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Mason and Ireland [hr 3]


All right. We do this every day at this time. It's time for fasttrack. I get questions for Ben. He's got questions for me. They don't necessarily have to be about sports fasttrack is brought to you by Rex. Traditionally homebuyers after run all over the place to get their home get their insurance get their mortgage. What a hassle a Rex agent confessed track. Your by by doing all of this for you with the buyer bundle saving sellers and average in ninety three hundred bucks. Only at Rex home dot com. We always start with a ceremonial coin flip. So here it is Ben heads Clayton Kershaw announces sometime in the next twenty four hours. He's opting in tales. He announces he's opting out. Call it near heads head stay for chief Clayton just give us a hometown discount. Ted. Thanks. All right choice. You can go first or you can defer. Well, I wanted to go first today. But I think I'm going to defer because I know with that comes no advantage fast. Check, very well said, Ben. All right. Let's start with this. Mike Gundy, the Oklahoma state coach was asked after a win on Saturday. If he thought his team had silenced all of the critics on Twitter. Here's what got turned the music J. Here's what be said. Iran's asks about Twitter. Platform for people that are sitting home trolling unemployment. Check sent in front of a keyboard. I just kinda felt like that social media and Twitter's what's destroying this country. Anyway, so that's how I feel about it from politics to sports to whatever gives people let wonder bitch, and then other people like needle in it. And they're sitting at home in their late on a payment. So that's how I feel. All right. So you worked in to fart noises. They're basically says that I suggest anyone on Twitter at unemployed loser. Then he adds social media and Twitter is what's destroying the country. Anyway, simple question here. Ben is Mike Gundy, right is social media ruining society? I think he has we know I think he's on to something because I see it in my own life where I have to put certain restraints on. I've just put certain limits on it where I I'll wake up and on the Saturday. I'll be watching college football and tweeting on Instagram and all of a sudden, it's twelve fifteen and I'm like, I haven't interact with the human being today. And I'm seeing it a lot with younger people. I don't know how much time you spend John with. I mean. I mean, you actually you spend a ton of time you with the LA Lakers. Nineteen twenty twenty one twenty two year olds can't do what I'm doing right now. Look in the I can't have a conversation. Right. You're kind of fried. So I do think he's onto something. I think too much social media is a bad thing. And I always appreciate a head coach who uses a good in. I completely agree with you. As a matter of fact, I've often said that the difference between Mason and Ireland is if this show ins this year, which it could we never know we go we go year to year round. Here got another Mason will immediately be on social media every minute of every day, and I will ghost like you will not believe I will basically be done with it forever. I only do it for the show. Mason does it for his for Mason rand. Yes. Check. Our I got into a little tiff the other day on my other show on mostly football with Martellus Bennett, which I do on complex and Yahoo every Thursday with Amy Schumer. Apparently, she was watching the show and didn't appreciate some things. We had to say about her coming out and saying that she will not be doing Super Bowl ads this year because she is standing with Colin capper, Nick she has done Super Bowl ads in the past this year. She said she will not do any Super Bowl ads because she's taking. A knee along with Colin Kaepernick. What are your thoughts on Amy Schumer's declaration of no Super Bowl ads? All right. Well, first of all I got to tell him a fan of Amy Schumer. I find her funny and attractive. I love train wreck. I thought that was a really well done movie. Even with an appearance of your boy. Amari start admire the third act of a movie is willa, Maris knees. Hold up. Yeah. Any surprisingly decent performance from LeBron better than in that. So I like Amy Schumer in general. The I'm I'm somewhat sensitive. I think our hearts in the right place, but I'm somewhat sensitive if people trying to hijack capper Knicks movement. I think that he would he started to bring attention to one thing and other people are kind of glomming onto it and taking it for themselves. So I kind of wish she wouldn't have done it. But because I I'm a fan of her comedy. And I think she's financing inside Amy Schumer. I don't know if it's dawn anymore. But when the ones I saw were really really funny, and so she's trying to be supportive of him. And she says she's not going to do commercials in the Super Bowl because of it fine. But it doesn't strike me as being a huge sacrifice because she's going to work. Anyway, Colin Kaepernick isn't. Yeah. That that's where I'm loss on Nygard with you her heart is in the right place. And I agree more people that look like her should be standing up for cone capper, Nick. But her not taking five million dollars from Doritos. I don't know what that does for social Justice, especially when she'll get at least that much when she does her next movie. So that Evers is Colin gave up everything he's not getting a dime except from Nike, and but his career is basically over to make a point her. You know, if she said, I'm never gonna work again. Right. Then that would get my attention fast track. All right been. Until t- Ernie Johnson plays a game with Charles Barkley sometimes called who he played for this is so funny. Okay. So maybe this may ruin the bit you see it row does. So did you see it? Then I then I'm going to do it to Greg because I can't do it to you who the players. All right. So Greg I'm going to play this game who say. They play who he played for the show five guys Barkley. Of course knows doesn't know