradigm the sound production. It was alive. And it came screaming out of the speakers. Sure the country influences were there. But combined with the modern production the naked emotion. The whole sound is totally new, Johnny blitz is usual wasn't sure if his head was fucking with not was Lennon, literally crying out for help to track on the record over the radio. But thought was gone almost quickly as it came kind of like the song, it was over in two minutes, and thirty seconds, followed quickly by Sam the sham and the Farris. Excellent willie. Bully Ono does want to Trask Quattro. Johny let the song bounce through unison, the rock and roll of the early model, Soto custom carrying over the bumpy road for as Mexico. But despite Sam, the sham, Johnny couldn't get his head off the Beatles. He'd met them a couple of months earlier at the cow palace up near San Francisco, and frankly, could have cared less. He found them at the time at least to be comical, but also smug in wash and the glory of their own bullshit. Johnny was there because frankly, he didn't have anything better to do that. June Carter of Carter family country music, rotea fame was off playing shows somewhere else no longer on the road with Johnny, and his band and support of Janis act. And Johnny was at loose ends without her their secret affair was next to getting high his main priority in nineteen sixty five and at the cow palace that night backstage waiting like a chump alongside folk singer Joan bias to meet the Beatles. Johnny cash, perhaps, because of buys is undeniable beauty had June Carter on his mind. She was beautiful kind sue preemies talented both as a musician, and as an artist she was one of those rare types of people whose talent doesn't affect their ego, June Carter, despite her obvious gifts and celebrity was at once endlessly interested as well as being endlessly. Interesting. And she understood Johnny cash on a molecular level. It was the type of understanding that can possess propel AMAN their attraction for one another was next level. It was chemical scientific. June Carter's sexuality singed, Johnny cash at a show with June. Back in August up in Toronto, Johnny overcome with desire for his, not so secret secret girlfriend called her a sex machine from the stage wasted again on booze and pills, Johnny left. The stage drop down onto all fours and began howling, June in following her around while attempting to liquor ankles. It was the kind of public breakdown, the had happened in the internet age would likely have been a career killer, but because it happened in nineteen sixty five resulted in only short mentioned in the Toronto Star admonishing Johnny for his act being inappropriate for children. Matty told hatty that's the thing to do. Get you someone really the pull the wool with you Willie bully June. Pull the wool, alright married or not Johnny was obsessed to the point of distraction. Johnny cash once again playing with fire June Carter was world record pills wherever necessary. It may have been Mexican radio, but it was owned by the little lads from Liverpool after Willie boy, it was right back to the Beatles. George Harrison intro rift ticket to ride Pierce, the static on the cab speakers and pulled Johnny's head of June Carter's pants for the moment, Ringo's staggered but steady veep banged on through. Jani was held fixed again, by John Lennon's lyrics melancholy Lou and full of sex just like Johnny. She's going to to bribe, and she don't care, my baby don't care. Johny new Lenin was talking about sex. It was all right there in the air in his head. Dammit. He miss June. The pills would help they always did the right now. Johnny cash was staring at a suitcase filled with them. His enterprising cabdriver had returned from shady Horace bar with enough. Dexter, gene, and tranquilizers to put an entire audience of grand old Opry fans the pasture, which after being banned from the Opry back in fifty six was a fate, Johnny would've relish, seeing come to fruition. But enough about the past the future was now Johnny cash was MUI jonesing. So he threw a handful of pills to the back of his throat chasing down with a warm bottle of beer begin stuffing the rest of his newly procured stash into Qatar case he was flying back to the states. He had to get back to June ISA and the disorder despite the cabbie's lead foot wasn't going to cut it. Janis drug slinging. Cabby made his way to the airport. No Paso, not before being made by a couple of cops, Johnny was searched on suspicion heroin possession. The cops didn't find heroin, but it did find Janis pills, six hundred eighty eight four hundred and fifty seven equil-. Johnny cash was busted. Perhaps shame or more likely out of fear of being locked up for a long stretch. Johnny cash straighten himself out for a moment. Anyway, he put June Carter on the shelf and began a period of reconciliation with his wife, Vivian if for no other reason appearance's sake, the judge would most likely go easy on a family man went thinking, especially one who is doing his best to clean up his act, and to pull himself out of the scandalous, ring of fire that come to define him in the newspapers. It worked at his arraignment, Johnny appeared clear eyed and gained weight. His wife was at aside standing by our man, and there was no smart ass and Janis answers to the judge. There have been back during the Los Padres. Wildfire Janis lawyers went to work, and he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charge the judge when easy on thousand dollar fine, and the thirty day suspended sentence in effect, leaving Johnny to get his life and career back in order, but Johnny cash could not well enough alone, reckless stubborn hell he was like a moth to a flame. 