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Difference Russ Darrow DOT COM Zave is your lead donkey into the world of sports and other stuff. Thrown a twenty year GonNa go on a diet for ten minutes then they're gonNA. quit and hate Your Life Josh Stone to the gym to day, featuring Josh Albrecht so you're GonNa, go to the gym. They're gonNA. Look for buttons to push. Yell at it until I'm skinny and Eric gator. was sort of what is this machine? Do tap to show on the Fella W. I dot Com, talk and text line at four, one, four, seven, nine, nine, one, nine, seven three twitter at say so. You're going to go to the gym and you're GonNa. Walk Walk around and look it's. Sort of what is this machine? Do you look for buttons? Push? Just yell at it until I'm skinny. Way Now just start. Excuse me Miss I. Don't think this machines working. I'm still fat now. Here's Steve Sabin Is it adopts. Six. In. Single season along. Joe Buck with the call. It was at the time. Thing of an absolute gold plated field, good sports moment. But looking back now, knowing what we know and seeing what happened after all of that? You still feel the same way. We'll talk about it today thirty thirty last night, mcgwire Sosa. I did not watch. I'm sorry. I'll watch it today. I know what happens. Maguire sets the record. How about that boiler, I know spoiler alert on that baseball's ready to play a gun point. This should be fun. A Bataan death march of a short season. Kyri Irving on Friday started to rock the boat on the NBA's restart. It's Kinda calm down. Over the weekend we'll talk about that and the PGA tour as back and more nap -able than ever. When it comes to a late afternoon Sunday. For a middle aged family man homeowner. You. Get on that couch somewhere. Cool like in the basement like I did yesterday and man with no fans with no fans. The PGA tour on television has never. been. More Napa. Back though. It is great to have it back. It was tough because it was such a interesting finish. Somebody possibilities. I didn't want to nap. Like a normal tour event. I be perfectly fine napping this one, the first one back strong field, big names, going back and forth down the Stretch Bob Man Colin Morokawa. Dovey and by dummy I mean I still love you. Bro But. Man You blew it. Wish it want it do it. Ya Blew it all right. We got our poll question up already. It's my vow for the week to be better at the poll question I've flaked questions of the day. In case you're not counting. Sure you are very whatever your poll question today. Poll question of the day at the game. Mk, now that we know all that we know. How do you look back at the mcgwire Sosa homerun summer of Nineteen, Ninety eight was at a still rollicking fun. Be All the field. Good is gone, or is it see? Pathetic, we've bought into it. Knowing that. They were both Chidi. Chidi Cheater Sens. Vote now, and we'll see which way it goes. Currently fifty seven percents was still rollicking fund I. Just look back on it and I'm I'm a little bit embarrassed that we were so into it and I hear that highlight. And I hear the crowd, and it brings me right back to that moment of everyone's watching. Is this the night? Is this the game? Did he do it all like Oh six state to. In Your Life? Did you ever think you'd see sixty two? And then the next year he hit sixty eight right. And then Barry Bond said all man F. All y'all's watch this. Seventy three. So it really obliterated the whole moment of wow, what a summer in which to mighty sluggers! Through nothing, but spit, grit, determination, skinless, chicken, and High Reps have mastered the art of the home run. And they are dueling their way through this summer captivating us. Now No. They were Juiston. The pitcher sucked. The ballparks were small, and they obliterated the record in coming years. I think. I think that after that year it didn't matter at all. I think the only thing that really made it exciting was that there was a competition? With. Yeah, if if only Maguire was going for it and Sami wasn't even close, not you don't have as much of a story. It'd be a race. At, you know cubs cardinals. That was a good element. Black Guy White Guy which to White Guy White Guy. Has Anyone Seen Sammy lately. Did Sammy sit down for this thing? I just saw he's. He must have been on with witha s vp last night because the Oh sportscenter is on the screen here and said I'm sorry S. B. shortly. And how did he look? Did you just seen Sammy lately? You lightened is lightened his skin the click Michael Jackson I. It's it's wouldn't go well. I mean it's close. He went across the spectrum. It's close. so, how old are you, Josh in ninety eight. I was eight. So you really don't remember that at all I. Remember why I followed it. Yeah, I I'm embarrassed as How much I was into. Her an eight year old following it, yeah! Get her had just left my tutelage of my Internet one on one sports in Chicago. So you remember the summer well, what was your recollection of that? mcgwire SOSA summer? Turn it on every night I was working at the newspaper. You know newspaper Wisconsin State. Journal year boy. What was your title? Just a writer sportswriter, and what was your were your fulltime yeah? Would you make? Not a lot because I didn't stay very long. Can. You tell us. Be. I love old time salaries. Josh what you make it the bank. I made thirty two. I think are making like. Fifteen eighteen something like that eighteen. Sheffield rich of course. You did okay or did you feel poor Miami? Well, then, of course, you felt rich. Washing he felt poor. This is Jim came in then, things changed. Then q the Robin Leach brought up but up. So, anyway. So so like. Now get her. How do you look at this thirty thirty? Was it still like that was a lot of fun? That's cool. Sure there was Houston, but a lot of people are using zoo cares, or is it like out? We were such suckers. I think we were such suckers. For sure, it was pretty bad at an even if I wasn't fawning over it so many media members. Oh, yeah, took it upon themselves to make it a bigger deal, and to have Lupu talk about his kid waking up at. Dad did choir or Sosa hit one last night. Papa. You know puppets. Can I see the box scores in the newspaper because the Internet really wasn't a huge thing back in ninety eight. And you didn't want to go, son, listen. Don't get all riled up about this number one. They're both taking some kind of Boll testosterone that we don't know yet. And secondly that probably going to someone's gotTa. Someone else is going to start doing it and they're probably GonNa hit a hundred and seven in. It's not a big deal. Who's going to say that to their kid in the heat of it, nobody nobody so. You know I think the fact that everything happened has happened afterwards took a lot of shine off, but to be honest. Anyway you one. You want to chime in on this talk and text lines open the Pella W dot com, talk and text line, four, one, four, seven, nine, one, nine, seven, three, the other big stories that baseball is going to force the players to play, and the players have now said. Fine. When we to show up. So, using my party analogy where the husband or the wife, one of the two wants to have a party, the other one doesn't and you're arguing and fighting. It looks really bad and I said eventually the the one person gives in and says okay fine. You can have the party. It's now gotten to the point where the one person that wants to have. The party says while I'm going to have the party anyway. What are you going to stop me? You can leave if you want, but I'm going to have it. It's my house. And and the other party has now just stopped out of the House and gone out for a pack of smokes just to get out of the house. They're so mad. There's no agreement. It's just basically they're going to have this party whether you like it or not. When when I was thinking about the situation, it's like that same, but to me. It's a step further to where now they're fighting at a party and we're all just awkwardly in the room. Hoping and praying, they stopped because the tension so high, and we all just want to go right on like this is just an icky situation. Now. What's another beer? Right exactly. Right. Here's the quote from Tony. Clark it unfortunately appears that further dialogue with the League would be futile. It's time to get back to work. Tell us when and where? Well that doesn't that. Fill your heart with love. Spirit I got some sort of want to hear it. Yeah, let me here. Let me hear Timmy Kirk! It's a Mass Hannah. Mess, there is so much anger and distrust between the two sides, so they couldn't reach an agreement and now major league. Baseball is going to implement a season, and maybe the union will file a grievance and Major League Baseball might file a grievance and this is going to end up. The season that anyone can ever remember grievance versus. Screaming versus TV show. Member and the gripping height of the coronavirus pandemic. Yes, you remember those days where we all thought we were GONNA. Die from the Wuhan dead read death and we're like. Going to lead us out of this baseball. Get Baseball back again. It's going feel so good. July fourth were stronger than this thing. We're good, no fine. We're GONNA. Make you play Oh, yeah. WE'RE GONNA file a grievance. Nobody said dueling grievances. would be the path to restoring normalcy in America, but I guess that's where we are. Hey. I need to ask. People who subscribe to are fine paper. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and get that daily newsletter is or do you notice that the Rona coverage has dropped off dramatically I. Check out that that you know summary Newsletter in my inbox every day. And I'm looking at him going I think of the twenty stories about got here. There's not one about the road. Where do I go to get my latest Rona in Wisconsin for God's? Sakes isn't me. I sent you Josh and you get her the email. Did you give it a quick look? See and check to see whether or not there's coverage of it. Right, there wasn't. There was a and it should have been looked like there were no good headlines, so there was one more death yesterday recorded, but it's a weekend, so it could be slow, three hundred and twenty new cases and one new death out of five point, six million people approximately in the great state of Wisconsin. If? That doesn't sound like a pandemic to you I. Don't know what does good thing. We're all still tiptoeing around and not doing things. Not, having life and leagues and concerts and getting together. All right text windows up four, one, four, seven, nine, nine, one, nine seven three jump on end splash around water is warm. Vote in the poll question box score. Billy is coming up next as well as our posed with a full rundown, a sports and Kyrie Irving this guy. Mr? Flat Earth. This guy now has a problem with restarting the League. Okay. What now we'll talk about it next. The game. My. Band. All. Let's hear this quote. From One Kyrie Irving. And then we'll just. Deal with it and move on box. Score bills parking bike right now. You got the quote. Get her. You read it to me this morning. Verbatim I've heard it before. It was on a conference call with. A bunch of other NBA players. Going to scroll through all this. According to Shams Karenni sit on a on a conference call. I, don't support going into Orlando. I'm not with the systematic racism and the S. Without the BS course, something smells a little fishy. Our did you say? This is from a guy who has just pretty much cratered teams now on his way out the door, the cavaliers and the Celtics, yes, and a guy who has openly espoused flat earth fears. I mean. Why should anyone take anything? He says seriously exactly. Wh what is. And and I think he's hurt and I think he's not gonNA play for the nets anyway. Saying. I'd give it all up. For for Social Justice Yeah. We already got two hundred million in the bank. How about other NBA player who don't have that much money? And other players who are like. We could probably have a bigger platform if we played. Like we don't play. We're just GONNA. Sit at home and nobody's going to be skyping US going Hey Kyrie. Are you taking a knee for police reform? Oh, I can't see you because you're on Skype, but if you're playing in the NBA. Maybe I'd see. I get it from Cairo standpoint. You don't want things to just go back to normal, you know. The country feels awake finally, and there's this great movement, and it's something done. You don't want to let the moment pass. But. This is a multibillion dollar business. That makes fray incredible lifestyle for you and how many people in the NBA twelve times thirty, six hundred seven hundred players? Make millionaires out of nearly seven hundred black men and white men and launch. It's a pretty good deal. There's a lot riding on this season being finished so. So yeah, what's that? I'm not down with all the systemic racism and the BS. Something smells fishy. Why was he even on the call? Like he was the instigator he was starting at. That's the thing he was the ringleader. 