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Live from n._p._r. News in washington. I'm jeanine herbst. Hurricane dorian is pounding the bahamas with one hundred eighty five mile per hour winds and a storm orm surge of up to twenty feet. A hurricane warning is upper parts of florida's coast and as n._p._r.'s greg allen reports some coastal areas are already ordering mandatory evacuations evacuations in anticipation of the slow moving storm nearing the u._s. Hurricane dory and is expected to stay offshore as it heads north along the florida coastline but depending being on track coastal areas in florida may experience hurricane force winds in palm beach county. A mandatory evacuation has been ordered for people who live on barrier islands and in mobile homes in the middlebrook mobile home park in west palm beach michael. Anthony says he's worried that after hitting the bahamas dorian may make landfall in florida that thing doesn't look like it's going up looks like it's coming down right straight for us and now it's all over the bahamas too close so it's time for the <unk> one. Anthony and his wife are leaving but many many of their neighbors plan to stay the county sheriff is assured residence authorities will not be checking the immigration status of anyone coming to the county's seven shelters greg allen n._p._r. News west palm mm beach officials in west texas. Say the death toll from the mass shooting yesterday has risen to eight including the shooter who appeared to be firing his weapon at random random from a moving vehicle marfa public radio sally beauvais has more officials say they believe the white male in his mid thirties responsible for saturday's shooting acted alone and law enforcement is still investigating multiple crime scenes where the gunman opened fire on drivers and pedestrians with an a._r. Style rifle local police say the victims killed the incident range in age from fifteen to fifty seven speaking at a news conference desa texas governor greg abbott reflected on recent mass shootings in dallas sutherland and springs santa fe and el paso texas is unacceptable action is needed. He also says texas needs needs immediate measures to keep guns out of the hands of criminals while also safeguarding second amendment rights for n._p._r. News i'm sally beauvais. President trump's latest first round of tariffs on chinese imports is now in effect. China is taxing about seventy five billion dollars in u._s. Goods while the u._s. has started taxing one hundred twelve billion dollars dollars in chinese goods that could raise prices consumers pay for many products ahead of the holiday shopping season republican senator pat toomey says that a trade war could hurt hurt economic growth. I do think that the uncertainty caused by the volatile tariff situation and this developing trade read war could jeopardize that <hes> strengthen that growth and that is <hes>. I think that's a legitimate concern speaking there on a._b._c.'s this week. He says he gives trump. Trump credit for challenging china on some of its trade policies with the u._s. but he says he would have chosen a different tactic. You're listening to n._p._r. News germany's president today asked for forgiveness for his country's role in the suffering of the polish people during world war two the apology came as poland mark eighty years since the nazi germany invasion that unleashed the deadliest conflict in human history and here's rob schmitz has more president frank-walter steinmeier steinmeier told an audience of european leaders warsaw that on this day he bounced sarah fleet before the suffering of the victim and that he asks for forgiveness for germany's historical guilt few places death and destruction on the scale of poland lost about a fifth of its population in world war two including the majority of its three million jewish citizens u._s. vice president mike pence attending on behalf of president trump who cancelled his trip to hurricane dorian said that no other people fought with more valor determination and righteous fury within the polls pence will hold bilateral talks with poland's leaders on monday rob schmitz n._p._r. News berlin american airlines lines is extending the cancellation of boeing seven thirty-seven max jet flights through december third. This plane has been grounded since mid-march after two two fatal crashes left three hundred forty six people dead in the span of five months boeing says it's targeting regulatory approval for the fixes in october but the f._a._a. Face as it does not have a firm time line to put the jets back in the air. Meanwhile airlines the baath of fuel efficient seven thirty seven x jets have had to cancel thousands of monthly flights lights as they scrambled to meet demand with slimmer fleets eating into profits and hurting some growth plans. I'm janine herbs and you're listening to n._p._r. News from washington.

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