Joshua Calls Lennox Lewis A ClownSays They Are Cut From a Different Cloth


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You customers only visit dot com for details. The starlight lounge presents an evening with the progressive box. Ooh ooh that's you go tickling the ivories he just saved by bundling home and auto progressive gonna finally barring that gal of yours hugo cindy mccain dolan's this next one in my aw thank you progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates discounts not available in all states or situations just appreciate what what it takes to get there. Then says a lighter muniz a cut from a different culture. I i need to do career action good <music> morning t. v. and welcome bag ladies and gentlemen to another morning edition of the box and voice radio another glorious glorious day whenever the head honcho or one of them in the heavyweight division comes out and speaks up and you know what about time about time good for anthony joshua finally stepping up and tell them some of these dues shut the freak wreak up shut that front door man he finally came out lennox lewis know how he felt lennox has been having so much to say from wanting to train him telling him to get a tune up saying that the fight will happen in saudi arabia. I mean the list goes on and on and finally a._j. Comes out and gets at lenox calls them a straight clown clown. He went further on his story on. I g he posted. Let me just pull this up here. He says always say how it is. A clown is a clown and he can wipe his makeup off but at heart remains the same no squares in my circle cause g shit only okay okay. Okay talk about okay challenges. Make it in america eh but i'm really smelling. I really feel like what he's doing like. I said lennox's been a little bit vocal. Maybe two vocal you yeah no and he kicked back right joe. I'm creating legacy to you know in his true at this point he suffered laws lennox suffered. A loss of all he's got to do is get these belts elds bat and he's right on paul lennox in terms of being able to lose them and get him back now. I don't think lennox is on par with him. In terms of the events you know obviously a._j.'s done is sooner here. Twenty two fights being unified now undisputed. That's what lennox holds over him is. That undisputed news is but it was a little bit simple. I don't think <hes> lennox had to get the w. b. o. At the time i think he just had the w._p._a. W._b._z. i._b._f. I don't think the the w._b._o. Was around or i don't remember him. Having i mean i mean i could be wrong right like the history. Do all you lennox fans mad it a._j. Giving them the business verbally on the untold truth which is an on demand show is should air at six pm today in the u._k. Which is about four hours away from them and then hopefully we get some way of c._n._n. Maybe on youtube or something like that for us americans but <hes> this particular quote and others that will speak about came out on on <hes> a._j. The untold truth is an on demand show on sky sports. It'll be airing today at you know six o'clock man breaking news look at this so as i go to sky sports to get this article that we're going to discuss discuss. It seems ruis. Junior and lennox lewis both respond to anthony joshua's clown in comments so oche imrie stepping up. Let's see what he says ladies and gents. Let's see what he said. This is brand anew. I'm telling you i was up early this morning. I see it right there. So lennox luna lennox lewis frank bruno and andy andy ruiz junior has hit back at anthony joshua's fiery clown clean joshua said. I don't respect lennox lewis in the a._j. A._j. The untold truth available on demand from six pm on thursday so josh will said okay so lewis is the last undisputed heavyweight champion and although he suffered upset defeats like joshua to ruis junior he avenged both against is oliver mccall and hocine rochman so frank bruno from his verified instagram. Let me set this up here. I was expecting moco host. He must be ill so frank bruno from his verify lennox has a fantastic legacy and a._j. Is still still being written. The young blood can always learn from those who've already tried in the path. I hope they both resolve the differences and respect each other emoji or the u. K. flag and the boxing glove has had respect. I say were us and obviously the he quotes tweeted to a._j.'s. You know untold truth. That's all over. The internet right for calling lewis a clown. He's is getting headlines but this is what he should have done. I mean you got a response to these dudes so lewis questioned joshua's trainer robert mccracken improperly prompting being the recently defeated heavyweight to call him a clown so that was another thing. He say need to get rid of his trainer. He called his trainer. <hes> basically called the training elementary in that he needed a high school to college trading needed a professor in helping them <hes> but here's lewis lennox lewis hoover spicer disappointed in a._j.'s words but i understand that this jealousy narrative was only fabricated after criticized them for wilder negotiations nations all of a sudden. I'm a hater acts who benefits from such a simple minded narrative not a._j. Not me there you go and you know obviously. The author puts pictures of a._j. And lennox when they were all happy and ruis. Let's see ruiz posted here so joshua lost the i b f <hes> he has a chance to gain regain those bells december seven from the rematch in saudi arabia. If it actually kicks off release stirred the pot by replying to switch to a twitter post accident who would win in a dream match-up joshua and louis louis lennox all day rees posted frank bruno another former british heavyweight champion who lost to lewis had his say on the feud frank bruno so he say young blood can always our we already read that was his tweet but <hes> so i guess ruis didn't say much all he did was put a post about who would win in a fight between lennox and dan you know a._j. But everything else we know you know it's the same quotes from eddie hearn saying that the contracts assign and you know he's obligated defied and things like that essentially we're here to talk about a._j. Finally coming out and