'cause this. This is who he is. He's an he's a very attention. Needy Fella. He wants to be the man you ever. You ever seen him play Basketball Josh. Shoots, offshoots like nobody else on the team, now he, he can make it a lot like he is a hell of score. I mean just watching him from a basketball standpoint I have. Been Agape at times like in the NBA finals when the cavaliers did win, he carried their ass on a couple of games because he just would not miss. And it was fun to watch in that very moment, but as an overall team concept guy no. Apparently. Austin Carr Doc rivers are Austin Rivers Austin a debt. Take Deal Apparently Austin rivers. Doc Rivers Son. Over, the weekend said Yeah. You know what we'd probably have a bigger platform. We did play so that's the way I'm leaning now. He's not necessarily as influential as Gary Irving but the fact that nothing else came of this I. Think tells you that whatever wobbly is probably gonNA stabilize and they're going to press ahead and. Do the restart, which would be good alright box score. Billy is in the house. Shy but mostly excited. Billy young man. What is going on today? They save this weekend. Denny's ham and eggs won a NASCAR race speaking of NASCAR. A football guy named Alvin camera likes NASCAR now. In Daniels Burger WanNA tournament. With lots of birds and squirrels watching. And Baseball the MLB players owners. They stopped fighting, but that's because both sides just gave up. And then the owners wrote a letter saying we're not mad. Were justice disappointed? which is like the worst thing when your mom says that's huge. But then right after that the owners agreed to a TV deal deal for like a bazillion dollars so I think they're going to be just fine. Back to you. Mad. That nails and Box score mentioned the TV deal. That was also part of baseball so. Yeah so they they had annexed. They got an extension with TNT either for the postseason or of it. It's so we're. Newell Mlb could see, too. New Dollars. That's with their Fox and TBS, so the wonders for four hundred seventy million annually said. In line with the five point one billion extension, Fox announced in two thousand eighteen that runs from twenty, twenty, two, twenty, twenty tough tough times for the owners. Yeah, thought thoughts and prayers like Oh absolutely. All right talk and text lines open, four, one, four, seven, nine, one, nine seven three time for Posey's in the House with headlines. Knows, hockey and a lot more I like you all good snapshot. He scores. This is post. No Sports with Zave brought to you by great. Mid West Bank for all your mortgage loan needs. Hose what's going on brother well in a bitter back, and forth overpay Major League baseball players told the Commissioner's office Saturday night that additional to start the season during the coronavirus, pandemic or pointless, instead owners should order return to work. The Union's action may lead to a season of about fifty games, rather than the eighty two initially proposed by owners players could respond by filing a grievance that would be heard by arbitrator, arguing their owed hundreds of millions of dollars in damages. Due to a shorter season. Overall, this could spark lengthy litigation over money in a renewal, the sports labor laws. It could even prompt. Prompt some star players to sit out if and when the season begins MLB responded with a statement, accusing the Union of not negotiating in good faith inside of the March agreement that called for rated salaries, only of fans were allowed in the stands that agreement also gave baseball the right to set a shorter schedule with players receiving full pro-rated pay. Many believe these contentious negotiations. If you WANNA, call them. Negotiations could lead to a lockout in two thousand, twenty, two great. How do you feel about all this posts? No, I'm sick as a fan of the game and as a sports fan, I mean. What's your general feel right now I'm not happy I mean you know summertime for me? Is is time for for baseball I mean I like playing golf now because I can't swing a bat anymore. Throw a ball, but I love watching baseball on spring night or a summer afternoon, but it's not gonna come back until almost August right right the way it sounds in in all. It's just this bitter given take. The players do you think the players make enough money? Do you think the owners make enough money I mean? They're they're using this entire situation just to to. To build up for the next negotiation out may be. That's what it is. They're just prodding is just so frustrating to me. I don't. It ended embarrassing. We thought baseball would charge out on July fourth as part of the Great. American rebirth from the pandemic like we bought into that you and I and others like. Wouldn't that be great? It's like no. No none of these guys care about any of that one. And then you're wondering about the NBA Lakers Center Dwight Howard believes the return to the NBA would be an unwelcome distraction from the importance of the black lives matter movement during a conference called fraud, involving eighty players nets guard Kyrie. Irving reportedly called for the League, not to restart the season while protest against racial injustice and police brutality, continuous, following the death of George Floyd Howard issued a statement in which he made it clear he would give up the chance to win an NBA title for. For the unity of my people, he said and agreed with urban. That basketball is not needed at this moment the League plans to restart July thirty first in Orlando with teams scheduled arrived beginning July seventh players and staff will begin testing for Covid nineteen next Tuesday. When when would it be needed then next October Do we need to sit down for a full year? Do we need to pass some sort of legislation that addresses societal ills like it's not needed right now. The better quote and I'm looking at right now. I took a screen cap of ESPN Patrick Beverley. Said Hooper. Say What y'all want. If at King James, said he hooping. We all hooping. Personal only business for praying hands EMOJIS Hashtag. Stay, woke. Madrick beverly from downtown Bronfman twice about this. Though yeah, he's spoken out astle injustice, but he hasn't talked much about about returning to to the season. No, why that is! You know why that is right because he's got a walk the line. He doesn't want to look like he's being yeah. Yeah, dismissive on the movement while at the same time saying quietly hell no I'm not giving up this season yeah. National, Hockey League plans to restart its season in early August with a twenty four team playoff tournament and two hubs cities, the league will announce the hub cities on June. Twenty second and commissioners from the NFL NBA NHL MLS will discuss the state of sports tonight on ESPN sportscenter. Meanwhile, the NFL says it will observe June teen is. Is a holiday and its offices will be closed. Slaves gained their freedom in this country on June nineteenth, eighteen, sixty five, when the civil war officially ended. The anniversary note is June, eighteenth has been celebrated ever since Friday. The University Wisconsin joined a group of college sports programs that will not schedule athletic related activities on election day November third eighty. Barry Alvarez released a statement saying the objective is not to tell student athletes who to vote for quote. We just want them to exercise the responsibility to have their voices heard and vote I want to make it as easy as. As possible for them end quote Wisconsin, football and volleyball players will begin strength and conditioning activities today after returning to campus last week for health assessments and covid nineteen testing later this week. The NCAA Division One council will vote on a plan that would pave the way for football to start the season as scheduled with a six week, preparation period would allow coaches to begin working with players July, thirteenth, also, the PGA tour made a healthy return at the Charles Schwab Challenge in Fort Worth although Colin Mara cow had to feel sick after missing six foot Birdie Putt on eighteen. Eighteen, that would have given him the victory then after Daniel converted an up and down for par on the First Playoff Hole Mira Kala missed a three-foot par PUTT that gave Burgers first tour victory since twenty seventeen. We've got more on talking golf tonight at six. o'clock on the big nine, twenty and denny Hamlin race past chase Elliott to win the Cup series race at homestead about one thousand fans. Mostly military personnel attended the race first time since the pandemic, the fans were allowed to watch professional sporting event in the United States in person, so that was pretty cool. Are you talking golf tonight I am not talking tonight. No, I would. Brown Dennis Ziani probably Steve. stricker Ogun stricker missed cut. at Fort Worth so. I'm A. I'm a big more callous Stan because of all the young guns that are out there. He's sort of under the radar. Just a little bit. Yes, the longest cut streak made on tour since Tiger Woods is like thirty eight in a row, which is really hard to do. Yeah, I like the kipp yeah. Mine Zander's Sean Lee you saw his shoe. T-. Oh my Gosh I! I don't think I was sixty action. Yeah, out now. That was a major lip out and I. Guess it happens a lot at colonial. We call that. Call that Lewinsky. I'll let you figure that one out. All Time to figure that one out. All right, thank you. Cigar I'm going to light a cigar taking the rest of the week off enjoyed it. Okay very good. Enjoy the rest of the week off one day. Oppose. It's all we all we got. We're GONNA have to enjoy it. Coming up what's trending brought to you by best electric? What he got josh well band aid the brand. They got a few new. Coming out plus the world is now fighting over if spongebob. Is, gay. I can't wait for that coming up. What's trending? Don't go away. Edge get out to one. Of My Russ darrow locations over the weekend. Look for a vehicle. Oh, I meant to I just didn't have time. Okay all right. I'm not gonNA, yell at you, but look. What are you waiting for? Get into that new ride now and if you have trouble getting out to a location, do your search online. And, then say oh. I'd like to test drive that and then reach out to the Darrell location say. 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Two, twenty, two, twenty, one whatever it takes, whatever it takes, that's what best electric will do for you and all of your electrical needs. Give them a call today at four, one, four, seven, two, seven, Eighty, seven, seventy, or visit them online at best elect dot, com, best electric connect with the best. Zave in. Case you missed it. Band aid the brand. is going to be making new band AIDS in different skin tones. I saw this and I saw people's instant knee jerk reaction, which was a grown an IRA all claiming it is needless pandering in the moment I. Disagree you know. Why was that? Because? Why wouldn't you want to buy a band-aid that blends in better with your personal skin tone agreed a one hundred percent. I don't know why these didn't exist before now. I it me too I'm shocked that they haven't color matched to a certain degree BANDAIDS. Now. I still prefer like Batman band-aid over now. But let's say let's. Wipe. Let's say a white guy just likes to buy the dark brown as a goof and you wear, said banding out and about. Are you now possibly committing a hate crime? I'm going to hang up and listen to your answer off the air in one can that? Lives. Like today's Day and age, you could be charged with a hate crime if you wear a brown band aid just as Goop so these coming in a mixed pack, or you can choose the tone and whole Paxton. Have the same tone I. Don't know I've already ordered a thousand MOCHA colored. Just, so I can have those, but I would. I would think. That it's I, want to be with their. Be a flavor of rednecks. Sunburn, White Guy, some yeah, I need a band aid that matches my white Guy Sunburn. Give clear. They probably do have clear, did he? They did have for a while the. Clearance as the problem with clear is the absorbent square in the middle. You can't make that clear. Oh, riots gotta collect all the blood and the plus the seeping corona virus, and then you get to see that. It said in two thousand five. The company unveiled its perfect blend brand, which included a bandaged line designed to match multiracial skin tones. The line was discontinued because of quote lack of interest at the time and quote really yeah. Okay interesting. So, I. Guess, even minorities are like. I don't have time to go look for one. That matches my skin tone. It doesn't matter it's abandoned. It's got to be on there for approximately one day. How about band-aid work on this a less messy and cumbersome way to open the package? Yes. Can somebody explain to me why bandaids are so hard? To, it's like little paper and there's a strip because when you unfold when you're bleeding from paper cut. You don't want more than to take your time here. Opening a package. You remember when they used to have you just tear and they had pulled red string down the kind of the whole package open. That only. Those, but that seems a bit much as well. Why aren't bandaids on a roll like Scotch tape. Should. We really hold off. Four on a big sheet. You got a sheet a bandaids. They're all flat there. You appeal them off. It's a good point eighty. It's a st maybe to sterilization I'm sure they'd got a little. Paper thing personal. Yacht on band-aid. On Day Ninety Five. Supports. Sports. Magadan apocalypse they talked about bandaids. Speaking of cultural appropriation and or possible hate crimes just meant as a joke, so if you wear a brown band aid, are you going to be in trouble? What about guys you know that insist on sending you the black fist-bump? Emoji, just because they think they're being funny. You have any friends that you know that do that. Like Oh okay brother! Stop It, you're you're you're white? You're white. Is The Osmond family? I don't have any friends that do that well what you see. You're scared to even admit it right now. I? Don't. I don't. I. Don't fist-bump emojis. I usually get eggplant emojis. WHAT OTHER EMOJIS! What are the top five pages emojis you I get the peach. and. They're just those two, honestly all right. Dateline. Dear these things are unbelievable. Three injured after deer runs into protesters during March in New Jersey looks. There's video that's with the story but I don't see the deer crashing into the protesters. Maybe I'm not looking close enough. It's. Not the best angles strolling can't see it anyway. Police are escorting the marchers down one lane of highway while leading traffic pass with orange cones on the other side, which I guess is a decent compromise, but it seems like. I don't know. Is that what we're supposed to be using our police force on to organize marches. the harrowing incident. Says the story happened in New Brunswick. New Jersey around five PM. Hundreds of protesters marched along route, five, thirty three, when a deer came bolting out of the woods and slammed into the marchers. A sixty nine year old woman received serious head injuries and was taken to the hospital. She was in intensive care. Late Friday night to others were treated on the scene and released. I hope she makes. But she doesn't. Check for Ronin. We could put her on the. Couch saying if you don't want to let any row, debts pass. Josh, what's? What's trending on Saturday Nickelodeon tweeted stimulating pride with the LGBTQ community and their allies this month, and every month with three photos of