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Hey Phil Freak stirs. It's Tim the moratorium just here to remind you that if you enjoy what you hear please like Shirin Subscribe, then Rinse and repeat we're just a couple of small town nerds trying to make sweet geek love to your ear holes and we can use your support. Check out our website for movie reviews, links to social media, merch movies, and more. You can find us at the moratorium dot Com. Now, that's out of the way on the Shenanigans. Welcome to the yarn wall a mini moratorium. I'm your host. Tim Cornerman on this episode Jason and I take a long drunken dive into the depths of IMDB. This is where we break down the last week's film and follow the yarn to make the thinnest and slightest connection to our next movie. It's kind of like six degrees of Kevin Bacon game with slurred speech and Double Vision, which can only explain the sudden jump into the middle of the thread of the conversation. That is the Yarn Wall? Years, Vigo. Trying to. A winning. Lots of loose button. I don't even know if I can lament. Here but I'm GonNa try I made a huge detailed list. Eighteen Open I D bad Wow. I'd. Piece something together. I went down so many rabbit holes. This week just because I wanted to make it interesting. The next movie easily but. He wanted to. You didn't like it you know. I do everything the hard way. Tina Turner. Raggedy man is that what you're saying? For some reason I'm stuck on. Albion. Is. As in the top five, but I'd say because. that. Your guy no no no. I just happened upon him. Because I was looking up all sorts of Weird Shit? And Acting Just like go on and on and on. Literally every action movie yeah. The Guy. breaks the case it gets the. Candy. Diehard Yeltsin has like chewbacca being the leader in that movie. Maybe just let our audience know who Al Leong is. He played gagging Gingas Kahn. And Bill and Ted's is Gingas I'm man I. I like Gingas Kahn Genius Tom like a bag boy game? Yeah. Yes. Looks like you can kick out his leg he falls over. Body. I just happened upon him. I. Don't know why I was looking at different stuff. I didn't realize he was in lethal weapon and die hard. I remember shocking the Shit Out of Mel? Gibson. Yeah No he I think he was the one. That movie again along. That it's so good. Okay. So he was in lethal weapon one. But he was also in lethal weapon four. As. A different character. Have you known him to look any different than the as. They never making. Anything not so very interesting alley on. vk beat the. Is. Speaking. Who? freaking. Michetti kind of He was in Beverly Hills cop three. which I hate it you know it was just horrible, right? It ended up in a museum park. John Landis directed it. Exactly. Split at comedy kind of dark situation. Very Weird. How on how did you? Probably because we're looking at Rennie Harlan his career. How did I get to him I? I have no idea. Yeah. I think so He's probably got some weird creepy stuff. Like number one challenge journalist. Game. So. Before we go any further. Welcome to the yarn. Wall. I'm your host. Tim? Cohen. Mun. Thing in their. Out Do. All right. And Still Jason Walker. Easy Greasy episode where we just get. Oh Man. I didn't have anything to talk about last night. and. Now, I don't know where to begin because I have way too much to talk about. What I did. I waited and waited crammed this morning for it and I even know where I started I know what? I. Want to talk about it like a Neil. Pussy turney little. and it had to do with the movie bugsy. Oh Warren Beatty. Tab Open. I am DB. On some people that are. Going to come up in this. Episode, again no, I, thoroughly agree. There's. I. Mean like the revelations I was talking about I don't know if I wanted to save them or you know what? I mean because I wanted to mention several people today to. that. I really want to go in depth on I started writing down their names, but they're kind of in my yarn. You. Know this podcast will never. If I go down every avenue I want. Become part of the singularity. I want to say I don't have much to add about prison. I really don't. There's not a whole lot of information about this movie and I think we already covered it within the pod. I mean I was hoping for at least like A. You know one of the crew. During the filming. Humor. Iraq explained accidents and stuff like that. Not, that I read. A. Fantastic Trivia for. Mesler. Lane Smith, was what? Is He's still alive. Yeah. No no no Lane Smith died I'm sorry. Cow. Yeah Lane Smith died in two, thousand, five from. LS, Lou GEHRIG's disease wow. Yeah Care Professional. I am and I don't have an answer for that. Out To. Remain a mystery yet lane Smith you know I I. Love Him. He's been in a couple of my favorite movies, I? Think most of all. My cousin vinny. I saw my cousin Vinny I think six times at the theater. Identical from right you gotTa slap, your hands together when you do. Then ICAL. River but. Vinnie. At that time I was working at the movie theater and our Sister Theatre had my cousin vinny we didn't have it at art theater. So on my days off I, kept going over the sister theater to check out their movies, most of which were kind of artsy and I just got bored with them and went into my cousin. So. I loved it. Around Maggio. Never really you know I guess he's a child Dr. Not Karate kid or anything. Yes. I think he was only three rate. Hilary Swank and. I'm working at Robin live lease You. Enemy argue we're. Going to open up. That guy from Oh, my God, the guy from fires. It's in Michael Black. Thomas in. Christmas best. Not Right. Is that it? Damn it. Re a lot but he's like a really bad guy Martin said, make his knuckles bleed. Yeah he's like some rich guy just. Thing Thomas, Griffith so Yeah. You. Wealthy Yes. act. Fragile ecosystems the dump a bunch of radioactivity. Also a karate expert. School and he also went the Vietnam with fucking John. KRIEF. The. End. The, slow burn. So Thomas and Griffith what I remembered him from around the same time was excessive force. We was a good movie. Kind of. Shot I WANNA see the Talking to. Michael, four or something. Young. Burt Young. Lance Henriksen James Earl, Jones Tony Todd I'm like Holy Shit. Yeah. But he also wrote excessive force my. Interesting. Building and the shit out of. You get a writing credit. Needed I. The contrary. You think he's a Weirdo. Follow him on twitter. Remember going to see. Vampires. Lawn. Because, he almost has like. Alyan Alan Leong. Going to. Because of Lane Smith, we went to my cousin vinny, which we were talking about Ralph Maggio and karate kid three. This is how it happens. Sau Starts. But. Have you watched any of a Cobra Kai? It is it is, and actually if you WANNA see Ralph Maggio a little bit older but kind looks exactly the same. And Williams ABC has great in. Is. Few episodes ago we couldn't remember his name for some reason. Just. One of the guys. We are losing a lot of people though. Sir Ian Home is now passed. In home. Ever he's he doesn't terrifying and he is bro I mean Bilbo right all I can think of is that weird space when President says Yeah, yeah. MOUTH GETS real big. I started to look at his career just to see if I could do a deep dive on him. He's been straight laced through his whole career done a lot of stage and shit. But the only thing interesting about his like Trivia was he hates milk. The hated the that they were. Ailing, exactly, and that's what it pointed out. Yeah I think so. said that he