you know given then somehow to lennox lewis for essentially having so much to say throughout the years offering a train them <hes> <hes> recommending to get rid of robert mccracken. After this one loss <hes> remember he had a lot to say about the negotiations and he felt that he was being that age was being a little bit greedy with the wild negotiations. He wanted that fight to happen and he was not happy with the way things were handled felt that they could have done a better job at that so louis always vocal always giving his opinion but i like him for that and i even love a._j. For coming out and responded like yo tell them how you feel. Don't hold it in. Stop being this cookie cutter do that. You know no one believes you are be who you really are and say what you what you really want. Say what's on your mind and <hes> i promise you man people are gonna love. You forty even more if you're watching this on youtube. Don't forget to hit that thumbs up. Oh amanda helped with the visibility of the show. Lets us know that you appreciate what it is as we do around here. When we come around every single day seven days a week giving you multiple shows throughout the day and you could also partake taking them you wanna give me your opinion on lennox lewis and his comments towards a._j. Or a._j.'s rebuttal calling doing lennox a clown saying he doesn't respect them saying they not cut from the same call off. You know saying so what he created legacy. I'm creating minds. You know <hes> <hes> coming out saying some really good things that you know at least put a smile on my face. I don't know how they made you guys feel. You could add nestor gibbs on sky i to be part of the conversation you can download skype app on the android market or the apple iphone market and while you're there don't don't forget you can also download the patriot app to join us today for an episode of common creep in there is a lot of comments on <hes>. We're going to be doing that and that's every thursday and then join us on friday for the bedding show <hes> so you know the number call one four to five five six nine fifty to forty one one four two five five six nine fifty to forty one. We're gonna go out to our sponsors and get to these callers. It's the morning tom people. You're on your way to work. Happy that we can enjoy is boxing news together a lot more with this came from plenty to talk about. How deontay wilder date being pushed back. We'll give you all the details on the next show remember to write his five stars on itunes. These calls are brought to you by el camino electrical services experts in electric vehicle charging stations for consultations and turnkey installation visit us at el camino electrical services dot com. It is hard to continue developing new content and covering the sport as thorough as we do with uh-huh contributions from loyal listeners like you if you enjoyed listening to the boxing voice radio and find it informative and entertaining. Please consider making a donation slightest men. Have you ever taken those pills laxative pills. You know the ones you take your paw aw wave twenty minutes to go to and they go through you. Wanna go fruity smell. It's wedin everybody knew exactly was talking about. I'm going to go through this guy. Mr p. c. baby based much are with the man on take some was good good good morning and <hes> when it comes to the morning then and when it comes to anthony joshua. I don't know anymore man. He doesn't seem like a champ. He seems like a boy who got lost and somehow got it. Built eddie hearn runs the whole show. He's making <hes> press conferences when no fighters. I don't even know anymore. Man sad match from sad own. I don't even know why billion wife so simon and <hes> really not sign members you slide by five. Oh he's fine <hes> cameras so many fighter go five five eighty because i maine is like to remember. Nobody needs a promoter these days. That's what that is that is like a visor is not but <hes> about this fair though to be fair eddie still signs people to match them to promote a deals right he he got on a five by five but everybody else you've been hearing about his science a matching for deal like billy andrei jacobs who sick you know flip all all those. They've got contracts with matchroom. Yeah <hes> i'm just kinda sad <hes> <hes> they're trying to go low ball and andy and andy still agreeing to this fight and thereby makes. It seem like he doesn't want to fight us. He doesn't want to go to saudi arabia review which is like fifteen hours from where is he wants to go to american isolate alabama and got something new just leaves then nobody knows well today. We were actually talking about anthony. You know basically coming out and calling inex- lewis a clown for everything lennox has been saying over the years but most most recently you know lennox asks them. Maybe he should change his trainer. Maybe he should let you know lennox train him and now a._j.'s come out and said you know you clown. You know what i'm saying. He said we not come from the same club because remember lennox say he should take a tune-up so that's kind of what we just talking about now. Let's say show this come on. Get get to old navy right now. All jeans are on sale up to fifty percent off from fifteen bucks for adults ten bucks for kids triumph payer in store and save even more with five bucks off your purchase of fifty dollars or more during old navy's great denham triathlon hurry in now to find your perfect fit and save big with up to fifty percent off all jeans. It's now at old navy. 