three characters from nickelodeon shows including one of spongebob. Which made everyone go? So Spongebob is. Gay Okay so, let's now do a rundown. Get Your Google Fingers Ready Okay rundown of all the cartoon characters that have come out in recent years. I believe didn't burt from Bert and Ernie. Or did both come out at some point? They said that they were. Okay, so spongebob has now come out God, bless you spun Bob well. We don't know yet, right. We don't know especially because back in the early two thousands the creator of the show Steven Hill Berg came out firmly saying he was not gay. But now nickelodeon is putting up. This photo and I'm going who cares. It's a cartoon. Listen IT, look. It only makes sense that population of whatever universe of cartoon characters a certain percentage are going to be gay. Or certain percentage gotta be by or a certain percentage going to non binary he's. Is Easy to spot with. He's a sponge right exactly. I never really wanted to know spongebob sex life to begin with correct right straight, gay or otherwise I got did not interested. Into that than. Any other list of textures help us out. Here's a list for next year. One, four, seven, nine, one, nine, seven, three other. Fictional characters and or cartoon characters Muppets, puppets. You name it who we have now found out. I know that on Arthur the teacher from Arthur they confirmed. We talked about that that he was. Teacher okay. Yeah, what are you got? There's a list on Wikipedia list of animated series with lgbt characters. Any prominent ones Mum Nodar. Klay faced from Harley Quinn. Brewing entice a- bring from Duck Tales No I. No idea who they got no idea, those okay, Manso, all right, which one which which character would perhaps surprise you the most while still being fully accepted. I Say Foghorn leghorn would definitely blow me back. Yeah, like Foghorn, well all righty. Seventy. Sam I say I, said boy. I'm foghorn Leghorn. Strut in as the cock of the walk. Who's your favorite cartoon character Foghorn Leghorn might be mine. The way. They played him so beautiful so good think about it. Don't answer thing, okay. Dateline. FOGO! What's Fogo? It's not foam. Oh, FEAR OF MISSING OUT! It's fear of going out Louise. A Forbes article. Says that a number of people have now developed fogo fear of going out because they were cooped up inside for so long. The reasons can vary from one person to another. It could be about health concerns. It could be just about dreading return to life's hustle and bustle. Fogo. I don't think I've got fogo no. No. No. Fear of missing, going out with FEMME FEMME go. That's Baumgart Michigan. Miss Going? What's trending well, what's trending? This is the news that everyone wanted to hear on a Monday apparently harvey. Weinstein has a deformed. peanuts. Yeah! So, well, do tell I believe the story I cruised across said they explained in detail. Wrong with that pecker. UNFORT- Penis, too much detail apparently was caused by genital gangrene. Saw! Oh. All. During one of his trials. One of the the people who were. Testing against him. said the first time I saw him naked I thought he was deformed or Intersex. I didn't know if he was a burn victim, but it would make sense. He did not have any testicles and it appeared like he had other things. He does however have opinions, so let's just reset. Let the record show. Let's. Let's just absorb all of this Harvey Weinstein. who was a fat ugly troll who probably smelled of cigarettes and bushmills? With a deformed penis was so powerful that he got some of the hottest purses in Hollywood. To go floyd in his Flavin just to get a movie role. And everybody in Hollywood new about it as the dirty little secret. They didn't want to rat out. And it went on for years. Think about that they get about how crazy dysfunctional Hollywood is that a like this? On top of just how disgusting, it is the concept of you're not gonNA. Get this part unless you get naked for me. He's ugly. He's fat. He's got a gangrene mangold PP and yet it still happened. Kick your head around that. Would you rather ahead of her? Or have the whole world know that you have deformed piece. Oh I'm not. I'm not going to buy I. Take my penis on tour before person getting me. I don't know I. Do live stage show. You'd go to visitors now. I know I I would I mean trust me and everyone would be like that makes sense. If that was, the news came out of me but I. Don't know how many people would attend tour. Well. I didn't say the tickets to be brisk sellers. Shows. Small yeah, that's the excuse right now. Let's say. Baseball forcing me to do the tour. You know this is like. If somebody forced me to do the tour or go to prison and I'd be like all right, I'll do the tour I'm not having. Say All right winning. Tell me when to show off. Amazon may stop streaming Dukes of Hazzard, because what's on top of the General Lee the confederate flag. Which means how long is it? Until somebody says I could no longer play my favorite boss, hog and or Rosco p Coltrane soundbites answer not long because it never ends the march for Imaginary Social Justice never ends. The real quest for actual social justice is genuine, and it has to be done in the right way. The fake ass march for it just looks for the next thing to be outraged about. All right coming up next hour more on the Sosa mcgwire home run chase of the summer, plus the Gulf yesterday. We gotTa Talk Bryson to Shambo, tear. Brand new sham bleed nearly broke down crying last. At how he may ruin the game of Golf Is that even possible. We'll talk about it next hour. Keep them texts coming in and by keeping coming in somebody. Wake up and send us a text are sleep we got. Maybe I need to refresh on our two straight ahead away. This is the Steve Sabin show I the game now here is the say. Laureus weathered right now. We're in the sweet spot a summer. Sucks that summers, but Kinda canceled hopefully at some stuff planned for the weekend. We'll figure out how to spend the summer with all the normal events that we love so much canceled or otherwise. Diminished What are you guys do this week? And first of all it is Josh Birthday. Yeah a huge deal of it because he's only thirty years old. It's not a important birthday, right? It's not one in which you suddenly feel very old. Wait a minute you do I do left your twenties, young man. Yes, and you're now thirty yet regulation. Thank you. I made it to thirty. made it to thirty and any big plans. Can I get the Can I get the office? It is your birthday. I love that. Are you kidding. Not done yet. This fits in the palm of my hand. Blown. Eighty chosen browning balloons, they match the carpet does that. It's your birthday period. In fact, not even an exclamation point. This is more professional is not what you discovered a cure for cancer. I can't believe this. So get. Dwight and Jim took over the Party Planning Committee. He had balloons were barely blown up fitness and. They're down balloon. It's like the. Brown and grey, they matched the carpet. Birthday area, not even accident. It's a statement of fact. Come on! She didn't care cancer. The very much low key. What are you got planned for? Your birthday and I'm very sad that I couldn't be there to help. Make it a big deal. I mean thirty a big deal what he got planned. well, we're GONNA. Have a few few friends over to the House Tonight K. Jewish couples thirtieth. Did you have a dude? Bro Thirtieth over the weekend. Yes a little bit so on Friday I got to hang out with my. I had dinner and a drink with with my best friend, and then I actually got to go watch Pat mccurdy perform. Nice where he performed his house. no venues are open right, so he does on Fridays. He does a facebook live show and I got to. Watch it and percents pretty cool. Isn't there Isn't there? Outdoor venues for music can be played beer gardens, those type of things. Yes, I believe he's actually playing an outside venue show in Letsie. He can no show on Wednesday. So slowly, but surely. What restrictions are in place for indoors stuff? I E bars and restaurants I Don't even know anymore. I know philosophy I don't even know. And he now you now got Cuomo. This is hilarious. Cuomo threatens Manhattan and the Hamptons with new shutdown over lack of social distancing. Oh! ooh Here! We get there, so go over well. Somebody called Nags and ask him what he thinks of this. He, said. Cuomo quote were not going back to that dark place because local governments didn't do their job. He said the State has received twenty five thousand complaints about health safety violations since the start of the pandemic at alarming figure that mainly involves bars and restaurants. Manhattan and the Hamptons are the leading areas in the state with violations. He said they are rampant, and there's not enough enforcement I'm not going to allow the situation to exist. We know we have a highlight likelihood of causing an increase in the virus. Local governments do your job. He said if they are not monitoring. Compliance, there's a very real possibility we could roll back the reopening of those areas. If there's an increase in the virus that's all it takes an increase, not an actual exponential growth of a true pandemic, not the giants steep curve of all. My God this is going to overwhelm us all just if there's an increase. and. This is what Cuomo's saying. After the streets of New York City were filled. With people for the past two weeks imagine fat. Imagine that you like I just WanNa. Go out and have a beer now. No can't do it just yet, so in Milwaukee. Is there any place Texas office out very place indoors that you can watch music. What are the current restrictions I know? It varies by county. Milwaukee County is slower to come around than others. But did not I. Think we had the story Friday? I told you about it. A number of musicians are backing out of gigs, 'cause they're. They've got fogo. They've got fear of going out. Yeah. Yeah I mean that's there. There are people. Doesn't matter what they're doing whether. You're a museum or something else. And where? Can a musician or a band play in front of people live? That's all I wanNA know. Buehler! Buehler! Buehler, so you don't know and you don't know. Texters do you know? Does anyone know how anybody knows? That's that's that's an outrage. That's a disgrace. WHAT ARE WE GONNA stand up in March. As a society, stand up March. There was a whopping three hundred and twenty new. Infections yesterday, according to the state and one new death median age of death. In. All countries of this thing is eighty eighty. Median, half the deaths over eighty half under. And, here we are approaching July fourth. We don't even know where you can go. Watch a band. Play a set, even an outdoor beer garden. This is a disgrace. Shutting down was easy standing up as proven to be impossibly hard. Yeah, now. I'm just GONNA. LIE DOWN HERE IN DETROIT I'LL GONNA. Lie Down Until somebody tells me. It's okay to get up and go on with life. And the theater that goes on with those events that are standing up moving forward is ridiculous. Yesterday, Dottie pepper after the round at colonial interviewing players live on site. You know. She had get her a six foot pole of with a Mike on it. Idiotic I'm like you gotta be kidding me. She's been tested. They protested. She's got to interview them for thirty seconds. Studies have shown. Person, a person airborne transmission. Requires Indoor setting at least fifteen minutes of close proximity at least. She's got a pole with a microphone on it. Why because theater? They don't want anybody on social media going Tut Tut I saw dottie pepper standing next to Daniel Berger. Oh my God! It's all. Not all so much nonsense out there so much found some music. Good Maddie's girls doing live music every Thursday through Sunday. Love Baddies. So out on the Mattio so this week. Thursday. Phil Norby Friday Ryan, Merriman tire Saturday Marcel and Sunday John Gay. At, so matty's fest. All summer at Maddie's bar looks like some Some people are chiming in here on the Paul W. Dot, com, talk and text line as well someone on the four one four says I. was that age as Moscow on Saturday night? They had live music there. there have also been bands the last two Saturdays at House of Harlow League. Port shores and port Washington has bands at Friday and Saturday. So yeah good good, so they're out there. Yeah, they're getting back out. Okay. Now I know last year Josh. You were SORTA stung by the way that your birthday party at the bowling played out. Why would happen? What could possibly? Dario was a bit of a mean person and I sort of jumped in to give you a little bit of grief as well and I think it hurt. Your feelings apologized for that because I had a good time at your birthday party last almost dying. That's well. Below, my knee. Yeah, the one the one time he tried. I don't know why am I? Why was my left foot sticking? Through one ball. I would have been there to see that I was watching. I was like okay here. y'All why? 