one of five what team the guys are on. And then the next week. They show the same exact five guys and he's still writing. I'm bugging you say, so I'm gonna Greg. I'm going to give you the same quiz. Let's see how you do. I I'll answer second because I think I know them. Okay, greg. I'll give you the name of the player you tell me what teams on. Okay. Keep in mind. You only need to get one to type was. So even if you go for five you're not that much worse than him. All right, number one. Mike, scott. Oh, man forward. Mike, scott. He was with Atlanta as you still Atlanta, say, your guess. Yeah. No. Vice Scott plays basketball here in Los Angeles. Mike. Is in LA clip. I don't know anything about a former Laker at Davis. Where's that? In Portland last. I'm gonna go Portland. Ben. I watched at Davis play last night, the world's most famous. He plays for Brooklyn. Brooklyn is the correct answer. I know where they did play. All right. One of bins. Former New York Knicks not there anymore. That's a little bit of a hint Langston Galloway. Oh, he moved in the. Now, do you know this because I know you've done some stuff with him. Let's say Toronto not a bad guess bang shout out to Langston Galloway because he hosted a screening of insert your greatness, two nights ago. Did he with the Detroit Pistons? I'm not going to do very well in this to more. All right. Okay. Greg could be a small hint here to give you a chance. Quincy pundits Stor is who I'm looking for. And I've already announced a game of his this year. So it's one of the seven teams the Lakers played. He's not in San Antonio. He's not in Houston. Oh, I'll double down on my hint. The lakers. I've done two of his games already. Oh, he's in San Antonio. There you go. That's right Quincy ponds from Washington. I know he went to he was a husky yet. All right last one Garrett temple is he not in Washington anymore. He not no he was I believe he's in Memphis. That is correct in Memphis agreed to give you within. Wow. That's ellen. Imagine imagine if it gave you the exact same alive names a week from now, and you still only hope I would get those right at that point. Chattan believable in Begley for me as PS New York tweeted out that the head coach New York Knicks David physio said that former US Senator Bill Bradley came to Knicks practice and spoke to the players about the importance of voting and civic engagement. I love the idea of motivational people coming to practice to inspire the guys the Lakers do their genius talks. All right. If you could program a Lakers, genius talk. Who would you like to have come inspire the guys? Well, of course, Kate beckon sale. I mean, what what what we got a good to know the Cape Beck and sale big fan of I guess the Houston Rockets you wanted to see Carmelo play on Saturday night at the sample center. Yes, are in attendance. No. So if I could get somebody to talk to the Lakers directly. Sure, they had the rock. He came in. Yeah. Lamar come in. They've Ayaan musk come in. If I could get in rob pulling his ear and tell them who I would want. I'm trying to think of who those guys would actually listen to. I would probably do somebody like didn't makes the music or the movies that they like like, I've probably do either Jay Z or Kendrick Lamar. They may have had Kendrick Kendrick. Yeah. But it'd be somebody from that ilk. How about you? I like the idea of somebody who's kind of taken on usual path wasn't necessarily anointed with stardom right away. Kempton comes to mind. I just saw a new movies in with Vigo Mortenson marshal Ali Moore Shaw Lee nut. Sure, they would know he's really gonna help for moonlight played division one basketball, and it's kind of a character actor, and now as popped is an Oscar winner, I think he'd be really get. I just think it's fun. We live here in LA where this can actually happen. Right. People guys, you know. Wolves can only have you know, Jimmy jam so many times last check. Okay, Ben and new billboard is gone up outside Madison Square Garden that isn't a tempt to recurred. Kevin Durant to the Knicks. It's a cartoon billboard of Kristaps Porzingis next to Durant with the words, can you make New York sports? Great again, hashtag K D N Y twenty nine God to say that the billboard is ugly. And then it doesn't look like Durant or porzingas is a huge understatement. It is way worse than that. Now. I have a couple of questions for you lifetime New Yorker and Knicks fan about this. But first, let's hear New York native, Stephen a Smith opinion of this billboard, look if the bag on photo. What do you think? That's the problem, drew. I mean, come on you. That's how you look. Kevin Durant in New York with a. A photo like that. I mean, come on net, honest. No disrespect to them whatsoever. Cured. I've seen better. And the reality is is that that ain't going to be enough. What first of all you putting Kevin Durant next to it dude that we don't even know if we're going to see this season. Could you have waited could you have not come up with something a bit more innovative? It is New York. It is Madison Avenue. It is got them sitting. That's the best. You can do up drawer up a photo that my nephew. All right. Ben couple of questions here. Hey is this billboard a good idea bad idea and be does the billboard increase or decrease the chances of Durant coming to the Knicks? Don't agree with Stephen A. He's spot on here. This is the best. You can do the world's most famous isn't the same son of billboard. It's the side of a building on seventh avenue in the thirties that they had a sketch of a lebrons jersey up last year showed you how well that worked out. Durant number twenty three into thirty five hundred. You tell me LeBron James was on the fence of coming to LA. And then he was driving around going to have lunch with Rich, Paul. And he saw Jacob at Ronnie's billboard. Yes. Zack. Zack actually think I'm gonna come the billboard persuading thing. Could we just put a pin in it? Is it done when the Lakers put up day d twelve white Howard billboards and win, you know, the