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Nobody many george form is just another dude that came out and said that isn't been no reports saying that he's accepted georgia's invitation to be trained by him. <hes> <hes> <hes> you can't talk about lennon fluids to lennox lewis really came to america and got w so i don't see how you can talk about and when he's the clowns quit could cut it. I get you man. We're going out to my mastermind. Joseph big supermax texas stand in don't let along with border wars for very good man you on line melanin speakerphone on on a._j.'s ryan to save club man <hes> lennox winner and and ended up on imagined and and it's like they say eight day. I've always been tom on my life to <hes> listen to elders because they've been they give you advice because they've been some in situations so to say column lennox copied before and and suffered knock advocating back with them <hes>. I can't remember remember off. The top of my head is he had to five between but even though he won the rematch. Maybe he felt like a tuna better you know. Maybe you know. It is more so you get that back. You know so. I don't know i mean you know you wanna be better. Listen to they face out. I would've picked. I brother would thanks. Thanks for calling in <hes>. Happy we going out to sue in kelly would do the morning. I just look good morning. I just like limits. Loses respect for brunton joshua and then <hes> lennox lewis said he wants to see the fight in mexico because that's what should happen. And why are you think he said that because that's where a lot of people i said. Why do you think lennox lewis said that because that's where a lot of people call them a hate it. They like yeah. Why are you sending running your countrymen to enemy territory. You should be pushing for it to be in the u._k. I think he he likes under reason. Nobody's talking talking about mexico. You know what i mean. He's the only one talking about mexico and i think he likes me as a fighter and he he's got he gives them because what he did to <hes> joshua like short are at short notice. Nobody's paying for them to win. You know what i mean. I think that's why you you know and i think and they wanted to go to arabia says if something was down in southern red like something was happening. He feels like trump or the u._s. Government's not gonna help them out. You know what i mean mexican fighter so he was saying that in a in a life you know what i mean so but and the reasons that <hes> running back in new york he's winning back in new york. Thanks to winning back to new york to meet the uh i mean. I don't know we'll see what happens soon. I hope it happens new year's eve or something like that. That's what i want. What did you think about talk about a._j. Clown though sandy not caught from <hes> yeah yeah. I think i just think <hes> it doesn't respect judge the pointer at his own countrymen like your like your buggy like make these fucking happen like what are you. What are you doing. You know what about <hes> rees right ruiz a._j. Post he came out and post the yo who wins the fight a._j. Versus lennox who you think wins that fight i think leonard lennox different cloud lengthy. No joke like you know what i mean. He's respect where we say. You know what i mean. He's supposed you respect. I feel that's how feels about any re- that's why he's anything mexico because nobody's saying that he and he knows there's no way they're going to give them the fight mexico but he's talking about it. You know what i mean and the <hes> eh one cut this cut. Thank you for calling in good. Call good call or like some of the stuff you put out there in now <hes> we're gonna keep these phone. Lines moving looks like we go on to new orleans. As who guy here looks like joshua would uh new orleans yeah what up next aloni morning morning <hes> my first <hes> i was thinking about <hes> town by that's just how weak they <hes> josh right they come from a different cloth 'cause <hes> he ain't nowhere close to being the type of five louis <hes> mentality tally wise josh. We're not there so he like. He like dumb. <hes> cousins are brothers when you try to give them a blueprint on what it takes. Take the piece assessable he wanted to shoot. They should no reason why in school and be and that would be legendary for him to come back on the <hes> aw come back in a rematch that man in his hometown home hera take them out and <hes> busse his legacy but just so weak minded onto he always take all that shit eight <hes> news moves is criticizing him for some the decision making and then off his service to train him that a booze josh up in front of the help jocelyn some phone. We'll fast because that training is <hes> elementary compliment involved and get better train them so all of that shit josh talking issue we. I don't find none none of it. He weak-minded he put in a i fight don't away josh and wendy's and that's why he have assistant to where he can juice up like he'd been door or have the advantage the way he feel confident in the fight. That's my co all right so we're going to a new u._k. Caller or could be coached can be so many people but i just don't know who so four four to seven. Who's this ooh say. You'll be this the number when you call from melanoma and non when oklahoma land from land ninety s but otherwise typing these are ness men this this is the jesuit that you've been calling out for for before it so leave alone like the <hes> <hes> the comparison who's the better fighter lennox so him right but if someone you know when someone that hating on your right do you run a buds guys you know when someone else is just like coming in and just making comments comments like oh yeah yeah that was good but you know he should be better. I know that you know when someone is hating on you and all those years joshua has been taking that approach that you guys likes to police is to corporate. Is doing this. What a media is doing that for. <hes> for the endorsement is taking the approach. Now you know what i forget all the problem. We've done dude seeing all those things. I'm going to keep it real now and tell him give it back to him so i like that josh ron like like i said in a group chat your body language expert when i last time i saw josh worry about showing us real when he had that little altercation with brazil in there <hes> and you see that real set of jobs where the real side that we want to see so you know i i i did like that. As far as lennox is concerned <hes> <hes> lennox. I think is making those comments and all these not to just relevant. I think leno is trying to establish himself. As you know. Few fighters have done that. She fights. I took chasing jerusalem and let me help you may help you and you know she on these coming. China is not the way to do it and we also have to keep in mind. I