'cause I thought. This is the day like birthday party. This is Wednesday breaks ankle. Breaks. Michael blows out. Money blows up. My Achilles. Are you supposed to slide on your front foot and keep the he'll up. Yes, she's supposed to. You'd slide with really. Yes, should slide with your left foot as a right handed bowler. No I know. Put the the. Back of the shoe. Is supposed to have a little bit of a stopper. No, but so you're so when you stride on the last slide of your approach left right, let throw. That left. He'll is supposed to be up a little bit. So it doesn't stick. Right. I'm asking them. Yet or not you the Golfer that is correct I've bowled. Asking I'm asking the Wichita State shocker who once had a nine hundred series against their rival. All. Nine hundred. No. Nine Hundred Series No. No I did apply yourself. The I know well retry on failure. Your pops on the phone. We'll We'll go through bowling green. In fact, that'd be a good thing to do now that we're just sitting here. twiddling their thumbs waiting for baseball to make their make their place players play I season. Let's get Josh's Dad on and talk about his youth, bowling days. I can tell you all about them if you want. No I. Want Your Dad Okay. He'll talk about for father's Day father's Day weekend coming up. Through. You. Want Me To bring out my dad on. I just got a facebook notification. It's Josh Albrecht's birthday today. Hey this just. happened. Raking News. So thirty is a fairly big one and I feel like. We should help you. Organize something a little something some. So maybe next week when? The and we go conquer Green Bay will organize something. We're playing golf a week from today us. Three three best friends at anyone could have and Dolph. Golfing Golf if office available. He's got a dentist appointment which we're GONNA make him canceled just to play golf with us. Sounds good to me. and. Where do you WANNA play? Let's play somewhere down home. You know like a new Berlin hills kind of place. I've played there. We go there. Yeah. Yeah somewhere. That's just i. want someone where they got. The three wheeled golf carts with the little handle on the front. You know you just hand will steer it. They don't make those more. Talking. Josh she never saw the three wheeled. No I think I have in the push heart. No, no, no, no driving cart, edit three wheel the front wheel. Steering, wheel, to I remember, it's like yeah, and the steering wheels a big triangle. Guys Google. like an assure you super dangerous. Soup or unstable sure is. I A friend wants to side. He was going to. He saw treated having A. Sloping yeah. Terrible, design. Who looked at them leave. That's enough wheels. Who who thought. In High School. We are of course that had one of those and there was some tree. That had this gently sloping root structure almost like a curve and my buddy said watch I'M GONNA go jump up. He wanted to drive up the tree, so he's. He pointed the one wheel no at the route that gently curved up. Nearly flipped us. Yeah, yeah, that would a famous photo. There's a famous photo of President Eisenhower one of those three wheeled tricks because those were all the rage back in the fifties so. So! Yes, so we'll make, we'll make next Monday. Golfing. Your official birthday or Josh? That sounds that sounds good, and you know what maybe we'll. Maybe we'll end up that red and white. You know you want to end up read why? And I really want Mike to stop texting me, so and and an an let's. Let's get as many station people as we can to come, and let's leave Dario out of it. So that then he can get upset about it and we can save, but we know how you don't like to be charged for birthdays. And there was a cover charge, and so we just didn't bother to ask you on. That'll be our revenge one year later one year revenge. Somehow Hill distant? Helix smell that all of us are there and. Go Ninety to get there quick. We should invite his wife to not him. Oh yeah even better. The lovely Jen lot would definitely spice things up. Add some championship attitude all right. Covered up. I'll get to this Bryson D Shambo. Thing he is murdering the Golf Ball and he added twenty pounds during the Rona of muscle, and the little bit of Burrito looks like it's still. He. He looks like he looks like a long drive champ. Who doesn't hit it off the grid and as total game? And if he can keep hitting it this far this straight. He might start winning ever then. That's what we gotta ponder next, or it could just be a flash in the PAN. It all fly apart soon we'll see, but brandel Chamblee hasn't thoughts on that, and so do I plus we get ready for the NBA. Restart. You'll get a championship team here in town with the bucks and Yada, so we got to start focusing our mind on that parade at the end of the rainbow. All. That more straight, ahead plus K B the professor. Don't go away. F-. Have you been craving. Air and sunshine. I'm sure you have. We've all been cooped up and board these last few months. While Pella is here to tell you, they've been in the fresh air and sunshine business for ninety five years. Okay they don't make the fresh earn some sunshine, but they helped. Bring it into your house. Bring it on through their windows and doors and screens and their role screen. It's like you're outdoors. Put your indoors. How great is that right now? You can get window replacement from Pella for twelve years two point nine nine percents, APR, financing what a deal or five years no interest and five months no payments anything that they can do to fit your budget. They will work with you. Pal has been the business of fresh air and sunshine like I said for a long time, and this is what you need in your life during the summer. Laurel screen is graded disappears into the frame of the screen door. It's great you'll love it plus they have a lot of other stuff that you may not have known about. Get those windows replaced. Step up your game and bring the fresh air and sunshine into Your House with Pella twelve years two point nine percents APR five years no interest in five months. No payments, certain restrictions apply see set your free consultation today go to Pella wr. Three, sixty, seven, three, sixty, five, three, sixty, one, three, fifty, seven, three, fifty, five, three, fifty, four, three, fifty, four, three, fifty, three. Those the long drive Bryson Shamba. What we're GONNA guess I was Gonna I was. I was GONNA. Guess your guesses of my weight. Oh now I would have been a cheap shot. No I would not have not on your birthday. He wouldn't be out on your immoral. Don't as those those are. Those are the long drives by Bryson to Shambo at the Charles Schwab this past weekend and those are mammoth bombs as good old Phil, Mickelson would say yep. Those are high, straight, nasty, salty bombs, courageous fill and is what he's looking for that right now, but anyway A normal tour, a good along to her player. carries it three hundred a really long tour player like Bubba. Watson can carry it three thirty. But the Shambo is carrying it that distance three thirty plus and getting the role now it's hot down there. At colonial. So the ball is flying farther, but he bulked up. He has changed his swing apparently in which he swinging faster going back. Yeah, it is a quick lash. It is more like a long drive champion. Swing. Than ever he finishes. Twisting his feet and getting his ass so into it. That is not proper form. But he's crushing it and he has a he has a driver that is five and a half degrees of loft. For those that don't understand golf. If you gave the best player at your club, a driver with five and a half degrees of loft, they could probably the they might hit dribblers with. They might get it airborne by about a foot. Yes, like a normal driver is at least nine and a half degrees of loft, if not more five and a half is ridiculous. Nobody else on tour has a driver like this. Bryce into Shambo is doing some weird stuff and he is finished. Look up his tour. Finishes go to PJ. Tour Dot Com. Eight he's finished like five to four three two. t three, so he's. He's right there on the edge of winning. Here he was after the fourth round and tell me Bryson doesn't sound like the cockiest. Sob ever to bring in Bryson. Whose? There you are hey bryson. Hey, guys, how how you doing I listen I. Know How much. Ben Hogan. You've worshipped Yogi. How much this term would have meant to you, but in a return. How do you walk away from this today? You know it's not over yet as some tough calls coming in. played. Some great golf didn't play any. COMP competition didn't even play eighteen holes coming into this tournament from quarantine public. So. I'm pretty excited about the path that I'm on the driving and wedging. Even gotten better in the potty wasn't there this week on Saturday and Sunday for some reason I feel like I just would have made a couple more putts yesterday today I mean I would run away with it, but it's one of those things that I got to figure out how to make more putts well, you played great today and you did make a charge and you shoot sixty six I know you'd love to have the second shot back at seventeen. What happened there? So we're in the first cut? Unfortunately perfect six iron down what I thought was the Middle Fairway and ran on the first cut and. When that shot, the thing just came off like a missile. For some reason, really felt like I control the distance navy. Because you're forty pounds heavier, and you're lifting like a maniac. They're just came out really hot and win picked up and flew over the green. It's nothing I can do is one of those jumpers that jumps. You know ten extra yards so I don't know how to control that yet. But that's a mistake and wasn't really expected to something that sometimes happens and that one cost me a lot like I, said it's not over yet, but Bryson. It's. That's not exactly the. The Bite I got find the better bite. There is one of him in the media tent in which she was just super cocky is like yeah, I'm once I. figure out putting pretty much. GonNa win all the time as gone t five second fourth t three, his last four events art, so here was Brandel Chamblee on the golf channel last night, pretty much apoplectic at these numbers and the way he was just, he was cutting the corner. It was like a video game Josh when you've got the cheat code, or when you got the super boast. Yeah, and you're making a joke of every hole you like. This. It's like Bo Jackson and Tech Mobile where he's looking at a golf course gone. NOPE, I'll fly that bunker. NOPE, I'll fly that one he's. Most unlike most long hitters, he's hitting straight missiles. In part getter. Here's our golf nerd them. His spin rate on his driver is twenty six hundred. Twenty six. Twenty, six, hundred, twenty, six hundred. Yeah, that's. Very three thousand three thousand spin rating drivers, good thing to aspire to most amateurs are no. Other three Oh. Yeah, you definitely want to okay well. Twenty, six, hundred, twenty, six, hundred his. Actually, it's Club Ed speed one thirty club head speed, one thirty ball speed one ninety. That's insane and spin rate. Twenty six hundred, these are missiles. Was PUTT. Is Basically okay. I heard a the at any any caught a flyer on seventeen, which screwed him, says him. Here chamblee after around on golf channel ticket. Listen huge risk Balkan up like that. He took the chance to try to change his golf swing and swing hard or on the way back and make all these changes through these are huge risks of his millions of dollars at risk here and he was already equality. Very, good player in would have gone on and had a very good career, but what he's doing right here I. Mean if you're a player. I mean you look his last four events. He's Gone V. He's gone second. He's gone forth. He's gone third and week after week after week. He's just getting longer and better with the driver. I you know I don't besides when John Daly made his mark in one thousand, nine hundred. Hundred one at the PGA. Then Tiger Woods came out. Those were seismic moments in the world of Golf. They changed. They changed the game i. mean this is got the potential to change the way people sat up to the game they they set up their equipment and the way that they get ready to prepare and play golf. Look Phil Mickelson made some noise by picking up some distance at forty eight forty nine years of age. But it wasn't this kind of distance, and not only did he pick up this kind of distance. He's also following it with some pretty darn degree of accuracy. So. Do you think get her that December is GonNa go on like a tiger like run because he is just pooping on every golf course hitting wedges in when everybody else that's hitting seven iron. A lot of guys hit it far I. Just looked up. The eighty seventh ranked Golfer and driver. Distance is three hundred yards right now. Right, but the difference between three fifty. Three hundred is five club Yup. Or four clubs if you're, he's averaging three twenty three point eight right now at second is Cameron Champ at three twenty. You, know I saw documentary once on a Golfer that had this very similar game He was a hockey player. turn Golfer. And he just he hit the crap out of the ball off the tee, but he couldn't do anything with it because it could no short game, no interesting short game, and until he ever learn out. Did he ever learn to put? He did he had to. He was happy. Place and then and that's all that's what did it. And unless this you know who the Shambo am I saying. It does good all right unless he can find his happy place, look, he's GonNa keep finding himself in fourth and third place. You know you gotTa make the Putts I mean if that documentaries is true. I'll come on. Give me a better version of this than that one youtube. Oh. Pack. Do you know that the putter? The Golden Hockey Stick Odyssey putter that they had in the movie. Josh that I knew a guy that runs a golf shop. That had a copy of that really. For Real, because Odyssey gave it to certain retailers as thank you. Awesome. I wish I had made a cash request for that thing on the spot, 'cause. How great would that be? Have as a collective? Cut Your? Yeah, yes, absolutely fact you know what I'm calling him. Today I'm calling my Guy Buddy and San Buddy that potter that Odyssey putter all by off you, what do you want for it? So I, don't know. Maybe maybe this is something. Maybe this is nothing. Maybe get her this disintegrates. At some point, where all of a sudden he gets crooked with that stupid five and a half degree driver, and then he plummets all the way down down down down the world rankings when and houses body to hold up like this to I mean exactly as hard as he is. That's with two six two in the excuse me. That's what to six on the Paul W dot com talk text line chimes, then says how long his body hold up with this new wait plus the swing. Because, they're skinny. Little dudes like Justin Thomas who also hit at three thirty, and it's all speed and leverage and flexibility so the the muscle stuff. It only goes so far. Some say tiger bulked up too much when he was in his weightlifting face. I, don't know man. I don't know he's talking to Shambo like he's on the verge of kicking sand and everybody faces what it's a brooks, Koepka Bryce into Shambo era where the two muscle dudes just fight each other, the bad boys, all years I'd be fine with that. The bash brothers the Sosa mcgwire of Golf Nego. Something to think about. Maybe! Coming UP THE PROFESSOR K! I wonder what he did this weekend. Funny Wormholes to jump down. Does he have any thoughts on the Social Maguire thirty for thirty, and because I teased it. Do we know a hard report