Sixers put up LeBron trust the process billboards. Can we just stop with the billboard course? It's well, what does it ever worked? What strikes me is weird? Is this drawing of Kevin Durant and porzingas? I. I think in elementary school kid could have done better. Did I think I think it was actually Carmelo's nine year old son EON, Anthony, if you haven't seen it at Google dad couldn't yet it is beyond embarrassing. It's pretty big, you know, what they have come up. They got the warriors game out of the way early to deal with that last check. All right baseball is over we have I think ninety eight days until pitchers and catchers. And now is the time of year when rob Manfred and the folks that major league baseball can begin to strategize on how to grow the game. How to make the game more popular for the twenty nine thousand nine season. John play Commissioner what three things have to happen. This off season for major league baseball in order for the sport to grow. Well, there are a lot more than three. But here's what I here's what I would do in. No particular order. Number one electric strike zone. Having a different strike zone for every empire where the empire is fat skinny. Convivial give yet whatever is ridiculous have an electric strike zone. So both the pitchers and the hitters know what they're doing. Secondly, you have to increase the pace of play. The baseball games are too long, especially in the postseason. I don't care how you do it. They have a pitch clock. Now. Whether you enforce the pitch clock you. You lessen the amount of mound visits. They've already cut the number at six you you limit the amount of pitching changes. I don't care the average playoff game. And it was a little bit skewed by that seven and a half hour dodger game the average playoff game was easily four hours long. Nobody wants that. They want the soccer model two hours at game. So definitely increase the pace of play. And I for one, and I really don't care which way they do it, and Greg I'm curious if you agree with me here, I think they should I think they should make the two leagues especially since we have World Series in interleague play both the same either put the D H in both leagues or put or take the out in both leagues. I don't like that one league hasn't and the other one don't I would make the game identical. What do you think? I I agree with it. It should be identical. But it is moving that way. It's moving towards D H. I don't like the h I think it's the worst position in sports. I don't care if you take it get out to be the same. If we can take it out. Then I'm all for it stats the opposite of said to the spectrum. He wants D H E hates his batting. He wants to see more headed to Greg's point. That's the way it's moving BUSTER was on here saying that he thinks D H in both leagues. Within five years is paid four paid twenty million dollars a year to sit on the bench and swing the bat four times. And then you're done you only play the game. His busters point was that. They don't wanna see pitcher's getting in situations. Like, you get hurt either at the plate or running the basis, they just don't, but I'd like to see for major league baseball this season to your point about the game time in the pace of play the post-season scheduling was absurd here. You have asked me as a fan to invest April May June, July, months and months of energy. And then you're gonna put my favorite team on an eleven o'clock in the morning on Tuesday. I some of these games starting at two in the afternoon. The dodgers are playing home games in the playoffs on a Wednesday at two o'clock after they had played the night before doing putting on in prime time. One game a night or two games and night. And that's it. So the scheduling also let me get some star players moving that really helps the interest of the NBA all year long. Let me see Bryce Harper move. Let me see Moscow move. He's fine. Not these guys move that are scared about player. And then also the Marlins got to get bad better. The the south Florida. Baseball experiment is so terrible. And jeeter's turned that joke of a franchise into a laughing stock of a friend you gotta figure out Miami. Because it's pretty bad down there. Especially with the Latin popularity of the game. Let's get Miami. Cooking. Those would be my three things to him for baseball. And I think baseball baseball's in the playoffs is really. But during the regular season, it's long three the afternoon, and nobody knows it's on fair and fast check. All right last one for me. Netflix Ben will debut Fifty-seven new movies or shows in November all read you the synopsis of a few you just tell me. Yes. Or no. Will you invest a couple of hours in these things? Ok numbers for November not December when another film. I have the American mean, my executive produce premiers on Netflix. Okay. All right. So this is just November. Okay. All right, number one. The ballad of BUSTER Scruggs ranging from absurd to profound these western vignettes from the Cohen brothers. Follow the adventures of outlaws and settlers on the American frontier. Yep. Had me a Coen brothers. Those guys could direct ESPN LA radio personalities reading the phone book. And I would be riveted. What's your favorite Coen? Brothers vehicle. Probably no country for Mench thinks one of the most completed. Argo? Right. I mean, so many great Hudsucker proxy. And so many crazy VO Brother Where Art thou. Yeah. I'm really into into the Coen brothers. So I I watched that one for one number two west side nine struggling musicians share the spotlight in this deeply personal reality series about the challenges and thrills of staging a Hollywood show had until that buzzword reality. If this were a story of hope musical hopefuls trying to fill their have their dreams come true and fulfill their dreams and moved to the big if it's like a hardcore net flicks glee, I know you loved glean a grittier like coked out version glee. Yeah, I'm all in. But you when you. -ality? I don't need the security guard downstairs would