think leno because we few few fighters before and the name escapes me but i'm sure i remember him trying to help a u._k. Fighters lost and come back and it it wasn't successful either so he hasn't gonna credential as a trainer either right so i'm not saying as a fighter is a great fighter all these akon compare who's going to win. Who's not gonna win. Who was better but i know if i'm gonna problem someone. I'm going to address. It like choices doing it. I don't like you. I don't like what you say about me. Let me keep it real. Forget the endorsement. That's my piecemeal midi. Thanks for calling in and i agree with you. That's what i said in the beginning. This is what i like from. Josh issue like yoda's dues been talking shit for a while. You've been quiet for awhile. Come out. Let them know how you feel this. That's what we want. We want you to speak. Speak your mind. We're gonna love you for it so we definitely at least i definitely appreciated that. <hes> let me see we got brand in north of carolina talk to me more than it's been just got there from dominican republic of every. I don't five times this year but <hes> yeah man. I'm seeing these guys. Hey jesuits so bad but they call robert every morning and talk about anything bad about them but you hate him. I mean did it. Hey listen lennox. Lewis has shown own. He has them envy against joshua. If you look at look box record lewis record look at joshua's record look for jobs was accomplished and the amount of time that he's been in the in fighting so you cannot compare the two right now. He will keep saying oh joshua dot com historic stories. You'll be reading links. Louis story ended after really lose into crisco in the ring and he never even get a rematch so people people people forget about that stuff like that. They say oh he he has been together because it wasn't just a tune-up he had he's a i right. I thought he got to disney so i mean and then they say oh where he comes to america yeah. When louis louis came to america could he got knocked out by saying. I mean come on man. It is so much stuff man said you can't. You can't compare the two right now. Because joshua stories still being written it does make career keep going and then we'll see how in this conversation we have five years from now right now still premature. Oh man all right well. Thanks for calling in <hes>. We're going to mike in michigan. Talk to me good morning and then. I just wanted to take <hes> say about the mexico yeah i mean. I feel like he's to get way more than nine million. Even though the contract situation to do is his a superstar no eh just feel like he's getting more million sort of go to saudi arabia but on the mexico thing i mean i don't see josh. We're going to mexico at all the <hes> <hes> now. That'd be a big fight. I'm sure they can tho a big money. I mean probably not much in saudi arabia or they should be able to but <hes> hey a lot more to say <hes>. I think <hes> let's get big money to go to mexico. That's my mic in michigan. Thanks for calling in <hes> <hes> we're going out to e._j. Boxing live in the u._k. Would it do my friend longtime e._j. Skype a._j. Gotta commute chant mutual all right. Give me that good auto data and and talk to me you k- you got you okay and in going wants to weiss right well. You know the number to call in one four to five five six nine fifty to forty one press one voice opinion e._j. Talk to me you their brother. We can't hear you at all e._j. Annan who's that and we're not hearing you guys might wanna want to try again <hes> well. That's it we got. We went to everybody on blog talk. If you're listening on blog you wanna press one you go <hes> we can get to those who have impressed one. Obviously we will not be getting to you. <hes> looks like we've got a couple of more callers. Hear me just this get. That name looks like germain baton. Rouge would up good morning. I just want to tell you know. Louis is alleging do not and honest talk because he worked with p._v._c. and in all is he keeping real ezekiel seeing on the stand up don't missile navy saturday steel. It's a big one. All jeans are a huge fifty percent off. That's right all jeans plus. Get gravity's the family for just five bucks saturday. Only at old navy and old navy dot com validate seventeen gene excludes in store store clearance select tease brief but <hes>. I think it's a smokescreen you know a._j. Coming out you're not talking about the demands of the fighting eighty nine talking about none of the real stuff. We wanna talk about ninety. Wanna put on here live on a beach that melendez louisville for yield. No let's talk about the medic. Radio was really going on on the saudi arabia in no drug testing on darnold judge <hes> thing going on they are there and you know talk about. Their fight is coming up. I'll tell my old beef with lettuce. Louis prepared anytime you want to do it. He barely they talk to the media so we don't gotta focus on a tweet him or let it through is a smokescreen less my call man man. I like your way of thinking. I ain't think like that but this is why it's good to have a call in show man and get everybody's opinion. 'cause i swear. I wasn't something about that but you're right. It is some deflection you know he did sit down you would figure they would've asked them about everything and the release has been saying and instead. They asked him about lennox lewis. You're absolutely right very very attentive of you. Damn you're right and they should have at least acts. Hey what do you think it just came out on social media saying that you know he ain't goin' but this is what i told you. They don't want to add any hysteria defenseman. They want the fans to believe that this is going through with no hiccup. We got chicago in the building first time caller seven seven three five six seven. Who's is this up. Nationalism is new money no money. What do hey man. I've been listening to your show. Man man and i agree with carl what he said but i want to say that <hes> i think lennox lewis is not being so much of that he just to me josh. Josh was been a privilege fight. You know he's been you know carried in babysitting here by the hand to get those straps so easy and then