#EERS S8 Ep87: Abrams Investigation Heats Up


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Progressive can't save you from becoming your parents, but we can save you money when you bundle home and auto. Progressive casualty insurance company affiliates and other insurance. Discounts not available in all states or situations. One. All engine on the dog. Hello, and welcome it. Is your direction here on Atlanta's evening news on WSB. We've mixed two hours. We've just got a cavalcade of stories. You're not gonna want to miss any of it because there's a lot to catch up on with the Memorial Day weekend. The president's tweets and more, including the emergency spending Becker, Russians emergency spending. Baggage. The disaster relief package very interesting to see, so many of my friends here in Georgia attacking one of my very best friends, who happens to be a congressman from Texas ship ROY who filed the original objection last week last Friday. I played the audio for you of what he said, on the floor of the house representatives. And today Thomas Massie redid the objection, other Republicans coming to the floor as well. And now the chips done it wanna walk you through that also big day in the supreme court. Clarence Thomas, just unloading on eugenics and abortion. The phone number here, four zero four eight seven two. Zero seven five zero one eight hundred WSB talk. We'll get to the ethics investigation into Stacey Abrams. Gonna be a big deal the way they're acting. You can kinda tell they know they're sponsoring for something that's going to get him in trouble. But first, let's go back to the issue with chip ROY and congress Qazi L in South Georgia. I've got a number Frigel of in South Georgia, and they're livid over chip objecting to the disaster relief package on Friday. Now in point of fact, the, the measure sailed through the Senate sight unseen, few people had a chance to look at it. And then the house a came over to the house. They had made some changes before the Senate passed it out that no one was even aware of and so chip slow to down by objecting to passage by unanimous consent. And I understand my friends in South Georgia who have been waiting for this money. It looked like it was a done deal. And suddenly, not only is it not a done deal, but they're going to have to wait another week too. The money from congress. I totally understand that. And to some degree though. It's very interesting to me to see friends who are deeply principled on the issue of limited government. And yet, when it comes to their money of they've decided that, you know, that they're in the right and in it doesn't conflict with their principals because they need the money. This legitimate use of government and I've got friends who aren't in South Georgia, not in disaster relief area, and they say, wait a minute, wait a minute. We're willing to support the money. And in fact, most of the Republicans say, for a few who are objecting, are people who ultimately probably support the passage of the legislation because they do recognize that South Georgia, Florida, Alabama and other areas, do need the disaster relief, including Puerto Rico. Now. What all of this is about? Maybe I should back up an in just review very basically for you. South Georgia has a lot of devastation still. Guarding the hurricane that sail through last August. What was a Michael, I think, right before the election. And I guess it was Tober last year. And if you go down to South Georgia right now, you will see a lot of crops that are failing to recover you'll see peach orchards and pecan groves that are in ruin you will see a lot of houses. A lot of Barnes, a lot of grain silos that have blue tarps on them still that have not been repaired. Now most of us in the Atlanta area in out of Georgia, including my friendship, and Thomas Massie in Kentucky and others. They haven't been down there. They have it seen the damage. They don't understand. And that's part of the frustration from people in South Georgia is they feel forgotten that they are pawns in a political fight, and all they want is the recovery money that their tax dollars went pay for by the way. And they want that money if. A chief signature lesson in this, it is that states should not be beholden to the federal government for bailout states should themselves Bank, aside, some money for disaster relief ineffectual has banked aside, some just not as much as what is needed. The I mean, the hurricane was really more devastating down there than I think a lot of people realize if you haven't been down there. And so these farmers are very, very upset with my friendship and I gotta tell you, when I say my friendship, I'm not, you know, a lot of people in politics will say, oh, why went to dinner with this guy, one time, so we're gonna refer to him as my friend. When I go to Texas. I stay with with chip in his family. We hang out together all the time. We text message on a daily basis. His kid puts my wife on the prayer list at their church every month. We are. We're actually good friends and I will defend him a million percent on this. He is a good principle guy. And if this happened in Texas or Georgia he would object to it. And the reason he. Object to it is because he has a strident, long vehement antagonism towards the growth of the federal government and out of control spinning in Washington. Yes. I will say it again, if this had happened in Texas chip would have done the same thing. I, I know him well enough to know he would do it, and he would know that it would probably cost him votes in his own district and he would do it because he believes the right thing to do it is the right thing to slow down the gravy, train from Washington. And yes, in fact, part of this disaster Bill is gravy train. It's not all for disaster relief, and that is what the abridged media narrative fails to tell people there's way more in this package than