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Ht's Frankie and just show podcast here on iheartradio. We just moved. Called ups. That's how `bout boxes and they're a good service, but you have to have information ready about your boxes before even call them. I had no idea I call them up. Have a ten bucks become? Pick them up. We need to know the weight and the Gerve okay goodbye. We need the weight and the Gir-. Okay I don't know what the weight is and I. Don't know what Girth me. The feature. So. This guy talks to me like I'm four years old. We'll have a bathroom scale. Yeah, but I put the box in scale. It's going to cover up the NAPA. Take them off, really quick. Zero on. So then he gives me like as Mister Wizard formula. How about a few stand on the scale and weigh yourself? Get off the scale. Pick up the box. Get back on the box together and subtract your weight. I'm going slow down. Hold on professional seven eleven. It's ninety ones HD solid number one hit music station with Frankie and Jessica. I played that clip because listen to Veronica, heard yesterday the show with marriage advice. She said they were just having this conversation. She and her girlfriends about this a couple of days ago and one of the things she put on this list that that that they came up with was higher a moving company. It's exciting to move in together, but moving boxes and furniture always ends in a fight. Do yourself a favor? Pay The extra my for movers so true right so true. Just bite the bullet. Pay The money. It's worth it and hire a mover. She also said the dishwasher. Everybody loves it in a different way, and usually one of the spouses winds figure out early, and declare yourself victor or subdued to your partner. That's Hilarious and then remember remember that you're sparse spouses. Part of your world, not your whole world, so make time for yourself and give your spouse space when they need it. Don't make funnier spouses hobby and makes them happy so true. Some good pieces of advice, really good. Yeah, and we have from yesterday. Show if you missed it. It's all posted as far as Those topics that came into the TEX came in from. From yesterday's topic with everything that we do as forced techs topics, but it's posted a frankie and dot com. Those were really good, though and there were a lot that we didn't get to for the air. Yeah, so yeah, there were a lot if you're thinking about getting married, or if you're married, and it's like a little bit of some trouble in paradise, those are good reminders, some good stuff to to read and check out and always check in with our our site manager Frankie and Jessica because we're always posting. Kylie's just like posting stuff. Left right plus is only headlines coming up on the computer. A lot of stuff. Hey, we've got. Let's see coming up in a few minutes here. We're going to get into the early or the middle addition of Hollywood headlines, but about seven forty because Tony Scotto is gonNA be off this morning in somebody texted yesterday. about mother-in-law's and or mothers in law said. Why don't we do that that they? They had a comment about the mother. Lana had an email from one of our listeners earlier in the week. Somebody so they WanNa, do the mother-in-law topic again. So, what did your mother-in-law say or do so? We'll set it up a story. That was just in the news this week about a mother lawn something that she pulls like crazy. So! We'll share that coming up in a few minutes, and then at eight o'clock this morning or tat after eight good vibes with Kylie, so we've got all the Friday coming up weather. Today Looks Pretty Nice, so it's going to be upper eighties and sun tomorrow. We're going to be mid-nineties. Sounds like it's going to cool off I. Think a bit, or at least it's going to change on. Sunday and I think that's probably in the afternoon. We're looking at possibly some storms kind of. Whip. What time, but I think it's GonNa be sometime in the afternoon at sixty seven. As you get right now, we're GONNA. Come back into the middle edition of Hollywood headlines for your Friday. What are we talking about? This is pretty cool, so it's big news for the dixie chicks. You've been listening to the ninety seven one. Frankie, Ingest Show podcast Robert here on iheartradio. Sixty seven is you get up right now? so this is something that we're doing on Fridays. The last Friday of the month here it's called food drive. Fridays, it's basically a virtual food and fund drive to benefit the Utah Food Bank, because one eight utahns are at risk of missing a meal today, and and we've talked about this before, but what's even more chilling is one in seven Utah. Kids are unsure where their next meal is GonNa come from and with everything going on with corona. Virus is the community you know making changes in the schools. Schools Events and services, the the food banks suffering, so we're trying to help out so what you can do is. You can go to our website at ninety seven hundred HD DOT com. do keyword food drive fraud. As that will bring you to the page, or if this is easier for you, you can dial pound two fifty, and you can say the keyword food, drive Fridays and it. Will you know basically pop up a link? You can opt in to receive this tax, so you can easily do it from your phone. Oh, so again it's A. Pound to fifty, and then say the keyword food drive Fridays, or that's the key word that you can get to our website at ninety seven one dot com. Yes what's Food Drive Fridays We're just doing this virtual. Fund. Drive or food drive that is for the for the food. Banks were just helping or trying to do our part in helping you know. Fill the shelves there because again. Three, hundred seventy four thousand UTAHNS, that's one and eight utahns risk of missing Emil today and one in seven. Utah kids are unsure where their next meal's going to come from. Wow, so that's a little disturbing. We're going to jump into the middle edition of Hollywood. Headlines Binladin Hollywood headlines. This morning is brought you by McDonalds already, so the dixie chicks officially dropped the Dixie from their name so now they're just going to be called the chicks. Checks and they're amazing I've seen them live at least two, maybe three times over the years, and they don't like the connection with the word Dixie, because it's connected to slavery, and they released new songs so I can't wait to hear this because I heard about the name change yesterday like after the show, but then I heard about the new song this morning, and I love music, so the new song is titled March and They didn't comment any further. They just released the song and changed the name and there's just said. We want to meet this moment, so they're not gonNA. Come out acid for being sexist. Saying you know. We got a new song from the chicks. Chicks coming up so probably in a few years. The three girls, and the other so great, but they you know like I. said wanted to make that change to the social justice protests over the past month and The word dixie is deeply connected to confederacy, so which is very rooted in slavery, and then if you remember, this was maybe a week or two ago, lady Antebellum, they ended up changing their name to lady, and then there was another artist in Seattle that was like. Excuse me. That's my name, so they ended up having to pay her. They haven't released how much they've paid her to say. Hey, can we? Can we use that name? It's probably part of the deal, so we're not gonNA hear anything more from the story they got. Got Deep pockets. I'm sure she got paid and lady a Seattle. It's like her side Gig so I'm sure that was you know like I? Said Good Chunk of change, but I guess there is already another band called the chicks, so the dixie chicks heard about that, and they reached out there in new. Zealand and they've been around since the sixties, so they got permission first, and they gave them a shout out, and just said Hey, thanks, you know. We're excited to coexist and share the name and chicks rock and we appreciate you. Might have given them a little, too. I mean let's be real. And then I heard this this morning, so winn dixie grocery chain Yup, sure do we used to shop there? And when I lived in Florida Oh did you so they might be considering changing their name and I think just keeping win and getting rid of Dixie and there was a win Dixie here in Utah tour some winn-dixies I wanna say someone like a small town that I've driven through, and it was like an old winn-dixie building, or maybe it was somewhere in Wyoming okay. I can't remember, but you know it's somewhere out west, which was surprising because I thought it was just like in the in the southeast. I've heard of them I. Don't know if I've ever shopped at one and then let's see. Did you get that story about Baba with the news? Because there's an update to that again? WHAT'S THE UPDATE? The update is they looked at the different bays, and they looked at. You. Know Raj. At talladega because they had the race over the weekend and I think it was delayed on Sunday because of weather and they ended up doing it on Monday they did you know but all of the bays? You have that rope that you pull down the garage door. It's like they have like little remote control like. The dodged goes down and get a pull it down, and so they looked at all. The Bays and one of the base that somebody had posted on social media said it's not news. It's just the rope that you pull down the bay. You know door with while that wasn't Bubbas Bay, so they went, and it was absolutely a noose, and so now they're commenting, so that was the update to the story. Because at first they said it was news. Then they retract it at said it wasn't and they went back and said Oh. Yeah, I mean and I saw the updated photo this morning. There out, Kylie just pulled up. There's no mistaken that that's. That's the only one out of all those bays. Talladega, that looks like that, but we were saying so one of the updates, but the story is you know he didn't like? It's not like it was his garage. I mean he didn't find out. It was his garage until like last minute or something like that They were saying that had been there since October, but but maybe this is NASCAR tournus. Spin it I. Don't know what that picture that they posted like. Which you because I? Remember yesterday. You guys brought it up in studio I was like Oh yeah. That looks like just to pull down counter not or whatever, or but then that. Yesterday look like a blatant. Oh yeah, that was definitely the garage that he was using Talladega and to go back to the because the Jesse small thing they were comparing that and saying hey, by by no means did he 'cause he didn't even see it now, so it was the people. There are people at Nascar that told them bought it, so he kind of find out whether everybody else. He didn't actually see it, so they don't want people to think that it's this small situation. Situation from Chicago where he's the one that's saying what had happened to him, and maybe trying to create something that actually didn't happen. We had nothing to do with that nothing. I love him on team Bubba. He is gorgeous and talented Okay, what else do we have? Oh, this kind of broke towards the end of the show yesterday Emma Roberts and Garrett Hedlund, so they're expecting a baby. I totally forgot their together. They just they're so low. They're never. Never out and about never in the tabloids, so she of course is the niece of Julia Roberts and this will be first baby. She's twenty nine and Um. Yeah I'm excited for them married or what they're. They're not married. No, they're They're boyfriend girlfriend, but I'm GonNa give you more details on their upcoming baby on Let's see I'll do at eight twenty and then Justin Bieber I'm GonNa, get more into the meat of the story next hour as As well, so he is suing those sexual assault accusers for twenty million. He's not playing around. We talked about this a cold couple of days ago. There was a twitter account that accused him of sexual assault when he was at south by southwest in Austin Texas a few years ago when he was with Selena Gomez. Good luck trying to get back. Because I'm sure there's the whoever this is. These people this person. They don't have twenty million hailed. It's GonNa make their life. You know what and just make a statement like this isn't okay. You can just do that and it's also a tactic to you know, make an example out of this person and then tell other people don't come didn't do anything anybody else. That's high profile Yup line about people lying so bieber's. I'm not messing around, so he is like suing her for. For twenty million and this person said that yes Bieber took advantage of her, and he said one. There's no way I was not at that hotel to my girlfriend was with me the entire time, so there's no way anything happened, so yes, so he's definitely fighting that full force Let's see we got a ton of stuff carol baskin. Carol Basque. She's back in the news. Song. Basket yes, so she just released a virtual reality game where you get to track tigers in the wild. That was awesome. What do you want to bet? My husband? Kevin's going to download that damn thing. He's always on the phone like video game and I'm like. What does he play? We fortnight. That's what he plays with. Place by together fortnight with coop and his. Best e Scott Crow their like, are they. Luckily okay. What does he play in phone? What does he download? It's like I don't even know what it's like a game where. I think it would be like Oregon trail. Wasn't. Four night you can play your phone as well right I think so, but it's harder. Okay, fort night on a playstation or I, think Xbox, and then you can do it on a on a PC to. He plays these games where it's like. He like blows up that camp and they come back for him like. Okay I don't get it. Yeah, Mike I'm sure he'll download the girl baskin game. Big Cat, what is it the rescue? Er, that's awesome. Virtual reality. Your