you compare resumes resumes. You can't appear to resume and then there's louis to a._j. Lewis his fault some real fighters. There's louis fault. You know what i'm saying van then a holyfield tyson i mean <hes> he's a lotta chillers man. I seen rocking. You've ever stay with a shocker that he lost it right. The first time you know what i'm saying but he's still got back up again and got his built back. He was spawned focus. He was doing the acting back in <hes> michael grant. You know a lotta guys that he thought i don't see a._j. Even clearer. I don't see he's lasts guys. I think they should have <hes> listening to this lewis and just took some knowledge from them and tried in hands but he's trying to do to become a better fighting. Remember then trained by manual lewis which is a way better training than the training he got now. You feel what i'm saying. <hes> we listening so i think that jonah's witching enemies he's going to win this fight again and he you going to do beat you up empty. Josh allen be juicy help. Cut it to money honey. Thanks for calling in. We're going out to bouma ranga joseph big supermax quality employees what is nice one <hes> brought up some that just remembered <hes> when you talk about drug testing according to pull him on because he worked amir khan fight and saudi arabia. There's no commission there so they brought over the beating the bridgewater boxing run bad so that that could be a big sticking point for what andy released talking about i just i just remembered that brought it up and if that's the case that's the case i think i thank you andy a lot bigger better having that by arabia because that was all right well. Thanks for calling in <hes> <hes>. We're going to go out to looks like let me see here lamar mar in washington talk to me a good money more out what that was what i was thinking about. The whole situation is i kind of think that that joshua trying to <hes> like kinda change his image like i think he's he's trying to hype himself himself out. I mean himself up trying to kind of become a villain because some of the stuff he's been saying lately. He's sort of trying to shake that little <hes> <hes> goody goody thing i think he needs to get himself up <hes> for the fight because he was talking about he didn't wanna fight release. You know like he didn't have any any bad energy or anything like that so i think he's trying to make himself somewhat of villain to <hes> so he's just coming out you know saying what do you say about lennox lewis knowing that's gonna rub some people and i think he kind of wants that eight to come in so that he has something to really prove when you get into the fight all i really add thanks for calling in. We're going out to mr boxing today. Talk to me. Hello mr box in the day now that i get that wrong minnesota. Oh yeah what's going on then you forgot your name. Hey you want to change that. I didn't put that as mr boxing debate six one two five zero one. Oh you know what no no no no no very very similar number your nine okay. This is actually joseph my bad my bad yeah yeah yeah. No they'll give you a few with with with with this box today. Which is a great boxing channel. Good heavyweight contract comes on that <hes> <hes> but <hes> yeah man this is all the smoking mirrors maze all deflection. You know like <hes> <hes>. The caller said you know <hes> you know. Mike tyson has been real real critical of <hes> deontay wilder but you don't see the onset wiler coming out here every tally and it gets a legend you know in the sport regardless you know his hey man and i think while the connor came out when he said you know that he would beat upon mike tyson you know he says the dad ed generation fighters you know won't last this generates is how do but that's not really. That's just having confidence in yourself. That's not talking read read the about the man you know what i'm saying as a fire. You supposed to have that kind of confidence in yourself any supposed to big up your era but he wasn't. He didn't say nothing disrespectful. Expect towards mike tyson so i can understand that from fighters perspective. You feel like you better. You feel like you're eras better. You know you have the right say. Ah you know just like lennox. Lewis has the right to say what he's saying about anthony joshua especially when he do who who basically a rebadged in one is a rematch. He fought the best competition. You know what i'm saying. He duck and dodge like the way anthony joshua was doing and at the same time what if you really didn't have no young man he wouldn't be trying to offer his services tone. You know what i'm saying. That's the problem with the generation of fighters. They can't take trey criticism. You know what i'm saying. They don't understand the difference between constructive criticism and actually you know somebody ate more and then you know what i'm saying so you know like i said all smoking there as you know. <hes> anthony joshua should be focusing on his back. You know what i'm saying is all the election tactic you know <hes> it's all mind control because if if <hes> if lennox actually got down with joshua and try to help them out you know that's something daddy herb with white say 'cause that's a real google actually tell them some real shit. That's my call well. Thank you for calling in joseph. <hes> we're going out to new caller in an eight three two eight three to six ninety ninety. Who's this was <hes> tell you what's up nasty j. Specifically <hes> leap post. I think social all go back to madison square garden. You know they get a call with demons came out and trying to redeem itself and i think that's what makes them look like a true champion. If they go back masquil gardening pull it out. That's my call policy right. I will thanks for calling in going out the brandon in cincinnati ohio mental jogging his truck sound mark good good okay so <hes> i just want everybody know how these people saying that he needs to respect the o._g. Respect builders. I'm calling bull shit on that not too long ago. Ten bradley came out criticize that they're all spirits and all these same people saying they respect the other problem temporarily company man tell nigga