date yet for the NBA players to the Orlando bubble. No No, no! It's in the sales. People can go into a bar in Waikiki. It's an S. O. same place, so the the whole world's been plunged into A. don't know. Don't care type of mode. Because we've been waiting for so long for details, when is the season going to start again? How are you going to do? It gimme a time line. They don't have it yet. At least the NHL is going to announce their hub cities right next Monday, so we have today. And one of the hubs. GOING TO VEGAS. For sure. There a spike in the. Ronan Vegas people out there mingling and hanging out I haven't heard if so I haven't heard it, but we'll see. The professor K B is in next. We'll find out what he got into this weekend. You're listening to the Steve. Zaven. Show right here on the game. Looking for It's time for. Life One. Oh, one with future. You really seems to care. About what I have no idea and advanced course in survival. that. Now. You can't play with the mold. Enjoy it on. Many levels lie do. The Color Gilbert. Now with the same. Here's your Professor K B. Professor. I present to you five unthinkable options of topics today. We could talk about one. Corona virus waivers for college athletes to. Anthem protests and who is or who is not going to do it this fall three. We could talk about golf and Bryson the Shambo talk about baseball being forced to play their season, or we could talk about Kyrie, Irving and some NBA players saying I think we should not play, because we don't want the moment of social justice to pass us by five UN thinkable options choose war. We could talk about six. Because This was one of the best highlights in my weekend. It was one of those situations that was so magical. That have you ever gone out to? Course just went out to play as a single, and it's kindly and on the ski lift when you stand there alone and single. You know you feel like yes. So. Idea who you're going to be plunged in with. And it could either be a nightmare or as I have found. A. Way in which a there could be cool people, or they're just weird people that you enjoy watching their weirdness while you play your game. While it happened to me, I went out to play. 'cause you get her never calls me to go play, but anyway so go not true. I? Just plus the balls and go out as a single right, and there's three young guys there. And I go okay here. We go you know the igloo cooler. This is going to be a day from hell and I walked up fast and I I guess I'm playing with you guys and they're like okay. You know that's fine. To stand there and when I go on I always you know I'll tee off fourth. It's their game then they start talking. Hey, you WanNa play Wolf you WANNA play Vegas. You WanNa. Play this and Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah so I. Know they're players right? I know they're at least they know how to gamble not some. Guy In cut off jeans. And they we could play wolf over you know and I just look at them I go. I'm not opposed to gambling. and. Own, what are we GONNA do? It's five bucks a whole Blah Blah Blah. Yeah, okay. What are the handicaps and I had the best afternoon with these guys? That's right. It was yeah it was awesome and then come to find out. One guy was a member at Milwaukee. The other guy ran the bag room at Milwaukee when he was growing up. So then it was like game on now here we go. Do you have, did you? Were you able to real in? A soft, invite to the mighty Milwaukee. Country Club from the guy you played with, or is that a bridge too far just yet? Now you don't go you. Go I mean I can get out there if I need to. But as we started playing, then they. You know the only thing. I looked down my nose at them about was they had a big cart full of white claws. Which is not my F-? Okay, but I see what their young. But they were going. They were GONNA. Hey, you want when you want one and playing good and I. had my double bogey run in the front nine. Then I put a little bit of clipper. A put a little clip on and my partner and I were losing and I. Just kind of looked at I. Go. Okay, it's go time. And shut thirty six on the back. Now. While fan now here's the. Thing. Okay, do I always have to get a clip on to play that well? Because when I'm playing without him too tight play too tight. I need to get a little bit loose. I don't know if that's a good thing once I get a little bit loose. The muscle stretch out swing gets a little bit longer. I don't know swing. Swing. Swing Lube or coach and a can as I've heard it referred to. is a universal thing. Have you ever heard that coach and a can? GET GOTTA get from. Johnny coach and a can I'm telling you just a little bit of booze to take the edge off your concentration, and just to make you not try so hard. Right it has monster effects. So good I see. Here's the thing like playing about the thing I like playing with people that are total strangers. Is that you get to see things? You may never see again in your lifetime. Like the one time I played in the old man who when I asked him. Could you mark your ball? They art I think it might be in my way. He marked it kb with his finger. In other words, he picked the ball up. took his bare finger and drew an imaginary ex in the grass. On the putting green, that was invisible to everybody, but maybe lex luther. And I just I just laughed thinking. I. Don't know if that's legal but God. Bless you sir. I saw guy once slaying randomly strangers. Ricochet not shot off of the two inch wooden. Read t block. Twenty yards in front of us. And See era wildly into the trees I had that happened in a I was running the junior tour events from Waukesha. County kid hit the I. T marker at Whitney'll. And nights the ball ricocheted thirty yards behind the tent that we had set up on i. t and he looks at me. Like what am I doing now? I'm like you go back there and hit two and play on. And Kaby. If that wasn't enough that this guy that I played with one time, randomly hit the the red t marker and Ricochet, sideways I, then got to watch him have the audacity to complain that the tee markers were placed in the way should have been there. To try to choke down my disbelief like. Bro You're supposed to get an airborne more than two inches off the ground, a good twenty feet away from your your actual tee shot, so so do you do this? Do you do this when you go out and let's see you're playing in one of those celebrity, outings or something and you get put with a foursome. What's the first thing that you do because I'll tell you the first thing that I do. Buy Drinks, lock. Well you want to know the first thing I do. I locked my wallet in my locking Zipper Pouch on my bag. That's. Okay but then I can relax have ended time with a bunch of with a bunch of Robespierres, bunch of thieves. Charlotte's no just kidding. Usually at first thing is all chat him up with you know where you from. Where do you work? Let that okay up the Spigot of conversation. Okay I'll tell you what the first thing that I do is. I go you know might pull up and I've got my bag in the cart and everything as I get out to introduce them. I glance at their bags. 'cause I want to see what sticks for sure because it. With the. You've got a guy with the old northwestern's and there's. CERT caked in the cake in the groove. You're in for a long day. You are in for Laura Western. Well, yeah. Don't you love the bags that have the biggest menagerie of clubs? Makes all different models weird things, chippers, hybrids. You name it. The most a long way looking back Yoyo, alien wedge be good. The seventy degree wedge is always a good one as well. There's a hypothetical or you. Yeah go ahead, bring. It hypothetically had a friend who can. The God why don't we do? Have second you go you go. Hypothetical! The devil offers you a proposition. You can either never three-putt again or never hit a ball ob again. The price of that is that you can also never buy a new club again. For the rest of your life. Would you take the deal and if so which one you choose? I would take the deal and I would never hit it ob. Because interest, pretty good I'm pretty good putter. I mean I don't I. Don't three jacket very often. Pretty good I mean I have, but it's rare. That now you know. Do you know the phrase the Devil's in the details? Yup. Well here's. Thirty five years old. The debt. Here's the devil in the details. The devil would say like you'd blow deep into the trees would be like that doesn't count because I made a deal with the devil and the devil say I. Don't see any white stakes there. None malls lost. Oh. You're saying how you could still I got you now? Because a lot of towards your, so you really traditional ob stakes. Okay, so you can say you can hit. It'll be. It just doesn't count as obese, so you're getting a Mulligan. Basically no, no. Let's just say that any ball that sailing out of bounds curves back in bounds, so it's OK also. Yes! Yeah Yeah I'm still going with I. Don't WanNa hit it because I can. I can lose driver at any given time and you do know. You do know that you can't buy another club the rest of your life. You'RE GONNA. Be Rolling around in twenty years with the most ancient clubs ever and being laughed at by playing partners. Like what is what that old set you like well. I made a deal with the devil. What if it's a broken? Eh? A driver. No, so then you're can't break it. And you if you lose if you lose a wedge, you know wedge for the rest of your life, but you made a deal with the, but if but if you have like backup clubs in your garage, you can go to. The Devil. All of that and I don't know not changing. That the deal is fourteen clubs for the rest of your life, no ob or no three putts your choice, but she said no new clubs. These wouldn't be new clubs. They would just be replacing with clubs already in my possession. Plus don't argue with the devil he will. He will take, you'll be. Kb Katie KB. The King of the hypotheticals knows that. When you lay out a hypothetical, it's non-negotiable right. Yep for the most part so I. Don't kill taking the knoll. Be because get her. Tell them how old my clubs are. You got. Yeah, they're. They're nineteen eighty probably. Probably probably eighty six. They were after the square groups, so they're still legal in in competition but I. don't play competition, so it doesn't matter. and I still love him. Get her. Is it still a good club? It's still what's one of the best irons ever, so you still. Feel like if you like weird looking shaped clubs with big toes and Angler notches. It's great thing I to spend. Yeah, so are you in the? Supposed to put it in the fairway. 'CAUSE I didn't make the deal with the devil took. On the shore stressed, that's. Are you going to say you've got it? You'RE GONNA. Say you've got a friend. Dot Dot dot. Go ahead Oh. Yeah! I got a friend who was an assistant pro Sam what he used to do is used to go out to the public courses in the morning with the old man in need hustle. And what he'd go out with was an old set of clubs. And, one of those those carts where it's Square in each club goes, it's an. Individual slot. Yes ace down. You know what I'm looking at. You know what I'm talking about. It was probably face down sixty six. Yeah, it's a square bag and it has its individual slot, so it looks like you're pushing kind of like. One of those shopping carts would have when he outlived in the city, and you put the bags in the bottom of you. Drag it behind you. Okay I'll send you a picture. He would go out with those, and he would start any go. He getting a game and he'd Hustle the old man and he. He played these old clubs. He would shoot like seventy. Three with clubs said it looks like he got out of his grandfather's garage. You've been had I've never seen A. Pushcart quite like that so. It's almost like it's on display. The golf shot well, even the golf shop they don't have the club heads down on the ground. They have him up, so you can look at them right outside the picture of its and. So this is where the grips the grips are off and the club heads are down, and they're in a square boxed sort of bag. Yeah thing. Now. Picture of it. Yeah, we told Young Josh about. The three wheeled golf carts from the fifties with the handle steering. He had no. The thing it kind of looks like a a bar. It's like a looped bar. Yeah, it's a bar. Those are awesome. That's what my grandfather had. They're really good to Jack. Knife end or flip if you jerk too quick, but they are. Rid of those things. Yes, they are indeed sade. Thoughts on the state of the sports world, as it just continues to sit here and Fester, and the baseball players and the owners pretty much saying fine fine. I mean you leave it up to a league. And you knew one of them was gonNA. Totally you know, screw it up and baseball is right now. It's like they don't just. They can't get it through their thick skull that people want. They want baseball yet. They decide. They're gonNA fight. They're going to start doing their CBA two years ahead of time, and all they're doing is making everybody mad. That's my take on that number. Two is I didn't mind watching golf without spectators didn't do anything to ruin it for me, but you must you must. You must have spectators at the Ryder Cup. Otherwise you push crack a year. That's why we're coming up on a critical week for that. Are we not? I think I think they got it, I think they have to I. Think they have to know? And make the call and and I think you should have it. I absolutely have to have it. You have to allow fans I'm saying. Fifty percent is fine. It's just nuts when you know were at this station. This is the Steve Sabin show up the game now. Here is the say. Glorious Monday hope you had A. CRACKERJACK weekend. In the sports world, we continue to just sit around and wait and sit around and look on baseball and say wow. All y'all's are really a bunch of a holes kind of makes. You feel Tom if you're big into baseball and you see what's going on right now. You feel like man. I think. I'm being taken for a sucker here. So baseball is going to force the players to play as per their agreement that they signed hastily at the start of the pandemic and Tony Clark. The MLB players union had said essentially. We're not talking anymore, so just tell us when we have to show up. That is the most non enthusiastic participation