let you in the building with any would try to give you a CD. I don't need any of that on my nephew. All right number three medal of honor honoring soldiers whose courageous service merited the awarding of a medal of honor this docudrama series recreates. They're inspiring true store anything that can humanize the men and women who serve this country because we don't get to see them as our equals. We're oftentimes just here in especially in LA, which doesn't have the military community that a lot of other places other than southern California or throughout the country to hear those real life stories and to see that they're people just like we are. That means a lot. I will definitely watch that. I don't understand what's taken so long for that idea to come to the screen. I think that's a great idea show that there are people some guys got a purple heart or get some of. And we never see how I think this is. I mean, I'm I'm all in on that medal of honor. Thanks to more. Death by magic magician Drummond money. Coots travels the globe sharing his infectious love of magic. And attempting tricks that prove fatal to other magicians. This sounds like my mother's relationship with magic in general. Time. There's magic she's out. I do love street magic on TV like David Blaine when he goes into impoverished places or celebrities, and he just shows these crazy tricks that blows people with mind death by magic someone's going to die from this. I don't know. Here's the problem. If anybody does die if this magician dies, we'll hear about it months before it actually aired. Let's see what magic works in prison. So I think. Some sticky situation right last one tricky dick and the man in black this documentary chronicles Johnny cash is nine thousand nine hundred seventy visit to the White House where caches emerging ideals clashed with Richard Nixon's policies. I don't love bio-pics dachshund or cradle to grave. I love them that gives you a glimpse into their life through a specific window. That's why the Johnny cash scripted movie worked with Joaquin Phoenix because it was all the way up into those Folsom prison sessions. Right. And that's why this is going to work. It's just the singular meeting. I love it. I think it's really cool. I I'm all in on anything political the west wing's, my favorite show of all time. I think that something like this would be pretty fascinating. Because now you're encouraged to give your opinion about if you disagree with the president back, then you were not. And so the fact if he does I think it'll be interesting to see forgotten moments in American history that aren't. The kind of beats that were told that nauseam through childhood. I think that's really cool. Yeah. We have a quick game. Okay. You take your time. Good. We're good. I'm going to be giving you a fact, and you're gonna tell me he's one of four people. Okay. Is it Kendrick Lamar Lamar Odom, Kendrick Perkins or Mariah Perkins. That's my wife's maiden name. Okay. God does it Kendrick Lamar Lamar Odom Kendrick Perkins. Mariah perkins. Okay. Okay. Celebrity crush is jaylo celebrity crush is J lo is it Kendrick Perkins. Kendrick Lamar Lamar Odom or Mariah Perkins. Now, Mariah lions. Greg. This is tricky. Yeah. I think it's either Kendrick Perkins or Mariah Ben's white because he would try and trip is up on that. That's kind of where those are the two that I'm going between. I wanna go Mariah Perkins. All right, then I'll go Kendrick Perkins because he's about the right age. Jay, what do you think? Yeah. It might be his wife. All right. So to mariah's and a Kendrick showing you are incorrect. Lamar Odom was also an acceptable answer. Lamar Odom, and my wife, Mariah Jennifer Lopez celebrity crush, okay, okay. We continue. Let's see in two thousand fifteen was number one on the Google trends list for living people. Two dozen fifteen two thousand fifteen was number one on the Google trends list for living people is this Kendrick Perkins. Kendrick Lamar the mar- Odem or Mariah Perkins. What's mariah? Thank god. I'm gonna go. I'm gonna go Kendrick Lamar. I'm going to go Lamar Odom because he went through all those issues and had the wasn't that like right around the time. When he. Yeah. Yeah. Roy. Okay. John Ireland for to Lamar Odom, the number one and Greg Greg and Jay twofer. Townsend and fifteen. Loves chicken wings, loves chicken wing me is this Mariah Perkins Kendrick Perkins. Lamar Odom Kendrick Lamar Kendrick perkins's from from Beaumont Texas race to live, and they have great chicken there. I'm going once again with Kendrick Perkins. Isn't it? Just everyone. It's all of the can we say all four. On this list. You guys are all incorrect. One person is loves chicken wings, more than anyone who isn't a riot. Mariah. Not expect this from this vegan or not you should not vegan. That woman can eat chicken wings. Wow. I would have missed that. All right, Latin did miss that married. Longtime girlfriend named vanity will not Mariah named his longtime girlfriend named vanity is this Kendrick Lamar Lamar Odom or Kendrick Perkins or Mariah Perkins. But as you said mariah's did not well, she might have managed some points to happens to be my really going to go down picking Kendrick Perkins for third time to do John. I think I am. I'm going Kendrick, Greg. Yeah. I'm going Kendrick. Correct. Married. Vanity Perkins in two thousand nine last one performed with Justin Timberlake at the Olympics. Kendrick Perkins Kendrick Lamar Lamar Odom or Mariah Perkins. And what year? Performed with Justin Timberlake at the Olympics. Kendrick Lamar has to be learn over three Mariah Perkins danced with instincts. Ninety nine Salt Lake Games will be listening right now. I'm brian. Ninety whenever there's Olympic Games were in Salt Lake. I'm very impressed with the wins with mariah's biography wings and dancing with Timberlake. Yeah. I love that one very very impressive. All right coming up next. We'll circle back to a couple of things. I was in Minnesota last night. The Lakers did not look good. The dodgers. Everybody