house negro anyone respect to not did i'll say the pound great i'm name out in bradley bradley and andre ward on not age or on the stature of lennox annex lewis and the stop playing games with each other word of of helping the data retirement pound profound number one on the phone lennox louis or you drunk drunk you you drunk. Lennox lennox lewis went from one country to another. He fought in multiple countries where war for that or any other out. No maybe one time when mckell kessler maybe maybe i'm not even sure sure maybe so so so i'm so they they wanna come responsive critiques of all time great country ward and the fans get behind him getting you still trying trying to compare a dude dislike thirty something years old to a dude that had to cut his dreads off because he so stop it you you can't put ward and lennox lewis in the same box and actually the same level of respect is still a dude. They could turn around and be active and be like oh you talking shit about. Let's fight. That's the type of do he is. He can still back in the game you trying to ask for the same level of respect for legend. The did it almost twenty years ago. Men knocked off bro. You bugging me you better than that. Don't listen we. The ward not even inducted yet. You gotta give them five years of inactivity saw so we can see so we could see if they go make him a first ballot hall the famous stop it man. Stop you reelction just and just because you know he's good and you know he will be not yet. Eh he got to do the five years of activity he gotta get inducted and we gotta be first ballad matt luca chuck driving. They keep the same when you you've got to keep the energy come in here on my y'all respect the legends lennox ward and bradley iota all right entity belonging to save sexes bra riding a seven hour without their help help help out brandon man. He drowned right now. Yeah good morning now. I'm kind of i definitely went bradley and then and ward gordon the same war. Probably a couple of nights below were definitely not branding things and then louis nine explores the top heavyweight of all time but <hes> but i will say this i don't like i know you guys like energy a._j. Came where i don't really like it because it's like you disrespected the legend. Although oh lennox has been critical he has some things that maybe he shouldn't say you still have that respect for a lesbian because you're trying to get to his level you trying to get only where you're trying to make you get there in age as the ride news story but you had a hiccup in a row don't have the hiccups and then now you coming out and you swing in and doing everything you can to try to stay relevant or or stay in the same as you. This person is being. They want to get out the thing fight everybody because you're saying you cut from a different cloud. No you're not cut from the same cloth as lennox lewis. He was from a different car. You're trying to get there so i feel like he said show that respect and if you say you don't like what he said that's cool but the column clown. That's a little much for me. I didn't like it. That's my well. I'll get why americans being sensitive all of a sudden like on a real. You know we wanted this. We ask for this. You know we were the ones you know accent all fighters to to to have this energy earl crawford all the quiet ones and now he's doing it like this and he's doing it owner. Ha you know like his voice is being heard because he coming for lennox so like man. I think i need to fall back. Let them and dan do what he do and <hes> yeah man embrace it embrace it. He's on his bat asthma right now. Man let them be. Let him be <hes>. Let me see we got a couple more calls here. Go down in line. What do we got <hes> you how the a._d. Res a._j. Promo with the with the arab money music bust the rams. I'm playing on overlay man. If you wanna check it out man hilarious areas is always better with the sound so find it on instagram. <hes> let me see here. Let me see if i could to get through. If i ever started this skype machine. Let me see if <hes> fi- hanyu him going once available that kayode you there because hayme is muted for sure. Bakeo usually has all type of background noise. We hit absolutely nothing from you. Okay oh <unk> himself. I mean can i get a proper skype. Check over in the meantime meantime. <hes> let me see. I got two colours. I gotta check out here. What are we got <hes> <unk>. Oh this looks new in the bay area nine to five in the bay. Who's this f._d._a. D. h. would up. Is you saw it. Oh man let me and my call real quick. I just wanna say i saw aw lennox lewis would be a._j.'s ass. Okay prime lennox lewis with the dreadlocks and the nappy chest hair. We'll put hands on him. I put some respect on that and as always talking about g._c._m._d.'s de sit there no squares my circle blah blah blah that nigga came to new new york and put on a yankees hat. Some tim's got his ass beat. Why india res okay only here not about that. He's swimming so just respect and erase but just imagine meanwhile. I got that right here on a._j.'s face the really be a rat you semi always i'm just i'm just tired of all this twitter fingers and you bring your ass back to usa u._s._a. Fuck saudi arabia. No disrespect to the saudi arabians you but nick is not going out to saudi arabia to see a fighting for me. I'm in california. You know what i'm saying. I got new york but i ain't finished. I got the saudi arabia and desert. I don't know what they talk about. How does he in las vegas. How does in l._a. How does it in new york and let's get it cracking me. Fuck all this twitter finger. Tell it to the side you filming. Let's get this money right. Bring your ass back to the u._s._a. Unless he was having all this talk you let me get this shit cracking you filming if you really about to come back to u._s._a. And let's see what andy reid is talking talking about family and let's let's get real fights going all that bullshit garbage. That's my call. Keep your short. Let's get to the next caller d. h. Thanks for calling in <hes> in california too early in the morning. Rocking out would go into more california. We got early in the morning with us. Brian california talk to me. I