Oculus yes well. That's cool. Maybe she could raise money for her cats. Because I know she's always trying to raise money for them I mean it's like we know Thanks to her nemesis. It's not It's not. It's not easy to feed big cats like that. It's really expensive, really expensive, and then Adele so I guess Adele's working on new music. Thank God because it's been a few years now and I think her new staff is GonNa. Be Released in the fall so she's looking. Looking to release some some stuff in September, so it's good to now and then more Hollywood coming up next hour. There are some really cool picks I've got posted. Al Franken DOT COM. Keyword is Hollywood headlines so one of them? It's actually video, so it's candace cameron and she of course grew up as DJ tanner on full House, and so it's her and her kids and they're grown now. She got married really young, and they start having kids young, and so they're like rapping in the kitchen and. AIRWORTHY ask. Chris. Week clean yeah so. Tall that dude is. All older kids, the thirteen. Teams. like. Rhythm. Coming from a guy that has no rhythm. That Canadian. El-Bireh. Russian. She looks hot, Dude. She never ages she such a mouth, but anyhow there's a ton of fun stuff up there on the Hollywood headlines page. That's who she married, right? Yeah Ninety seven one. Frankie and just show podcast here on iheartradio. All right, so here's what we're talking about. In the reason, we're talking about so Tony Scotto normally as on here, but we found out yesterday or the day before yesterday that he wasn't going to be on this morning. He's going to be out of town. Take a little break so we're missing Tony Discount of talking pictures, but yesterday during the show, somebody had made a like a mother-in-law comment, and then I had like an email. It'll share a real quick here. So many wanting to do the topic of money unless we figured we throw it out. Real quick will set it up here and we've got listener Christie that we're GONNA. Bring into the show and she's got a whopper of a story with the mother-in-law, but Yes, what is your mother-in-law? Say or do so? This email that I got probably about a week ago. Somebody's saying you gotTa do this topic so I'll vague it up a little bit. I don't WANNA get anybody in trouble but she's been with her man for a while, but she said that her her her husband has several siblings, and she said out of the whole family. He's like the good one. That's one of those situations like as far as you know. He's a productive member of society. You know they do well as Miss Mrs. Access says that they do very well. We pay a lot in taxes whereas. They do well, but you have like the siblings that are you there for the handout either from the mom and dad or even from like the government? Thinks she's, but she says that. She can never win with the the mother-in-law, so it's Kinda like the hut. It sounds like the husband is not the black sheep, but he's not the favorite exhibit. He's the one that doesn't need the help you know. Psych one hundred one there. That's like. We've seen that over and over and over time were you have like the the the person of the people that the kids in the family that are grown and they're the ones that are the they struggle, and it's like the the parents, the grandparents you know, the naval, the kids. Yeah, and those are always the seemed to be like the favourite, so there's something that they're getting from it. The weird kind of site thing that goes, that's behind it, but anyway this This mother-in-law Let's see what. She said I'm just GonNa Kinda, give the last part of the email that I thought was pretty. It's pretty messed up, but she said that I guess they were doing family pictures and she said so the mother-in-law took. Family! Pick with her I guess the daughters and the other daughter Law and excluded her so. She said. That's the picture that is framed in the house. And she said you couldn't explain our years of forced relationship better having the picture. Excluding this Mrs X.. It was like Oh. That's that's brutal. You hanging up in your house. That gets. He's not in that picture. That sound you. You're not. All right, so let's get into loses listener. Christie. So Christie was good with us. username right how you doing Christie. I'm good. I can use my name. My mother-in-law lives in California girl. You're off the hook. We are good. So what? What is your mother-in-law? Say or do? Oh, my Gosh, what did she say I? She's back crap crazy. I mean nuts and my husband passed away. and. Like the last conversation she had was. You are worked with Sun. I hate you know Blah Blah will then she called me up and she's like my son. My son and she's like what did you do to my son? Why didn't you take care of like? He's knee I've been. With him last three years of his life. You know going to the hospital every eighty times. To like, make sure he's okay. But yeah, she's crazy. One of the I think yeah. I think we all know somebody that maybe not. Know somebody that knows somebody like. Oh! Yeah, this is crazy, crazy person. So, what did your your Your husband have health problems and it sounds like he was yeah. He had a genetic. A genetic disease put his body into lactic acidosis. Live Causes Oregon failure. We're so sorry and so yeah, but anyway. Do you have any context thing that he's passed away? Is Is it limited contact? No, no, no and she like. Contact, my kids because. Of My eight because of my DNA Jeez. Well the good thing that I mean the distance is probably a good thing that. I know Jeez. I know crazy. I mean we we go out. His California which is an hour away. From his family. And well. From his immediate family. I and we. His aunt. and. Yeah, so you visit other family members, but you don't visit her as what you're saying. Yeah, yeah, at least got a connection, yeah! I wouldn't want to have anything to do with your either. Right Christie. Have a good weekend and thanks for calling appreciate. All right. You have a good weekend yourself secrecy. We've got some at eight, two nine, four five. Maybe get into one or two of these, and then we'll share some more kind of throughout the show this morning. So, what is your mother-in-law say or do? My mother-in-law's massive narcissist, so you could just imagine the laundry list of things. She says her does, but mainly she hates me. I won't talk to my wife much either This one said I'm pregnant first grandkids. She calls him her baby and says she's staying with us, so she can help us told me not to breastfeed, so she can help with the baby. Go to bed for my house for her room. Oh No, there's a story that was just in the new think. Kylie Hanigan handed it over with so many. Yeah, so this story about the mother-in-law on how she's demanding this. This is so weird so sh-. Apparently, she insisted on getting gifts for this was like. Either the I think it was the son and his wife and their baby, so for the baby, and insisted on the and like these I, guess the really lavish gifts and they were like. We don't want you know we don't want it. We don't want these gifts. And she kind of pushed these gifts on them. And then it came around to tax time, and she is Oh my God yeah with their return. They're getting. She's wanting the money for the gifts that she got him insane insane. With that we'll have to do, like maybe a little later on the show this morning. If we have time which I'm thinking, we will at ten thirty gifts with strings attached. Oh my gosh, so this is something that you put that was. There's obviously because somebody has made a comment online. Saying you know, be wary of small gifts, even favors you know in talking about that, but that's where maybe think of maybe the gifts with the strings strings attached topic next law, but we have your mother loss is your mother-in-law or do at two nine four five. Listen set my. mother-in-law tomatoes nursing the baby wrong. He's nine now and said he couldn't breathe. She was holding my Boob God was nursing him. She's like you. She lives in California. Only four days, but still it was like what the hell like literally Lemme. That thing is big. Mentally mother-in-law. It's fine as their. Please don't touch my boone. mother-in-law likes to point out that Let's see her other kids married. Oh no ono that are other. Kids Marietta White people in her son married. Mia Has Spanish grow. She's Hispanic and she likes to cry. Every time we mentioned anything about Church Mormon, and my husband is not. He comes with me and is okay with the church. She'll cry like if some like somebody died. LIKE DRUG ADDICTS I guess. I let's see. She's bilingual plans on teaching her kids Spanish. And that's something. She also criticises her about because her other grandchildren speak. Spanish or Spanish so she's coming out her. She's like we're both Hispanic. Why are you coming apple? Time seven fifty two. It's ninety seven one Z. HD Justin Bieber intention now. You've been listening to the ninety seven one. Frankie and show podcast right here on iheartradio. Before we get into good vibes with Kylie. So I teased it read after a right before the Hollywood headlines in the middle of vision. And then I was going to get into it right before we got into the setting up the mother-in-law topic this morning. But forgot to. We had listener Cristiano Line telling her story about what her mother in law said and did each. but this happened earlier this morning. We had a like pounding on our front door a little after three a m. it's terrifying crazy. and I didn't hear it. My wife is like somebody's knocking front door. It was like what she's like. Somebody is knocking on her front door and I was like. Are you kidding so? I got up and I'll tell you the second, so it was about one I think in the morning I woke up. Up and I noticed that you know like you can just tell especially when you've got like your alarm clock and other little lights that are in I, can't stand lights from the TV and sometimes I'll put a sock over the front of the TV set little I think it's I don't even know what brand is, but the TV the does leave O, or what is it might you might be? I'm not even sure, but there video yet. Video and we got the. But there's little lights that we have just little whatever and even like the hall light in the doors close or we've got most of it close, but I woke up at one in the morning, and just thing was black, just pitch black and I was like Whoa, and that was the first thing I thought like. Oh, the power's out! and then you could start, and then I think it was. I don't even know if. It was truly getting hotter or if I was just like knowing that the power's out I'm like Oh man so from like one. Till little after three because I was I was up. But it was just kind of laying there and I didn't hear it. The, you know pounding on the door, but my wife Tammy had said like right before I wanNA say ran around three ish. She'll like the power's out and I think he came on for second, and then it went out again, so we had that. You know like when everything's like. The alarm! Just. Kind of goes on and it was like. Oh, my Gosh, what is going on, so then? She hears the pounding on the front door. And it's like what the so I go into the guest bedroom, so I can kind of look to see because I'm like I'm not opening the door and then I look out the window. And I see kind of like the tow truck lights. You know what I mean. But it was the power people and I saw the power truck at the foot of the driveway, and the guy was knocking on the door and I come out my rogue, and it's a little after three and again I was Kinda up already. Just kind of laying there but I didn't hear. The door was surprised here. Hey I'm sorry. No problem in I kind of knew at that point, the power was out, or they're having problems with power, said Yeah, you and your next door neighbor. Something happened where. Just the two houses with this power failure, so we were the houses that. Something like he said something about a power burn or something. He said so he. He said I'm going to. Is it okay if I go in the backyard so I kinda? Let them in the backyard. And then of course, our neighbor's dog Bentley started barking. It was like. I know. Bentley how long have you known me? How long have you known me, so? He Starts Barking I. let him in the backyard. He he's like I. Don't have to worry about a dog backing other than that dog next door. No, you're good. We'll keep our dog inside Then he would did whatever you're supposed to do. He said, but you might not have full power. until tomorrow, he said so. I didn't ask him about the ACC, so things like the the oven. I think he said Washer and dryers. You're not going to be able to run that and then I wasn't even thinking about like the until I got back and. Laying there and I got up like a few minutes later. I mean to fill hot. Feeling hot and I was thinking Oh and I wonder if the A, C, is the part because that's a big appliance I mean that's the big thing that's on the I mean no, no, yes, so I don't know so I. Don't know if they're going to get it fixed fixed now, but he. It might be later this afternoon. It might not be until tomorrow's like Oh. Man That blows that sucks and I was going to give you crap about the ring doorbell. Because then you know who it is, but if the power's out ring doesn't work right I. Don't know well because we yeah. I don't know, but it hasn't been hooked up for so long now. There's so many people go I. It's easy hookup. I know it is. Who is? Just. Bag like even like for him. To have to do that, so that's their job and they have to knock on somebody's door. Yeah, so he was kinda standing wasn't on the porch at that point, he was standing. Partway on the driveway, so you can easily see him on. He doesn't know who's getting on the other side. And I thought man. I feel for this do this job. This is what he's knocking on a door a little after three in the morning. And at least you're a nice homeowner because some people be