just disaster relief is billed as disaster-relief it supported as disaster-relief, but there's a digital spending in it. And his point is two things one, we now have what the New York Times calls a crisis on the southern border and the Democrats forced the Republicans to strip all the money out. Out of, of the disaster relief to deal with that, that disaster. And do we have a twenty two trillion dollar national debt? And no one is concerned with where eighty the money is coming from or not coming from to pay for this package. He doesn't oppose pain, farmers nineteen billion dollars to make them whole based on a national disaster. He doesn't oppose them what he does oppose is settling, our future generations with a lot of debt and our congresses continued to this consider that congress wants to pass nineteen billion dollars for farmers in South Georgia, and Florida, north Florida for the disaster-relief hurricane, and then they also want to pass sixteen billion dollars for farmers for the president's tariffs. The, the fallout for the president's tariffs. At some point, we gotta figure out. Why are we spending all this money? And also, by the way, again, this is worth noting. And it's completely lost in the media narrative that a lot of the money that's in this nineteen billion dollar disaster relief package is not actually for disaster. And if we're going to spend money and say, it's for disaster, the money we spend should be for the disaster. And I think he's right on that at least in this regard, congress shouldn't be passing this by unanimous. Objection by unanimous consent after every member has left the building. They should at least force the members to be there and put on record their vote for this package. And I think that's right. And I realize it gives my friends in South Georgia lot, heartburn, and they're really angering. They have every right to be angry because they've been held hostage to a political fight in Washington, and I understand that and I don't want to minimize their anger, but I also think we need to actually force congress to have these conversations in. This is the first opportunity we've had to force this fight in congress because they haven't dealt with any spinning issues this year. This is the first big one listening, this, this is a debate to be had, I guess, but the issue is that that chip and Thomas Massie today from Kentucky. They're forcing the debate to be had as opposed to put it off. Another fight for another putting off this fight for another day when anoth-. Crisis comes in. And I think to infernos to chip and Thomas Massie, and the other members of the Republican party who by they've been fighting this issue against their own party. It's not just that they're suddenly winning ship, of course, was very only just got elected. But Thomas Massey's been fighting this fight, even with the Republicans were the majority that every time a spending package comes along. There's always a crisis that demands the money immediately. And no whatever wants to have the conversation about how do we pay for it? It's always we have to have this money immediately someone needs an immediately, someone's hurt somewhere. We gotta find the money. Well, this is the very first package this year. That's come along where it was set up so that anyone could object and force a conversation on spending, and that's what they're doing. And I agree with them on that. And the farmers in South Georgia are going to get the money it is going to pass but is going to now pass by having a conversation about where the money's coming from. And how they're actually spinning it now on another big issue in Washington DC today. The supreme court has put in place allowed to go into place and Indiana law that will require that the remains of fetuses. The remains of children remains of homo sapiens. The human species must be buried or cremated after an abortion. Planned Parenthood argued that this case was an affront to a woman's right to an abortion. Here's what's getting lost in the media conversation and eat. I say this all the time now but I feel like I I'm broken record all the all the things the media's failing not to report because they're so interested narratives and not facts. This is what everyone is Michigan missing in the supreme court ruling today by lay was seven to two. Why was it seven to two? Why did he lane Kagan and Steven briar joined the majority in this case, why, maybe because it wasn't about abortion per se? Here's the fact, the case was argued not abortion grounds. It was a case, where no one argued in court that it placed an undue a undue burden on women to have an abortion. In fact, it does no such thing, if it places a burden on anyone at places in a bore a burden on abortion providers, not on women because it doesn't impede a woman's right to have an abortion, would it does, is it says that the remains are human remains were, regardless of which stage of, of biology e they are human remains, and they must be disposed of as human remains and abortion providers, did not like that. They essentially treated them as as hospital waste, and there was no care, given as to how they were disposed. And this law says you got to treat them as human remains so burial or cremation and the supreme court seventy two. Indicate Steven briar setting with majority said this isn't about an abortion, essentially what's going on here status quo, and that briar and Kagan are in the majority on this is probably the best indication yet that the supreme court is going to decide Georgia's law. Alabama's laws are unconstitutional. How's that will stick around and I'll explain? The phone number here, four zero four eight seven two zero seven five zero one eight hundred WSB talk. I, I gotta tell you guys I am a big fan of the north Georgia mountains, and I think that the north Georgia mountains do not get as much attention as a people. Georgia wanna go up