would've probably morning up in the morning. Hey i'm gonna just <hes> piggyback off of that last caller <hes> you know a._j. Jay should have brought it back to the u._s._a. Homing that's neutral in new york. You know what i'm saying 'cause andy ruiz you know he ain't find out l._a. They didn't finding out like you know what i'm saying. He should have bought that shit back to new york. You know if he a bad ass if he got heart you know what i'm saying. He would've brought that shift back the u._s._a. Bringing back to new york you know what i'm saying if he g you know that bad <hes> shit a jig. Bring us back to the u._s. That's mccall right. Thanks for calling in and <hes> california waking up early with us loving it loving. I don't know <hes> guys. It looks like something's wrong with the skype machine. I'm gonna have to check some things out. You can try again. I restarted it. Hopefully fully <hes> that address the issue we're going out to stunner in new jersey. What a stana not by mistake. I hold on yeah. I i all right so so i wanna coupled this with lennox lewis. Anthony gospel stuff on a couple of ended lots of mike tyson and also include sean puerto spend stuff right now. Look for me. I like knockout. Dogs like due to talk to you know come back right so for do we have a i'm gonna mind. I'm nigerian but not even empty doctor like that like now. There's been talking though picking though pucks now oh no respect allergic fuck respect. Maybe we the guy you're talking to keep saying you know what i'm saying. When mike tyson was about wilder are those the newly touch on that law while they were snapping back on. He was saying disrespectful stuff too. It's like if you gotta this. Was this this whole oh certain because he's only if you you know what i'm saying and the same thing with this song puerto spence talking because y'all been not good but online y'all been born on is quarter quarter for like the last year talking while reckless now we impressed hop into my bad quarterback the energy selling in my main quarter. He's out here talking about like oh. This is messed up. He's expensive blow very good <hes> comparison especially with with with with sean. You know you're right about that. We have been okay. Let me see here all right. I see you. I see you some go out to the u._k. Especially since an and think that we are restricting in u._k. Callers words yoyo previous. He's day k. O plus going down those books in becoming uncomfortable uncomfortable. She was with rematch anyway. Let's talk about looseness yeah <hes> yeah. I don't blame. Maintains doesn't have any respectful the guy i mean let's face. It needs to be wildest kind then he comes out once say some people still have it just shows as you you kind of read. You can never people but she don't say nothing google. I'm playing to say something. People complain just have to be yourself. I the end of the day minute's news and g when sizing a._j. Right back through managing ran while the down under a million once all he said was if i was in outtake that's all he said never criticizing and yet he kept going on with a._j. I mean i how would never advice to be trained by him. I mean kelly works for the other side right. He works for him and i mean who knows they might get team to try and trading so you can use you know i would never put that pasta talk so a._j. Should things and again the end of the day you have to create a legacy unless they eighty has done things that didn't do know who was lennox finally when he was twenty second and five was five wasn't taxing. The level of competition is so a._j. Mr create late and we need to know about what can you you say you. Can you teach people but you'll necessarily my arm. What's going on why they love to me. I don't know man. I wish i knew we're trying to get more information. Cut it by what we got here. Who do we got this guy. Who is ritchie. Talk to me yeah yo. Oh yeah oh man i gotta say i j i gotta respect him for it for saints back to lennox lewis but really mad banderas bandages. Gotta watch his tone bro because lemmings lemmings lewis career. His legacy is set already done by letting you know a._j. Going here and get knocked out double recovery the second time you know he's crazy took him out. He's cut from a different cloth man. You know what i'm saying. They gotta watch talk about that especially because leonard not see nothing wrong. Manda bambi google like a robot is clear that he needs some guidance or some kind of ship though but whatever man that's my call you're araya ritchie man. Thanks for calling in that. Is everybody wanna thank everybody the tuned into the show. Thank everybody that is listening on youtube. In the future president pass. It doesn't matter outta you can still hit that thumbs up and put this show in the eyes of new boxing fans to turn them into new callers <hes> that will become new characters on the show. I want to thank everybody that <hes> submitted a super chat. I'm going to go down the list of anybody that has given a super chat now. We got kelly thompson. He says yea. They're not cut from the same cloth a._j. Is supposed to improvise be this generation's generation's. Joe louis remember laughing aloud emoji <hes> the white boy. I got five on it t._v. With the schmo thank you chant joseph browne would do to do joseph called in and super chatter a._j. Is right he told the truth a._j. A cut from that charming soft cloth four five. Maybe five lavenham loud emojis and in computer architecture a._j. Should have said this before. He got not the fuck out. Ya'll shman schmancy why yes so why matter a._j. Damn if you david do them if you don't like we asked them to speak got to come out and y'all come on man. Don't make them get shy again. I liked this a._j. Man let him talk about. Everybody like i remember the landlord. I'm coming to collect the rent man. I want more energy man. That's what i'm talking about. That energy is what i like. Are we going to go out to what looks like hawaii hawaii eight seven seven to this oldest is brian. I'm online you are what's up brian in hawaii talk to a saw nance's finances on it to tell you appreciate your show in a fan for the past couple of weeks. I enjoy our own