like. Yeah But the the fact that they they have the you know the big truck with the lights. Is that right there is you know and I'm thinking? Somebody's going to that length. Then you know, go in the backyard and take what you want. I mean if this is a ruse. You went to the length of getting a big old power truck got the lights. Hat he had the best done everything. Exactly all right. Let's get into this. Good Vibes with Kylie boy. Do we need it right? We need it normally, but we really needed this time with with with everything. That's going on in the world We're going to start it off here. These good stories in the news goodbye with this is a local story that just started off with the Logan Story Yeah So this is something really cool that the community has started up so this. This is a nonprofit group created by the Utah Farm Bureau to help farmers and ranchers that had products they couldn't sell. After the pandemic fractured the supply chain in March and April and so on, it's called. Farmer's feeding Utah so they have been hosting events and on. They have been able to to make sure that there's families that you know who have been out of jobs that are able to feed them. so they have actually This program has delivered forty two thousand pounds of potatoes, nine hundred thousand dozen eggs of from Oakdale three thousand Pau pounds of pork and twenty thousand pounds of beef. It also delivered one hundred thousand dollars and dairy products like milk, including shelf, stable, milk, and cheese, so they. They said that they're really proud of what's going on because it's. It's helping local farmers, because all this food is all local. And it's also helping you know the people in the community who needed. So cool overstatement statement as far as you know when there's a need for something behind it, and we were just talking about food drive Fridays, which is going on today, and it's a virtual food in a fund drive that we're trying to benefit the Utah Food Bank. Because one and eight UTAHNS are at risk of Michigan meal today, one in seven. Utah kids are unsure whether next meal's going to come from so you can easily get involved with this and donate so food drive. Fridays is the keywords. If you WANNA, do either pound to fifty on your phone. When you hear the prompt, come up, just say the keyword food drive Fridays in that will actually unable. Unable, this thing we can opt in to receive text directly to to the donation page, or you can just go to our website Frankie and dot com and use food drive Fridays as a keyword or any of those I think there's several food keywords, but you you'll see it on the homepage and ninety seven one dot com, but we're just trying to. You know because of everything that's going on with cove nineteen with schools. You know closing all that I mean it's affecting events that are canceled. It's affecting locally here. the food banks their shelves and we just want to try to help out so again. Just go to ninety seven one HD DOT com. All right so the next story here. good with Kylie is a story about the LASAGNA -lating starving. This woman, and how can I get a hold of? This is homemade lasagna. Yes. Yes, that's one of my favorites. Axel started watching Garfield and he's like you know you know what Garfield favorite food is done and I was like this. LASAGNA and he's like A. Totally still thunder. Why didn't mean to, but he asked me if I knew, and I know like I'm a fan of Garfield I I read. That comic were growing up. I didn't really watch the cartoon I mean I know an and I said you know what the dog's name is, and he looked at me. It's Odi like that as a fan of Garfield to skew. that. LASAGNA LASAGNA loved it. So on her name is Michelle Brenner and she says she lost her job. She was furloughed from her job. Edmonds store and so we're. We're menswear store menswear. And, so she said that she wanted to turn to comfort food, and so she she went home, and she made a big whole thing of Lasagna that was her grandmother's recipe actually, and after that she actually was like you know I'm Gonna I'm GonNa share this the wealthy? You know kind of a thing. And so she used her stimulus check and she went and bought all these ingredients she put on facebook and she said Hey if you need some comfort food I'm here for you, so she started making all these lasagna's for people love it. Yeah, and she has made so. It's been three months since she started this and now she's made twelve hundred pans of lasagna. Where where is she, She not local, not local. KOMO SEATTLE. Does she. Does she like deliver? You know ship She might okay look I'm a look at this leash I'm not kidding. Cool. Yeah, so she said she's been doing Auburn Kitchen. Choose doing that for a really long time, but then word got out, and there was a sportsman's club, so it was Gig Harbor Sports Club that offered their kitchen for her project Oh. Yeah, because it's like a commercial kitchen, so then she could make more, so she's made like a so many. She's actually money for gotta go got me. Me Going, and so she has, there's been people that have contributed more than twenty two thousand dollars so far towards the so they can just keep making lasagna scorn. What does she doing? She's doing stuff for hospital workers, first responders and struggling single parents. Yeah, dude, that's cool. You can read actually more of the story and there's videos to go along with. The Kylie posted it breaking, just dot com. I know. That sounds so good pitch on the spot, but I know you're listening and so if you're not gonNA. You're not GonNa Cook your sauce. She makes a killer lasagna making lasagna. On years. and then the next story here is about this student who was recording the national anthem on a park right for her commencement. Okay, yes, so her name's Madison Hallberg suit. She's a graduate from Portland. Portland State University and so she was being recorded in a public city park that runs through their campus and it was for their virtual ceremony that was going to be on June four fourteenth, so she is recording it and there's a an opera singer that was actually walking through the campus when she was recording it and he walks into video while they're recording and start seeing her. It is the most beautiful also. We have the audio from it. To you. So into lease. John. I. Run Steve You. Say and. Burn. I guess he goes boy. Right and he's been singing at black lives matter protests to try to keep his interesting instrument is voice in shape. That's really why I love. That was really neat. If you want to see the video then we got that posted as well. I was watching I was like getting emotional. Yeah. Cool, and then the last was kind of a throwback. So this is a story that is just gonNA circulating again a good vibe store, and it has to do with a single dad. Yeah, so and his name's Lamont, Thomas? He's from Buffalo New York and he has foster children over twenty years on now, and he is now the parent of twelve He adopted five siblings all under five years old. So there's. Five Jamal four and a three major to and Michaela one, so they're all like super young, and they just really cool to to see the pictures of them. All and and I decided that was awesome of him to do that. So yeah circulating again if you WANNA see that story as well video, go along with it is positive. Frankly just dot com good job. Ninety seven ht's Frankie and just show podcast here on iheartradio. Tony Scotto talking pictures. It wasn't on this morning, so we He said that he's going to be taking a break going I. Think Vegas I don't know if he's doing this in Vegas or here before he goes off to Vegas for the weekend, but just posted on his facebook that he's chatting with Cole Hauser and Kelly Reilly from yellowstone. So if you watched the show, you know who those two are, yeah, I I love houser in that character. He plays and an infant Kelly. Right I mean this is a good show and we got sucked into it and it was one. We're a little late in the game with it, you know, but we have gone through the seasons, and we were jumping on season three, which aired premiered on. Sunday nights on Father's Day night. But this only the one episode we were talking about that so paramount. So how how? They're doing an old school like you know like we used to have it where you gotta wait next week for the episode episode number two as opposed to get used to the Netflix and Amazon prime engine them. Yeah, when they drop the whole season, so there's good and bad that comes with. That was asking about how be last night we were going to bed pillow tacos like every time I yellow stone. They have been for awhile. Do we want to get into that? He's like it doesn't look interesting H-. Foam over you as You're. Watching it. Why don't you? I gotTA listen to Stop Dude Yeah, but I mean you know if he doesn't want to do, you can start whites. It took us about three I think by the third episode we were sucked in so the first episode we were like. We don't know how we feel about it. Second episode we're like how we got to see the third episode, and then we were on board. Kevin Costner. Are you watching that Kylie? Don't you watch it to? No I haven't. I think you'd like it. There's horses than it you're from. Here in Utah and Woodland all different parts all around like in Summit County. Watch, and there's all different parts, and then parts of Montana but I mean. It's neat to see where you're like. That's definitely Utah. Kinda cool, so he's going to be hopefully we'll talk to him soon about that, but yes I. I'm thinking probably posters interviews on his facebook page. If you follow Tony, discount you have to check that out Erica from the whole zoo by the way to. If you're a fan of the show on season one, so she's in it, so you got to look. Look at the small little bit part, but she plays alive She's a news reporter and she's live on the scene doing the little report. It was like holy crap and she did great. Yeah, so hopefully and she's like I. Don't know I'm hoping that you never know man. They might have you back in a different, maybe in that part or a different part talented. Is All right? Let's jump into the late edition of Hollywood. Headlines Late Edition Hollywood headlines this morning for your Fridays brought to you by Jiffy. Lube I just brought up. pickup gets its on Britney Spears Instagram, so she posted this. It's a beautiful piece of artwork, and it's a be with a crown, and so she said to all my fans who call me. Queen Bee believe this would be more accurate, and it's just gorgeous, so. Beyonce as fans the beehive, but isn't. She quit Green Bay. Now, or do they call her Queen Bee, both okay, so they yeah, she definitely poke the bear with that so I know everybody was like. Oh, now there's only one queen bee and she's from Houston. Both so anyhow artist that painted this appreciates the buzz about her art. She said obviously. Yeah. It was not about Britney or beyond. Say but I think this is a really cool picture, and that's a funny. I mean I know it's kind of you know they do. Call beyond say the Queen Color Clean Being Clean Bay and then you know they've called Britney, you know. Queen Bee over the years, because a be for Britney I mean even Mary Kay like that's. That's our symbol as the be, and is it on? The crown, and yeah, because they talk about a be strengthened its big body in this little wing. And just the the hope in the power in that so yeah I thought that was funny, but yeah, of course beyonce fans are like Oliver. Britney's fans and They're. Going to be room for to Queen Bees and we talked about this a little bit earlier, but I have some more details for you, so Emma Roberts. It's the news of Julia Roberts. She and Garrett Hedlund are pregnant with their first baby together, so let's see. He's thirty five. She's twenty nine, and then she was off and on again with Evan. Peters and he's an actor as well and they were together for a long time, so she's been with this new guy. Not that long I was GONNA say it hasn't been that long now. They were first spotted together. Together I want to say in the spring of this year, so it hasn't been that long at all. And then he I was like who did he date forever because he was in one of those who is in that country movie years ago when Paltrow and she was drunk, and on the road, and I can't remember what it was called, and he was like a newcomer on the scene or something like that, but that was like his first big break, and like you said that was a while ago. He's been another thing since he's from tron. Garrett, hedlund. So, he was with Kirsten Dunst for like five years, because of my key dated somebody famous for a long time, it was like Kirsten Dunst so again. Of course Kirsten is married now and has a child and so yeah. He's having babies Emma well. She's so beautiful. We really is pretty stunning, and then let's see what Oh bieber promised you the story, so bieber's going after to social media users. They both accused him of sexual assault. He said he's allegations are factually impossible, and it's a scheme to get attention and fame, so he's suing to. Jane does over defamation. He says these are malicious. Claims that he sexually assaulted them. One was in two, thousand, fourteen. One was in two, thousand, fifteen, he said absolutely fabricated lies the first one. They said it went down at Four Seasons and Austin Texas and he said there's no truth to that, and he can prove it, so he's got everything. He's got documents where he stayed where he spent money. He's like Nope, never was never there and then the other one so. The first GAL's name allegedly. Danielle the second Gal's name is allegedly Katie, but their economy John does. This Gal was saying it happened in New, York City and He said Nope not again. I've got documentation never happened I guess Katie. He knows her because she's like a super bowl. Lieber like she follows him all over the country and she waits outside hotels. To meet him for years, she wants to be