wants to fire. Dave roberts. We'll tell you why. They're wrong Rams made a trade today that it's gonna make them even better. And they're undefeated as it is. We'll get into all of next ESPN LA. All right Mason in Ireland show. Ben Lyons is in for maize. We got a couple of things number one. The NFL trade deadline is upon us. And the Rams have made a trade with the Jacksonville Jaguars for Dante Fowler. Who's a pretty good pass rusher? And it's not like the Rams didn't already have some pretty good pass all in McVeigh culture. This dude in this team right now, if you're a Rams fan, if you're an LA sports fan, you have to be so grateful and appreciative of it. They are pushing their chips into the middle and saying, you know, what he's available. Let's go get him. Get more talent. It's what you need. All right. But let me ask you something. Most people even Rams fans don't believe that the Rams are gonna go undefeated. There's a loss on that schedule someplace that's this week. Well, that's why I was asking you this week. They go to New Orleans. The ram strangely are one point favorite. But the saints have won six weeks in a row. If you had to bet the entire lions fortune probably going to do that. Betted on one team or the other. Who would you bet on the saints? They've won on the road into the more difficult places to do. So in the NFC, and that's it. Landon Minnesota drew Brees is playing at a historic clip. He's at seventy seven point four percent accuracy. And he's thrown almost two thousand yards in just seven games. You got Mark Ingram coming back. Michael Thomas is as real deal number one receiver as anybody in football. They are awesome. They're really fun. That's a tough place to play. If the Rams go fourteen into they're still awesome. If they go twelve and four they're still fantastic. This is one of those losses. Do you know what on McVeigh's record is on the road is a head coach? I mean, it's gotta be pretty good because he's hasn't really lost much as a head coach. He's probably lost two games in the road or something twelve and one. He's like, I think he actually looks forward to road trips more than he does home games, Greg. If you had to bet on that ram saints. It's basically. Toss up and you had to bet it who would you bet on. I would probably take the saints as well. You know that drew Brees has one interceptions here one. Yeah. He's twelve years in a row with four thousand plus yards. He's fourteen years. I don't think their defense such as your. The game. I went to two nights ago, we had one that was the first one. Those four touchdowns wonders if he you know, because we live in this silly ring counting culture, he doesn't get a seat at the table with Brady and manning. He really deserves it. He's really just as good as anyone to ever play the position. Well, he'll be in the hall of fame. He doesn't get looked at as Montana and Brady and paint. And he looks like a step below. You don't think so you don't think he does. I I whatever reason maybe he has the one SUV rolling Super Bowl, which gets you in the club. But to sit at that really fancy table. I mean, he has the the amount of yards. He just passed Peyton Manning for most yards on toast touchdowns. Brady. Elway will Brady's at the top. Because he has so many rings. Okay. And then Peyton and all those other guys it's all kind of jumbled up a low at the breezes right there right there with them. I guess the most exclusive quarterback table at the country club one hundred percent. He he belongs. There hundred percent does he's incredible. And he's having MVP or two. It seems to me that it's going to be a great game. If I had to bet it. I'm riding with the Rams don't try to lose over. Don't you might you? But you like want them to have that bounceback weak moment. Homing think it's gonna come against a team like this losing nonsense game to correct cardinals or some sixteen it or lose a game to a team that you wouldn't think could beat them. Kansas City down in Mexico. They got a nice little comment in their schedule. Here. The next six games are not you know, walks in the park. There are on the road against New Orleans there at home against Seattle in Mexico against Kansas City. We'll gauntlet here of games. I mean, look at the Rams on the road. Anyway this year on the road besides that San Francisco game because they're terrible Broncos was twenty three twenty St.. Seahawks was thirty three thirty one. It's been close games that have been really coming through. This is a game where you can see the saints taking. Greg. Look what time that game is on Sunday. It's one twenty five one twenty five times. Okay. Good because I'm golfing in the morning. With worthy. Bill MacDonald, LA. It's my regular. You're not invited to this Sunday game. Oh, you made that I don't get the call up doesn't. That's gotta be fifty five in white. Can't just be thirty seven in one. Invites you normally get a bigger name on the other line. I think. The big names. A lot of box office on the T this morning yet the. The I think the Rams are gonna win the game. But I'd feel better for under to the better of Cooper Cup plate. And I don't think he's gonna I don't know. They haven't said anything yet. And you guys are right about Brees. He only threw for one hundred ninety yards and they won that in Minnesota. So so it could be you know, really good in in. No real interesting story here. I got to do an hour sit down with him once at Super Bowl. And of all the weird funny. Crazy stuff I've done in my life and career. That's right up there. He is as classy and engaging and charismatic as any superstar I've ever been around. So shouts drew Brees. Okay. So that's that's the ram story. They've traded for Dante Fowler, and they're going into New Orleans to try and beat the saints on Sunday in a game that could be a preview of the NFC championship game. Let's say using who who do you think in in the NFC poses the biggest threat to the Rams get into the Super Bowl? I. Think Minnesota again per potentially they played