regurgitated a lot of milk and let's I think so oh my God. They. Had less layer. xer system. I'm sure like Williams and like. Directors. Unless you go back over to Italy. That's my segue right there. you like that. Going back to the Italian directors. I don't know why I decided to watch this movie last night but I think I was looking at Stacy Keach to try to see about doing a deep dive on him because he's had a very long career. I didn't get in that far. Later in Maya deep dive is everywhere he is. So I just happened upon this movie IMDB calls slave of the Cannibal God. But it's also called mountain of the Cannibal God. There's one other name to it as well. Guess. Stacy Keach was in this nineteen seventy-eight slave of the Campbell God directed by Sergio Martino, and this was right around the time when there were a lot of cannibal movies. Think Cannibal. Was Eighty. So, this predates that but Sergio Martino did screamers. saw that box at the video store. All the I never watched it. And I I. Don't know why I mean on the cover. It's just a skin human guy just. Screaming and nothing right nothing else. That thing over something was like whoa no way. Rated PG or something and I thought we brought this up in an earlier cast but I'm not positive. Streamers with. Played rebel right Peter Weller. which that's just about little robot buzzsaws in the sand and the future. But this one is like a humanoid deep. Yes. They. came out on. Blu Ray You're saying that the different director, it's also titled Island of the Fishman. Like holy crap. Screen yet. But. Very cool. Oh. Yeah It does. But. You see that one of. The things got somebody that would have fish. Idols table. There's plenty pictures here with Barbara Bach. Just wearing a a loose white blouse. That's just. In, hand just showing off every nipple angle. and. Oh. Here's the title which is called something waits in the dark. The director. Anthony. Keno into. You know let's people. Yeah. There's plenty of pictures where she's just kinda posing next to him. To this also has Richard Johnson in it. I just we talked about him before I think just because the Dick Johnson and it has Joseph cotten. He's been around forever right He was in citizen Kane. You know he was in Soil Green. But. He's still with us. He's eighty eight. Same old actors just like I. So strange to me when they pop up and seventies and eighties movies in other. Hey, those thing over and they're just like bit parts that like you know. Yeah Got His shirt button to the NIPPLES and where. So. Good and so bad in Spain you know the. First Nipples not on purpose. Every once in a while serving Sergio Martino also did one that I want to check out sometime called torso. Carnal violence. Idol for that I. Guess. So a string of appalling lust murderers, shocks, the University of Peru's. As a sadistic killer strangles to death beautiful college girls with a red and black scarf. Then that. Sounds interesting. Axel. Periods Shit look that math on. There are some interesting box arts here. I'm anxious to get back to the Italians. I know we're going to get back. There were not going to watch this one gay I watched it for us. I wrote a review. It's up on our website, check it out. You can watch it for free on. Youtube. So slave of the Cannibal God is Ursula Andress, and I told myself I wasn't going to do this every time I hear Ursula Andress 's name. I think about Hammond Doing Sean Connery on celebrity jeopardy. Love what was Catherine Deneuve Ursula Andress and Charo twice? Which makes me laugh but I love Andrews, she was a bond girl she was in Doctor No, and she was also in Casino Royale. Movies. She was all over the place and this one she was in her mid forties came out they did the same type of thing. She wore loose fitting clothing throughout in the movie She's trying to find her husband who is missing in. New Guinea. She gets. She gets Stacy Keach to help her. Offer innovation could be he's pretty young in this I mean he's in his early thirties. These Cannibal natives are wearing these weird kind of sat cloth masks and that was pretty creepy. With all these kind of cannibal movies, it's in for the shock. And the first half of the movie is just. Kilson animals the first half of the movies and adventure and the like there's a big snake eating a monkey. Oh this is one of the video nasties by the way. I yeah. Seventy seven listed video nasties. Probably because of this scene in something, I'm also I'm going to mention here in just a minute, but they stayed on this snake this monkey for way too long. I had to fast forward it. It was the hardest thing to watch. Seen. Ample Holocaust and they're just trying to fill time. Them Gross after like Mondo Connie and stuff like that basis of death and How they? They. All the shock will there's a scene that has. Hark fighting a snake. Well, it was still brutal and hard to watch. Out there's a scene that was it's great. They're going through the jungle and Ursula Andress falls down and she gets trapped and some vines and she screams because there's a tarantula coming straight at her. Stacy. Keach runs over and. He comes over he stabs the Tarantula. Ends I D did he bite? You know he's like good because? You'd be dead seconds you would vomit for three days and then die. Somebody. Else's vomit vomit. Too Bad. They let that surely one of the tribe. Gotten, just like falls. The tribesmen that were helping them get to this mountain that's where these cannibals are, but they didn't believe still existed but that's where her husband disappeared supposedly. So the natives that were helping them, they don't believe in killing creatures and since Stacy Keach killed this tarantula, the then had to sacrifice another animal to make it alright they got an Iguana. And I'm pretty sure that was a really Guana. Again it was just like aw. It evoked the emotions that they were trying to get it to evoke. And exactly. And she threw it wasn't until halfway into the movie you start seeing more cannibals and they've been stalking. They've been picking off some of the natives that are helping them, they picking them off one by one, and that was kind of interesting. It was it was cool. They finally kidnap everybody right? So there's a guy by the name of Manolo. And Stacy Keach and Ursula Andress zero three left and this expedition they all get captured the head of the cannibals notices Ursula Andress from a picture that he had I guess he took off of her husband whom now they believe is an idle because he had a geiger counter. And for some reason, it was embedded in his chest and they it was still going off and they thought it was his heart or something they tried to explain it. It was silly. But really what it was is that Ursula Andress didn't care about her husband. He went to find this cache of uranium or plutonium uranium it doesn't matter. They were trying to exploit the natives to get this giant cash of uranium. Diamond or you know Something? Yes. That mountain of the really Nice God or like Always something bad. Why? Don't. They, ended up killing a couple of people and eating them and. There was a midget. Cannibal. Was the best part of the movie little midget Cannibal who goes up to the guy playing Mino- low and it looks like it's a rubber gummy lizard and forces him to eat it. Just shoving it do his face. It was pretty funny. Then it turns really fucking dark. Yes the native women end up losing Andrus. Up In some headdress and covering her body and kind of