content but <hes> i feel like lennox house. Never found a lennox lewis but he fought in the era. Mike tyson and george foreman <hes> holy field some of the greatest heavyweights wherever scene and for anthony joshua to act like he's a cut above lennox lewis me is kind of laughable. I'd like to hear your comments don. Thanks thank you helping us. Have the show reach new heights love when we get calls from from all over the world so i mean yeah man basically i gave my. I don't mind it bro. I really don't mind it because this is what i want for my heavyweight way. I want my heavyweight to be a bad as like i want him in. Wow did a talk like this. I want him to talk to ruis. I want him to call ruis names. Now like it's over man. It's over like no more. No more mister nice guy no more cookie cutter. That's what got us in that problem. You know amine having too much so let's get back to basics you know let's get back to the to the to the grind bro. I'm telling you when you watch his youtube. Channel is just just like it's so sophisticated like the training is like to this next level in something is obviously missing must be from a mental because i'm tony they measuring the man's cavs has by said they'd fucking taking the how much sweat dripping so it's like they check all the boxes and training man and so i it's got to be something else but we got to all the callers. I'm going to go ahead and give it a couple more seconds in case anybody wanna calls in you know the number. Nicole is one four to five five six nine fifty to forty one right now. It seems like we're having an issue with the skype. I don't know if it's the skype actual app needs needs needs to be updated. Check for day but <hes> i don't know okay. Oh yeah there is an update there you go. We shall see so yeah other than that. If you guys are going to call in you can do so all right and we gotta <hes> aaron calling in what's up brother good morning good morning out here on the west coast cali yeah. I imagine also need the comments. I don't understand where they come from. I i agree. I do like it kind of finding that the division but you know if you compare him to lennox lewis he's greater at this point. I mean this crazy. Lennox is the hall of famer you know he he earned his clout and and <hes> legs is honestly just trying to help them and for him to kind of turn his back <hes>. I really want to see how the u._k. Fan take that because then it gets paid dues and <hes> as far as joshua's concerned. He still has a lot more to prove before his career is over and <hes>. Do you lose his louise fight arapoff. I mean his career on everyday the same so still surprise. He's taken this fight but i mean it's chips on the pot so then the day we'll see what happens and <hes> you know. That's my man laughing. I want to say where's white b sample still waiting a month later. We're isn't it. He alright alright piece. Honestly man what's up with child bre. Why are you guys acting like this right now like i. I don't understand understand it like. Let's put the shoe on the other foot. Let's say that this was lennox lewis getting wilder. Would you guys won't wilder to be i dunno. Oh no mr perfect. I think that yo you gotta call a spate of spe. He's coming. He's coming at that him. He's coming at a._j. So i think a._j.'s within his right. You know to to say whatever he he wants under the sun so you'll legend so you get to say whatever you want. You get to criticize me. You don't know how i'm feeling. Mentally you know if you i really want to train me. Why don't you reach out to me. Why are you doing it in public. You know so. I think you guys need to think about them and i think you guys are being a little unfair. I'm pretty sure aw i know i know this was this was lennox lewis coming at wilder or vice versa or while the call llanelli lennox lewis dan right here where he should've never said while the was wild now look while the in lose his countrymen law so and i think a lot of you guys would be saying the same fucking thing you know now all of a sudden. Everybody want to take a knock on like i've been asking this heat a boss right now like he he does so he mad he's right. He's mad. The fuck is lennox telling me you know to do this and do that like doing do what i did. You did in the whole nother way but you ain't they do it. The way i did not in the amount of fights did not in front of the amount of people that i did so again if it was wilder kolon lennox a clown i'll be lives. Let's go. That's my chip. He'll give for who you are. He'll give fuck if you a legend. He'll give your first battle. All of that's what i would be saying so hopefully my little speech gave out of balls the back in the same way because if my much it got an issue with somebody and i think that that issue is valid i'm ryan with it and and again mike tyson super-critical of wilder so when anytime while to say son i understand atlases super-critical wilder so if while the calls them anything under the sun i'm going to understand. I'm gonna understand like i'll understand why don't understand like this year man. You're supposed to rock out with him especially and a and i don't see this as a big thing. Oh my god you're talking about. Come on bras. I i don't know man oh let me hopefully. I don't think skype is working today. No they keep dropping off like flies on skype right guy so that is the last caller. I'll give you the number to call in one more time at one four two five classics nine fifty to forty one <hes> we got people jumping in on skied but is just not where i just updated the new skype so so it says everything is good. I got that double check ins on. No why can't hit me. Let's see <hes> mo- you there. I'll see you there. Are you talking because i cannot hear you. If you're talking nope all right well on that note that was last caller other. I am your host nest to guess formula instagram and on twitter at ah g._t._o. <hes> make sure you subscribe to the youtube channel so you can get that notification. Every time we go live. We went live about fulltime just that you don't want to miss any of the good stuff we got going on today. Pigs get old baby right now. 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