famous. He said I've never even met her, but I know of her because she follows me so they ended up taking down these tweets and things, but he's like I'm not letting this go, so he's suing them. Pretend million a piece because of these allegations and he said absolutely false and I'm I'm not gonNA. Sit back like I'm GONNA. GonNa show you that this is inappropriate. He'll be right in a track called alibis. Yeah, because it sounds like he's got alibis, he does. He has the all the receipts to prove where he was and where he was not in the where they were saying and then Katy Perry, so she dedicated a new song to her unborn daughter, so she is going to have her baby girl in August. August I think the end of the summer, and it's called. What makes a woman so can't wait to hear that new song and then everyone was talking about this yesterday on social media Elizabeth Banks. We love her. She's so talented and funny and gorgeous. She's GonNa. Play Ms Fizzle, or Miss Frizzle I should say on the magic school bus movie. then. Most of US grew up reading the magic. Magic school bus and then they had a show on PBS for years to remember that I. Don't think I watched it, but I do remember. It's a cool dude. It's a cool series. It's a franchise and coop grew up watching it too, so yeah, pretty cool I think they even have it on like kids now or something like that. They used to play it at school for us. On our days, where it was like a half day, or whatever they'd played magic school bus, a cartoon, von so fun and they do they get in the school bus kind of a crazy teacher, and they go on these adventures, and sometimes they're underwater and is fun. It's a lot of people were like. Oh, my Gosh Elizabeth. Bates is perfect for that role and then Liam Machel. She's a rough few months, and not just because we're GONNA pandemic. Matthew Morrison You know a lot of her former CO stars coming at her, and her being a Brat, being rude to people, and just people are beneath her so matthew. Morrison of course was a part of Glee, and so people were asking him like okay you way. You were a big part of that show it sucks. Both sex that put him in that like. You know what I mean like I, even if you know. Roped into this, I don't want any part of the, so he said a distraction from the bigger issues that are going on right now, so he wouldn't say yes, or no, he was just like Oh. This is just a distraction. You know I I. Don't want to be involved in this and some people are like okay by you saying that you are confirming it, so you can't win. You can't win either way. Way And then coming up next hour at night, twenty got to stick around. Because this is hilarious. Of course, your wife loves superhero movies. She grew up on it. She has two brothers, and we've kind of gotten into these movies. Because of our son Coop and I know you've got into more because of your wife and so Chris. Evans sat down with Paul Rudd so I don't know if you have the audio. Funny you all. It's funny Captain America Man. Chat. So they're talking about The status of ant man three, which we're super stoked for because we've seen obviously one and two, and I think you and Tam have of course. Yeah, so yeah, so it's a funny interview. Chris Evans people are like it's not safe for work, so I gotTA make sure cleaning up million. It's a really good thing coming up at nine twenty K., so it's eight. Eight thirty four coming up in a few minutes here. We've got some more mother-in-law stories that will get to, so we want to know what is your mother-in-law? Say or do and then we'll get into set in this next story up, and it's really cool to one of our listeners It's very inspiring, so stories of people following their passion and making a living out of doing. You've been listening to the ninety seven one. Frank in just show podcast Robert here on iheartradio. So we through. This is a little earlier. Would the the bad mother-in-law say or do? So? We wanted to just give you a chance to vent. Haven't done that topic a while. We had a text come in yesterday, and then had an email and I share that a little earlier about somebody's mother in law and they were like. Hey, the next time you do this topic, here's a story for you. Just going crazy here in some of these, so we'll get to some real quick. At eight to nine four five mother-in-law always talks through my kids to criticize me, mom, where's my jacket? Like. Why don't the kids have jackets on social? See it through them. Oh, that's very passive aggressive. Oh my Gosh! mother-in-law hates me and told me she's happy that she does not have to worry about the future generations. She would have loved it if I died at childbirth. Are you what? That woman is Satan. Let's see my mother-in-law. And her granddaughters laughed while I sang him at her child's funeral, because she said I sang the Mormon version of it, and she hates US Mormons boy Let's see Ben with my husband for nine years. You think I used used to my mother-in-law's comments and this one. We've talked about before twenty three weeks pregnant. You can clearly see that I had a tight fitting shirt and she's like. Oh Wow, you're really embracing this. They've texted in before. That's the one that we were like. How could somebody say that? Like what do you think like? What is like that's coming out of your mouth. Like what does that mean? It just! Sounds derogatory. You're really embracing this that see my mother in law who lives in a different state, prayed at a big family party when my husband and I were dating that he would find a new girlfriend that didn't live in Utah. She said this right in front of me and the entire family. We have been married for three years. Let's just say we don't visit her very often I. Bet that's bad. It's a good thing. There's distance. I baby. mother-in-law lived with us for three months while I worked. She reorganized Mike Closets and didn't ask. I've heard least ask people doing that where they'll re reorganize love that might go ahead, but I mean that's that's kind of. Takes nerve. Like or people reorganizing cupboards in pots and pans go. Yeah but I mean it's. Like putting several, it's one thing to reorganize its another to put stuff like I've heard of people. You know I don't like where the pots and pans are. They need to go in a different cupboard and say whoa like or just like with a closet like doing that like your in mother-in-law's going through your closet, what? Staff. And that's exactly what it is. That's probably a snoot. Sixty eight to nine four five living with the other law while our houses being built, she butts in with my three year old throws a fit saying if he was my kid, he beginning of spanking, or he'd get smacked, and then what she was also time husband that I do nothing on my breaks from work while she mops, the floor is clean bathrooms. Bathrooms on her breaks, so it's one of those I do more than your wife. mother-in-law told my husband. We need to buy her new ceiling fan. Because my kids were jumping off the couch and hanging from the chain and they broke, it turns out. She needed to turn on the switch. Not pull the chain. She never apologized for accusations accusing your kids. They probably. All right, let's get some more of those. Maybe come up in the nine o'clock hour in the ten o'clock hour, so if you want to chime in what did what did the bad mother say or do and eight two nine four five, so this is kind of cool one of our listeners Jamie. She's been friends of the show for a long time. She emails every once in a while, and she emailed just the other day and said you know what I decided this morning then I'm GonNa. Take the leap. She quit her job She said that she's had for ten years to put A. A hard focus on her passion project of Teaching Mountain biking, so she's been doing this for for a long time for years, but this is something that she's been doing on the side, and she had this primary Gig and she decided to quit. She said I don't know if you recall, but I tried to get you to go. You know when I started this in two thousand seventeen and I do remember and I. was you know 'cause I just done it like Wayne and I went up to Devali and we took a. you know a lesson with the I had fun and a lot. Lot of fun and she was like you know, and she's like I know you love the mountains, and and she's really good and I follow her and so i. see you know when she posts videos and she's really good, but you said every summer has been busier than the next. And she said I am booked out I. Know that the fulltime focus on this is what it needs, so she said I can make a difference in my life and help people improve their mountain biking skills, which is my number one passion? She said it was on a ride earlier this week, so it was I think. Think on Wednesday when she emails. She said it was like six in the morning. She was with her sister during a climb. She said I decided to do it. She said I haven't talked to anybody about this before today. It crossed my mind at never stuck. She said by eight am I set my boss a text and said. I think it's time for me to move on by nine. I told my boyfriend by ten everybody that I talked with knows. It's so cool I was so for her. I was like that is awesome so i. think that it's you know that's a thing that we. Were fortunate to do what we love to do. Total you know and I remember my dad when I was young and remember because he was in a job, mean he liked what he did, but it wasn't like his passion and I remember him saying I. Don't care if you dig ditches for living as long as you love it. He said as long as you do something. Something that makes you happy and that's one of the reasons that you know when I got this whatever and I didn't realize that my dad even planted that seed one was younger as far as his love for radio and music, but radio in general like the old time radio programs that he introduced me to as a young kid, and and that was like way in. In my psyche, six and seven years old, and then I kinda grew up. And by the time I was fourteen fifteen I knew I wanted to go into radio but I didn't know at the time. It was because of my dad but I, but I did know that growing up in Detroit seeing a lot of people kind of a shell of themselves when they would. Would come out of these factories, and they would retire, and they would just be Kinda dead inside. Yeah, yeah, dead and I remember my dad saying I don't care what it is that you do just as long as you love it, and that's kind of what this and it's exciting to. When you meet somebody or you hear these stories where somebody's like you know what? They might have like a a corporate gig or some job that pays them a lot of money, but it's not making them happy like your buddy. That does real estate in La now, right? Yeah wasn't in the record Biz he was he. You know what and he was with a great record company he used to be with interscope records in know there's a lot especially over the last ten years like how things have changed in the music industry, but there there are a great label and they were able to kind of. Stay afloat were some labels just kind of went away but he was. He was really good at it, but he just didn't. He did it for a bit. and. He decided he was like this. You know what I don't. This isn't making me happy. Because he was kind of doing a lot of traveling and it was the traveling. I think that was getting to him, and then he was going to you know. Trying to sell records and just get things played, and it just kind of took a toll on. You know he's got a great personality for, but he doesn't. Have you know what I mean? You gotTa have the heart for it. Yeah, and he decided to do real estate in La, and when that happened Oh, my gosh, it was in the worst time ever, so it was like right around two thousand eight, so everything was going down the crapper. Including real estate right home Konami everything was falling. Wasn't it just kind of living off credit cards to get by and hit by he? He was surfing like from one to the next he went through his whole 401k. And and now he is one of the top sellers I think in the country and he he's with. He's with a big guy. I want to say he's with the maybe not. He was with Saudis and he's now. He's like with another big. Agencies Yeah and you can't get up and loves sometimes you have to start for a minute, but you can't give up well and he the thing that's neat about him forgot about him, but the the fact that you brought them up as he because he's in l. a. and that's where he's from and wanted to kind of get back to that and and do something there. There and then he decided to do real estate he now because he had a report with people in the music business, he sold a lot of pro sold in bought. A lot of things for famous celebrities had some reports with over the years. That cat. That's just cash. Isn't that so much money? That's a great example, but he gave up a he gave up A. Six figure job? Yeah, he was am. They loved him. He could have been made even more money with that label because he was so people just loved them in the industry. Still he's just a good guy. I think it's sad, because it's a lot of you know I think a lot of humans would have just stayed there because it's safe, right guarantee paycheck. It's safe, but it really shows you who you are. When you you kind of like you know. Go off the ledge a little bit yeah. And like this listener. Jamie said she didn't have took that leap. so I wanted to give her a little plug here so simply m. b. m.. TB DOT COM, simply MTV dot, com, and her instagram is simply lower score MTV. If you WANNA, follow her, so she teaches. Are they teach a kids? Adults beginners to advanced riders She's a level to divide P. M. B.. I A. Instructor. And Yeah, so if you want to follow her, we'll post it. her information franken. Just dot com, so if you want to check that out, but I was awake proud of man for you as exciting following your dream following your passion, I love it, so do you have a story with that? Either you or somebody