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Listening to your Rica on monocle twenty four brought to you by the team behind. The entrepreneurs Angeles gone is the founder of the office of Angela Scott, a women's shoe brand all about elegance and functionality growing up eight foster home with three brothers in northern California and later working in construction and estate management. Angela says she often felt she had to keep up with the boys. But after moving into PR at luxury retailer, even Marcus Angela decided it was time to make beautiful practical shoes and boots for women using the same attention to detail and craftsmanship she always seeing in men's shoes smart shoes. Because women, of course, don't always want to wear high heels for this week's episode Angeles down with Monaco's Carlina rebelo at our Los Angeles bureau to share the story of her brand. The first perception of women who mean business, sometimes people think, oh, it's a woman who works in office. Right. But for me women who mean business is somebody who's getting shit done like women who are on their feet have things to do to -ccomplish could be a mother it could be a writer. It could be an artist. It could be a teacher a student. It's really it's just a woman who is assertively who has confidence who is is accomplishing things. Right. And who takes herself seriously? Now, you saw the run when you move to Dallas. But the know how far back we should go to Hugh, how you go to point. That's when you two dollars and then decided to create the brunt. Maybe let's sum up that if we can't we moved to Dallas for my husband's business. He's also in the footwear industry, and I was working for new Marcus at the time. So I when I moved there I worked in PR for the corporate office, and I think the journey there. There was really the catalyst that started the brand. So it kind of gave me the confidence to sort of go out there and do it. And I think without that journey without having moved from Santa Barbara to Dallas, I wouldn't have launched the brand. I had always wanted to start the brand. It was more of a pipe dream though. It wasn't something that I thought that. I could actually do you know, I'm sitting here thinking, oh, how expensive is going to be to start it up. When I had that experience Neiman, Marcus and started meeting designers of brands that I thought were huge and realize that it's just a small team behind it. I really kinda got the confidence to go. You know, what give it a shot? Right. Let's go for it. So after working a year at Neiman, Marcus. I launched the brand I think that the push and the move to Dallas really got me off the ledge. But it was definitely something that I was wavering back and forth of going to I wanna risk by life savings for something that I could fail miserably at right oversee you said moving to going through dot dot Joe was what gave you the confidence to eventually Saudi on business. How much you? Feel about if you have done that move made move you'd have started the business, and you'd be where you are today. That's tricky because the thing was is that I had worked in the construction industry, and I had worked for Taiwan or who is beanie babies and he's a hotel Huhne's like four seasons New York for seasons. Anna, Barbara I had worked for his asset management company in a project management role as well. And so I'd always been around these groups of men, right? And I became that stereotype of that woman who I thought that if I if I wanted to mean business, if I wanted to be a woman to be taken seriously amongst group of men that I had to sort of go into that like madmen mentality where it's like, oh where the high heels aware the pencil skirt. I'll look polished. But it was that style that I had to wear in order to be taken seriously, and you're literally running behind men, right? So for all these years, I'm on construction sites in project management meetings, and I'm running behind these men in these stilettos trying to. Everything up to par including my parents. Right. And I'm thinking, you know, this is kind of like the back of mind going I need to make shoes for women who are out here doing this. But can still feel like they look and feel confident right? That you still look beautiful that you're still feminine that you're still a woman, but you're keeping up with the boys. Right. So instead of running behind them, you're walking in stride with them do feel like that's a necessary challenge to challenge those that perception that, you know, for women to be successful there, the need to dress dot specific part that they can't be relaxed. Still mean business it is. And I think it's not even about being relaxed. I think you can be polished and a pair of loafers or an Oxford or address boot, you know, I think I think there's a way to style it now. And I think even then like, I mean, you think about the sexiest icon women, right? That are out there for fashion for their style. You think about Brigitte Bardot, you think about Marilyn Monroe you think about Audrey Hepburn? I think there was. A perception in fashion that in order to mean business you had to dress the part, right? And the part was the high heel and the the pencil skirt, and the, you know, the