a mud. Just to get her naked, that's all it was. It goes on for a long time. Anyway, there's a big celebration I guess everybody's getting just whacked out on Magic Mushrooms, I don't know. There are long scenes of one of the natives masturbating a woman. It's pornographic. I mean, it's it goes on for a long time. There is a couple that are going at it. They're having sex and there's another native who is railing a giant pig. It just keeps cutting back to them. Like. A music montage of Shit. You don't WanNa see. Why The music, you know interlude to tell you that something's getting ready to happen sounds that of like invasion of the body snatchers. Row Wow. Wow. Wow that's what it reminded me of now I didn't need to see that railing of the pig from behind he's lifting his tell you don't want me to go into detail. Day. Yeah. Where are you going city boy? Anyway. So lots of death lots of cannibalism slave, the Cannibal God check it out if you must. Admit that I am not a huge fan of those like track down the river. People get picked off one by one everybody's ready and. It looks miserable. Kind of the like say that you've seen it but not like an annual viewing for me right long. I do WANNA, go back to the Sergio Martino either several movies that I want to see. I might peruse through a few of these right up some reviews and put it on the website but remind review you know. Or don't I don't give a shit. But I got to this because I wanted to see Stacy Keach and A young Stacy Keach. Never seen like overweight ver. now, he's always been stocky. Stop Name for the last week I mean because of figuration stuff I really liking. Guy Like sensitive also. Home. And he's been in a ton of she at. Want. You know. believes. Stacy Keach is now. Nine years old. He's got some time. So anyway. I was not doing my deep dive on Stacy Keach just following him to see this weird. Cannibal movie. So. Did that. You know we've been picking on the baby's today what's up with that? Do they deserve it. Goes up and down for eight years. Awesome. Superman. But then again it's so this is what will learn today from the person. I kinda WANNA talk about. Cancer. The book by its cover because he's follow Ed Daddy just in the wild. Like whatever and disgusting really he's just got like a wife beater might catch up on it. But he does get typecast kind of like a one. Could be. I. Think I liked him the most and. Was it the toy along kid never went back from really oh, man seen it so many times. That's good From the Christmas story. No. Yes it is. I'm sorry it is. Share, the fuck is. Guy's name is Scott Warts. He looks like Ned. Beatty now. Remaining. Flick Flick. Wow, I hate that movie. I it's Christmas from the. I won't watch. Anymore he was in raiders of the living dead. I'll man and. Like I. Yep. A terrorist secret A. Teenagers Revenge. Raiders of the Living Dead I. Don't think that means what they think it means. A newspaper reporter here's of strange goings on on a remote island. He travels there and finds that mad scientists lives there and he's creating zombies that was written by a teenager. Big Rack. And a car blows up. This. Is Written and directed by Samuel. M, Sherman. He wrote blazing stewardesses. and. Then Nadi stewardesses. Blood of legalism. Walking goods. Eighty six. Brain of blood I actually feel like I've seen that before I think I've seen Satan's sadists. An. Reu. Yes it does did you click on that just pull that out of your brain pod Okay. Talk. Who did? Yeah with. Vinyl justice. He did hobgoblins. Yes. Do episodes of. Mike. And he directed without warning. It's where it went back to. We will make it to without warning at some point. But not today we talked about this and Neville brand was in without warning. Landau looking. Completely insane. I just saw him in another movie called the return I realized he did all these. Movies. Dumping Out. He's Niles Buchanan. To Young Children and an adult a small town have encounter with an alien spaceship twenty five years later, the children one of whom now is the local sheriff are reunited in it just it goes on to. Say. Without War Neville brand. But Yeah Martin Landau was in the being I wanNA watch again. A mutated creature is wreaking havoc. Town in Idaho of police chief in government scientists team up to save their rural town from this menace. Look. At the box art, you've seen it. The being. Okay. Fish Person I don't know I. Don't remember seeing this movie. Can't wait. Written directed by Jackie. Kong. That's a woman. She directed night patrol. How Everything is connected move. She also directed blood diner, which I've seen that box so many times and never picked it up. Oh Yeah, two brothers are entrusted by their uncle to uphold the ritualistic cannibalism of the ancient cult of she tar in order to do. So they have to prepare a feast of sacrifice for the resurrection of their goddess. She Utah. Fuck as she tar. Heel not not herbal. Movie it looks like it has been kind of. Cool. Now Mind. It's kind of five point four stars on IMDB I mean. Nicholas. Made. That up. Allen. As she plays show you're. Of, course, she was in Vamp I. Mean Look that picture that straight from vamp. Want to see her. Nothing. Yeah Good Luck. Or. Anything. On my God. Another has multiple Buydell, but I think they just released assembly race vicious lips. And it looks like a Glam band maybe eight. That's. Crash land on a planet. Did you see wrote and directed it? Albert Pune Sword in the source or. Okay, we have gone in so many circles. Out. which. Anymore. Radioactive Dreams. We talked about radioactive dreams. I need to see this because I really like both of those guys answer. telemark. Are we talking about vicious lip still? A radioactive dreams, same director but I like the John Stockton. Like an eighties, John Stockdale for sure going to do my science project that. That would be a lot of fun. Radio. We talked about this before when we were doing sword and the sorcerer but we didn't go into great detail I. Just I remember it and we talked about it I said I wanted to go back and see it. I've got to put it on a watch list. Click it's on a watch list so Probably, you. George. Sanity. Do I was trying to think of earlier that like a? was they you know he's always been the same age? Thing density. He's in those. Great on park every once in a while. All those movies. Nico Master Akkas. Another Greek guy he's to figure into my we'll do the was going to talk about. The movies. Okay. Options and George Kennedy Wings. Hauser. was three hander. Now that was nineteen eighty eight scientists poison the water supply of a small town turning the residents into homicidal main froma Kaido maniacs who. Who Kill each other and anyone who passes through. This sounds just like impulse. I talked to you about impulse that was with Sim Mathison. And Meg. Tilly. We talked about that because a small earthquake releases some whatever into the water supply that the cows drank and then passed it onto the milk. So anybody drank milk went frigging nuts yet sounds like that. Like George Kennedy's. Have you having water today. Years. No liquid has after. in they're like what a coffee drink coffee and there's a music thing that goes like. Movie I was. Adam. Yes. All right. You want to go into your your guy now. Or do you need me to go i? I and. That way when I, come back around to my yarn, it's not like me talking for like forty five minutes straight like I. Already have. All right. Well, my guy