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Just go to harrys dot com and enter four four four four at checkout. That's harrys dot com code four four four four. Enjoy. Hi, I'm Chelsea handler. And I'm launching a brand new podcast with heart radio called life will be the death of me. And I'm going to talk to all these different people, my BFF Mary McCormack. That's what we should call. My book tour the apology for great idea. Sorry. Everyone on this whole pot cash should be called. It should be called with the orange because of the orange theme of the book Archie. Glad I went to therapy. Life will be the death of me with Chelsea handler. Listen and subscribe at apple podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts. Johnny cash was dead on the floor. And it was all Ronnie Hawkins. Fault. Ronnie hawkins. Hard-driving Canadian rockabilly hellraiser singer, the hawks the men told his younger terrorist Robbie Robertson, and his pitch to get him to join us ban. You won't make much money. You'll get more pussyfooting Sinatra had seen drunk and drug this friend, Johnny cash into an early grave pretty much surprise. No one. Despite Johnny's attempt at sobriety, fidelity a couple months prior. He was back to his old ways. Pills booze June Carter he was a man possessed bent on self destruction. And Ronnie Hawkins was the perfect wingmen for such a mission following a semi disaster show. Earlier in the evening. The two said about the party at some point Ronnie took off. Johnny film to stupor. He was found following morning face down on the floor was motorhome in the parking lot of the Toronto four seasons without a pulse. Not the time in the music industry. Johnny cash reliability, promoters, new pack them in, but they figured he was fifty fifty on whether or not he show up sober enough to play. His manager saw hall was doing everything he could out, run Janis ever-deteriorating professional reputation, managing follow from the bust in Paso, the trial surrounding fire at Los Padres. The loan string of canceled concerts to Janis drug and alcohol use, and of course, covering up the car crash in Nashville. The one we're Johnny total June Carter's Cadillac. Saul had a scramble to keep the details of the crash, and Johnny and June's affair on the wraps and out of the newspapers somehow, Sol's, hustle, always kept its Johnny cash lives, the day, but on that morning in Toronto March nineteenth nineteen sixty six they both seemed out of options. Johnny cash had no pulse. No one had any answers whereas pills stash. What should they do? Who should they call? Where should they go go to the hospital, but that would be making the overdose public and thus driving. The final nail into the coffin that was Johnny cash's career at the moment. And they say fuck it and try to revive Johnny themselves and head to the next show, but that was in the states in Rochester, New York. So that meant crossing the border and subjecting saw the rest of Janis entourage to accustomed. Search and risking the discovery what was believed to be an ample supply of John's illegal drugs in jail for a lot of. Either way they were screwed. So this had fuck it. The show must go on. And the headed to the border endeavored to bring Johnny back to consciousness slapping him about the face yelling Adam Hani's chest until by some stroke dumb luck. They were able to generate some signs of life minimal as they were twitch, the eyelid Mon, a labored cough was enough to press on and they stashed a prone. Johnny cash under a pile of dirty laundry, miraculously made it through customs without being searched soon enough, they're able to fully revive, Johnny. They made it to Rochester in time for the show. And with Johnny's heartbeat now ticking again at an awful pace with the benefit of a couple of hours of four sobriety, Johnny cash waltzed onto the stage and delivered a transformative performance. It was nothing short of a miracle. It was inspired just like Johnny's. Love for his touring me, June Carter that year in nineteen sixty six Johnny's wife Vivian filed for divorce a request. Johnny was happy to oblige also that year June Carter, formerly divorced. Professional bad ass at rip Knicks fan or football player race car driver cop, Johnny June. We're finally able to be with one another not that anything had really stopped them before. But now they're able to be out in the open. And now with June support or more likely with the prospect of some sort of real future with June the woman of his dreams Johnny cash sincere swing. It's bride. And it stuck. With a clear head his next moves take his career to the next level he needed a hit popular music was volving fever pitch Dylan. Gone electric, the Beatles were going psychedelic, Johnny cash and make some sort of new musical statement. He was going nowhere. He had ninety collaboration sorts with murderers, rapists, Bank, robbers, in an assortment of men just like himself bad, bad men, used to move fast, but weren't going nowhere captive audience of bagman second-story men, we'll men confidence men men out on the merges men with no direction home men who played with fire Folsom prison. Janis record label Columbia, records wasn't having any of it, which only went through with the plan to record a live show for an album release storied prison written above nineteen fifty-five sun records, release Folsom prison blues, since then, Johnny had been written to from cows prisoners, who had dented with not only is music with this fast-moving sometimes criminal behavior, just like them. Johnny cash that stripes, Johnny also empathy. He felt for the prisoners, he knew what they're up against any new the energy, he'd bring her live show for them would be transformative Nuss worthy of getting down on tape. Against Colombia's wishes Johnny went ahead with the project. The proof is in the performance here on record on Johnny cash's at fulsome prison is unlike any other pop music, Laverick excitement from the audience result of the truly impassioned performance by Johnny cash, and it's been the Tennessee three plus Carl Perkins. Guitar ju- Carter on backing vocals is Powell infectious. During the set Johnny, Johnny. He was inspired and inspiring. He Joel the inmates. He paraded June. Beautiful woman on stage, the likes of which some of the men in the audience had seen in the flesh and years in cocaine blues, a song where the main character snorts amount of coke and kills his cheating wife after a bad night, or as Mexico, Johnny changed. The lyric shot my woman, down to shot that bad bitch down. Unsurprisingly the prisoners went nuts. There was the men in