to the highlands in. I got a ton of friends at church who all have homes up in the highlands. I don't make enough money to afford a home in the highlands. One day, I want to make enough money to get a house on lake Burton, though, but blue rich and Blair's Phil and that area. It is beautiful, and we took the kids up there, and I gotta tell you this is actually relevant news item. There is a story out in the JC the other day in Doug Turnbull talked about this now. The express lanes are saving people a ton of time getting home in the evening. Some of you listening right now are on the express lane. Others of you are looking at the people on the express lane enviously, because you have your ticker, your sticker to get on the express line. And every time I talk about this. A couple of malcontent. Souls Email me angrily that their tax dollars paid for this road. They should be allowed to drive the row nationally, that's not actually true. The way the bonds were finance to be able to pay for these the toll revenue is going to go to pay for them. It's not your run of the mill tax revenue is. So I have people who call them, Lexus lanes, and the Email me angrily whenever I talk about the toilet. I'm a big fan of two lanes. I wish we had more tolling to the state. I think the golden, I'll Parkway from Macon down the Saint Simon's that, that cuts through the swamps, that should be a toll lane, and there should be no speed limit. Or we should be able to go unlimited speed on that road and get to Saint Simon's in an hour. But that's not the way things are right now nonetheless, the DOT did a very good job on these and the north expressly. This is my first time to ride on them going up to Blue Ridge, by the way, as an aside, the number people who texted me throughout the week to make sure I was alive because the speaker is Blue Ridge. I thought it was very funny. But the I it just it was it was a great experience. The DOT should be commended for these lanes, the speed up traffic what was so terrible, though, is that while I was doing the show on Friday. I actually drink commercial break had step out and call the doctor because I thought I must have a detached retina in. I I'm not one to do that. But I couldn't see out of the periphery of my eye. I could hold my arm out to this. I cannot see my arm, as like, oh, my wife had this happened, lots of floaters can't see on the side of my I this is a problem. And by the time it was overall I'm having a migraine, and I spent the evening throwing up and then had to settle. My stomach is best. I couldn't take medicine the migraine to the drive my kids to Blue Ridge where my wife already was on her motorcycle and halt, the kids and the dog up there. But once we got there was a great weekend, although I'm sunburn now because we floated down the Tacoma. Washed all the sunscreen. Welcome back in here. I lift you dangling with teas that. I never got to largely because the clock land up in a minute and a half, and I didn't want to break this in on, on why I think this spring court today is signaling. They're going to declare Georgia's fetal heartbeat law and constitutional. And I think by the way, there's a prevailing consensus among people that, that probably is the case, not necessarily those who science sport, the law lot of those brother, all really think they dotted all the is, and crossed all the TS to make the law constitutional. But that's in a world where when you read the Roe versus Wade, and then the, the Casey decision you work your way backwards based on what they said, and you build a law around the concerns of the court that can restrict abortion, and that plays on that, but we're not dealing with a court that has anything other than a partisan instrument, and you have a lot of justices on the supreme court who are upset at the idea of, of rocking. The. Status quo right now. The status quo is for abortion rights in this country and you saw that with Steven briar in the lane cake in today. They sided with the majority of the with all the conservatives, it was the seven two decision allowing part of an Indiana law to stand, and that part of the law that they allowed to stand was a part of the law that said abortion providers must dispose of the remains of an aborted child with respect via burial or cremation. That law that case was not argued at abortion rights. No one argued that, that would impede a woman's right to have an abortion, because it wouldn't doesn't deal with an abortion deals with the after effects of abortion. And so a Kagan and briar sided. No, of course Ruth Bader Ginsburg and in Saugus. My are true believers and they said, oh, this has to do with abortion. It's an unfettered custody. Right. What's so interesting here? Is that abortion is not in the constitution by any way, shape or form? And yet Ginsburg and sort of my or basically said, you can't restrict it in any way, shape or form because its cost us to right? And yet, they don't take that positional guns. So all of this is to say Kagan and briar are in the John Roberts camp of not wanting to disrupt the status quo, and the status quo legally is that there can be some restrictions around the parameters of abortion without actually encroaching on abortion itself. So you probably are going to see. More health standards for abortion clinics. The spring court is gone back and forth on that in the last year. But the, the trend lines are for standards for abortion clinics because the performance medical procedure, they have to have the same standard that other outpatient facilities have to have, and you're seeing something like this, where the remains have to be disposed of as, if they're disposing of human being because they are the court will let you have that. But I don't think we're gonna see the court uphold Alabama or Georgia's laws or Missouri's law because those laws encroach too much into the status quo. I one of the current members