you could possibly imagine for a baseball season. That's going to be super. Short Fifty Games. Is going to involve a number of players. Mark my words who don't play. Because they don't care. And then a number of guys getting hurt. Now it could be better than nothing I suppose who knows by the time we get to August. Who's going to be allowed into the stadium or not? Already Texas has said fifty percent outdoor capacity. But that then depends on I. Guess the League allowing yet and everything else. It's not going to be great, and it's GonNa. Come at a time in which the NHL and the NBA are also restarting and football starts up. I asked this question on June fifteenth. Right in the dead middle of June. What's your confidence level that the NFL and college football season will be played. Forget fans, but just played. Mostly on time, and as intended scale of zero to one, hundred, one hundred, being metaphysical certitude. Zero, being no chance L.. eighty-five. GonNa say eighty five. Forget or Josh. What do you think? I'M GONNA go lower than that. Bob I'm going to go. I'm going to go sixty nine percent. Right odd number, but okay fine. It is an odd number. Good call. Just anybody know knows anybody know has given me reason to. Believe I mean the. Baseball had plenty of time. The NBA think okay. Yes, Disneyworld. Something's going to happen. Then the players go like there's just there's nothing that's gone. Okay. A Professional League can make this happen. So it will happen. Does anybody know what these leagues have as a benchmark of Ono. Too Much Rona. Can't play the sport. Is it cases. Is it hospitalization? Is it deaths? The different ways you can. Shape and shift and report numbers. To try to tell a story that you want told about all it's bad or not. It's not bad at all. Yeah, just ask guys who fish ways. Yeah, right? It's a million. Different? Ways. So I wanNA, know what's what's the threshold? At what threshold they it's too much we can't play. More protests over the weekend in various places. and. Thousands of people packed tightly in. To various locales to protest and were saying we cannot fans now, or we're not saying that, but at some point someone's going to say we can't do it I. DuNno I duNno I duNno I. Don't know I don't know. But I think football I think football is GONNA. Come off as planned. I think they're gonNA put some limits on on capacity got saw the governor of Texas, said Jerry. World can expect about forty five thousand fans, not ninety. At this point, just as as there's football and somebody in the stands to cheer I. Think will like it maybe with nobody in the stands. That's okay as well at some point. You're just GONNA. Have to start letting people back now next month. We're going to get fans at memorial, and that's going to be nice, and it's a limited number yet. A thousand fans of the NASCAR event Sniffen. The exhaust fumes of forty three cars. Gasoline. Hope there's no rubber and rubber. And then on the anthem front. Something very interesting is about to happen here. We're about to jump. The bridge, not the shark read about to cross the Rubicon here to the point where. If you do stand for the anthem. You might be the one. Who is taking a big risk with your career? Imagine that? If, you stand for the anthem and you happen to be a white player. You might be ostracized as how dare you. If every team votes. To go along and to kneel for the anthem, solidarity. What would constitute a protests them? The kneeling would now be normal and the default. So how do you then stand out as saying? Hey, I'm not going along with what everyone else is doing I'm protesting. Has Anyone pondered that. Bizarro, world that we are headed towards you'd get a recliner and you just kind of sitting there Kleiner and put your feet up. I don't feel. Sponsored. the reason that capture knicks kneeling and a handful of other players. That did it Eric Reed Kenny stills. I'm trying to think of a few others. The reason that that was. impactful or significant was that there was only a few people willing to do it. And it stood out visually you can see. There there's a protest. How do you then stand out? And how do you take a risk? When kneeling in solidarity becomes these sympathetic and conventional? Thing to do. I, don't know streaking will. Maybe because no one takes streakers. Everyone takes what they have to say various. Yeah then when Roger Goodell two Fridays ago. When less guys? Hey know what makes a good point. Here legend that's great. Two Fridays ago and Roger Goodell cut his video for social media, saying they were wrong, and how they handled the protests initially and should have listened to the players more. Did. You think Oh, I bet. They're gonNA now praise Roger Goodell. Because PA sucker. It's just now. We're going to criticize him further. Gregg Popovich Spurs coach Knox Roger Goodell. For previously caving to Donald Trump's tweets in the past on the issue. Of player protests during. The anthem. So, in other words. I'm trying to do good I'm trying to evolve trying to admit past mistakes. Now it's just well. It's a little bit late or you shouldn't have done this before. Is Anybody look in a Roger Goodell like all right. This guy's got it now. He's on the cutting edge. He's fully woke. Gets it no, not one dampers now. No, so it didn't away. It's the darndest thing I don't i. don't know what to make of it. I literally think there might be a player who says you know what? I have nothing against people who want to protest but I stand for the flag. I stand for my own reasons I stand. To once again, remind everybody that we have a great country where you can protest. And you can have your voice heard just not right now not for these two minutes these two minutes for me for me to stand and thank the men and women who laid down their lives to preserve our freedom, and to appreciate what a great country! This is I, stand for those two minutes, but if you WanNa Neil that's great, but I'm standing. If somebody comes out with that, take an athlete. Will they then be shamed? Oh, I'm sure. Of course. Not Jj Watt, Wisconsin Zone YEP JJ, watt? Story over the weekend. Somebody, let's see. Matt Couch Creator of a right leaning website. said. Basically? That JJ WATT would not neil for the anthem. I don't know how he had that, but so so be it. A Bill O'Brien. My d'appel Ganger said Yeah I'll take a knee I'm all for at the players have a right to protest right to be heard and right to be who they are. They're not taking any because they're against our flag. They're taking a knee because they haven't been treated equally in this country for over four hundred years. A Brian's words immediately made the rounds on social media. Including this guy couch. Couches Oh shared the news to his base of over three hundred thousand followers, and then he tagged Jj Watt. And couch asserted his certainty that what would not be seen taking a knee. What clapped back. Clap. Back, Clap on. Clap. O'hare! Oh Yeah. Yeah. That's a clap off. Okay, that's when you want back instant poll. What's more, annoying clapback as a term or doubled down as a term? More. More trite more overused so and so. clapback or cell, and so double down on his controversial stance clapback more knowing they're both bad, yes. J., Watt Jj Watt felt the need. To clapback a don't speak for me. Be If you still think it's about disrespecting the flagger. Our military clearly haven't been listening. Okay, here's what I love about his response. One as one of the faces of the NFL as far as play, big-time face, multiple times defensive player of right year. I'm sure that he was getting asked all the time for his stance on this. and. Second he didn't say in their one way or another what he would do correct so it was a. it was a perfect opportunity for him to. Make a comment without actually saying much of anything. But good good on what? But this is some random dude. I've never heard of mad. Cow Carries get three hundred thousand followers. Who knows how many are rushing botts for that matter? Why Eve nothing! To someone why hottest instagram follows a Russian dense? THEIR LOCAL SINGLES IN MY S. Sosa, FIFA Kaya, very hot. I think she tells me. So. I mean. Jj Watt. ICONIC. League! He is perceived by some to be kind of like the great white. Star. Hollywood looks larger than life. Great player. Just Midwest. Boy from the heartland. Brother plays in the League all American. Guy. He he's he's GonNa Neil. But, there's no way around it. You didn't say that. I, I'm not saying. He said that I'm predicting well sure we cannot predict things. But. Here's the thing if the whole team neal's. He's covered. If only a handful of players do and he joins them. I don't know. Some people might say I'm not a JJ watt fan anymore. We'll sure and all those hypotheticals exist, but the point is in the moment. When he was called out, he saw an opportunity to. Say something without actually saying something, which was a good move by him. Okay, but how many people does he have to then clapback at because again? This dude was a random dude math couch for the most part I. Don't I don't think he the clapback at anyone else I think he just used this. Todd couch guy as an opportunity to. Say No I did say something. I responded to this guy that you didn't see it. I tweeted something and be done. I predict every team. Neal's a team in week one. Every team neal's is a team in week one and then week to going forward A. Mixture of players Neil. I, also predict. Everyone's sick of this story already, but guess what. I felt the obligation to do it because it's in the news. So there, you go done off the list. Can we start talking about football? At some point you know? Training camps are less than a month away no month and a half. And of July scheduled open. Can't wait for football. Talk to actually begin. Yes, also also the astros are not alone in their signed stealing apparently potential about possibly. Becoming more and more clear, the Yankees are cheating, too. We'll talk to her about that weekend. 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How was the weekend was the wind flowing at red and white was very good doctor There was good wind flowing. The patio was full. Yeah, everything was great. Thank you. Did you ever see the bit the whiners? On SMS. Of course, Doug and Wendy whiner this from. Nineteen eighty to a young drew barrymore. Arm Finish. Well Wonder Church turns. Behave. Mine. no-one. no-one in Europe and edge with liver spots. Tick you. Doug and Wendy. whiner everything they said sounded like a wine that was a young Joe Piscopo before he bulked up. Like the incredible hulk. Yeah, like he really went off the deep end lifting weights, didn't he? Know Kid yeah and I I. Mean I totally forgot about Piscopo. Tell you play then? I, remember all right. All Right? Let's start with baseball. Mr Heller the sport you played at a high level and you love. Are you gonNa feel good about essentially a forced march at the tip of the owners legal bayonet. This is this is all bad and it's. It's continued to get worse. Both sides have been tone deaf depending on your. Where you sit in life, you can blame one or the other You know I I don't know that the owners have been. They've offered essentially the same deal and just packaged. It differently three different times, but. The. Players Union is the strongest of all the unions out there and and I guess both sides have failed to understand where we are as country. Because this is just it's rotten I, don't I? Don't know that I've seen more tone deaf. business than what Major. League Baseball's engaged in in the last three weeks, and it's and I. Don't know if some of this damage. It's not. It's not irreparable. I mean we we always. We always come back at some point. If you love the sport, but this is not good. Yeah, the coming back will be interesting because. You you probably some fan restrictions, if not no fans to start, even in August, which is a month and a half away. And you'RE GONNA have a super short season, I've already predicted a good handful of star. Players are not play. That's. What? What are they given up? You know they're. They're gonNA. Give up seventy thirty percent. If D. Games so yeah, usually three percent. And for a lot of these players, the most important thing they did get was that that they would get service time so if they're one year closer to free agency that still is in effect whether they play or not. And I bet you a number of players Mike are going to say if I play this short season and start pressing and put a bad season down numbers. Wise, that's GONNA. Crush me going into free agency better to take the thirty three percent loss. And then be available this winter go on. Somebody does get off to a slow start individually. If indeed they do start playing, which right now would appear the essentially. The earliest they could start will be the last week of July. Date season by close of business today, which was the players association has demanded from ownership in the Commissioner's office. Then you put all the protocols in place which they haven't agreed upon. There's just there's very little chance they could play before August i. One of the chances do you think that the players try to bog down the owners with unreasonable layers protocols? They Jerry while it up. Right especially, since they both both sides have abandoned any understanding of what's going on in the country they could absolutely go there and just make this make this dumpster fire A. Four alarm fire could put more junk in the dumpsters. What you're saying? Hey I got a a wooden pallet and some boxes throw that in there. Roaring. While there's the meanwhile. There's a fresh bubble in the sign stealing controversy. Many of my astro of well, not many the handful of Astro Buddies I. have who have been hard down about. Hey, we're not the only ones that were doing this Boston and the Yankees were in on it as well have been screaming. Where's the national press on the Yankees? Win The big writers going to hammer the Yankees like the hammer the astros, while now apparently a judge has ruled that a letter sent by MLB to the Yankees addressing the findings of their investigation should be unsealed and Yankee Lawyers Mike have been fighting this tooth and nail, and it looks like they're