them so tough in that epoch game to better than Minnesota. I think they are. But I don't know. I think besides the asking about as far as the Rams go. I mean the Vikings Vikings are a tough team and they got real close last year. And I know they beat them this year. But that was a great game. The saints beat the Vikings. Yeah. Yeah. I for some reason, I know they started super slow out of the gate. I like to move the eagles made today. Now, they're trading for golden Tate, though, the Carolina Panthers. I've watched them a lot this year for some reason the way they run the football. That's where I was going to. I think Carolina's a pretty good team. Yeah. Tribune chain in the AFC. Is it really the patriots? Again, they really the team to beat the chiefs good mass. They don't have the chiefs are video game. And but until you go and do it in Foxborough. But if they have to go to Arrowhead if Marcel used to say that he remembers playing a game there where the chiefs rain it back for a touchdown to start the game. And no lie. He saw sound. He saw sound waves. It was so loud. And crazy. I've heard this from a bunch got it looks like the building is moving because it's so loud if the patriots have to go into aero- head I could see that that being difficult, but. Yeah. I get back to the LeBron. You had it's you have a chance to see LeBron James play every single night you, and I have not talked in a couple of weeks. You saw me at the spit game. We haven't really talked about that. But I want to hear your I sort of like two weeks in the world of LeBron where you're at and fair enough. We'll do it next. I'm not as getting on the phone. You guys are probably best friends. You don't have. We're working on getting maverick on the show. Because have you seen the trailer for shut up and dribbling worked on the movie? I was stored. If you've seen the trailer this trailer is fantastic fantastic. And so we're gonna bring you on maverick and got throw press and Greg sometime in the next couple of weeks. Right. We're we're comes out Saturday is supposed to be soon a day after in search greatness hits theaters boy what a weekend insert your greatest on Friday that who dodger. All right. We'll we'll talk a little Brian coming up next ESPN LA, right? Mason in Ireland show Sodano is coming in here at the top of the hour. We'll get his thoughts on what's been going on. I was in Minnesota last night and the Lakers fell to the T wolves. They had a chance at the end. Like they have had in most games, but came up short and been US out the year. What's it been like watching LeBron watching him? We're all watching them. You're traveling with him. You're speaking with him you seeing who's at the games who's around him. What's the what's going on in the vortex? Lebron? Here's how I would try and explain it. As an individual player. And of course, I've seen everybody for the past twenty years including almost every game. Kobe played. Lebrun is the most undescribable package of size and power. I have ever seen. He six nine. He has no body fat. He's at tank when he gets going with the ball. Nobody can stop them. He makes threes. He's got the balance of a ballerina. He's like everything as advertised is true. If you have a chance to see him play in person for the Lakers at Staples Center. You absolutely have to do it. Now, here's the difference between LeBron and Kobe when Kobe was at his best and so take 'em knocking off the last three years of his twenty years with the Lakers so years one through seventeen or one through sixteen years three through sixteen k. He all Kobe always had another star with them. He he got here the same years shack. There was that little blip in oh four oh five where he led the NBA in scoring before they traded for pow so little to three year window where Kobe just individually went off. And that's what LeBron reminds we have now that inbetween shack into Miami. And pow coming when Kobe just did everything by himself. But the team was needed another star someone needs to emerge on this Laker team as a wing man for LeBron. And until that happens they're going to struggle in games. Like this. Now, I'm not panicking, Ben that they're two and five I said all along they're going to be ten and ten after twenty games. I still think that's possible. Their margin of their point differential in these losses is point zero point three. I mean there that. At close to winning these games. What they're not doing is closing because I think at the end of games, everybody doubles, and triples, LeBron and dares someone else to beat him someone else needs to evolve into that role there. Definitely deferring to the brand Layton games, and that's not working because LeBron is getting outplayed by the other team superstar in the end of games. And I'll see these other outland LeBron is more magic, Jordan. And that's been what's made him. So great is that he will collapse. A defense and kick out to a Kyle Korver in an NBA finals game packs and makes his shot. Korver misses his that's kind of maker mislead. But the idea of the young Lakers players looking to LeBron to take over games. And then LeBron not being able to take over games. I think is a troubling formula. And I don't know. I'm not sure if he's. Tried to yet. I actually think for example last night in Minnesota. He had zero points in the first quarter. I don't think he was trying to score. Ben. I think first quarter. Yeah. He's often been that like that where he's deferred. Using that as let's see if I can get somebody else going hoping that if it comes down to the fourth quarter, and he can draw the whole defense to him that somebody else will have the confidence to step up big. But so far that person has not evolved, Portland. They weren't in it in the fourth quarter the Houston game the fourth quarter was insanity. Right. Was the fight the to San Antonio games. Close at the end close to the end. But derozen outplayed them in the Brown. Missed the free throws. And then last night dribbles ball is foot when guarded on an eye. So