of the supreme court has told me to my face that he thinks John Roberts is a safe, seventh vote to overturn Roe versus. Wade. In other words, John Roberts doesn't want to the supreme court chief Justice doesn't want to drag the court to the right in a way that completely upends the current status quo in American politics until. We've moved past Trump and once we move past Trump, then maybe he will. But that would require another two people on the supreme court, or at least another one personal the supreme court, who's willing to overturn Roe Roberts. Does not want to be the fifth vote to overturn Roe. He wants to have to other people they're voting to overturn Roe before he signs on as the seventh vote overturn Roe now. Interestingly enough, Clarence Thomas may have signaled a path forward for abortion opponents in a way that abortion rights activists will have a hard time, combating. And I hope that the legislature in Georgia, and Alabama and elsewhere takes notice of this. If there laws are struck down by the supreme court, which, I presume, they will be at this point seeing this case today, and that is this Clarence Thomas agreed with the majority, but issued a concurrent saying they should have gone further the court this really wasn't up for debate. They let the they let a lower court order, stand throwing out these. Throwing out this law, part of the law that prohibited abortion, based on racial gender disability center, and Clarence Thomas of this is eugenics, and we've got to do something about it and his concurrence was pretty compelling, so compelling. In fact, that Ruth Bader Ginsburg had to take him to task but could not take him to task on this part. She she refused to even engage him on this argument. And that is clear. It's Thomas's argument. And this is where abortion opponents need to pay attention. Thomas says it should be unconstitutional to allow the extermination of human beans based on their gender or race or disability or ability. In other words, you can't have sex based abortions or race-based abortions, particular sex and more particular about disability that in some other countries like Iceland, for example, they're bragging about wiping out downs. Drum populations through reporting women in Iceland, if they are if they're told that their child is going to have down syndrome. They are encouraged in incentivized by the state to have an abortion, some ethicists in Iceland, or suggested that women should be forced to have abortions, if they have a down syndrome child, because it will otherwise be the state's burden to care for that child. And that's unfair to the taxpayers. They're actually making that argument right now, though. They're just encouraged they're giving incentive to do it. And Thomas is saying under our constitution under our fourteen amendment. That should be prohibited. And I think he said, he'd a red flag it I think you get John Roberts to go along with that. You could probably get Kagan and briar to go along with that. And you'd have a real hard time getting Hollywood studios to oppose it now. So. I this is clearly eat is clearly clearly coordinated PR what's happening here. The drip, drip, drip stores. You notice how we can't get away from the abortion story that the fetal heart be loss story in Georgia because every couple of days is the story dies down something else happens. This is all by design. It is progressive activists and PR firms playing the press in Georgia like fiddle. The press can't help, but reported these most of the people in the press opposed the law to you need to understand georgiana, Ashley most members of the press oppose this law, because most members of the press are to the left of the American public on abortion. You don't have to believe me believe Pew Research, one of the best pollsters in the country has shown people who identify themselves as reporters tend to be on the left on this particular issue. And so they can't help but joyously report on the news that some want some other Hollywood studio possibly going to walk away from Georgia. But what is the actual news story? That Netflix is doing anything. That's the actual new story net flicks is doing nothing net. Flicks, is sending a press release to a democratic PR firm to circulate in the media to say that if the law goes into effect net flicks will reconsider what it is doing. That's it. So if the law goes into effect and net flicks will reconsider what it's doing Georgia, not that it will stop what it's doing in Georgia, but that it will reconsider what it's doing injured in the meantime, is given some money to the ACLU to fight the law. That's it. That's all that's happening. This, this is a PR effort. I mean, the, the drip drip, drip of the folks, you don't go through new cycles where the story keeps going the law was was signed weeks ago. And now every three or four days, you get another story about another Hollywood studio. See, and if the law goes into effect, we will reconsider what we're doing these. Stories are being dribbled out over time as a partisan effort. The media is willfully reporting, these dutifully reporting, these I should say. And it's all designed for the twenty twenty election in Georgia. That's what this is, is a PR effort organized by Democrats using the media, that is already against this law to help further their cause members of the media are just being used as pawns some in some cases, willfully and knowingly to dribble on these stories at listen. I've done this for a living. I was a campaign operative for number of years. I can see that one of these are coordinated win every fortified days, you have a new story that comes out that allows the media to take a new angle on the story to keep the story going. That is a professional operation at play here. That's what's happening and you should understand that. What is the story today that Netflix is doing nothing? And that's not with the