about to lose. And I think if we just pull back a little bit. You know last night they the the long gone summer last night on on, ESPN everybody was thinking in the day that the steroid issue was Sosa. mcgwire bonds can SACO. Was Blind the idea that it was it was rampant. League wide, I don't know what the numbers have. You'll listen to convey. Co was upwards of eighty percent If you look at the science, stealing was going on in Houston and believe that there were not other teams that were also trying to gain that advantage, especially with the transient nature of Major League Baseball You're just foolish if you think that it was a one off event, and only Houston was doing and then only Boston. There's just no way you know I in fact. In the early reports, one of the writers out of Saint Louis implicated the Milwaukee brewers in that as well. Really Yep. The lawsuit was brought forth by Fan duel participants daily fantasy players, saying that they had been defrauded because of this and MLB and the Yankees have been told by this judge. They must submit a minimally redacted letter version of the letter. By noon today as part of the proceedings in a lawsuit, the Yankees have argued that the letter would cause significant reputational injuries you. However the judge was unpersuaded by this, and it looks like it's now going to come out. The Yankees were slapped on the wrist a year before the Astros took the sign stealing to the next level. Right, but I wonder if this thing is going to mushroom up and really encompass the Yankees in a way that it did the Astros and I. Mean you know how this stuff works? If they do get that that information and put it out there. Some clubhouse attendant is gonNA. Lose his job. Some of the is going to be thrown under the bus. Lose his job. have his name published, but the players will be protected. You know there will be no players named unless somebody's retired then they'll issue that players name. Yeah well I'm looking forward to. At least there's something that's coming out today at noon in the world of sports meanwhile. Did you watch the golf this weekend? Yeah I. Mean I thought you know those those short. Miss Potts Jordan speak on a short one, and then Burger wins because there's a short lip out You know I thought it was fantastic. It's still a little weird to to wash without grandstands and no fans and the wayward shots actually go fully wayward. They're not protected by the gallery or bouncing off a grandstand. Yeah thought it was fun. I mean the the weather was so nice that I didn't lock myself. I watched it back. Yeah, here's one thing that. And get her if you watched any of it, let me know if you found the same thing. I felt like the pace. Of play was a lot faster and that the televised pace of play was much more tomb tome boom boom boom than normal telecast. Why it felt that way, it felt like I was getting more shots per minute from CBS than I. Normally do well because they didn't have so many encore reporters that they had to get to to get their thoughts on something I would say well to reporters. Have Tiger to to show eighteen replays olly every single shot. He Hits in walking fairways. That's an interesting take that if the on course guys in the towers nip. Television Golf likes to show stalking. Of Putz in so the announcers can blah blah, blah, blah blah, but since nobody was there, they were all Orlando. Then, they just went there like okay. Here's Shaath like okay. Here's Burger Okay here's more cal. I would like more of that but I would like the fans back. I mean I think the fans absolutely add something hell. When more CAL lips out to lose the tournament, there would have been a collective. There is nothing else. Play the highlight this morning I was gonna use it in the show up on my all you hear is like nothing. And then junior burn. CADDY Weekend wind before. We're out of here aiding that now the off over the weekend. It's all about baseball. It's all about their tone deaf. They're blind to that situation, and it doesn't seem like they can get out of their own way and I don't know what we're gonNA find out today. you know if if they're going to get back to the table? Or if indeed the Commissioner's Office is is going to put the schedule out there but it's it's rotten. Baseball shot themselves in the foot and their bullets. Now they've picked up a hatchet and they're like on a second right. This foot is still on their started back. Gun At each other, basically because they've used all the bullet pretty rice. Very good, Mr Heller. Good show this afternoon, buddy, we'll talk. Thanks boys. Mike Keller, owner of red and white and WANNA key. Are we going to end up in water key next Monday night for your birthday. We might good feeling a real good feeling. White Claw there, so, what's Joschka drink well? They have other types of alcohol. Don't they? Yeah Josh Yourself. Are you still on the quality. Yeah Lust. I've been I've been drinking. You know loss I've been drinking everything during this. If we did a party for you, that had a big tub of Seltzer. Samplers all the different makers trying to get in on white cloth. Would that be good or you're like? I don't need all the others. I got the claw. I'm seriously in different that beer vodka. German ginger, whatever general I don't care. Yeah, it is, but whatever I'm I'm at the point where I'm like. There's no sports is pandemic I'm going to drink booze. Whatever it is pandemic rules is what you're saying. That's right, okay? Lot of texts coming in stay with us. We roll on here on a Monday in the great. Wisconsin world of no sports. Game. Now your out of control. Crossing the How come? No player has come out, said. I can't wait to play sport again. How come, nobody has come out with a firm. TWO-FOOTED I am dying to get back on the court dying to get back on the field. This has been too long. I WANNA play. I miss the sports so badly. Josh answer that not my answer to that is because there's no right answer, if you if someone says that someone puts a tweet out, someone says that and posts it how it will be. They could get. How dare you right absolute. Or if you're or if you're a baseball player, your union says hey, Bro, what are you doing? There's no way to say the right thing right now. We're fighting these guys. Were we're in a fight right now for our economic lives? What are you doing saying? You can't wait to get back out there. Josh, that's the that's a very pithy point. You just made right there. Repeat what you just said. There's there's no way to say the right thing right now. Brilliant boy is that. That's a t shirt I needed just absorb that. There is no way to say the right thing right now. Yeah. It'd be nice if some players were like I can't wait to get back. I would say that when this whole thing started. I. Had this naive idea in my head? That that's how we'd be three months from now of course with players saying I cannot wait to get back and play. I don't know man. I completely get it. I completely get right now. Why no player wants to say anything I mean especially when the players that are saying things like Kyrie Irving are saying okay well. Then why would you WanNa say something? Kyrie, irving knowing going to be negative reaction. And White Howard, also saying. He doesn't think they should go play Twi our. WHO said of course I'd love to win my first championship. You are such a ride along right now. Like just seriously don't white. You know enough already, but that's fine. I mean those feelings look. If those feelings, those feelings feelings are never wrong. That's what my therapist said so yeah lucky! Right, that's how you feel. Here's a friend. Cory from Madison on the T. W. Ida, com, talk and text says truth be told boys anecdotally talking to friends, people are realizing we can live without sports leagues, sucking up our money and time lots of other things to do in life, so let MLB dither an NFL players do whatever? The populace is starting to tune them out anyway. He's right and he's wrong. In my opinion, He's right in that for now. He's right. I think he's wise in that. Heathrow are fed up. And just tuning amount, but people still need sports. The damage from this. Shutdown and the subsequent self owned damage. Of the Union and the players fighting, and or maybe the NBA players and them not liking the bubble conditions because God, forbid were at pop century. The the damage from this won't be fully known for maybe another year. We need a whole year of data in the following year like once we get everything back up and running and with fans in the stands as normal. Then we're going to have to measure to see what the effect was. This is like you've been in a coma and you know that you've suffered some. You know, kidney, damage or something? You don't know how much damage there is until you finally come out of it. And then you assess like whoo lost thirty percent or ooh Oh, you know what we're fine with doubts back willing like five percent of damage that may fully come back in a bit. We don't know how much of the ties of the average sports fan are being severed right now with the pigheadedness. Of the major sports leagues see and that's the difference right? There is that for baseball. What they're doing is you can't just say this is a pandemic issue. That's why the losing money issue, right? That's the this is going to have a much bigger effect on baseball than it will. Any of the other sports because everyone is looking at this pandemic Hash role in this together sports included. Included baseball. None of us can feel that. None of us are sitting at home going well I. Get it just last week. I had to negotiate for my multimillion dollar contract. No one can have that conversation, and because of that they're going to hold that grudge longer, and they're going to be I I. Don't need to deal with baseball anymore. The biggest impact will be on baseball. Maybe. Going back to the party, analogy of husband wants to have the party. Wife doesn't or vice versa doesn't matter, and they fight and fight and fight, and then finally the the wife says will find have the party I'm not. I'm not doing anything for. It's all on. You. Get all the food. Send the invites. I'm not I'm not setting anything up. That's basically what the players have said Okay I. I can't. We can't stop you. Owners from having a season and I'm not moving out of the house, but I'm not doing anything for this party, so so the one person is in super grumpy mode, but maybe once the party starts by the end of the night. The wife you didn't want to have the party is drunk on wine coolers dancing sway and having a great time very possible. Very possible, but as you as a guest at that party, you're still gonNA. Feel really awkward feeling the tension between the husband and wife in the room. and. That's where we are is fans. Even if this happens and the players just agree to do it anyway. We as fans are GonNa know that the two sides couldn't agree that they both bickered and we're going to be like. Yeah, but the players don't even want to be there this dumb yeah! Because the word, will. Go to Bill Party. I heard from a friend of bills that SU super pissed and doesn't want this party suck. I, don't know. Could be awkward I. Mean really like him as a couple. I go to their party every year. Right go to their baseball party every. Year I love their house. It's a fun time this baseball party that they have but. It's going to be sort of awkward. I don't know we'll see. And then you say I'm not going. It's going to be awkward and then a buddy texts you from the party. Hey, man, it's actually pretty good. Sues somewhere in the house. She's still not happy about it, but bills out here and. The getting drunk ball by herself right? There's there's some other people couples. The pool is it's Nice Daesh. Come on over, and so then you go all right. You know what I'll come on over. And then by the end of the night meaning by the end of September. Parties, region. At the end of September baseball's region. Is there that chance? That that dynamic could play out. Of, course, there's a chance all. I'm saying Zave. If you're watching if you're watching this trust, you and I were on the same page. Talking about a shorter season adds a lot of. Impact to the to the game of baseball, because it makes every pitch count. So, it could be very exciting, but if you know that the players don't want to be there. And they're pissed. That's not going to change the way you feel about the game watching it. I mean half of the fun of watching the NFL seeing the competitiveness of everyone playing, if if everyone's up their own lollygag into first base and lolly gagging around just lolling hangers is what you are. Showing that they don't want to be here looking like me playing baseball. No one wants to watch that one of the thing is too I just read the story from WHO's who wrote the story. Steve Williamson on my screen skit now crazy playwright. Jim, Parkinson. Apartments Arkansas. He is one of my favorites of all time. Good good beat writer. Jim Parchments. Pack it up? Ron. Ron Bloom. Associated Precedent said players who make about nine hundred twenty five thousand dollars their salary before the pandemic. Have already received advances up to two hundred, eighty, six, thousand, five hundred dollars, so players that salary will base could not get any more money the rest of this year, so it's like. Why would they come? That's a good point. If. They get service time. That'd be the when there's no reason to come, yeah! Sorry that's it I'm bouncing to learn some of these players playing for free plus on top of this. There are still part of the union, so if anyone goes out there and doesn't stick to plan that. The Union made the Players Association might have saying all right. We're going to show the owners. What's up? We're all GONNA. Play crappy. We're going to show him how important we are! If there's one or two guys that do the opposite now you're gonNA have fights within the players. Nobody's GONNA show up and play like crap on purpose, because especially guys in a contract here no chance. What if what if for one for opening day? The players in baseball treated every game like the NBA All Star game. Where they literally just through meatballs up there and let balls drop, and just lolly gagged around and jackass did up like this is our protests. What about if I mean which is in the outfield throwing his up in the air and catching one? Out of his mind. Care Slow Pitch Softball for opening. Right Tantrum basically for one for opening day for one game. To say this is our protest now I think the fans would be a backlash on the players. Come on your pros. Be Responsible, but maybe they do that. I don't know I think it'd be hilarious. I'd love to see that sorry wasted. I hope there's no yeah. Don't don't play it, please. I, can't dump. No, it's okay. Oh, that's right. 