dress suits, and I think I don't know if there's necessarily need to challenge it. But I think there's a need to let women know or to build like, I felt a need to build a brand that would give women the confidence to know that they can feel good and look good in a pair of shoes like this and not have to be in stiletto. Right. When you think about footwear these days, especially the ones for Tyler to women as a little inspiration from the men's world, even the most basic of shoes for women Oviously, excluding any celebrities at cetera. But for women that want to wear any shoes during their working day, the very much are know ended up of the equivalent that exists towards a male client. How do you distinguish yourself in the market from you know, not simply adopting a motor? Oh that exists already. Well, I think the difference is is that our shoes are actually made by hand. They're they're good your well construction. And what that means is they're made a very traditional way that four has been made for decades. And that craftsmanship was really only applied to men's footwear. You know, women started wearing Oxford's and mid heels and sort of that lace up Oxford when they went to work when men went to war. So we've been wearing officers we've been wearing flats has has been in existence for decades. And I think the way that we distinguish ourselves is really the craftsmanship. I think that the way that our shoes are made are really the best quality a women's Oxford or women's dress shoe can be made now just for our listeners to get an idea of how where the brand is how many people work would you for example or still small so we were actually two people until the middle of last year. So we're in our seventh year of business, and we were to people until the middle last year. And we are now seven. And we're seven women. So it's an office full of women. Purpose. No, I interviewed both men and women I interviewed all types of candidates, and I just feel like the women that are in this positions. Now, they were really well suited for the position. So I I wanna say it's like serendipity, you know, now that we are an office of women. It's pretty incredible because we are a brand that sort of supports this momentum of women in business. So it was a happy accident. It's quite a an an interesting accident because you know, footwear business is still very male dominant. So not only you yourself as a founder of the company is already in a way trying to break through that glass ceiling and then having a company where you just employ women, even if it wasn't intentional. Do you get a lot of comments on that? We do in the funny thing is is like it's a it's a good and bad. And I think both good and bad in business is good to have because you need that conflict you need conversation. You need debate in order to stimulate something. Great, right. And we have people who will come in mostly men and be like you need some test. Thrown in this office. Right. But I think overall it's a positive thing. You know, it's been it's there's there's never been any negative comments about it. It's more like men joking about the fact that it's an all women office. But it's it's funny because people will walk in and kind of step back and go. Wow. So office of all women the same time as I what did you expect? Right. Right. Well, and that's the thing too is like I never think about it. But you just kind of put it in my mind right now as like why are they even why is that even thing that you'd step back for when you look a heads to future? What do you see the brunt evolving? What would you like to do? What's still left business bucket list? I guess, you know, I would really like to be that brand that women go to to buy things to support other women. So when I mean by that is it kind of reminds me of, you know, this is going to be I'm going to go back to the archives of sex in the city. You know, there was this one episode where Carrie Bradshaw is like, you know, loses a pair of shoes. And there's this whole debate about you know, there's only a couple of cage. Where women get gifts. And it's when you're having a baby and when you're getting married, but other than that, we as women don't really celebrate each other. Otherwise, you know, we don't we don't give each other a gift when were when we got a raise or we don't give each other a gift when we accomplish a marathon or an I really wanna be that brand that curates pieces that range from travel goods, footwear, home accessories, things that are giftable and things that make you feel good about yourself. So if you think about like, a great para shoes makes you feel confident a lovely watch. Makes you feel like a bad ass. Right. So what are these pieces that I can add to the brand that will will make it. So that people know the office of Angeles Scott for that brand you go to celebrate each other very much to Angeles for sharing the story of the office of Angeles gone. Thanks as well to Carlotta Rabelo for the interview in Los Angeles. Sure to check out our new bureau and shop as well. Should you be in LA the show was edited and mixed by Sarah mile? I'm Daniel beach. Thank you so much for listening and goodbye.

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