media's telling you with the media's telling us what the PR outfit knows the media will tell you is that Netflix is saying that if the law goes into effect net flicks, may consider doing something possibly, but makes no guarantee your promise which. Has the status quo? Nothing changing, and you wouldn't know that from the way, the, the stories are being reported out there in the breast nationally or anywhere else. But that's it. That's what you need to know. This is a PR effort, it has all the makings of PR effort, it is designed to allow these stories, I guarantee you in three or four days, we'll have Disney come out and say something very similar that if this law goes into effect, we may reconsider what we're doing a Georgia and they're not actually going to do something. And then four five days later, you'll have another Hollywood studio. Maybe AMC come out say if this law goes into vet will reconsider and that a fool more to the story, will keep going, and keep going and keep going. And essentially, what every story will be about is that nothing is actually happening. Nothing is going to happen. It's just a democratic effort to scare people to make them think that you got to vote for Democrats in twenty twenty and every four or five days, we're going to have a new studio. Come out and say the same thing. Something may happen if something else happens possibly maybe but maybe not. And the media will report is if it's a big deal when all it is, is the status quo. It is, you're a garrison here. Your phone goals, four four eight seven two zero seven five zero one eight hundred WSB talk if you want to be part of the show Stacey Abrams under investigation by the state of Georgia the state ethics commission. Of course. The Democrats are saying it's partisan witch hunt. Of course, they're saying it is Brian gimped, using his tools to harass daisy Abrahams. But they're also admitting they're admitting there are problems in their denunciation of the investigation. I want to spend some time with this investigation. You know, I was an election lawyer, Georgia I dealt with campaign finance. I was also an elected official in Georgia. I know the disclosure rules, Georgia. There have long been questions about Abrahams, and it looks like they're catching up to her, and her campaign, and the outside groups are all screaming screaming in ways they wouldn't be if there wasn't a there, there. And even Democrats believe there's there, there, I'll tell you what I know even from talking to some Democrats right now, though. I, I gotta tell you, I know some of you were worried about this, because I've gotten emails from you, what are they gonna do you will recall the tragedy of Notre Dom burning? Well, the Fritsch Senate, I forgot there was a Senate. I just thought they had a president in France. The French Senate has passed a law that the president of France is not allowed to rebuild Notre Dom except to make it look like it did the president of France had toyed with the idea of modern updates for the times the fridge. People were outraged by the rich president who wanted an international design competition and the French Senate say, Nope, you have to build it just like it was, and we'll give you the money so you can have it done by the time. The Olympics are here in twenty twenty four good job for Senate. I'm surprised you didn't surrender. One zero Paul Anka in London. Doc. Mm. It is Eric Erickson here at land is news on WSB the full number. If you'd like to be a part of the program for four eight seven two zero seven five zero one eight hundred W S B talk. There is big news. This evening coming out of Atlanta, Georgia with national implications. Stacey Abrams is being investigated as the JC's Greg blue seed and James Houser says a broad Georgia ethics probe. The head of Georgia's that this commission filed a spate of subpoenas targeting groups led by Stacey Abrams, and the chairwoman of the state Democratic Party, prompting criticisms. He's trying to exact political revenge against Republican governor Brian Kitts political Vos now. That's what they always say about the only person who can't say that these days is Jim bec because it's the Trump administration indicting him. But if it were a democrat who were in, in the White House right now, Jim Beck would be saying it, this is what Abrahams and and Abrahams allies are saying that this is a, a political witch. Against abrahams. Except except except except. Even folks close to Abrahams are saying that, well, they went offer full cooperation to clear up any. Technical violations. Abrahams attorneys. Let me just read you this paragraph. Abrahams attorney has vigorously denied the claim and said that investigators have failed to prove any wrongdoing and offered full cooperation to clear up any technical violations any technical evaluations. In fact, the head of the state of this commission says investigators intend to present evidence that the Abrahams campaign accepted donations from four outside groups that exceeded maximum contribution limits. From statewide campaigns. There would be your technical violations. They accepted more than they should have. But there's a problem here. This is a larger problem for the Abrahams team and four Nikki Williams. The state Senator who is also the new leader of the state Democratic Party. Let's go back. Let's roll the day. That's how things sounded when you re well to tape for those of you who are millennials. That's. Your roll the tape back to the year two thousand fourteen that's the year governor Nathan deal ran against Jason Carter and Stacey Abrams formed outside groups to do voter registration. You will recall that those voter registration campaign efforts are, what lead Stacey Abrams to claim Brian Kemp with suppressing the vote in two thousand eighteen c one of the things that happened that the media, that's out of Georgia never paid attention to and, and God bless the for