I just happened upon them because I went down some long yarns this morning. But he's been around since nineteen seventy. He was in the bill cosby show. He did one episode there he was credited in vanishing point nineteen seventy-one. I'm talking about John. Amos. This guy has been around for a long long time. Are we talking about the? Master exactly. Dialed in John. Amos. Probably was most famous from good times. He He's The dad he also did Sanford and son he was in one episode the funny side which I don't even know what that was and it was another TV series. Yeah something like that. He was in sweet sweet backs bad ass song. Yes. Fun Melvin Van peebles. Mario was in it as well. He played sweet bag. As a kid I guess. There's a Max van peebles to. As in a few things he was in. Nothing worthwhile. WHO's in the Casting Department for New Jack City Anyway, John. Amos as dawn a Lotta Shit. Did it episode of Dick Van Dyke He was older Kunti Kim Tae and Roots TV series, he was in the Mary Tyler Moore show a was Gordon Howard. Gordy Howard. There was a TV series called future cop. A veteran patrol officer gets an ANDROID for a part. This had Ernest Borgnine. And John Amos, it was only on for seven episodes. This was nineteen seventy six. That was a little bit before its time. Era. One. But you've already mentioned the bee's master which I love the beast master seen at so many damn times. Mike's First episode and the kind of quizzing him on. There they're getting ready to watch his first movie. They say speech, NASCAR's name. Mark Oh, I, thought you were asking. I thought it was part of the joke. Talking to myself. Walks up. In one. Mike. Now I know why they called the show be. got kind of like A. It's not the best not the word. John Amos also cap didn't Dolan in hunter the TV series. I watched the shit out of hunter. Hard not to because on like right when I got home from school move either that or a wrestling Charles. Halloween was the captain that. Fred. Dryer. I don't know why I liked him a lot. Yeah. He was pretty, Gritty Pretty Gritty. His picture on IMDB can look like a a young Clint Eastwood. got. The. Big. Main craggy. Stephanie Cramer Plate is I liked her a lot to. Daphne Kramer was in Noma to brains beautiful girl hit by car. That in the movie or just she was at by car, we're going to have to get drunk one night watched. Mamadou brains. and. John Amos probably was very famous for coming to America, he was the McDowell's owner. which I guess he's coming back for the sequel. The sequel to coming to America is in post production right now. Anything about that, I'm pretty excited about it. I watched that. Again. Probably saw at the theater and still still quoted. The red haired guy from that. That's the kind of drug at giant. Oh Damn. That's okay. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. Last action hero the he has a guide is like yes. So, John Amos was in ricochet. Die Hard To. Enjoyed his role in that he was a bad guy diehard to if you remember that. He was the one that made friends with Bruce Willis and basically just setting him up. I. Just remember him in the back of a truck and men. We have a situation here and they changed from the blanks to the real bullets. Back. Yeah. Ben. Diehard. Italian westerns you know. A. Sergio. Leone funding splitting. Up. Like a hundred other. Yeah, he's. He's the originals. Okay winning. Talking about he's entire to Yep Williams. I remember, hating. Anyway John Amos prolific career. He's got some interesting stuff here. Good Times nineteen seventy four. This is straight out of IMDB FAMILY SITCOM that took place in Chicago ghetto high rise initially prided itself being the first network series ever to be created by African Americans. But subsequent episodes were taken over by others and was increasingly disgruntled by the lack of quality of the scripts and the direction that. That show was going once focus on the importance of family values. It was shifting more towards the silly antics of Jimmy Walker is performing a runaway hit as a jive talking son Jj John began clashing with a higher ups by nineteen seventy six was released from the series as with his character being killed off an off camera car accident while finding employment out of state. They. Just got rid of them and made up a story. It. It says here in his trivia that he quit the show over complaints directed at him by fans and friends the show is not a pleasant portrait of African, American Life and somewhat insulting. All. I mean I. Remember Good Times like dealing with some pretty serious issues in check remember paying particular. I did. Watch it. Or I get. Jimmy. Walker Guy. Is He really Where is he now? May still doing some stuff. I don't really WANNA. Watch. But anyway. So John Amos been married three times. Played football at Colorado State University played professional football for the Norfolk Neptune's. In the late nineteen sixties never heard of team. John Amos was once a golden gloves boxing champion. found. His career. To. Be. Interesting. He's friends with BEA? Arthur. and. Louis Gossett junior now man. He's still around Jeff asked him about. I WANNA ask what it was like to birth Dennis Quaid's child or What we would talk about the entire it wasn't his child. Right now they did not happen in the movie, but maybe in my mind I thought that. Refresh my memory. God. I remember the torment of that being on HBO. I did I did. I just couldn't relate like it was on all flying. Either Watch that. Shows. Jennifer Rubin. Human screamers the bugs. Not The Interesting. John Amos, prolific career hundred and twelve credits. Murder Hero. was recently in a movie called bad asses on the by you. Talk. About very tone as bad. If you click on it, it starring Danny Trae Ho and he looks like a Mennonite interesting but the box are shows him in full Cammo with a fanny pack. But bad asses in the by you had Danny trae Oh Danny Glover John Amos Mad. On a golf cart that just takes any trace back and forth these like. There's no way he was like. Yeah Unbelievable Four hundred and four credits for Daddy trae ho. fucking believable. That's probably right. Dany trae Oh seventy six now. Like everything he's in. Heard great things about him. Anyway, that's going to wrap me up for John. Amos just a solid actor been around for a long time nothing. You know he doesn't play third fiddle in. A chainsaw band. Cemented that he is basically wearing leather I. don't know. And these master like most of 'em is. He's only covering up. But he's a bad ass to. Yeah something I need to watch again You know John Amos was in a movie called dance of the dwarfs. Yes. An anthropologist hires a down on his luck helicopter pilot to fly her into the jungle where see searching for a scientist who is investigating reports of a tribe of reptile men. Some, type of professionalism. Like. I can fly in their. Wyatt through fucking. It. Looks like the helicopter pilot was Peter Fonda. Dance of the dwarfs was also titled. Jungle? Heat. Jungle Fever Yeah Gentle Season Wow. Wow. Wrapping this up. Close Knit. Tab John Amos. For everything given US joining. Thanks for showing US your book. Getting. Pretty. Good sounds. All right. So onto your guy. In any kind of order. Guy But I also have a list of eight guy is that you want to do. Yours, we were just talking back and forth over. So many things that had popped up nine. You know maybe we'll just in that sort of like you know impart Akot our connected like