that you know took that leap. Just like Oh my gosh, I'm going to do it. And they follow their dream of their passion, and they're really happy, and it doesn't really matter what they make. Because the money will follow total, and you might not get the fact that you're you. That's the thing like what is your definition of success I mean just because you know some people are like. Oh, you're not making it doesn't matter. It's I if you're happy doing what you do. And it doesn't. It doesn't matter. You're right, and you're going to be content, and you'll make it. You know you'll be happy with what you do. Absolutely eight to nine four five, or if you WANNA, call us eight, O one, five, seven, zero, one, nine, seven one, and we'll come back and get some of those stories, and maybe some other stories as what. Ninety seven one. Frankie and just show podcast here on iheartradio. so what we through just a second ago and then we've got some other texts that will get to but this is really cool. One of our listeners and I thought I was so. I'm so happy for her because I know that it's been a passion of hers and she's kept in touch with us in emails. US and I do see her videos when she posts them she she is a mountain bike instructor and she decided to was just earlier this week like I'm going to do it. I'M GONNA. You know in. This is something that you know I've talked about like an ex of mine, so she was She owns some spas and town. And that was kind of her thing, and she was a stockbroker at the time, but then she was opening up these spas and I remember because she came from a business family, and her brother was arrested tour and said you got. You got to put it all in. To be all in it, get a risk. Yeah, you can't. You can't do this and then try to do that. You GotTa do one or the other, and if you're wanting to do this as your passion to start these spas, you've got to make the leap in and stop doing this and as soon as she did it. That's when things started. took off flourishing. Yeah, and then this is what listener. Jamie got to have this epiphany the she wanted to do it, but then it was not an epiphany, but it was that moment, and it was Wednesday morning on a bike ride, a mountain bike ride weather, sister. She's like I'm doing this I'm doing it. That's cool, so by the types of six am. When she had that conversation, she said by eight she had sent a text to her boss. Saying that you know, we need to talk and I think it's time to move on by nine. She told her significant other and then by ten. She said everybody talked with knew about it. That's how excited you know. She is, but she. She's been doing this for a bit. So it simply MT BE DOT com. We'll get it posted. Franken just dot. COM OR INSTAGRAM is simply underscore TV. If you WANNA follow her so as opposed. Sweet they teach kids. Adults beginners to advance writer. She's a level. Two certified p.. M. B. I A. Instructor and she is. She said I can help new riders feel safe and on the bike, and advanced riders improve their skills and gain speed. They have lessons and draper Utah in Ogden, so it's pretty cool. Good for you. She's a license. Be A D. A.. S. S.. No. So we wanted to know if you can relate to that as far as somebody that you just took the leap, and they're following their dream or their passion, so they might have had like this corporate job or some job. That was you know. They just seemed secure, and they wanted to take that leap, because it wasn't making him truly happy so eight to nine four five. It looks like we have a few techs. People can relate to this This unsaid have been published self published author for years. Put It on the back burner because of money, but today's my last day at my job, so I can go back to. To writing full-time, never been happier that this rate perfect timing for her, and we've had some big authors on the show over the years and one I mean is one of the biggest ones in whether you like his stuff or not Richard Paul Evans. He's a huge author lives right here in Utah, he's a great friend of the show we've had dean Koontz the show over the years. I mean just a big writers and I remember even like This guy who was a writer in Hollywood and producer Steven J. Kantle, so we had him on years ago and they've all said that like even like Mitch Albom Big Writer And they all have said the same thing because I I'll ask you know just like what's a piece of advice that you would give. To aspiring writer, and that is to basically just right. You've got to write all the time so this person here. That's doing it fulltime. In or at least taking that leap, you have to I mean and that type of industry in that type of creat- creative space. You have to do that all the time in to find that voice define whatever it is that you're wanting to say well. I mean look at Richard Paul Evans. He has a book coming. Out Do and he said that you got a right. You gotta right and just got to. Even if you don't, it doesn't sound good, and that's kind of the way to keep those juices going. Into kind of find your thing. You gotTa Keep Writing I. Love It. You just keep putting the wood on the fire. I love this one said I have wanted to be a nail tech for twenty years now that the kids are grown. I'm finally able to do it. I decided to take a leap even despite covid nineteen and I love it, husband and kids really proud of me. They're very supportive scary, but I graduate next month. That's and that's cool. And she said it's time you know and and I. Think when your dream start eating at you like you can't get away from it until. Until you fulfill that need it is. It's like a hunger you know, and it just keeps poking and poking and poking until you do it now. This one's that thanks for the topic I'm working on a business plan have a couple of potential investors for me and my exco to branch off and start our own business. I, started having panic attacks earlier this week that it wasn't GonNa Happen that it'd be stuck at my job and I really needed to hear these stories. A love it. If we get any more, we'll share them here at eight to nine four five, or if you WANNA call into the show, eight o one, five, seven, zero, one, nine, seven one. To squeeze in a couple of mother-in-law tax no. mother-in-law, say or do that a little earlier this morning at eight to nine four five. Okay, so this one's said homeowners a ton of these people. Thank you for texting. mother-in-law helped us not our apartment after we moved out afterwards. She said she needed to teach us how to properly clean a bathroom. Maybe you should've taught your son that. Earlier and trying to school me lady. mother-in-law had an affair and the married guys that Let's see who is six months younger than my husband and he wears white framed sunglasses. So, too, so it sounds like it sounds like they weren't too so. Many. Totally did with this texture say EP been with my husband for nine years. You get used to my mother in law and her comments, oh, that's another one. Okay, that's the thing. Let's see my mother-in-law's insecure about the fact that most of our children are obese. My mother-in-law started a fitness group chat to have each of us. Be held a Kennel accountable. That is to do some sort of physical activity every single day to eat healthier. My Gosh if we didn't send text every day. Saying that we worked out, she was sent a text saying we needed to work hard to me out of the group Tech. Like why don't even opt in? She doesn't like would say like. No. No I'm not going to be part of the your your mental games. Lady, no way away so bizarre. That's bad Jeez. Let's see when it first dating my husband. He was living at home with his parents is twenty two at the time and live downstairs separate part of the House one day. My name and I were sitting on the couch watching TV. My mother-in-law comes down. The stairs sat right in between us and told us that she wasn't comfortable with me. Coming over and hanging out downstairs where she can't see us, I should have ran there. They were twenty to see. Those are red flags man. You listening to the ninety seven One v HD, Frankie and just show podcast right here on iheartradio. So this is something that is pretty cool, so it's a food drive. Friday's here at the H. T.. It's the last month are the last Friday of every month. We're going to do it. You know today next month, and then August and September as well and what it is, it's a it's a virtual food and fund drive to benefit the Utah. Food Bank, because one and eight UTAHNS are at risk of missing a meal today, so that's over three hundred and seventy four thousand utahns, and what's even more chilling with this one in seven Utah. Kids are unsure where their next meal's going to come from. When you know when you put the kid thing into it I, mean you're talking about families, but you kids as well It just makes it that much more. Real so food drive Friday really does it breaks your heart, so food drive Fridays. That is the keyword to use it ninety civil ones. HD DOT COM. If you want to donate anything we'll help. You can do this in dial pound two fifty on your phone and say the keyword food drive Fridays, and then that will enabled this rican opt into receive a text that will directly go to the donation page again just go to our website at Franken dot com or ninety seven. T DOT COM and again. The key word is food drive Fridays, and just if you can donate, that would be great I'm just trying to do and try to get. Them as much money, so they can stock the shelves. Let's get into the bonus edition of Hollywood. Headlines Do. You want to get into. It was with a quick birthday before that there as well. We're quick to on our website like you were saying that Frankin just dot com. It's so easy just to donate for that. It really is so easy so I. Put that on my to do list today. Yeah, the the minimum is five bucks, but you can do. You can do any any any amount you know. After yeah I mean five dollars would help. Five, Bucks Oem, you ten, whatever it is, but in a so simple so again just go to Franken just dot com or ninety seven one dot com. So, what was it a quick birthday? Yeah, so it looks like it's Cody, so Happy Birthday Dakota so is Jeff and tyler limbs, cousin, and so me, and my heavier friends with Jeff in tyler so it looks like its cousin, cody so happy birthday code nice all right. Let's get into the bonus edition of Hollywood headlines for your Friday. This is really funny. Maybe we can get it posted. Frankie, just dot com sorry. Literally smoke comes off. No, really here, post this. This. She's the Webmaster so Chris Evans and Paul Rudd reunited. They had a video chat this week, and so they were talking about ant man three. which we're all pumped about you know Paul. Rudd is awesome. We've heard that he could be rude. From Sundance's Lisa, he definitely has a an heir to him when he's here and he doesn't like to take picks a fans that he doesn't stop for autographs, and that type of thing which sucks 'cause I I love that guy I mean pretty much everything that he's ever been in. He's Soga he's so good so funny. He's so she. Can you know and his defense? She can get a little young. Maybe. It's just like he remembers you and that's it. Man is little girl with a big attitude. We Love You Lisa. Chris Evans asked Paul what his plans were. You know he's okay, so what's up with Atman three and this and that and the other and Paul was like okay. You Know Marvel, and it's a tight lid on the public announcements, and we gotta keep it. You know tight lipped as well, and so he's like I can't tell you anything, and in so Evans backtracked and he's like Oh might as well ask you what your paychecks are. You know like it's comparable to that. And he said he goes okay. What about what? About his. It. What about his private? Okay if you tell me man. How about how much money do you make or how about your? Jeez. And you could come out of and sees ant man. That's not a good thing. Put Your own like you said man joke there. I thought it was awesome. For that video yesterday. So good and then Kelly Rowland I love this celebs do good. She donated. Excuse me, my voice is I was like today donated seventy thousand mask masks. That is to prison jail facilities in Texas and Georgia so very cool. And, then what's the mask update? Is that starting in July that? We have to start wearing in public. Did you see that yesterday? Yeah, so the governor's I think for Salt Lake, county. It looks like Summit County as well like yeah. You're supposed to wear them everywhere and I think they're calling on businesses to say. Hey, you, can you? You have the right as a business to say to deny somebody service, and if they're not wearing a mask, okay, so I think that. Yes, so I. Don't know where it's at, but that's kind of a yeah. I saw the same thing yesterday so starting in July, so that's the case is for like I. I think it was w John Avec. Who was saying that? Oh I? Take it back. No, it's this Saturday I want to say it starts tomorrow. Because W was talking about that and Yeah, even assigned. I go to TJ maxx every week. This is no surprise. I got to see what new stuff they get every every week. I know I, know I know. Jane Dot. com I don man. It's okay you got. Like bleeding over there at least. Shopping problem. Me Happy. It's usually gives her other people I just loved by it and then give it away, but anyhow Oh, yeah, TJ maxx ever since they reopened have said. Hey, you know, please wear masks. There's probably half the people there that don't still so yeah. I think starting tomorrow. You gotTa Wear Mask. Eat not an open air, not if you're walking outside or anything, but if you go into place. Let's see Demi Levato so she's going to do a four part Docu series for Youtube, so that's exciting probably on her life and her journey through sobriety, and she and her man have been quarantined together and sources are saying that they're going to get engaged. There's some really cute picks of them on the Hollywood