this. They caught onto it and accurately reported it. Stacey Abrams filed registration paperwork for a whole bunch of people tens of thousands of people in Georgia and the information was rock. So their name, did not match idea a federal database that the Obama administration told Georgia could use to make sure people were legit and win the secretary of state's office under brag. Kip reached out to those people to touch them. Hey, your social security numbers wrong, or your address doesn't match. Right. Or what have you. Those people were nowhere to be found. I mean all those fifty thousand people or so that the Abrahams campaign says, brag Gipp, wouldn't let registered to vote, something like fourteen to twenty thousand of them were from paperwork filed by the Abrahams people in two thousand fourteen paperwork was wrong. Those people don't appear to exist. And so there have long been questions about what the money went to, to get that many people registered who didn't seem to exist or have the information, so bad, no one can find any of those people will those groups lingered out there with money. So you had all those groups out there. Well, some of those groups fell off and new groups sprung up, you had powerpack Georgia, an independent group funded by a liberal in San Francisco. Name Susan Sandler, you had a higher heights of Georgia, New York, based organization caring action, which is the nonprofit for domestic workers co founded by the head of the Democratic Party in Georgia all of these groups out there and the question is did they coordinate with Stacey Abrams? C under the law. These outside groups are not allowed to coordinate, they're not allowed to share information with each other. Otherwise, they become arms of the campaign. In Iki do that under campaign finance law. See, here's the thing, people have long suspected that in these are Democrats, by the way, some of them, I, I've been talking to Democrats were Louis just just back up. So when it was clear that Abrams was thinking of running after twenty sixteen a, a number of Democrats in Georgia on the progressive side. No less reached out to be and said, hey, you want to start writing about Abrahams. Please make sure she's on the national radar with people 'cause we think she's wasting money from democratic donors nationwide. We think she's basically running a con job on people about voter registration, these were Democrats telling me this, and these Democrats have for a long time suspected that much of what was going on was being coordinated, and you can't coordinate under federal law. Foreseeable. Let's, let's raise this to the national level ticket presidential race take Donald Trump race Donald Trump as the nominee can coordinate with the Republican party, because they are basically, he represents the party, but Donald Trump can't coordinate with. For example, an outside Trump group he can't coordinate with you pick the conservative group. You're thinking of citizens United what have you the Trump campaign can't coordinate with the club for growth? He can't coordinate with them because they're independent groups that if he were to coordinate with them under the law that would mean that they were agents of the campaign. So there's a big firewall between these groups, now there are certain ways around it. I mean you can go out, for example, one of the things that a lot of candidates do is they film, a bunch of footage that they have no intention of using the you put in. They put it on YouTube. It's high quality four k footage that they put on YouTube video, and they film all of this, and you know what you, you know what? It's actually therefore, it's for these third party groups to be able to take this video and use it in their ads. That's what is therefore, I'm not making that up. Go look Mitch McConnell. Go to Mitch McConnell's YouTube ager Marco Rubio's page, or, or you name it. Those two are I know have done this. But there are Democrats is what you'll Biden is. In the past Elizabeth Warren has done it. You, you go film, this b roll footage of the candidate talking to people the candidate petting puppies, the candidate holding babies the candidates sitting in an office surrounded by people who look like they're listening to his orders, nodding along and that footage winds up in third party ads. It's put on the internet in the usage is, is changed. So anybody can use it in these third party, the groups go in they take that footage and they make ads. That's how you get around these rules. What you cannot do is called the third party group is a hey, we put up the be roll Guca shoot your ads now you're not allowed to do that. I know it sounds silly. But that's the law, it's ridiculous. But that's the law, and there have long been Democrats in Georgia who have suspected that Stacey Abrams campaign was not so suddenly coordinating with outside groups and the state ethics commission believes that's the case. In fact, will we're also seeing now is there are some nonprofit groups and if there were nonprofit groups, nonprofit groups five once threes cannot get political. They're not allowed to get political. And if it is exposed in this probe that the chairwoman of the Democratic Party set up a nonprofit to coordinate with Stacy resolve. That's a big federal tax. No, no. So this thing could go places if the state of the commission is right. And that is why you had the Abrahams camp and outside groups attacking Brian gift today, saying this is a sore winner. But of course I thought hip did actually win. I mean according to states, Abrams, she wants. So how is that the governor of Georgia's investigating herself? I have no idea. But according to her, she won. And this is a sore loser. I guess, Brian Kip to this, except that's not actually how any of this works. I realized the Democrats want to believe this just as the Republicans wanna believe it when the F E C looks at a Republican