that. Yeah. Yeah. So. Many bio of the guy without saying namely even. And Lemme. Real. Nineteen fifty. Nine Raised on the Columbia River Longview. Academic Athletic as Casanova. The second siblings. Managed. Are You Doing John Ritter? An. Actual credit is for the terminated James Cameron's nineteen eighty-four determine Bill Paxton. For his clothes. He was in Agra. B. Called Leader Been X. File that guy. To Brian Thomson. Prefers, the lighthearted Fare Neil Simon, but he plays psycho alien. No this guy yeah he's always been a creep. He was the the slasher in. Cobra. Long Line of row space. If you just took something and kind of lose it around. He would be handsome. For Space Yeah Yeah. Good looking but it feels like as he got older, he got weirder and weirder. The. Next and maybe he does have a little bit of static on his face navy. Baby. You know when he was a kid. In. Many pain. Role. Wife or I couldn't pick out as much. I fall asleep to it often because I put it on when I'm going to bed. You remember him to. I. Haven't seen that long time. Maybe I didn't realize that John grinds was in Friday night. That we had two of. Episode. That was. Meaning the scene of Knight Rider Music Vampire slayer because and I'm reading this trivia is faces so fucked up that they didn't have to add prosthetic too. Big, forehead that they do some. That's all they put on him. Wow. Reliever out. Oh. He's for sure in clang on IDA surreal. Wow he was in night wish I've seen this box art so many times. I've never seen the movie, an episode of Moonlighting. That show a professor and four graduate students journey to a crumbling mansion to investigate paranormal activity and must battle ghosts, aliens, and Satanic entities. fucking, great. That's night wish. Wish and he's the. In this movie, I've never seen it. It's got Clayton Rohner in it. Only think. Fuck that's insane Robert Tessier is in it. Dude. You know this box are yeah. Wow, that's going on my list. Great. I don't think this came up. That's insane. Pandering on writing it down night. Wish I. Think maybe I come across this on Youtube. Maybe you can watch the movie on eastern remember during that like tank tops. I remember that tanktop. Are. He looks fucking stacked it to. ME. On the list. His name does not fit his. Yeah. Okay Yeah Yeah. Thing. I like his haircut usually either has. Reads got kind of like A. Military, looking hair which doesn't. Some point. At space. That is like we need to do like the Mount Rushmore of these like me movie actor faces. Get on our. When A living lock. Okay so I just before I started kind of going off the deep end. I I, wanted to do it about this guy because I love man he's talking in a movie and Hughes Good. A little further. Bio He's married to a was married to I'm sorry divorce in ninety eight Isabel Master akkas. Okay. She's a conducive and. Walk. She Produced Zero Voice Ninja Academy. Anyway. Is Nico Master rockets okay. Nightmare new warned me about it had been. Wings thousand. Anyway Law. Blind date just came up to just a second ago. No this was a different blind date. And Joseph Bottoms and. Her. People their names are kind of I can't turn out some anyway. So his wife. Dad produced all these like I mean like the list goes on and on just kind of. Yeah And the producer on. The wind is meg foster and wings. Remember that I've seen it before. Steve Rails back. Interesting. Benico rockets collection. Produced a bunch of. Movies probably on here. It keeps bug. The bug. If things. Like I don't know that one. Like on TV all the time. All I can think of was the box art for the nest, which was giant cockroach kind of making out with a girl. Actually. Fudge. Dammit Allen. Don't really recognize him. You know what I mean. I don't look at Alan Fudge fudging say. That Guy Yeah. So. What's this in his trivia that says about Brian Thompson played the first character killed by the title character in the Terminator Unless You Count Bill Paxton. Well then he's not. Oh Jesus. King much, he gathered some bad reputation for his portrayal of Shao Kahn and the unpopular video game sequel. Mortal Kombat annihilation. Only, thing that I. That enough. Things there why are they hate him? Because he's. Maybe. kind of like. Washing. Not, to get it all. Trademark is deep smooth baritone voice, his square JAL and bold. Blue Eyes. Towering Height and Brawny Physique. nope. I like that guy and I like fire to kind of like. I like it when big like he's six foot three, he's huge. But he's been movies, hundred and four credits. Man. News. Player for a long time, he was an alien nation, right? In, the movie and the series. Yeah You know he's one of the bad ones I. Guess that is another one. On so much so much. I was just like can't take any more. and. He was in three Amigos. He's like a German. Is says Germans other friend was. God. Thing. Come. To believe in. Hell he was in Falcon Chris Series for a while here. I think it was wasn't a run off of like Dallas something like that. He was in three fugitives again with Martin. Short. Sure I'm sure he plays good guy I'm telling you are Pazar crossing so many times. I'm neglecting to say a few things here because. Update. Exactly. Because it's just like strange how we just did this. So, Brian was also in Dr More. DRID. Charles Band Film. Yeah. Also written by C Courtney Joyner who wrote prison Dude. Like, we're going to make connections are not going to make some people. Happy. They found us at. Yes we've. We've cracked the Matrix. That's it. Okay. Where will the TV series I know that a lot of people are like loan that show I mean I. It will didn't. You try to track it down for I. Didn't watch it Michael You know for sure Michael Wanted. To talk about Traci Lind one of these days. not now, but she's on Friday night to and she was kind of. The girl that was in a lot of movies around. I feel like you've glossed over one no one credit here for Brian. That he played Buffalo Bob. Joe Dirt. Actually has that like. Duport. Yeah Joy Reid from monk. Looking at Google it. Now. My brain hurts my brain hurts because I made this yarn that is going to go on forever. And I felt exhausted when I went through this yarn when I was done, I was like, Oh my God. I just felt like I had the greatest dump ever. All right. I got to look it up and Ted Levine God dammit. That's easy. It is I'm totally going to cut all this out. The start over. A Hi. Welcome to the yard wall. All right. Anything else you WANNA say about. Brian Thompson here. Interesting career. I think I probably know him best. Slasher and Cobra Yes for sure pointing. Fire, axes together. What were they doing in that room I, have a feeling. Like. Beginning. That's hilarious. Things that we Did we touch that COSMA TOs directed Cobra. Wait a minute George P, COSMO's we had to have talked about that before. We talked about how he directed tombstone. And how Panos is credited in tombstone at. Yeah. His son Yeah, we've we've gone over all this. Okay. Ever have that little any gums earning many again but that little. Lane. I can't I. Don't recall. He definitely has that freaking this not even a toothpick that's a frigate matches lit. Chewing on a match the entire time. You know, I make fun of this movie. So often I always say like you're the trash on the wastebasket or something like that. Oh my God of course we talked about. George cosmic because he did Do. Fight similar unknown. Kind of just waiting. Waiting for that clue who? here is semester