black, Johnny cash in a maximum security prison surrounded by guns felons with the woman he loved skirting danger, risking to make the album that would define the results were undeniable record went to number one on the country charts. But more importantly, in totally on brand for the man in black. It hit number thirteen on the pop charts upon its release the album was held critically and to this day become a cultural landmark. Sorts a piece of music, that is much more than a piece of music. It's social commentary. It's a fast through. It's a swing in the face of a thirty. It's pure, Johnny cash. It redefined him as something more than just another hard living country, artists in reignited, his career exactly. As he talked. A couple of months after the fulsome performance, Johnny proposed June on stage in front of seven thousand people at the London ice house, in London Ontario, June said, yes. Finally, after multiple previous proposals from Johnny and the two were married in a fever on March first nineteen sixty. Things finally leveled out for Johnny cash in the nineteen seventies, not that it wasn't without its ups and downs. Both professionally and personally, but compared to the nineteen sixties seventies decade, relative calm and balanced. Johnny and June, despite being creatures of the road anchor themselves into domestic bliss when not out on the road. They split their time between their home in hendersonville, Tennessee, and there's cinnamon hill home in Jamaica, in old sugar plantation property built in seventeen forty seven take obey, and it was where they sat listening to their housekeeper. Recite grace on an idyllic Christmas day. Nineteen Eighty-one along with their eleven year old son. John Carter cash the boys friend, Doug Caldwell, Johnny sister, REBA and her husband, Chuck. The sound of the bandits baiting. Their peaceful holiday home was at first more surprising frightening allowed in out of place cling from the front entryway had the guests searching each other's faces for answers across the dinner table, then hurried feet margin furiously through the adjacent rooms toward the room. The guests receded incent their heart rates from pulse to pound and finally shouted out of place in the cash Kerner no-one shouted, but there was loud. Angry desperate commands careening off the interior walls of the home in the familiar, Jamaican patois, nobody move where the gills give us the cash. Three armed robbers, locals Benasing hungry at their wit's ends all armed one with a gun another with a knife tall woman, twitch and the junkie gays held the hatchets hand. The one with the pistol grabbed eleven-year-old, Doug, call thrust, the barrel begun into his temple some of the guests gas others. There is the smell of urine now apparent Johnny play cool. What do you want calmly. Salmon's. Everything the boy dies pod the bandit. Janis. Nothing sat there in his chair expressionless. He knew these men, boys really desperate. He could see it in their is addictive. He could also see him sell from a few years earlier and recognize that we're not for a few fateful turns in the road. The his reality could easily have been more like junkies. Seillans. So we knew what the do played cool given what they want without enough weight, four with time let down their guard. It was human nature when the opportunity presented itself house, grab a share and swung. It hard. The grill. The Tom twitch level, snatches, hatchet, hope, and pray, the outnumbering the other two suing Malay would save your family, but it never happened. The bandits gave pressing Johnny his guests. They were content with the fifty grand in cash jewelry to take the house, allowed the keys to Johnny's Range Rover in split. They didn't make it far after local. Authorities were learning. The threesome was located at the Montaigue obey airport on into Miami defense. The stolen jewelry, they were arrested taken into custody never seen or heard from again, apparently the victims of swift cold. Jamaican Justice colonial-style. In the end. Johnny cash was more of set by the fate of his assailants men, who he reasoned unjustly punished for crime against him punishment for which he had no agency, then he was upset by the traumatic events of that day, the way, Johnny cash sought it was pure luck that he hadn't met a violent sooner himself car crashes wildfires drug overdoses angry. Bad ass husbands, he'd been playing with fire for years up to that point in even in his sober domestic years, the home Jamaica, cinnamon hill was risky living in comparison to the vast majority of Jamaican locals who existed in poverty, Johnny cash, despite his down home salt of the earth, disposition live, as an ostentatious American rockstar, and a big expensive house with a pretty wife famous friends hired servants luxury vehicles, all with little to no obvious, effective security cling fire burned. Firm earned. I'm Jake Fernan in this, this disgrace. This episode disagree slant its musical scored in the song written by me. Graceland is mixed and engineered by Sean Halen, who also helps score this episode additional music in score elements by Ryan's spreaker writing assistance by Chris. Oh, keys. This episode was edited by Pat Healy, especial, thanks to Jonathan hall of Jonathan's, dad saw hall of used to manage, Johnny cash. Jonathan reached out to me on a year ago. And generously offered me access to his dad's files on Johnny so cool. Thank you Jonathan. I really appreciate it. Also Jonathan made a documentary. But his dad, Johnny called my father in the man in black. Which you should check out into awesome impulsive for Oscar soon. Get on the internet and seek that out disgrace sinus produced by myself double Elvis media in partnership with iheart radio sources for this episode available on my website as are the sources for all episodes. That's WWW dot disgrace land pod dot com. That's where you can find all info on disgrace landing cluding, Oliver, new merch, t shirts, Elvis pins posters stickers. More get over to the website. And being on that merge about, and if you'd like to win a free obvious Vic design seizing poster. 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