headlines Page, so you gotta check that out let's see what else do we have? Oh, snooky, so she quit the Jersey franchise because she got three kids now in. In, her hands like hey I love you, but I need you at home, and I wanNA say snooky in her man have a podcast or their own show, or both because one of my good friends. Heather was telling me about that. She loves Snooky, BUT YEAH JERSEY. Shore family vacation got renewed so I guess maybe they'll have that without her, or she'll just make a cameo appearance. She's got her own podcast her hubby. He doesn't like to be on camera, but he's down to. Up with her. Yeah, and then I was GONNA. Ask You Kelly. Do you know She's a Tiktok star is at SIA, or. Siah. She was sixteen. She was a pretty big deal and Tiktok in. She committed suicide what? I saw that this morning I was like Oh. Because I know like when Kylie's out working, she works hard here. She goes home and she just talk. You don't stop. It's constant. It's my chill-out. Escape. Like there's a lot of funny videos on there, so you get your humor out of that. And she sends me finding what I do. Love It, you love. Your. Friends that talks her in Hell. No, it's like mid forties. Tiktok Fun for everyone, but yeah, so she ended up committing suicide. About her, but they said she was like A. You know a big deal on Tiktok native I saw like what she looked like I might be able to know who she is. She needs ecksteen from what I was reading She was pretty depressed person and having a hard time, and so people were saying that they expected it, so that was really sad, really sad. She doesn't look familiar me. Okay? And then a couple of other quick story, so Lindsay Arnold from dancing with the stars. She's so stinking cute. She is one of the dancers. Obviously, she's halfway along her pregnancy. She's having a baby girl with her. Hubby and I want to say as Lindsay from here. She the Utah Girl. She might be on. I thought she was from. Here's a lot of them that are from here. I don't know if they. Are Not very true, and then Bachelor Demi- Demi- was on the bachelor than she was on Bachelor in Paradise She sometimes she'll you know date guys? Sometimes you date girls. This last relationship was guy and they ended up breaking up because of trust issues so that you can trust him, so she dumped him. I don't trust you, lady. Lady I don't even Oreo Demi. Scandalous to me, lady, so she's once I lost my virginity on the firearm. When I was this age, so she's she's hysterical, but blaming the the guy like I don't trust them like I don't even know you. Lady and I don't trust you. You're you're on? These reality shows these bachelors and Bachelorettes and she was kind of annoying on the episode. She won't say well. She already season. I wish she couldn't, but she's on Bachelor in paradise. And that's when she came out and said that she's by us by I didn't know this. She's the same ages me. Oh Okay didn't know that was born in ninety five. Raise the. Yeah actually she's a little bit. Because you're April. Yeah, but yeah, so she She was kind of annoying on her season of no, no, but then her personality Kim. It's the way the you know having edited. Yeah, I, think so sounds like somebody that's been on the show the way they edit it now. It's probably. More of a personality like Bachelor in paradise, and then she would be on other seasons and she'd be in the van. She's like it's like. Spying on people like you don't want to be with her. I heard what she said or i. saw what you did. Yeah, she's a fun girl. And then let's see who else this is Oh okay, you've gotta know this girl. This youtuber Jenna Marbles y'all. Yeah, okay, so, what's her story? What's the scoop with her? She's been around forever seriously probably when I was in high school. Maybe but she's kind of like a comedian like She's been around for a long time, but she sent sometimes. She's super like Yeah okay I guess she's leaving Youtube, so she just said she's had a lot of negative videos videos. That weren't appropriate videos that she was trying to be funny. I think she's done. Come you know a couple of different things with black face sketches and stuff like that and then Nikki. Nikki massage and things like that and she's just I'm embarrassed I've grown. It's not appropriate done that, so yeah, she's taken a break i. don't know it sounds like it's indefinitely Yeah, that was big news to all the Tiktok in Youtubers Amac Alaska. Twenty plus million subscriber yeah. Holy Crap. She's a big deal at Kennedy Sanchez been on there for a while and then one of our Kelly's Gal, so he had a couple of girls, and they might still live there in the condo in Chicago, so he of course is locked up in these two gals still live together and I. Don't know if it's one that's in the CONDO. It's one that got away, but she. She stating that are Kelly hired somebody to kill her. Because of course, there's women that are starting to come forward. That will testify against him and he doesn't want that, so that's the latest R Kelly rumor so terrifying right, and of course you know because everybody loves her Kim Kardashian. She posted a photo this week. Ever in this body suit and her waist looks like it's ten inches I mean it is so tiny. Call that binding. Doing that, but they all do that, but not all of them, but she and some other sisters are accused of doing the binding thing right? It's a binding bodysuit and everyone's just like what is up with your waist healthy the it can't be healthy. Oh, man, that she doesn't have a great though. And her sister. chloe chloe's in the midst of potty training right now with true, because true like I don't know I think she's two and a half almost three, so they're doing the potty training. Thing wonder what's going. I don't know. She said she's doing the dangling the carrot. She's doing the you know. But how do you incentivize a Jenner crashing? Kid they? They got like a Porsche by the time. I don't know. I know I. Know girls. Usually you know the the way it goes. Is Girls Catch on quicker than the boys so hopefully? She has success earlier than we did quicker than we did. How have you guys been? Oh, wow, that's name the picture, but that is just hot. Sorry Kim's got rock and Baugh Dude look at that. Oh Man I. Have it look like that since high school. But Yeah How's potty training going? It's good, but you know the number two things, so he went on his own. What was it earlier this? Yeah all by himself in the big POTTY, and didn't want us to come in, and like I, said He. If you missed that, we were all excited and Tammy was like. Oh, my gosh, and she was excited and yelling, and then I came running up and it scared him He was like standing there like he's seen a ghost. but so yeah, that actually the because it didn't look like it was a forty year, old man had to call a plumber. It clogged up the toilet, Tammy what to flush it, and it actually backed up, and I was like. Oh, my Gosh! This is great was backed up. Yeah for like two days because he was. That's the thing he's been You know doing really well with the number one and to the point where he's going all by himself during the day and we're in the underwear during the day. Day, and but the number two thing, so he went on his own the other day, and I think yesterday. He kind of is holding it again. So you know he's having takes time a little bit, but he's almost there. I don't want to jinx it like I. said before like talking about a little earlier this week, but he's definitely he's about ninety percent there cool. It's crazy it's. Trained they keep saying that, and I was like dude. You're almost I mean you're there. Almost you gotTA. We got to work on the number two thing. because. He's excited because we're enrolling him in preschool for for fall. You know if all goes, you know if something doesn't change where we're not able to. You know because right now. We know what's it's kind. Wrap it up with Kobe. Nineteen or whatever, but right now we're we filled out the application the other day and he knows that he would be, but the thing is. He also knows that holding it throughout the day, and that's what he does, so. I mean if he goes to preschool. That's because you have to be potty trained. Yeah, but he's. He's able to go PPM zone and do all that so he, but let me tell you okay. I know but I'm trying to get them like. Hey, you gotta be fully potty. You know hopefully by then. He'll be able to do the because he can do it. Did it did it the other day one? You can train your body. It's Kinda 'cause coupes always done that to heal dot sedona shut it down and then he'll get home from school and he's racing to the bathroom and I did that, too, and then you learn from watching you. And, then you're now going now. Here I remember even like I'm going here I'm not gonna I'm like what are you doing? Year I'll just go home like you're gonNA explode from year to West, Jordan. The. What happened now? I broke my booty Mexico, whatever it says. Booty. That's funny. We've got a lot of stuff here posted at frankly just dot com so at about eight minutes. We're going to get her on. Shave filling in for the end from Humane Society of Utah for Furry Friday. It looks like we have a cute little kitty looking for forever home boo Ridley. Of the Kitty so we'll talk to her coming up. Ninety seven one. Franken, just show podcast here on iheartradio. It is ninety civil ones. Alex Number One hit music station with Frankie just night, forty two to Friday so want to say happy birthday so listener brady his his boy. Gavin turns the big fourteen tomorrow. Yeah so happy birthday going out to Gavin and say you know what thanks to We have the the best neighbors I talked about our neighbors. We're so lucky and you you having good neighbours can make or break a neighborhood. Yeah, and this is I'm glad you're saying this because I'm moving into your coldest sack. Just wanted to let you know on the air. You really are the the best but yesterday, so we were out on the driveway in, so we're talking to One of her neighbors crack next door, and you know so axles out there playing and my wife Tammy is out there, talking to Craig and I was talking to Jason our neighbor across the street. And Jason He's such a cool dude, so he he rides motocross with his His sons in you know so. He writes the dirt bikes and everything. He's a bad ass he is. He's a total at us. So as we're, and he knows that I've got my enduro and he knows that I wrote it for a bit, and then I haven't ridden since axles, but around. Around. You gotta fix it right Yeah, I got it start, so my buddy Darren got it started because he was looking to buy a little bit ago, so he got it started in then. I missed the window again. So there's probably some like Jason said some bad gas in there, so jason was so cool last night, so he was like you know what he said. I I'm pretty sure I can help get this fixed. You know so he? He's let me go up to this and he's there with his grandson Jay and he's got. Let me just go up to the store this on thirty third. It's like an auto parts store. I'm going to get this stuff. That's fuel injector cleaner can't remember the name of it because I try putting some of the heat stuff in there and tried it on my own. He said no, we. We need to drain the gas. I'm GONNA put some stuff in there that. Yes some cleaner gas and he said we'll do that with this stuff in there. We almost got it start last night, but he was so cool like you know he gets back. Text me and say hey, you WanNa do this because I thought well. Maybe we're going to do today so i. went out there. We'd like drain the gas from this thing which I didn't even know how to do like as far as like a little valve that you can, and then just literally just kind drained it into some some buckets little. You know kind of little plastic things that. We did that. He put new gas in and then I haven't gotten. It's almost. It's. Closer to being taken to kick it over than it ever has. In the last few months but yeah, so he was just nice enough to go up and grabbing 'cause I. Let let me give you some money for he's like Frankie. Just let me do this. Just let me do something. Nice and it was like I appreciate that. They're? They're awesome. I just want to say thanks to Jason so I'm hoping like when I get home today. I'M GONNA. Try to you know he's just let it work through and I'LL BET it'll kick over there. You'RE GONNA end up SONESTA. Because then he's like. Yeah, I want you to go he goes. We'll go up this one trail of big cottonwood. I'm like I. Think like I think I might have written that before on this and he's. He's wanting to go out and I'm like I think maybe I. Can I've got all got all the gear and said you know we'll take it easy because he knows that I'm not like trying to prove anything to anybody. Because I haven't I don't have the experience man I only wrote it. I literally learned at the beginning of one summer, and then that talent of the summer was it. Buddy Tommy, sold his, and it was like well. That's great. You're the one that talked me into this. He does that a lot. And then you sold your stuff, and then like I'm just Sol. So anyway just want to say thanks to Jason. Great Neighbors Man. You've been listening to the ninety seven one. Frankie and just show podcast right here on iheartradio. K It's time for furry Friday. Very is brought to you by an West veterinary specialists in Layton, and then we've got free friends pet grooming so furry friends LLC dot com they do dogs and cats. So, we had my Ma her new adopted kitty, misty. was very sweet. We were over there yesterday. Sweetest sweetest cat, but we had her. Some of the nuts taken out over furry for friends, and they just kind of comb, some of mountain and they had to come shea one of them. That's cool, because a lot of listeners have been asking and friends and stuff on facebook. Where do I take my cats and my dogs so right there and I think either or really soon they're going to have their mobile where they're able