so it's like down the stretch. I have not been impressed by LeBron James. I have down the stretch. Yes. He hit the big three against San Antonio. And that gavitt, you're right. You're crew says we're missing those two free throws. He criticized himself. I think. I'm. It's more about the okay? Then that same not gonna see us. An I learned Ron more than anyone I told you I was a story consultant on the movie, I respect him. I understand it. But I'm looking at the seven games he's played. And he hasn't been impressive down the stretch in any of them will keep in mind, though, that let's say your plane in a game and your teammates are Greg. And Jay and the candidates already lost K. No, I'm putting my putting my whole defense on may not letting you shoot. And so you have a choice to make you can shoot. Anyway, or you can pass it twenty year opened teammates and see if they come up big this has been the criticism of LeBron. And it's the only thing that I believe separates him from like the kobes and the Jordan's if you believe Kobe's better, you'd leave Jordan's better. It's at sometimes when they were triple team, they shot it and made it, and sometimes you have to be a little crazy, and you have to little be a little. Kissed and you have to be a little upset and LeBron's ever done that. Well, but let me point out what he has done every time. He's on the first year of a team. They struggle out of the gate. They are always around a five hundred team after fifteen or twenty games. This team is two and five and everybody's freaking out. I'm not I think that if you look at these games there's been a couple of them that they'll win a month. From now that somebody else, you know, Kouzmin doesn't have a confidence problem, but he does need to learn how to play with LeBron at the end Ingram doesn't have a confidence problem. But I think these guys for now are waiting to see what LeBron's going to do rather than being the aggressor. I think they all need to learn. Hey, if they're not if they're going to double and triple A, Brian whoever is the guy that gets left open has to hassling, even if it's Rondo has to learn to take and make that shot, and when they get there, I think they closed better now. The name that everyone's throwing around is. Well, how safe is Luke? Like, what's the story would look what sort of blue? I think the Laker for an office is smart enough to know that LeBron and learning how to play with LeBron takes time they were one thousand nine hundred and twenty in Cleveland when he came back after he left Miami. And that was a team with Kevin love, and Kyrie Irving, and they ended up in the finals, I don't necessarily think this team's going to the finals. But I do think they've got a chance to get to fifty wins. And I do think they have a chance to do some damage in the postseason. I think they're going to be flirting with five hundred the whole way, I think if they get up to forty three or forty four two giant win for this group when I'm watching them play basketball, I go. Wow. There's they're tough defensively they on on on the perimeter. It's tough for them to compete, and they don't have the size of front and listen, John. If you're talking about Luke if they're three games under five. Hundred at Christmas. I think I think everyone in the organization Laker nation is going to be freaking out for the next six weeks. I don't know if I would be I think that I think they know that. Learning how to play with LeBron is a process, but I and here's here's thing. I will admit I don't know. I don't know what their reaction would be if they were three games five hundred tonight, obviously, not up to me. They don't check with the radio play by play guy. But I think they know that LeBron traditionally take some time to and he's talked about that too. Kind of bake the cake, we'll get Sodano in here next. He watched LeBron the whole time in Miami. He'll have some thoughts on this eight years ago, comparing them being well, he's slow like in Miami is five years ago. It was first time in Miami. At four years of Miami four years in Cleveland was eight years ago in two thousand ten been where did where did LeBron play five years ago five years ago, we say when the Miami when he first got to Miami nine eight eight years ago, and he had doing but five but five years ago in Cleveland sure, started bad, you know, they started, you know, even even after forty. They hadn't figured it out. I will get more you knew next with George ESPN LA. All right Toronto's in here, and he's got a little experience covering LeBron bit. But before we get a George you mentioned you did not here. Ben in Lama rata yesterday. Just kidding Mason to just know who's his, you know, Mason doesn't like taking call right? All right. So yesterday because it was the first day after the dodgers last World Series. I just want you to hear this. Okay. Have you come in on it? Greg says Ben in law Maradas. Excellent. A Ben you're on ESPN LA. What's up, man? Depp time caller wrong listener, I think mission should be fired. Dave Roberts should be fired. Andrew Friedman fire. David Bethel fired everyone fired over this is a nasty. Do news firing. Menton's vista Ramlet study analytics all the time, go with Janssen, go with you. And let me tell you something that is not analytics, no analytic say kenley Jansen should go in for a six out save. That's either. That's that's either Dave Roberts on feel or Friedman saying put Jansen in. But that has nothing to do with analytics that has to do with understanding your players and understanding your bullpen in the way it works. What did it have guys with gray hair? You have gray hair changed Nutley should have been on the postseason roster the World Series champion. He were saved. I'll tell you that the you lost me that you have to wait a minute. But you, but he's got a really good point. I mean about chase. At least he couldn't have been worse than the players. They tried it out there in the World Series Muncie to thirty five Grondahl two hundred Machado one