and democrat at the president. But that's not actually the way any of this works. It's the way people spin it to their defense. But the reality is there have long log, even among Democrats going back to two thousand fourteen there have been Democrats couldn't vinced that Abrams was playing fast and loose with the rules to build her campaign for governor and basically built it on a house of cards. That's now beginning to collapse. And now the state ethics commission is looking and people are screaming about it. So loudly. It makes you think maybe there's a there there. The full number here is four, oh, four eight seven zero seven five zero one eight hundred WSB talked. I have a rather. Cool story for you. You know, some people say, well, you know, you can't trust the accuracy of what we have the bible, because it was written by scribes and transposed by scribes. They could make over time out of we know well, we have known for the last hundred fifty years of a series of scrolls in an arc of a Jewish synagogue, that was burned and these scrolls, we know are dated to about two thousand years ago to twenty five hundred years ago, so either from the time of Christ or slightly before the time of Christ, and they were housed in an art built for synagogue after the fall of the after the temple in eighty seventy they were damaged by volcanic activity and scientists have never been able to read these girls. Well, they've invented so much new technology for archaeological research, including to read the Dead Sea scrolls that the arc the archaeologist who have housed the scrolls. That were so brittle, they could collapse, win to Israel with the scrolls and asked, if they could be read, and they scanned them three dementia because they're wrapped up. So it's hard to read. And so it'd be very careful with how they did it. So they didn't damage. The scrolls have disintegrate and these scrolls are from two thousand twenty five hundred years ago, and it is the book of Leviticus, and it is the same book Vegas that you and I can open any bible today in read, and everything is accurate. There have been changes. This is just another reminder of how remarkable it is that ancient text scriptural text in particular was passed down and transcribed over and over and over and over and over, again, by scribes for century after century after century. And they did make mistakes. They worked very hard to not make mistakes. It's just it's it's amazing, the accuracy, they're able to get out of it. Now when we come back, Ben Shapiro under attack by the Washington Post and others today for motivating Neo Nazi. Furiously. Here on WSB's the full number four zero four eight seven two zero seven five zero one eight hundred W S B talk. You may have heard of binge bureau. I assume you all know who've been Shapiro is you. You may not know that bin is an orthodox Jew. The I've been gosh, number of years. We used to speak together at an event down in Florida. Before it became a anyone who dared anything critical of the president wasn't invited anymore including us. But he, he had to arrange his speaking based on the Sabbath, because he's very, very committed to his faith. And so it's very interesting now to see the situation in Indiana. Nolan Breuer as pled guilty to charges in connection. With painting swat stickers on a synagogue in Indiana and studying the yard ablaze. He's a twenty one year old man says he doesn't deserve prison time. In fact, he says he was heavily influenced to become anti semitic by his wife, Kiyomi brewer for on her under the bus. And the lawyer says you shouldn't put Nolan brewer in prison because there are so many white supremacists. Their brainwashing people and Nolan's wife has already brainwashed him and he should go. And how did how did his wife brainwashing? Well. Been Shapiro been Shapiro brainwashing is the lawyer, even telling the truth. I mean seriously, the Washington Post, by the way, is dutifully noting this? Let me read you this is this is two paragraphs three paragraphs from the Washington Post brewers cases found his way into the national spotlight since the ruling not because of discourse over the length of sentence, but because of a name Ansel mentioned into cincy memo conservative commentator daily wire editor Jeep inch bureau Ansel argued that brewers radicalization was heavily influenced by what his wife, who was seventeen at the time of the crime had read online, according to Lynch to begin with right wing, get mainstream views such as those presented on Fox News. She then moved onto writings by Ben Shapiro and articles on Breitbart news, which bridge, the gap to the notorious white supremacists, and anti semitic propaganda sites storm fraught. Nolan brought bought into the propaganda Shapiro and other conservative commentators have taken social media to severe defend should bureau's work arguing his identity as an orthodox Jew made him on. Unlikely to be the source for his brewers anti semitic ideals and actions. Yet, think I mean, the left is having a field day over this claiming that Ben Shapiro led a guy to become a Neo Nazi bench buroric. Ben Shapiro is aided by the Neo Nazis bench bureau when he travels now has to have security because a Neo Nazi death threats against him. And yet, the this is just this is all crazy in the media is playing this up. The I mean, let's listen to this other, whether this is fantastic. Shapiro is a leading conservative voice among blinis a Harvard law graduate with millions of social media followers. He is criticized President Trump, but upholds, many of the same views as the conservatives who support the president do including out, Lloyd abortion, repealing ObamaCare, and the call to forego, characte, and cutting taxes, any previously were so, so he's criticized the president, but holds many of the views that, you know, white supremacists old like, like anti-abortion laws in what nego- Mike God, gosh, I