stallone in the back of a pickup with that gun there's a picture of him with that Gannon Cobra. He's also a couple of grenades. I don't remember him throwing grenades. Also. Was Looking at. My own business and how did I get to this Mark Lister Steve Courtney join or Maybe it tracing. But class of nineteen ninety nine. One's coming up. Because they're. Okay. Blow your dumb cracker mind but again, mark. Let's. See Courtney joyner wrote about the nineteen. Ninety. TRACI Lind is in it. My God. I see it right here. How did this overlook? And table at. Twenty or thirty. Which is nothing for what we? EHRENBERG. Things. Years only shit whatever that was. Drop the MIC. All right anything else you want to add about Drying Thompson IMMI- come up later because I'm going to bring him up. It's crazy. You know. I'll just be eventually on the fat and like a of around thing with like a bunch of monitors around. And is constantly trying to connection. I'll be like those things that minority report. Yeah. But you'll have all the answers. It only means something to US link. What's what's sad is nobody's going to care as much as we do. I feel like we have. Unburied something. Big this week. Like. During like. Make. Some weird connection like. On some boxer and you can feel the codes it like something. I get it. It's cloak and dagger not really a Hollywood movie but more like a like a Sega Dini game. I swear you said Hollywood booby. What time there to Run Right. All right. So let's start back at prison. All right. Prison had a handful of actors in it. We'd go down and Vigo Mortenson 's career like. That guy. Not a lot of crappy ones you. Now he's actually just got better and. I think so. No To. That is that David Morse Holy Shit that's David Morse Charles. Bronson Dennis Hopper Holy. Shit. Erected Producing Sean Penn wrote and directed. A Vietnam vet comes home to a small town and finds himself in conflict with the rules that his brother has vowed to uphold. That tells me nothing. How. Did you? Know I think it sucked. A Vietnam vet comes home to a small town in finds herself in a conflict with the rules that his brother has vowed to uphold starring Jay. We. Bat Morita. This is Valerie Lino in the Indian runner. Valerie Galeano. From the Motte shots. And while she was in the first one to. Topping all out of her bellybutton. CHOOSING ESCAPE FROM LA. was in the king's horror. Lighter. Okay, Orion. Interesting. Anyway. I don't think I realized that Vigo was in Carlito's way. And I kinda breathe pass it because of looking at something else. Like video or in convert on but James Rep Horn was in that too. James read born he was in my cousin vinny he was the specialist who knew about tires and tire markings and stuff. Yeah. That's when you know lane. Smith at his. Dental. I. I got the clap on that one. Thank you. I started to look at James Reborn reborn reborn whatever I started looking at him to make my yarn and down to hold it didn't I didn't come back from. When I say this report and I might have thought before but. They call all ski and vanishing TV. In Ninety seven. Hot Anybody. Okay. Still in Vigo. Jason Priestley I vaguely remember it. And I'm on my God. And I vaguely remember in adults bitching about it because it was. started. Good movie contract. Vigo as a lot of interesting shit but he's still not the personnel was following whom I following. Following, Lane Smith because I already talked about Lane Smith and my cousin Vinny I tried to get that out of the way. Pretty quick. So we're going from LANE SMITH TO MY COUSIN VINNY MY cousin vinny wizard I was already there with James Webb, Horn. Red Breed Horn web horn whatever the hell. Wait. Was Vigo was in young guns two. I did not realize that. I'm sorry. Did I tried to go back and then went right back to where I? Damnit. When we get like a good actor out in Arkansas by me don't want to let them go. Link Smith is a good actor, Miguel of in Yes, and that's where I was going, Knicks. So Bruce. McGill was the sheriff that was in my cousin vinny ended up basically helping to crack the case. At the end of spoiler alert my cousin vinny when they find out, he's innocent. Dun Dun Dun. Bar. Stop It. But Bruce McGill is probably most famous for what roll. Back in your. Wait a minute. No that was. The last boy scout. Brought up last action hero earlier. So. It could go too far from it. But he was an animal house. As Day now, we keep talking about him because Adidas A. No? No it wasn't that far back. Look it up Google it. Google Animal House in Nineteen. Seventy eight. And an animal house has everybody in it including Kevin Bacon. Turning in a Kevin Bacon comes back up in my yard which I could have made this yarn. So short I didn't want to. Walk. Exactly, and we've talked about these movies so many times. Just going to come out and say Okay Dorfman kint Dorman. Stephen I. Are, right, and we talk about Steven I allow we bring them up a lot in this podcast. Probably. Probably but. Stephen. I was also. In show just lost it. Oh I guess start all over. McCain another lash lampoon's class reunion which starred Garrett Graham. Exactly Michael Lerner Stephen I whole lot of nobody's and that was it's been ten years since Lizzie Borden High School class of seventy, two graduated and the preppy season hippies and the in crowd has returned reminisce over the good times past. But classmates Walter Baylor has returned to with a vengeance. This was written by John Hughes. Interesting National Lampoon's class reunion. I don't think I've ever heard of this movie i WanNa Watch it now it has the unknown comic at it. You see it on the box he's on the box art. Thing director the director for this is Michael Miller. He directed silent. Rage. He had to of. Anyway. So Chuck Berry is in classroom. have. Glove and Ramsey, yet reunion written by John. Hughes. I didn't have to go here at all I just went down this trail. Of course I'm going to go back to she's having a baby. Angry because I was like. So I could have made this a lot shorter by jumping from animal house. But I just wanted to talk about John Hughes because I didn't know anything about class reunion as well. Son of a bitch I, just click past it. I. Did I did Elizabeth McGovern. She was really cute. She's been in sixty eight things she was in a war of the worlds TV series just recently. I did not no. I have not seen that. She's been in Downton Abbey. Downtown Abbey. Yep. People. Get. That much. Okay. This is why I wanted to talk about she's having a baby. Okay. You've seen it I it was John Hughes movie and it pretty much had to be good because I loved all things John Hughes. Matter kind of like. It's going to be some. You know it's kind of drama. Liking them. Planes, trains automobiles. At the beginning when Steve Martin is trying to get his plane. He has to get to the airport and there's a locking is from across the street with Kevin Bacon and Kevin Bacon stills his taxi. Just kind of a weird connection. Right. This is like the Jay and silent Bob Strike back for freaking John Hughes everybody's in this. She's having a baby also has eighty McClurg in it. A righteous, dude. Ferris Bueller will guess what Allie young is also in she's having a baby. That's where I happened to Potty ebb like Holy Shit. He's a photographer. Digs. Exactly. It has kirstie alley in it Kirstie Alley, Harry Anderson Dan ackroyd is playing Roman from the great outdoors on credited. So were they watching the great outdoors at some