eighty to screw Machado get out of town. Blowing a bubble on his way to first base. Listen, ben. As far as me being fired. I'm not going to be fired because we all know you let the game early. We left the game early on ruin what night. What would it any team any met you? Here's what I here's what I would recommend. Here's what I would recommend. Here's what I would recommend. Here's what I would recommend. Ben, go to my Twitter timeline and watch my video of the end of the game. Okay. Watch my video of max months. He's home run my ass. I left that game early. Did you notice anything unusual about that? Call. It sounds like you it was. Years to local radio local radio bands. Mason not to notice that. I noticed it within like five seconds. So did in Brian Chemnitz? He claims he he never figured it out. Oh, but you could tell he couldn't figure it out. And I mean, that's how easy those guys artists. Tie blind. I was there to twelve. Wasn't there? He gets everything to him. I've learned this Hardaway is a personal affront. So God forbid, you attack you in any way, even as a joke. I'm tired of these. I mean, eight hour games to one in the morning, you've agile mccur teen years old and you're in like New England, and you actually care about this stuff. Go to sleep. It was three three in the morning. And by the way, I am up the dodgers season. Sure, they made some mistakes, they weren't beating the Ritz no chance the Ritz extra one of the great teams of all time. And you I had this conversation on text with Greg. And he was just he was being Mason to me via the other night. You were seven hour NBA. They were making Esq. And they went twelve and three in the postseason against to one hundred win team. They beat the Yankees. They scored sixteen runs. They were fantastic. They were unrelenting. They they would get hits with two outs with two strikes. It didn't matter by the dodgers lost it by making bad decisions. They had leads in games that they should have won. But by the way, Alex Cora for all the people that yellow by analytics, Alex Cora manages by two people need to realize that. All right. So let's get into I'm not, and I'm not just saying this because I work for the Lakers. I'm not all that worried that they're two and five I thought I'm not either I thought George they're going to start ten and ten because that's the pattern with LeBron been says there is reason for concern where you add on. I don't think there's any reason for concern. As a matter of fact, when LeBron starts to get ornery and passive aggressive. That's when things actually start to happen. So if you're a Laker fan, you want the Brian to be passive aggressive and ornery because it puts the pressure on magic, and rob and Luke and everyone involved. To get things. Right. So I don't think there's an issue. They're still gonna win forty eight games. Or what have you seen from this team? So far in seven basketball games that they can build upon that makes you say, you know, what I think they can win six out of the next seven. They can score the hell out of the ball. That's for sure they're one of the better scoring teams in the league. And I just think that if you play some semblance of defense, and I had this conversation yesterday with both Michael in Byron. Which is defense is actually the hardest thing to to start to kind of get everyone on the same page in regards to any aspect of basketball defense is the hardest part to do that with. I remember those Cleveland teams were atrocious defensively. And by the way, they were great at the end either. But they had a stretch where they actually became pretty good in that four year span. So yeah, I do think that defense is probably going to take some time. I'm not worried about their offense or the shooting or any of that stuff to me defense going to be a big problem. But it starts with Luke. Okay. And this was something I talked about earlier today was that. I don't love having Rondo in at the end of games. Rajon rondo. I don't care what your eye test tells you I don't care what he used to be his not a better perimeter defender at this stage than Lonzo ball. It's not not debatable. Not the eye test. Not statistically there is no measurement. That says that Rajon Rondo is a better defender than Lonzo ball. All and you have enough offense out there. So get a guy at the point of attack who's going to be able to stop somebody because Jimmy Butler on Rajon Rondo is as big a mismatch is you'll find in the NBA at least seven Lonzo on the floor stretches, the foreign spaces it on some level. If you've Rondo Rondo. Nightside collapse is that Rhonda was given better given a better effort than Lonzo is I signed for some reason Lonzo and I asked him about it after the game. He he was disengaged is the word. He just didn't seem to he didn't seem to get it into it. I wasn't in any rhythm. He's clearly a young player needs to be in a rhythm. And look I just think that and this was my issue from the beginning, John when they signed all these guys whether it was Rondo, or Beasley or Stevenson or whatever that they can play. But it can't cost them minutes for these young guys because this season is not about trying to win a championship season. Dishing plays audition. Shrine, right. Yeah. It just doesn't it windows closing guys high this year next year. We'll see how they had no choice. There is. No, there's no way. They're winning a championship this year. Completely clear. What it has to be about making the playoffs the way they're playing this year. Getting what's interesting, though, is that the warriors went off again last night, maybe a fashion. We've never seen before. I love what Michael said on the broadcast having fourteen eighteen. Yeah, I tweeted that gone completely viral. But I want to ask you guys coming back. How does that dynasty end? Because they all do. Oh, yeah. The bulls did the Laker stage. Disclaim it his team to Saran leave at the end of this year. We'll get into that next to you PIN LA.

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