'cause the final segment is a no dump zone correct. Right is life which is why that's always the segment that we take the most. Live on baby yeah. I think I actually have it on here, I. No no this would be. Roll the dice. This. No no everything a machine here is clean because it's for Radio Oh. Yeah for sure. Okay, Oh God! The ball. Hit the ball. Know, that's not enough lolly. Get. Yes I'm telling you. Everything on this machine is clean. That's why are you? GonNa play with. From this machine. I can play this. which has expertise of and they're and they're bleeped out. Shaking me off. Best working. With the president of door unsure what nothing presents to the store to announce your presence with authority. I ball fastball hitter. He's looking for. Yeah, so what eighteen my? ME. Me Your. Heat Why he was calling me me. I'm the guy driving a porsche. I think I think not having pro sports. would be way more palatable right now. If just everything else was up and running summer fest bars, other festivals youth sports if the youth sports industrial complex is up and running. It'd be a whole different story. If only thing out right now was major league baseball and major sports. would be radically different. You know Corey and Madison whose e I read. Is Kinda partly true. In, that people are starting to realize. Hey, life can does go on without sports. It's better with sports. Steps something casual to talk about a game on to watch on TV. The only thing that makes it really tough. Is that so much else of normal? Society is also shutdown. If that weren't the case big time. Pro Sports would be in trouble. I mean baseball. Baseball's not completely gone the the American Association, of Independent, professional baseball the Milwaukee Milkman. They're gonNA play. They got sixty sixty games come and certain July third. So the. Baseball every day right there, youth and adult says four one four. Good go to the rock. There, he. Will know. What the rock is cooking all right that'll. They'll do it for us today Madison. You've got Dan Patrick next meanwhile, we've got nine to noon with Kuhn. Is Pushing back the. New Baby is not into tomorrow because he has basketball camp, so his stuff is going. There you go basketball camp is up and running anyway, John John. Kuhn will join US next as we go four wide. Nine to noon with cool. quickly. There's nothing like making a meal with every pot and pay you. We are now five Y. Yet still five wide bookie is out today and tomorrow, but John Kunas here ready to captain the ship for the next three hours johnny boy. Yes that's right. five wide brought to you by our friends at X. Golf play train. Entertain great time to be had playing simulated golf. Quick, quick quick, and you don't have to walk anywhere good, morning. Jay Kay how we doing. I'm doing great. I wasn't hot this weekend, but it was a beautiful weekend. You talk about Sun Shine. There wasn't a cloud in the sky. That's a way to make a strong comeback here this summer. I'll tell you what we're. We're turning things around. You got to enjoy the Wisconsin summer because it's. It's not here for a long time. But it is, it is glorious now. We'll get thrown that random colder than it should be weekend. But otherwise you got to enjoy it. I've always said man it and I think the People Wisconsin pre sheet. The cool will. But warm summer days 'cause you get further south. From and it just gets steamy nasty and you're like I can't deal with this. You played in new. Orleans I mean what the Hell's New Orleans like in the summer wolf out. Oh, my gosh, that place I almost died a couple of times on the practice field, and just you walk in, and as you're walking in, you can kind of feel the tunnel vision hit, and you 'cause you're about the blackout, and you just sit on the table and say I vs IV's just get to fill me back up with water, please. Yeah, there's nothing worse than you're trying to go out and enjoy something a picnic round of golf. You name it and you're making your own soup under your arms down your back into that crack area behind you John. You know how that is a man. The, the best part about it though is after spending a little over two years down there I. don't get hot anymore. And after living an after living in plain in Green Bay for ten years I. Don't get cold anymore like you put changed you having your body chemistry. Yes, yes, I heard this story a longtime ago about. A navy seal who was over in Afghanistan and got stuck there, and it was so cold at night. So call it night. He he said he swore he would never complain about being hot again for the rest of and I believe it. 'cause I've been in the hottest of the hot and the coldest cold as it pertains to the the US playing football. None of it! None of bothers me anymore. You know one thing I do like about the summer in hot climates and even humid climates is hot summer nights. Or we arm summer nights where it's no shoes or just flip flops, t shirt and shorts. Those are the kind of nights that I dream about in the dead of winter. Saying I cannot wait to just sit out and listen to the bugs on a hot summer night on a porch or somewhere like that. I like that, too, but we don't get that in Wisconsin. We won't get the the hot summer night where newsroom shorts, and like a cutoff or something or maybe a Jersey Yeah. You don't get that in in Wisconsin a whole lot. Normally even in the summertime you still need like a buyer or you need something outside just just to kind of keep you just to kind of keep going or is really warm and sticky and humid, and you're sticking to everything and you're like this is great I'm so glad I'm not in the air conditioned house. Sticking not saying all the furniture. No, you're not. Sticking. Well, if it's a little bit cool, you gotta be like making the quarter Zip. I have now more quarter zips per capita than several small states in the country. Well. That's that's all swag that that's every time you go in for a trip. Say Steve! Look we got. This is I know, throw listening. But I like wearing them like on a cool morning playing golf, give me a quarter ZIP. When when the rest of the Wisconsin Mafia get in his boys there in shorts and a tee shirt like we played in Vegas and March. And it's been pretty brisk. And these guys, these guys like it's great out there like no sleeves shorts like y'all crazy well. That's an institute is not there. That's another thing about Wisconsin, too though is. When I was down in New Orleans I promise you, I promise you. It'll be maybe December maybe January it'll be. Sixty to sixty five degrees and people are in sweaters and scarfs. And I'm looking around like this. When we went to, we had the Disney cruise in January. We stayed a couple of days in Galveston, and it was like that temperature like sixty five in Galveston Texas, and we walked out of our hotel, and like the the car hop, guys. Were literally in full length Parkas in. Winter hats and I'm like what is wrong with you really Jesus. Prior to coming on. Josh was begging for a follow from John. His Birthday. That's all I wanted from John. That's all you wanted. Who laid down the law though? For befalls you though don't worry about it. The coon rules for birthdays. Are you get to make a big deal on your twenty first? And then your fiftieth or fortieth, maybe your fortieth maybe K.. But other than that, even the Big Three Oh. which is what Josh is now not worthy of a big to do. Thirty. What's thirty mean like forty you're you're on the back nine. That's something celebrate. Okay, you made the turn. Thirty. Your own like well. You're just kind of not. Here's my argument to that. There's all kinds of big birthdays growing up. You know thirteen, your teenager sixteen. You get a car eighteen. You're allowed out of the house. Okay one you can drink your say out nothing nothing. You're saying the forty as if it's like you're over the hill, 'cause you know you're looking at eighty, but if you might only live to sixty. Then thirty is. Something to celebrate. That's what I'm saying. Thirty is a big deal when you're looking at fifty five six. Let's just let's just break it down sequentially the number one thing you've got to look forward to when you turn dot dot dot. Let's start with twenty one. What's the number one thing you got to look forward to almost dying from drinking? Yeah, joins raking, harass drinking without sorry, not in fear. Okay so drinking is the number one thing when you're twenty one right, yeah! So don't play that on all right. What's the biggest thing look forward to when you're thirty. I'll see you. Don't look for anything yet. There's nothing really look forward to I'll tell you. Look forward to twenty years a grind as a family man, look forward at twenty years of swallowing your pride, your job seeing yourself passed over for promotions, look forward to twenty years of PTA meetings and unsatisfactory expensive vacations with your kids look forward to Various Youth Leagues and sports that your kids play, and you put a lot of money into, and then they one day decide. I don't WanNa play that sport any more and it's over. Twenty years of that. Josh, Oh Block Lynn. Buddy, thank you. No, thank you I'm so excited Great Myra, but am I wrong at forty. What do you have to look forward to see to me? This is work. It's interesting, because I think you're exactly right. When it comes to thirty, it might be thirty years of that to look forward to instead of twenty, but do that's what you're looking forward to a thirty life starts there for a grown man, but then for your ten years into that most of us at forty say. Heck with it I'm done with it. I'm taking a new philosophy on life. I just turned forty among the back nine. I'm no longer looking down the barrel of a thirty year old I'm ready to move on. I'm going to. Core. I'm GonNa, tell my wife that it's my life and that I'm their own money. Right. Halfon with that. What about what about fifty what? You have to look forward to it fifty? Paying for school for your kids, I guess paying for a lawyer. This is why I said you don't celebrate, said maybe fifty at fifty I think you're looking forward to finding a way to finally retire and have enough money to do some decent things in life. That's what you're looking forward to their at sixty. You're looking forward to waking up without pain in lots of parts of your body. And at seventy I think you're just looking forward to a good week, can solid in the morning and yells. Call it a day. A good constitutional when you're seventy is something to look forward to yeah, no doubt. Hey fifty five is great because you now can can be a senior and play in the State Wisconsin Golf. Association events is a senior so. What Age at what age do you just start hitting people in life with truth bombs because you don't care. That is I mean that's great. GRANDPA Coal. Bombs GRANDPA. Did, he just say. I guess he did see. You thought it was not just. Put. They will cut you off and not even look your way. I'm talking about walking. Cut You off where they. They know. You're not gonNA bump into him because they're old, but they just take advantage out. There is something to be said. When are you legally allowed to do that? I guess as soon as you're willing to deal with the fallout willing to deal with the family drama. Like I can't believe Your Dad said that, or you know somebody that at work like I well I never. Know, remember the commission, but there is a convenience made a joke that he wants to be really old like know in his in his eighties late eighties, and then whenever he's in a situation that he doesn't WanNa be, and he can just say hi I'm tired. Old GRANDPA. GRANDMA'S GONNA go to bed, but it's nine thirty in the morning. I'm tired. Just go away Bernie Mac. Maybe. Brian Brian Milwaukee and talk and text line says car. INSURANCE STARTS GETTING CHEAPER EVERY YEAR AT thirty. I suddenly. A better driver. Hint I did not yeah Josh. Insurance you might be getting a break on that. On to`save didn't even remember how old he was last week. And that's what fifty is to goes fifty three. Persons Sixties so they don't which? John in Indy says at Youth Camp Youth. Golf camp check and right now. Our son is nervous. He wants to go back home, lots and lots of kids. You'd be impressed that it's virtually half girls. It seems. so there are camps inter starting up. That's good and Brian Butch is running his camp these next two days. Have you ever done a camp John Coogan? Yeah, I've done some camps. Can't say they were really well done I think it was more just my mom getting me out of the House and saying Sayonara see it next week. Meaning you're at camps. I'm saying. Did you ever run a camp oh? John Kuhn Fullback Academy Bat. Now I should have done that I did do a football camp here and appear one year I think we've got a two years. Actually kind of. Should we help? Should we help stand up the John Kuhn fullback academy? Hated that would flack art of the fullback. Tons of time to do that. Let's get that and I don't. Think many parents are sending their kids up. Much bigger fish to FRY. Than A fullback position. Okay. We'll say. All Right? What's coming up on the show today? did you guys? Did you guys watch the long gone summer last night? On my to do list, but yeah, okay, what did you think? Well. I thought ESPN is done better. Documentaries, but with that said it was a great Walk Down Memory Lane. I got very nostalgic when I watched it and it makes me think. Again, some people can do steroids and some people can't. Why can't we either all doing rail not? Question and I'll let you sort that out over the next three hours nine to noon with Kuhn is next tag. You're it I'm out Seymour.

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