point? Exact. That's what I'm saying because Matthew Broderick is credited for Ferris bueller on credited. Was it playing in a movie in the background I don't. Share universe. A law on or something. That's what I'm thinking because now we've got John Candy who is playing Chet from the great outdoors unaccredited in she's having a baby. It. HAS TO BE TV shows because if you look here, you got Kirstie. Alley. Ted Danson and Woody Harrelson. Amy Irving Michael Keaton Magic Johnson Elias Qatargas Penny Marshall Bill Murray. Olivia Newton. John Annie Potts John Ratzenberger. Goes on and on it's like That show where they were just flipping through channels at John during. That, stay tuned. They change like that where they're in it for like three seconds or something it had to be. WILL WHEATON IS UNCREDITWORTHY? Aly sheedy you can connect everybody through cheese having a baby now. Legal. Exactly Warren, fucked, and Zebulon. Being like that also where it was kind of fan, you know he would go into these criminals `this where like full on like musical numbers would happen. Yeah, you're right. Now I WANNA go back. To see this, just to catch everybody Belinda Carlisle is in. It's just it's nuts and that's why I wanted to bring this movie up. This is why I made my yarn go all the way around just like go back to she's having a baby. Get performance. From. It's insane. Well I feel like, yeah I feel like you could go from John Hewson get pretty much anywhere around the decade. So she's having a baby also has whereas she wears you were as she made the connection she's bet she better be here. Joanna Kerns. Just want to mention here too. Young Jake is played by Neil Bacon. No it's actually his nephew I. Just looked it up. That'd be hilarious if he said now they're unrelated. So. Here's your Co Star James Sausage. Protein. That's good. So somewhere in here is Joanna Kerns. Writing okay. Yeah a little bit. So Joanna Kerns, we know our most from growing pains. Because that show was unbelievably on TV like. Especially when we were getting out of school. So. It was. Allen fix shirt on. But Joanna Kerns she was in I mean she goes way back she was in Rhoda. She was an emergency she was Charlie's angels love boat. Quincy. Chips Laverne and Shirley Magnum Pi v the mini series. She was in three's company as two different characters in three's company. Yet. Different Side. So Click on this real quick nineteen, seventy-six Joanna Kerns within the movie called APE Lot like Schlaug or something, but it's Kinda like it. A newly discovered thirty six foot Rila escapes from a freighter off of the Coast Korea's sound familiar maybe at the same time in American actresses filming a movie in the country familiar maybe chaos ensues as the ape kidnaps her and rampages through Seoul. Korea. Rampage we mean the guy. That's like stepping on all the just like Godzilla. Look at the first picture being. I've never seen anything like that before he's choking a shark and an and the Khanda while jumping off of his ship yet. Doing not to be confused with King. Kong says on here on the box art. Look at the first photo of Abe. It's King Kong flipping you off. In what appears to be a very heavy and cost them in a ravine in California. Yes. Hilarious thing life for Shatin rumor going captain fought. Exactly. Picture from. So. If you scroll on up, Joanna Kerns was in an episode of Hunter I'm sorry we were we just talking about that. Everything so connected. But here is a TV movie, Nineteen, Ninety, five, the rape of Richard Beck. No or not but this is Richard Kranina plays. Richard bed. So we get to watch a movie with him getting raped. Seattle veteran cop Richard Beck becomes a sexual assault victim and must deal with the painful aftermath. I'm not laughing at rape I'm laughing at the fact I never wanted to see Richard Krenek getting ready. I never want to see Richard Kranish show a judge like. Sean at all or something. So this movie also stars Meredith Baxter from family ties has Joanna Kerns and Meredith Baxter in it. Just like that, they could have. Not. Seen, the movie don't want to see the movie. About I thought we were GonNA talk about the relationship. To you know. I just wanted to pair them up together and they're right here in one movie. and. If you look a little further down is Nicholas worth you didn't WanNa talk about him before make any talk about him now. It could have gone so much shorter. About. Doing Nicholas Did, you. Looking. He is so beef so much face. He has been around for so long. SWAMP THING I merely know his first movie was for Pete's sake but a second movie was scream blacula scream. Like. That'd be. Nineteen, seventy, three. CARE, Cincinnati? That is correct. Sir. I had anxiety. I'm not done yet. Don't answer the phone though. That don't answer the foam. I wanted to go through all these movies I really do. We should just do babysitter murder movies. Oh, here's Nicholas worth with a big dumbbell holding up to his forehead and he's shirtless. and. Now, you can cross that went off your bucket list. Wow. Don't answer the phone a deeply disturbed Vietnam veteran terrorizes the young women, of Los, Angeles and taunts a radio psychologist with descriptions of his grisly crimes. I much. Yes. He's been a ton of Shit. Oh my God. All the way back to tens being hell comes to frog down. Yes. Even. Though. He was in Dan Turner Hollywood detective, which was also called the Red Raven kiss off. And I've seen this box forever we had this at the video store which stars Marc Singer. A. GOING TO UNCOVER A. Conspiracy. Theorist everything. Everything. Nicholas was in night court. Best to the best to. I mean on and on barb wire remember from dark man when he riches face that's it. Yeah. I remember that total wrong turn with Nicholas Worth there's a movie called the glove. Okay, a scene, this box art in this box it's on IMDB is not the one I remember. But if you scroll down and look at the pictures, you'll see the on the photos you'll remember this movie now. And it's a bounty. Hunter has offered twenty thousand dollars off the record for the capture of a very large man who don's body armor and still plated gauntlet for his regular beatings of some unfortunate individuals. On the cover of Tagline for that? No no, that's the that's. No. But I just remembered this glove and it has John Saxon in it. Doesn't around the fair back. Real Quick I. got real wrapped up and I feel like I'm having to physically I understand couple of these. Tabs. At the same time. Turn to welcome back Carter. He. Killed in the glove. On awesome. 