should say, I'm sorry. I this the. The media is willing to do this, but they're not willing to have an honest conversation about something else, and something more direct and more relevant. So this gets into how the media is the maliciously partisan here, maliciously and willfully partisan, you, we've got a story e BuzzFeed is running the story. The post basically been Shapiro cause someone to become a Neo Nazi, because that guy's wife read, Ben Shapiro. That's the that's the argument. They're allowing the guy's lawyer to make sympathetic as for him by blaming Ben Shapiro instead of the guy having take responsibility for himself. You know where the media has not dwelled on these conversations about Floyd Lee Corcoran's, fluidly Corcoran's read on the southern poverty Law Center site that the Family Research Council Washington DC was a hate group that wanted to harm gay rights, so he bought a bunch of. Chick-fil-a sandwiches, and went to the Family Research Council and decided to gun them all down and stuff their mouths with those bigoted chicken sandwiches from Chick-fil-A. He was stopped by guard but flatly corker said he got his information from the southern poverty all center. James Hodgkinson was also a fan of the southern poverty Law Center, he decided to try mass assassination of Republicans while at a baseball practice notice. How much time the media is spending, attacking Ben Shapiro and orthodox Jew for causing someone to become an anti semitic Neo Nazi, but we've never had the same conversations about fluidly Corcoran's James Hodgkinson be radicalized by the left. In fact, that's the way it always happens though, media, never actually wants to have the conversation about progressives being radicalized by progressive outlets. But they always want to blame people like, Ben Shapiro. Rush Limbaugh me, Fox News. You name it for radicalizing someone on the right. That's not a bias and you need to share that. You're, you know this is media, but it's not media bias. If it was one time, or in one way, it would be media bias, but this is willful partisanship, by the media, because you've got multiple examples of progressives who are radicalized by the left and the media, cover story. Do you remember the guy who went into the coverage channels headquarters outside of Washington DC shot, the place up held hostages and the prevailing media narrative while this was going on? Is this, this must be a right winger who's trying to shut down a faithful climate change organization, that gets the story out, and it turns out, it was a progressive nutjob, who is radicalized off watching Al Gore's nonsense of whatever his video was in and decided that the Discovery Channel was not doing enough and they needed to be punished for not doing enough to help with climate you. The story went away. It went away. Remember the guy who decided to crash, the airplane into the IRS in Texas. And it turns out he was. Communist, the story went away. The moment was a progressive. It's always when it's a conservative. The media decides conservative is to blame some conservative mouthpieces to blame for radicalizing some Neo Nazi. But when it's a progressive terrorist. No, we can't have these conversations anymore. We can't have him. We can't draw also quits, none of that stuff. It happens time and time again in. It's always the media refusing to evening, gauge on left wing radicalization. In a way that here's a story where some guy seventeen year old wife apparently red Fox News bench bureau and been Sapiro orthodox Jews aided by Neo Nazis suddenly caused this guy to become a new Nazi. The whole thing is crap. But you would never know that by reading the media because the media has fully gone in to being leftist. Think of the stories that you're hearing in the news about Netflix, abandoning Georgia. It's not abandoning Georgia. It's not changing the status quo. None of the stuff is happening. And yet, the media is all in on this abortion laws going to harm Georgia's economy. Nothing happened here in stories about Hollywood producers Pollino, Georgia, you know, none of them actually had commitments in Georgia. You would never know that from the media reports like the people scouting for locations and savannah. They didn't even have a deal yet, they're left wing agitators involved in the hand may still. Of course these left wing purist are going to bolt, but her Disney net flicks. No. So the story today has to be Netflix might actually do something maybe possibly in the future. If something happens maybe. The media has become part of the partisan tags him in this country and for all the Henry about a divided country. The media's helping in that division. We all agreed pleased that the North Koreans are awful and a terrible regime, and we would be better off, if they were wiped off the face of the map, instead of coddled I, I am count me among the conservatives who were perturbed with the president in how he's handled North Korea. I appreciate. He wanted to try something different, but I don't think we're getting anywhere with trying something different. And I just yeah. North Korea has bad. Let's let's not pretend otherwise. It's ryobi days at the Home Depot by ryobi one plus two pack batteries starter kit for just ninety nine bucks, and get one of over twenty select ryobi one plus tools to an eighty four dollar value free, the one plus system. Also fits over a hundred and twenty five other ryobi tools. So now going cordless is almost endless by the battery kit he had a free to ryobi days now at the Home Depot. More safe. More doing about the June nineteenth limit one per customer, whilst buys last for details. Friday night, Sunday brunch. Eight does not matter backs are fax Queen every cigarette can cut your life short. Find that hard to believe then Tefft a banner from all this free life, freedom to be to back. Oh, free.

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