to come to you. That's cool, so it's now. It's going to be really soon. If it's you'll like maybe the first part of July or something like that. We've got shea on the line here from Humane Society of Utah for Dan how you doing. Hi How are you doing great? So speaking of kitties? We have A cat that's model. One of the cats mottos is leave no snack uneaten. This is a big kitty that's looking for a home I kind of get. So his name is Blue Ridley right. for sure yeah, he's. He's pretty overweight He's a big white cat, and he has brownish bothell over, so it definitely makes him look like a small cow. She's very nice beginning. Knows, he's big. Very charming, and he has a really big spot on his kind of looks like a potato. Cat A weight management kind of thing right now as far as the diago personal. He's on a special food, right? Lower Calorie Food and we let him roam the hallways, so he gets more exercise and he's in the room with two other cats. and. They're all the same food. It makes it simple and They can help motivate each other's way lyrics whatever we're breaking out of here. We're not breaking on it anywhere. CAST. A cute cat so busy four just over fourteen pounds. AROUND THERE YEAH! Exactly, that's a pretty good size cat. Way. Cats around seven eight pound nine years. Even ten, what would become like on the you know like a bigger cat, but when you're looking at fourteen, that's a pretty good sized cat. Definitely, not our fattest cats. are a little bigger than he is. Mall for that room. Funny, that's awesome. All, right so this is a because. He's eleven. So this is a name, your own price right as far as the adoption Figo's yet you just get to choose what you'd like to donate. Tortoise care because she's got a good eleven years of life experience, ve very confident. I love it I love, and he's good at this is what's interesting about. This is like bigger cats and I've seen like my mom and dad used to have a cat named sneakers and unfortunately. Passed away, but this cat could jump in the same thing with boo Boo Ridley, can he? He can jump fine right. Yeah, he it it. It doesn't down at all. It's nothing. Loosely, and it's amazing great. Ridley all right so June is adopted shelter cap month, and you guys actually have a lot of cats. What is it about eighty five cats right now? That are in the shelter. Yeah, yeah, we're full. We're full of CAT, so if if people are thinking about adopting a cat right now, come on down. Well, you can make an appointment for. People don't seem to be making appointments to to adopt cats. It's more of the dog thinks so. Let's try to push that and you know if you're thinking about adding family, a furry family member to the to the family, you know they think about cats are great man, certainly, if you're. If you're. If you work a lot or whatever cats are, so cats don't really need you. Other than just changing the litter, putting the food out, you know they're very independent. Is My point yeah? Maintenance pets especially compared to a dog. You only have ten dogs in the eighty five cats. There's definitely more dog owners out there. Then cat owners in the US at least and our dog. Adoptions are always up over. Cats but right now we only have a few dogs so. Definitely, think about getting the kitty looking into boo, Ridley, or any of the other cat, so we've got it posted at Frankie. INGEST DOT COM, so have a great weekend Shea, and thanks for taking time out and going on the air with us, we share. Thank you so much. To. Ninety seven one ht's Frankie and just show podcast here on iheartradio. D- plays with. With the cowboys now I think he does, and the funny thing is. He used to play with the bears. You've got to see this video. It's under the Franken just page, so this was caught. Somebody's security footage or whatever like you know outside of a store stews riding his scooter, so let's just let's see here wounded. Go check it out. We're GONNA watch this. I don't think you've seen it I. think There's audio that comes along with it to. A music bed garage just play. It just looks like a little street where you know like a shopping kind of I understand outdoor shopping. Mall and there's no music or anything. Okay. I'll just watch accused. Mama Bear. Cub. K and then watch. This. Dude Dr. we go on scooters. Coming into this. Show sees the bear in the look at that. So he plays with the cowboys. And used to play for the bear, so insert your joke here. It's the cowboys versus the bears, and the bears one in this one. If you WANNA, watch this video. It's a great I mean. His reaction is priceless. And quick I mean. He got rid of that scooter and ran the other way I because they were kind of behind the BMW. Really see them, and it's a mom and her cub, and they're just walking through, and it looks like this. I don't know where this says. It's somewhere in Dallas. Where is somewhere outside? But sounds wide. In Dallas or not, but it's just like some kind of a mall. It looks like maybe like a gateway kind of a mall. Look that and. That and Craze is crazy and there's wonder. Oh well. There looks like a car. It looks like a driveway. The products here in stuff. I don't know it looks aside of his house could be I i. don't know where it is not sure where it is, but he posted it so maybe it is his own house or whatever you want WanNa see it. It's a trip and I sent this other video that Listener Jesse tag me right after I had seen it it's it's crazy footage and it's out of British Columbia, so did you get the video? So it's the were the the kayakers they have grizzly coming at them in the water elegant posted a little bit, and that's one that as Coming in the water, you said there, kayaking and this grisly bear is coming at them in the water. No way so we'll get that. One posted a frankie unjust dot com. If you WANNA, see yeah, there's a couple of unnerving videos that. Is it. That, one right there charges. It was basically just a charge. It looks like a bluff charge, but I can't imagine being in the Kayak going. Are you kidding? Do we go? Breaking just DOT COM mother-in-law text, we'll get to some of those coming up in just a few minutes here, so we want to know what the bad mother-in-law say or do at eight to nine four five, and then something that we wanna throw it we. We've done this one in the past, but do you have a story of somebody? Either that's notorious for the gift with the strings attached, or maybe you just have like a story with somebody. Where was the they gave you something? And of course there were strings attached to it, and he two nine four five, so we'll get to those texts at the bottom of the hour. Ninety seven one. Frankie and just show podcast here on iheartradio. Ten fourteen ninety one HD Salt Lake's number one hit music station with Frankie. Just my new band is has haven. Yeah, yeah, we're GONNA. Be Playing Solitaire a week from tonight. Actually no, it's a listener Hannah and her daughter Haven. It's her. What fourteenth birthday today yeah, so haven has been listening since haven was in the womb, so she's fourteen today, and then I guess it's I WANNA say her great aunt Cheryl's birthday today, and they GRANDPA Brooks. They all share the same birthday, and that's head owes bio family and. Found them and found out that they have the same birthdays. Haven while will right happy birthday. Everybody all right, so we've got some of these these texts from a little earlier in the show this morning. We wanted to know what the bad mother-in-law do. Eight, two, nine, four five, because we had a text that came in yesterday, and we didn't have Tony Donald talking pictures on the show this morning, for Friday because he is I believe he's. He's going off to Vegas this weekend to see some family. Maybe just have a little Tony disgruntled time, but he did post this morning. that he's talking to Cole Hauser and Kelly Reilly from yellowstone so I think it's either this morning or sometime today, so be looking for that if you follow. Tony Toscano there from yellowstone and look for Erica from the whole zoo on this first episode of season three of yellowstone. She's on their alive reporter. Awesome totally caught us off guard when we were watching it on Sunday or Monday night when we watched it we were like. Oh, my gosh, it's Erica and she didn't tell us and she filmed like a year ago and so she's like. My friends are talking about it just like. Oh, he goes supportive of my yeah, would you tell us? Shot at July third of last year, and she just that's, but that's who she is. She's very humble doesn't like to, and it's like. Oh, my Gosh, who would've totally like? Said Hey, watch this for, but we're still giving her some love because we're so proud of you. She did such a great job with But yeah. Let's get to some other law tax from a little earlier because we had a text come in yesterday. That was the point with Donald thing, so we figured we'd throw it out instead of. Of since we weren't talking to Tony What are the bad mother-in-law say or do? At eight to nine four five mother-in-law told me that my husband her son. will like my body so much more once they have babies. Because then I'll have curves news. I'm naturally tall, not curvy and I wanted to say not that it's any of your business, but my husband's just fine with my body I'm lucky enough to hear comments like this all the time from her so it wasn't just a one time deal. This text eight nine for five mother-in-law posted that it was the best of her life when my brother-in-law proposed to his girlfriend recently, when my husband and I have been married for five years, and nothing was ever said about the wedding proposal Ooh so that she obviously likes the new soon to be daughter-in-law more. Oh, that's GONNA. Create lots of tension This one, said mother-in-law. Where do I start so excited that my husband and I reached ten years I was telling her outside today was, and she said well I guess we'll see. Make it the next ten. We've been married fifteen now since she said that. One now I'm a stay with them just despite you writing. No matter how bad I know I'm going to stay with rose despite your. Mother Law makes the biggest. What is obscene biggest seen when we take her out to eat? No matter what she's got a problem. She complaints every time Oh. You know what my grandma's like that I love her, but man I'm like. Please don't associate her with our table you're going to. Vote in that, you just said every time you go, I wouldn't go out to eat with. No I wouldn't go out to you with them and I know that's probably something that's GonNa be rifts in the then you know what I take out. Yeah, we're not going to you with. A backyard, barbecue or something. let's see looks are really important to my mother-in-law. I was nine months pregnant and July so swollen retaining water. Oh God, bless you. I feel She looked up at me and she looked me up and down and just said you're looking really fat ooh. I turned around and just laughed. Can you believe that you could have come in with uncomfortable? What. You're looking really uncomfortable you. Say the halo nine months pregnant July hot. Is there something I can do? You chose fat. I can't even I just can't even go. There I'm surprised. Shit slapper, those hormones and ready to give birth, and you're like. What did you say? What'd you do me, ex- mother-in-law spent three years telling everyone. Our daughter wasn't even his DNA I took the test just to shut her up and my doubt that he told her that I was the one cheating boy and she wasn't a. let's see what I. Daughter in the hospital, working together to latch on to breastfeed, my mother-in-law put her face right next to my new baby's face and kept saying come on John Come on. That's to. GET, out. That was trying to help us. Move you missed the tax. No this really oh my gosh! That's hilarious Oh eight nine five. If you want to chime into the show at the bottom of the hour, getting any of these texts will share, and we want to know If you've ever gotten a gift with strings attached to it, or maybe there's somebody in your life. That's known for the so you've had several of these. You know you know when it's a gift. There's going to be something attached to it and to ninety five inspires strings go. You've been listening to the ninety seven one HD Frankin. Just show podcast here on iheartradio. Ten Twenty, two, Ninety, seven, one zero t solids number, one hit music station with Frankie ingests so want to say happy anniversary, listening to Michelle and her husband Marcus at five years today. By scenarios eating trail mix. Five Years Happy Happy Fifth year anniversary. Tomorrow at ten o'clock WanNa remind you about this e Hashtag. Stay home. Look up as Taylorsville bluff. Dale and Midvale, you get a thirty minute fireworks. Extravaganza! That's tomorrow night. You can listen to music for the fireworks. Ninety four point one Cayote, Jay or on the iheartradio APP, but it's it's basically. It's a firework show as a thank you to those who are keeping our community going through covid nineteen through the pandemic so just everybody out there and congratulating the class of twenty twenty. This is your year. They least you know what it's sucks, but this is history man your big time you are. This is like this will be no like no other graduation year. I mean nobody else will have a story like. Like what you have, your resumes totally different. You are resilient, so the fireworks show tomorrow again. It's ten o'clock. Just look up, so it's the people in the Taylorsville bluff. Dale and Midvale you'll be able to see and be cool thirty minutes, so it's a excited about that. When we come back here so I don't know if we have any of these standby we'll. We'll get to them and some other things as well but. But we want to know you have somebody in your life. That's notorious for giving you a gift, but they're strings attached to it, or maybe you've gotten one of these in your life that you there was you got this gift and it's like