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The. And a very warm, welcome to Monaco on design extra. It's the show brought to you by the team behind Monaco, twenty fours, dedicated design show, and I'm Josh venit each week. We have fun with facet of design that we think deserves just a little bit more attention known as the happiest place on earth. Walt Disney's Disneyland and all its subsequent parks, continue to entertain, devote tease of the brand instead of designers. It employs self dubbed and questionably named imagine is who've helped shape the experience opening day in the mid nineteen fifties, but does Disneyland's over the top theme park experience continue to uphold the ideals of welts, somewhat eccentric vision. How have the waning attentions bounds of today's visitors affected ongoing development? Well, Marianne honeymoon is a design writer at lecture in progress and spoke to Mongols, Christie Evans. I guess the origin of Disneyland kind of starts with. So the story goes, he was at Griffith park, which is a park in Los Angeles with his two daughters, and they're kind of the carousel, merry go round and he's sitting on a bench, eating peanuts and just thought, why can't there be a place where parents and kids enjoy this kind of thing together. I think more than that, his thinking really was that he wanted to create a place that celebrated the history whilst offering space to think about the future of America. So it wasn't just about celebrating its history, its tradition, it's ideals. It was about the innovation what was to come and the challenges that might come with that. How do you do everyone Hank Weaver for the past year, the signature has announced the opening of Disneyland the show. Now it announces the opening of Disneyland. The place. I've been in Mexico sixty five, but a lot, the museum parks, very disjointed. They want themed. One of the biggest selling points to Disneyland. It was deemed everything was seamless. It was very much three sixty storytelling. You can't really see the outside world when you in it, and it was designed that way. So you won't be able to the parking lot all nearby buildings or anything like that. We'll actually went on a European tool. So he traveled around Europe, looking for inspiration as to how he could create this free flowing environment and how he could essentially tell the story all these many stories seamlessly through the puck. And so that's why when you enter Disneyland, there is that one entrance and he sort of wanted you to end to the park. For this entrances, though, under hypnosis, see you would go in and you'd see this leaking beauty cost at center, and that was loosely inspired by the the Trump in Paris where you have this one point, everything sort of radiates around it. It's not very much influenced design at the puck while you go and you have the focal point and then radiates out into these different themes. Areas of the puck. No corner was left undesired. So even when you look at the pavements, each land has a different texture on the pavements that if you wanted to, you couldn't advocate it for the soles of your feet. He is quoted as saying that Disney on radio blend of fact and fantasy. So you have main street USA which is very much an idealized version of like a ton of the century American town, which has, you know, authentic wrought iron on the facades, it's made to be as as possible. But yet this is also kind of set and it's used forced perspective so that when you're in it, it does appear Tula. So it really is blended fact and fantasy that he was awful. On opening day a report came out and said, you know, when do you think the puck will be finished the course ton too cliche now, but so you know, the puck will never be completed as long as there's immagination left in the world. Now we can look back on that and you can read it as Vermont idealism at the park is designed to develop an evolve, or you can look at it as very quick witted post rationalizations by think the very fact that the parks do change and do continue to evolve means very much fits into won't. Initial vision of it was not. It would always reflect interest of the audience and reflect the changes at the studio was going through. Literally land is your land here. Age relives fond memories of the past. And here you may savor the challenge in promise of the future. Disneyland is dedicated to the ideals, the dreams and the hard facts that have created America with the hope that it will be a source of joy and inspiration to all the world. And I think it does a for level of escape some for people, which is why I think sometimes, especially for fans when changes all proposed to the puck and those can be big or small, whether it's a changing if some brickwork to the revamp of the right. That can be a little bit uproar in a little bit of upset because people are used to seeing one thing and it becomes something comfortable they used to experiencing in a particular way. You look at the recent parts of the Caribbean ride, and it was the last bride that won't oversaw personally before he died. And there's a section of the rides that was replaced because it originally portrayed a wench auction essentially, and it got changed. That it's now sort of an auction of the women themselves are in charge of that was I think, petition with up to twenty five thousand signatures people not to change this ride. There are elements of this. I don't think we'll change, especially when talking about Disneyland because it was the Ernie park that will personally sought completion. There is, I think, a level at which you wanna keep it full sterilizer. Keeping those fifties colors. I mean the causal itself. I can't ever imagine that that are going to change its of pink, pastel shade, and obviously when things like the mobile card to start to see themselves being integrated, you can't onto, I have a much more than look and feel. But again, I have to emphasize that lesser quite from an imaginary when he talks about how changes tradition and Disneyland, and there is the idea that it will is designed to keep evolving. So even when these characters in these news of designed looks are integrate into the park, you can pretty much guarantee that they weren't stick out like a sore from it will be almost effortlessly integrated into that environment. Diane, you're sick. Where would you like to go of all the places and Disneyland. Castle, sleeping beauty is sharing your eight. What would you like to say? I think I'd like to go to sea frontier land when Davy Crockett fight. Sian Disney, John was opened in nineteen fifties. Frontier line was into like western esque themes land, and you consider that point westerns Rudy were at the height of their popularity. So I think Disney done as always being thought of and designed with the audience in mind. It will grow to kind of a coma date different ideas. A lot of it is growing into stalls nine, what are they going to enjoy? What are they gonna get out of this? What really was looking to have his cross fade dissolve effect in the pockets. You would see on screen. Could be seen as very organic space. You know, you can continue to add things, removed, things, renovate things, update them, stuff from scratch, whatever you want. But I think it gave him the freedom that the animated films perhaps didn't, you know when films dawn than it's on the screen, and people have watched. It does not so much you can tinker with as much you can edit which Hanes and Disneyland will forever. I think be this space is Ghana and is adoptable. He had an apartment built just of mainstream until the five stations that you know he could say and think about things to change. Awesome. People that are opinions as long as it continues to push in that direction to tell new stories in innovative engaging ways. I think that is at the call was always often. Sincere. Thanks to Marianne Han noon. And if you're desperate to hear more about the history of DisneyWorld and download episode, four, seven, eight sister show the monocle weekly for monocle dot com. Slash radio, even listening to monocle on design extra from the team behind Monaco, twenty four, weekly design show. Don't forget. You can listen to the full half hour show on Tuesdays at nine thousand nine hundred London time or you lucky things. Download the podcast. Anytime that suits you and do remember, they're always more designed the lights to uncover in the pages of monocle magazine. Our weekly newspaper series or one of the many beautiful books that we produce here. This show was produced by the ever patient Christie Evans on Josh Bennett. Thank you very much for listening Anka by.

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