'cause I'm not finding the glove is way down here nineteen, seventy nine. Right after W., p.. Yeah. Chuck. That box that they show an IMDB is not the one we saw at the video store. On. Joanna Cassidy the glove kind of looks like it could have been an Italian movie. Directed by Ross Hagen and anybody who's lost in knows that he's the guy from side hackers. Awesome. Obama's rows of the mood. Have you moved on my going somewhere else 'cause I'm happy just to say at the Glove We, got to come back to all of these movies. The Globe. Keenan Wynn Michael Pataki, all these people have been stupid stupid pagan. Nicholas Worth was in a movie called Star. Force. And the year two thousand. Three. Have you. Don't tell me. We were all over this because. No it has vernon wells in it. Who Love me some Vernon. Okay. Yeah. I know what you're talking about. I see I wanted to do maybe a deep dive vernon wells a May come back up, he may come back up. But burning wells probably most notably weird science. interstates right inner space. Besides, the obvious Mad Max to right the road warrior. Exactly and commando, he played Bennett which he really looked. So out of shape go into begins Arnold Schwarzenegger. I think somebody posted a screen shot of Vernon, wells and commando. We thought he had chain Mel on but if you zoomed in, it looks like it's crochet. NANNA sweater. Yeah Yeah. Don. Caller. Check this out though Vernon wells has a hundred ninety eight credits. It has to be their shit that has been completed. There's like twenty things completed that haven't been released yet. Host gloves are we? Kinda. Yeah, you can close the glove. Dan. Is. Yes. Jack. Love me some Dan de but vernon wells and weird science as the head biker or Lord General? I. Think he's listed as here. I didn't know either. Michael, Berryman? Oh I'm sorry from hills is we were just talking about that Bill Paxton which comes up everything we talk about anyway. We should keep talking about him started his face on the cover circuitry. Makes me fucking laugh every time I see ya circuitry man you know on the front. Tower. Trying to. Before. John. Her. Says actress. I was just looking at Judy Aaronson, who was one of the girls and weird science. She was. She was in Friday the thirteenth, the final chapter. Did you. Yeah. Yeah Very I movie she was in the powers, of Matthew, Star and Simon and Simon before that. I. Even looking at the first place because of Matthew Start, world. Powers. Happiest. Called starring in it. But Judy was also in an episode of growing pains I. Mean It's it's so this is so deep. To. You're talking about well, no this was a sidebar from Nicholas. Worth. WAS IN STAR FORCE WITH VERNON? Wells. Vernon wells was in weird science weird science had bill Paxton, of course. Bill Paxton was in stripes. We've talked about this before all right Dennis Quaid was an extra in graduation ceremony I. Think we brought this up before and Stripes Donald Gabe. was a bouncer in the mud wrestling bar. On credited. Ogre No sorry. This is a sidebar Donald Gibb was in the weird science TV show. Every brought this up before. Recently. You've recently looked at it. Why? Because Brian Thompson was in an episode. Like I saw that earlier are Mike Holy Shit. I'm going there you're going. Things are moving to. And we should just like you understand why I was exhausted after going through all of this. So. Let's get down to it. Let me go ahead and finish this back it up to Nicholas Worth Nicholas worth was in dark man. All right. We need to talk about dark man I. Feel like we've talked about it before dark man's well-known. A lot of fun who is the bad guy in that? Because I've totally mind fucked you. Pearl My Joey. No. Larry Drake. Played Durant. that. Okay. Right and Larry Drake was in next week's movie. That I could have made in one move dark night of the scarecrow starring. Lanes. The unknown comic. And Steven I. Who brought before the we really ought to do like like a fantasy fantasy football but I. Know. How would be like school? If we can reach these actors these. We get so many points. Very interesting. Dark night of the scarecrow reads in a small southern town. A wrongfully killed man exacts revenge on those who murdered him. From beyond the grave. one-sentence say could use some more punctuation I think. Gra wrongful killed man that exacts revenge on those who murdered him from beyond the grave. Needs another common there I think because. They murdered him from beyond the grave. And Just A. Starring Charles Darning love me some Charles Turning. We'll be talking about him in depth next week. I'm positive. Now. He's dead. Claude, Earl Jones. We brought him up recently. This guy was born in Tulsa Oklahoma Nineteen thirty-three Earl Jones known for brighter the animator police story not James Earl Jones. Movie I just wanted to make that clear. Okay Cooking sleep away camp. Bring that that that where it is that where we just talked about him okay I knew it was something just recently. So Lane Smith Tonya Crowe plays the little girl merely Williams. Ivan now he's just kind of in that. You know long tradition of the. Walsh. was. This a TV movie. Yes, it was a TV movie. But I think this is a notable film I. Love this movie obscene it. Times. Only. Slightly older than, I am. Made up all the difference. I don't really remember I mean I remember especially like Fox. Or whatever showing like. Sunday, afternoon you use or maybe. I don't think it works. But I did watch these I almost don't want to stay the name of a movie because it's on my list but now I'm GONNA save it. Okay save it. Says, hedy movies just because they're on TV back in the day didn't make them any less. Right they might have been you know. I mean they could show some stuff you know. You don't remember this movie. How much you liked it. Okay. But you don't remember watching it as a kid. Her. Maybe so I you know I don't remember. Can Rent it On Radio Yeah I'm I'm sure that I did. Deal for what I wanted to be. Okay. But I think there were some very horrific scenes in this movie that stuck with me for for years and it's always been. You know in my there is a scene in the movie near the end and I'll share this with when we're watching it that always gave me chills. And I don't know why. Darkness scarecrows on Youtube. It looks like it's on to be. It looks like there's a the one on to be is. A hundred and thirty an hour at thirty six. The one on Youtube is an hour and thirty one. But I did read and some of the Trivia. That there was a an alternate version which there's a two second insert I. Don't think that two seconds is going to really. And I know that the scene that saying here. Gross. Now not even. IS A. Looking. Looking. Quite Dr Evil a little bit but that's Okay. Poking Oval. Egg is perfectly shape but I wonder if. It's just coincidence that Larry's from Tulsa Oklahoma and so as collateral Jones. The Hollywood together do. They were roommates. Combined trying out with the same thing. Big. You again, white white. One. All right. So I know this was a very lengthy aren wall and that's because it was too easy. I wanted to make it a little longer. I, didn't mean to go as far as I did. What? I. mean. There were still more that I could talk about because. It when weird? It went very weird for me too I kinda got a little sideway. But we've got. I feel like we're on ground in the middle of that left on this podcast. I was like out at sea. To. Kadar wind yet. You knew we were going to watch this movie at one point. You knew from last week when we saw lane Smith's. Opportunity. Maybe. We were going to get here so. All right it's going to be fun. Probably so How do you have any else to add for a prison? Do you remember only watch prison knows seems like so long ago. Finally. Wanted to see what he made out of themselves made out of them so. Oh I like that movie all right. You can watch it on prime video as well. It says Deluxe Collector's edition. Actually. It says two, thousand, twelve hours right anything else you wouldn't offer. Me S. WE HAVE I'm exhausted. Yep Time to turn the air conditioner back on. All right. All right. Signing off. Be. You've been listening to the Yarn Wall an MT Cornfield production. Tune in next week for the nineteen eighty-one classic. TV, horror flick dark night of the scarecrow. 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