Oh. That's why you gave me the gift because you really wanted this out of it so eight, two, nine, four five, or you can call us at eight o one, five, seven one. One, nine, seven, one I think we have some more mother-in-law texts that we'll get to as well. Oh, yeah, and maybe even some some some knowing food habits from your spouse from yesterday, so these were on our facebook instagram instagram so from yesterday show because a lot of people had fun with that. We had a lot. I didn't think we'd hit a nerve like we did yesterday with some share some of those plethora. Ninety seven one. Frankin just show podcast here on iheartradio. Before we get into some of the texts coming into the show. Hear stories about some of the topics that we've thrown out I sent this over to Kylie. So if you get a chance in the show, Biz kids. Posted, okay, so this is a documentary on HBO and has to do with childhood stars. So it's Alex winter who is one half of bill and Ted. He apparently I guess started acting on Broadway when he was ten years old, so he's you know he no. This, this is his life. He knows about you know being a childhood star. He was lost boys and a bunch of other movies in the eighties, but you know you know him as the other half of bill and Ted. From Bill and Ted's. Adventurous the Blonde Guy Man Yeah, so he did this and I'm GonNa. Play a little audio from just about a minute, so there are people like Evan. Rachel Wood in this. Will Wheaton Henry Thomas. That's Elliot from et Oh. Yeah, Milla Jovovich is in this the Lake Camera Boyce Todd Bridges who was Willis? So, he speed speaking out in this Jada Pinkett Smith. So was she a childhood star? She was young, but I mean. I didn't really must've child she had to yeah. She must have been, and then there's a couple of kids that they feature in. This one is like a kid from Florida. who moved to L. A. With his mom for pilots season you know to. To try to get on, but it's really I'm Gonna I'm gonNA play this I mean for people that are out there. That are trying to push their kids to be actors or get into the business. This is really a minutes again about a minute of audio, but if you WANNA, Watch this trailer and it's going to premiere on HBO. It's called Showbiz kits and. That was taking dance classes i. was the only kid who seemed interested at all I thought I could do this. I can do this acting thing nice to work. The live on the child is not my life. I was really a little girl that wanted to play with dolls. We're doing the best we can do on the set, but we also half live in public. In felt very out of control to have everybody know my name and I didn't feel like I could trust anybody. My parents tried to protect me from these dangerous, but I knew that there were times when they weren't going to be able to protect me any industry. That has that much power in his that competitive to become a who can take the most abuse. It's something that parents need to see and understand that these people right there. People are coming out and talking about things that they. They have experienced so that young women and young boys who are coming up in the game can have more awareness mark head expressed interest that he wanted to be an actor. This year. We've had to go into savings. We've all sacrifice, so she could do what she loves. DOT changed the entire fabric of my family and the way that we work as a unit. You look at all of the ways that it takes a kid out of their world lot of pressure to have it all together. And not be allowed to actually beyond. You gotTa Watch the trailer and I can't wait to see. This was premier guests July fourteenth nine o'clock Hbo Crazy Show Biz Kids when you think about it. I mean you're just setting yourself up. You know you're sending your child up to be used. They get used and they're like. Oh, they're starting to go through puberty. We don't need them anymore. Voices changing other getting Harry. We can't have them for this role I mean they're using your child. They're squeezing the juice out of your kid used in potentially abused. Yeah, we talk about like with this industry and like the one clip from the Childhood Star, saying that they couldn't protect me every moment, and of course you can't protect your kids at every moment, but you're just up in the chances of something you know in that industry pushing him to be an actor or Or an actress or now, that's not good that that whole industry pretty evil man. No thanks. You know I'm so glad that somebody did this and Alex winner, so he's somebody that can speak you know and the place where he was again ten years old. He's on Broadway, and he's a great, and he seems to be out of the childhood. Stars like somebody that's pretty grounded. You know and not like a complete disaster of some of these people that you know in some of the sad stories, satis stories are the ones who committed suicide or drugs in and out of. Jail exactly and it's just like. Oh, my gosh, so that again July fourteenth going to premiere on HBO. Show his kids and we've got the trailer posted a Franken just dot com. If you want to check it out, all right so a couple of things that we were talking about this morning or a little earlier now the one that we just threw out. Is this topic here and it came from the mother-in-law topic because there's this story about this mother-in-law from you know wear so she has I think. Think. It's her son and son's daughter, so they were pregnant with the baby, and she insisted on giving these lavish expensive gifts to them for the baby, and they tried to refuse the gifts and we don't. We don't want these so that. She pushed these gifts on them. And then it comes around, and this is where I guess this woman to the woman took to read it to talk about the mother-in-law. So around tax time you know. which was July fifteenth? So. They're getting a big chunk back a return. The MOM wanted them to pay her for the gifts that she got them for the baby. Not. Just. So in reading some of the comments, one of the people said be wary of small gifts, even favors, and that made me think of the you know gifts with strings attached topic. We haven't done it in a while, so we threw it out. Like who do you know that either is notorious for this giving you a gift and there's always something attached to it. They want something in return you've had. Had One of these experiences in your life with a gift with strings attached to. It looks like we have a text at eight, hundred four five. That's one is like money one, so my dad at one time gave me some money to help me through a tough time at the time. He said there's no strings attached. I was totally shocked. Fast forward to my birthday, said the money he gave me. My birthday in Christmas. That was low these that was low. That's great. All right and then we have some other leftover mother-in-law tax. What did the what did the bad mother-in-law say or do and eight to nine four five mother lot hold the granddaughter that she was the favorite grandma in front of the other grandma. That's legit. We gotta throughout. Grandma wars. Lots of grannies in their forties, sixties, seventies and eighties, and all that, but there's a lot of granny wars Erica from the Hogle Zoo and I were talking about this because we're going to do an arranged marriage with her daughter Victoria. And and they're both only children right and she's like. Yeah, we wouldn't have the grandma wars. My good call because there are there's grandma's that compete. They compete for time. They compete with like the gifts and all that. Granny Wars I love that so that's that's a good topic. I don't think we've ever done that one. You know. What if we did it? Maybe it was years ago. I was really young with you when we did that. I remember that because it was the competitiveness of the Graham. Competitive Grandma. Don't forget because if we don't write it down within three minutes, it'd be like what was the topic. Competitive Grandma's. We have some other mother-in-law techs. Let's do this when four five. My first baby motherland tried to come in when I was delivering the Child My nurse knew that she was not allowed, so she took her and kicked her out for me. told her she call security. She didn't leave and and she didn't care. It was her first grandchild, and she was not wanted, but I loved and appreciated that nurse to this day for getting her out of the room because she was bargin wouldn't take no for an answer. The nurse New Jujitsu. Orissa's arisen. Grandma down on, the ground. Oh, man all right so if you want to chime in to the show for anything eight to nine four five. You can do that this morning here. You've been listening to the ninety seven one. Frankie and just show podcast right here on iheartradio. Okay before we get into some of the last minute texts that came into the show for a couple of topics him one that we did yesterday. There's I wanted to hit those quick because it was a fun topic yesterday in the ten o'clock hour. We're talking about a knowing eating habits that your spouse might have maybe something something that they do as far as eating like the way. Way they eat or the way they prepare food so those are coming up, but I wanted to hit this because you've mentioned it yesterday, I didn't hear anything of it until we printed it out and read the story and it's very sad. This is a just a freak thing, but I mean accidents can happen. especially I guess there's more these accidents as far as accidents involving hammocks. But this one is just a freak thing that happened, but as far as people, not anchoring properly or to whatever they're saying like you know, make sure that it's. Two trees healthy trees that you're not too far up off the ground and this is a story about two girls, Fourteen and twelve. They're sisters in Ohio. They were in the backyard and they were both. It sounds like on this hammock and. It sounds like the pillar that it was attached to her. One of the pillars came down. Literally on the two girls, so the story that was reading, and it was the piece from inside edition, and they were talking about the one of the younger sisters called nine, one one and was frantic, because the parents were trying to get this pillar. Off these girls and she's freaking out saying you know we need help. We need help. This is really bad and the two girls pass away. Oh my gosh horrific, and just like a freak thing and then you brought up A. Friend of the show years ago. Re Cowan used to be with ABC Four. and. He lost his little boy. Swing set twists it around in just during strangling him. So Sad, that was so sad. Oh my Gosh! Devastating! Yeah, and then yeah, so just speaking a as we're getting into summer. I mean some of the things that just kind of be aware of that like with the Hammocks statement that because I. Don't have a whole lot of experience I mean I've got a camping hammock. That you know in have used it. You know while camping in. The cabin, but but they're saying one of the things that make sure you don't because a lot of the injuries come from people putting the hammock up to high, and then you fall, and then you know either falling on something, or if you think about it, and you're wanting to be high up off the ground. They're saying. Don't put it up that high, so if you do come out of that, you're not gonNA because. Because that's where most of the injuries come from. But this was a freak accident with the pillar, coming down crushing these two girls well like you said a summer, so hammocks and swing sets, and then pools, watching kids around water know I just saw something. It literally just came across right now on. AOL and it was family members that had drown because they didn't know how to swim and they were cooling off and. Any Age Riddick. all right, so couple of so we'll get to the mother-in-law tax because we through that a little earlier would at the bad mother-in-law. At Eight, hundred, four, five in the, we'll get some of the eating, annoying eating, habit texts, and then we'll turn things over to Jeff McCartney. This one said mother-in-law always tells us a stupid. We are for spending money on our house to upgrade it. It's our money, so I don't know how she feels like she can share her opinion. She hasn't worked a real job in years and I'm sorry, but I work fulltime and I work hard for my money and I'm going to do what I want with it like. Hello, hello, it's called Equity Sweat. Equity in. You got to look with maybe a softer or maybe not just like what you text us. Tell her that man. Yeah, shut her down. Yeah, you're like! Hey, thanks for coming goodbye. I mean. Push her out. She says it's stuff like this a lot Yeah, you got to. You got a pretty good threshold as far as you know holding back. Because I don't know if I would yeah. Let's call picking your battles. That would. Pick and you're picking and you're picking at me, This is a listener, Kate, let's see my mother-in-law blamed me for the premature birth and passing of our first Dr Daughter Oh. Boy, he's now my ex- mother-in-law, so they ended up getting divorced. She's like I'm not putting up with this girl. For the rest of my life, another listener said my mother-in-law when I got pregnant, said how dare you get in my son's pants and told me that I was easy. No joke. Listener Dawn. Malaria Gosh. You. Guys these tax with the best. Instagram life yesterday. Hey, from instagram, man It was the one about. Does your significant other make food in a really weird way? And so someone said Their husband hates how she eats, because she eats chips and popcorn one at a time, so one colonel, time or one chip at a time ship packets even yeah, the chips are. The popcorn's. Take you forever to finish the budget. that he doesn't appeal his fruit when he makes smoothies just to see what's going to happen when he does. So he puts like yeah. that. Yeah! Banana skins depends on the fruit also that toll-free. Jeff McCartney's code him next week.

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