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Elizabeth Warren Is Out


By the time you finish this ad one thousand one hundred and fifty seven people have plan their travel on sky scanner. Sky Scanner is here to make travel simple while finding you the best deals from flights and hotels to car rentals. We bring everything together in one place so you can plan the perfect trip from DC and beyond discover why over one hundred million travelers trust US search sky scanner or download the skies Jenner APP today. Welcome to the point for March fifth. I'm Lauren Danske Co author of the point. I'm here to cut through the political spin to bring you the news. You need to know Senator Elizabeth. Warren has left the Democratic Race for president. She was the first major candidate to jump into the twenty twenty cycle in based her campaign on a call to root out corruption in Washington. She was the last major female candidate left in this race but experienced another round of underwhelming finishes and Super Tuesday states including losing her home state of Massachusetts to both Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. The next big question is whether she endorses in whom she decides to endorse Warren for now said that decision is not happening today. She spoke to reporters in an emotional press conference outside of her house in Cambridge flings by her husband. Bruce and Dog Bailey. Saying let's take a deep breath. We don't have to decide right now. Warren's paths to the nomination had narrowed since the first round of voting in Iowa where she placed third in subsequent contests in New Hampshire and Nevada. She dropped down to fourth in South Carolina. She came in a distant fifth place. Warren told reporters today that when she got into this race there would be two lanes progressive and moderate now. Those lanes are clearly occupied by sanders and Biden respectively. And there is no more room for her in this race. I personally want to highlight one thing. Warren said about the role gender and sexism plate in this campaign. Here's how Warren put it quote gender in this race. You know that is a trap question for women if you say yeah. There was sexism in this race. Everyone says whiner and if you say no there was no sexism about a bazillion women. Think what planet do you live on? I promise you this all of a lot more to say on that subject later on and quote. Let's get to the point. Elizabeth Warren's departure means this is now a two way race between Bernie and Biden but that does not mean this last we will hear from her and that is the point from March Fifth. Two thousand twenty for more updates throughout the week including our Sunday night campaign edition subscribe to the point newsletter at CNN dot com slash. The point if you like this audio briefing you can get every single weekday on Google home or Amazon Echo or subscribe on teacher or Apple podcasts. Or your favorite podcast APP so you never miss an episode A.

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